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I just saw your Twitter post about Cliff getting nervous thinking he forgot about a date you might've planned. Awww, you two seriously are the cutest couple ever <3 <3. Truly blessed to have each other :)

Isn’t he adorable? He comes into the room giving me the side-eye and says, “Babe, are we going out tonight?”

I look at him like O_O and say “I thought we were going out tomorrow night.”

“That’s what I thought! But you’re putting on makeup.”

“Baby, I’m filming a vlog tonight.”

“Oh! I was worried for a second there…” *prances away*

He didn’t actually prance, but yanno. It’s a cute visual. 

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Consider this Samurai, if you succeed in returning to the past, and defeated Aku, then every companion you've ever met on this quest would cease to Exist. Can you handle such a consequence?

The samurai hesitated, stopping in his tracks. He looked down at the screen of his device with a deep sadness, knowing that their words were true. In a sense. He did not know exactly what would happen if he defeated Aku in the past, but one thing was for certain.

At the end of his quest, he would have no way to go back to meet his future friends. Was this a sacrifice he was willing to make?

He redirected his gaze to the night sky, taking that moment to remember each friend he had made, each friend he would soon have to leave behind…

“I will be satisfied knowing that whomever will take their place will be free from Aku’s evil rule. It is what we are all fighting for, is it not?”

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Ok, so, random question bc I've noticed a lot of the stuff you post about is stuff that I relate to & kind of just assumed were personal quirks. Do you ever have issues processing visual data? Not in a sensory overload way, but like, if my friend says, "Look at [thing]!" it takes me 30 seconds to sort through all the details of what I'm currently looking at to specifically focus on The Thing in question. 24/7; my brain always sees things as one big picture.

yes!! i do this too omg
i go through a process of like “Hm phone in face -> look at phone -> focus on phone -> identify main object on screen -> read/process object -> comment back to friend” everytime i get shown smth on someones phone
i think i read that its an autism thing? apparently like allistics build up a picture around the main thing whereas we build up a picture from the details and then can identify the main thing from that. that also probably goes for anyone w visual processing problems, not just autistics tho

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Still, if you need any mods found somewhat fast & tested, I'm ya gal. What would be the crew's reaction to their ultimate, most favourite ever thing/song/food?

Fun question ^.^ Depends on the thing, most of the time… (sorry if you were looking for specific songs, I’m not familiar enough with the in-game playable tunes to figure out who’d prefer what) Details after the cut, since it’s pretty long.

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im so proud of 5sos like a few years back they were sitting at home listening to all time low and all those other bands obsessing over them and a few years later, no one would have guessed they would become best mates with their idols, the guys they look up to. 

so if you ever feel like you’re going nowhere, you’re gonna end up somewhere

A Budding Romance

Can you do a Neville one shot where Y/N is a Hufflepuff and they bond over Herbology and it just kind of goes from a cute mutual crush to an adorable fluffy little relationship? I want this more than anything.

Warnings: None

A/N: Anything from the Poterverse belongs to J.K. Rowling. 

Visuals denoted by (x)

Masterlist Here

Visuals (x) (x) (x)

You had waited all day for this moment and it was finally here, your first day of Herbology class. Ever since you were little, you’d always been in love with the outdoors. When your mum trusted you enough, you were thrilled to tend the magical plants. Now it was time to put all your knowledge to good use.

“Today we are going to be looking at Mandrakes,” Professor Sprout started, “Now each of you partner up with the person next to you.” You looked over to the boy standing next to you. He was a Gryffindor judging by his tie, and unlike the rest of the first years, he looked absolutely thrilled to be here. “Now remember, I want you to make sure those ear muffs are on tightly before I give the signal to pull the mandrakes out.” You pulled your earmuffs on tightly; you knew all too well the dangers of mandrakes from your mum. Apparently, someone had died in her old town from hearing the cries of a mandrake. You looked up and saw Professor Sprout as she started the silent countdown with her fingers. When the class made the motion to pull, you noticed your partner’s muffs had loosened and were slipping from his ear. You only had a split second to tell him, but it was too late. Your partner had passed out on the floor.

It didn’t take long for you to gather a group of your fellow Hufflepuffs to drag your lab partner to the hospital wing. Rather than head to lunch, you decided to read up on mandrakes while waiting for the awakening of your lab partner.

“Where, where am I?” your partner asked. Putting down your book, you met his eyes

“Hospital wing. You kind of fainted in Herbology.”

“Oh no!” he flopped back down on the bed covering his eyes. “That was supposed to be my best class too. Gran is going to be furious.”

“You don’t have to tell her. Besides it’s not your fault your muffs fell off,” you reassured. “Best to just try again tomorrow.”  

“I suppose your right,” the boy caught a glimpse at what you were reading. “I didn’t make you miss the rest of lab did I?”

“It’s alright. I already worked with Mandrakes once before with my mum. I don’t think I missed too much,” you smiled.

“You’re a herbology enthusiast aren’t you?” the boy questioned. You weren’t sure if he would compliment or tease you on the fact. “I am too! I thought I was the only one that thought plants were interesting. What’s your name?”

“I’m Y/N,” you stated politely, “and who are you?” you asked in return.

“I’m Neville, Neville Longbottom. Blimey, and here I thought that I wouldn’t find someone with my hobbies,” Neville smiled. “This is going to be one fun year isn’t it?” You didn’t know it then, but you and Neville were in for more than just a year but several long years together.

The two of you were inseparable since that lab, always making sure to be each other’s partners for every class you had together. You watched each other grow together, mastering previously difficult spells. You stayed up late into the night to help each other with homework always leaving time to run to the greenhouse. It was a friendship people dreamt of.

During your fourth year, you started developing feelings for Neville and hoped that he liked you back. You held your pillow close to you during the night as you imagined what it would be like to have Neville with you. However, you promised yourself that you wouldn’t compromise your friendship just to act on spontaneous feelings. You thought these feelings of attraction to Neville would begin to dwindle, but as the year progressed, your feelings only grew stronger.

“Y/N,” Neville called as he walked down the hill to the lake. You had been working diligently with Neville to grow Gillyweed in time for Harry’s big competition tomorrow.   As you turned around to face him, you lost your balance and landed in the soggy soil. “This is why you shouldn’t be working when I’m not here. You could’ve fallen in.”

“I wouldn’t have fallen in if you didn’t sneak up on me,” you teased. “Anyway, the gillyweed is growing nicely. I think the other plants are not going to bother it any more.”

“That’s nice,” Neville paused. It wasn’t an awkward pause, but you sensed that he was about to tell you something important. “Y/N, would you um like to go to the ball with me?” Your jaw dropped.

“Um Neville this is really unexpected,” you stammered. Never did you think that your best friend would ask you to the ball.

“I mean if you’re going with someone else I completely understand,” Neville began.

“No I was just caught off guard is all. I’d love to go to the ball with you,” you replied. You couldn’t help but laugh when you saw the relieved look on Neville’s face.

“You’re the best mate a guy could have Y/N,” Neville continued as he looked out into the lake. Your heart sunk.

You spent all the little free time you had searching for the perfect dress in order to forget that Neville called you his friend. You had to get over your crush now there was no denying it.  By the night finally came, you were starting to be at peace with the idea of being friends with Neville. After checking to make sure every hair was in place and refluffing your gown, you made your way down the stairs (x).  

All the work you had done to get over your crush melted away when you saw his gaping mouth as he watched you ascend down the stairs. When you finally reached him, your heart was thumping so loudly you were afraid it would burst.

“You look amazing Y/N. I was hoping we could get some punch first, but gosh Y/N, I can’t be idle with you looking so lovely. Would you like to dance?” without waiting for your answer Neville pulled you onto the dance floor. He began twirling you and dipping you till your legs felt like absolute lead, but you couldn’t stop smiling at him. You loved having this time with Neville. After several fast songs, a slow song came on and you felt it would be best to move off the dance floor since friends usually don’t slow dance with each other. When you started to walk away, Neville pulled you back to him.

“Please stay there’s something I need to tell you Y/N.” Hesitantly, you moved closer to Neville as the two of you began to sway to the music. “Y/N the reason I asked you to the dance is because I have the biggest crush on you. It was bad for me to disguise it as a friendship outing. I hope that we can still be friends even if you need time to digest this.” You were silent for a long time, trying to digest what you had heard. Neville liked you. You didn’t have to hide your feelings from him anymore. You met his eyes and ever so slowly, leaned in to kiss him.

Ever since the fourth year, the two of you had been inseparable. Through all the chaos of the war and test prepping, you two always were together for support. You loved Neville more than anything in the world, and you made it your goal of telling it to him every day. When Neville began resuming DA activities during your seventh year, you stood by his side. Though you were nervous for him, you knew that the wizarding world needed all the resistance help they could get. You nursed every single one of his cuts and bruises from the carrows and he nursed yours.

When the final battle of Hogwarts occurred, you were separated from him and you felt empty. You didn’t know if he was safe or where he was. All you heard when you fought was the echo of him telling you he loved you. The small phrase was providing you all the strength you needed to fight.

When Voldemort graced the school with an hour to sort through the living and dead, you scanned the great hall for Neville. When your eyes finally fell upon him, you felt a small weight lifted off of your chest.

“Y/N!” Neville shouted as he ran toward you. When he finally reached you, he spun you around and kissed you roughly. You held back a gasp when you saw he was covered in cuts and bruises. “Don’t worry about me Y/N. I’ll be fine. I always am. How are you?”

“A bit shaken up, but I’m alright now,” you tried to smile at him but failed.

“Listen Y/N, I wanted to do this when the war was over, but I don’t know how this is going to end. If it ends tonight, I want to know I have you,” Neville began. Before you could protest and tell him he would always have your heart, he got down on one knee. “Y/N, you know I love you with everything I am. Will you marry me?”  Your eyes were watering when you saw the ring Neville picked. As he opened the box, the ring bloomed into a stunning diamond rose. A reminder of the constant love for herbology the two of you shared (x)

“Yes Neville. I will marry you,” you smiled for the first time that day as Neville slid the ring on your finger (x). No matter what happened today, you would always have Neville by your side. “ 


There you were, sitting in the library bent over a book you’d been reading for the last three hours, when in walks probably the most beaten down looking giant to ever grace the halls of Stanford; Sam Winchester.

He looked around for you a bit, knowing you’d be in here as this was practically more of a dorm for you than your actual dorm. Once spotted he made his way over toward you sulkily taking a seat opposite the one you were in, it took a few minutes longer than you’d like to admit for you to notice he was there.

“Sammy,” You smiled the look quickly leaving your face as you noticed how upset he was. “What happened?”

“Nothing, nothing, just a bad day.” He shook his head resting it in his hands.

You closed your book and moved it out the way copying his motions. “Do I need to kick some asses teeth in?”

He gave you a quick small smile. “No, but thanks for the offer, Y/N.”

“Anytime, Sammy.”

i was reading a mandela effect subreddit and someone posted this and i can’t stop thinking about it

imagine being in a universe where you look down at the drink in your hand and what is looking back at you is a nice cold can of pepisi. will universe b ever cease to amaze. the op said they ‘could not sleep for days’ after realizing they now woke up in a world without pepisi. just the visual alone has me near tears. what if you were in a group of friends and you said ‘hey you guys want anything to drink’ and someone says ‘yo you have pepisi’ and everyone just stops and stares at them ‘whats wrong fellas. haven’t you ever had a pepisi before’  what if that singlehandedly became to be the evidence for universe shifting…pepisi

there was also this thread which is just an adventure in itself 

selection of books pt.1

In regards to this post I made, here is a small selection of books that I own, that to me feel influential for drawing/painting (mainly figurative but it can be inspiring to other subject matter):

I recently got this book a few months back, but it still gives me delight to see more contemporary pieces of drawing done right. There is a healthy selection of drawings that of course are based around figures, but in some essence there is also feelings of landscape and abstraction. It’s good to see different ways of the human figure being tackled differently than past masters that were usually based on perfect form and composition - this book gives off a visual direction of how you can develop your own mark into something controlled and precise.

This was a book I was after for years and years (GOAD: the many moods of Phil Hale). If you ever want to look at line thats fairly expressive and shows a pure flow than you should check out Hale’s work. His work has always been a big influence with my own drawing, because I wanted that feeling of understanding when I put line onto paper. Sometimes I see his drawings which are done on any surfaces of paper, that look complete - which in some ways is fairly surprising to see with drawing as the medium itself is always used as a starting point for something final. In all of the figurative drawing I see, there’s nothing quite like this book where everything is in full flow.

This book is great because it’s just like GOAD but there’s elements of ink used as well, and also drawings that are complete. it’s that understanding of what is left out rather than filling up the whole pages. Remember people - leaving space is just as important as filling it up.

I remember looking at Peter Doig during my Fine Art degree and instantly falling in love. Back then I made landscape paintings with vivid colours which were completely terrible, but the referencing and looking at Doig’s work always remained. What was deeply fascinating was the expressive pallet and placement of all these different images together to produce this narrative, it’s something that was evident in my own drawings.

This book is great, because i wanted to make my narrative draiwngs when a student to be just like Rauch’s work. The use of paint and being so sure of what goes where.


Rick and I started some early testing just to see how things were and there are lots of little bugs and some unpolished features but overall it was great. It ran better than ever (I was serving and running max settings and getting about 30-45 fps where in A11 I would get at most 30 with lag spikes down to 8-13 fps. The visuals are the first thing that grabbed me. At every turn stuff just looks worlds better than before. The new physically based lighting looks amazing and makes the whole scene just flow together. When something bright moves, you see that reflect off the world. Crawler zombies in the grass are actually tinted green because of the grass and world refracting light and color realistically.

The new item quality system needs balanced, but has a lot of potential. It took 4 swings with my damaged stone axe to fell a zombie instead of the predictable two hits. I imagine a flawless stoneaxe would kill one with one shot but I need to level up a lot before I can craft one. The feeling of deep progression is there now, with each part I find in the world having quality range that contribute to the weapon. Its going to be really cool when we get it wrapped up and balanced.

We also reworked the burnt zombie, hopefully people like him better than the “lava monster” version.

“The cast.  HOW DID THEY FIND THESE PEOPLE?“  Am I dreaming?  I knew they were good.  I’d seen so much.  But not good.  PERFECT.”

“THE SOUNDS.  Holy crap.  The sounds.  From the Grievers to the Maze itself.  THE VISUALS.  Seriously.  Stunning.  You’ll be blown away.

“The musical score, people.  So awesome.  By (@johnpaesano).  You’ll all want the soundtrack.  Not one pop song to be found.  Classic.”

“People may think I’m biased until they see it for themselves.  The Maze Runner movie is SPECTACULAR.  That word looks really weird in caps.

“Never in my wildest, most optimistic dreams did I ever think the Maze Runner movie could be that good.  I’m stunned, trembling, crying.”

-James Dashner‘s Twitter rant about his first time watching The Maze Runner

Romantic shots in BBC Sherlock

Ever watched a romance? Betcha have. How did you know you were watching a romance, though? Assuming you did not know anything about the movie/show prior to watching it, anyone with a critical mind will still be able to see the signs of romance, and because movies/shows are a visual medium, it is of course communicated in primarily visual methods. No words needed - a good film can show you that two people are in love or at least foreshadow that they will fall in love, simply by showing you how those two people look at each other.

And the audience is in on this - the characters are oblivious, as is anyone who is first starting to realise their feelings for someone else - but the actors know, and the director knows, the cinematographer knows, the screenwriter knows, and those four people, along with the audience (outsiders spying on the lives of these characters, knowing things even the characters themselves don’t) are really in on a conspiracy - the four in charge of setting things up do so FOR the audience, who picks up their clues and gets in on the secret. Their only job left is to wait for the reveal. 


STARE STARE STARE STARE hint of cheekiness

Fondness, with romance

Tension both sexual and romantic

Confrontation, but the sexual and romantic tension isn’t lost, in fact more pronounced

Tenderness, touching

Unfortunate inclusion of 50sog but I thought this conveyed intensity, submission best.


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What if the Holocrons also might show snippets of other answers (or at least possible futures) even though the users were focused on specific questions...

Like Maul and Ezra had their own main questions and those got “answered” in vague snippets…

Like what if they have other questions like, “Will I ever stop getting tossed off cliffs?” or “Will I ever get a girlfriend?” or “Will I ever marry Princess Leia?” or “Do you think my old Master Sidious still ever thinks fondly of me sometimes?”

Like what if Kanan, who didn’t look directly but was in proximity, passed by auditory or visual cues from the holocron light, which he rightfully ignores and forgot in the chaos of trying to get Ezra out? Like what if he hears Hera’s cries of childbirth and then a wailing, which he would forget?