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“Tony, you’ve been practicing this spell for hours, give it a rest.”

He rolls his eyes. “Honestly, you expect me to take that advice?”

A pause. “No,”


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Hi, it's me, the demon that made the video. First I just want to say, you're welcome to EVERYONE who watched it. Second, Kitten I was wondering if you were ever planning on making it a full thing? I need a new music project to work on XD

Heya! Well, I wouldn’t call ya a demon, but others may disagree :D

As for making a full thing… That comic is a full thing in my eyes. I know I didn’t use the full song, but I never planned to make anything beyond what I’ve posted. So to me it’s finished. *shrug*

“Dear younger me,
If I knew then what I know now
Condemnation would’ve had no power
My joy my pain would’ve never been my worth
If I knew then what I know now
Would’ve not been hard to figure out
What I would’ve changed if I had heard…

Dear younger me
It’s not your fault.

You are holy
You are righteous
You are one of the redeemed
Set apart a brand new heart
You are free indeed

Every mountain every valley
Thru each heartache you will see
Every moment brings you closer
To who you were meant to be!”

How wonderful it is to discover that you are loved!  When you thought you were alone, to find that you are wanted!  To know that all along there were those who believed you were great!

@merlinsmushrooms had this song on a playlist for Cedric and I just couldn’t stop thinking about it so have some art.

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Hey elf! I was wondering if you were still doing animation? I disovered your Tumblr because of your channel, and Im so in love with your style! So since you didnt post anything in so long I was wondering if you quit animation? ( ps: love your fan art ahhhh /// )

AAaaah fear not, dear anon, I still am animating don’t worry! 

This last year has been extremely turbulent since it’s my last year of highschool and in general just a load of stuff going on. Animating videos hasn’t really been on my top priority list when it came to art (why spend weeks on one thing when you can sketch a dozen other things in the same time) bUT the good part is that I’ve gotten both quicker and better at drawing, which should mean I can squeeze videos out faster.

I’ve joined a MAP which I’ll get to when exams are over, and theres also a few memes and original stuff I’d like to get my hands on >:3c

I got some very simple animated stuff such as this one:

Also thank you it warmed hy heart to see someone still interested in my animations ;;v;;

Hey hey, so I just started reading the blog in chronological order and am currently at page 2 and saw that you guys were wondering how Mikan would be like when she woke up.

My theory is that in the simulation, when she got the disease, she turned out like the way she was because her body was still brainwashed at the time. Remember when either Usami or Monokuma said that the point of the simulation was to *replace* your despair memories with new ones?
Meaning to say that, your AI’s were before you entered Hopes Peak, which you already knew about, before you guys became remnants of Despair, in hopes that these new memories that were made in the simulation were to bring you guys out of your despair states. But what I’m trying to say is that, your brainwashed bodies’ memories weren’t replaced yet, so you still had them.

When Mikan caught the Remember Disease, she gained her body’s despair memories, the very same memories that the simulation was supposed to replace. Meaning to say, the Mikan you saw that had the disease was the Remnant of Despair Mikan, because, again, her body’s memories were still not replaced when she caught the disease. So the Mikan you saw BEFORE the third trial, before the despair disease breakout, was the actual Mikan.

Remember, the whole purpose of the simulation was to replace your guys’ despair memories with new ones that your AIs made during the simulation, which was to be uploaded into your actual bodies to bring you guys out of your despair state.

Eugh, if this is still really confusing, just remember the picture Junko made that showed how she was going to Junko-fy the whole world. Or I can just remake it or something, I don’t know.

You are right and wrong at the same time. The problem is that Tsumiki didn’t become brainwashed again, she just got her memories back and she already had new memories to help fight the Despair but she still choose to let herself fall in Despair.

I admit that it hurt a bit to think that she made such a choice but I can’t really blame her because I don’t know how I would have reacted. I like to think that I would have refuse to become him again but I can’t be sure.

But coming back to the point we were wondering about Mikan because she “died” while being in Despair, so there is a chance to have her wake up in the same state…That’s what we are worried about.

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Heyy just wanted to ask since you changed your url your icon is not showing on dash, only the randomly chosen icon which tumblr gives you and I was just wondering if you were aware of that or if something was wrong with my app? :D

Hi! Yeah it’s the same for me when i use the app but when I’m on tumblr on my laptop it shows my icon I have no idea why!

How is it for everyone else? Do you see my pink clary icon or just the random one and do you use the app or laptop??


Finally finished!  And yeah, this is as long and polished as the video is gonna get.  I have work to get back to. @v@ There’s some lag in the lipsyncing somewhere in the middle but I’m at peace with that!
You can blame @splickedylit for thinking of this and me for carrying it out.  But honestly, no regrets.  Anyway, here’s some rapping Felix.

Song: Whoa Whoa Whoa by Watsky
Program Used: Toon Boom Studio 4.5


…I feel like there’s a story here.