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Sleep paralysis is a terrifying experience. Your entire body just freezes and you can’t move a muscle. You’re awake but not really awake. You start to see things that aren’t there. You think you might be dying and you start to panic, urging yourself to move, to do twitch a finger but nothing happens for quite sometime. 

I used to suffer from sleep paralysis. It would happen to me during afternoon naps and I’d be lying there on my bed, trying to wake myself up but I can’t and I keep hearing things and seeing things. It was horrifying and I didn’t dare to nap so much afterwards because I didn’t know when it’d strike me and I didn’t want to experience it again. It happened once at night when I was sleeping and that was the worst. I felt like someone was breathing heavily in my room and holding me down, my mind was just conjuring all sorts of scary thoughts.

I rarely have sleep paralysis now. It’s no longer happens so often like years ago, though I did had one last year. What I’m saying is that it’s a really, really frightening thing when it happens and it’s nothing to laugh about or even funny. 

Baekhyun has it but we don’t know how often he has it and if he still has it but it’s a scary thing to go through. So before you all think with omg he’s having sex with chanyeol 111!, have some sense and decency first.


I follow an extremely low amount of blogs and my dash needs a bit more. I wouldn’t mind some more mutuals, but it’s not necessary to follow me if I follow you. Mutuals, I’d love if you could signal boost this

What I’m looking for:

  • Clean themes
  • Tagging systems
  • Friendly users
  • Uses read more on fics or reblogs ones that do
  • No roleplay
  • Limited or no ships/Tagged ships
  • Limited or no smut (not required)
  • No Peter Parker smut
  • Little to no discourse (I know it can’t be helped sometimes though)

Who reblog or post:

  • Quality content
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  • 98.9% Marvel
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  • Tom Holland/Peter Parker
  • Sebastian Stan/Bucky Barnes
  • GOTG
  • X-Men
  • Avengers
  • Defenders

Of course, you don’t have to have all of this, just the bolded stuff is what’s important. Just reblog this post and I’ll be sure to check you out!

Anti Logic:


3 minutes later…

~~**\(^^)/**~~.  **SPRINKLES GLITTER**”


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For the record, “When I telephone, almost twice a week” is where I burst out laughing.

(with thanks to cowper_anne over on Twitter for this one!)

A concept: Star Wars except it’s Homestuck.  All the kids are part of the rebel forces and they’re working on taking down the corrupt Alternian Empire led by the Condesce (in place of Palpatine, I guess).  John as Luke Skywalker (Dad Egbert will most likely not be Darth Vader, it’ll probably be Jack or Eridan or something). 
I might actually work on a character thing later on but I’m not sure so I’ll just leave this here for everyone’s perusal.

anonymous asked:

1 and 3?? ❤️

1. what’s your all-time favorite fic? why? could we get a line or two from it?

My second favourite fic of all time (that still exists online) is Pasiphae which is an amazingly sweet and emotional take on Hux as a star of xenophilia porn. Be prepared for your heart to be broken.

3. which trope makes your heart go absolutely weak at the knees?

Misunderstandings! Mistaken identities! General bafflement and confusion! But with a happy ending of course. Like The Mountebank. That kind of thing. I mean I love a lot of tropes, and its not a kink for me, but that trope always makes me grin :D

Intimate Fic Ask Meme

wip meme

I was tagged by @thisbluegirl to post the last sentence of my current wip and I actually have one right now, so here are 3 sentences :)

Steve closes the door behind him and Bucky turns toward Sam, then lifts his left arm. Sam stretches out against his side, resting his head on Bucky’s chest just below where metal becomes flesh. Bucky’s fingers brush against his back in a slow, steady rhythm until they both fall asleep.

I’m tagging…ummmm…who has a wip right now? @biblionerd07? @thenomadsbeard? (I think you did this already though) @sproings@machine-dove? @mrsdawnaway? And anyone who’s doing the SWBB, cause I want to see your stuff!


A reminder, JJK is great on stage.

possibly weird request but

What are your favourite non-English bands, albums, and/or songs? I’ve discovered I write best to songs whose lyrics I don’t understand, and outside of diving into random k-pop videos on YouTube, I don’t know where to find what I want. 8( 

Any genre is fine! I’m not a picky person.