if you wore contact lenses and glasses

when i was like 14, i once wore contact lenses instead of glasses to school bc i had just learned how to put them on and i wanted to show them to my friends right, and this one guy goes and tells me “i thought girls were supposed to become beautiful when they stopped wearing glasses. something obviously went wrong with you” and that was??? so incredibly rude i wanted to cry but i just stood there not knowing what to say bc i honestly thought we were friends

but the girl sitting in front of him (who was also his crush, mind u) hears him and turns around with the most disgusted expression on her face, and calls him out on it like “omg i cant believe you said that have you even seen yourself in a mirror you have no right to tell her shit” and then she turns to me and says “dont listen to him, you look gorgeous with or without glasses” and she probably already forgot about that but i always remember it whenever i feel self-conscious about myself

so the moral of the story is: if u see someone being a jerk to someone else, dont laugh along and call them out on it. stick together and bring all the fuckboys down


This has been in the works for months and months. I simply haven’t had the inspiration nor the time to write honestly. It’s not my best writing, but I tried to get myself back into things. I’ve missed writing and you guys

Warning: SMUT

Length: 7,000+ words

               It wasn’t supposed to be like this. He wasn’t supposed to be like this. Those sweet lips of his shouldn’t have been so bitter. Those eyes weren’t supposed to be so dark.

               To be fair, tonight was the one night that everyone could be whoever they wanted to. You had just fallen for his innocent ploy. How were you supposed to know those wings of his were real?

               It was Halloween. The sky was blackened and overcast, consuming the moon’s light. Careful of the brisk cold, you chose a costume that allowed for you to cover up well. Your long white dress dragged against the concrete even though you were wearing high heels. Your friend pulled you along, rushing you as if you were terribly late. There was still plenty of time though. You had all night.

               Someone had rented a club to throw a party. You had no idea who, but apparently they were a friend of a friend and that meant that you had somehow received a gorgeous black invitation with loopy orange lettering. Not one to refuse an opportunity to be someone else for a few hours, you graciously accepted and now you were trying to navigate through the gray fog covering the venue’s floor without stepping on anyone’s feet.

               There were more people here than you had expected and though you had entered holding your friend’s hand, she was suddenly nowhere to be found. The sea of masks made it near impossible to search for her. However, you weren’t too concerned. You would end up crossing paths again at some point.

               You decided to hold the hem of your gown as you strolled to make sure you didn’t trip as the ground was virtually undetectable under the man-made smoke. Hoisting yourself up onto a stool by the bar, you got your bearing as you sat and observed. The club was eerily beautiful with glass chandeliers casting a blue tinted glow on the shimmering onyx walls and floors.

               A tap on your shoulder startled you out of your awe. Spinning in your seat, you came face to face with the bartender. He wore a cape and fake elongated canine teeth for a vampire feel. He wanted to know if you wanted a drink.

               The corners of your lips upturned. In fact, you did. “Could you make something that goes with my costume?” you asked playfully.

               He smiled at your request but his white contact lenses made the expression seem sinister. “Anything for an angel,” he replied flirtily.

               You were grateful that he could tell your intended guise as you weren’t wearing fake wings. But to be fair, you had your back to him earlier, so maybe he has caught sight of the huge black wings tattooed on your skin. Though your white dress had long sleeves and was floor length, it was also totally backless. It exposed your ink well. If your gold halo didn’t give away what you were attempting, a good look at your back would.

               The bartender came back with something bubbling in a wine glass with flecks of gold leaf floating the in honey-colored liquid.

               “What is it?” you inquired as you handed the handsome blood sucker a bill.

               “Unicorn blood,” he answered with a wink.

               You appreciated his cleverness in the choice. Wiggling your fingers in farewell, you stood to leave.

               “Come back for some Hell Fire,” he called after you. You nodded without looking back and made no promises.

               Taking a sip from your glass, you were pleasantly surprised by the taste of passion fruit mixed with champagne. The sweetness cut the bitterness and the carbonation lightened the thickness of the juice. You really were going to have to return for that Hell Fire if it was anything like this.

               A firm hand gripped your elbow and you whipped around so fast that you almost spilled your cocktail. It was your friend, looking sexier than before in her police woman outfit now that she was sweating a little. She had found the dance floor without you and had even found herself a Joker to sway with. Kindly, he accepted you as an adoption to their duo and you danced with your friend as she danced with the both of you.

               Draining your Unicorn’s blood after a few songs, you decided to leave your friend to her criminal and sought out the bar again. There was a line this time and you secured yourself a small section of counter to lean against as you waited. You draped your hair to one side as you could feel the alcohol and dancing warm you from the inside. Not wanting your makeup to melt just yet, you fanned yourself with your hands. The gold bangles that adorned your wrists tinkled musically loud enough to catch the bartender’s attention. He flashed his fangs at you teasingly as he mixed a margarita.

               You were mid-chuckle when you felt a chill crawl up your spine. Goose bumps erupted on your arms and you searched for the cause. Eyes darting around, you caught sight of a tall man dressed in all black staring at you from across the room. He stood completely still even as you locked eyes. You couldn’t read his expression as an elegant mask made of lace obscured half of his face. The fabric was a stunning shade of crimson, which was at complete odds with his charcoal suit. But it did have the benefit of drawing your interest straight to his eyes, which were piercing.

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You Steal the Air out of My Lungs (You Make Me Feel It)

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written by: Emily | @prosciuttoe

prompt: ‘I know that you think I hate you but I swear to God I didn’t mean to hit you with my car.‘

word count: 2815

The funny thing is, under entirely different circumstances, Clarke’s pretty sure that she and Bellamy Blake could have been friends.

The first time she meets him, Kane is introducing them and he’s supposed to be showing her the ropes, since it’s her first day at the bookstore. He has a well-worn copy of Howl’s Moving Castle sticking out of his bag, freckles, and dark, messy curls that Clarke really wants to run her fingers through. (She’s… pretty intrigued, if she’s being entirely honest.)

But then he opens his big, stupid mouth, and suddenly all of her feelings of goodwill go up in smoke, because Bellamy Blake is, undoubtedly, a massive asshole.

He won’t stop calling her Princess, for one, and makes a face every time she so much as asks a question about the cash register. The constant jibes about her having gotten the job due to nepotism (so their boss may also be her mom’s fiancé, sue her) certainly don’t help either, and he actually laughs when a book display falls on her foot.

Suffice to say, he is definitely not her favorite person. On particularly bad days, she entertains a fantasy or two of shoving him down a flight of stairs. On worse ones, she dreams of pushing him down a manhole.

Still, murderous tendencies aside, Clarke doesn’t mean to actually run him over with her car.

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Mistaken Love

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader/Sooyoung

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 2736

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The only thing a girl desires is that someone loves her like no one has ever been loved before. There is nothing else a girl wants from life..

In your eyes he was everything. Whereas in his eyes, you were nothing but this shy girl who wore glasses, looked ugly and walked around his house like a stranger.

Yes, you lived with him. And yes, you were married to him. But that didn’t change the fact that he ignored you like you were a ghost or the fact that he never said something when his friends made fun of you.


“What? You’re marrying that girl?!” Jimin asked with his eyes wide open.

Looking annoyed, Jungkook glared at Jimin. “Yah! Does it look like I want to? My family forces me!”

Laughing hysterically, Jimin started clapping. “Wow, what a beautiful story! The little prince is marrying the ugly duckling.”

Throwing the first thing that was near him to Jimin, he glared at him again. “Stop laughing or I’m going to punch you in the face. Besides that doesn’t mean that I’ll stop seeing other girls. Marrying that ugly duckling won’t change anything.”

Offering Jungkook a glass of whiskey, Jimin sat in front of Jungkook. “You admit that she is ugly?”

Turning toward Jimin with an ‘duh’ look, he flicked his forehead. “Yah, are you kidding me? Have you seen her? Those glasses, the way she dresses? It’s…disgusting!”

Little did he know that you were standing by the door, one hand holding your wedding cards that you wanted to show him and the other formed in to a fist, nails digging in to your palm, listening to their conversation.

Even though you were married to him for five months now, the only thing you two talked about was how he wanted to divorce you. Well, he talked, you listened.

You loved him. Even though he ignored you, hated you, and cheated on you in front of your eyes, you loved him. Pathetic, right? But you wanted to be loved too. You wanted to feel special, important and beautiful.

So, one morning, when you were preparing breakfast for him, you saw a piece of paper in his hand. It was an entry form for a dance competition. Knowing how much Jungkook loved to dance, you remembered the address and decided to sign up for that competition.

But not as Y/N however as Sooyoung.

Yes, you decided to change your image, your name, everything. It was stupid, you knew that. But you wanted to spend time with Jungkook and knowing that he hated the real you, this was your only option.

That’s why you went to your best friend and asked her to change your image. Transforming you into someone that not even you yourself could recognize, you went to the address.

Smiling a little bit when you saw the building, you went in. The practice room was full with people who where talking to each other. In order to find Jungkook, you started walking around. Right when you thought you found him, the dance teacher started talking. He introduced himself and talked about the competition.  

“Pshh, okay! First of all, welcome to our dance competition. My name is Seokjin and I’m going to be your dance teacher for these next two months. All of you are aware that you’re dancing with a partner, right? So please, open the piece of paper you received at the entrance and try to find your partner with the number you’ve got. The person with the same number as yours is going to be your partner.”

Taking a deep breath, you opened the piece of paper. Number 1. Everyone was walking all over the place while shouting their number. You looked up and tried to find the person with the same number. Hoping that it was Jungkook, you started walking around.

All of a sudden you heard someone shouting ‘number one’, ‘number one’ and turned around. It was him, your husband.

Walking slowly toward him, you stood in front of him and took a deep breath. “Number one?”

Looking at you, he nodded. “Number one.”

“Nice to meet you, my name is Sooyoung.”

He smiled and grabbed your hand and placed a little kiss on it. “And my name is Jungkook, Jeon Jungkook.”

Smiling at him, you looked away and took another deep breath. This was the first time he kissed your hand.

While you were lost in your thoughts, you heard your dance teacher talking. “Okay guys. I assume you found your partner. Now, I want you to show your dance skills to your partner.”

Turning toward Jungkook, you crossed your arms in front of you and raised an eyebrow. “Let’s see what you’ve got, Jeon.

He chuckled, leaned to your ear and whispered. “Don’t be shocked.”

Leaning back, he winked at you and started dancing. You noticed, he looked very happy while dancing. You knew that it relieved his stress and made him feel better.

Panting a little bit, he looked at you. “Let’s see what you’ve got, Young-ie.

Chuckling at the nickname, you started dancing. One thing nobody knew about you was that you were really talented in dancing. This was basically the only thing you did at home while you waited for Jungkook to come home. And yes, Jungkook has a dance room in his house.

While dancing, you saw from the corner of your eye that Jungkook was watching you with his mouth open and a little smirk on his lips.

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Seeing the way you danced and swayed from side to side, he couldn’t believe that he got a good partner like you.

When you were done, you raised an eyebrow and smirked. “And?”

Lost in his own thoughts, he mumbled. “Beautiful..”

“What?” You asked, shocked.

Shaking his head, he smiled at you. “That was pretty good.”

“That’s it for today everybody. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Your dance teacher announced.

Walking toward your bag, you put your stuff in it and walked toward the door. Suddenly, you felt a grip on your wrist. Turning around, you saw Jungkook.

“Would you like to drink a coffee with me? We could talk about the moves we want to add in our dance.”

“I’m sorry but I need to go home. Maybe next time?”

Smiling a little bit disappointed, he nodded. “Okay I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

Nodding, you waved at him. “Bye.”


When you walked out of the practice room, you started running. Jungkook would be at home in 30 minutes and you needed to shower, make dinner and the most important thing, change back to Y/N.

Jungkook couldn’t find out that the Sooyoung he met today was his wife. So, when you arrived at home, you showered in basically five minutes and started dressing yourself the way you normally would. Removing your contact lenses, you wore your glasses and put your hair in a messy bun. Baggy clothes and voilá, the one and only Y/N is back.

While you were setting the table, Jungkook walked in, kinda lost in his own thoughts with a little smile plastered on his face, and sat down at the table. Placing his plate in front of him, you asked him. “Are you okay? You look happy.”

He looked up at you and answered with an annoyed tone while eating his food. “None of your business.”

Sadly, you looked down at your plate. This was the real you. This was your reality. You were desperately in love with him whereas the only feeling he felt toward you was hate.

It’s been a month since you were living this life of Y/N and Sooyoung at the same time. Sometimes it was hard, really hard. Seeing Jungkook being happy with another woman was not easy for you. Well, he wasn’t with another woman, he was with you but he didn’t know that.

Till now, everything went the way you planned it. You hung out with him as Sooyoung, you danced with him as Sooyoung, you ate and drunk with him as Sooyoung. Everything he did was with Soooung. And today, after practicing your masterpiece, you decided to confess to him.. again, as Sooyoung.

“Jungkook, today, it’s my turn to show you something special.”

Placing his arm around your shoulder, he looked down at you with a smile. “Is that so?”

Smiling up at him, you nodded. “Yes, I’ll show you someting really special. Something, that means a lot to me.”

“Wow, now I’m curious. Let’s go then.”

Driving to the place you arranged everything, you took his hand and brought him to a place which was kind of abandoned and told him to stay in front of a wall.

“Okay, you stay here. I’ll be right back.”

After seeing him nod, you started walking behind the wall. Counting from three to one, you pushed the button in your hand and on the wall appeared the writing ‘I’m in love with you, Jeon..’

Peeking out of the wall a little bit, you saw Jungkook looking around for you.

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He was shocked, you could see that. Walking toward him, you smiled at him.

He spotted you and started talking. “W-What is this, Sooyoung?”

Flicking his forehead, you whispered. “It’s my love for you, Jeon. Did you not like it?”

“I-I like it but I-I need to tell you something. I’ve made a huge mistake. I should have told you that I’m a married man, Sooyoung.”

Shocked, you looked at him. “W-What?” You were not shocked about the fact that he was married. You were shocked about the fact that he mentioned you to Sooyoung. Not even once did he talk about you in this past month. But seeing that you were somewhere in his mind was really unexpected.

“O-Okay, but you never mentioned her in this past month, why?”

“It’s a little bit complicated, Sooyoung..”

“O-Okay..”, you placed your hand on his cheek. “I just wanted you to know how special you are to me. And don’t worry, nothing has changed between us. We were friends and we will remain friends. The only difference is that you are married and I will get married somehow someday.”

When you were done talking you looked up at him. He was staring at you with an shocked look.

“Is something wrong, Jungkook?”

“How can you be so positive and happy? How can you love me without expecting love in return? Don’t you feel pain in love?”

Confused, you looked at him. “Pain? Love is a gift, how can there be pain in love? It’s simple, you love your wife and I love you. Don’t worry about me.”

All of a sudden, Jungkook started shaking his head. “No.. No, I don’t love her..”


With those words, your heart broke into little pieces..

Looking into your eyes, he started talking again. “I had shut all my doors to love. And then you came along, laughing, singing, dancing. And declared ‘I love you’. From you, I learnt what true love is. That there is no pain in love. You awakened love in me once again.. The love, that I had killed within me long back. Why did you come in my life, Sooyoung? What do I do now?”

“Run away with me.”

Shocked, he looked at you. You on the other hand continued talking.

“If you are not happy with her. If you don’t love her then come along with me. Not everyone gets equal happiness in life. Maybe with me, you can find your happiness.”

While saying these words, you were hurting really bad. He never loved you, not even once. He was unhappy with the real you. He hated Y/N..

“Tomorrow, after the competition, let’s run away.”

Slowly he started nodding his head. He never loved you, Y/N..

Today was the competition. And you decided to attempt it as Y/N, not as Sooyoung. Last night, Jungkook walked into your room and sat down on your bed. For the first time, he started stroking your hair. Your hair, the real Y/N’s. Well, he thought you were asleep maybe thats why he found the courage to do so. He leaned toward you and whispered ‘I’m sorry, Y/N. I’m really sorry..’

And that was the reason why you decided to come as Y/N and not as Sooyoung. You wanted to show him the reality.

Soon, it was your turn. The couple on the stage was almost done dancing and Jungkook was searching desperately for Sooyoung around the room. When the couple was done, the audience clapped and the MC announced Jungkook and Sooyoung’s name. Jungkook was already standing on the stage and was looking around.

Then, everything went black. You walked toward him and got in your position. One hand on his shoulder and the other holding his hand. When Jungkook realized that you came he sighed and whispered. “Finally, you’re here. Where were you, Sooyoung?”

Standing in the darkness, he didn’t notice that Y/N was standing in front of him, not Sooyoung. When the music started playing, the lights went on and when he looked up he saw you, Y/N, in front of him.

Shocked, he stood still. “W-What are you doing here?!” he hissed.

Not answering his question, you started dancing the first move. Jungkook, on the other hand, tried to register everything that was happening right now.

“Start dancing!” you whispered.

Confused he started dancing. Where was Sooyoung? Why was he dancing with his wife? How did you know the steps? What was happeni- Oh.

All of a sudden, he started remembering the things you said and have done. That was the reason why you left early every time after practice. In order to be able to change your image. This was why you looked kinda happy. Because you could spend time with him. It was not Sooyoung he fell in love with. It was you, Y/N..

While he was lost in his thoughts, he didn’t even realize that they were at the last move of their dance. Preparing himself, he leaned you backwards and looked you in the eyes. Everyone stood up and started clapping. Staying like that, he waited till the curtains closed.

Standing straight now, he whispered. “You’re a liar. You lied to me!”

“J-Jungkook, look-”

“Everything was a lie!”


“How easily did you turn my sadness into joy. How quickly did you change my anger into happiness. I never, not even once gave you one drop of my love. Whereas you over flooded me with yours. How can you love me so much, Y/N?”

Shaking your head, you felt the tears rolling down your face. “Thats not hard. Even though you were forced to marry me, I believe that it was our fate that brought us together. We were meant for each other. Loving you is my destiny, Jungkook. When I see you happy, when I see you laugh, I’m happy. Only through you, I have learned that love demands nothing.” Taking a deep breath, you looked into his eyes. “Jungkook, I respect your decision and if you want to divorce me-”

All of a sudden, he leaned forward and kissed you on your lips. “I love you, Y/N. And I’m sorry, I’m really sorry for everything that I have done to you. I’m really-”

Standing on your tiptoes, you reached out and kissed him on the lips like he did seconds ago. “I love you too, Jungkook.”

“And the winner of this competition is…. the couple Jeon Jungkook and Kim Sooyoung.”

Standing there on the stage, you started hugging Jungkook. “We did it Jungkook! We won!”

Jungkook leaned back and whispered into your ears. “Wait here, I need to do something.”

Walking toward the MC, he whispered something into his ear. Walking back toward you, he wrapped his arms around your waist.

Suddenly, the MC started talking again. “I’m sorry, I announced the winners wrong. The winner of this dance competition is Mr. and Mrs. Jeon! Congratulations!”

Looking up at Jungkook you saw him looking at you cutely. 

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He leaned toward you and kissed you on your forehead. “Thank you for loving me, Y/N.”

daughterofdante  asked:

Obi-wan wears glasses because he's allergic to the medicine that cure the need for glasses and everyone finds out. Please?

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Obi-Wan gave a low sigh of frustration before he seemed to throw his hands up in surrender and reaching into his belt and pulling out a pair of spectacles to everyone’s surprise.

They were golden thin wired, rectangular with thicker arms that seemed padded along with the padding over the bridge that went over the nose.

“Obi-Wa-” Anakin started before watching his master casually put a finger in his left eye and seemingly flickering something away before he put on the glasses.

“…Obi-Wan, what the kriff?” Anakin gaped.

“That was me getting rid of the only contact lenses I have and putting on my glasses Anakin.” Obi-Wan offered calmly as he started rereading the report, feeling the headache easing a bit as he processed the information without straining his eyes.

“Aren’t you suppose to wash your hands before putting your fingers in your eyes for that kind of thing?” Ashoka blinked, staring at him. “And you got glasses?”

“I agree with her, you got glasses?” Anakin repeated.

Obi-Wan hummed, giving an absent shrug as he continued reading. “Yes. I can’t use the eye correction medication nor the surgery. So my best options were contact lenses since its so easy to lose your glasses in a lightsaber battle. I still have a pair for emergency though.”

“They suit you master Obi-Wan.” Ahsoka swung her legs back and forth while sitting on a table, elbows resting on her thighs with a small grin. “You look even more distinguished if that was possible.”

Obi-Wan made a low chuckling noise. “I hated them as a child. In the creche…well they were a target for my childhood bully.” He offered in amusement. “Four eyed Oafy-Wan.” His chuckle trailed off.

“Oafy-Wan? Bullies? Doesn’t Bant call you you Oafy-Wan?” Anakin found his voice again, taking a few steps over to the other mans side.

“Occasionally, yes. Its a nickname that no longer hurts because its no longer used by a bully but a dear friend. And I’ve let go of whatever Bruck used to call me…” Obi-Wan looked up then smiled at him. “It doesn’t matter anymore Anakin.”

The blond would have responded if Cody hadn’t just walked into the tent. “General Kenobi I ju-oh!” The commander stared at his General in surprise before smiling. “Did you lose your contact lenses sir?”

“Yes Cody, I’ll have new ones in a weeks time but until then I will have to wear my glasses.” He sighed before chuckling. “And of course you knew I wore glasses.”

“Yes sir, I did study your profile. There’s a reason there’s never hoi-broth on the menu.” The clone shrugged before launching into the report for them.

Anakin blinked.

He was starting to wonder if he should take a look into Obi-Wan’s profile and history. He never desired to study it before but now he was starting to wonder if he should.

The copper haired Jedi nodded occasionally to what the commander was saying, humming in understanding and giving the appropriate response as light glittered of the golden rim of his glasses and the glass.

“Do they update themselves automatically?” Ahsoka suddenly asked curiously, interrupting Cody.

“What? Is that really important right now Ahsoka?” Obi-Wan raised his brows.

“No but I’m curious. You just put them on without any concern and you looked like the headache you had disappeared less then five minutes later.” She shrugged, sitting up and waving her hands. “I mean, doesn’t it usually take time to adapt between contact lenses and glasses?”

Obi-Wan sighed then shook his head. “Usually yes, but like you suspected, these updates themselves automatically.” He took his glasses of carefully, showing them the inner side of the left golden bar where Anakin could spot faint lights. “See these? These adjusts the glasses to the strength I need as long as the changes in my eye strengths aren’t to big of a leap. Sometimes I need to have them manually adjusted by an optician but as long as the leap is within a seven change up or down, I can just put my glasses on anytime I don’t have contact lenses.”

He put his glasses back on and peered at them over the rim. “Now, let Cody finish his report.” He turned back to the commander.

‘And I need to look up these optic glasses, they sound fascinating.’

A very interesting quote from a 1983 newspaper clipping: 

 “I definitely perceive the world differently than most people do. I have really bad eyes and I never wore glasses, you see, then all of a sudden, I got contact lenses - soft ones which don’t make you see great but make you see better. Now, I’m completely confused. I used to see nothing. Now I see sort of.
Everything is either a blur or it’s psychedelic or more acid-like. Street lights sparkle, colors run together. But because I can’t see the world clearly, I look at it differently. I see it like in a dream.

I wrote a little (rather long) imagine about Jack Lowden. Hope you like it!

Worst First Date

You stood in your hotel room, wearing a towel dressing gown with your hair wrapped up in a towel turban, doing your makeup. Six pairs of eyes were watching you as you contoured your cheeks. The guys – Jack, Tom, Barry, Fionn, Harry and Aneurin – shouldn’t have been so fascinated with how you applied your makeup. You were one of the makeup artists on he set of Dunkirk, so you spent hours putting powder on them every day. Yet you rarely wore makeup yourself, so maybe it was seeing you all dolled up that had them in raptures. Usually, you had to wake up so early, and were so busy with them, that you didn’t bother to even make yourself look presentable. There had been a small effort at first – tugging a brush through your wavy mess of hair or shoving a bit of mascara on – but by now you just chucked your hair in a messy bun and put your glasses on. You had contact lenses, but only bothered to wear them on special occasions. You were wearing them tonight. You had a date.

Working on film sets meant you had to travel a fair amount (a blessing more than a curse, let’s be real, some of the places you’d seen were incredible) but it hadn’t been very conducive to getting a boyfriend. You’d been out to a bar in the local town last week with the guys when a local French man, by the name of Mathis, had started flirting with you. He was a little older, maybe thirty, but completely gorgeous and his French accent practically made you drool. Who can resist an accent? So, by the end of the night when he’d asked you out to dinner and placed a kiss on your cheek, you were putty in his hands.

Tonight was the night, and you were dressing up to the nines. It had been over six months since you’d last had sex, and you fully intended to share Mathis’s bed. You’d done a smoked burnt orange eyeshadow, with a succulent brick red lip. As you finished with a final flourish of highlighter, just for luck, you spun around, placed your hands on your hips and struck a pose.

“What do you think? Will I do?” you questioned, popping your hip, shrugging your shoulder and batting your eyelids you show off your killer eyelashes.

“Well your face looks top, but I’d question the outfit choice,” Barry joked with a smile. “I’m no fashionista but I think you can do better than a hotel dressing gown.”

You rolled your eyes and plucked your dress off the wardrobe door where it had been hanging in readiness. It was a gorgeous blood orange number. It wrapped across the front, meeting in a plunging neckline and cinching you in at the waist. It showed off your curves in all the right places, and you always felt hella sexy in it. You hurried into the bathroom to change and threw some mousse in your hair to tame your curls. You left them down to fall wildly around your face, but in all honesty, they just fell right tonight. So often your hair had a mind of its own but tonight it seemed to be on side, happy to comply. You admired yourself in a full-length mirror beside the bath for a moment and gave a small, satisfied nod, allowing a smirk of appreciation to flicker on your lips. You went back out into the bedroom where the guys were waiting to see the finished article. A chorus of cheers and wolf whistles greeted you as you sauntered in, and you indulged them with a little catwalk-style strut down the length of the room, even punctuating it with a pose at the end. You stole a glance at Jack, who looked curiously sad.

Since you had arrived on set and met the guys, you’d always had a soft spot for Jack. He had gone out of his way from the start to make you feel at home, inviting you to hang out with the guys. You were younger than your fellow makeup and costume artists, so felt slightly out of place hanging out with them. They all had partners and children, so you usually sat like a lemon with them, not knowing what to say. Jack made sure you could hang out with the guys, who were all closer to your age and were so much fun. Jack had a killer sense of humour and wore a glint in his startling blue eyes that so often made the breath hitch in your throat. The gentle flirtations the two of you exchanged, though apparently harmless, had secretly kindled a passion in your chest that had sparked the very first time you saw him. You knew it was impossible for the two of you, there was no way he would ever like you in that way, so you had dismissed the notion moments after it first entered your head. You were too close as friends for that anyway, and you didn’t want to ruin what was quickly becoming the most important friendship in your life.

“Suitably sexy?” you asked, raising your eyebrow suggestively.

“He won’ be able te keeps his hands off ye, Y/N,” Jack said. His tone was far more serious than you had expected, which threw you off a touch. You had expected him to come out with some suggestive quip, but he just looked down and fiddled with his shirt hem.

You buckled a pair of black heels on and grabbed your purse. After some words of encouragement from all your best boys, laced with a couple of threats of, “If he hurts you I swear to god…”, you headed out to meet your date.


Three hours later and you were back in your hotel room sobbing. The date had gone terribly and all you wanted was to take all your makeup off, get in your PJs, curl up with a cup of tea and scroll through dog rescue websites. Or have a cuddle. A cuddle would be good too.

Despite your attempts to be quiet, the guys must have heard you snivelling from the room next door. There was a gentle knock, followed by Fionn’s voice saying, “Y/N, are you okay? Can we come in?”

You quickly pulled your fluffy PJs on and opened the door to see the same crew from before, all looking concerned. You were grateful that you’d managed to wipe your makeup off before then, so you weren’t mascara stained, but you were sure your eyes were suitably red and puffy. You stood aside to let them all in, then threw yourself on the bed with a sigh.

“Didn’t go too well then?” Aneurin ventured softly.

You groaned out a “No” into the sheets, and felt the bed dip as someone came to sit beside you. They started to gently stroke your hair, fingers glancing off the back of your neck. You knew it was Jack; it smelled like him.

“What happened love?” he all but whispered.

You hauled yourself up in to a sitting position, and looked around to see six concerned men, all staring at you with so much affection that it calmed you enough to tell your story.

“It had started out alright. He did show up 20 minutes late, but he was so apologetic, and told me that he’d been caught up at work, so I let it slide. He bought the drinks, and we started chatting. It was going okay, he was making me laugh, until the waiter came over and he suggested I get a salad because he ‘usually likes his women in better shape’.” That garnered sufficient horror from the guys, which made you feel a little better. “So that set a bad tone. Obviously I wasn’t really interested after that, but I was just going to sit the date through, until I saw him eyeing up other women. He literally said the words, ‘Look at the rack on that one’ to me. But that wasn’t even the worst part. The last straw was his wife walking in and starting a screaming match with him. I tried to leave but she pushed me back down in my seat and wouldn’t let me go. I had to just sit there for half an hour while they screamed bloody murder at each other in French and glared at me every so often. It was mortifying.” You finished your tale with a huff and let Jack pull you in for a cuddle.

“I really thought he was a nice guy. I’m such an idiot. How do I manage to pick them so wrong?”

Harry sat down on the other side of you a placed a comforting hand on your knee, saying, “You’re not an idiot, the right guy is waiting for you Y/N, honestly. You deserve so much better than that, but it’ll happen.”

You hadn’t even been looking for anything serious from this date, or so you’d thought. But hearing Harry’s words made you realise how much you really wanted someone. You’d been single for such a long time, but it was more than sex you were after… it was love. You wanted someone to come home to everyday, and call your own.

“You always find the right person as soon as you stop looking”, Fionn chimed in.

“Exactly, and I bet that person is closer than you think”, said Tom.

Unbeknownst to you, the guys were all throwing pointed looks at Jack as they spoke. You had buried your head in his chest and were too wrapped up in your misery to notice. Your sudden romantic epiphany had left you feeling woefully alone. You drew what comfort you could from his warmth.

He placed a soft kiss on your head and said, “You’re incredible Y/N. You’re funny and kind and gentle. Ye always know what te say and ye light up every room ye walk into. Any man would be lucky te have ye”.

You were shocked by his sudden outburst. He was usually so light-hearted, and took the piss out of you mercilessly. You teased him back in good measure, and even then it was usually based on looks. He’d make some joke about you looking sexy with your glasses, with a bare face and bird’s-nest hair. You’d return, in mock confusion, that you didn’t understand how he was always so attractive in character but as soon as he was himself again the magic was lost. You were close, for sure. You’d watch movies together when everyone else had gone out., you’d cuddle, share stories, hopes and dreams. He was your best friend. But all of a sudden, with those simple words, he was so much more. He was sweet and gentle and everything you ever wanted. That instant had changed your feelings towards him forever. You pulled away from the hug slightly, keeping your arms draped around his chest, and looked into his eyes. They were so full of sadness, and something else you couldn’t quite place. The grey-blue seemed to swirl around in his irises like an ocean; undulating waves of grief reaching out with tentative tendrils, longing to touch the shore but being dragged back each time they got close. Was that it? Was it longing you saw in his eyes? Then those waves washed over you, drenching you in an impulsive need to kiss him. You ached with it, and you knew in your soul that you’d never be satisfied until your lips had met his.

Someone coughed in the corner, maybe Barry, before you heard Aneurin mumble something about the time and needing to go to bed as they had a busy day of shooting ahead. You dragged yourself away from Jack and said your ‘goodnight’s, thanking them for looking out for you. Jack was the last to leave, lingering in the doorway after the others were heading back to their own rooms.

“I meant what I said, Y/N. You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever met, in every way.” His hand lifted to your face, and he brushed your cheek, oh so gently. The ghost of his touch left you trembling and you sighed into his body, desperate to close the space between you.

He lent his forehead against yours and muttered, “Ye deserve better. Ye deserve someone who appreciates ye fer the woman ye are, who will love ye unconditionally, and show ye every second of everyday how special ye are.”

You lifted your eyes to meet his and said, “Someone like you?”

For a moment, all you could read in his face was astonishment, and panic smacked you in the face. Had you misread him? Had he just been trying to comfort you? Had you ruined your friendship, would it be awkward now? But in a second all your fears were washed away and bliss overcame you. He smiled, those dimples you loved emerging to emphasise his joy.

When his lips met yours it was all you could do to not fall at his feet. They carried so much tenderness and desire, which soon turned into hunger when you kissed him back. He gripped your waist as your tongues danced, and you threw your arms around his neck. The kiss felt endless, but you parted far too soon. He pulled away, leaving you breathless, and you clung to him to steady yourself. A ragged gasp satisfied your need for oxygen, but couldn’t quench your yearning for him.

“Ye have no idea how long I’ve been wantin’ to do tha’,” he chuckled, but you caught the slight tremble in his voice.

You smiled and said with a smirk, “Well, you best not wait that long to do it again.”


ok so i’m probably a terrible writer but i’ve decided not to just post unanswered asks to @lordzuuko so i’ve decided to write a short headcanon for @lordzuuko ’s (amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)pjo au???

Hear me out. Shiro. With glasses.

•not the small, rectangular glasses or just reading glasses, but the big, kinda thick glasses that people with really bad vision need.
•normally he wakes up super early to put his contact lenses in so nobody suspects he needs glasses (maybe he has a bad experience with how he can't see??)
•as a child, him and his mom were walking home and this couple were arguing across the street. his mother but inn to stop them but the man hit her. shiro went in to defend his mom but got smacked so hard his vision got permanently blurry.
•also, he looks like a nerd with them on.
•horn rimmed, thick lensed glasses that make your eves look big with a black border.
•one day, will for training everyone had to take off their contacts and/or jewelry and shiro got nervous
•but he took off his contacts anyway and put his glasses on
•everyone was shook
•keith especially
•right after training keith squished and pinched his cheeks, cooing at him and telling him how cute he looks.
•"yeah..yeah right."
•"shut up, you're adorable! why didn't you tell me you wore glasses...? after all this time..?"
•"ah...i-it's a long story...i-i'll tell you later."
•keith also finds it adorable when shiro fixes his glasses
•especially the classic "pushing the glasses up the bridge of the nose" move
•that's priceless
•the contacts that shiro uses aren't nearly as good as his glasses so he can see much better with the glasses
•he normally wears them inside the cabin or during training
•and whenever he puts them on he looks 10x softer and precious tbh

i don’t have the writing skills to make this into a oneshot so i thought i’d just dump this here ok gotta blast!

anime-trash-me-up  asked:

Can I please make a request (if its not already been done) for the RFA+V reaction to finding out MC wears glasses and cant see well without them at all? (from a lil muffin who wears glasses :3)

I freaking love this. I headcanon one of my MCs is in a similar situation lol. Although I don’t know the pain of wearing glasses, I’ll try. 


  • in the years you had your contact lenses, you always hated them 
  • so one day you decide to don your backup pair of glasses
  • you come home from grocery shopping
  • Yoosung is too busy playing LOLOL to notice you
  • later when he comes by the kitchen for a quick snack
  • you’re busy organizing the cabinets
  • he does a double take
  • “Hon’? When did you get glasses?”
  • he’s all in your business
    • omg Yoosung personal space yo
  • “I’ve always had them, I just wore contact lenses.”
  • “There was something always missing from your pretty face!”
  • one time you smeared the lens, took it off, dropped your glasses and you spent fifteen minutes on the floor trying to find it
  • when he came home he tripped over you
  • after that incident, he always makes sure you take good care of your glasses 
  • keeps your kit in the bathroom and a spare by the desk
  • leaves cute notes (with very large print) if he’s not home to remind you to put on your glasses
    • >-> i STILL CAN’T READ IT
    • he let’s you pick out his glasses because 
    • cute glasses couple
    • but when both of you lose your glasses, you have to depend on his good eye to navigate the two of you ^^;;


  • you were putting your contacts in the morning when your butterfingers dropped one down the drain
    • (; 〇□〇)!
  • and you were definitely not going to walk around with just one clear eye
  • you remember Jaehee keeps her glasses in the nightstand when she’s at home
  • carefully traverses from the bathroom to the bedroom
    • bumps elbow on the doorknob
    • ヘ(。□°)ヘ 
    • curses under breath
  • when you finally reach the nightstand you put on her glasses
  • hearing you yell, Jaehee checks on you
  • when you turn around she notices you’re sporting her glasses and she’s taken aback 
  • “Why are you wearing my glasses?”
  • “I dropped my contacts, and I now regret my decision of getting rid of my glasses.”
  • she giggles and kisses your nose
    • ー(°◇°〃)
  • “Try and get ready so we can pick out a new pair for you”


  • you wear your glasses every time you’re at home
  • of course, he notices it, he’s OBSESSED WITH IT
  • “MC, wear it to bed”
    • “wHHYY???”
    • “i want to SLEEP zen”
  • but he doesn’t know how bad your vision is
    • always thought they were non-prescription
  • one day you two are sitting on the couch watching TV
  • for fun, he decides to try on your glasses
    • holy shit you’re freaking blind!
    • strains his eyes and gets an immediate headache
  • “Oh!”
  • you can see his eyes cross for a minute omg
  • after explaining to him that yeah those are my real glasses you dope
  • “MC, wear it to bed”
  • “WHY?”
  • “How else are you supposed to admire the view?” 
    • ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) ~ ❤
  • “Haha nice try, I’ll see you clearly in my dreams. Goodnight.”
  • (╬ Ò ‸ Ó) !


  • you were planning on taking it easy and study all day (as contradictory as it sounds lol)
  • but you lost your contacts
    • you could have sworn you left them on the nightstand
    • maybe Elizabeth 3rd got to them >->
  • regardless, you don your old pair of glasses and buckle down with your studying
  • hours later you go to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of tea
  • Jumin comes home around the same time 
  • you greet him and he’s just like ???
  • but at the same time, he’s like ♡ ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄-⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄
  • “Why are you wearing glasses? Is it a new trend?”
    • ??? 
    • why else would I wear glasses you donut
  • “No, I just lost my contacts so I’m wearing them. I can’t really see without them”
  • ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄-⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄
  • he takes your glasses off
  • “look at me”
  • everything is extremely blurry so you squint to find his eyes
  • with that he puts them back on you
  • “I will have you pick out ten pairs you like”
  • (⊙ロ⊙) ;; nO! 
  • you tell him your old pair is fine and you just needed no contacts
  • you two compromise: you get new contacts and he picks out ONE pair of glasses for you


  • one of the many things that he forgot during his background check on you
  • and since you were living with Seven your contacts were uncomfortable
    • it had to be the dust in the air or something :/
  • so you made the switch to your glasses
  • one morning he’s going through his morning ritual
  • when he reaches to grab his glasses
  • he sees that they are PLAIN
    • the Great 707 wears no ordinary spectacles!
  • ???
  • puts them on anyways and immediately knows it’s not his 
  • he figures it has to be yours so he decides to have some fun with you
  • he leaves his glasses out for you to try on
  • and when you can’t find yours you put on Seven’s
    • not like you can see with them anyways ;;
  • you go ask if he’s seen them around
  • when he swivels in his chair, he immediately gets nauseous
    • immediate regret
  • he takes your glasses off and runs over to the trash can to retch
    • he was REALLY committed to this
    • the doof (*゚ー゚)ゞ
  • “Why would you wear them if they’re not yours!?”
  • “the…GREAT 707…always–” stops to retch, “–never chokes…on a prank”
  • ._. alright jellybean


  • one of your eye contacts popped out while you were in the bus
    • no freaking way you were going to pick it back up
  • luckily you’re always prepared and after taking out your other contact you put on your spare glasses
  • you were planning on making a surprise visit to V at his gallery
  • you find V watching one of the curators adjust one of his photos on the wall
  • sneaks up behind him
  • “Keep your eyes closed!”
  • hearing your voice he smiles and obeys
  • you get in front of him to kiss him
  • he feels your glasses squish his face
    • ???
  • “Are you wearing sunglasses?”
  • you tell him about the incident on the bus
  • he has you take off your glasses to see his photos
    • “What do you see?”
    • “Uh…lots of green and uh…yellow blobs.”
The Party - Part Four

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

Summary: You get nervous before your date with Jared, and Jensen tries to reassure you

Words: 1,114 (1,157 with texts)

Jared x Reader

Warnings: None

Your name: submit What is this?

The next day seemed to drag, but you always thought that the 27th did. Christmas was officially over, but it was too early to start thinking about New Year’s Eve, so you were just stuck in this sort of limbo.

You got a text from Jared in the morning, but since then you hadn’t heard from him.

Jensen came to sit down next to you when you were sat on the couch that afternoon, and you turned to face him.

“How are you, kiddo?” he asked, and you rolled your eyes.

“Not a kid,” you mumbled, “I’m over thirty.”

He laughed, “Barely. And there’s nothing wrong with that. What’s up?”


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miyuki kazuya and his stupid contacts lenses

this started out as a temporary title but i feel like strangely keeping it 

so i’m a contact lens user, been for around 1-2 years. i wear them every single fricking day and literally the only time i wear my glasses is at home or if i’m meeting close friends who have already seen me with glasses. i get really bad headaches if i wear glasses for too long (i think it’s the weight on my nose), so i’m heavily reliant on contacts. also, during sports or exercise, i basically am forced to wear contacts because my glasses have broken a shit ton of times because of it. imagine basketballs, volleyballs, softballs flying in your face plus if i do dance it’s just annoying to have on. nightmare for my face + my wallet.

this means i wear them for at least 8-10 hours a day, sometimes even longer, no joke.  sometimes they can get pretty annoying (although i still love them and will never be able to live without them tbh). so it got me thinking about well specifically miyuki with his contacts (also was inspired by some tumblr post talking about it i can’t remember) and well what awful situations he might have. 

these might or might not have actually happened to me (it has who am i kidding)

  • imagine his first time inserting the lenses, like the awkwardness of how you just want to blink but you can’t, the feeling of not being able to fit that in the eye, the multiple times he has to attempt to insert that shit in, his eye turning redder and redder until eventually he give up.
  • imagine him rushing to fit the lens in his eye and then accidentally getting a eyelash stuck in it whilst ramming it in. cue intense burning and pain. 
  • imagine getting dirt in his eye during a match (fuck i can imagine it already) and having to smile through all of that pain because why do things like this happen to us
  • imagine his contact lens turning inside out during practice and him being unable to focus because FUCK WHY DO YOU DO THIS LENS
  • imagine the contact lens falling out of his eyeball during a match and he has to deal with slight discomfort + really weird peripheral vision. also, he gets a headache just by how much stress is put on his one, remaining, working eyeball that can see
  • imagine him after a match and accidentally falling asleep with those lenses on (rip) and then waking up with THESE DRY ASS LENS STUCK ON HIS EYEBALL
  • imagine the lens tearing in his eyeball whilst something is talking to him about some team strategy but all he can think about is the two pieces of lens which is swirling around in his eye and how the fuck he’s going to take them out later
  • imagine him opening a fresh batch of lenses and dropping them on the floor with all of the solution, then realising that he forgot to bring saline out, which makes him have to ask every. single. person. in. the. team, if they have solution (wait what solution? eijun-kun you know the contact lens solution? wait, don’t you use water?)
  • imagine him inserting the lens inside out by accident yet having to deal with it through the entire match. the team gets all concerned and asks why he’s awkwardly clutching and tearing from the same one eye. some of them start to form weird perceptions on him as a captain (you can predict we’ll lose?)
  • imagine him reading on the news some terrible story on how some girl’s eye got eaten by bacteria because she wore her contacts too long. cue the horror. his teammates find out also (because why the fuck not) and enjoy sending this shit to him just to piss him off. they secretly know it scares him as well just as much as it scares them.
  • imagine him taking off his contact lenses after a match and then forgetting where he left his glasses. he spends a good amount of time finding them but to no avail (kuramochi probably took them as a prank anyways)
  • lastly, imagine the gratification that he gets after a good game, as he slowly takes out his contact lenses, placing them in the case with solution, and going into the bath. 

also i know he wears contacts with the visors to protect them from debris, but just to share my own personal story. during my practical examination for chemistry, i was wearing the lab goggles (you know the shit they say is supposed to ‘protect your eyes’) and with my contacts on. guess what, a piece of dust from idk where the fuck just slipped behind the goggles and WENT INTO MY EYEBALL with my contacts on. i was a mess.

these situations are just fucking canon at this point if it’s proven he wears contacts because seriously this is so real.


For the whole Flatmates AU gang – I blame all ya’ll, especially this gif set [x].  The below is a follow-up to this [x] prior fic.  Please be kind, I wrote this in a single sitting.

Henry seemed just as confused about the brief moment of affection as she was.  But after a few days of awkwardly avoiding one another they had tacitly agreed to write it off as a fluke.  She had wrongly assumed that this newly found understanding would have ended their constantly bickering.  But it seemed that the occasion had only kicked off a deeping of that facet of their relationship.

She was doing her best to set it all right, Lizzie told herself as she knocked at his bedroom door that evening, a textbook tucked under one arm and a calculator in her hand.

“Yeah?”  Came the muffled voice from within.

Pushing open the door, Lizzie was surprised by how dark he kept his bedroom.  Henry was seated at his desk, stacked tall with untidy piles of books and papers under the glow from a lamp.  He was typing away on one of those calculators with the tape of paper that kept track of the calculations and sums.  “What’s up?”  He didn’t even look up.

“I was, uh, having some trouble with my accounting homework.”  She said, about to seat herself on the foot of his bed.

With his back to her, she could see he had paused in his summations.  “No big surprise there.”  He laughed.

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#32 Insecurities *requested*

“If you don’t want to write smut then could I request something? Maybe where 4/4 help you through your insecurities? Sorry not the best at spelling.”

You wore glasses. You hated them. You wore contact lenses every day to make sure people would never have to know you wore glasses. You thought they made you look geeky and they were too big. Ashton had invited you to stay at his house for a few nights so while packing you grabbed a box of contact lenses. You didn’t realise they were empty. The following morning you went to put some in until you realised you didn’t actually have any.
“Oh no, oh no, oh no.” you said thinking it was a whisper.
“What’s wrong Y/N,” Ashton said through the bathroom door.
“Nothing,” you replied. You were slightly freaking out. Without your glasses you couldn’t see anything. You wouldn’t be able to spend any time with Ashton. Sighing you reached into your bag. Even though you hated them you carried your glasses everywhere for situations like this. You left the bathroom and bumped into Ashton,
“You wear glasses,” he noted.
“Don’t look at me!” you said covering your face. He took your wrists down and looked at your face
“You look adorable!” he shouted playfully, “really adorable.”
“You don’t have to be nice to me.” You mumbled. Ashton walked away before coming back with his own glasses on.
“Let’s take a glasses selfie!” he suggested, “So my fans can see how adorable you look too.” You were slightly hesitant but eventually got in position for the selfie. Looking at the picture you did think it was cute. Smiling you decided to make it the lock screen of your phone.

You looked in the mirror. You weren’t happy with what you saw. You felt as if your nose was massive. You had saved up since you found out that nose jobs existed so you could get one. You hated your nose. Whenever you took selfies you deleted them almost instantly because you felt as if your nose was taking up the whole picture. Luke walked past the bathroom having a quick look in as you left the door open and he was curious to what you were doing. When he saw you poking your nose (in an un-gross way) He was confused,
“What are you doing?” you jumped at his voice. You hadn’t realised you left the door open. Sighing you felt like you should tell him.
“I’m getting a nose job,”
“Are you joking?” he laughed, stopping when he realised you weren’t. “You can’t be serious? Your nose is fine!”
“No it’s not! It’s all big and gross!”
“It’s cute. I have fallen in love with your nose. Any other nose would be odd.”
“Luke don’t do this. I want a nose job. I hate my nose.”
“Getting a nose job won’t change any future children’s nose. They may get your old nose and people may think you cheated on me.” You couldn’t help but laugh at his logic.
“I really hope our children don’t get my nose. They should get yours. Now yours is adorable.” He walked closer and ‘booped’ your nose making you laugh more.
“Please don’t get a nose job.” He pleaded. You looked into his puppy eyes and sighed,
“Ok. I won’t. But I have full right to change my mind in the future.

In the fam you were seen as a kill joy. You never laughed a long with the guys or ever joined in when they were being silly. They thought you were a real stuck up girl. But it wasn’t true. You actually quite frequently joined in with the guys while they were doing strange things. It was just you didn’t want to laugh in front of the fam. The reason being you snorted when you laughed. At school you were teased for being a ‘little piggy’ and you tried your best not to laugh in front of anyone again. You did laugh in front of Calum as you trusted him. But you weren’t sure you wanted the public to know you laughed like that just yet.
“Hey Y/N,” Calum said getting your attention. They were currently doing a twit cam and he wanted you to come over, you shook your head. He was aware of your feelings towards your laugh. You had previously spoken about you opening up the the fam but you had felt as if you weren’t ready. Calum sighed and looked into the camera.
“You guys. Y/N has a problem, well she sees it as a problem, I think it is adorable. She snorts when she laughs and I hope you won’t judge her for it. She has kept it a secret for so long I think it’s time you know the real her.” At first you were shocked and angry that he had done that but you eventually leant into the fact people knew. After about 15 minutes you went over and sat on Calum’s knee getting more and more involved in the twit cam and later on that night, #weloveyourlaughY/N was trending on twitter.

You were slightly overweight. But you felt like an elephant. Every day you got more and more invested in ways to hide how heavy you felt. But Michael caught on when he suggested you sat on his lap. You quietly refused. He laughed and patted his knees. You shook your head. He grabbed you by the arm and pulled you down and wrapped his arms around your waist. You tried to relax but you couldn’t. You quickly stood up and ran from the room upset. Michael quickly followed.
“Are you ok Y/N?” he asked concerned.
“I’m fine. Did I hurt you?”
“Hurt me? No, when would you have hurt me?”
“When I sat on you.”
“I’m confused. How would sitting on me hurt me?”
“Because I’m so heavy. I’m so fat… I…” you began to cry.
“Hey,” he said quickly closing the distance between you and wrapping his arms around you. He began to rock you slightly, “You aren’t fat. Who said that?”
“No one, that is just how I feel.”  He stroked your hair.
“You didn’t hurt me and you aren’t fat. Even if you were I would still love you. I love you. Do you understand. I would love you even if you woke up with blue skin.” You nodded. He ran his finger across your cheeks to get rid of your tears.
“I love you too,” you replied. You knew you had more chance of feeling good in your body now that you had Michael to help and encourage you. On your own it would have been a slow process. Now you had help it could go faster



Notes: Dex has hella siblings, Aubrey is two years older than him and Jenna is three years younger. Also Dex’s family calls him Liam, but I kept his name Will in the narrative. Shout out to everyone who had extremely ugly glasses as a kid.

      He couldn’t breathe. He absolutely can’t see and he can’t breathe. His last pair of prescription contacts, which were supposed to last him two more weeks had ripped. He had scoured the bathroom for an extra pair, even tried to make do with the ripped lens, but the contact immediately fell out of his eye. He clutched his chest and took several deep breaths before pulling the bulky glasses case out from the shoe box hidden in the back corner of his closet. He steadied his hands before pulling the large frames onto to his face.

 “Yo Poindexter!” Will sank into himself, turning the corner and racing down the hall towards the closest classroom. Behind him James Corrs and Chad McGowan were dodging other students in an effort to reach him, and Will felt a rush of panic shoot down his spine as he realizes he had ran directly into Dennis Stevens. He had no idea why, but a large group of the student body, especially a group of certain eighth graders had found it hilarious when Will was forced to get glasses. For a few weeks he had refused to wear them during the school day, but one too many teachers had called home complaining that Will wasn’t getting anything done in class because he spent the entire period squinting at the board. His mother had threatened to take away his season tickets to the hockey rink if he refused to wear the glasses, and for some ridiculous reason he had convinced himself that he couldn’t tell his mother about the threats, so he complied. When he asked his older brother to take him to get contacts he had scoffed, “Twelve year olds can’t get contacts, Liam.” So there he stood, his back against a row of lockers as the crowd taunted him chanting “Four-eyed Poindexter” and Chad pounded Will’s stomach with his fists. They had only stopped when the second period bell rang, but James had turned back at the last second to punch him directly in the nose. When Aubrey was called into the nurse’s office to calm him down, he lied and told her he had slipped and broken his nose. And even though Aubrey stuck by side as often as she could from then on, Will still had to hide black eyes and bruises from his family until his fifteenth birthday. His mother had found it “incredibly strange that you want to spend your birthday at the optometrists, Liam, really we can go tomorrow.” But he had insisted, and it was the best birthday present he had ever gotten.

     He ducks his head, trying to keep his breathing shallow and even as he shuffled into the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee. But of course everyone is there, stuffed in tight around the dining table and leaning against the counters as Bitty flipped pancakes at the stove. He keeps his head down, but Bitty notices him immediately and chirps, “Morning, Mr. Poindexeter.” But when he actually looks at Dex, he does a double take, “I didn’t know you wore glasses!” And then everyone is staring at him, at the gigantic, thick lensed glasses. His entire body burns, he can feel the blood flooding his cheeks but the room is silent so he gives a forced chuckle, “I wear contacts but my prescription ran out.” But as he turns toward the table everyone is still staring at him in wonder, except Nursey who is wearing a mischievous grin. He knows what is coming, as a spark of humiliation and rage flutters in the pit of his stomach, Nursey huffs out a small laugh. “You pick out those frames yourself? You look like true 1960’s Poindexter, all you’re missing are the suspenders and pocket protector.” It was a weak chirp, and honestly, he’d heard it a thousand times before but hearing it from his friends, especially Nursey, who was gorgeous and flawless with perfect vision, it just stung. Immediately he felt dizzy with embarrassment and he had to bite his lip to stop himself from crying. Without thinking he ripped the glasses off of his face let them hit the ground before stepping on the lens. The second he heard them crunch, he bolted up the staircase, only faintly hearing the, “Not cool, Nursey.” Followed by an, “I didn’t know, I- had no idea-“

    He found himself on the roof, clutching his knees to his chest as he waited for Jenna to answer her cell, and when he got her voicemail, he explained that he would give her anything she wanted if she drove to the optometrist’s office and convinced them to express mail him his next prescription. He was adding the twentieth please to the end of the message when he heard the window behind him. He didn’t bother to turn around because he probably wouldn’t be able to tell who they were until they got to his side. He was typing a message to Jenna, holding the screen about an inch from his face, when a body settled next to him.

“I’m so fucking sorry, Dex.” Nursey tried to rest a hand on his shoulder, the way that makes his stomach flutter, but Dex moves flinches away violently. He hears a desperate whine from Nursey, and when he looks to his side, Nursey has a one hand fisted in his curls, with the other clutching what Dex assumes are the glasses. He sucks in a deep breath before whispering, “They look really cute on you.”

  “Excuse me?!” For someone who preached peace and acceptance, Nursey was being incredibly cruel. Dex could feel his hands start to shake uncontrollably as he reached out to snatch the glasses, but Nursey caught his wrist and pulled him in close.  He could feel Nursey’s breath on his face and see the specs of gold in his eyes.

“I only said what I said because I was trying to cover up the fact that I am so incredibly turned on by the image of you in glasses.” Dex is ready to punch Nursey for being such douchebag but Nursey is slipping the glasses onto his face (the frames had cracked in several places, but lenses had escaped unscathed) and leaned in to press a hot kiss against his mouth.

    Just as Nursey slipped his tongue into his mouth, he pulled back and searched his face, their foreheads pressed together. Nursey had eyes shut and he’s laughing breathlessly, and he reaches a hand up to cup the back of his neck and the other moves to his waist. “If you’re fucking with me I’m gonna push you off this roof.” Nursey shook his head before ducking in again, kissing him gently before whispering, “What do I have to do to get you to wear these in bed?” And Dex actually shoves his shoulder hard.

Downstairs Lardo comes back in the front door announcing, “They’re all good.” To everyone’s relief.

red; jikook

genre: sMUT! don’t read if you’re not comfortable with that!

words: 9K (i know, I basically wrote a novel)

summary: despite being the boring, stiff worker for a trendy and large company, you're asked to join the celebration of a co-worker with your other co-workers, totally unaware of what the night had in store for you.

members: jungkook & jimin from bts

!!WARNING!! this smut contains some BDSM themes, as well as breathplay and thigh riding. (I told ya’ll this was gonna be intense) if you’re not comfortable with that, once again please don’t continue to read further onwards.

Originally posted by sugutie

A/N: so, after this jikook dance, I immediately thought of the idea of this scenario. smut isn’t exactly something i tend to write (i think i've only written this like, three times in my entire life) so, i apologise if this sucks butt. i tried though! please send in feedback, so I can either plan other smut scenarios or just not write them at all, lol. i hope you’re all having a wonderful day and I hope you enjoy this scenario! happy reading! x

yours truly, admin tina.

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For @ariannenymerosmartell  Happy birthday Ari!

“Of course you can bring a friend home for the holidays,” Catelyn said, with the sort of tone that inhaled as she spoke. “Why on earth wouldn’t you be allowed?  Robb’s bringing Theon again, after all.”

“Thanks, Catelyn,” Jon said.  He still felt strange calling her that.  He did his best not to.  But his therapist said he should make space for himself, and calling her by her name was a way to do that.  He wasn’t a little boy any longer.  He could do this.  “It means a lot.  She’s not got anywhere to go, and it would suck to spend the holidays alone.”

He heard silence on the other end of the line.  “She?” Catelyn asked.  

Jon took a deep breath.  “Yes.  Dany.  She’s in my Military History since 1500 class.”  She was the only girl in it, and had spent most of the time glaring at the other male students when they talked down to her and then outflanking them during discussion sections leaving them all on their asses trying to gather their thoughts.  She reminded him of Arya.

“Dany,” Catelyn said slowly.  “Well…”  Jon prepared himself.  He’d been so relieved she’d said yes and now… “Well, she’ll have to sleep in Sansa’s room.  Or Arya’s.”

Jon heard in the background Arya’s energetic statement, “She can stay in my room,” and he sighed to himself and leaned against the door of the tiny bedroom he shared with Sam.  

“She’ll stay with Arya,” Catelyn said, and Jon heard himself thanking her again.

“I want to talk to him,” he heard Arya say and then the sound of the phone shuffling, and Arya asking, point-blank, “So.  Who’s your girlfriend, then?”

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What if Vlad wore contact lenses?

Like, what if he had really bad eyesight in highschool and wore glasses, but Jack convinced him to try contacts and he’s been hooked ever since bc he hates how glasses make him look.

but one day he looses his contacts and he’s forced to wear a pair of really ugly backup glasses.

Chaos ensues when Danny discovers this little fact.

Kara Should Wear a Two-Piece

This is a continuation of @autumnknight17 ‘s swim instructor!Kara fic which is fabulous and can be found HERE. 

I just really like Cat ogling Kara, what can I say?

Cat Grant had seen many fine biceps in her time as Queen of All Media (not least of which were Idris Elba’s). She’d even consider herself, as with many other things, an expert on bicep quality.

Kara Danvers had the most beautiful biceps Cat had ever seen. Not the largest, of course, but by far the most beautiful.

Carter had swimming lessons with the girl again and Cat didn’t need to go and it’s not like she wanted to go, but she was worried about Carter. She’d delayed his swimming lessons because he didn’t like to swim. What if he gave Kara trouble? What if Kara pressured him into swimming when he didn’t want to?

So it was perfectly reasonable for Cat to rent out the pool for two hours every Monday and Thursday evening to watch her son swim. She brought work too, it wasn’t like she was wasting time.

Besides, while Carter practiced his strokes Kara would ask Cat questions about journalism (no, giving her an autograph had not overly-inflated Cat’s ego). Cat couldn’t just leave this poor girl to go it alone like Cat had. And when Kara walked back over to the pool side it was perfectly reasonable to watch her go. The girl could slip.

Perhaps Cat’s eyes strayed a little to Kara’s skin tight shorts and everything hugging one-piece. Also, why did Kara wear a one piece? Cat could swim in a two-piece, certainly this swim instructor could.

“Good evening Ms. Grant! Hey Carter! Sorry, I’m late, there was an accident.” Kara was never late. It was Cat’s fourteenth favorite thing about her.

However, the cardigan Kara was wearing was definitely not going to make Cat’s list. How could Kara justify covering her arms in such a hideous outfit? In fact the only skin Cat could see was at Kara’s ankles, wrists, and face. What year was it? Had this girl time traveled?

“Kara! Are you okay? What was the accident?” Carter, the dear boy, had completely come out of his shell at Kara’s gentle teaching style. Of course he would worry about her.

“Oh I wasn’t in it!” Kara lifted her hands in comfort and smiled, “And there were only a few bruises, nobody got too hurt.” Kara blinked. “A-At least, that’s what I heard anyway. I didn’t see it of course.” Kara readjusted the glasses perched on her nose. It’d be adorable if Cat found anything adorable.

Besides Carter obviously. Cater was adorable and smart and talented and witty and charming and Kara wore glasses?

Cat watched Kara as she chatted with Carter and opened the pool door. She was, indeed, wearing glasses. Kara had a bag though, Cat shrugged, hopefully her contact lenses weren’t too uncomfortable in the pool.

“Are you coming Ms. Grant?” Kara looked at her expectantly. Those glasses framed her face quite nicely.

“Mhh, just contemplating who I’m firing today.” Cat didn’t walk with extra sway in her hips. She always walked with this much sway in her hips. She did however notice that Kara’s eyes blinked down to her hips.

Even glasses couldn’t hide that look.


Kara excused herself to change and Carter did the same.

“Hey mom! Watch this!” Cat sat down and booted up her laptop, a smile quirking over her lips at Carter’s call.

She looked up just in time to watch her son leap into the deep end. He was so proud of himself, he really had gotten much better at swimming over the last few weeks. Maybe Cat should pay Kara more?

Carter hadn’t come up yet.

“Carter?” Cat stood from her chair and walked toward the pool. Carter wasn’t coming up. “Carter!”

Cat made it two more steps before she felt air whip past her and heard a body hit the water. Not even three seconds later Kara was at the surface heaving both herself and Carter up over the edge of the pool and onto the pool deck. Kara had him flipped onto his side and pressing on his sternum before Cat could even kneel beside them.

The coughing that came from her son was one of the sweetest sounds Cat would ever be graced with. It also made her acutely aware of her own heartbeat.

“Carter, are you alright? You will never do that again! You won’t even look at water again!” Carter was breathing hard, but he was breathing, and he smiled up at Cat.

“Mom, mom, I’m okay.” He coughed again, “but I won’t do that again!”

Cat frowned and pulled him into a hug. Her brilliant boy could be such a fool.  

Kara leaned back on her knees and breathed a sigh of relief. Cat looked up in time to see Kara smiling at them. Kara hadn’t finished changing.

The water that had soaked her hair, still down, she hadn’t got it pushed back into her usual pony-tail yet, was cascading down her chest. And pooling in her bra. And then continuing down to her jeans. Her abs.

Cat blinked. Kara should really wear two-pieces. Cat could still feel her pulse but it wasn’t in her chest anymore.

“Go dry off Carter, I think that’s enough swimming for today.” Cat rubbed his back while her grumbled but he shook a little getting up. He didn’t walk very close to the pool either. Cat frowned.

“ Sorry Ms. Grant, if I hadn’t been late, that wouldn’t have happened.” Kara reached up to adjust the glasses that weren’t on her face.

Ah, so that’s what that movement was for. Cat shook her head, “No, it’s not your fault, I should have forbidden him from swimming until you were by the poolside.” Cat glanced down again at Kara’s bra and frowned. “How did you get out here so fast? I was already walking toward the pool when I shouted for him. It looks like you were mid-changing. How did you even hear me?”

Kara looked down as well and the blush that raged over her face was priceless. “Oh, goodness, sorry Ms. Grant, I’ll go change!” She stood faster than Cat could reach out to her and charged back into the locker room.

Well, her curiosity hadn’t killed her yet. Cat stood and followed Kara.

Kara’s hair was wrapped in a towel and she was fumbling with her glasses when Cat caught up with her. “How bad is your eye sight anyway? You couldn’t have put on contact lenses that fast.”

Cat narrowed her eyes as Kara fumbled about. Something just wasn’t adding up here. A ping sounded on Cat’s phone but she didn’t look away from Kara.

“I uh, I didn’t need them to get to the pool Ms. Grant. Uh, they’re mostly for distance reading.” The only dry part of Kara was the cardigan she was holding to her chest. The action only made her biceps stand out more.

No, Cat would not be distracted. “And what? You’re an Olympic class sprinter and weight lifter? You pulled Carter out of the pool over your shoulder.”

Kara wasn’t looking at Cat. She was looking at anything that wasn’t Cat. “I-I, well, I work out,” Cat scoffed. “A-and I do run. It’s not that amazing. I-it’s not amazing at all! I have a cousin who swam and he could pull grown men out of the pool! In fact lots of people-”


Cat turned but not before watching Kara all but sag with relief. “One moment Carter, I’m just talking with Kara.” Kara straightened when Cat turned back to her.

Cat sighed, maybe she was over thinking all of this. Kara had just saved her son after all. “Thank you for saving Carter. I do appreciate that.”

Kara smiled, “Of course Ms. Grant. He’s an amazing kid.”

Cat nodded and looked at Kara’s now drenched cardigan. “Do you have other clothes to change into? Or would you like my driver to drop you at home?”

Kara blushed, “Oh, uh, actually that’d be nice. I didn’t bring a change of clothes. Didn’t think I’d be jumping into the pool with-”

The babbling had only recently made it onto Cat’s list. It was number twenty-eight. “Yes, yes, you can use my jacket to cover up with until we get to the car too.”

The cough that Cat heard before she walked out stopped her. She turned and Kara was very distinctly still not looking at her. “You, uh, you may want to use the jacket Ms. Grant.”

Cat looked down. Ah, she’d worn white. Carter’s hair was wet. She looked back up at Kara. “Mhh, most people would pay good money to see this.”

She chuckled at Kara’s wide eyes and turned to head out to the pool. Maybe she should invite Kara over for lunch and a swim in the ocean? Purely to thank her for saving Carter of course.

Cat didn’t cover up with her coat. Even when she was sitting in the back seat of her car right next to Kara. Carter’s ramblings to the driver in the front seat would usually interest her much more. But Kara’s still bare shoulders were quite distracting.

Not as distracting as the charming blush the younger woman wore while she determinedly stared out the car window though.

I’ll put this on AO3 at some point. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! I see you’re taking Jikook prompts.. Can you write me soemthing about jimin being embarrassed about his glasses (the ones he wore pre debut, not the square ones) because he used to get made fun of for them in school, but now Jungkook finds them really sexy? Smut if you’re comfortable with it xx

(I’m assuming you mean these?)

Title: You Should Wear Them More Often
Pairing: jikook (Jimin/Jungkook)
Word Count: 973
Rating: NC-17 (ish)
Warnings/Notes: Mild Sexual Content, Glasses Kink (if that’s a thing?).
Jungkook’s never admitted it, but he’s definitely got a thing for glasses. And no, he doesn’t mean the circular framed props they give them in photo shoots, or the thickly rimmed ones Taehyung or Seokjin have taken a liking to wearing; he’s talking about the slim, prescribed black spectacles that rest upon the bridge of Park Jimin’s nose, curling over his ear and beneath the dark tuffs of hair.

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The Pizza Boy - One shot Phan.

Summery: Phil’s parents have gone away on holiday leaving Phil home alone, Seeing as he couldn’t be bothered to actually make food ordering a pizza seemed like a great idea. He didnt think he would end up meeting an important person at the same time. 

Word count: 3100+ 

Tags: Phan, Getting together, Friends-lovers, Fluff, Cute, Kisses. 

Warnings: None, unless cute fluffy kisses (and neck biting) triggers you. 

Phil sat in his house; his parents had gone on holiday and had left him here so he could finish some of his studies. He didn’t really mind staying home and missing the family holiday, but he would have loved to have not been left there alone. His house was pretty big, and that in turn actually scared him, it may have only been two floors high, but it was split into two different sections like two different wings of a house. The other downside of living on his own was that he had no motivation to cook and he was really hungry.

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