if you were the only girl

You went after me despite the fact my dad hated you.
I remember how your embrace felt like going home.
But years after….everything changed.

“I love you.”
You used to tell me this every day.
Yet you never showed it.
Like a broken record.
Maybe it was me.
Maybe it was you.
Maybe I just assumed you were telling the truth.

“I love you"is kinda overused.
Like the time you said I was the only one.
But you had another girl thinking she was the only one too.
Or the time you said “I love you” but after that you would constantly make me cry.

Honestly I loved you a lot.
Like genuinely.
But I guess it was only my heart telling the truth.
You loved the worst parts of me.
And I did love you that way too.
But I had to let you go.

Sometimes we pretend we don’t see the truth in order to drown out the hurt.
We assume the hurt is okay because we’ll rather feel this way than lose each other.
But I’m sorry.
Loving you made me unlove myself.

I want to forget you.
I want to rip you off the page of my book.
There will always be a gap in between chapters.
But hey at least you’re no longer in it.

—  The Beauty of Goodbye // Conee Berdera

There are about 40-ish kids in my chorus class and only 5 of them are guys, and almost the whole class is freshmen and sophomores. 
The girls on one side of the class saw a rat run in through the door and turned the entire class into chaos. They were screaming and standing in their chairs, and you can see one girl in the back literally crying her eyes out. I’m not scared of rats so I was laughing and enjoying the entire scene (and the adorable rat) and I couldn’t help but take a quick picture of the hysteria. This was after they’d had time to calm down a bit.
My favorite part of the picture is the cluster of guys in the corner with 0 time or tolerance for screaming girls.

would that make you stay?

pairing: john laurens x reader

prompt: laurens keeps bringing home girls and the roommate reader gets fed up and plans to move out but john confesses something first

warnings: swearing, mentions of sex

word count: 1741 lol

a/n: two fics in a night LETS GO big thanks to my love @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou for being my sounding board (also bc she loves john) okay ily goodnight xo

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” You huffed on the phone. It was the third night in a row that John asked you to leave so he could bring a girl home. Mind you, it was three in the morning.

“Please, Y/N!”

“I hope you get an STD.” You sighed, climbing out of bed and ending the phone call.

You were John’s roommate. Both of you were working, but not enough to pay the bills. After knowing him (and maybe liking him) since fifth grade, it seemed only normal for the two of you to move in together. Still, when you agreed to sharing an apartment, you figured you’d be allowed to sleep in it once and a while.

John wouldn’t deny that he didn’t feel at least a little guilt for continuously waking you up to have emotionless sex. After the night before, he had promised not to do it again.

Then he got fired.

It was something about budget cuts that he knew was bullshit, but he still went out to the bar that night. And he still woke you up.

You used the key Eliza had given you a few months before to get into her apartment next door, slouching down on the couch. She was tired of waking up when John needed a quick fuck and you needed a quick escape route.

Even then, you couldn’t sleep listening to the mindless moans through the paper thin walls. Twice you almost rapped your fist on the wall to get them to shut up.

John wasn’t always this inconsiderate. Really. It mostly started senior year. He had the biggest crush on you, but when he tried to ask you to prom, Taylor Jacobs beat him to it. Even then, he thought he could make it work with you. He tried to make you jealous at first, sleeping around with a few girls when he went to college. It wasn’t working though. You had started seeing some guy named Chad and obviously weren’t interested in him, right?

Wrong. You had wanted John to ask you to junior prom, let alone senior prom. When Taylor asked you, you felt bad. Besides, if John hadn’t asked you then, he probably wasn’t even planning on asking you in the first place. Still, your heart broke when Taylor forced his tongue down your throat and the only person you wanted to cry to was off screwing Miranda Lysol. It only got worse from there.

The following morning, after being sure that the girl had left, you walked back into your apartment. You nearly slipped on a stray jacket that John must’ve thrown in the chaos. You rolled your eyes.

You couldn’t help but be a little pissed that he had woken you up again last night. You weren’t sleeping much lately and he knew that. Your mind was elsewhere as you reached for the cup, it slipping through your grasp and smashing onto the floor.

“Shit!” You shouted, jumping back. John came rushing in, immediately nervous.

“Are you okay?!” He was panicking.

You rolled your eyes, “I’m fine. I just - I just dropped a glass.”

He bent down the second you did, causing your foreheads to hit.

“Dammit, John! Just -“ you instantly felt bad. His eyes were sad and you couldn’t help but feel awful for snapping. “I’ve got it. Go get ready for work or whatever.“

All feelings of guilt faded the second his jaw clenched at your words and he stood up.

“Fine. Do it yourself.” He huffed, walked towards his bedroom.

You outwardly sighed; fighting was exhausting and it was merely seven in the morning. Why was it that lately, your fighting seemed around the clock?

Before the late nights, it wasn’t like this. The two of you always moved seamlessly with one another. But the longer he stayed out, the more girls he brought home, the worse the two of you got.

John came back out a few minutes later to see you putting the last of the shattered glass in the waste basket. He tried to shove down the pang of guilt he felt as he watched you work alone.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled.

“For what?” You snapped slightly. Part of you was angry with him, the other half of you just wanted to curl up next to him and ignore what was going on.

You ignored the cuddly side of you and gritted your teeth together. He opened his mouth to speak, but you had been pushed far enough.

“For waking me up? For being an ass?”

“Listen, I had a bad day too -“

“For making everything about yourself?”

“God, Y/N, don’t be so petty.”

“Excuse me?” Now you were pissed; all thoughts of forgiveness set aside for the moment. “I’m petty, yet I let you bring home countless girls without even considering myself!”

“Oh, you martyr.” He mocked, crossing his arms. You were pissed. What the hell was wrong with him? Did he not see how rude he was being?

You stood with your mouth agape, throwing up your hands in surrender, walking towards your bedroom.

“Good, walk away. Wouldn’t be the first time -“ he snapped.

Your head turned so fast you nearly gave yourself whiplash, “You’re fucking with me, right? You’ve got to be fucking with me because there is no way in hell that you would actually be this much of an asshole at,” you glanced at your watch, “7:08 in the morning.”

He shrugged, “Sorry that I want to have fun once in a while.”

“No,” you snapped, “Once is a while is not what you’re doing.”

He scoffed, “Just because you haven’t gotten laid in a while -“

“Really, Laurens? You are bringing my sex life into this?”

“What sex life?”

You stopped. He instantly regretted saying it, immediately trying to apologize. You held up your hand to stop him, closing your eyes only to feel burning tears fall.

“I’m moving out.”

A week later, you were moving the last box to your car when you noticed a frame at the top. Inside it was a picture of you and John from high school. You had just started to get over your awkward phase and John was growing his curls out. You smiled at the photo, a little embarrassed that you still had it.

“That was one of my favorite photos,” John said, startling you.

He scratched the back of his neck, “Sorry.”

You shrugged, looking back down at the photo.

“You really don’t have to go,” John said softly.

You shook your head, “I’ll be pissed at myself if I don’t.”

“I’ll be pissed at myself if you do,” he retorted.

You sighed a little. If you left, you were risking your friendship. If you stayed, you were risking your patience. Then again, you never really had much of the latter.

“I fucked up.” He said finally, making you raise your eyebrows. He had started to pace a little.

“I should have never brought home any of those girls, I really shouldn’t have. I shouldn’t have come home so late every night, I should’ve listened more, I -“ he continued to ramble.

“John,” you tried.

“I’m sorry.” He said finally. You tried to ignore the way your heart fluttered when he looked at you.

“It’s okay. There’s nothing you could say that would make me stay, okay? I’m leaving because I don’t want to lose you.”

“But,” he squeezed his eyes shut like he was trying to keep his tears in, “But what if by leaving I’m losing you?”

“John,” you started.

“If you’re going to leave, I need you to know that those girls meant nothing to me, okay? Those girls -“ he was pacing again, “Those girls were nothing more than for me to fill my heart because God,” he ran his hands through his hair, “Because the one girl that I’ve been longing for since middle school has never looked at me the way I look at her.”

Your brows furrowed at this and he looked at you, eyes wet and glossy.

“What if I told you that I’ve been in love with you since the seventh grade. Would that make you stay? Or would I be pushing you further out the door?” Your breathing was shallow.

“I shouldn’t have said that.” He said, his eyes locked to yours. Your heart broke a little before he continued, “I shouldn’t have said that because you probably think I’m toying with you. You probably think that I’m just trying to get you to stay, but honestly I just can’t imagine you leaving.”

You stood up, never taking your eyes off his.

“Because if you leave, I don’t know what I’ll do with myself.”

You’re entire being was fighting itself. Part of you wanted to grab his face and kiss the hell out of him. Part of you wanted to knee him in the balls.

“Please say something.”

You took in a sharp breath, “If you loved me, why would you bring those girls into our flat? If you loved me, why wouldn’t you fight for me? If you loved me, why wouldn’t you tell me before I’m about to walk out that damn door.” Your words were steady, but your voice was getting louder.

“When you love someone, you fight for them. You don’t fuck them over for the hell of it,” you said.

Angry tears were hot on your cheeks, “When you love someone, you tell them, dammit!” You were shaking. John had never looked so broken.

John took a step closer to you, “If I told you, you might’ve left.”

“So why now?” You said. Your words were sharp.

“I’ve got nothing to lose,” he paused, “except for you.”

Within an instant, his mouth was on yours, searing kisses pressing to your lips. John had his hands on your waist, pulling you flush against him. He held you tightly, scared to death that he might actually lose you.

When the two of you parted, your lips were red and swollen. Your breathing was heavy as you looked up to him.

“I’m not going any where,” you said.

So today I walked in (I was called in on my day off) and AS SOON AS I WALK IN, JACKET WEARING, SODA HOLDING, NON APRON WEARING ME gets stopped by a fucking customer like, ‘uh, do you work here?’
Now, this isnt uncommon as I am pretty sure I am the only young girl with blue hair that comes into the store but I mean, I literally walked out of my car 2 seconds ago and youre already gracing me with your stupidity. Good bye.
(I helped her, in case you were wondering)

My North Star (pt 8)

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A/N: AH so I got around to typing this part out! I hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think! Do you want a part 9? I won’t write one if no one lets me know haha 

Length: 2076 words

Pairing: Jin x Reader

Summary: You were in love with your best friend, the one constant in your life. But what happens when the new girl comes along? And a new guy tries to win your heart? 

Previous Parts:  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

I love her

Jin started to panic. I love her? No, I can’t. I can’t feel that way…. Jin felt like he couldn’t breathe all of a sudden as the realization hit him. All this time, he saw you as his best friend, and he loved you very much. Only now was he beginning to realize that he loved you more than anyone else. After all the years you spent together, he realized that you were what people called a soulmate. The one person that understood everything about him. The one who loved all his virtues and even loved all his vices. And he loved everything about you too. And that was why it was so important that he couldn’t lose you.

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Imagine: Being in love with Newt, and attempting to become fierce like the Group B girls because you think it will make Newt will like you better.

For: Anon

Group B, group B, group B, that’s all you’d been hearing since you left the Glade. Apart from Teresa, you were the only girl in group A, the only difference was that you had been living in the Glade for nearly 2 years whereas she only came in a week ago.

“Damn,” Minho sighed, before dropping into the seat next to you in the cafeteria, “Baby got back.”

“Minho,” Newt scolded, but you could see him checking the girl out as well.

One of her friends pointed towards the boys and whispered something in a hushed tone; the group of them turned around and sauntered towards your table, “Do you have a problem?”

“N-no,” Minho sputters.

“Then quit staring at us you sticks!” She sasses, before turning on her heel and strutting off. Minho sighs, Frypan places his head in his hand dreamily, and even Newt swoons. You roll your eyes, and get up to walk away. No one notices.

You make your way to the small gym that your rescuers have provided you with. You walk up to the punching bag, and imagine the Group B girls with every punch. You lose track of time, and by the time you come back to your senses, it’s nearly midnight.

You walk back to your dorm room, all the boys turn to face you when you walk in, “Where the bloody hell were you Y/N?!”

Before you get a chance to reply to Newt, Minho pipes in, “One minute you’re sitting at the table with us and the next you’re gone! We’ve been looking for you everywhere, where did you go?”

“Nowhere,” You respond coolly as you head to your bed.


“Please Thomas, I’m really tired, I’m not in the mood for this.”

This process goes on for the next few days, you disappear during dinner, return late at night, and face the questions of the Gladers, until eventually the boys give up and stop asking.

That morning, you attempt to get up after a particularly rough workout, your body refuses to comply and you fall back to your bed with a groan.

“Y/N?” Newt asks, why is he still in here?! “Are you alright? Are you sick? You never sleep in this long, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing Newt,” You whisper painfully. You turn away from him, lying to face the wall, “I’m fine.”

He strolls over to the other side of the bed, and sits next to you. He takes your hand, and gently runs his thumb over the bruises forming on your knuckles and arm, “You’re not fine. How did this happen Y/N? Where the bloody hell have you been disappearing off to?”

You attempt to sit up and wince in pain, Newt quickly places his hands on your waist and helps you up, “I-I was training.”

“Training? For what love?”

“T-to be like-” You sniffle as a tear escapes you eye; Newt quickly pulls you into his chest, and puts his hand in your hair, “To be like the other girls.”

“Why would you want to be like them?”

“They’re so beautiful and fierce, and all the boys seem to love them, includ-including you.”

“I don’t care what the other boys like Y/N, that doesn’t matter because I like you,” You look up at him in surprise, “There’s something I’ve never told you before, I fell in love with that gentle, loving, and kind-hearted medjack that I met in the Glade, and I don’t ever want her to change.”

“Newt-” He interrupts you by placing his lips against yours.

“Don’t ever change Y/N,” He finally whispers, “Don’t ever change.”

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The first time I hung out with this girl our plan kinda fell thru. We were supposed to go to a bonfire but it ended up getting cancelled cuz her friends flaked to go to some bar (she was 20 at the time). So I'm driving her back to her dorm and she invites me up to see if we can find a party or something going on. So as she's making calls I go to the floor bathroom. When I got back she was in just her flannel and underwear. Guess you could say the bonfire wasn't the only bust that night.

Seventeen reaction to having a crush on this sweet girl only to find out she is covered in tattoos.

WOOOOOAAHHHH!! Those look so cool! Are you good friends with the artist or did you have a different one tattoo you each time? ~Hoshi, DK, Mingyu, Wonwoo

I was not expecting that but okay, they look coo- OH MY GOSH THAT ONE IS SO DETAILED IT MUST HAVE TAKEN FOREVER. Do all of these have a meaning to you or did you get some because they were cool? ~Woozi, Jeonghan, Vernon, Dino

As long as you think they have some meaning to them. They still look cool though. How much did it hurt? Or these boys wouldn’t really have a reaction. There is no in between. ~Joshua, S.Coups, Seungkwan, Jun, The8

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(Sorry that the reactions I write aren’t really as good quality as they used to be. I don’t have much time because of chores and school and homework. I will do better when I have more free time.) ~Admin Liz

Dear Valentina,

I know the girl you were when she split
your trust open like a wound that never
quite knows how to let anyone close
enough to heal it. I know the girl who
believed in others’ beauty so much she
ignored everything ugly about everyone
inside her heart, painted over the crimson
black like she could help make it a shadow
of their past. I know the girl who broke
herself open so many times only so she
could let people make short rent of her
body, the girl who couldn’t see the signs,
walked into abusers hands
open and chest vulnerable
as if she could love everyone into loving
her – but never herself. I know her because
I feel her with every forward step I take.
Because I carry her, forgive her, want her
because she is not only who I was but who
after everything had the audacity to survive
she is whom I grow from, whom I will always
have a tenderness for, and for the very first
time, I learned she is the key to who I am, for
she is so much a part of me
when I learned to love her, I won.

—  A Letter to Who I Was Under Abuse,
valentina thompson  (ig: x, yt: x)
A misunderstanding.

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One Shot

A/N: This is a ordinary fluff scenario. I know it is very rare and strange for me to write something that isn’t supernatural 😂, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like writing them. This is a one shot guys, just so you know. There might be a lot of mistakes here because I am kind of sick. But anyways, sorry for any mistakes made and hope you like it.Requests and texts are open! If you want a BTS ship or a customized text just holla at your girl😉.

Word count:  3,061

Warnings:  None 

It was early in the morning when your phone rang. At first you wanted to ignore the call, but after the 5th time you decided to pick up. Annoyed you lifted yourself up and placed the cold screen on your ear.

“Hello?”you were half awake, with only one open eye

“Y/N?Sorry for calling you so early in the morning, but I need a favor.”it was your sister

“Sure, what is it?”you asked her

“Can you take Yun to nursery school? Mom said she is busy this week. Please, just for 5 days.”

“Ok, don’t worry.”you said and looked at the clock “I will be over in 10 minutes.”you hung up and jumped off bed

 It was very early so no one would be looking at you. So you brushed your hair and teeth, jumped into something comfortable and applied some lip gloss. Your sis opened the door and you saw your little niece. She reached out to grab your hand and you smiled at her.

“Hey Yun, long time no see.” you opened the car door and helped her sit, making sure she was safe

“Are going to pick me up too aunt Y/N?”she asked, looking up at you

“Yes.”you made a right turn at the stop sign “I will be taking you to nursery school this week.”

 The place wasn’t too far away and you were able to find a parking space, which was awesome. As you helped her get off, suddenly you saw a little boy run towards the street.

“Stay here!”you told Yun and ran to the boy, catching him in time before he crossed the street “Are you ok?”you asked him, checking if he was hurt, which he thankfully wasn’t

“I am ok.”he said

“Jiho!” someone yelled out and you saw a man running towards you”Are you ok?!”

“Mhm.”the boy nodded

“Your mother will kill me if she found out.” the man standing next to you was like a god, his brown hair messed up from all the running, you lost your words in seconds upon seeing him “Thank you very much.”he reached out and helped you stand up, flashing you a smile “If it wasn’t for you, who knows what could have happened.”

“Oh, there is no need to thank me. It was just my mothers instinct.”you said laughing, as you were a person which was very attached to little children.Your mother always said that you would become a great parent.

“Jiho, you should listen to your papa more.”Yun walked over to the three of you

“Do you know him Yun?”you asked her

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Because trump supporters won't believe it. Most of them live in the middle of the country, and their only souce of information is Fox News. Many of them think he's doing a great job and fulfilling his promises.

You know, the more I try to learn about the US, the less I understand it.

I still remember the first time I met an American - I was in Greece at the time, and this American girl I shared a hostel dorm with invited me to have dinner with her parents, who were visiting her for the week (like, she was on some sort of summer school thingy and they were coming just for a seaside holiday). And, I mean - these were clearly rich people, and their daughter was taking prep classes in history of art and whatever, and they were so nice - they seemed delighted to meet me and paid for my dinner and were oooohing and aaaaahing over the museums they’d visited in Athens - and next, their daughter was like, “So, I was thinking about spending a week in the Netherlands before flying back, [cousin] will probably be there as well because her friend’s from Amsterdam and -” and I swear - both parents went white and stern and were all like, Nope and Are you fucking kidding me and Jesus Christ what’s wrong with you, except they were so sweet and well-mannered they probably said something else - and I just assumed, you know, this was because of the, er, reputation Amsterdam’s got as Europe’s party capital - that they didn’t want their daughter exposed to joints and prostitutes or something - instead - my God - we had a long discussion over a plate of baklava and it turns out they genuinely believed Amsterdam was drowning in dead bodies - that the entire local government had broken down, collapsed under the ‘drug problem’ which was killing Dutch citizens and tourists by the dozen.

Now, unfortunately I’ve never been to Amsterdam, but, I mean - you only hear good things about the Dutch, and Amsterdam’s like -

- and -

- and also -

- and this girl and I, we both tried to reason with her parents, to no avail. They knew the Netherlands had been under Soviet influence for decades (???) and they’d seen on TV the poverty crisis had now merged with the drug crisis to decimate entire neighbourhoods in all the big cities, and that was it.

So this weird, exclusive relationship Americans seem to have with media - I truly don’t understand it. 

(I want to think it’s not that bad in Europe, but seeing what’s going on, maybe I’m just deluded.)


“You know, I saw Babs the other day.” Maëlle exclaimed suddenly, after writing the answer to a question in the book.

Ollie raised an eyebrow. “So?”

“You didn’t tell me you guys were back together.” Maëlle shrugged.

“Because we’re not?” He said, perplexed. “We used to date, yes, but I broke up with her ages ago.”

Maëlle frowned. “Weird… She told me you two were still a thing.”

“Oh God, please no. She was too possessive and jealous, you know? She’s probably still not over the break up.” He said, rolling his eyes. He couldn’t believe he used to date that girl, he felt much better when they broke up.

“So you’re single?” She asked, without thinking. Only after saying that she realized that it might have sounded weird, so she blushed.

“Yeah totally.” Ollie answered. “What about you? Are you seeing anyone?”

“Oh no, I’m super single!” She said, laughing nervously. “We, uhm… We should go back to studying…”

He smirked. “Yeah, we should.”

Red Velvet Reaction To You Being Jealous

Irene: Joohyun would find it really cute when you were all jealous and insecure over another girl trying to flirt with her. She would later reassure you that you’re the only one she wants and loves.

Seulgi: She would be blown away to how much you cared for her. It is funny to watch you being grumpy and pouty over some fan. She would also find adorable the way your cheeks went red every time you get jealous.

“don’t worry Y/n, you’re the only one this bear has eyes for.”

Wendy: “Come on jagi, don’t be jealous, you’re the only one that get to kiss me.”

she would be a 100% sure that you understood that she loves you and only you and that no other girl could take your place.

Joy: Sooyoung would definitely tease you about your jealousy, making fun jokes to try to make you smile, which would end up working out with her silly jokes and imitations about your mini jealous attack.

Yeri: She was happy and flattered that you like her so much that you feel jealous about her. She would probably poke your cheeks and say how cute you looked all grumpy like that.

(gifs not mine, credit to the rightful owner.) 

Tables Turn

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~ EXO!Gangsters/Mafia

~ Junmyeon x (she)reader

~ Just a little something… hope you enjoy xxx

Being married to the leader of the EXO aka Asia’s biggest and most feared mafia gang had its perks: nice car, nice house, traveling, respect from others, and a nice life overall. Except the reason that you were here in the first place… Junmyeon. You have no choice in this marriage, Junmyeon wanted you for himself, all for himself. If only he could get the same message.

You didn’t want to admit it but you were jealous, girls and boys practically throw themselves towards Junmyeon and the other EXO members, some of them gladly respond but the thought of Junmyeon with someone else sickened you to the core.

A soft voice pierced your thoughts. “(Y/N)?”

You jumped slightly at the noise and came back from your imagination. “Sorry, I was just thinking about tonight.”

The maidservant smiled as she set out your outfit for the evening, a long pearly white dress with a silver belt decorated with beautiful gems and diamonds; paired with bedazzled shoes to match. “Mr Junmyeon will love to see you in this dress, my lady.”

You nodded in response and turned back to your dressing table. The maidservant walked over to you and began to work her magic. Slowly taking pieces of your freshly washed hair and creating a small plaited bun on the back of your head. Usually you would have another person to do your hair and makeup, however Charlotte is talented in those areas, despite her being just a servant.

“There… finished,” She said proudly. You closely into the mirror beside you and saw her wonderful creation. You looked beautiful, even if it was hard to admit.

Charlotte’s eyes frantically went from your hair to the reflection, back and forth, back and forth. “So… do you like it?” She asked hesitantly, grasping her hands tightly together.

“Yes, I love it.” You smiled back. She breathed a huge sigh of relief. “Now let’s get you dressed.”

You gently walked down the long steps into the front foyer, holding onto the banister for support in your tall heels. There were many people waiting in the huge room for transportation to arrive to then be whisked away to the ball. However, Junmyeon was nowhere to be seen. Your bottom lip protrudes slightly in sadness, even if your husband did annoy you most of the time, you did miss him. Especially on a night like this, these balls were infamous for hosting great mafia gangs and groups alike, it was an evening filled with trades, deals, and negotiating; in an orderly fashion.

You feel a warmth on your shoulder. Jongdae greeted you in a tight embrace. As if he read your mind he says, “Junmyeon hyung is going to meet us at the ball, he had some work to deal with.”

If you had a penny for each time you heard that, you would be able to take over the mafia yourself. Jongdae noticed your sudden drop in mood and gave you a reassuring smile. You liked Jongdae a lot, and the other EXO members too, but Jongdae knew about your jealously and love/hate about Junmyeon, he’s the only one you trust with such secret information.

“Come on babe, let’s go.” Jongdae said holding out his arm for you to grasp.

You snorted at his words, “My husband would kill you if he heard you say that.”

You’d seen some amazing things in your life but this place was unforgettable. A tall singular chandelier hung from the ceiling, the light coming through projected rainbow patterns onto the decorated walls. The humongous room was filled to the brim with people, all dressed to their best. A soft tune of jazz echoed in the background which had people slowly swaying too. This place screamed the life of luxury and lavishness.

After taking in the beauty of the setting, you focused yourself onto one thing. Junmyeon. Jongdae said he was here… where is he??

You squeezed through the crowd and bumped into people but he was nowhere to be seen. You had even asked rival gang member Namjoon from BTS if he had seen your husband, you received no answer.

You huffed out in frustration and brought your hand to your hurting head. You needed a breath of fresh air to calm your senses. You made your way towards the back entrance, which overlooked the gardens to the mansion. Even during the dark night, it still looked beautiful.

The cold evening air prickled your skin as you walked towards a rock bench. You plopped yourself down and looked at your surroundings. Your eyes scanned the setting. People, people, another bench, more people, Junmyeon, a plant, even more people… wait… Junmyeon??

You blinked your eyes in shock and tried to focus on the figure in the distance. He was stood with a woman, who was wearing a tight black dress. She was clearly trying to get his attention, showing off her long legs, flashing a toothy smile. You were used to this kind of stuff, it happens on a daily. You sighed at her attempt.

You start to make your way over to your husband for a strong word to word when you’re stopped in your tracks. He was… smiling at her. Laughing at her jokes. Looking her up and down like a piece of meat. He was liking the attention he was being given. This was your worst nightmare. Your heart shattered. Your gasped at the scenery so loud it alerted Junmyeon. Abruptly, he averted his eyes to meet your broken ones. His face went blank, guilt rushed over.

You ran from the scene with tears biting at your eyes. You dashed towards the next empty vehicle, not stopping despite the shouts from your husband behind you.

“Take me home please.” You said quickly to the driver, slamming the car door.

“Which house ma’am?” He questioned looking at you through the rear-view mirror.

“The EXO house.” You sighed.

Once you saw your bed, you collapsed onto it and burst into tears. Everything was coming up to that one moment, all your jealous thoughts had been true. You tried so hard to deny your love for Junmyeon, despite all the love he gave you. Seeing him looking at someone sparked this emotion you had never felt for him before. If only you knew this sooner. Now here you are, enveloped by your tears and dirty tissues. Welling over your husband you now only love due to jealously and envy. Oh, how the tables turn…


You know that voice so well.

You couldn’t bear to look at him, you were torn between punching him straight in the jaw or tackling him to the bed in kisses. Best to look away…

Junmyeon sighed and rested himself next to you on the bed. His dark eyes showed concern and sadness.

He gently placed his hand onto yours and rubbed slow circles onto your thumb.

“(Y/N)… I am so sorry for what I did.” You didn’t respond. “But I had to.”


Your head quickly snapped up to look at him in confusion. “What do you mean you had to?” Your words turning slowly more sinister as each syllable was spoken.  

Junmyeon chuckled slightly and moved his lips to your forehead, a soft kiss. He pulls away. “Blame Jongdae.” He said smirking “He told me everything.”

You couldn’t help but smile a little. “Remind me to never tell anyone anything around here.”

Junmyeon’s smile grew wider and he kissed you again on the cheek. Hand placed on the lower part of your back.

You turned to look at your husband. For the first time in years you look at him with love. This is all Junmyeon could ever ask for, his dream had come true.
You both leant forwards to embrace in a passionate kiss. You were finally both happy, with each other. Forever and always.

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Hey Mamma Kelley! I have periodically asked you questions about a boy I have been talking to. You have always said something along the lines of he's a fuckboy. Stay away from him. 😂 but for some reason I never listened.. I just came here to tell you that I learned the hard way, but you were right. You were so right, girl.

I’m sorry babe ☹️ this is the only time that I hate being right. I’m so sorry he hurt you, try to stay strong ♥️

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Hi, do you mind shipping otayuri as a bromance?

broooomance, nothin rlly gay about it,,

i don’t ship them as a “bromance” no.

They are platonic friends, that’s how the show meant their relationship to be, and that’s how it will end up. 

The term bromance pisses me off kinda it’s like you ship them romantically or are they friends? Are you passing off their love as being friends? It’s like looking at two guys who are clearly gay (like Yuuri and Victor) and going “ah they’re just buds” 

but here it’s not the same bc you gotta look at it and be like “ah, these guys are friends”  and there’s no underlying romance. please. 

or, you’re just looking at two guys and going “these guys are really close to be just friends” so you call it a bromance but it’s probably only bc they’re dudes i mean you wouldn’t say the same if girls were being hella close and were just friends ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

TL;DR: i do not ship them as a bromance. they’re friends ya dingus ffs. 

There is apparently this random site in my local town where people anonymously post naked/nsfw pics of girls (really fucked up) and it’s obvious some people took pictures off my tumblr and put them on there **sidenote fuck you**. Nothing really crazy and I don’t post naked pics as is so it doesn’t phase me, I look good af 💁🏼 but it’s insane how many people on there want to see even a glimpse of me naked!! Like damn!! By far I had like 14+ dudes saying “more Nicole P.” Way more than the other girls who were naked on there. And I know that’s not really something to be proud of (and I’m not) but I’m proud of the fact that only like 3 people have seen me completely naked and that everyone is begging for more 😂😇

guys so i was doin a space camp class today trying to explain astrophysics to these ass children and their parents and this one lil kid goes up to me and he was like

“rey can i ask you a question?”
“yeah!” i said, expecting to explain the distortion of time to this literal six year old
“are you a girl or a boy? because u know so much about space i think youre an alien. are you an alien or a girl or a boy?”

cue adults laughing nervously (im androgynous looking so they were probs thinkin the same thing)

“im stardust. and so are you. we’re all stardust,” i explain. “iron can only be made in the cores of dying stars and humans require supplements of iron to live. you guys are made of stars.”

and ive never seen this little kid’s eyes get so fucking wide and he looked down at his hands and he was like


10/10 best answer ive given to the are you a girl or a boy question

She’s the betta half of the two

we love to glorify best friends who fall apart, but what’s sadder is two people who never were friends to begin with. because you’ve had a chance with your best friend, you’ve tried being with each other, but all the pinky promises in the world can’t erase the fact that she’s the sun and you’re the moon and you two just weren’t meant to exist in the same sky.

but maybe the guy who sits behind you in chem class could have been your real best friend if only you’d talked to him. maybe the girl who was reading the same book as you on the subway could have been your future love. and all it took was one missed opportunity, one moment of possibility that died when you swallowed your words. maybe you could have been more than stars gathered in different constellations, strangers sent adrift on diverging paths, never knowing what could have been.

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