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When You’re Sick (Wonho, Minhyuk, Hyungwon)

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Wonho - “Yeah, don’t worry about me.” You patted Wonho’s arm, reassuring him with a grin. The two of you had been walking down the snowy streets of Hongdae, window shopping the newly brought Christmas goods and outfits for the season. Wonho offered to give you his gloves which you politely declined. He shouldn’t have to know that you caught a small cold. You were trying to hide your coughs when the cars were noisily driving by, added on by the conversations of Korean people passing by. He looked over at you, questioning your condition but knew he would lose the fight if he continue to push with it. “Those trees are so pretty. I love the lights that…” You felt the world disappear into darkness as you felt your body fall to the ground. However, you didn’t feel the freezing, bitter, and frosty street beneath you. It was if a delicate cushion was what you fell on. At that point, your mind wandered into nothing as you forgot what happened. Meanwhile, Wonho caught your body in time, secretly thanking himself for working out in order to hold you in his built arms. He searched around, looking for the most efficient route home as he scooped up your body, where his arms were underneath your shoulders and legs. Within a short amount of time, Wonho took a subway and a short journey to his apartment. He set you down on his bed, remembering to tuck you into the blankets and applying a cold washcloth onto your forehead. “Why didn’t they tell me they were sick… Aish, always making me do favors.” He shook his head and continue to change out the cloth along with warming your hands that should have been encased in his gloves. “You should wake up now, Jagi…” Hoseok whispered into your ear. With enough effort, you pulled out of your unconscious state and looked around. “Am I home?” You touched the cloth and turned your head to Wonho, who sat next to the bed with an “are-you-serious” face. “Well, at least you can’t get out of bed for a while. Hi, I’m Wonho. Your nurse for the time being.” He chuckled and kissed your temple before taking your hand in his.

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Minhyuk - “Does it seem like I care, Jagi? You stay there and I’ll be on my way. Apparently, our date is at your house.” Minhyuk won this argument. You pushed the “end call” button before setting it on your nightstand, sighing that he was coming while you were in this state. You sat in bed, shivering underneath the cozy blankets with a kitten plushie he had given you for comfort. Its scent contained Minhyuk’s, strong but welcome. Just like his personality. “Jagi? Are you okay?” He tapped on the door before entering your room with a backpack he always carried around. “I’m okay.” You replied, coughing into your arm before leaning against the wall, closing your eyes. “I’m sorry that you’re sick, but at least I can spend more time with you. Although you’re ill, it doesn’t mean I can’t take care of you, so I brought some things that might help you take your mind of it.” Minhyuk smiled and patted your head before kissing your temple. Digging around his backpack, he brought out medicine, his laptop, earphones, and bath salts for when you want to relax in the hot water. “I won’t join if you don’t want me to,” Minhyuk joked as he shook the container. Crystallized salts that had a lavender color peaked your interest, but made you feel lazy to get out of bed. “I guess you’ll have to carry me there if I want to be clean, but yeah, no need to join me.” “If that is what you want.” The boy nodded and lifted the covers for him to fit onto your bed. It wasn’t exactly big per se, but it was enough to cuddle and sleep together. “Here, you can relax by listening to music and I’ll get some games ready for us to play. Soon, I’ll run down to the convenience store and buy some ice cream. We can play games with that, too. Sounds good?” You nodded as he gave you the earphones and kissed your cheek. “You’re so adorable when you’re sick. I’ll go crazy.” He clutched his heart and made a pained expression, which you laughed at. It felt lovely to hug him and feel better when you were sick. If only this could be forever…

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Hyungwon - “I’m going to visit them today. Monbebes, are you expecting it too? Do you feel my heart racing? I know. I probably shouldn’t be dramatic but it’s fun! Anyway, let’s go into their room…” Hyungwon spoke to the camera, looking away to find you on the couch with tissues stuck up your nose, a computer on your lap, and a washcloth on your head. “Darn, I was going to do that, too. Oh well. Say hi to Monbebes, Jagi.” He turned the camera to you which you felt you looked disgusting, but instead greeted them in a drained voice, unmotivated to lift an arm. “Do you see who I have to live with?” Hyungwon whispered into the camera before– “Hey.” You retorted. “I happen to be sick and I thought you were bringing me some ddeokbokki.” He watched you complain, pouting while he filmed your reactions. Hyungwon laughed and covered his mouth as he turned the camera back to his face, walking over to sit beside you. “Don’t worry, I have it right here.” “What?! Yay!” You clapped your hand and set the laptop on the table, grabbing the bag. But before you could, he pulled it away while you swiped at the air. “Kiss first.” “You’re going to get sick, Hyungwon-ah.” “Kiss. First.” He tilted his head down and peered at you. Kissing his cheek, Hyungwon granted you the plastic bag filled with savory treats. He set the camera on the table, later clapping his hands saying, “This looks good! I’m getting hungry just watching you eat, so I will eat now.” He smiled and dug into the ddeokbokki, relishing the sweet and spicy taste of the rice cakes. The phone rang in the distance, the two of you looking over to the source. “Sorry, Monbebes, Jagi will go get it. Jagi?” He nudged your arm which you responded with the same action. “What are you talking about? You’re healthy and can go get it yourself.” “Who is the one that always buys you food? You get it, Jagi. Love you.” You sighed and he watched you get up, grinning in content as you answered it.

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You're so good at these!!!! I honestly love every single one you've done! so of course I'm requesting another ;) --- "I'd really love to help you with your crisis right now but if you haven't noticed, I'm kind of naked." (maybe bellarke this time? but i wouldn't say no to minty either!)

Thaaaaaanks! Just for that you get both Minty and Bellarke. I’m gonna keep these in my inbox and just answer them when I feel like it so… always expect the unexpected i guess is the moral here

“I’d really love to help you with your crisis right now but if you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of naked.”

“Trust me,” Miller scoffs. “I wouldn’t be here if I weren’t having a code red meltdown. I’m trying really hard not to see anything I don’t want to.”

“You wish you could get with this,” Bellamy grumbles, sitting up and adjusting the sheet so it drapes sort of… not artfully, but not tellingly, at least. He rubs his face and puts his glasses on so he can properly see the circles his flatmate is pacing. “I don’t get why you’re having a nuclear meltdown today. You’ve been flirting with Monty for weeks.”

“Yeah, online. Via text message. Not– He wants to meet. In person.”

“And here I always thought you being the one with the crisis would be a fun change of pace,” Bellamy sighs. “You like him a lot, huh?”

Miller deflates and drops to Bellamy’s desk chair, spinning around and tipping his head back. “What if it’s different in person? What if it isn’t as good?”

“Then it’ll suck, but– you know him pretty well by now. If he’s not into you, or if you guys don’t hit it off, is he gonna be a dick about it?”

“I’m not convinced he’s capable of being a dick for longer than one or two quippy comebacks.” Miller’s eyes fall shut and Bellamy can’t tell if it’s embarrassment at having feelings, general fear and anxiety, or that Bellamy’s sheet isn’t as opaque as he hopes. “I really want this to work out.”

“I know,” Bellamy tells him, one hand pulling the comforter up over his lap as he reaches out with the other to clap Miller awkwardly on the shoulder. “If it makes you feel better, I think it’s going to.”

Miller snorts and Bellamy is distantly aware of the sound of the shower cutting off. “I appreciate the vote of confidence but I don’t know if we do genuine emotion often enough to call this ‘making me feel better.’”

Bellamy grins. “Maybe we should talk about our feelings more often.”

“Am I interrupting something? I can come back.”

Clarke is standing in the doorway in nothing but a towel, amusement written across her face. Bellamy can’t help the way his eyes trail down to the cleavage not well obscured by the towel, and down further to her bare legs. He sees her naked on a regular basis and still he can’t get over the sight of her.

“Not interrupting anything,” Miller says, staring pointedly at the ceiling. “I was just leaving.”

“The room or the apartment?” Clarke teases, stepping out of his way so he doesn’t have to look at her more than he has to. 

“Possibly the state.”

“Good talk,” Bellamy calls after him. Miller gives him the finger but shuts the door behind him, so Bellamy feels like it’s safe to wrap his arm around Clarke’s waist and drag her back down onto the bed. Her skin is damp and she smells fresh and sweet. Her laughter is even sweeter as he nuzzles her shoulder and neck, his stubble tickling her skin.

“I already showered,” she chastises, giving him a halfhearted shove. He flops onto his back, obliging, and grins goofily up at her.

“You know I can’t help myself when you’re standing there looking like that.”

“Mmm.” She rolls onto her side to kiss him, making an exasperated noise when he pulls at her towel, but letting him take it. “Lazy Saturday morning is a pretty good look for you too.”

He doesn’t check his phone until well after noon, but when he does he finds that Miller has sent him a picture. It’s him and a cute guy, cheek to cheek as they smile for the camera. 

Bellamy: Crisis averted?

Miller: Turns out, I saw your dick for nothing

Bellamy: So you’ve had a pretty great day
Glad it worked out for you, man

Miller: Yeah, me too

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I have recently fallen in love with Jegulus thanks to you, and I don't know if you're still accepting prompts but if you are can you do a jegulus 'I heard you talking in your sleep' one shot thing? Love your writing BTW 💖

Got another one! BWAHAHAHAHA! No but seriously, thank you! I’d be happy to write some Jegulus for you <3


James grabbed a pillow off the bed and chucked it at a sleeping Regulus, which hit him square in the face. Reg groaned and rolled over in response, hugging the pillow that had just been thrown at him. “Come on, lazy arse,” James said, tugging the duvet down and off Regulus’ sleeping form. “You’ve got a busy day.”

“I hate you,” Regulus grumbled into the pillow. “I’ll never forgive my brother for hiring you.”

“Take that up with him,” James said, clapping his hands together. “The sun is shining and we have a five mile run planned for today.”

“I have a concert tonight,” Regulus said indignantly, sitting up and scrubbing his hand down his face. 

“Don’t worry, it won’t take us all day,” James said, jogging in place. “I mean, I know you’re slow as hell, but maybe we can get back before the sun goes down.”

“Har har,” Regulus said, rolling his eyes and getting up out of the bed. “Why did my brother have to hire a health nut to be my babysitter?” 

“Maybe you should have taken better care of yourself and then you wouldn’t need a babysitter,” James retorted.

Regulus flipped him a V as he walked into the bathroom. He pissed with the door open, having lost any sense of propriety, and began brushing his teeth. He walked back into the bedroom with his toothbrush sticking out of his mouth and started to get dressed.

“Might want to put on some clean underwear,” James told him, heading into the kitchen of Reg’s flat to make them a smoothie. 

“Fuck off, Potter,” Regulus shot back. “My pants and what’s inside them are none of your concern.”

“No?” James asked, walking back in and quirking an eyebrow. “That’s not what you said last night.”

Regulus froze with one leg halfway in his trousers. “What did I say last night?” he asked nervously, the sentence coming out mumbled from his toothbrush still in his mouth. He gave up on the trousers and walked into the bathroom to spit.

James chuckled from the doorway. “It was while you were sleeping. You were talking about how handsome I am.” 

“Bollocks,” Regulus said, turning on the tap and rinsing his toothbrush off.

“No, you definitely did,” James said with a smirk. “You were talking about how great my arse was.”

Regulus turned around the crossed his arms over his chest. “So what? I can admire someone’s arse, can’t I? That’s not against the recovering junkie handbook, right?” 

James shrugged. “You can do whatever you want as long as you stay sober.” 

Regulus stalked forward with a wicked grin on his face. “Even shag my babysitter?” 

James put his hand out to stop Reg from getting any closer. “You’re not meant to form personal relationships in the first year of recovery.” 

“That’s not doing whatever I want,” Regulus argued, playing with the hem of his t-shirt. “Come on, James. Live a little.”

James cleared his throat and turned away. “The smoothie is probably done,” he said, fleeing to the kitchen. 

Regulus groaned and followed after him. “You wanted us to have a workout, right? Well I can think of a better one than jogging.”

I’m not going to enable you, Reg,” James said firmly. “Sirius trusted me with your well-being and I mean to come through for him.”

“When did you become such a stick in the mud?” Reg asked, dropping heavily onto the sofa and staring up at the ceiling. “I remember in school you were always such a laugh.”

James huffed. “I’m still a laugh.” 

“Then prove it,” Regulus challenged, sitting up and staring at James from across the room. 

“I’m not going to let you bait me into something stupid,” James told him stubbornly. 

“Oh no?” Regulus asked, tugging his shirt up and tossing it across the room. “You know there’s constantly paparazzi outside. Maybe I’ll go flash them.” 

“Don’t you dare,” James growled, gripping the counter.

Reg laughed and stood up, sliding his pants down as he went and then walking out of them. He was nearly to the window when James tackled him and wrestled him to the ground, pinning his arms above his head. “Then distract me,” Regulus said, his voice nearly a whine. 

James sighed and buried his face in Reg’s neck. “Not like this,” he whispered, nuzzling Regulus affectionately. 

“Not like what?” Regulus asked, surprised by the intimate gesture. 

“Do you have any idea how difficult this job is?” James asked, pressing soft kisses to Regulus’ neck and making Reg writhe beneath him. “Having had a crush on you since school and then being heartbroken when you lost yourself to drugs. I know what growing up in that house did to you, the pressure they put on you to be perfect. It ate away at Sirius just how it eats away at you. It’s not enough that you’re gorgeous and smart as a whip and wonderful. They never made you feel like enough but you are, Reg, you are enough.”

James pulled back and looked down at Reg. There were tears forming in the corners of his eyes that he was trying desperately to blink away. “James…” he said in a broken out sob.

“It’s okay,” James said, releasing Regulus’ hands in favor of wrapping the younger man up in his arms. “I’m here.”

Regulus curled up in James’ lap and clung to him desperately. “You can’t possibly be interested in a train wreck like me,” he said, sniffling. 

“Can’t I?” James challenged, kissing the top of Reg’s head tenderly. “Well that’s too bad, because I am so gone on you.”

“Did I really say all those things about you in my sleep?” Regulus asked, wiping his nose with the back of his hand. 

“Yeah, you did,” James said with a lopsided grin. “It was very flattering.”

Regulus laughed and dropped his head onto James’ shoulder. “You know, sometimes you make me believe I’ll really be all right some day.” 

“You will be,” James said, hugging Reg tightly. “You’ve just got to want it badly enough.” 


One Year Later

Regulus got off the stage to the sound of thousands of screaming fans. He didn’t hear them though because his entire attention was focused on the man waiting in the wings. 

James opened up his arms and Regulus folded into them gladly. “You were wonderful,” James said, kissing Regulus softly on the lips. The night had been a massive success and Regulus had been a rock god on the stage tonight. James felt a swell of pride in his chest knowing that out of the thousands of people that wanted him, James would be the one in Regulus’ bed that night. 

“I’m so tired,” Regulus said, yawning loudly. “I think I’m getting old.”

“Not possible,” James said, lifting Regulus up into his arms and carrying him bridal style out of the venue. “If you’re getting old then I’m getting old.”

“I’m sure all the kale is helping keep you young and fit,” Reg teased, wrapping his arms around James’ neck and holding onto him as they walked to the car. James had arranged it so they could sneak out the side entrance and not be bombarded with fans. 

“It’s called a super food for a reason,” James joked, kissing Regulus’ temple. “How about tonight we get Chinese food?”

“Oh, my favorite,” Reg said, kicking his feet like an excited little child.

“We can get you out of these barely there leather trousers and snuggle up on the sofa.”

Regulus laughed. “Don’t pretend you’re not completely turned on by how I look in these trousers.”

“I didn’t say that,” James responded with a grin. “I’d just very much like to get you out of them.” 

Regulus sighed happily and closed his eyes, snuggling against James’ broad chest. “You won’t hear me complaining.” 

James secreted them out the side door where their black sedan was waiting in the alley for them. James managed to get the door open and then gently deposited Regulus in the back seat before sliding in next to him. Regulus immediately rearranged himself so he was pressed against James’ side. “Honey, take me home,” he requested quietly. 

“It would be my pleasure,” James told him as the car started for home.