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Sons of Lawrence #16

Summary:  Sons of Anarchy meets Supernatural. In this AU, the Winchesters run the most notorious biker gang in Lawrence. They traffic illegal drugs, weapons, and anything else that makes them money and keeps them on top.
Characters in this chapter: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Crowley, Jo Harvelle, Mary Winchester,Balthazar, Michael, Gabriel
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Female Reader

Word Count: 2,104
Warnings: Language, casual drug use, angst, someone gets stabbed.
Author’s Note: This series isn’t going to be light and fluffy. It will include explicit language, explicit sexual content, casual use of illegal drugs, explicit canon typical violence.
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With the tension thick in the air, everyone took their seats at the table quickly. Dean sat in John’s chair and started the meeting in the same manner as his father; skull ring tapping on the table.

There was no point in beating around the bush. “Dad’s been put into a medically-induced coma,” Dean admitted, his voice weary from keeping his emotions under control. There were murmurs of confusion, so you elaborated further.

“With the bullet’s location, placing him in the coma was the only choice they had. It sounds like a death sentence, but believe me when I say that it’s John’s only chance of survival,” you added quickly, hoping to keep the gang from getting riled up.

Several men turned and glared at you darkly. “Where were you when he got shot?” demanded Balthazar, his accented-voice dangerously low.

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Zero's House - Tuesday, 1:20pm

“Look, Vampire, I came here to talk to Zero. Now, where is he?”

“That’s great, Wolf girl, but you still failed to tell me who you are and how you got in here!”

Just then Zero came walking out of the bathroom. Once he saw Xana and Sado nearly in each others faces, he quickly stepped in between them. Not only were the two women born under the Taurus sign, but they were both fiesty. A fight could break out if he didn’t stop them.

“Whoa! Stop, stop!”

“I came over here to talk to you and this girl nearly had a stroke.”

“This girl?! Learn some respect!”

“Basta! Xana, this is Sado. Sado, this is my sister, Xana.”

“Sister? I thought you only had a brother.”

Behind The Story S2 | Pt. 7

Summary: They say things never go as planned and oh were they right. When you are giving a second chance in life, you’re only just begun to live. A baby girl came to the world but it doesn’t mean their road is over yet. The story about their relationship and family while shooting Supernatural and attending Conventions continues…

Author: sleepywinchester [prev. deanwinchester-af]

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 1.1k

Warnings: Fluff.


Title: Feels Like Home

A/N: I know I’ve been lacking on updates for this story and I’m really sorry. I really am. It’s just that lately I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired. I don’t know where to take this even though I do know things I want to happen. I wanna ask for a favor; send me headcanons of this story? Maybe things you want to read happening. If you’re an angst lover, please, do send me something. Anything. I want to start writing more and more but the ideas I have are only drabbles materials. That would work if you guys would like me to turn this into a drabble series. I would do that. Idk. I really need y’all’s help with this one. I don’t want to stop writing this until at least chapter 20-25. Idk. Maybe I just need love about this fic from y’all.


“Um… Babe?”

“Yeah?” You spoke back walking across the hall and into your room to place JJ’s bag. Once the bag was next to yours and Jensen’s, you went back into the nursery. Jensen’s tone was weird and if you didn’t knew him well enough, you’d say he was slightly scared. Getting JJ out of the crib and with Jules following your steps closely, you strolled into the living room.

Jensen sat in the larger sofa with a script on hands. You walked around the couch, the little girl in your arms watching Jules, extending her small hand towards the dog.

You cocked an eyebrow, “What’s wrong?”

“Um,” Jensen licked his lower lip, clearing his throat and adjusting himself in the seat. “Have you read the final’s script?” He hold the script on the air, his head tilted to the side.

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Now I love the idea of Camren but can't ignore other possibilities. You know why Lauren may hate Camren. Imagine being relentlessly shipped with a girl you lowkey legit crush on while you're still in the closet and know she's 100% straight and unavailable. Imagine this straight girl realizing you have a crush on her. Imagine fans realizing it. Imagine overreacting super hard to deflect your sexuality. Imagine the straight girl staying silent to not hurt you even worse. Just thoughts. 👀

Yes definitely. I’m all for all angles. I love to deconstruct and dissect shit. So that’s also possible.

But on the other hand, can we really dismiss Camila’s side of the story? Lauren wasn’t the only one who looked at Camila a certain way. And their indirects were basically a conversation if you put them together.

Lmao I’m laughing coz I know Camren is dead and shit, but this mystery is legit one of the most intriguing and addicting shit I have ever indulged myself in. And I’ve been into mysteries and history and all that geeky stuff since I was a kid 😂

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I imagine in Gotham there would be lots of kids called Robin/Robyn/ however else you spell it and Damian would be really annoyed when he goes to school to find out that half the kids are called it

Damian tried not to slouch in his seat in the back of his 8th grade homeroom. They were seated alphabetically, Damian was very happy he’d enrolled under “Wayne” not “al Ghul”. Since there were no Xs or Ys and only one Z (Aaron Zabotinsky) Damian was in the back row of seats. In his homeroom so far on the first day of school there were four Robins. Three girl “Robyns” and one boy “Robin” 

He marked each one of them, drawing flying knives in his note book every time one of their names were called. He hated them, he was never going to speak to any one of them, never even acknowledge, and he would do anything to avoid getting trapped in a dreaded group project with any Robin or Robyn. Damian looked at them, skinny preppy rich kids in their Gotham Academy blazers, not a one of them would last 10 minutes in a Batcave training.

It was bad enough that his brothers insisted on reminding him he wasn’t the only Robin. At least they however wouldn’t totally embarrass themselves in a fight, these children however. It had been Jason who’d pointed out the phenomenon to Damian about a year into him being Robin. Of course it had been Todd, he always liked to annoy Damian. Robin and Robyn had been in the top ten most popular boys and girls names for nearly 15 years.

By lunch time Damian had been two 3 classes not counting homeroom, there’d been Robins and Robyns in each one. He found and empty table and flopped down pulling out his lunch, he’d insisted to Pennyworth he would just eat the school food. That idea had been violently vetoed by the butler with vocal support from father and each of his brothers. Looking around at the plastic trays with sad looking mashed potatoes, strange gray meat that might have been steak or roast beef, and green peas he was rather glad for his brown paper bag. 

Damian carefully unpacked his vegetarian lunch, a watercress sandwich on whole grain bread, a green fruit drink, chips, and a few of Pennyworth’s homemade cookies. “Hey do you mind if I sit here?” Damian did mind. Looking up he nearly spat the question before really seeing the boy who’d asked. “Why?”

The boy shuffled nervously, he was maybe a little taller than Damian, most of the boys were. He had very green eyes, pale skin and freckles, he had long messy red hair falling into his face. His uniform didn’t seem to fit quite right, or he wasn’t comfortable in a jacket and tie. A scholarship kid Damian thought, which was followed by the unwelcome thought that the boy was cute. “Um well you’re new too right?” Damian barely nodded “and uh I thought us new kids should stick together” 

against his better judgement Damian found himself nodding. “alright sit down” The boy looked unbelievably grateful as he sat down and plopped his disgusting looking school lunch onto them table. “So how are your classes?” The boy asked clearly still nervous. Damian never needed friends but he understood that other people weren’t that way, being alone in a strange place must be scary for him. “unbelievably dull and subpar. It’s incredible the price they charge our parents to have a bunch of barely awake adults, and I use that term loosely, to either drone at us or treat us like children, it’s embarrassing” The boy looked at him blankly and flutter of worry hit Damian’s chest. Some times, a lot of the time if he was honest, he got social situations like this wrong, talked too much or too little said the wrong thing, or used the wrong tone. He hoped he hadn’t ruined things so quickly

His new friend broke out laughing. “wow dude you don’t hold back do you?”

“why would I?” the boy smiled and that weirdly made Damian feel good. He had to make sure Drake never found out about that he thought trying not to smile back at the red headed boy. They talked through the rest of lunch, they had a shared art class last period and agreed to sit together there, if it was allowed. Damian was right he was a scholarship kid, felt awkward about it. Damian found he was nearly relaxed around this boy, strange since he rarely felt at ease.

The bell rang and they got up as the boy hustled to bus his tray Damian realized something. “Hey! I never told you my name” The boy turned and gave him a big smile. “I know who you are, Damian Wayne, you’re the most famous kid in this town” Damian mentally kicked himself, his friend was right, he was famous. “Oh well then what’s your name?” 

still smiling his friend said “Robin Jackson, see you in art!” and he was off leaving Damian rooted to the spot. 

Club Mirage 03

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Smut
Rating: M
Written by: xoxoTheQueenOfHearts

The walk home was quiet and short given the fact that your campus isn’t that far. Though you when you got home you didn’t realize your panties were soaked. ‘What the hell..’ you thought to yourself when you were changing your clothes. As you lay in bed, your mind rotates on replay of the events inside that room.

His simple but yet erotic touches were enough to get you wet and he wasn’t even doing anything. Just the thought of it being Jimin, your crush since a long time was giving you this weird electric feeling in the pit of your stomach but you also knew he probably only saw you as just another girl on his bedpost. And that harsh reality was depressing. So when you were getting bothered by the thought, you blocked it out and closed your eyes.

The next day, you rolled around your place being lazy. The first thing you did was take a shower and clear your mind. As hours passed, the time was getting close. You hadn’t heard from F/N all day so you questioned whether you should go or just stay home. You sighed.

You threw on something similar to what F/N wore yesterday and headed out. When you got to the Club Mirage, the bodyguard must have recognized you because he handed you a white mask. It startled you that he could remember from just a small moment. With shaky clammy hands, you grabbed the white mask he offered and immediately put it on as you walked inside.

The room you were in yesterday when you signed the papers, was gone. You swore the room you were standing in was that room, only it wasn’t. This room was a big curtain sized room as if everyone was sharing their intimate acts in an open room. How can a room like that change so fast? Maybe that’s why it was name Mirage. You would never admit it, but you thought it was cool.

“You shouldn’t wear something like that.” A voice came behind you.

You turned around to see who owned the voice. Jimin. You bit your lip. “Why not?” You asked him.

He gripped your wrist and leaned in as if he was going to kiss you so you closed your eyes waiting.


So you opened your eyes to see him towering over you with a smirk plastered on his face. He never answered your question. “Let’s begin our lesson.” He started as he tugs you back to the room you were in last night.

“Strip.” He demanded as soon as you stepped inside the room. His aura immediately changed the moment he came into the room. When you just stared at him, he barked at you. “I’m not going to tell you again Y/N.”

You jump from his tone so you removed the white mask and unzipped your dress to the point it would fall easily to the ground. You stepped out of your heels and sidestepped your clothes. You stood there exposed. Vulnerable. You met his intense stare as you watched him remove his mask but he remains clothed. You share this silent erotic moment together as you watch his eyes dance across your figure, licking his lips. And then he slowly stalks forward to you. Your gaze follows him.

Jimin grazes a hand down your body sending shivers across your body as he snakes his hand across and down your back just before he holds his hand firmly still on your right cheek. Your breath hitches in your throat.


You leaned forward a little. “Ow! That hurt Jimin!” You whinced as you went to massage where he just spanked you but he swats your hand away.

“It’s supposed to hurt but it’s also pleasureable.” He tells you as he turns around to the wall that hung the weird items you noticed last night. You didn’t see what he grabbed from the wall but when he came back, you stared at the item in his hand. “I’m going to study you.” He says.

You looked at him strangely. “S-Study me?” You question him as he brought the blindfold out in front of him.

“As part of being submissive, I need to know your body’s limit. In other words, I need to know what you can endure in order for you to submit properly.” He educates you. He places the blindfold over your eyes.

Black. Your sight gone.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. He doesn’t make a sound but you know he’s in the room and with the blindfold on taking away from your vision, you begin to panic. The intense awareness. You could hear him chuckle from what sounded like behind you. You turn around and hold your arm out to touch him.


“Jimin?” You whispered, but you didn’t move. Silence. You chose your hearing as an advantage. If you listened carefully, you could hear him laughing quietly to himself. “J-Jimin…please say something..” you voiced out of nervousness.

And then you feel his presence in front of you. “I haven’t even done anything and the blindfold already has you riled up. Relax.” He tells you as he pulls you into him just to remove the blindfold from your eyes. “I want to see your face.” He whispers before he pushes you to bend over the couch. “Remember your safe word.”

You grip the headrest of the couch as you were bending over it. You felt one of his hands move down your back. You could feel his hot breath on your neck as he applied soft butterfly kisses on your skin. The hand on your back was now snaking its self further down but he remained on your neck and ear. His hand stilled, resting on your core. You froze, tensing up.

“Relax Y/N. Submit your mind and body to me.” He whispers against your ear. He rubs your clit in small erotic circles. You quietly moaned beneath him. Slowly submitting yourself to him. Jimin moved his butterfly kisses down your back until he was now kneeling behind you, spreading your lower half apart. You blush. “Do not move.” He warns you.

And you don’t. You’re too scared and then his lips are kissing your core. Not rough. No. It was sensual. The type of way a lover treats you right before they make love to you. He flattens his tongue across your core as he laps you up. He devours you slowly and sensually before you felt the most forbidden thing. He slipped a finger into your wet core. You can hear his slurping and sucking. The noise itself turning you on. You moan quietly. You then start to feel this electric feeling in the pit of your stomach. He adds another finger slowly. The stretch was tight and you gripped the headrest and arched your arched your back. He never moved. You were about to come undone when he pulled away as you were left whimpering at the loss of contact.

He hands you your clothes and mask. “First assignment and be a good girl. Do not relieve yourself.” He warns you and left you there fuming in rage.


While You Were Sleeping | Full Gorge (Pearl C. Hsiung)
While you were sleeping, we stopped by artist Pearl C. Hsiung’s solo show ‘Full Gorge’ to check out her new paintings and installation at the Visitor Welcome Center gallery (LA). Not only did we love the vibrant color gradients, flattened surfaces, and use of paint, but also the fluidity and fun of her newest “gorge-ous” work.

Check out ‘Full Gorge’ which runs till June 24th at Visitor Welcome Center

Photographs and words by MCH

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i cut off this guy that i used to talk to cause i could tell he wasnt serious and just wanted to have sex and i know i deserve better...but now im kinda sad any advice on how to distract myself?

Yes you do deserve better but Honey… Why are you sad over a guy who only saw you as a sexual object 🤔 Did he know what your dreams/passions were, did he ask if you ate everyday, did he take you out on dates, did he care for you in a mental way, did he know how to make u smile when u were sad, did he know you mentally.. did he know ur spirit? Girl he dont give a fuck about you! He is not sad about you! Why are u sad over a guy who couldnt tell you from the next girl? That is so toxic you need to sit and look at it for what it is! He wanted pussy and then he wanted to go to the next girl. You are not sad at the fact hes gone, you didnt even know him on a soulful/deep level. You are sad at the fact that u became attached and it feels weird not talking to him lol. U need to realize that ure sad because of the idea of where u wanted the relationship to go. U did not know this nigga and he didnt know you. If he knew you and fell inlove with u and did you good then u wouldnt have cut him off.. first step to distraction is to realize that. U need to start working out, taking care of ur skin, focus on what you eat. Do romantic things with yourself. Treat yourself like you want to be treated in a relationship. Take urself out, go get ur nails/hair done. Go make some money and save it up. Focus on self. U will find someone who wants u equally and it take time. but first u need to let that shit go

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Did Eric and Dylan have minority friends? This includes women and LGBT+ people.

strongly agree | *agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

*not LGBT+.  That was not even A thing in 90′s white bread suburban high schools other than ‘gay’  'Fag’ was used regularly all across the board for anyone not liked. You can only imagine the stigma there would be for being inclusive with ‘in between’ type friends.  The boys were hyper masculine to compensate for being called ‘fags’ on a regular basis.  Therefore, friends needed to be either two varieties: girls that liked boys and boys that liked girls.  


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What they asked for: Bruce banner, mutant, “anti-hero actually.”

Bruce along with the other Avengers currently sat in a small smoothie shop a few blocks away from the Avengers tower happily chatting away, glad to finally have a day off. Only a few people were inside of the shop either with friends, on the phone or with their loved ones when suddenly a three hydra agengs came in with the guns,
before anyone could react one of the hydra agents grabbed a small child by the hair who was with her family until she was grabbed.
“Nobody moves or the girl gets it.” Stated one of the agents the Avengers could clearly see the scared look upon the young child’s face. “Avengers I see you are here, aren’t you gonna save the poor child.” Another one of the agents mocked them. Bruce stood up which caused the agent with the gun to press it harder toward the child’s head and Natasha to grab a hold of Bruce’s arm to stop him from doing anything stupid.
“Now that we know we have you’re attention, you all will leave us alone and we will walk out there with the girl and you will not follow us got it?!”
As much as the Avengers hated to say it they said ‘fine.’ Why? They didn’t want the child to get hurt.
Just as the hydra agents made it into the car with the girl and drive a few distance the Avengers ran out of the shop staring the car.
A (h/c) haired women saw what had happened from a distance and walked into the street, the car now was heading in her direction. She lifted a black gloved covered hand when suddenly the car crashed. Almost like into a invisible wall. The women walked up toward the now stopped car and saw the injured agents, one who just so happened to not be knocked out pointed his gun toward her as the little girl let out a scream in fright the women waved her hand and suddenly the agent’s neck was snapped. The (h/c) haired women opened the crumpled door and grabbed the young girl who now held onto her body tightly. She walked back toward the shop were some people were recording and a shocked group of Avengers stood.
“Mommy, Daddy!”
The child cried out, jumping from the women’s arms toward the ground running toward her parents awaiting arms.
“How did you do that miss?”
“What are you?”
“Are you a hero?!”
“What’s you’re name?!”
So many questions were bombed toward the women but one caught her attention causing her to let out a small chuckle. She realized it was not only the customers asking her questions but also Dr. Banner.
“It’s apart of my mutation.”
“A mutant.”
“(Y/n) is the name.”
“Anti-hero actually.”

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Ive been crushing on one of my best friends for 5 years now. I'm super bi, she's not :) like wtf do I do??? Ahhhh I need advice, or like a love Potion or something. Do u have either?

I mean, in the past all of the girls I’ve been with were technically “straight” a few of them even broke up w their boyfriends for me. Sexuality has nothing to do with it. Just be yourself and be the dope ass person you are. U can’t force anything so if it doesn’t happen then move on. Don’t wait. Only go up u got this. Focus on now

She’s the betta half of the two

heartbreak chronicles {1} | M


Contains: bad crack, smut {fuckboy!jimin}

Words: 10,164

Summary: Park Jimin had it all — good grades, a place as the soccer team’s captain and, more than that, the broken hearts of at least half the campus’ population. Though, one thing he did not have was someone willing to break his heart and, after you were dragged inside a miraculous plan to play that part, the last thing counted on was the preposterous idea that, perhaps, you could fall for him as well.

[img cr]

A/N: I tried out a “lighter” writing style for… whatever this is. Hope you guys like it! | This fic is based on the movie “John Tucker must die” | SUB!BTS COLLAB

The girl’s request echoed on the warm air of your living room, dancing on silence as your body was covered in shock. For an instant, you truly believed you had misheard her words, replacing them for something much more unrealistic. Regardless, as the quietude fell like a blanket over the two of you, you noticed, at last, that your friend could not be more serious. “You want me to do what?” You finally asked, flabbergasted.

The night had started normally — and that was all that you could ever wish for. All that you wanted was to rest after an exhausting week, merely putting your your pajamas and watching shallow TV shows until your tiredness forced you to go to sleep. You wanted to get some pizza and gossip with your roommate about the most frivolous of subjects, allowing for the storm of stress and unfinished projects to disperse from around your head.

However, she had a different idea of how that night would unfold. “We want you to break his heart,” Lisa told you with utter serenity, as if the words that had left her mouth were no more than mundane. “Thought that was quite clear.”

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Company Stan Facts

Big Three


  • Biggest question… What does the SM stand for? Stans know
  • SMTown
  • SMRookies
  • The Basement KunSol are you guys in there???
  • Probably messes up their hip joint dancing to Ring Ding Dong
  • Justice for all of F(x)
  • Variety Legends (SuJu alone proves that)
  • Usually don’t play well with YG stans
  • The cloud background is nostalgic also Shinee’s Lucifer dance practice is legendary
  • Chinese members are protected like crazy because the actual company seems to not care about them
  • Invented lawsuits and being sued (JYJ only winners there) literally has a controversies section on wiki
  • Any artist that left them is pretty much taboo for music shows
  • Brought about over half of the pioneering kpop groups just saying
  • Has successful girl groups they seem to forget about like seriously barely any dance practices, solo concerts, or fandom names for years
  • NCT are our new boys and we love them, but really what the fuck is this Neo Culture Technology system were you high when you thought of it SooMan


  • He failed when it came to Wonder Girls they should’ve stayed together
  • *whispers* JYP aka an iconic line
  • “You mean JYP or Park Jinyoung” (two different people in that context)
  • Waiting for 15&
  • Praising based gods for Every Day6
  • Stans get along with SM or YG stans
  • JYP Family aka Dad JYP and his meme children
  • Can probably dance all of Miss A’s songs not as good as Bambam though
  • Collective embarressment over JYP’s “Who’s Your Mama?” video
  • Stans are divided on whether they like the title tracks JYP produces or not
  • Wonders why 2AM hasn’t officially disbanded even though all the members work with other companies
  • Speaking of 2AM… bow down to the true Queen, Jo Kwon
  • Hardcore Twice defenders
  • Divided on whether Somi would’ve been a good addition to Twice


  • Hip Hop is life
  • The Dungeon aka why you can barely see during the dance practice videos
  • Sechskies are gods
  • Epik High are legends
  • Playful with JYP but SM…that’s a no
  • The songs have dances…but do they really?
  • Real PSY stans are in abundance
  • Had to deal with too many scandals at one time protection squads through the roof
  • Equal questioning and love over TOP’s instagram but we all got emotional when he started posting again
  • 2NE1, Minzy, and Park Bom deserved better
  • Taehyun deserved better
  • If they aren’t promoting in Korea, then they are in Japan for who knows how long
  • Support of CEO Seungri
  • Solo work rivals their own groups
  • Probably cries everytime they hear Lee Hi’s angel vocals
  • Wonders when focus will be put back onto IKon, Winner, AKMU etc oh seems it took a disbandment and enlistment

gifset aesthetic = jughead jones ♡ to someone on the outside, peering in, it would’ve looked like there were four people in that booth. but i was there, and i can tell you. really, there were only three. a blonde girl, a raven-haired girl, and the luckiest red-headed boy in the universe. for one shining moment, we were just kids.

Guys My Age (2)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 4K

Warnings: SMUT. NSFW gifs. 

Summary: You’re playing truth or dare with the Avengers when Nat asks you when the last time you got laid was  and Sam dares you to pick a song that perfectly grasps why you haven’t had sex in so long.

A/N: Enjoy the smot. And please use protection people. Better safe than surprised. I think this is dirtiest fic I’ve written so far.

Permanent tag list: @meganlane84

Part 1

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Theory time.........

There was something about this whole narrative, that wasn’t adding up for me. I was having a hard time putting my finger on it, then Camila released that description about her album, and it started making more sense.

They want us to believe, this whole narrative took place in 2016, but when you remember back and realize, the 2016 narrative was just a revamped version of the 2015 narrative, it all begins to fall into place.

Everyone latched on to that July 4 2016 Brazil snap, of her alone, writing in a hotel bathroom, while the girls were out celebrating together, as the time she began writing “I have questions”. That’s exactly what Management hoped you’d do. If one paid attention though, you would see that the more important snap happened back in October 2016. She snapped a photo of her writing in a bathroom, with the caption ”destroyed”. First, July - October does not equal 6 months, no matter how crappy your math is. Second, the 7/27 tour was coming to an end, and with that caption, I actually think, that is when she finished writing “I have questions”.

The only tour date they had in early 2016, was Dubai. So, unless she started writing it in a Dubai potty, the rest of early 2016 was spent promoting WFH. She stated she started writing that song, “a little over a year ago” while on tour. I think her “a little over a year ago” means the last few months of 2015, September-November. That she eventually had to face her problems, and she finally went back to the lyrics she started from the year before, and finished the song, then wrote a sad song every day until she got sick of writing sad shit. That song seems to be a catalyst for her, and I’m thinking it probably  “destroyed” her to finally finish it.

Camila was asked recently, in an interview, when her anxiety showed itself and started becoming a real problem for her. Her answer was, 2015. Everything started in 2015. Her anxiety, the fucking narrative, the division, EVERYTHING!!

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Tantalizing: 01 02
Ship: Jungkook | Reader
Description: Back in high school, you were nothing more than a nerd Jungkook wanted to deflower, to get a good fuck from. When he sees you at the club, though, things have changed drastically, and his dominance starts to teeter on the edge.
Warning: Cumplay, Degrading Names, Angst, Intercourse, Oral, Orgasm Denial, Thigh Riding
Word Count: 5,965

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“If people are meant to be, no matter how far they drift, they find their way back”

Maybe it was our time to fall apart, maybe the world saw I was falling too hard, falling too young and it needed to be stopped immediately, or maybe we truly are just not meant to be together.

But I can’t seem to shake the feelings, I can’t seem to shake the memories or the words we said. We were everything that a girl dreams of, maybe I was stupid for dreaming that we could last, maybe I was so in love I ignored every sign pointing me away from you or maybe for once in my life, I’m right. Maybe for once, I know exactly what I’m doing, exactly what I’m talking about.

I don’t believe that two lovers, as strong as us, could just be a lesson in life. I don’t believe that God placed us together to teach us something because the only thing I’ve learnt is that I’m totally madly in love with you.

That’s no lesson to me, I haven’t been taught anything, you haven’t finished your purpose in my life. I believe the lesson you’ll teach is that if people are meant to be, no matter how far they drift, they find their way back.

It’s not over for me, it’s not even close. I can still picture our future, I see it every night in my dreams, so to hell to everyone who says it’s not going to happen. I feel it, in my bones, in my heart, in my gut, I can feel the power of my love for you and I can’t seem to let it go. I’m not staying by choice, my hearts drawn to you.

And maybe I’m wrong, maybe we were meant to fall apart and stay apart, maybe we weren’t right and maybe you have taught me an invisible lesson.

But I’m going to hold onto the idea of me being right, and whatever comes next, good or bad, I’ll take full responsibility for it.

I’m in love with you, and I think you’re still in love with me.