if you're gay i will be really upset

If it had been literally anyone else in RWBY, the fandom would be completely understanding towards them. If it were anyone else who mourned Pyrrha’s death because she was their closest friend, but continued to train to be stronger long afterwards, incorporated her circlet and armor into their weapons to make sure she was still fighting alongside the team, got angry at learning that Qrow essentially pressured her into a life-threatening, socially isolating decision while she was already so lonely, they would have understood, they’d have taken pity on what they were going through.

But no, because it’s Jaune Arc, a completely understandable reaction to the death of his closest friend, coupled with survivor loss, is called “manpain” and “wangst.”

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I really wish there were a good, universally accepted umbrella term for LGBTQA people/identities. because im tired of it being gay. we're not all gay. but so many people are upset by queer. im glad you're fighting for people's right to use queer, and for aces and bi people

i understand some people are uncomfortable with it but tbh there’s always going to be people that are uncomfortable with any reclaimed word and will have their own personal anecdotes as to why - this is a given. it still doesn’t take away the tooth and nail FIGHT that went on for decades in our community as a collective whole to regain agency of the word Queer and make it ours to control and use.

Queer is all encompassing. It isn’t just about non-straight sexual identities, it’s also about non-cis gender identities. It’s a protest in a word. It allows you to be a part of the community without specifically defining yourself because not everyone knows what they are and not everyone is comfortable broadcasting what they are even to their own peers. It’s so powerful and so accessible to all.

I’m all for people not using it - You don’t have to use it, but let people who find solace in it do. We’re allowed.

so if you get mad at jack for saying not to ship fack because it makes him uncomfortable and he’s not gay and he is just friends with finn, you fucking suck. theres not really an exception to this statement, because you’re getting upset with someone who you claim to love when they state their discomfort on something they disproved many times. fack is not real. if you actually loved them, youd respect their feelings and not ship irl children who say they dont like it. grow up people. 

also i say fack because when jack said reddie it seems like he was referring to him and finn instead of the characters, since he said that he isn’t gay and doesn’t like finn. 

  • [during yoshi's cookie]
  • arin: i'm sorry. did i mess everything up for you?
  • dan: whatd'ya mean? you'd never mess anything up for me.
  • arin: really?
  • dan: yeah, your friendship is a treasure.
  • arin: okay, now you're just being facetious.
  • dan: [sounding legitimately offended] no, it's a fucking treasure, arin.
What your fave In Trousers song says about you.
  • Marvin's Giddy Seizures: Big fan of Marvin or Chip Zien, maybe both. Enjoys this song way too much. Always giggling.
  • How The Body Falls Apart/Your Lips and Me: You want to punch Marvin, and you think Marvin's wife is the best character. You're fave part is probably how she says 'squawk'.
  • My High School Sweetheart: You probably got a lead role in an elementary school play and thought you were the coolest cat.
  • Set Those Sails: You love history and metaphors, and also the teacher.
  • My Chance to Survive the Night: You're lonely and scared. Maybe gay.
  • I Am Wearing a Hat: You probably didn't realize this song was about how marriage should be as easy as wearing a hat and were really confused as to why everyone was so upset about hats.
  • How Marvin Eats His Breakfast: Buddy,, I don't even know, you're like an energetic Ron Swanson.
  • A Breakfast over Sugar: well don't you like crying!!
  • Whizzer Going Down: ooOoHOOHOHHH WhiiiiiIIIIIIzzZzZzzZZZEeeEErrrrr whizzer whizzer whizzer whizzer whizzer whizzer oooohhhhhh whizzer!! AHH!
  • High School Ladies at 5 O'Clock/TROMG: You like to hear Marvin's distressed gay screaming and love the girls voices. You probably like Set Those Sails too.
  • The Nausea Before the Game/Love Me For What I Am: You're gay.
  • Michael's Final Words About How America Got It's Name/Lips Reprise: You couldn't pick a favorite, then you remembered they mashed all of the songs together. Also more distressed gay yelling.
  • Marvin Takes a Victory Shower: SCRUBBY DUBBY DUBBY FOR MAARVIN! scrrUUUBBBBYYYY! It's a fun song!!!
  • Another Sleepless Night: You cry yourself asleep, you're like My Chance to Survive the Night but sadder. :(
  • In Trousers: You probably dislike men and love girls, but girls don't like you, and you also eat before bed so you can have weird dreams.
  • I'm Breaking Down: Get some help honey, but honestly, this is such a bop. You prefer this song to the new version in Falsettos. Wants to fight Marvin pt. 2

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I don't understand why you're so upset about the YouTube situation. I feel like I may be missing something because as a gay woman who works with children, I totally understand YouTube sensoring some of the videos in the LGBT section. I wouldn't want a child to be able to stumble upon a video, LGBT or otherwise, that has sexual connotations. I'm really not trying to attack you I'm just genuinely curious if there's more to it.

It’s because YouTube isn’t just censoring gay videos about sex. They’re censoring gay videos that have nothing to do with sex because they talk about gay people/being gay. Tumblr actually did a similar thing a while ago and marked anything tagged “lesbian” as “explicit.” We all yelled at them and they undid it fairly quickly. 

The issue isn’t YouTube censoring explicit gay content, it’s YouTube censoring all kinds of gay content under the assumption that gay=obscene. That assumption is deeply ingrained in mainstream society and deeply insulting to all of us. 

Same-sex relationships aren’t dirty and talking about LGBTQ issues is not automatically unfit for young ears. Does that make sense? 

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I hate terfs and shit but what makes them so unique and special that they deserve dominance over neo-nazis, bigots, or alt-right people? Like honestly, sure they're bad and all, but why are you singling out such a small percentage of a much BIGGER racist/sexist/anti-gay world? It's really closed minded honestly and it looks like you're just going with the crowd. But that's just me. Don't get all upset, I hope you have a great day dude (:

because terfs kept following me

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Too bad they killed Gideon's friend before it was confirmed in any way they might have been a little more than just friends, but you're right it honestly felt like that's what they were going for with them.

I really thought they were going to develop an actual gay love story that couldn’t be brushed aside and never talked about again but of course I was just setting myself up for disappointment. I mean they had more chemistry in the six minutes they were together on screen than half the actual couples do now. It’s just a wasted opportunity and I don’t know why I’m surprised. 

I mean just look at them.


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Hey it's the questioning anon again. Look, I'm really trying to keep this stuff civil here. I understand the anger and whatnot. Really I do. I'm just asking you to think of the negative repercussions of this kind of attitude too. Yes the straights fucked up and have a lot to deal with, but harming the innocents won't fix the issues the guilty caused for the gays. You're more than within your rights to be upset, but it is important to take the high ground. Please try and keep this civil

stop telling me how to run my fucking blog oh my GOD do u guys have any….,,,, FUCKING idea how ANNOYING it is to get 2349384938498349839483948394839849384938948394 stupid ass messages from straight people every day who just REFUSE to get it and expect me to hold their hand thru everything like they’re fucking children who need me to break out the kindergarten analogies??? 

and then i get people like YOU sending me asks,,,, ::::))) keep it civil! educate them! its ok :::))) no need to get aggressive!!! 

stop telling me how to react until you too get absolutely bombarded with these fucking entitled privileged idiots raiding your ask box every day,,,, please, take over for me, see how long you last before you delete. i’m waiting.

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I'm really upset that you reblogged that pic of tumblr user realhorrorshow--whatever it is she's so derogatory towards homosexuality constantly calling herself a "fag hag" and such.... For people who are supposed to be such icons you're sending a strange message.

 I can see how this would come across as offensive, but that girl is one of my best friends in the whole world, and is one of the most accepting, open-minded, kind people I know. Bel is not homophobic - her gay male friends refer to her as ’fag hag’ affectionately, because she has so many gay friends. 

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i honestly think it's pretty homophobic to be upset by being called gay even if you're straight. so i'm glad i could see the truth between louis and harry because otherwise i would have considered louis as an homophobic... non-shippers still think that louis (and harry eventually) hate/are offended by larry shippers and it really makes me cringe that they think their idols are homophobic people

It IS homophobic to be upset by being called gay even if you’re straight. That’s the basis of a lot of homophobia, the fear of being gay or being thought of as gay—and people do a lot of violent things in response to that fear. None of which help lgbt people feel accepted or safe. As an aside, being mistaken for gay when you are straight doesn’t actually make you gay or affect your sexuality in any way—which makes you wonder about the basis of some people’s fears.

And yes, it says a lot about people that they are not bothered by homophobia in their idols. Because to homophobic people, homophobia is acceptable but being gay is not.

Here’s a quote from a person whose own homophobia was completely invisible to her: “Stop acting like straight men can’t interact with gay people without being gay and straight men will stop acting like completely ignorant assholes towards the gay community for fear that they’ll be seen as something they’re not just because they’re open minded kind individuals.”

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I makes me kinda sad that even in the LGBTQ community there are misunderstandings between sexualities. Like some people think Bisexuals are "greedy" or think that bisexuality isn't really a thing- that you're either gay or straight and there is no in between. I saw a video where lesbian and gay people said they wouldn't date a bisexual because they could "play for either team"... And just as a young bisexual girl it truly upsets me to know that even in this community there is a lack of equality

That’s why we try to promote as much positive thinking across the community as we can. It’s so unfortunate how much negativity and misconception there is.

   I think a lot of it comes from media’s portrayal of bisexuality. Also the problem is that there are those who have or have friends who have dated a bisexual and been burned/cheated on or it has ended badly. The problem is people take that experience and stick a label on the box that says “never open again”. They swear off all bisexuals.
    What needs to be kept in mind is that no one person represents an entire sexual orientation. Also that the way a person treated you has NOTHING to do with their sexuality. It’s about them, as a person, their decision making on how to treat another person. It’s not about you, it’s not about how you choose to label yourself or how that person labels themselves. 

            It is entirely about their own morals and values. 

Also folks, how much progress can be made in the fight for ethical and equal treatment for ourselves when we can’t show that to our fellow queers? Every person in the LGBTQ+ community has a given right to being treated like a person as they so wish to be defined, and nothing outside of that. So the next time you feel like getting judgmental stop and think about how shitty it would feel if that person came directly at you with the same commentary you want to throw out at them. Also if there was a straight non-ally person watching/listening, what would they think about your interaction? Monkey see, monkey do. If we do it to our community then people outside of our community think it’s okay to model those same behaviours. 

~ Va-J-J