if you were angels who could score it would be nicer

Surprise! (BTS Suga/Yoongi)

Genre:college!au, just funny fluffy weirdness idk man

Word count: 4.5k (BTS Suga/Yoongi/민윤기)

Of course, your parents visiting you at your university would make you nervous. There is no special occasion approaching, and no specific reason (that you are aware of) for their visit. Your mind immediately thinks the worst, assuming they have awful news or are coming to spy on you.

Your friends that you have made so far are amazing. Since the day your parents left, crying, so you could unpack your stuff in your dorm room, so much has happened. You got drunk at your first college party, with many following that. You had failed a quiz for the first time, heard a teacher swear at you for the first time… so many firsts. And you had never had to share a room with someone before, but it was nowhere near as bad as you thought it would be.

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