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Dating Draco Would Include
  • <p> <b></b> • 'Draco, I swear if you sneak another kiss into my study time than my father will hear about my failed grades; and I won't live for another snog!' You said effectively scaring Draco off.<p/><b></b> • 'Draco the Great Hall is that way,' You gave him a questioning look. 'Yeah, but an empty Common Room is the other way.' He said leading you by the waist to the Slytherin common room.<p/><b></b> • 'Keep staring at Potter like that Draco and everyone is sure to think you fancy him,' you smirked at the blonde. 'I'm not staring, I'm glaring! There's a difference! ' Draco turned his gaze to you. 'If you insist.'<p/><b></b> • 'Okay, I'm going to bed. Night Draco,' You yawned, 'Can I Slyther-in.' Glaring at him while reaching for your books you replied 'No, but you can Slither off the face of the planet for that pun.'<p/><b></b> • 'Draco Malfoy, let go of me this instant; I've got to study, not everyone is smart like you!' You said, trying to pry Draco's arms from your waist. 'No.'<p/><b></b> • 'Would my little Gryffindork care for date to Hogsmeade this weekend!' Draco screamed to you from the Slytherin table as you were leaving with Hermione. 'In your dreams Malfoy!' You screamed back and smirked, obviously that was a yes. And all you could do was ignore all the bewild stares the pair of you got that weekend, as you got pushed into the snow, bring Draco down with you.<p/><b></b> • 'Do you want to go out, sometime?' Draco mumbled looking down, 'Sorry what was that?' You turned to him, he quickly shook his head. 'Nothing.' You had never seen Draco blush, or look so shy. 'You know just because I'm in Hufflepuff and you're in Slytherin doesn't mean you have to be so awkwa-' You didn't get to finish because Draco had kissed you. 'Maybe we can go to The Three Broomsticks this weekend?' Draco said with confidence.  'Sure.'<p/><b></b> • 'Hey, Y/N, would you like to study with me sometime, like a study date?' Draco asked you, looking a bit out of his element. 'You study?' You weren't sure if he was joking or serious, but his frantic nodding suggested the latter. 'Well, um sure, we could go to the library at 7, yeah?' You asked, eyebrows raised, smiling a bit. 'Yeah, sure. I'll pick you up outside the Ravenclaw Common Room and we'll head there!'<p/><b></b> • 'Hey L/N, Slytherin is having a party Friday,' Draco smirked at you. 'Yeah, I know,  I'm in Slytherin Malfoy,' You said briefly looking at him. 'Well do you have a date?' Draco asked. 'No, but is this you asking me out?' You raised an eyebrow. 'Yeah, that is, if you'll have me?' The look in his told you he was confident, and as much as you would have loved to say no; you didn't.  'I would love to, Malfoy.'<p/></p>
one direction // preference // when a bandmate has a wet dream about you
  • harry: the tour bus was his only bedroom for the entirety of the tour, so he was constantly hearing all the noises that the other boys made in their sleep. after he got off the phone to you, he had crawled into his bed and closed his eyes, even though sleep felt like it wouldn't come. he was about to check his phone for the time when he heard a few moans and groans coming from the bed across from him. he couldn't help but grin, pulling back the curtain as he heard niall let out another moan. but his smile dropped as soon as he heard your name fall from his lips. instantly he got up, ripping back niall's curtain and jolting him awake, 'don't tell me you're dreaming about fucking my girl, you prick.'
  • zayn: all of you were sitting backstage hours before the boys' concert. you were curled up in zayn's arms, liam asleep on the armchair in the corner. the rest of you were chatting quietly when a soft grunt from liam caught everyone's attention. everyone chuckled as he let out a soft moan, moving his hand to his crotch. zayn rubbed his jaw, shaking his head before stilling as liam groaned your name. he furrowed his brow as everyone lost it laughing - which caused liam to wake and look around frantically. 'might wanna go change your boxers mate.' zayn muttered, 'and get the image of my girlfriend out of your head.'
  • louis: after harry had moaned your name in the middle of his sleep, louis sent you a text to ensure that the two of you weren't sleeping together or anything. and you weren't, but it was no lie that harry had always had a little bit of a crush on you - despite the fact that it was clearly louis that you were dating. louis sent a text that told you that he would be dealing with harry since his wet dream was clearly about you, before he moved over to the curly-haired boy and sat down, letting out a weak laugh, 'having fun there?' louis asked, shaking his head, 'mate, if you ever moan my girl's name in your sleep again, i will kill you.'
  • niall: it was zayn who had said your name as he roused from his wet dream, quickly excusing himself from backstage as his cheeks heated. he disappeared into the bathroom, niall chewing on his nails as he waited for zayn to return. the whole room was quiet for a moment before niall finally spoke, jaw rigid and his tone definitely not radiating happiness, 'so, are you sleeping with my girlfriend?' he asked, to which zayn furrowed his brow and shook his head, 'then why are you fucking dreaming about her mate? you've cum in your pants over my girlfriend.' niall shook his head and left the room, harry moving after him to try and calm him down, while zayn felt the embarrassment resonate through him.
  • liam: when louis reappeared from the bathroom after changing his boxers, he moved over to harry and quickly bragged to him about the dream he'd just had about you. liam, who wasn't all that far away, heard every word. he made his way through the tour bus and pulled louis up by his shirt, pressing him to the wall as he gritted his teeth, 'i'll forgive you for the fact that your mind imagined my girlfriend doing whatever the fuck it was in your dream, but don't you go bragging about it. she is my girlfriend, and i don't fucking want to hear what your little fantasies are when it comes to her.'