if you watch the video there's this a part


Remember that video that I told you all to watch? is on youtube

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Check out Tracey Brown on youtube. All her psychic readings are becoming all true. I've watched all her videos and all the readings of other celebrities are becoming real. Theres one on fifth harmony and Camila cabello. I just saw this one, its mind blowing... www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=BjGuGXrsUd0

Okay, so they don’t really get straight to the point up until @5:08, that’s where they start talking about the girls and start talking about the cards 13:08.

But I suggest you watch it all.

Her prediction is mindblowing 👀 (the management part though)

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Every time i watch part three i cant understand whats happening, theres no words showing up in the video for me, is that intentional?

oh my goodness, the bottom half is cut off on the vimeo link??? i had it as a youtube video until early this morning, thank you for pointing this out. I’ll see what I can do to fix it.

*update: when i converted the video to make file size smaller it cut off the bottom :/ we’ll just have to use youtube for it

So i was watching one of @markiplier ‘s videos today, and i noticed something rather interesting in the gameplay:
This is the part of the game where you have to reset the power or whatever, and i couldnt help but look a little closer at the map, and Theres a few similar patterns in the background.
It almost seems to me that all three parts of FNAF 4 (The main game, mini game, and the plushtrap game) are on this map,

First look in the upper left:

This seems to follow the pattern of the mini game (the house being the four squares on the left and the rectangle being fazbears pizza)

Then in the lower left:

That  Looks a fair Bit like the plushtrap minigame viewed from above

Then in the upper left, that looks like the main part of fnaf 4 you get to see

Now, im no matpat, but this could mean some interesting stuff if its true. any thoughts?

i really really don’t understand why people are SO against plastic surgery like,,it doesn’t affect you at all if someone wants to change something about themselves in order to feel happy, confident, and free of that insecurity let them do it like it’s completely fine??? i just watched this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xytRRwhf5kU and thought it was so interesting (it shows part of the surgery like theres blood and gross sounds just letting u know!! i loved it though lol)