if you were feeling bad about your day

im serious about that “stop saving things for special occasions” bit tho like. even if u aren’t in your 20s. thats for everyone. its one of the most useful things ive learned lately

stop! just stop. eat the special snack. drink the expensive hippie tea. use the incense or the bath bomb or whatever you paid way too much for because you were feeling really bad and retail therapy makes u feel alive

when we save things for special occasions/rainy days it contributes to us feeling like A.) our day to day existence is lackluster and B.) you have to be feeling a certain level of Bad, or have to reach a certain level of Socially Accepted Achievement, to enjoy things

just give yourself stuff. there are definitely sometimes reasons to withhold things from yourself - as motivation, if it’s something you consciously want to use sparingly, etc - but at least for me half the time it just turns into self-flagellation and also cool things and cool experiences and nice treats just collect dust while i wait for some fabled day when i convince myself i finally Deserve it

just fuckin give yourself stuff dude. life’s so mindblowingly short

1: Ignore every thought of them until you have convinced yourself that they were never real and any feelings you had were misplaced. Remind yourself they were never yours to begin with, therefore the feelings you have are invalid so you can justify ignoring all thoughts of them.
2: Be fucking selfish as hell. Spoil yourself, who gives a shit. Go out and buy a shirt you never thought you could wear and wear it. Don’t feel bad about leaning on people when you need help. 
3: Don’t reminisce on what could have been, they don’t deserve a second thought. You might think romanticizing your feelings are harmless daydreams but they will bite you in the ass and leave you only wanting them more. Day dream about the steamy waffles you will buy for yourself later.
4: Remind yourself you are a strong person, like them, but only better. 5: Busy yourself with other things and people. Come home at 5 a.m. wasted, remind yourself that there are other people willing to give you the fucking time of day. Take up yoga, get a hobby, invest your time in that and in the process prove you can commit to things and accomplish great tasks. 
6: Protect yourself, never let your heart find itself in this situation again. Think back and try and pinpoint all the red flags you noticed, then try and apply that knowledge to future relationships. But don’t spend too much time analyzing where things went wrong. 
7: Remind yourself of the person you were before they came into your life. You have not changed, they have not destroyed you. Put effort into returning back into that person. 
8: The most important part is to keep telling yourself that you are wanted. Do not forget that you will get through this; this is temporary just like the short happiness you shared with them. Just because they do not want you does not mean you are unloveable or unfit for relationships.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1202 // how to get over someone who was never yours // excerptsofstories 

pairing: Lin x reader

warnings: cursing

summary: You and Lin keep attending the same New Year’s party but never get to kiss at midnight.

This was inspired by Rainbow Rowell’s Midnights, a short story I read years ago. The idea sort of came to me when I woke up, I spent the whole day thinking about it and I finally wrote it down. This is kind of a mess, but it has fluff because I feel bad about the ending of That Night. Enjoy, pals!

words: 2012


December 31, 2013

“Do you think this is chocolate or cinnamon?”

You turned and were met with a guy with wide eyes and a grin too wide for his face. He was holding a chocolate-coloured biscuit.

“Yes,” you replied, anticipating this guy to be either a creepy stalker or just plain weird.

He laughed loudly, even though your reply wasn’t that funny, and stepped closer to you. “The thing is, I’m allergic to cinnamon,” he said, inspecting the biscuit closely. “Maybe you could break off a bit and tell me?”

You grinned back, deciding that he was a nice guy. “I’m allergic to chocolate, actually, so we’re at an impasse here.”

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the show is absolute shit you fucking terrorist, if you don't like the books don't watch the show thanks

Did you call me terrorist because im turkish? Thats really mean man were just talking about a book and a tv show here and my country is legit getting bombed 24/7 because of terrorism. I’ve lost friends to terrorism, our people lost their families to terrorism. People are dying here and there everywhere here. Please find it in your heart to be kinder, more sensitive to people. Have a nice day.



  • Being away from home sucks
  • You’ve adjusted well so far to living with Zen
  • But your birthday was coming up and that day always made you miss home
  • You were so used to spending it with friends and family
  • But they were back in america
  • Zen noticed you were pretty quiet even though your birthday was tomorrow
  • “Whats wrong babe?”
  • You explained that it didn’t really feel like your birthday because it wasn’t home
  • He immediately scrapped his original plans for your birthday and tried to think
  • of things in Korea that were kinda american
  • Hell you guys went to McDonald’s for your birthday lunch
  • Zen doesn’t know much about america (He’s trying)
  • After a day full of activities you thanked him for his efforts
  • Your birthday wasn’t as lonely as you thought it’d be


  • One day you just started crying in your room
  • You didn’t know what triggered you to get so homesick
  • But it was bad
  • Yoosung was in the middle of studying when he heard you
  • He freaks out
  • “MC..? whats wrong”
  • He cautiously walked into the room
  • You explain through your sobs that all you want to do is go home, to america
  • He panics more
  • What can he do???
  • The nerd pulls up google earth on his computer and asks you to ‘show him around’
  • You two spend all day sitting there as you explain some of your favorite places
  • You both feel better and less panicked


  • She noticed it before you did honestly
  • All day you had been really quiet and teary eyed
  • She asked you what was wrong
  • “I don’t know…all i can think about is stuff back home, i guess i’m just homesick”
  • You two spend all day watch your favorite american movies
  • She does her best to comfort you
  • By cuddling
  • Coffee (or tea)
  • There’s not much she can do to help you with your homesickness but she tries


  • This motherfucker
  • As soon as you mentioned wanting to see your old friends and your family
  • this bitch flew you back to america
  • When you asked about his work
  • He said he’d take care of it and to not worry
  • Once you landed back in the great U S of A
  • /you/ drove to your friends house (Dontletjumindriveever)
  • He’s never met your family or friends so two birds with one stone
  • Thankfully your friends said he was ‘Acceptable’
  • Your family liked him too (he was honestly stressing about that)
  • Once you went back to Korea you thanked him and said that you felt much better
  • He plans on going to america at least twice a year for you


  • You were in the middle of a normal conversion with him
  • Just talking about some old memories
  • And explaining some differences between america and Korea
  • But all the talk about home made you feel homesick
  • Your mood went down in a second
  • “I miss them” you said after telling him a memory about your friends
  • He doesn’t know much about feeling homesick (since he hated his childhood house)
  • The next day he surprises you with a massive Skype call between a few friends and a few of your family members
  • How he got them all together he’ll never tell you
  • You were just happy to see their faces and hear their voices
  • The call was 3 hours long


  • He could hear it in your voice from the first day you felt homesick
  • There wasn’t much he could do so he just listened
  • That entire week you two did things that were your idea
  • He’d do whatever he could to keep you happy
  • A few weeks later he had already planned to go to America for some photos
  • But he took you with him
  • He also took you on a surprise detour to visit some of your friends
  • Sweet bean does his best


  • You had been going on for a week about how much you missed home
  • You missed your pets, your friends, going around without getting lost
  • Honestly he was a little annoyed, because he couldn’t do anything.
  • One day you were rambling about a dog you had back at home
  • You told Saeran the memories you had with the dog
  • He got an idea, which was good because he wanted to help just didn’t know how
  • A week or so later, you come home from some errands to see Saeran with a dog???
  • “It.. its not [d/n] but it might help you feel better” Saeran said rubbing the back of his neck
  • You almost cried
  • You hugged him tightly and repeated said “thank you”
  • Having the dog definitely helped you feel more at home with Saeran

Prompt: The reader has her first time with Colby (not Seth) and she’s nervous but he’s really cute and caring?

Pairing: Colby Lopez x Reader (aka Seth Rollins)

Word Count: 3572

A/N: Happy Election Day! For anon. Personally I had a lot of fun writing this as I love the name Colby and I think Colby Lopez as a person seems pretty sweet and caring besides his obvious blunders, so without further ado, enjoy :)

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☽ send a shade of black. ☾
  • black bean: what's your favorite midnight snack?
  • black leather jacket: what is a fashion trend that others hate but you secretly enjoy?
  • black olive: if you could own a restaurant, what kind would it be?
  • café noir: when you hang out with your group of friends, do you contribute to conversation? are you the quiet one?
  • charcoal: if you could have something named after you as a memorial what would you choose? (building, park, school, etc.)
  • charleston green: what’s your favorite room in your home?
  • davy's gray: is it more important to you to look good or feel good? explain.
  • dim gray: who is the first person you call when you have a bad day?
  • ebony: what do you admire most about your best friend?
  • eerie black: do you think you could survive in a horror movie? do you think you'd be the first to die?
  • jet: if you were going to a costume party next week, what costume would you wear?
  • licorice: given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?
  • midnight blue: under what circumstances is it impossible for you to sleep? what makes you restless?
  • onyx: are you superstitious? give an example.
  • outer space: do you believe in life on other planets? what do you think is out there in the universe?
  • phthalo green: if a crystal ball could tell you the truth about yourself, your life, the future or anything else, what would you want to know?
  • taupe: are you religious? what is your interpretation of god?
The Boyfriend Application

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For my lovely @ashleymalfoy who isn’t having the best couple of days, and inspired by this post. Enjoy bestie <3

Breakups were always hard, and this one had been coming for a while. Because it was expected, you didn’t feel too bad about it; really, it was just a bummer that another relationship had come to an end.

You turned on Supernatural to lighten your mood. About halfway through the episode, you hopped on social media for an added distraction. Your most recent ex was already posting pictures with another girl.

“They’re all alike,” you sighed to yourself, switching over to Twitter. You hit the compose button and tweeted the only thing that seemed to make sense.

Now taking bf applications. Requirements: 1. Must be @mishacollins … oh wait, that’s it.

Chuckling to yourself, you put your phone away and went to the kitchen to get started on a bottle of wine.

It was a couple weeks later and life had gone on pretty much as usual. You were out of your breakup rut and enjoying time on your own. You had plenty of time both to yourself and to spend with friends, and you were really enjoying it.

Until someone DM’d you on Twitter, requesting your contact information. The message came from a seemingly legit management agency profile, but you were still skeptical.

“Give them my phone number if you’re worried,” Nicole encouraged. “But I want to know what this is about!”

You decided if she was willing to give her information, there was no harm in giving yours. You responded and asked for an elaboration, but it took a bit before you got a reply.

You’ll be receiving a phone call shortly from a blocked number. Please answer the call for further information.

The call came seconds later. You stared at your phone for two rings before answering.



That voice sounded vaguely familiar. “Um, yeah, that’s me …”

The man on the other end of the line cleared his throat, and you heard a nervous laugh from his end. “This is going to seem crazy, but this is Misha Collins. I saw your tweet a couple weeks ago, and I keep going back to it. Just from what I have seen with your Twitter, well, if you’re still taking applications for a new boyfriend, I’d like to get an interview.”

You knew he was waiting for an answer but your breath had caught in your throat and, at that moment, you couldn’t have managed an answer if your life depended on it.

Bitty’s words echo in Jack’s ear. He might be a bit of a clueless idiot when it comes to relationships, as past evidence would show, but he knows that “can we talk” is almost never a good thing.

“A-about what?” Jack asks. He wishes now he’d listened to Bitty’s message before he called him, but there were so many missed calls he couldn’t just ignore it. And besides, Bitty sounds a little like he’s, well, crying.

“I’m just – I guess I had a bad day,” Bitty admits. “All the boys are over, Shitty even came down from Boston so we could all watch your game together. And they started talking about the rumours people used to have, y’know the ones, about how whether you and Parse were just friends, and…and it just – it hurts.”

Jack feels a little numb. He wants to drive up to Samwell right that second, but he knows he can’t. He’s got practice in the morning and then a game in the evening and so he can’t just drive the forty minutes to see his boyfriend, who is obviously hurting. Jack wants to, so badly, though. But he can’t jeopardize his career like that.

“We aren’t even friends now, you know that, right?” Jack says. He doesn’t like that Bitty’s jealous of Parse, even though he said he wasn’t back in August, but…

“No, honey, it’s not that,” Bitty says, and he sniffs again. “It’s – it’s the sneaking, and the lying, and the not being able to tell anyone about the fact the most amazing guy I’ve ever had the pleasure to know is in love with me and I love him right back and we’re together and happy when we are, and I can’t tell anyone.”

To Jack, who has never been big on confiding in anyone, this is a foreign concept. But Bitty sounds like he’s in so much pain, and Jack just wants to…well practice isn’t until ten. If he leaves right now, he can get to Samwell and back in the morning with a reasonable amount of sleep. Right?

“Bits, I’m gonna come up, okay?” Jack says, grabbing his keys and jogging down the stairs to the garage. “Just – I’ll be there in half an hour. We can stay on the phone, okay?”

“No, sweetheart, you don’t have to–”

“You’re hurt,” Jack says. He doesn’t mean to put a captain’s bark into it, but it happens anyway. “I’d do the same thing if you’d taken a bad check.”

“Oh sugar,” Bitty says. For a moment Jack thinks he’s going to tell him not to, but he doesn’t. Instead he sighs. “I dropped a pie.”

Jack feels the pain like a physical vice. He knew it wouldn’t be easy, being with Bitty the way he wanted – needed – to be with Bitty, but he never meant for it to actually hurt. It was love, right? It wasn’t supposed to be painful.

“Oh Bits,” he hears himself breathe. Bitty just sniffs in response.

“Why don’t – how about while you drive you just tell me about your game,” Bitty suggests. “And we can talk more when you get here.”

Jack agrees, although he doesn’t really want to talk about his game, and sets the phone on speaker on the passenger seat. The traffic’s good and he gets to Samwell earlier than he thinks he was going to. He parks in front of the Haus and sees Shitty’s car.

“Are you still in your room?” Jack asks.

He hears Bitty shift, like he’s getting off his bed.

“Yeah, are you outside?” he asks. Jack agrees and hears Bitty come down the stairs. This is possibly the second most impulsive thing Jack has ever done, but he thinks he’ll regret it about as much as he did the first most impulsive thing – that is to say, not at all.

“Who’s in the living room?” Jack asks.

“Uh, Lardo, Shitty, Ransom, Holster, and Nursey,” Bitty says.

All people Jack trusts. Which is good. It’s very good.

“Okay,” Jack says. “I’ll see you in a few seconds.”

He hangs up and opens the front door of the Haus. Bitty is just inside, in plain view of the people in the den. Jack ignores all of their excited clamouring at his presence, their joy over his game, and pulls Bitty into a bone crushing hug. Bitty returns it a little too tentatively for Jack’s liking. Especially since Bitty’s got red eyes and keeps sniffing. Jack is well aware of the others streaming out of the living room when he cups Bitty’s face.

“Hi honey,” he says, and he kisses Bitty, right there in front of them. Because it’s the Samwell Men’s Hockey team, and he might have graduated, but they’ve still got his back.

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Can i request different reasons why a couple may get into an argument? I'm writing something where the two of them are normally respectful of each other and normally get along, but ine day smth happens and they get into a really bad argument.

//Assuming you wanted some suggestions, here you go;

  • Something built up and finally got released.
    • Such as “I’ve told you to stop putting your dirty laundry next to the hamper” or “Taking out the trash is the only thing you have to do around here and yet you still don’t do it!”

  • A life-changing decision was made alone, when it was something they were supposed to talk about together.

  • One of them brought a stray animal into the house.

  • A misunderstanding- maybe one of them worded something wrong? 

  • Distance. One feels unwanted, because the other works too much, etc.

  • A bad day at work gone wrong; they bring their stress home and the other isn’t as sympathetic as they could be?

  • Keeping secrets and one finds out? 

  • Taking out guilt on the other person. 
    • Say Person A did something wrong and instead of admitting what they did wrong, they take it out on B.

  • Fighting over money and the thought of wasting said money. 

  • A fight over friends. Couples fight over friends a lot, especially if there’s jealousy or their friend is getting a little too “friendly”. (Don’t recommend going down the possessive route; people are allowed to have friends outside relationships).

  • A fight over not being as communicative as they thought. 
    • Person A expects Person B to read their mind, despite that being (probably) impossible about what’s wrong.

  • Insecurities, such as moving in together, or getting engaged, etc.

  • Couples fight about holidays, too. Such as if they’re visiting families or if one is getting too eager about said holidays than the other.

  • Bringing up past arguments that were meant to be left in the dust.

  • Feeling like one never gets to do something they want to do, because B doesn’t want to do what A wants to do.

  • One of them feeling like they always have to do everything around the house, from shopping to cleaning to cooking. 

  • Not having a job or working too much. Other career related arguments, like switching careers, working too far away, etc.

I hope this helps!


Imagine being at your favourite coffee shop. It’s your Saturday ritual- coffee, writing, and people watching.

Your TC walks in and you start to glow inside, but then another person comes and sits with them. Your heart sinks.

You watch them throughout their date, realising that things aren’t going at all well. The date leaves, and your TC is crestfallen. You are at war with yourself- feeling bad that they were ditched, but glowing again because it means they are still available.

Lost in your day dreams, you don’t realise you’re staring at them until they see you and your eyes make contact. You shake your head a bit, look down, and then look back up with a sad smile. They return it.

You look at the untouched slice of chocolate cake and gesture to it, inviting them over.

And suddenly they’re sitting across from you, listening to you talk about how chocolate cake fixes almost everything. They begin to smile again, taking your hand and thank you. Happy warmth fills your body.

Silent Treatment

dannylopez1d said:

can you write an imagine were the reader applies the ice law to Peter ‘cause he has been so bad with her? End it how you want and sorry if my english is bad, im mexican. LY

Warning/s: swearing


summary: Pan says something mean so you ignore him 

Pan has been a dick to you ever since you were taken to Neverland. You didn’t know why but he’s always there to laugh at your mistakes, make fun of you or just simply make you feel awful about yourself and you will always insult him back or give a sarcastic remark. Pan enjoys seeing you annoyed so he does this every day. But today, he went too far and you didn’t want to deal with him anymore.

You were walking through the jungle, searching for dinner when Pan decided to taunt you.

“Hey Y/N! Keep up will you? No wonder your parents despise you. You’re a bit useless eh?” he chuckled, making the lost boys laugh. You opened your mouth to make a nasty remark but decided against it. What he said hit a nerve. Your parents did despise you but you always thought that it’s because they’re just one of those parents who neglects their child. You never thought that they hated you because you were useless. Are you even useless? Maybe you are. Maybe that’s why they hated you. Maybe that’s why everyone else hated you. Maybe that’s why even here in Neverland, everyone hated you. It’s because you’re useless. You looked down and ignored Pan’s remark. Pan on the other hand, raised an eyebrow. Confused because you didn’t answer his stupid remark. He brushed it off thinking that you’re just not in the mood.

You were aiming at your catch when you let go of the arrow. It hit your prey directly in the head so it’s dead by now. “Impressive” Pan appeared beside you and smirked. You ignored his presence and walked over to the dead animal and picked it up. You walked off to tell the lost boys that you caught dinner.

You sat in front of a table eating peacefully with the other lost boys. Though at the side of your eyes, you saw someone walking over. And that someone is Pan. Just as he sat down beside you, you stood up, taking your finished plate with you. You can feel Pan’s eyes burning holes at your back but you ignored it and continued walking.

You were sitting on a log, sharpening your knife. Beside you was Felix. He wasn’t someone who talked much but he’s still comforting to be around so you’re sitting with him. “Something is wrong” he stated. “What?” you asked, confused. “You’re acting different. Why?” he looked at you. You just shrugged. “Hey lads!” Pan appeared in front of you two. “Hey Pan” Felix greeted. Pan looked at you. You stood up and walked away, leaving Pan very confused. Pan sat down beside Felix. “What’s up with her? She’s been ignoring me.” Pan sighed. Felix shrugged his shoulders and continued sharpening his dagger.

It continued like that. You ignored Pan every time he tries talking to you and it agitates him. He wanted to hear your voice again. Even if it’s a stupid remark or something mean. He just wanted to hear your voice again. He can’t stand the silence anymore. He will do something about it and he will do it now.

You and the lost boys were ready to haunt again. You were about to dash into the woods when a hand stopped you. You turned around just to be faced with Pan. You went to tug your hand back but his grip tightened. “Look at me” he said. You didn’t so he gripped your hands tighter, “Look at me!” he hissed. You look at him and frowned. “What?” your voice was filled with so much hatred. “What are you playing at?” he growled. “What do you mean?” you asked. “Oh you know exactly what I’m saying! Why are you ignoring me?” he asked. “I don’t know. Why do you hate me so much?!” you yelled at him. He squinted his eyes at you, “What are you talking about?”. “Oh come on Pan! You’re the one who’s always there to make me feel like shit!” you tried getting out of his hand but his grip was strong. “What?” he whispered. “When you told me that my parents despised me because I was useless.. I can’t help but to think that you were right. I thought about it and I AM indeed useless! I don’t know what I did to you but ever since I set foot on this island, it’s like you just made it your mission to make me feel like shit! Well guess what? You already did. Congratulations!” you broke down crying. Peter caught you, held your crying figure and tried to hush you. “Y/N” he whispered, “I didn’t know you felt that way”. “What did you think I would feel?” you cried through his chest. “I-I just did all that because I like it when your attention was on me a-and I guess I went overboard that time. I-I’m sorry” he said, hugging you closer to his body. “So you made me feel like shit for attention?” you sobbed. “I know it sounds fucked up but that’s the only way I can think of to get your attention” he sighed, “I’m really sorry.”. “You know you should’ve just been nice to me, right?” you chuckled. Pan pulled away from the hug and caressed your face. “Yeah, I was stupid. Forgive me?” he asked. You slightly smiled and nodded. Pan jumped around “Oh thank you thank you thank you!” he caressed your face again and kissed your nose over and over.

“Okay stop” you chuckled. He stopped and chuckled too.

“Thank you” he whispered and kissed your forehead.

I just watched x-men: apocalypse and damn evan peters :3

oh yeah.. I hope you liked this one hehe

requests are open guys

no but regarding childhood friends to lovers plots, consider that it’s not all rainbows and puppies:

  • your childhood friend knows everything about you, every tiny stupid detail. everything from that time you were 5 and so sick you puked all over your cat, to the first time you were drunk and told the busdriver that you wanted to make out with him because of his cool mustache
  • they will be close with your parents who will feel like they have a right to know everything about your relationship
  • your parents gave you the sex talk TOGETHER
  • when you are having a fight they will know every tell of your facial and body language, and they know exactly how to strike to make you feel guilty or angry or hurt - even if they do it without intention
  • they will use the same nickname your parents used for you when you were growing up, even though you stopped finding it cute when you reached the age of ten
  • there will be old fights to drag up on a bad day, even if you thought they were settled and done
  • they have a tendency to think they know what is best for you, and even if it is done out of love it can be super annoying
  • sometimes they make decisions for you when you are not present, thinking that is what you would do, when really you wanted to try something new for a change
  • your feet has been cold for twenty years because they always steal the covers and have done since you were kids
  • your other longtime friends will be constantly using the line “we knew before you did”
  • your parents will know each other and start planning your wedding when you are still even trying to figure out how to handle going from friends to a couple

if you ever feel bad about your language skills remember that towards the end of my first year of spanish we had to give presentations about ourselves and this girl thought mierda meant fear so she told the class “tengo mierda de las arañas” and our teacher busted out laughing but we didn’t know why she was laughing bc we were young and innocent.

A quick pick me up | Fred Weasley

Requested: Having a bad day, can i have a Fred imagine where fred cheers the reader up? (I can’t remember the exact ask oops, but i know it was very cute and i hope this makes you feel better love and i am sorry its so late)

Salty tears rolled down your cheeks and landed on your soft pillow.

Your brain refused to turn off and you were so stressed, so tired. It had been a long day, week even and you had just about had enough.

You couldn’t keep it inside anymore. You snuggled further down under your covers as you heard the doorknob turn.

Heavy steps made their way over to your bed and you felt your mattress sink a little as someone sat beside you.

“Babe?” You heard Fred’s voice float through the air causing you to open your eyes and sit up.

You could see the worry flash over his face as he pulled you close to him.

“Baby what’s wrong?” He soothes stroking your hair back and planting a kiss on your forehead.

“I don’t really wanna talk about it” You sigh causing him to hold you even tighter.

“That’s okay my love” He sighs wiping your tears, replacing them with cute kisses.

“Can we cuddle?” You ask sleepily causing a small smile to play on his lips. “Like you need to ask” He chuckles as you both climb back under your warm covers.

You wished you would freeze time, stay wrapped in his arms forever.

“Alright love?” He whispered, his lips brushing lightly against your cheek.

“I am now” you smile nuzzling further into his chest.

“I’m always here, you know that” He says as he traces patterns with his fingers on your bare arms.

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Not That Shallow

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Pairing: Cas x Reader
Word count: 562
Request: Anonymous. Could I request something where for some reason Castiel can’t use Jimmy’s vessel for a little while (safety reason? Idk something) and because of that, he’s in another vessel, but he’s worried y/n won’t have the same feelings for him since he doesn’t look the same, so he ignores her, but she gets really worried about him and he finally shows up back “as Jimmy” prepared to be fully rejected and told he’s only liked for his vessel, but she tells him she loves him for him regardless of his vessel?

Dean walked into the library and saw you in your ‘bad day clothes’, your favorite book open in front of you. The fingers of your right hand were laying gently on the well worn pages. Your hair was up in a messy bun, some strands hanging loose. Setting his coffee down, he sat across from you. “Hey. I haven’t seen you look this down since you heard they cancelled Firefly.”

You shrugged, not taking your eyes off the book. “Guess that’s what happens when you’re being ignored.” Sighing, you turned the page. “Thought Cas and I were a good couple. Thought that we were happy.” You sipped your coffee before continuing. “But, I guess I was wrong.”

“What’s going on?” He asked, confused. Now that he thought about it, he hadn’t seen Cas around for a bit.

Finally, you looked up at him, and he could tell that you’d been crying. “Cas couldn’t use Jimmy as his vessel for the case that him and Sam are working. Going to an area that he’d be recognized. So, before they left, he went and…got another. They came back to put Jimmy in a spare room. Cas wouldn’t even look at me. I tried talking to him, nothing. He was in here, but it was like I didn’t exist.” Your eyes watered. “I’ve tried texting. I’ve tried calling. Nothing. Sam says he’s fine. Acting just like Cas, so it has to be me.” You shrugged, wiping your cheeks.

Hearing the door, you both looked up. You saw Sam’s boots and got up. “Come on, sweetheart.” Dean looked up at you sadly.

“No, Dean. I’m not dealing with it again. I’ll be in my room if you need me.” Picking up your book and your coffee, you walked off.

It was lunch time before you came out out again. Cas was back in Jimmy, looking almost like a sad, lost, confused puppy. “Hello, Y/N.” He nodded.

Pausing, you looked over to him. “Oh, you do know my name?” You asked, your heart clenching. “Funny. I couldn’t get the time of day before.”

“Of course I know your name.” He told you simply.

You crossed your arms over your chest, facing him. “Then why the cold shoulder? Why ignore your girlfriend? This is the first time you’ve made any contact with me in over a week!”

Cas took a step forward, his brows furrowed. “I was worried.” He began. “That you would view me differently, that you wouldn’t hold the same feelings for me.”

It was your turn to look confused. “Why the hell would you be worried about that?!”

“Because of my vessel. You are attracted to this vessel, are you not? I was worried that you cared for only my vessel, and should the need arise for me to use another permanently, you would lose your feelings for me.”

Your heart broke. “How could you think that?” Pulling him into a hug, you closed your eyes. “I love you! Not Jimmy, not some guy named Steve you may have to wear years from now. I love CAS.” You pulled away and cupped his cheeks. “Yes, I find your current vessel attractive, but that is not why I love you, and it’s not why I’m with you.”

It was as if the weight of the world was lifted. “Really?”

Kissing him softly, you smiled. “Really.”

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Dear JK Rowling,

(**warning: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them spoilers***)

When I was little I read Harry Potter for the first time. I can’t tell you what it meant to me on so many levels, but there was one particular thing that resonated. Harry was a boy who got locked in his room, who got shouted at, who was crushed down and made to feel unwelcome and even, sometimes, unsafe in his own home.

And he got to go to magic school. He survived those dreaded Dursleys. More than that, he triumphed. Reading about it was like having a hand to hold. 

It occurred to me, for the first time, that being shouted at and bullied at home as a kid didn’t have to mean you were doomed to be sad forever, because one day your life would be so full of other things - good and bad - that the past would barely feature in your life. The Dursleys were largely so, so irrelevant. It was great.

And now I come out of seeing Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and I am so hurt and confused. Because in Credence, you created a character that would resonate with so many people who are sad, people who are bullied, people who are forced to hide who they truly are even from those closest to them. You have undoubtedly touched some of the most emotionally vulnerable people in the world with an astoundingly good visual metaphor - a character whom the scared and the lost could easily connect to.

And then you let him die. No, in fact - you killed him.

He went without a word. He was sad and terrified, right til the end. Throughout the story, it would have taken so little to try to help him. Tina, knowing about his predicament, apparently only tracked his family following her demotion - was he not worth the risk of grabbing his wrist and disapparating with him to a safe place, an orphanage? Was he not even worth the attempt? And when the MACUSA wizards were firing their killing blows, was he not even worth an attempted protego? Useless it may have been, but God, if he had to die, show me that that abused and terrified kid was worth every gut-wrenching fruitless bloody try. 

Please, JK. I love your work. I love so much of it. But please, if you’re going to tell me a story about an abused kid, and if you really have to kill him off, please give him the slow-motion shots and the tears and the last words, give him the send-off, tell me why it has to happen, tell me how the main characters are hurt by it, tell me how they’re going to try to make it better. Please don’t give all those things instead to a man being obliviated by rain, whose amnesia is hinted to have been reversed anyway at the end.

If you’re going to do it, you’ve got to do it right. Abused people are not your emotional fodder or your plot devices. They aren’t doomed to die. Their anger and their sadness won’t inevitably lead to their fatal self-destruction. They deserve to be given reasons to hope. And they deserve to see themselves being worth every single effort to help them.

Control- Hoseok

(Hey peeps, so I was going though my playlist of songs. And I found a few that really gave me inspiration for this. Sort of an AU, but at the same time not. Make sure to drop an ask, if you feel like it. Also…i am aware of the grammatical errors…so no Need to rub it in)

You laid in bed, facing the ceiling as cool air hit your face. You hadn’t seen him in days and frankly that drove you mad. He wasn’t just a bad habit you could shake off, he was fermented in your bones, a part of you. You weren’t sure if your heart could take any more. He was hard to let go of, you were hard to not think of.

You weren’t aware that Hoseok lied awake at night, thinking about you the exact same way. You weren’t some sort of bug he could flick off his shoulders. You were like a snake, slowly sinking your teeth into his flesh, the venom courses through his veins, until you were part of him too.

Both of you were in chains.

You felt your phone vibrating beside you. So you grabbed it, only to see an incoming call from Hoseok. A smile threatened your face but you covered it up by a heavy sigh. Truth be told, you wanted him to call you ages ago. You let your finger hover over the screen for a minute. Of course he didn’t need to know you were right next to your phone.

“Hello?” You asked, pretending you hadn’t looked at the caller ID.

“Y/N” the man breathed from the other line. “ I need to see you” he said darkly. You clenched your jaw and curled your toes.

“Can I ask why?” You mumbled, sitting up a bit. “ Last time I checked, you wanted a break” you said almost teasingly. Though you didn’t, you wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. “And I respected that”

“Don’t start with me” he snapped. “It’s been almost two weeks. I can’t do it….I won’t” he almost growled. “I know you miss me too, babygirl”

Oh no, the names were already rolling in. He was pulling you back in. You weren’t going down without a fight, even though you were sure you’d lose.

“I’m not starting anything” you said defensively. “But, you love yourself too much. You can Fuck yourself without me”

Hoseok laughed harshly. He knew this game. Hell, he invented it and perfected it. “Who said I loved myself, sweetheart?”

“We both know how this ends. And how it starts back up again” you sighed.

“What if it didn’t” he whispered into the phone. “You’re on my fucking mind every minute. ” He said, groaning a little. “I’m selfish…I can’t imagine seeing someone else. Their hand wrapped around your neck like I did, them not even knowing half of the pleasure I could put you through” he expelled. “And I don’t want anyone else. I won’t have anyone else”

You paused. After all that’s happened, the hell you’ve both been put through. Could you bear it again?

“….Well then you’d better hurry, I’m getting cold all by myself” you said before hanging up. You sighed to yourself, a smile spread across his face.

Not even half and hour later, you heard a knock, slow, lingering. You knew exactly who it was. Slowly, twiddling your thumbs, you walked towards the door. You had regretted not putting on decent clothes and then again, who would see them?

You opened the door to meet the man’s cool gaze. Clad in all black, a hoodie with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, tight black jeans. You took a few steps back to make room for him to walk in, and he did.

Closing the door behind him, and turning to look at you, his eyes went dark. Hoseok stared at you. You haven’t changed much in the past two weeks he hadn’t seen you. Yet he felt you had a different aura around you. Shyness? Reluctance?

“Seems thus always ends up happening” he said lowly. “Talk about fucked up love”

“Guess our version of it is just too abnormal” you said.

Suddenly you were taken into the man’s arms, slamming against his chest. A warm hand slid under your cheek forcing you to look up. You didn’t have have to take a second breath before Hoseok’s cold mouth hit yours.

As he held you in place, on of his hands slipped down to your hip. You attempted to breathe through your nose as his lips moved furiously against yours.

His grip on you only seemed to tighten when you would fidget around. You forced yourself away for a second to take a sharp inhale. Hoseok started placing hot, open mouthed kisses down your jaw, traveling to you neck. Your fist clenched at your sides, your senses skyrocketing.

It has been so long, too long. This wasn’t the way usual “love worked”. But there’s no such thing as normal romance, at all. There’s that side of it that just turns to people dark, and the more they deny it, the stronger it gets.

He pulled away from your skin, looking you straight in the eyes. They were burning into your brain. He grabbed your hand, lacing your fingers together before dragging you. Of course he knew your house well, every secret, every room, every little place. Kind of like how he knew you.

Before you could even blink a third time, you were pushed onto the plus surface known as your bed. You attempted to sit up, only to be pushed bad down. A little laugh left your throat as you landed back.

Suddenly Hoseok hovered over you he hands on either side of your head. You saw a little flash in his eyes , followed by a lip bite. Your lips collided again, this time harder, more intense. You laced your fingers in his hair as he claimed you. No one else had or could kiss you like he could. They were poisonous,yet healing. (If that even makes sense)

You pulled away for a breath, but Hoseok took it as opportunity to glide his tongue along the gap. Fighting for dominance wasn’t a choice, not with him. He instantly took control, prodding at your top and bottom lip, taking your tongue into his mouth, sucking gently.

You reached your hands up to unzip his hoodie and yank it from his shoulders, which he happily helped you with.

Hoseok disconnected his lips from yours, and instead rested his forehead against yours. His breathing was a bit more heavy, and his eyes almost seemed completely black.

He lifted himself up to yank his shirt over his head. When his chest was completely bare, he glared down at you.

“A little over dressed, are we?” He asked, playing with the hem of your shirt. Almost on instinct you raised your arms above your head, allowing him to slowly yank the garment off. Hoseok sighed when he saw you. Your entire front was painted with light scratches and bites. All of a sudden, he gripped your hips and bucked forward, forcing your clothes cores to meet. This caused you to gasp. There wasn’t a lot of clothing to shield his member from rubbing against your center. Damn him and his tight pants.

Digging his hands into the waistband of your pants, he yanked them down, taking everything with them. Hoseok completely held you down with his body, grinding his hips into yours a second time.

Man, the things you did to him. It wasn’t fair. He didn’t owe you anything, but he would freeze hell before he’d let someone else swoop you away. You were his, and his alone.


You opened your eyes, your room still dark. Leave it to you to wake up when you didn’t need (or even want) to. You turned around to meet an enveloping hug from a sweaty body. He stayed…

You looked up, only to meet dark tresses of hair tickling your face. You could make out his sleeping face, his naked chest moving slowly. You attempted to wiggle around, out of his grip. You were taken aback when his arms tightened around you.

“Stop that” he growled, not even opening his eyes. “You’re not going anywhere” he said, breathing out heavily. “This is the most peaceful sleep I’ve had in days” he grumbled.

“You’re awful” you joke sleepily, letting a loud yawn escape.

“Like I said,” he began, opening his eyes. “I’m greedy. I can’t say no to these habits. I can’t say no to you” he mumbled. “I need you.”

“So you admit it” you say, chuckling.

“Hm, shut up” he rolled his eyes before closing them again. “Go to sleep”

“I’m not tired any more” you admit shyly. Suddenly Hoseok’s eyes shot open, and he looked down at you. “I need you Hoseok” you mock whispered, letting a stifled giggle leave your lips.

“You’re killing me” he groaned, suddenly shifting his weight.

“Like you said…..fucked up love”

(NO COCK FOR YOU! HA. Okay I know it sucks, but I was bored"

Breaking The Rules

Note: I’m so sad that Daveed is leaving today, but all good things must come to an end, right? Enjoy this imagine with my fav. <3

Request: Could you do a Daveed x reader one where Daveed is caught by the reader who works at a fast food restaurant putting soda in a water glass? I know that’s super random but I think it would be hilarious reading about him getting super awkward and the reader feeling bad but still being kinda ticked off. Like maybe Daveed tries to flirt himself out of it and the reader is trying to be professional but secretly being really into it? - @thatdepends-whosasking

Word Count: 757+

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warning: Language

Originally posted by poee-dameron

You hated your job. You hated it with every fiber of your being. You could have chosen to work at a retail store, why didn’t you? Because you were stupid and had chosen to work at a fucking fast food restaurant.

The only good thing about the job was that it was abandoned for most of the day. You had a few people trickle in for lunch and breakfast, so most of the day you just stood at the cash register, doing nothing.

Your thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the door opening. You looked up to see an extremely attractive guy with big curly hair, a handsome face, and a bit of facial hair. He wore a tank top to reveal his lean, well-built figure. You snapped your eyes away from him, not wanting to let him know you were checking him out.

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