if you'd have asked me three months ago if i shipped it

  • Luke: "And here we have the lovely (Y/N) (Y/L/N)", the interviewer said, bringing you into a small stage at the red carpet. "Hi", you greeted her. "You look gorgeous", she said, the camera man filming you from head to toe. "Thank you", you smiled sweetly, the first award show you'd attend already blowing you away. "And there's a certain cute celebrity that agrees with me, might I add", she giggled. Really? Who?", you asked. "Let's watch, shall we?", she pointed to a small screen next to her. It was another interview made on that very same award show, only that instead of you, four boys stood on the small stage. "So, who do you think is the hottest girl here?", the interviewer asked. "We all know Luke's opinion", Calum stated, making Luke blush and the other boys laugh. "Why's that?", the interviewer curiousy asked. "'Cause he hasn't stopped saying how hot (Y/N) (Y/L/N) is", Michael explained laughing. "Oh, so you have a crush, huh". Luke shrugged: "I might have". "Well, you should talk to her at the after party", the interviewer suggested. And you sure as hell hoped he'd follow her advice.
  • Ashton: You were on a small trip to Australia, a little bit of vacation. I mean, it'd be a little more like it if you weren't being constantly mobbed by fans and paparazzi everywhere you'd go. Just like it was happening now. While you tried to make your way through the crowd without being rude, the shout of a paparazzi caught your attention: "(Y/N)! (Y/N)! Do you think you and Ashton Irwin could work? Or is his crush unrequited?". "What?", you abruptly turned around. "Ashton Irwin, from 5 Seconds of Summer", he replied. "What about him?", you questioned again. "He said you're his celebrity crush on an interview. Didn't you know?". Well, as far as you were concerned, Ashton's celebrity crush was Hayley Williams and he didn't know who you were. "Oh", was what you managed to get out as a reply, nodding your head. "So...", the paparazzi insisted, "Is it unrequited?". "I might have a crush on him as well", you winked and turned.
  • Michael: "(Y/N), (Y/N)", Ellen shook her head, "It's your first time here and I already am going to set you up with someone...". "What?", you laughed. "Yeah, I interviewed a band here last week", she explained, "And it turns out one of them has a huge crush on you". You turned to a small TV next to you, where you saw 5 Seconds of Summer sitting where you were now and Ellen in front of them. "So, we're going to play a game now. I'll say a celebrity name and you'll say the first thing it comes to your mind, okay?", The boys nodded and sifted in their seats while Ellen began saying some names. "(Y/N) (Y/L/N)", you blushed when your name was mentioned, heart beating faster. "Fucking hot", Michael blurted out quietly, biting his lip. "Well, someone's sexually frustrated", Ashton commented, making everyone laugh. "You have a crush on her, then", Ellen said. "Yeah", Michael shrugged and the screen went black. "So...", Ellen turned to you. "Well", you said, "I'm not gonna lie: the first thing that comes to my mind when someone says 'Michael Clifford' is fucking hot as well".
  • Calum: For some time now, your fans and the 5SOS fam had started shipping you with Calum. They thought you'd look incredibly cute together and had everything to do with each other - the perfect match. So for that reason, there were manips of you and Calum all over the internet. Seeing as many gossip magazines had no way of knowing whether those pictures were real or not - many of them fooled even you -, they assumed they were. And also assumed you were dating. So the reason why Twitter was breaking down at the moment was 'cause a magazine posted an article saying you were officially dating for three months now. You were a little unsure on what to do, seeing as something like that had never happened to you before. But Calum didn't seem feel the same, 'cause, not long ago, he tweeted you about it: "@(Y/T/N) Did you hear the news? We're dating! Congrats to us!!". A little cautiously, you typed a reply, trying to keep it funny and classy: "@Calum5SOS I heard it as well! Been asking myself where's my ring, though... #IfYouLikedItThenYouShould'vePutARingOnIt". Not long after, he had already replied: "@(Y/T/N) Guess we're going to have to meet up so I can give it to you then...".