if you were a girl i'd totally date you

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well I just finished season 4 of voltron and Matt is such a good character I just had to write for him.

tagging my voltron team @allurastellations @shirostellations @keithstellations @lancestellations

  • You and Matt were neighbours your whole lives
    • It was a ‘girl next door’ kind of crush
  • Your first date was stargazing and pizza on a hill near your houses
    • He pointed out every constellation he could to you
    • you made some up as a joke
  • Matt is the biggest dork you’ve ever met
    • the “goo-d” joke
  • He’s a huge nerd too
    • but so are you so it works out
  • This boy never sleeps
    • like he can go days without sleep and it can really bother you
    • Sometimes you have to physically drag him into bed
      • like “babes please just come to bed, you really need it”
  • Matt is actually a really good cook
    • like he can make the most simple food the best you’ve ever tasted and you have no idea how
  • Matt isn’t super big on pda
    • he really likes holding your hand or pinky 
    • or just keeping his arm around your waist just to make sure you’re still there
  • your first kiss was when you both got accepted into the Garrison
    • matt was scared you didn’t get in and vice versa
    • so you both said it at the same time 
    • “I’m so happy I could kiss you”

anonymous asked:

I wanted to ask you this, because your story kind of related to me. Im 19. I feel as tho I'm running from my sexuality. I'm rejecting the fact that I am bisexual. And Im okay with everyone's sexuality; I don't judge, but... I don't know. I guess my question is, what made you come out besides wanting to live your truth. You're fucking handsome af btw. I'd probably date a guy like you If we'd met.

I always knew I liked guys since I was a child but I also like girls and thought they were pretty as a kid so as I grew up I began wondering what my sexuality was and then fast forward now I totally dig men and women but relationships scare me. Also thanks!