if you were there i hate you

LMAO overwatch discourse is fucking dumb

first off with Mercy/Genji vs Pharah/Mercy:
Literally nobody cares, there are voicelines for either pair if you really want to take them as you will.

Törbjorn hate:
Now, I get that some of these are just jokes, but there’s an unsettling number of folks who genuinely hate him. “He’s racist against Omnics!” So is Zarya. So is Junkrat. You know, the two characters you all seem to love so much? Y'all call Torbjörn a nasty old man but you idolize Junkrat despite him literally being a terrorist. Hold people to the same standards or not at all.

Vampire Symmetra:
How do you call someone whitewashed if it’s literally fucking grey body paint do I even have to say this

“Whitewashed” Lúcio spray:
The Christmas event screens were on a snowy night time map. In other words, the lighting is going to make things paler.

Lunar New Year Mei:
Pretty obvious the butt was a rigging error. Also, never confirmed she was fat. It’s nice to see fanart like this but attacking people for a thinner Mei is not cool. The sprays leave room for ambiguity so don’t be a jerk.

Uprising Widowmaker skin:
Blizzard never confirmed if Amélie was white or not. Noire Widowmaker? Those are cables. See them as dreads if you want but it’s never stated if they are.

Officer D.Va:
This one really pisses me off, since I’m Korean myself. She’s not a fucking American police officer so stop projecting your hatred onto her character. See the logo on her hat? That’s the Korean police force symbol. Even without the skin, she canonically serves as part of the Republic of Korea military. Thought you folks hated military people, judging from the discourse. A large majority of the characters in the game are or were part of some sort of military, so shit on them too.

Either stop it or hate everything and show people how dumb you are.

Shout out to all the people who are having Mother’s Day shoved in their faces even though their mothers were abusive, neglectful, or absent. I know it feels like everyone is forgetting you or leaving you behind, but please know that you’re not alone, and you have every right to hate or ignore this holiday.

interviewer: so MAYBE you’ll be working with taylor swift again…?

ed sheeran: now wait a minute dude how dare you say that. i’m DEFINITELY working with her again we are FOR SURE gonna work together again you know what since you like that word so much, have you ever considered that MAYBE we have written 52 songs together you don’t know about?/?? oh When will we collaborate??? um hahaha i’ve been……advised…..not to talk about this so maybe in 2020?? Not Anytime Soon were the words i’ve been.advised to use in case someone asked me this very question haha. [sweating] i gotta go suddenly 

Reading online comments and critiques of Bill Nye’s new show, and it’s…excruciating. Turns out, no surprise, Reddit and 4chan hate it, because it’s ‘neomarxist liberal propaganda’ which basically means…it’s science.

What’s particularly difficult to bear is the number of people saying that they agree with Bill’s message, but hate that he didn’t give the ‘other side’ a chance to explain why they feel that way. They basically suggest that Nye failed to use this an opportunity to help people see a different approach and maybe change some minds.

Except that the it doesn’t work that way, you can’t offer up a mountain of evidence to a climate change denier, or an anti-vaxxer…I mean you can, but they can come back with a reddit comment about how when such-and-such research scientist was doing lab work for Stalin, they were studying the blade and are thus absolutely correct. Let alone that the outcome of these kinds of debates is expected to be that ‘facts’ trump all of these disagreements, that clearly the anti-vaxxer and climate denier only needed to be told about a research paper and they’d come around. Even if they don’t the expectation is for what? Nye and everyone to say ‘Dang, well, that is a great opinion and you deserve respect for having it…even if it doesn’t work with mine and which may actually kill people if allowed to prosper.’

God damned idjits.

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Hi I need to ask If Meabhdbutsexii is your side blog or is a blog that is making fun of you?(im sorry I feel so stupid rn) cause idk If I should follow it or hate it XD

Hhaha, okay so there is a story to this. 

So I was in college one day and telling my friends some of the things people were saying about my art. They know its my biggest pet peeve when people just make annoying comments like, “Why don’t his arms look bigger/ have freckles/ why the hell haven’t you drawn that character in the exact way that I, a completely different person imagined that character that also coincidentally has wriggle room in regards to character design”. And my friends, bless them tend to get pissed on my behalf. And on this particular day, I think I had uploaded the WIP of Elide and Lorcan kissing (the height difference one?) and someone wrote something like that in one of the tags.

So, my dear friend Melissa, decided that she would do her own version of the same drawing but meeting the requirements that this blog wanted for a joke, and make it really grotesque and sexual (because ye are thirsty af on my drawings sometimes, which I find quite funny). So she was like “I’m giving the people what they want!” and meabhdbutsexii was born. So every now and again I’ll send Melissa a drawing that I’m almost finished and she’ll draw her version of it, and they are always awful and so funny. It’s just been this joke for ages, and like most of my class know about it and find it hilarious.

So, while it is a blog that’s making fun of me, it’s all good, I’m in on every joke.

This is her Instagram if you want to see it, she’s pretty cool

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do you think that aces who are cis & straight (and not aces that arent) can be called cishet aces? just curious, sorry if you get hate for replying to this

If someone is ace, they’re not straight. Being straight implies being both heteroromantic AND heterosexual. If someone is asexual, they experience no sexual attraction. Not even to the “opposite” gender. 

(An ace might still identify as lesbian, for example, if their romantic orientation and/or “if I were to have sex I would prefer this gender I just don’t feel sexual attraction upon seeing them” results in a woman being attracted to a woman, but the concept of being straight doesn’t work like that. Straight implies your orientation is fully accepted by the general community, and missing a “hetero” in there somewhere - anywhere - results in a lack of acceptance.)

Is a heteroromantic ace straight? Nope. They’re heteroromantic but not heterosexual, and therefore not straight. 

A heteroromantic person on the ace spectrum who when they experience sexual attraction is heterosexual, are they straight? That’s up to them if they want to call themselves straight, but strictly speaking no they’re not. 

I’m hetero-quoiromantic and hetero-gray-ace, am I straight? Uh, mostly. For personal identification purposes, I consider myself straight. For discourse purposes, no I am not a cishet ace. I usually don’t experience sexual attraction and I can’t identify romantic attraction, and I absolutely do not have the same life experiences as someone who is Actually Straight. 

So, to answer your question, straight aces don’t exist, so no you can’t call them cishet aces. 

Mod Marie-Rose

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECCA!! You are incredibly amazing and I hope you have a wonderful day!!@beccaanne814-blog

The waterfall was breathtaking. The sound of it alone put you at ease. You took a deep breath and looked around at the beautiful sight that was in front of you.

This was where you felt peace.

You wanted to take a photo of what was in front of you, but you were sure that it wouldn’t do it justice.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?”

You nodded and then looked at your boyfriend, “It really is.”

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Yours Truly III [j.j.]

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a lil birthday post now that I finally replaced my phone based on “Adored by Him” by dodie. also, I think this will be the last part.


Dear Jughead,

Don’t you just hate it when your crush likes someone who’s prettier, smarter, and all around better than you? Yeah, me too.

I know you guys are both taking that advanced class. I know because you were so nervous when you signed up, convinced that you weren’t going to get in.

Of course you got in. You became even more excited when the teacher called me into her office, claiming that she needed me to be in her “prestigious program”. I declined. You were upset with my choice and spent the rest of the semester trying to take it.

I didnt.

If I had know that this class would take up so much of your time, I might’ve changed my mind…OK I wouldn’t have, but I don’t know anymore. Now, I see you together nearly all the time. I think what sucks the most is that all of my friends know that I like you. And they think you like me too.

But why would you? You spend a lot more time with Betty, you talk so much, work so well together. I see the way she looks at you. The way she acts. She’s just as far gone as I am. They told me she liked you and my heart broke. They told me to tell you how I feel, before she could do the same.

But I haven’t done that. I’ve stepped back and I’d rather wait for her to confess to you. Everyone’s surprised, thinking that I would’ve already said something, whether it be to you or about her.

But I won’t talk about her. My friends thought that I’d dislike her but why would I? She’s an amazingly talented, sweet, intelligent girl who deserves nothing but good things in her life.

You are a good thing.

I gave up on those cheesy pick-up line notes after a week. What’s the point? I’m a mess and honestly, she’s so much better for you than I am. I don’t care that our friends say we’re perfect for each other. The truth is that we’re not.

I’m bitchy and mean and way too self absorbed for my own good. So I guess this is just me letting it all out.

I hope you like her, I truly do but I don’t wanna know. You’re good for each other. Healthy. The perfect couple.

And so my confession will go unspoken.


You looked up at the clock on the wall of the diner, glancing at Jughead as you began packing you things.

“Leaving already?” He asked.

You nodded as you stood up. “Yep. Gotta help out with chores. See you later.”

Jughead barely acknowledged your departure, lazily waving as you walked out the door. His eyes focused on a small black object that was next to your seat, gasping a bit when he realized it was your journal.

“(Y/N/N) wait! You left your…” Jughead trailed off as he realized you were long gone, and smiled when a small Polaroid picture slipped out from the journal.

It was the two of you at Archie’s birthday party a while back. You had been leaning on his shoulder, laughing at some lame joke, while he had his arm around you, looking down fondly at you.

Jughead found himself smiling fondly as he looked at the picture before opening your journal to put the picture back. He froze as he read the top of the page. ‘Dear Jughead’ was messing scrawled on it and even though he knew better, he began to read.

A few minutes later, Betty slid into the booth across from him, wide smile and a blush placed across her face. Her smile faltered as she saw Jughead’s face twisted up in disbelief.

“Juggie, are you okay?” she asked.

Jughead shook his head slowly, still reeling from what he had just read in your journal. “Do you know where (Y/N) is right now?”

Betty’s eyes widened. “She should be at home right now but-”

“I gotta go, I’ll see you tomorrow Betts,” Jughead said as he rushed out of the diner.

He had finally seen what was inside your journal, and he was completely speechless.

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A question for you and your black mod. If this is a blog for promoting white sapphics by white sapphics then what's the need for the black girl? I thought you were blocking poc? By principle, her being a mod doesn't make sense. That's why people consider her fake because it's stupid for her to be here. But I'm sure her need to be black and different from the "status quo" vis a vis tumblr politics is her reasoning if she isn't made up.

The point behind blocking POC was to avoid the level of hate that is currently flooding our inbox.

A is helping me because we have been close friends our whole lives. She’s adamant that everyone, POC or non-POC, be able to celebrate their culture and heritage.

Of course, it is far easier for you to believe she doesn’t exist. After all, to the social justice movement, black people either agree with the SJWs, or they’re worthless/fake. And it’s disgusting. Quit beating on a black girl for not agreeing with you.

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May I request Genji, 76, Reaper, and Lucio (separately if possible) comforting their s/o when they come out and tell them they were abused by their mom and sister via emotional abuse, manipulation, and neglect? S/O hates their Mom and Sister very much and cries ab how their Mom used to yell at them when they would cry and how their sister would beat them up and make fun of them. Sorry that this is kinda personal or makes you uncomfortable. If you're not okay with this go ahead and ignore this!!!

My brother is the jerkhole of the family, as in he threatened to assault me and kicked me out of my apartment. I’m sorry, that’s probably more than you wanted to know. I’ll just get to writing now. I’m not saying that to cause sympathy, I just want people in this situation to know that I kinda know what that’s like. Lemme know if I talk too much, I kinda talk a little too much for someone no one should care about.


  • He’s angry for a moment
    • That someone could be so cruel
    • He understands it of course
    • He isn’t naive
    • It’s just never been this personal
  • He’ll squash it down to hold you close
    • Telling you that as long as he’s there
    • No one will hurt you
    • He promises it

Soldier 76

  • It breaks this old man’s heart
    • He wasn’t even sure that he could feel heartbreak still
    • But you were always a special case for him
  • He’ll pull off his mask
    • So you can see his face
  • And pull you close
    • Hands on both of your cheeks
    • Peppering kisses on your face
  • He’ll keep you safe
    • He swears this on his life


  • His hands twitch
    • Reaper’s just enraged
    • Wanting to crush something
    • He’ll squash it down
    • Knowing you could interpret the wrong way with you like this
  • He’ll pull you close
    • His tendrils gently stroking your back
  • He doesn’t know what to say
    • But he does know no one will harm you
    • He’ll make sure of that


  • He nearly cries when you tell him
    • That you could have suffered so much
  • He’ll pull you close
    • Both for you and for him
    • Gently rubbing your back
  • He’ll keep you safe
    • Making sure that no one can hurt you
    • You deserve better
Shopping For Love - Jack Maynard

Request: Hey lovely! Just wondering if you could do a jack imagine where you want to go shopping and even though he hates it he comes with you because I knows you love it, super cute and fluffy! Thank youuuuuuuu💜

Smut: No

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: Share the love with the other boys as well, guys!!

I hope you like it! :)


“Pleaseeeeee.” You begged, as you followed Jack around his place.

“Babe, you know I hate it…”

“Yeah but how am I going to know if you like what I pick out.” 

You were in desperate need of a shopping day and all your friends had backed out last minute. You had been planning and saving up for this day for weeks so there was no way you were going to miss out on the new summer patterns all because your friends weren’t up for it anymore.

“I do like to pick stuff out for you.” Jack contemplated.

“See! If you come with me, I’ll try on anything you want.”

Anything?” Jack asked, with a smirk.

“Oh boy…” You said, worried. You knew Jack would pick out horrendous outfits for you just to keep himself entertained but you were so desperate for company, you agreed.

As you arrived at the first shop, Jack immediately went over to the change rooms and sat down, pulling out his phone. You looked around the shop, pulling things from the rack and placing them around your arm. You headed towards the change room and tried on the first item.

“I don’t like it.” Jack said, looking at the shirt. “It doesn’t suit your style very well.”

This is why you always loved going shopping with Jack. Yes, he sometimes chose some pretty interesting looking outfits but that was to only keep things entertaining. But he also gave some pretty good criticism. He knew what kind of clothes you were into and what looked best on you so you knew you could always count on his honest opinion.

“Damn…” He said, looking at the romper you had tried on. “That’s definitely a yes.”

A couple of hours later, you two had stopped for food. You sat in the restaurant and couldn’t help but admire Jack, who was looking through the menu.

“What?” He asked, not looking up. You never could get in between Jack and his food.

“I love you.” 

The first I love you. It’s always the hardest and always the one people are most unsure about. However for you, it was pretty easy. You had been wanting to say it for some time now but you were unsure if Jack felt the same but after today, you knew.

“What…” He said, looking up for the menu. “Why?” You eyes widened in shock since you didn’t exactly expect that reaction. “I mean, why now? Why are you saying it right now?”

You laughed as you thought about your reason. You knew he’d think it was stupid and it was but stupid made sense. “Because even though you hate shopping with me, you came anyway. You put aside your feelings to make me happy and I couldn’t think of a better person to love.”

Jack cracked a smile as he reached for your hand. “Well, I love you too.”

anonymous asked:

i have a question: was the malec i love you rushed ?? im not rlly sure bc in spanish i love you is like.. the top in the love chart lmao, and there's a "level" below it that would basically be translated to "i adore you". seeing as it doesnt exist in english im not rlly sure if it was rushed or not ?? i also dont understand relationships so. (i hope u understand what i meant and btw this isnt hate im rlly glad we got to hear them say that to each other but im curious)

no i don’t think it was rushed

i think they’d been clearly building to that through 2a. there was a lot of hints and they said i love you without saying i love you so many times. there’s no amount of time you have to wait before you say i love you, it really all depends on how you feel

they were both committing to each other and creating a deeper connection to each other this entire time. offering each other support, trusting each other with their feelings, choosing to work on their relationship and asserting to other people that this was something real and important to them

they both were faced with the possibility of losing each other and they both fought as hard as possible to prevent that. they’re definitely in love and i think it was the perfect time for it to be said

“He insulted my teeth,” Arthur says a second time, because his sister knows how touchy he is about them, about the fact that his father thought it would be character building to have him grow up with such a visible, fixable flaw. “He’s almost as annoying as you are.”

“Don’t give him your number, then,” Morgana concedes, and Arthur doesn’t have to hold his breath for very long while he waits for whatever amusing (or so she thinks) remark that he just knows is going to follow it. “It’s not like you’re pining, or anything.”

“I hate you,” Arthur tells her, pretty sure he can hear her answering smile just as much as he’d be able to see it if she were here in person.

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Hey! A lot of us in the fandom get hate for being over the age of 18 and still following dancers/studios (I'm turning 22 this year) just wondering what your thoughts on the subject were as a parent and teacher?

Dance is an art form . Even if you maybe didn’t dance a lot as a kid or maybe you did - loving dance comes from inside ! Dancers have a passion for it no matter what age . So to me it doesn’t matter your age . I’m getting old ! Lol and my passion for watching a dance and appreciating dance will never go away ! 💕

I yearn for you. I love you. I hate you. I made horrible mistakes but I’m not the only one. While I wear them proudly, you say no one ever loved me like you did. Does that mean that they were emotionally abusive and manipulative? I want you to realize the damage you’ve done. I want the guilt to swallow you like it did me. I want what’s best for you, but let it be clear that you lost it when you lost me.

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if palestinians did not raise their children to hate, terrorism would not be a way of life over there. and perhaps if you were not raised to punish those for being different than you, you would behave nicer towards others.

I’m not really sure where to begin with this one.

First of all, these two thoughts are irrelevant to one another. Ad hominem arguments are pointless - and this one is just a little strange. I’m not sure why you think you know the details of my upbringing but unless you are a parent or a sibling, on anonymous, then you’re making a huge assumption. My upbringing is irrelevant to the facts that I’ve provided however, as I have not cited my upbringing as a source for a single one of them.

And secondly, the main contributor to terrorism in Israel and the occupied territories is not Palestinians, but Israel. Israel and the IDF have shot, shelled and killed thousands of civilians, Israeli policy currently besieges Gaza in the largest open air prison on earth, with a blockade that has been deemed illegal by the international community, the Palestinian civilian population are terrorised. In 2014 Operation Protective Edge 1,462 Palestinian civilians, including 551 children were killed - not soldiers, not terrorists, civilians. Perhaps if Israel did not make it a policy to terrorise the Palestinian population, then terrorism would not be a way of life over there? 

However, I blame the Israeli government for this terrorism, because it is their policy. I would never blame Israeli’s for raising their children to hate, because they are not living in a vacuum, and neither are the palestinians - claiming that would be a massive, offensive and purposefully ignorant over simplification. If you genuinely think that Palestinian mothers and fathers are the cause for the current situation in the middle east then I’d suggest learning a bit more about the subject and the historical context that the current conflict exists within.

tiny-book-nerd  asked:

Hey so there was this fic in which Eren was in the hospital and Levi was a history teacher who texted him by mistake? Eren lost a leg and there's a cat involved I can't find it for the life of me! Also this blog is literally a life saver and i hope you don't get discouraged by all the haters because this is awesome!!

I know the one you are on about, I’m actually reading it myself! Also thank you for your nice words, we try to let the hate not bother us but I just had to get it off my chest. Anyways, here is the fic you were looking for!

The Curious Case of Eren Jaeger
Summary:Levi’s on his first day teaching when he tries to text Hange. Eren’s in hospital when he gets Levi’s text instead.It’s only slightly homicidal.


Be careful

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Donald Pierce x Reader


Request: Yes

Summary: You are a nurse at Transigen that fall in love with Pierce

Warning: cursing

Opening your eyes you were met with bright light. Moving your body upright Donald kissed your forehead.

˝Mornin’ sleepy head. ˝ He put his arm around you and you snuggled into his chest moving the papers from his hands.

˝Why do you hate sleep? ˝You mumbled into his body and he chuckled.

˝I don’t. ˝

˝You wouldn’t be up in… ˝ You looked at the clock and you almost screamed. ˝5 in the morning! What the hell Don? ˝You moved your head to look at him.

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Originally posted by opieandteller

Don’t hate me guys, I don’t feel well and have had a shitty few days. 

Being the only child of John Teller to graduate High School was a big thing in the club, you were never a straight A student but you passed.
And here you were at your graduation party that was happening at the clubhouse, it was crammed full of people. Patched members for several charters, old ladies, kids, prospects, croweaters and hang arounds littered the clubhouse and the parking lot.
You couldn’t walk 3 feet without someone telling you congratulations or handing you some form of gift, which is what lead you to the Chapel doors. The two prospects guarding the door quickly moved once they saw you approaching.

Stepping into the chapel your eyes went wide at the sight of the gifts that were piled on the reaper table, some were even on the chairs and floor.
‘Jesus’ you said to yourself you were going to be here all night opening gifts from everyone.
Taking a walk around the table taking a peek at everything you saw a plant.
An Aloe Vera plant to be exact, with a small tag on it, no name just a smiley face.

Not being able to contain yourself you went back out to the bar, searching the room for one specific person you finally found him sitting on the couch talking to Tig with a croweater between the two of them.
Stopping right in front of the two of them you placed your hands on your hips and glared at him.
“What?” He questioned you
“You got me a plant, Hap?” you questioned with a smile forming across your face
“Yeah….” he wasn’t sure how to approach the situation
“I can’t even take care of myself, how do you expect me to take care of a plant?” you questioned with your eyebrows raised waiting for him to reply with some smartass comment.
“I mean you can just water it…like most people do” he cracked a smile
“Whatever” you playfully rolled your eyes at him before turning around and walking away.

“Dude, you really got her a plant?” You heard Tig ask him as you walked away
“it was on sale” He replied as he placed the open beer bottle to his lips.

anonymous asked:

if you're hating yourself, stop. you're not allowed. only cis het men like myself are allowed to hate ourselves, because we kind of...fucking ruined society and I AM pissed about that, BRB tring to clean up a lot of mess

No, that’s where you’re wrong, kiddo 👉😎👉

The fact that some of your ancestors fucked it up and were a bunch of racists pricks doesn’t make you one automatically, you know?

Buddy, you shouldn’t blame yourself and your entire race for something you haven’t even done. That’s just stupid and unfair.