if you'll love me first

11 Things I Have to Remind Myself Everyday
1. Don’t put on the sweatshirt he gave you that’s sitting in the top of your closet. It doesn’t actually smell like him.
2. Don’t listen to the playlist you named after him when you broke up. He isn’t worth ruining your favorite songs.
3. Don’t check his Instagram to see if he’s untagged himself in the photos you posted while you were together. He probably hasn’t, and he probably doesn’t even realize they’re still there.
4. Also, he probably hasn’t unfollowed you.
5. As much as you want to text him, call him, or drive to his house and tell him what you’re thinking, don’t. Nothing good will come out of it.
6. Stop trying to grab his attention when he’s around. He sees you. He knows you’re there. If he wants to acknowledge your presence, he will.
7. Crying doesn’t solve anything, but it’s still okay to do.
8. It’s okay to still be hung up on him, even after such a long time. You can’t turn feelings on and off.
9. Talk to other boys. You can’t wait around for him, and you can’t close yourself off to someone who could be three hundred times better for you.
10. Don’t let him dictate your life. Don’t stop doing things you want to do and going places you want to go just because he’ll be there. Don’t give him that power.
11. It’s okay that you loved him, it’s not okay to think that you’ll never love or be loved again. One day, you’ll wonder how you ever could’ve been so upset over him, because you’ll have someone so much better.

*listens to dai gyakuten saiban ost: “nocturne” *

All I want is one person who loves me more than anyone else. I want to be a first choice–maybe for a significant other, maybe for a close friend… I just really, really need that.
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♥as you can see, Yuta is a man who falls deep in his thoughts, let’s protect & cherish him a lot!♥


just a little reminder and gift for @naonychan

i love you

we all do

((haha i sooo wanted to draw your ocs but idk if i drew them correctly ;;; i couldn’t do everyone buuuut.. yah. i love EVERY LITTLE ONE OF THEM. precious bbies-))


Best fan vid ever.

Happy Birthday thisismouseface!

… Which was yesterday. But you’re such a patient sweet you deserve birthdays two days in a row. <33
[I did NOT just finish this late and I am shocked and appalled by the accusation.]

Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for this fandom. You are a truly great person and I hope you had a swell birthday. <:

A message for all you youngsters out there: NEVER THROW OUT ANY OF YOUR MERCH FROM YOUR FIRST FAVORITE BAND. Trust me, when you’re twenty-something and filled with nostalgia from your lost youth, you will be so thrilled to still have this stuff safely hidden away in some unused drawer.

(1998 vs 2014)

I used to think you were good for me
Until I realized that you didn’t care
When I noticed you were never there.
—  J. Portman {All the wasted time I spent trying to get you to love me}

He was tall as a young tree…

For Sandra, one of the most amazing people on this website.



Earl Harlan bravely scouting in the depths of the Whispering Forest, chatting to trees and otherwise challenging nature. 

Photographer: fac-off

Earl: sexybaldwin

  • me: yeah I watched the first episode and didn't really get into it tbh
  • person: WHAT?!?!? but it's your type of show it's action packed clever great dialogue great actors it's got everything you could ask for
  • me: yeah except for women