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Hey rat what where the things that made you stop defending sixpenceee. I did some of my own research but I wanna know what you think

The main two things that I saw all the time and could absolutely no longer defend:

  • sheer laziness in post-making; she didn’t fact-check basic points, she got names/dates wrong, her posts were riddled with terrible grammar and spelling, and she sourced sporadically at best. I couldn’t understand why someone with such an influential blog would spend so little time on it. not to mention a lot of the posts were awkwardly worded and/or just badly written in general.
  • post-stealing; I’ve seen her copy-paste huge chunks of Wikipedia articles, huge chunks of Reddit stories/threads, huge chunks of other bloggers’ posts. she’s even done it to me – I’ve posted something and @’d her in the tag, and she’s taken the post and reposted it to her blog. sometimes she would “credit” me as in saying I found it, but she never reblogged my actual work. god knows how many other people she did this to.

These are the two things I saw constantly all the time, and the laziness and plagiarism just really rubbed me up the wrong way. Some of the other stuff also happened often but didn’t annoy me as much (but I didn’t appreciate it, either), and some of this stuff rarely happened/I didn’t witness myself, but they’re all factors:

  • the money grabbing/constant self-promoing/note grabbing; like, I get it. no one is on Tumblr if they’re not looking for notes, but stuff like “follow for my woke soul” and ““deep”” quotes I used to see on stickers for MySpace profiles were just embarrassing and annoying. not to mention the mall goth shirts and the constant reblogs of her several other blogs. I didn’t follow for that. I followed for creepy content, and I got less and less of that over tie.
  • the art stealing; sixpenceee made shirts out of a lot of art I’m pretty sure she’s not licensed to use, including stuff under copyright law. this is really reckless behaviour and while most of the time I think copyright laws are bullshit I only apply this to massive corporations raking in billions. small independent artists are a different matter altogether. plus the shirts are constantly reblogged and very badly made. it’s just more of the above: she puts no effort in to anything.
  • ableism; I’m going to admit that I haven’t seen as much of this as it’s made out and that was the main reason why I sat on the fence for so long, but the more I read multiple accounts of people saying the same thing the more I can’t turn a blind eye anymore. once enough people are saying it, and for so long, it’s probably wise to take note. also when I sat down and thought about it I do remember several occasions where she’s tagged things mentally ill people have made/gone through as “creepy”, and a lot of the stories she rips off from Reddit do have the cheap ““twist”” of “and then………… he was MENTALLY ILL!!!111!!”
  • harassment/bullying/etc; this was something I hadn’t seen when people first started messaging me about her and for a while I did have the opinion of “well she can’t control her followers” but the more I’ve looked into it the more I’ve seen countless people saying that she either encouraged it or played the victim to encourage it, and several bloggers have been bullied into taking breaks or leaving altogether. she seems to do this to people who speak out against her, or other paranormal bloggers. I get you can’t control your followers but she has so much influence that she could shame them into stopping with one post. I have a fraction of her followers (in the five digits) but even I have had to do it in the past. it’s simple. you just make a post saying you don’t condone it and to stop, and 90% of people do. if people are bullying others in your name, shouldn’t you be ashamed? shouldn’t you want them to stop?

I feel really annoyed that it came to this because sixpenceee did help me out a lot at one point, and while I’m still grateful for that, one reblog two years ago is not enough for me to stay silent about all this anymore. there’s too much evidence against her and this “pay me to be nice to you” idea of hers says too much about her that makes me personally uncomfortable. I followed for good creepy content, not lazy posts, plagiarism, and fraud. everything else I’m more inclined to believe because of that “sixpenceee heals” post, too – and the fact that so many people have messaged me calling me brave for calling her out and saying they’re too scared to do it themselves just proves the other points. it’s a shame, but I can’t pretend it’s not happening anymore. 

Cosplay, Fanart and Plagiarism

(gif curtesy to Mel)

TL;DR: An artist traced (!) my cosplay photo without permission, gave me zero credits, sold the prints at a con and denied she’s ever seen my photo.

First, both of us, the cosplayer and the photographer, want to say that it would never have come to this if the artist would have immediately apologized to us in person, instead of being extremely rude to us and letting things escalate. A simple sorry and taking down the prints would’ve sufficed.

In the beginning of January, being hyped with the new SU episodes, I immediately fell in love with Blue Diamond and cosplayed her. Two months ago, a friend let me know that an artist she saw drew a fanart based on my photo. I was extremely flattered and happy, but also kinda sad the artist gave me zero credits. Us cosplayers and photographers work really hard to get a nice result, and everyone is happy when their photo serves as an inspiration for another artwork. I wrote a letter to her stating that I love her art, but I’d like her to credit me as a source of inspiration (adding the screen shot).

For two months, there was silence. I tried it again a few weeks ago, but again, no response. Okay, what can you do…

Last weekend we had a big con in Germany with a huge artist alley and both of us, the photographer and the cosplayer, attended. Suddenly, a friend came to us and said that there’s a girl selling this exact drawing. We were puzzled and decided to go to her booth and look at it ourselves.

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BTS REACTS TO: Their s/o wearing an ugly picture of them on a t-shirt

Anon Asked: Can you do a BTS Reaction to their s/o wearing an ugly selfie of them on a t-shirt in public? I ALWAYS wanted to do this with my boyfriend but he’s too photogenic uGH

Okay, I’ve totally done this before. Showed up at a friend’s birthday party wearing an ugly snapchat pic they sent me on a sweatshirt lol.

- Admin Dayna


Jin is handsome. He knew it, his fans knew it, and obviously, so do you. But with great beauty, comes great responsibility, and it seems like your boyfriend abuses his good-looks. Jin oozes narcissism. At times it was funny, charming in fact, but there’s only so much of it one could take. Sometimes consequences need to be dealt out to the arrogant. With just enough persistence and creativity, you’ve came up with the perfect plan. You awaited his arrival at the airport, your hoodie zipped up hiding your brilliance. Jin and the boys’ plane had landed and now they were only a few feet away from you. When you were absolutely positive Jin was looking right at you - and you could tell he had by the way he suddenly picked up his pace to a brisk jog your direction - you unzipped your hoodie, revealed your t-shirt with a rather… unattractive picture of him that his Army has turned into a meme printed on the front. You lifted your arms up high, allowing Jin, the boys, and the lucky bystanders to bask in its glory. As Namjoon, Yoongi, Hobi, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook all erupted into laughter, Jin struggled to reprimand you between fits of giggles.

“Wha - jagiyaahh~! How could you betray me?!”

“What have I done to deserve this?!”

“Do you think this was right?! I demand respect!”

Originally posted by jiyoongis

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the third wheel

request: Please could you write a piece where Harry and y/n’s best guy friend keep hanging out and she’s feeling left out so they do something sweet for her

questions, comments, concerns


I knew they’d get along, knew it from the moment I met Harry. They had a similar sense of humor and loved teasing me and would die for the same pair of Gucci boots. What I didn’t expect was for my boyfriend to hijack my best friend and vice versa.
“So, tomorrow, me, you, our favorite Thai place and scoping out that new gallery a few blocks over. You in?” Aidan hesitated and I knew before he even said it. “Are you joking?” I groaned.
“I promised him I’d go with him to decide what to wear to SNL.”
I laughed, “Swear to God, he’s cheating on me with you.”
“Oh come on, you know he’s not my type he’s not pretentious enough.”
I laughed but once it died down I said, “I just miss you… Miss you both, really.”
“Babe, you live with him.”
“Yeah and lately if he’s not working he’s with you.”
“Oh come on, that’s not true.”
I pulled out my metro card and swiped myself in, running through the open doors on the subway before they closed, “Yes it is! I can’t even remember the last time I had a real conversation with either of you.”
He was quiet for a moment, “We’ll hang out this weekend, I promise.” I was rolling my eyes on the other line and I think he knew because he added, “I love you.”

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Kpop Parents Connections #The3rdMeeting #TheDadsAreInCharge

( @lxnchiii gave me this idea for this post a while ago and I’m finally doing it now. Sorry for the lateness I’ve just had no time to write.)

Jaebum: Welcome Dads and Maknaes! As you can see we decided to do this meeting a little differently. Change things up, and really connect as famil—

Rap Monster: Did Jinyoung make you sleep on the couch again?

Jaebum: Lol *starts shuffling notes* why would you say that?

Yugyeom: Because he did.

Top: Been down that road bro. You gotta show him who’s in charge. A good marriage is about give and take. Trust and loyalty. Love an–

Jaebum: Um didn’t the story just break about GD’s secret girlfriend?

MJ: *snickers*


Sungyyu: Woah! no reason to get upset with the kid. It’s pretty funny, you have to admit.

Top: *calms down* Yeah i guess you’re right bro

Jaebum: I’m happy you were able to settle tha–

Top: Shut up

Jaebum: Yes sir

Changkyun: Okay sorry, I don’t want to be rude but Kihyun told me I couldn’t go home unless Monsta X was appreciated fully at this meeting.

Tao: Lol why?

Jungkook: You guys can’t even get appreciation on the charts.

Sungjong: *chokes*

Leo: I’m going to go make some coffee.

Jaebum: Tao?!! Why are you here??? Why are there so many Exo members?

Kris: Well everyone knows Yixing kind of stepped up as a father figure once I left-

Yixing: *nods*

Kris: So Suho decided it may be good if the “ex” and the “next” teamed up to support our dysfunctional families.

Seungcheol: Question though. Why are Tao and Sehun both here? Shouldn’t there be only one Maknae?

Yixing: Well see Exo is made up of M and K and toget–

Sehun: Shut up dad, they don’t care.


Sanha: I don’t feel comfortable being here.

Yugyeom: *whispers to Hyuk*  pretty sure my dad would kill me if I ever said that.

Hyuk: Mine already did.

Jaebum: Let’s get back on track. Vixx just had an impressive comeback. Way to go guys! ….Wait…Where did Leo go that fast?

Zelo: Pretty sure he went out the back door when he said he was going to go get coffee.

Hyuk: Not again.

Kris: Lol I’m usually the absentee father. But that’s the past, I’m fully committed to being in my kid’s liv-

Seungri: Yo Yifan! I got the score on 3 models with daddy issues in a hotel room in 5 minutes! First 3 rounds of soju are on me! You down?

Kris: *stands up* I never liked Exo anyway *leaves with Seungri*


Dino: *to Seungcheol* Just in case I never said it. You’re a great dad.

Sungjong: *to Sunggyu* Same

Changkyun: *to Shownu* agreed

JungKook: *looks at Namjoon*

Namjoon: *smiles back*

Jungkook: Nahh *pulls out phone and starts texting*

Yongguk: Yo Yugyeom! Did Jinyoung make any cookies for the meeting this week?

Yugyeom: Oh yeah I almost forgot! *pulls out small container and passes it to Yongguk* Jinyoung said he made them especially for dads meeting!

Yongguk: *takes a bite*

Yongguk: These taste like ass

Yugyeom: Ohhh wait!! Those were the ones I was suppose to only give JB! My bad bro.

Zelo: Wouldn’t be the first questionable thing he’s put in his mouth.

MJ: *covers Sanha’s ears*

Sehun: Is this almost over? BamBam just sent me a message about an Fboi meeting down the hall.

Yongguk: *pulls out phone* I got the text too!

Yixing: Same *high fives him*

Namjoon: *checks phone* I did to- Wait it’s just a por–

Jaebum: NOOO the meeting is not almost over! Bap came back and we haven’t even acknowledged them yet!

Top: Let’s be honest nobody is saying anything because Zelo has roadkill attached to the back of his head and Yongguk is–

Yongguk: I’m going to go make coffee

Yongguk: *leaves*

Yugyeom: *to Zelo* You think he’s coming back?

Zelo: Nah fam he’s gone, and he was my ride.

Hyuk: Don’t worry bro, i got bus fare.

Dino: You act like you get left a lot

Hyuk: 3 times a week

Tao: I feel your pain


Tao: Honestly I didn’t have anything to do and I wanted a cookie before i left.

Seungcheol: But they’re ass flavored.

Yixing: He doesn’t mind.

Sungjong: Why are you all so gross? I feel like I have to be a fake person to even fit in here.

Changkyun: *mutters* Says the person who makes all the plastic detectors go off in the airports.


Shownu: Ouch

Jaebum: Hey Shownu! You’ve been so quiet. Is there anything you want to say?

Shownu: no

Sunggyu: We are literally the nicest people here, why in the world are we getting dragged?

Top: Calm down gramps, you’re like 5 years late to the insult, they already moved on.

Sunggyu: *cups ear* A gas station in Tuscon???!!

Jungkook: You remind me of someone old I once knew….

MJ: So we’ll be leaving….this was…something

Sanha: Daddy what does Fboi mean?


MJ: SEEE YOU ALL NEXT TIME!! *drags Sanha out*

Namjoon: We’ll be leaving too. I heard that Jin may be cheating on me with some statuesque type guy an-

JungKook: And i just thought we were too good to be here *leaves*

Dino: We need to leave too, we have a comeback to practice for *leaves with Seungcheol*

Seungcheol: *stops in doorway*

Seungcheol: But we did enjoy “Checking I-

Top: *Slams door in Seungcheol’s face* Oops…it slipped….. I’m rolling too, don’t invite me to anymore of these. *opens door and pushes past Seungcheol*

Seungcheol: I think my nose is broken

Changkyun: We’re bouncing out, Starship is getting sick of our losses and said we can’t stay out late as punishment

Zelo: But it’s only 2pm


Shownu: *whispers* not again *leaves too*

Jaebum: You know, sometimes i wish i could go back in time and save him.

Sunggyu: Well we’re out! I’ll be here next time with Woohyun he really wanted to come! *leaves*

Sungjong: I’ll be busy the next meeting

Jaebum: But it’s not even scheduled ye-

Sungjong: *slams door behind him*

Hyuk: Yo Zelo, you ready to go?

Zelo: Yeah dude, but I mean I was ready after the first 5 minutes *both leave laughing*

Jaebum: *mutters* Being around these idols is starting to make me sick.

Yugyeom: Nah it’s just the coffee. Jinyoung had me slip something in that too.

Sehun: Come on Yixing, I want to go home. This was boring and no one complimented my “boyfriend look” today. *leaves with a humph*

Yixing: Thanks for having us, It’s nice to be recognized for something more than being Chinese *follows Sehun*

Jaebum: Whew finally this meeting is over!

Tao: *clears throat*


Tao: So about the cookies…

Jaebum: Why don’t you do something you’re actually good at and just leave!


Yugyeom: Damnnnn

Tao: You cut me deep bro…you cut me real deep *adjusts prada leather coat with panda fur and leaves*

Yugyeom: Yeah so I’m going home too Jinyoung made dinner and I don’t want my plate to get cold.

Jaebum: Yugyeom

Yugyeom: Yes?

Jaebum: Can you ask him if I can come home now?


Yugyeom: Probably not *leaves*

Jaebum: I quit.

Seungcheol: *from hallway* MY NOSE WON’T STOP BLEEDING!!

Jaebum: *leaves*

The Lesser of Two Evils - Part 4 (End)

Original request: I was messaged with a great idea from @avengersrulez1536 where the reader is Regina’s sister. Although she is nicer than her she is just as evil as Peter Pan….someone who she is about to come face to face with. Oh and she is a pirate! :D

Note: Sooooo a couple of people asked for this part to be rather smutty and who was I to say no? The smut isn’t subtle (of course!) but it also doesn’t go into extreme detail either. There is also another request in this part but I won’t say what it is otherwise….spoiler alert! :)

Peter Pan x EvilPirate!Reader

Words: 1,794

Warnings: Smut, fight for dominance, mild violence….anything I have missed just let me know!

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs are mine. All credit goes to their creators <3

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Undisclosed Desires (part 10)

Words: 1.4k

Summary: You work with Castiel to find out who killed an entire town of innocent people.

A/N: Sorry for the delayed release. Constructive feedback is always appreciated. Send me an ask or message is you’d like to be added to my tag list.


You leaned against the motel wall, arms crossed and scowling at Castiel. You had talked to him on the phone a few times about the investigation about the slaughtered town; but this was the first time you two had been face to face since you had left the bunker.

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2D☆STAR Vol.4 - B-PROJECT, towards a new stage! These accelerating sparkles can’t be stopped!

B-PROJECT is burning up with the addition of KiLLER KiNG, to now become 4 groups with a total of 14 members!

Following their 2nd singles in Spring, it’s been decided they’ll be performing in B-PROJECT ~KoudouAmbitious~ in July!

They’re also quickly starting production on their new songs. Let’s freely enjoy their honest thoughts and their secrets of the industry in this documentary show. Then, without any delay, let’s go straight to the middle of their recording.

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Beauty of A Secret: Chapter One

Beauty of A Secret

I have a norman request for you. Hopefully you like. You’ve been working on the set of TWD as a stylist for a while and you and norman have been secretly dating for the last several months. You’ve just found out you’re pregnant but you’re terrified to tell Norman… every time you try someone interrupts for whatever reason. He finds out accidentally n doesn’t handle it very well at first. I hav several idea of how to really make this into a long fic if you’re interested. Love your stuff xx

Alright, I know what you guys must be thinking…she’s starting a new story? This girl takes forever to post updates AND requested one shots. What the flippity flop girl? I’M SORRY OKAY THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA AND I HAVE NO SELF CONTROL AND I JUST WANNA WRITE EVERYTHING hahaha and this just means you guys will get a third requested one shot so it’ll still be equal rotation. I swear I will be better at updating more haha I was on a roll in the beginning. My first few followers remember hahaha but I’ve fallen behind like a chump. Just so you guys know, she’s getting a name since this will be a full fanfiction. So I hope you enjoy this!!

To the person who requested this and has ideas and whatnot, make sure you message me ‘cause I’d love to hear your ideas.

ALSO, if any of you know where I got the title of this story from, you’re good in my book ;)

Chapter One: October 27, 2010

It was crazy the way life took off without you even knowing how fast you were going. Until one day, you wake up feeling like an entirely different person in an entirely different world.

At least, that’s the way Wendy Harper felt. She never expected this massive level of success in such a short amount of time. One day she was doing hair and makeup for short film projects with her friends to being on a real life set. It was for a show that was based on a comic book series. That wasn’t on Wendy’s list of interests but she did enjoy zombie movies and this would be a TV show involving a lot of zombies.

It was called The Walking Dead. She joined the crew about halfway through filming so it was a little awkward joining a group of people that were already close. Of course, everyone was so nice to her and welcomed her with open arms but it didn’t take away from the awkwardness.

Thankfully, she wasn’t alone in that feeling. The same day she’d joined the crew, someone else had joined the cast, playing a rather cranky redneck. But the actor himself, Norman Reedus, was completely different from his character, Daryl Dixon. He apparently liked working with Wendy the most because she was new like him and they had bonded over that.

Norman was such a sweetheart. Everything his fans said about him was a hundred percent true. He was goofy and weird and had the most wonderful smile that was contagious. And that was just a few of the many things that made Wendy fall for him. They hadn’t known each other for very long but they had such a good time together that everything progressed so quickly but it still felt natural. It didn’t feel rushed or wrong. By June, they were dating. By July, Wendy had her own drawer in his apartment where she was staying quite frequently.

They hadn’t told anyone about their relationship. And with Wendy’s new following on twitter and Instagram, that was definitely the way she wanted to keep it. She’d been guilty of snooping around the internet and she’d seen how some of Norman’s fans had spoken about his previous girlfriends and Wendy didn’t want anyone being so horrible to her. Did she care about what people thought of her? No, not really. But it still would hurt to see such mean things like that. No one could be possibly be bullet proof like that. Still, Wendy had such strong feelings for Norman and the feeling was mutual. Whatever they were doing was working so they kept it private.

Wendy was enjoying her days of sleeping in. Being on the show forced her to be awake at the crack of dawn and last week she was flying all over the place with Norman. Finally, the two of them were getting a break. She was enjoying it now because when May came back around, she would be saying good-bye to sleep for the next few months.

Norman was sleeping soundly beside her, his arm draped over his eyes. Wendy rolled over, pushing his hair off his forehead and kissing his scruffy cheek. Norman grunted as his eyes fluttered open and he stretched his arms above his head.

“Morning,” he groaned. He moved his left arm and wrapped it around Wendy’s waist, gently stroking her back with his fingertips, “How’d you sleep?”

“I slept great,” Wendy replied, glancing out the window, the curtains open just enough to allow a little sunlight to peek through, “I have to get back to my own apartment today though.”

“Why?” Norman asked, his arm wrapping tighter around her and pulling her closer.

“I’ve slept here so much, I ran out of clean clothes,” Wendy said. She climbed out of bed and reached for her jeans that were folded on top of Norman’s dresser.

“I have a washer and dryer,” Norman countered.

“That’s not the point,” Wendy giggled. Norman hugged her from behind and threw himself back, falling back into bed and taking Wendy down with him. Wendy squealed, playfully smacking Norman’s arms until he let go of her, “Norman! You’re crazy.”

Wendy stood up once more and Norman allowed it, sitting at the side of the bed as he watched her get dressed. Once she was all ready to go, she stood between his legs and ran her fingers through his hair.

“I’ll only be gone for a few hours,” she said, “And when I get back, we can give you a trim.”

“You seem to enjoy my hair,” Norman chuckled.

“I do,” Wendy replied, pushing all his hair back, “I can’t help it. Alright, I really do have to go. I’ll be back tonight and then I’m all yours the rest of the week.”

“The show premieres this Sunday,” Norman remarked, “You’ll be here for that?”

Wendy grabbed his face and crashed her lips onto his, “Of course I will. I wasn’t there for the first half so it’ll be fun seeing it with fresh eyes.”

“True,” Norman said.

As she picked up her duffel bag and her purse, she turned back to Norman and smirked, “Plus, I’ve gotta see how well my work held up!”

Norman had turned the premiere of The Walking Dead into an event. Wendy wasn’t surprised though. This was a huge moment for the two of them. It was new and exciting and for Wendy, it was her first major job. Her name would end up being in the end credits and she couldn’t wait for that.

“You’ve got popcorn,” Wendy said, holding up two glasses, “And I’ve got the wine.”

Norman took a piece of popcorn and popped it into his mouth, grinning as Wendy hurried into the kitchen, returning moments later with the bottle of wine. She flopped down on the couch beside him and started pouring, “I’m so excited. Can you tell my hands are shaking?”

“You’re fine,” Norman laughed, taking the bottle from Wendy’s hand, “Don’t be so nervous.”

“I don’t even know why I am,” Wendy muttered, “I didn’t even do anything on this episode.”

“Well, your moment’s coming up,” Norman said, kissing her cheek.

“This wine should loosen me up a little,” Wendy said as she started guzzling down her first glass of wine, allowing the sweet, tingly liquid slide down her throat. Norman did the same and refilled their glasses.

“I wouldn’t mind loosening up,” Norman said, sliding closer next to Wendy, handing her glass to her while his free hand slid up and down her thigh. Before she could look down at his hand, he pulled it away and lifted her chin, placing a delicate kiss on her lips.

“Hang on a second,” Wendy said, lightheartedly pushing him away with a giggle, “You’re in a real hurry, aren’t you? Don’t you wanna watch this episode first?”

“Yeah, I can wait an hour,” Norman mumbled, though he continued with kisses up and down her neck. Wendy tried to contain her pleasure since the episode would come on in less than a minute.

“Norman, if we’re gonna wait, you’re gonna have to stop,” Wendy mumbled, nearly lost in his kisses and in his touch as his hands slowly moved up her thighs, “I don’t want you to miss anything but in a minute, I won’t be able to resist.”

“You’re right,” Norman said, kissing Wendy’s lips one last time just as the episode was starting. He leaned back on the couch, holding Wendy close to him as she held the popcorn bowl on his lap, “Sorry, you just look so damn good tonight. But I’ll be patient. It’ll be worth the wait.”

Maybe it was the excitement of the premiere or of the future ahead of them or maybe it was just the wine kicking in but once the episode was over, the rest of the night was the best Wendy had ever spent with anyone. It was intense and it was sensual and she was so full of love it almost made her heart ache. And it got better in the weeks that followed. A week after the show premiered, it was renewed for another season. Everyone was responding to the new show so well. Wendy had such a wonderful new job and a loving, sweet, and caring boyfriend. Everything was working out in Wendy’s favor.

It was nearing Christmas now and Norman was working on their living arrangements for their stay in Georgia when they came back to start filming the second season. Despite it being their first Christmas together, they would be spending it apart. Norman would be with his son while Wendy would go back home to see her family. They hadn’t even told their own families about their relationship so they would have to do their own little Christmas on another day. With just a week left together before leaving for the holidays, they had some things to get done, which included their stay in Georgia.

“Wouldn’t it be cool to get a house out there?” Norman said, “You remember what it looked like. It was gorgeous, wasn’t it?”

“It really was,” Wendy said, “But the show is still so new. Maybe we should wait a little longer before we go and get a house.”

“I guess you’re right,” Norman said, “I don’t know, we’ll figure it out later. I’ve gotta get back to my apartment and finish packing. You need any help here before I leave?”

“No, I’ve got it,” Wendy said. She brought Norman to the front door and kissed him passionately, holding his face. Norman was surprised by the sudden show of affection but he didn’t fight it. He wrapped his arms around her waist and returned her kiss.

“Well thank you for that,” Norman said as Wendy pulled away and opened the door, “I’m really gonna miss you these next few weeks.”

“I’m gonna miss you too,” Wendy replied, “But soon, we’ll get back home and we’ll have our own little Christmas. Eventually, we’ll tell our family and friends about our relationship. Probably should in the next month considering our anniversary will be in June.”

“I’m surprised we’ve managed to keep it hidden this long,” Norman said, “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow morning and we’ll go to the airport together, okay?”

“Sounds good,” Wendy said, “I’ll see you tomorrow, sweetness.”

“See you.” Norman planted one last kiss on Wendy’s cheek before leaving her apartment, shutting the door behind him. She waited for a few minutes, listening to Norman’s footsteps getting quieter and quieter until they were gone. Wendy hurriedly locked the door and ran into her bathroom.

Wendy threw open her medicine cabinet, pulling out a plastic bag she’d kept hidden inside there for the past day, just waiting for Norman to leave. This was wrong. She should’ve told him. He should be here to go through this with her. She’d suspected for a while but a part of her thought it was all in her head and she wouldn’t have to deal with this.

But now, there were three pregnancy tests in her hands and if they all came up positive, she would have to deal with this. But, there were so many things to think about and it was all so terrifying. She never actually thought she would be sitting in her bathroom peeing on a stick. And something else occurred to her while she was taking the tests. Her relationship with Norman was still so new. It had barely been six months and no one even knew they were together. This was definitely not the plan she’d had in mind for her future with Norman.

Wendy refused to leave the bathroom while she waited for the results. It was as if she didn’t trust the tests to be accurate if she walked away from them. She just set a timer on her phone and stared at it, on the edge of tears. Why had she sent Norman home? This was too difficult to do this on her own. She needed him.

After a while, Wendy sat on the linoleum floor, hugging her knees to her chest and resting her head against her legs. How would it be to have a baby? She didn’t have any nieces or nephews. Her friends didn’t have children. She didn’t know anything about babies. The closest she’d ever come to holding a baby was in middle school when she had to take care of a baby doll for home economics class.

The alarm on her phone went off abruptly, making her jump. She scrambled back onto her feet and nearly slipped getting to the counter, “Come on, give me some good news. Please, just good news.”

Wendy leaned against the counter, looking down at the three tests lined up in a row. Her heart pounded against her chest as she focused on the three little plus signs staring back at her. Before she got those three positive results, she wanted to curl up in a ball and cry. But now, she wasn’t sure where her emotions were. All she knew now was that she needed to tell Norman what was going on.

She picked up the tests, gazing at the plus signs for a little longer before taking a deep breath and acknowledging it, “I’m…pregnant.”

Hope you like this first chapter! Let me know what you think <3

Rebelcaptain fic: take me out tonight (7)

Chapter 1 
Chapter 2 
Chapter 3 
Chapter 4 
Chapter 5 
Chapter 6 

Read on AO3 

Thanks yall for reading this fic and being patient after all this time. I love you guys. Also huuuuge thank you to @rogue-stars for letting me rant to ya and being overall amazingly supportive of this fic! xox 
(Also #sorry everyone) 

Chapter 7: let’s go out tonight 

The time to fight is now, she’d said.

Rebellions are built on hope, she’d said.

“What is the point in a rebellion,” Jyn fumed, storming through the base’s corridors. “when it refuses to rebel when it actually needs to?”

Bodhi, who was taking the brunt of her bitterness, continued to stay silent.

The Alliance High Council was deciding that inaction was the better course here than fighting. Of course it was! She should have known from the moment she had found out that their plan all along was to have her father terminated. They had never intended on hearing him out, and they certainly weren’t going to believe her now without some kind of proof, so naturally that left fleeing with its goddamn tail between its legs.

But there was a hunger in her. The entire flight back from Eadu, the need to see this through to the end had only grown until now, it was almost a necessity. She wasn’t going to die like Saw or her father, alone and regretful. She was going to fight hard, and fight dirty. She would prove the rebellion wrong, she would storm Scarif by herself if she had to! 

“We’re going to do it,” she’d murmured to Cassian, his arm slung around her shoulders as they’d tried to rest on their way back. “We’re going to get those plans, you’ll see.”

He’d pressed his lips to her hair, but hadn’t answered.  

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Texting Accident

* Thayne Jasperson × Reader
* Modern rpf
* Random idea from @omicronarmagedon

A/N: so no one requested this but I saw this prompt a while back. It was just collecting dust in my files so. I did get the idea from a different blog. From @omicronarmagedon, credit to them. And Thayne is my favorite under appreciated cast member.

Word Count: 1,236


You were sitting in your couch reading a book. It was a rare day off Broadway so you decided to spend it at home in your pajamas all day. Suddenly your phone buzzed. You quirked an eyebrow as you read the message preview.

Group: Broadway Fam

It was a group text that you were added to. It seems like Thayne created one. Dear Lord, what was he up to now?

Thayne: Guys? I need some advice…

Now this made you pause. You and Thayne had been close since day one. He often come to you first with questions or concerns or just to chat. Why was he consulting the group? You were about to ask what his problem was but Anthony beat you to it.

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anonymous asked:

How do you feel about the Sense8(most diverse show ever) cancellation

hm, I mean canning it on the first day of pride was fairly tasteless. I’ve heard a lot of anger that it’s about race or sexuality (the cancellation that is) but honestly I don’t think that’s it, at least not directly. I really do think it was about money, they were shooting on location over 30 countries which is a huge outlay of cash. To compare Stranger Things literally didn’t have a costume budget, everything they wear was found at Good Will. What’s more is the directors, Wachowskis are Hollywood big shots who can do whatever they like, Netflix likely had to pay them a lot to get their time.

Speaking of, Season 2 only had Lana Wachowski, her sister Lilly ducked out. I won’t say if maybe conflicts with the Wachowskis had anything to do with it, but having only half of them show up for the second season seems telling to me.

Some people have claimed Netflix didn’t promote Sense8 aggressively enough, but really from my media consumption it was always in the top 5, maybe second only to Stranger Things in shows I saw ads for. The Christmas special was inescapable. 

I’m conflicted about the show in and of itself. On the one hand it was a highly diverse cast, of different races (though of 8 people 4 were white, maybe 5 depending how on counts Lito) and sexualities. However, a lot of the racial, societal and sexuality questions seemed to be being addressed from a clearly white POV and from a clear sexual point of view. @holyromanhomo put all the problems with the characters much better than I could

my main issue is the issue I always have with the Wachowskis, they come up with a really good idea, and do the least interesting thing imaginable with it. 8 People from around the world from very different points of view now have to live together in the most intimate way imaginable. So is it a story of their struggle to widen their own narrow world views? the fight to improve each other’s lives? nope. It’s a boring plot about a creepy shadow government agency that is out to get them for poorly defined reasons, i.e. the plot of so many many other movies and shows.

plus the Wachowskis always take their freshman philosophy class stuff and act like they are the deepest most smart humans who ever walked the earth. I ended up fast forwarding through the long Wachowski monologues in season 2, which cut the show in half, I missed no plot points and the show was a lot more fun. But over all I would have liked it more to watch up standing working class cop Will struggle with the fact that Wolfgang is a no joke mobster who kills people, lots of people. Or the fact that Sun, Capheus, and Kala come from homophobic countries and are now sharing head space with a gay man and a lesbian, for that matter Will is a working class Irish catholic cop and Wolfgang grew up a working class Russian immigrant chances are good they’re homophobic (more likely transphobic). Or Lito, who’s built his career (and life) around being super masculine because of internalized homophobia, a fear of being seen as a “sissy” well now he’s sharing headspace with a “man” who “became” a woman (as Lito would likely see it) And hey we’ve got 6 people fairly well off by world standards, Kala is no joke married to a billionaire, why did no one send any money to Capheus? when the mob was after him and his mom was dying because she needed HIV meds? or why did it take till the end of season 2 to break Sun out of prison? and did she really have to ride around in her underpants for that last fight? that seemed… hm

So basically, it gets style points for HAVING diversity, even if the ways it used it were often a little iffy, and it gets a lot of points for having a great basic idea. It falls down by being about the least interesting thing you can do with the basic idea. Also in avoiding what the diversity means (conflict between characters) 

I think it’s possible that the show didn’t do as well as it might have done because white middle Americans were turned off by the gay sex, which to their credit was as graphic as the straight stuff (a rarity in TV), I don’t know if race played a role given that most of the characters were white, and Will, Wolfgang, Nomi, and Lito always had the most to do, while Sun and Kala had basically nothing to do, and Capheus was there to have fights in Season 1 and have a subplot that went no where in season 2. (in fairness no one was less useful than Riley Blue who I keep forgetting is alive) 

meh, paired with The Get Down it’s sad to see less diversity on the screens, is Sense8 in and of itself worth saving/seeing, I won’t say so, as part of a widening of the stories told on TV it was a step, not a perfect step, in the right direction. Hopefully Netflix moves forward with more diverse projects, but I think it’s worth understanding they’re a business. People have bitched about “13 Reasons Why” getting a second season. I agree, it was literally unwatchable, leaving aside the bad messaging it sends, it’s just not interesting or good. However, I’m sure enough people watched it to make it worth Netflix’s time to make more. Maybe the Wachowskis were always going to back out and Netflix didn’t want to do it without them, same with Baz Luhrmann. However equally, maybe the expense of flying all over the world to shoot a Hollywood movie budgeted show wasn’t covered by the viewership, same with The Get Down, a much smaller show, but maybe one that didn’t have the viewership, I mean it didn’t even trend on here (or Facebook) when it canceled, Sense8 did but again, that was a lot more money spent. 

I guess what I’m saying is, if you like shows like Dear White People, or One Day at a Time, watch them, rewatch them, watch parties likely aren’t effective because netflix just sees that as one person. Make buzz on social media about it, Also the OA has the only trans character male character on TV right now, Orange is the New Black, Grace & Frankie deals with coming out late in life. 

Most of all, if you don’t see yourself out there in media, make some. Write, draw, act, make your own movies and web shows, we live in a time where sharing that shit has NEVER been easier. If you’re sad that a show is gone make more, and I know easier said than done, and maybe it won’t be as good or whatever, but honestly being upset doesn’t change it, you can sign a netflix petition but I doubt that Netflix doesn’t know the viewership levels of the show, they know just how many people saw it. The only thing you can do is prove there’s a market for diversity be that racial, cultural or gender and sexuality, write make up film new and interesting characters that reflect you and what you want to see, share them, because it’s all you can do, you can’t wait for people in cold towers to green light stuff for you, shows like Sense8 or The Get Down came from a demand for them, they came because the people in the towers saw that those were stories they could sell, they failed because they didn’t sell quite well enough. Maybe the White people, maybe the straight people, weren’t ready to watch, we can change that, you can teach them better.

So don’t give up, and thanks for reading my ramble. 

Because I saw Altean!Lance on @achryathesecond (I hope you don’t mind me tagging you)

This is my idea/headcanon on Altean!Lance

  • Lance is Allura’s brother
  • King Alfor couldn’t put him into the sleeping pod with Allura and Coran when the Galra attack because he was too young?
  • I headcanon that Altean’s age differently than humans so being 1000 in Altean years could be equivalent to being 2~3 in Earth years (this headcanon will definitely fuck me up to calculate shit if I were to write this)
  • So Lance was only 1000~3000 years old whereas Allura was 8000~10000 years old
  • And to calculate the actual time the Blue Lion had been on Earth and how long Allura and Coran (plus the mice) had slept would be only be 20~30-ish Earth years
  • Anyways, when King Alfor sent the Lions to hiding, he wiped everyone’s memory of Lance to make sure no trace was left for Zarkon to find Lance (let’s just say that the Galra didn’t know that Alfor had a son)
  • Taking the idea that Alfor was the one who pilots the Blue Lion (credit to the person who came theorized this idea), he takes Lance with him to Earth and hides him there too
  • He wipes Lance’s memories of all the space shit including the fact that he was an Altean and all that relates and also does something to hide the marks under his eyes and his alien abiilities
  • Places him in an orphanage, I guess? Like I said the age headcanon will fuck shit up
  • Somehow, Lance just ends up being adopted and he spends his life as a ‘human’
  • Then all the canon stuff happens, he get into the Garrison, sneaks out with Pidge and Hunk, saves Shiro and finds the Blue Lion
  • And the reason why Blue reacted to him was not only because she (yes, I say Blue is a girl)  knows that Lance is capable to handle her but also the fondness to Lance since he’s the former Blue Paladin’s son. Alfor always brings his children on rides in Blue before the Galra attack
  • Of course Blue doesn’t forget Lance but she understands that Alfor’s wish was not to reveal the truth so she keeps quiet
  • So they go into space, flies to the castle, Allura and Coran wakes up, the Galra goes after the Lions
  • AND THEN all is revealed. This is where it diverges from canon plot
  • When he was the healing pod, the scans shows that he was Altean
  • Of course Allura and Coran finds out first because the scans are in Altean. They freaking confused to why the heck didn’t Lance say anything
  • They kept it a secret and waits for Lance to get out of the pod before saying anything
  • When Lance eventually comes out, they bombard him with questions (this is when the others find out he was an alien) and Lance is hella confused too
  • All of them try to figure things out searching the castle for answers  because the castle had all the information of it’s citizens
  • Ever since Lance found out that he was an Altean he really super focused on getting answers because he feels like he missed a huge chunk of his life due to the absence of memories of who he was before he woke up in the orphanage back on Earth
  • He ends up seeking comfort from Blue. What could be better than talking to a huge lion robot, right?
  • Blue feels a bit guilty and somehow feels like it was the right time to tell Lance
  • Turns out, Alfor had store his memories in Blue just in case one day Lance was to find Blue
  • So Lance goes down memory lane as Blue returns his memories along with a message from his father, part of it telling him where Allura’s and Coran’s memories are stored
  • Once Lance is finally out of the memory thing, the effects of whatever was hiding the marks under his eyes and his abilities vanishes. He’s also crying because he finally feels like he got his life back. And just imagine when Lance realises that he flirted with his own sister
  • He starts searching for the compartment in Blue where it held Allura’s and Coran’s memories. When he finds them, not only does he finds the capsules (yes. their memories are in capsules) but also a bunch of pictures. Ones with his Altean family. He cries harder at the sight of them
  • Lance grabs the capsules with a few pictures and starts running to find Allura and Coran
  •  They’re all shocked to see Lance and he burst in the lounge or where ever they were because he looks more like an Altean
  • They don’t get a chance to ask him as Lance starts explaining in rapid fire with no pause in between. Once he’s done though, they’re stunned with the new information
  • With the capsules, they head down to the cyropod where they extract the memories thing. If memories can be extracted then memories can be put back
  • Thus, mushy family reunion happens once they get their memories back

This is as far as I thought. I didn’t think it would be this long. Shit.

Might have some klance/shance/shklance stuff going on in between. I don’t know if I’ll write this. If anyone wants to write this go ahead but link me if you do.

Rhys Sees the Mating Bond (Rhys POV)

The brief scene in Chapter 46 at the end of ACOTAR where Rhys “calls” to Feyre to say goodbye and ends up fully seeing the mating bond between them before he disappears. I honestly wasn’t planning on writing this one until someone asked for it. It just has so much complexity and the original is so perfect, I didn’t want to disturb it. Sadly, I think of all my fics so far, I’m the least pleased with this one, so I feel kind of bad since this was a request, but hopefully it’s not too terrible, aghhh! I take zero credit for the dialogue or ideas behind this scene. Those belong 100% to Sarah J. Maas.

Be Seeing You

Morrigan was rapturous. The emotion I felt flood her mind when I sent her the mental message letting her know to expect me shortly was comforting. But I quickly shut off the link between our thoughts so that I could try to send another more important message. I’d deal with my cousin’s scorn at being cut short after fifty years of waiting later.

The midday sun as I waited for her felt glorious and I was the only one just then who knew it. The rest of the Mountain had either fled home the second Amarantha’s blood was spilt or were resting sound asleep below me. Often I’d come here when I wasn’t being kept to Amarantha’s bedside just to find a brief reprieve amid the chaos, a masochistic reminder that though I could not throw myself into the mountains off the balcony and fly, the ability to do so was still possible. It filled me with such hope some nights.

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anonymous asked:

i love your writing and your blog and i dont want to sound pushy or rude but i was wondering if you have any future plans for your sterek hp au? all of your fics and even little drabbles make my heart swell but that set just stuck in my head the most and i always wonder about it, thank you for doing what you do and being awesome!

year 1, day 1 | years 1 & 2 | year 3 | year 4 | year 5

year 6:

Their sixth year, Derek spends more time than ever in the library, fretting about N.E.W.T.s. He’s thinking tentatively about following in Stiles’ footsteps and setting his sights on a career as an auror. His marks right now are good enough for it, and he knows they’re looking to recruit more werewolves into the Ministry. Most of all, though, it’d mean working with Stiles.

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Study Partner: Part 14

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.5K
Warnings: Angst, swearing (lots), 

A/N: My first time writing Wanda’s POV, I hope I did okay!

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Part 1 // Part 13

After an hour of pacing in your room, and cursing out Tony, you finally calm down. And it dawns on you, Bucky had to be worried. You still hadn’t told him the true extent of your feelings for him, and after what Tony said, he’d be in his head about everything. Wondering if you still wanted to be with him.

Knocking on Bucky’s door, you feel your hands starting getting clammy and your heart is banging against your ribcage. After a few seconds of silence, Bucky’s door swings open, revealing him on the other side. You smile at him, but your face quickly drops as you notice his sombre expression.

“Hey, hey,” you coo, moving forward and wrapping your arms around him. When he doesn’t move, you step back, feeling rejected, and stare up at him, “What’s wrong?”

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Saving Mr. J (part 2)

You guys asked for it so here it is!! Sorry it’s a bit short but it’s just a filler chapter and I have an idea for part 3 but combining the two would’ve been too long. Have any suggestions for my future imagines? Message me anything including if you would like a part 3 to this series.

Summary: reader stays locked up in Mr. J’s house. During her imprisonment, she got closer to Mr. J and his mind. To his dismay, she was interested in his past unlike others who frankly made up crazy ass stories about how he became who he is today.

Word Count: 1364 words

Warning: language and bit of violence

Groaning, you groggily flutter your eyes open and inspect the walls around you. A sharp pain struck the back of your head which caused another moan of agony to leave your lips and you to instinctively grab the spot in pain. A wet substance hit your fingers. Drawing back your hand, you noticed the sticky liquid to be blood. Your blood.

Panic flood your body as you sharply stood up from the cold, hard ground where you were lying down in the unfamiliar room. Where am I? Breathing in deep, you shut your eyes and rested your ear against the icy cold metal door. All your ears picked up was silence. Abruptly, the door swung open causing your body to fall forward onto an object softer than the floor which you desperately clung onto.

“Well, well, well, you trying to feel me up, Doc?” An all familiar deep voice teased. Quick as a fly, you detached your hands from his well-formed body and increased the distance between the two of you while apologizing profusely- not wanting to get on his bad side.

“J-just out of curiosity, Mr. Joker, where am I and why am I here?” You asked timidly staring at the newly interesting ground.

“First of all, call me Mr. J. Second of all, I need a new doctor. Just recently I had to kill my current doctor ‘cause he was pissing me off and it just so happens that you are a quite skilled surgeon and my men have a habit of injuring themselves so you, doll, work for me now. As for where you are, currently, you are in my house.” His words shocked you to the core. How does he know I’m a surgeon? Probably looked through my purse and found my hospital ID. And I can’t disappear from my job just out of the blue. People will, hopefully, wonder where I’ve been. He could have any amazing doctor in all of Gotham, but he chose me. Probably just to contain me here so I don’t go blabbing to anyone and get the word out about the Joker getting “help” from a stranger or some other crazy reason that’s going through his psychotic mind.

Millions of thoughts were rushing through your brain you started to develop a headache. Suddenly you were erased from your thoughts and gripped forcefully on the upper arm, being dragged out of the dungeon-like room. Everything out of the room was so bright and luxurious. You couldn’t comprehend the number of hallways you turned until you stopped in front of a door and Mr. J released his death grip off your freshly bruised arm.

“This will be your office and workspace.”

The room was cool and seemed similar to the walk-in clinics patient rooms except with multiple exam beds, curtains for privacy, and loads of shelves and drawers containing medical equipment. Another three doors were in that room; a room leading into the ‘OR’, a bathroom, and your personal office. It was no hospital but it came pretty damn close to one.

“Alright now that you’ve gotten acquainted with the ‘medical wing’, time to go back into your room.”

Confusion struck you, “My room? You mean that cell?”

“I’m not letting you into one of the damn guest rooms since you could easily fucking escape.”

“Escape?! You have guards in every entrance and hallway. There is no way I can escape. Plus, how can I practice medicine between living in that contaminated room and entering a clean environment?” You pressed back, hoping to win this small argument.

“Enough. You’re heading back to your fucking room and that’s final. You don’t wanna make me angry, doll.”

“Ugh, can I at least have something to eat?” At this point, you were pissed, tired, and hungry- three horrible emotions combined.

“Fine.” He simply stated while gritting his teeth and led you into the kitchen after what felt like a 3 minute walk. You had to give him some credit though, his kitchen was stocked to the brim. Craving some pasta, you took out all the ingredients and equipment needed.

“Would you like some pasta, Mr. J?” You asked while boiling the water over the stove. He simply shook his head and told you that he had work to attend to while his henchmen watched over you. Since pasta wasn’t the only thing you were in the mood for you whipped up a quick batch of sugar cookies and popped them into the oven.

Once everything was cooked to perfection, you scooped yourself a plate of pasta with a soft drink on the side along with a pre-made salad. Because you made extra Italian food, you popped the leftovers in a plastic tupperware for Mr. J in case he wanted some later.

“What’s that smell?” Mr. J announced when strolling into the kitchen. You answered with a simple, “pasta.”

“No, that’s not it. It’s something sweet.” He sniffed the air like a dog causing a giggle to erupt from your throat.

“Sugar cookies, you want some?” You walked up to him and lifted up a plate with the delicious dessert still steaming from coming fresh out the oven.

“Hell yes.” He snatched up a cookie and munched on it, emitting a moan of delight.

“You have a sweet tooth?” You murmured under your breath, staring in awe as he took another bite. Who knew the Joker had an eye for sweets? Turns out that he heard you and nodded his head to your question.

“Do either one of your parents have one as well?” The moment those words left your mouth you knew it was a personal question. The silence filled the room and you secretly wished you never asked.

“Um… my mom.” He whispered in a hushed tone. You were surprised that he even answered. It was obviously a personal question as you’ve never heard anything about the Joker’s parents. But for some reason, you were curious about him and wanted to know more.

“Are you close with her?” Trying to carefully ask questions without causing a big scene.

“I was.”

“Was? D-did she pass away?” His eyes went from distant to anger in a split second.

“Why the fuck do you care so much?! Are you my fucking psychiatrist?!” He seethed with fury and balled his hands into fists.

“I’m curious. I just want to know more about the man who kidnapped me!” You snapped back, sick of cowering away from Mr. Primadonna. A loud smack echoed the room as you fell onto the floor on impact.

“You don’t get to fucking question me you bitch, I own your ass! Frost get this shit out of my kitchen and put her back into her cell.” A hand harshly gripped your upper arm and lifted you off the ground, leading you back into the grimy space called your room.

Once the man named Frost and you reached your room he warned you not to anger Mr. J or it might just be the last thing you do. You simply rolled your eyes and slammed shut the metal door, locking yourself in said room. Softly, you rested the palm of your hand against the forming bruise on your cheek. As soon as the stinging sensation flood your face, you retracted your hand and fell onto the dirty ground with tearing welling up into your eyes. This is what it’s going to be like living with The Clown Prince of Crime. What did I get myself into?

tiny twink looking 4 big dicked daddy

Levi posts an ad on craigslist in the personals section. Somehow, he’s lucky enough to get Erwin. (nsfw, daddy kink)

This is stupid. This is so stupid. I’m going to get murdered. Shit-

Levi’s thoughts were racing as he stood outside his hook-up’s apartment - Smith was the guy’s name, right? - trying to build up the courage to knock on his door.

Admittedly, posting an ad on craigslist at four in the morning three days ago titled ‘tiny twink looking 4 big dicked daddy’ probably hadn’t been his brightest idea, but actually responding to one of the messages he’d gotten and going to the dude’s house wasn’t either.

Here he was though, on his fucking doorstep because he’d been hot in his picture and polite in his e-mails. Physically, he appeared to be exactly Levi’s type: tall, blonde, athletic, and older than him, but not too old.

Not in his 60’s like the gross, wrinkly bald guy who had messaged him. Levi shuddered thinking about it. No thank you.

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Summoning Candyman Ch. 3 (Jumin X Reader fanfic)

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Rating : M 
Summary: “Jumin Han, Jumin Han, Jumin Han” you repeated in front of the mirror. When you wished for Jumin to be real on Halloween night, you didn’t expect him to turn out to be a criminal lord with a strange pet fetish… 
Keywords: Super AU, self-insert, loss of control kink, pet kink, creepy dominant Jumin, criminal setting, yandere, also some Yoosung X Seven and Jaehee X Zen
Author’s Notes: I’m so happy I’m able to deliver this today! Go on and read, my friends, forget the depressing reality and dream of sexy creepy criminal lords successfully luring you into their trap ;) Enjoy!

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2

Chapter 3: An offer you can’t refuse

Eight missed calls from Jehan Quinn announced your phone when you turned it back on, and you blushed in pleasure. He must have tried to reach you all night long, which was further proof in your book that he truly cared about you.

Strong with this feeling, you didn’t go straight back home after work the next day. Instead, you went to the Weston Mall to shop for some basic cosmetics and shoes. It was possible to afford some now with the little disposable income eating Jehan’s food let you save, and you wanted to be prepared for whenever he wanted to see you. The dress deserved to be matched with high heels, and while you weren’t confident in all your attributes, you knew you had pretty eyes. Some nude matte shadow and a coat of mascara would do wonders to enhance them subtly. Jehan had made it clear he preferred a natural look when you two had discussed your favourite actresses, and you wanted to put all the chances on your side.

Speak of the devil, you thought happily as your phone rang. It was rare he called unless you texted him first.

“Hi, Jehan! How are you?”

Why aren’t you home yet?” came the annoyed reply, but you were more puzzled by his question. How did he know you were not home yet? Was he tracking you through your phone GPS? That sounded a bit extreme.

“I’m…shopping? Alone” you specified. After that fiasco with the tea, you were not about to commit the same mistake of letting him misunderstand. “I-I bought some stuff to be pretty in the dress” you admitted shyly, twirling a lone strand of hair around your finger.

“I see. That’s okay, then” he said, much more gently. He hadn’t commented much yesterday, but you got the vibe that he was pleased with your excitation to wear it. “But you should have let me know. I was worried when I didn’t receive your text for the new box” he explained, and you wanted to smack yourself. Of course that’s how he knew you weren’t home! What did you imagine earlier? Maria’s spiel was getting to you.

“Sorry. I won’t forget next time” you promised contritely.

“Do you know how adorable you sound when you apologize to me?” he replied, his voice sliding like pure velvet in your ears. It made you want to confess sins you didn’t commit just to have him praise you again. “It’s getting late now. I’ll send you a cab.” 

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