if you watch the video there's this a part

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Shane's video: conspiracy theory that they're in a relationship. He brings up "uma thurman watched me have sex" with phil's old poster in his room, then there's a screenshot with "exposure editing" that shows them kissing in a halloween gaming video when lights are off and then the formspring where dan says interrupted by fireworks reminds him of phil. THEN shane straight up says he thinks they’re not in a relationship and are just fucking with the fans cuz they think it's funny. yikes

i can’t believe i even have to deign this with a response but i feel a slight responsibility to do so, so here it goes.

first, do not click on this video or watch it if you can avoid it. a large part of the motivation to even broach a topic like this in this way is for attention and to stir drama. don’t play into the blatant attempt at exploitation and justgive this video a pass. the summary above is pretty comprehensive from what i can tell.

second, i do think there is a difference between someone with the platform that shane has making a video like this and viewers of dnp discussing their own opinions on dnp’s status in their own forums. shane has a public audience. shane has influence. shane is, on paper, a colleague of dnp. digging up old tweets and fs screenshots that have since been deleted and essentially making fun of them in front of a large audience is a pretty lowly thing to do.

third, accusing two people of blatant manipulation of their audience is an even more lowly thing to do. this has been such a shift in tone for people who seek to “debunk” the idea of dnp’s romantic involvement. instead of ridiculing or deriding fans for delusional thinking, many people in recent months have instead shifted targets to instead accuse dnp of lying, manipulation, and exploitation for profit and for fun. that’s not a casual claim to make. it implies that dnp have taken some sort of pleasure out of lying on an enormous scale over many years and that they continue to do so in order to drive speculation about their private lives and, in so doing, drive consumer interest in their brand. it’s a weighty allegation with enormous moral implications and what it really seeks to do, make no mistake, is place pressure on dnp to clear the air. either come out/confirm their status explicitly or sit quietly while people accuse them of despicable motivations and actions left, right, and center. those accusations are one thing from viewers. they take on a totally different weight when they’re put forward by someone who is a colleague with an audience of hundreds of thousands, and potentially millions.

pressuring anyone w a non-het orientation or anyone in a non-het relationship to out themselves (and otherwise submit themselves to being accused of these lowly forms of mass manipulation) is a shit thing to do. while i will always advocate for critical thinking and holding powerful public figures to account, neither d nor p have ever done anything to suggest that a large part of their public presence in the last decade has been founded on intentionally crafted lies and deceit for their own gain. they’ve instead shown every sign of being two people whose connection with one another is something they cherish and seek to protect from public scrutiny. this video was grossly irresponsible and, whether or not it was intended to be so, the effects of it are malicious and totally unwarranted.

im currently working on translating the first light novel for BNHA….(cas i saw some translations with selective parts only) So as most of you know theres a part where Todoroki goes to his mom in the hospital to tell her about the Parent-Teacher day at school.
There was this part when his mom goes like “Shouto, when you were young, you loved All Might. I remember when your dad was near, we werent allowed to watch so I would secretly record videos of All Might for you and we would watch it together.” Oh my god Mama Todo kills me……..feels…..like how sad is that…….

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Do you know where I can watch Roboticus en LazyTown? Ya knows, the one with Frank Alonso?

The Roboticus play is in three parts (1)(2)(3). The guy filming kind of moves around a bit and I think these videos are the only ones on Youtube so theres no better quality but it’s not too bad. The play itself is pretty awesome.

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Sarah, how did you learn English? what kept you motivated?? I am trying to learn Japanese but even tho the pronunciation is really close to brazilian Portuguese (my mother language) the grammar and other stuff is so complicated that even tho I have fun studying I feel like I am not having improvement. Any tips?

At first I learned english at school! I think the first thing to do is to learn the basic grammar and words! So thats where I learned it! I think thats the most boring step since theres no secrets: you have to learn everything by heart. So you’ll be able to write simple sentences!
Then I discovered the english part of Youtube with Pewdiepie when I was 14-15? So I watched his videos even if I didnt really understand, I just watched it because he was really funny! And that’s how I learned english thanks to videos!👼👼 Tbh I think thats the best way to learn quickly. Because for example when he’s playing a game and he says “I go left”, the character goes to the left so I understand what “I go left” means. So basically you learn words and sentences without even noticing 😎 At first I didn’t understand much but after 1 year I was able to understand 90% of the vid :^D
After that I discovered tumblr and it helped me a lot. Because everything is in english here, so I have to read in english, write in english, and talk to most of my friends in english. So find a friend who talks japanese! At first it will be really hard you’ll go on reverso every two minutes lmao but after a while you’ll see the progress!
I think these are great tips because you don’t feel like you’re learning something since you’re watching a funny video or you’re talking to a friend.
But while doing this I think you should also keep learning some grammar or vocabulary👼👼 Good luck!!

  • Normal teens when parents leave for the weekend: throws a big party and gets in trouble
  • Swifties when parents leave for the weekend: listens to Taylor swift as loud as possible and dances usually by them selfs or with like two other people and most times theres some kind of baking oh and the best part you can watch Taylor videos on the tv with out getting weird looks from family

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not trying to be confrontational with your wuuuuman anon but fair it's fair! There's also a woman who says his husband is part of OL crew posting comments on many YouTube samcait shipper vids, that stated SC are very much together since the very beginnings and it's kinda an open secret among OL peeps, so quoting KDS, believe what you want!

Thanks. Do you have a specific video where I could read what she is posting? I could go and look for myself I suppose, but me = lazy, and I would also get sidetracked watching a the pretty SamCait vids. I have little self control when it comes to that.

I never watched the episode that “Here comes a Thought” is from so maybe theres more context lmao but my fav part of the video is when Connie is like “Something I did that failed to be charming :/” and it flashbacks to her fuckin suplexing this dude that just bumped into her…instantly breaking his spine


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i had this dream last night and i have to tell you!! so basically in the dream dnp had just uploaded a gaming video and everyone was watching it ofc. all of the sudden in the video one of them makes a joke about the two being married and there's a moment of silence where phil was about to cut(?) that part but dan stops him and goes "nah mate, i bet they already knew" and suddenly i notice that they were both wearing rings¿? (+)

(+) ALSO after the video they posted a picture of their wedding on instagram lmfao what the actual fuck i woke up sweating

dreams like this are 10x more hhhhhhHHhhHh because of how oddly realistic they are like that’s 100% something dnp would do

im laughging so hard im watching this video of markiplier’s live show (at least clips of it ) and theres a part where mark is telling a “sspppookkky” story thing and in the clip you can just hear someone say

“here comes darkiplier”

you could be the king but watch the queen conquer

not entirely happy with this but I wanted to update my take on Meg as Queen Anne Boleyn, and since I didn’t really get to make my first try too detailed because it was a video I kind of went all out. Note to self: there IS such a thing as too much. anyways, like I said I’m not super happy with it, but I’ve put far too much time into this already xD

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Check out Tracey Brown on youtube. All her psychic readings are becoming all true. I've watched all her videos and all the readings of other celebrities are becoming real. Theres one on fifth harmony and Camila cabello. I just saw this one, its mind blowing... www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=BjGuGXrsUd0

Okay, so they don’t really get straight to the point up until @5:08, that’s where they start talking about the girls and start talking about the cards 13:08.

But I suggest you watch it all.

Her prediction is mindblowing 👀 (the management part though)

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He's flying somewhere and there's wifi on the plane and he wrote on the video about watching porn on the plane.// Someone needs to explain to Posey that notoriety is not the same as success. Sure, it'll bring you attention, but not the good sort. All the hip thrusting, crotch grabbing and talk about bodily functions and porn will net you some bit parts and appearances on networks like MTV, but not much else.

Someone also needs to point out that behaviour like that might get a pass from a lot of people when you’re young and stupid, but he is fast approaching creepy and pathetic territory. 

HelloxRyan video AU

au where jk is a popular openly gay youtuber that makes a video about jimin (basically helloxryan’s video which you can watch here –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xXPbN_Mxfw) (its super funny) and jimin finds the video and then they fall in love. (basically sums it up) 

theres a part in the video where ryan was like “hes probably not even gay” and jimin comments on the video (with the time stamp) “lmao you thought” 

im obviously not a fic writer but YOOOOO someone make this happen please. 


Remember that video that I told you all to watch? is on youtube

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How do you feel about nonbinary people? i watched a video by jaclyn glenn and arielle scarcella and they said there's a lot of trans people who don't like or believe in nonbinary people, i just want to feel like im a real person

I don’t “believe” Non-Binary people exist, I KNOW Non-Binary people exist, and their identities are just as valid as the rest of us.

Although I admit, the Trans community definitely need to work on being more NB-inclusive, but don’t let that discourage you. Non-Binary people are definitely a part of the Trans community and anyone who says otherwise need to find themselves a rocking NB friend and see just how amazing and lovely Non-Binary people are.

We’re the first generation of queer youth to embrace our identity so openly, so it’s bound to be difficult, but it’s expected. Don’t let it get to you. We’re a part of a generation that’s making this world a better, more accepting place. Just keep your head up and soldier on.

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I've seen your posts about it before, but have never fully understood. Why do you dislike Clinton Anderson so much? I dont ask to start anything, I really want to know b/c I dont want to teach something bad for my horses. I currently go to an equine college, and it's considered one of the best programs in our state, but the vast majority of what we are taught are Clinton Anderson methods. I just want to make sure im not being lead into believing things that are harmful.

Theres quite a few reasons as to why I dislike Clinton Anderson, but first id like to start off by mentioning what I do like about him.  CA posts hours footage on youtube, free for everyone to see.  You can very easily pick of the basics of his method by watching his videos.  For a salesman who’s trying to sell a product, thats pretty neat, especially for people like me who love trying to figure out different trainer’s philosophies without paying a dime for something that actually may not be worth it.  His videos get pretty detailed.  You don’t just see the good parts that make him look good.  You get the bad parts and the ugly parts, and its these situations that can really say a lot about a trainer.  Its easy to like a trainer that only shows footage of themselves in good moments or photos from the best angles.  But what about those bad moments where something goes wrong? How does the trainer behave?  Well, we know how Clinton Anderson behaves for sure.

Ive posted lots of gems highlighting why I dislike what he does.  In this video, a spooky horse is flooded with an anxiety inducing stimulus and tries to escape.  CA continues to flood the horse with pressure until the horse is exhausted realizes that he has no choice but to settle down and stay put.  He then mistakes the horses behavior for “calmness” when the horse is in a lather and his blowing very hard.  Perfect example of learned helplessness.  Also, take note of how dangerous it is to continue to put pressure on a very fearful horse.  Imagine if that horse decided to fight rather than run? 

In this video, a blind horse is having a hard time backing up.  Instead of standing beside the horse and gently asking for a back up using direct pressure on the halter, CA goes right into whipping the horse in the chest for not reacting to a stimulus he never got the chance to learn (rope wiggle).  Instead of learning to associate a rope wiggle with gentle pressure on the noseband, he learns to react to the wiggle in order to avoid getting whipped.    

Clinton Anderson’s method is very attractive to newbie horse owners or people who struggle with using negative reinforcement.  This is because he preaches a “black and white” style philosophy.  “The horse must listen to me and if he doesn’t, I’m going either add more pressure or punish him for it”.  Thats an authoritarian style of horse-human interaction and it creates robot horses who obey all orders simply because they what to avoid unpleasant stimuli.  If the horse doesn’t move, make him.  If the horse doesn’t give to the bit, make him.  If the horse doesn’t bend around my leg, make him.  I personally dislike that and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I trained in that manner.

If you watch his recent video of him riding his 2 year old Titan (theres also a full 40 min. video of him riding various other 2 year olds), you’ll notice that he’s already got the horse bent at the poll (more like hyperflexed at the poll), yielding the shoulders, yielding the hindquarters, bending in both directions, and even flying lead changes.  He goes on and on about wanting his horses to be flexible, supple, and soft.  If the horse doesn’t offer these feeling to him, the horse gets a kick in the ribs or a yank in the mouth.  Tell me, does that sound like art to you?  Its a two year old, a baby horse, and he’s asking for all these concepts that should be build over many YEARS with slow, gentle, systematic training.  Horsemanship to me is an art form, and it demands understanding, patience, and respect for the horse.  From the extensive footage I’ve seen, Clinton Anderson is NOT practicing an art.  Is he successful? yep.  Can he train horses really well? sure thing.  But because it works, is it right?



Wanted to do a quick thingy for Halloween since I thought I was gonna go trick-or-treating w/ some friends but then the group got waaaay too big for my liking, and so then I kinda lied last minute saying that I had a party to go to BUT I DON’T and now I’m bored. I’m still gonna have a good time eating pizza and watching “Scared Shrekless” and maybe even the actual Shrek movie though!!


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Hey this isn't really something related to the snaps but I started liking BTS a lot recently and I was wondering if you know any funny videos or like interviews that they were in? :) thanks



warning: they’ll consume you and theres no way out but i wish u luck buddy

putting a readmore since this’ll prolly be long, but if you looking for some stuff to watch here ya gO

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Yeey~! This is my first time submitting anything to this blog even though I’ve been a long time follower of kmusicandblackwomen. I don’t listen to kpop, but I’ve always appreciated that your blog not only highlights the positive interactions of Kpop artists and their Black fans but also shows the de-mystification of Korean people and Black people to each other (Cause in this day and age, false perceptions and just lack of understanding about each other is still prevalent). I just wanted to tell you to keep doing what you’re doing! 

So as part of my Korean listening practise, there's a Korean youtuber that I watch everyday called 최고기 (Choigogi) who makes Mokbangs, plays video games and chats about random stuff. The other day I was watching one of his Mokbangs and he had two special guests, one of whom was a black guy named Joel Roberts. It turns out that he has a legit modelling career in S.Korea (He’s American). Not only that, after creeping his Instagram, he seems to have appeared on Korean variety shows and hangs out with up and coming Korean models and people in the entertainment scene. If you watched the SNL Kit with Jay Park and two foreigners being horrified at crazy Korean expressions, he’s the black guy in it! Everyone should check him out and support him. His youtube channel and channel name are both joelthemodel .

I’m sorry if this is long! I can’t help not writing a lot.