if you were looking for a reason to be excited for 2014

For all the people mis-quoting GD, these are his exact words
  • MC: We will show another artwork. This one covers the complete screen. It is Michael S’s artwork. This is an American artist.
  • GD: Yes.
  • MC: But I heard he never met you.
  • GD: Yes. That’s right. But there is a reason I chose him. In this exhibit, most of them were National artists.
  • MC: Yes.
  • GD: These artists probably knew me beforehand. About singer G-Dragon. But I was excited about how an artist, who doesn’t know anything at all about me, G-Dragon and Kwon Jiyong, would exhibit me.
  • MC: We can see all of his artwork present here. If you look this way, it is dated “July 17th, 2014″ and there is written “I can’t breathe” everywhere.
  • GD: Yes.
  • MC: And the artist’s name beneath.
  • GD: Yes.
  • MC: What is the meaning of this?
  • GD: In this artwork you can see a date at the top. That date is the day Eric Garner was murdered by the police. “I can’t breathe” were his last words. That’s why…
  • MC: What kind of connection does that have with you?
  • GD: They are in the lyrics of my song “Breathe” [2009].
  • MC: Ah yes.
  • GD: The artist remembered Eric Garner while listening to my song.
  • (The subject changed after this)