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I tried to at least draw u a Victor for ur birthday… But I’m bad at drawing… and this was just a quick sketch ^_^;



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hi~~ sooooooo my tumblrnniversary is coming up on the 28th, &&& to thank all of you 🙇🏻😭 i’m opening up my askbox for request, so from now onwards please do drop me a request on my askbox ☻ and simply send me your stan/otp & an emoji and i’ll make a special gif or gif set for you heheh (be surprised~~ 🙈🙈🙈) thank you guys 🙇🏻🙇🏻🙇🏻


Remus spends too much time in the library.

Sirius has always thought so. It’s not right for a member of the Marauders to be so studious, as he’s informed Remus on several occasions; it’s important to have some fun now and then, to not be seen as a know-it-all who can do nothing but read textbooks all day long. Sirius has been espousing this view since they were first-years and Remus first began to display signs of alarming academic responsibility; since their relationship’s recent progression, his arguments have only gained traction. It’s something of a personal affront, Sirius thinks, to have his own boyfriend abandon him in favor of dusty books and overlong homework assignments; the only reason he sees for spending time in the library is to take advantage of the shadows of the especially unpopular aisles of books, the ones that offer more privacy than the too-popular Astronomy Tower or the dorm room they share with too many of their friends. He held himself ready for such an undertaking for some weeks, since he first suggested the idea; but Remus coolly ignored him in that way he does when he gets his head down into his studies, and Sirius was left to huff frustration and go work out his excess energy on the Quidditch pitch with James.

He’s given up, by now. The end-of-year exams are coming up, and Sirius knows from too much past experience that he’ll never be able to win a victory over Remus’s books at this time of year. Better to resign himself to a week of abandonment by his boyfriend and amuse himself as best he can while he waits for the curse of studying to release Remus from its hold for what Sirius expects to be a highly pleasant and well-enjoyed winter break.

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Y’know I wasn’t sure when I made this blog that anyone would really be interested in Jessie and I, but we’ve gotten a lot of love and gained a lot of new friends. You guys are the sweetest and have been amazing and really encouraging and so welcoming (which is really nice being one of the only active Toy Story rpers out there right now ^_^ }

As a character Jessie has always meant a lot to me and I could go on and on and on about that. And I know I’m not the only one. I’m so glad that I decided to write for her. I love her and I’m glad so many of you love her too! Honestly I was pretty worried I’d play her for a month and then drop her but I don’t see us going anywhere anytime soon. Three months strong already, also hard to believe! 

So really what I wanna say is thank you so much. We might not have a lot of followers compared to some but I think we have the best <3 And even if you aren’t listed here please now that I really really really do appreciate all of our followers and I love you. Thank you so much for being interested in us. We cannot say thank you enough honestly!

And here’s for more fun to come! ^_^

The Besties <3 

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Those I Admire from Afar/New Friends <3

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Take my Hand and I’ll Light the Way

Can you believe wonderful @mariuspondmercy shares her birthday with that indie author who wrote a couple of unknown books, loved to complain about the monarchy and didn’t give his characters first names?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIA!!! MAY YOU HAVE THE BEST DAY EVER ♥ Starting with a little Marisette ficlet that may have you teeth rotting up to the root ♥

“Maybe it’s not too late to back out now, right? It was a terrible idea, you know it, I know it, let’s just call the whole thing off.”

Courfeyrac gave a vicious tug at Marius’ bowtie, reducing him to silence. He had been trying to fix the damn thing for five minutes now, but to no avail. If Marius was completely honest with himself, his constant squirming and fidgeting was not helping.

“It’s going to be absolutely perfect,” Courfeyrac said confidently. “Real romantic. She’ll love it. You just need to be smooth and dreamy.”

“Experience has made it abundantly clear that it isn’t something I can do, Courf,” Marius protested, his tone somewhere between mild exasperation and utter distress. “I can’t do what you do!”


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Have you ever heard of an Australian tv show called Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries?? Its pretty great, and I love a good old 1930's detective story; but I've been hung up on one of the main characters - Dorothy Williams. She blossoms (and by blossoms I here mean becomes more confident, and chunkier, noticeably chunkier) and I don't think my heart can take much more...

OH MAN.  Anon, this is remarkable news.  Okay, my real life best friend is obsessed with mysteries.  Like, she watches Murder, She Wrote – her love for lady mysteries is deep.  She’s been crowing about Miss Fishers forever, and I keep grudgingly acknowledging that yes, it’s on my list. 

But now?  Now that I know I’m going to be BLESSED WITH A CHUNKY WOMAN?  It just jumped to the top of my To Be Watched List.

Let’s take a look at Dorothy.  This is her, yes?  Because she’s fucking adorable and has a jawline that makes me want to scream:

Originally posted by docmacmillan

Also unnngghhh let’s look at this one:

Originally posted by phrynefisherismyrolemodel

Also, what are the odds I can ship her with Miss Fisher?  Any good gay vibes going on there?  Because Miss Fisher has this whole feisty angular brunette thing going on, and I’m such a fan of that look:

Originally posted by phrynesforeheadkisses

What I’m saying is if I watch it, can I write fic where the mystery of how Dorothy got chubby is that Miss Fisher was giving her cookies?

(No seriously.  @d-lightfulexcess have you watched it?)

Little Battleborn Things #978

When someone ditches you on your first playthrough of Phoebe’s dlc, causing you to start with 50 ops points and you still nearly get all of them by yourself.

*another badass submission from the unstoppable Battleborn anomalous-mice. 


Hey guys, we thought that we should let you know that both Tia and I will no longer be posting on this blog. To put it simply, both of us just don’t have much passion for writing anymore and school is also taking up a lot of our time. There are also various personal reasons that don’t need to be mentioned that also took part in our decision. We’ll be leaving all of our posts as is for anyone who still wants to read our writing, there will just not be any new content. You can follow my personal (Ash) @beeguk and just send us a message if you’d like Tia’s personal URL. Thank you guys for everything, I hope you all understand xo ❤

Twists and Turns; Elation             {{ NOT FOR REBLOGGING         PERSONAL POST / POEM }}

                            Twists and Turns; Elation 

         Written by and owned by Amethyst Rose.

La la la la twists and turns

Within a maze of my own creation

Da dum da dum it never learns.

Floating higher and higher, elation.

Elation station

Lost, but not afraid

Alone, by myself in isolation

Worry will fade.

Wandering eternally in a web of my own design

Da la da dum, time is ticking and flowing away

The path I walk is never a straight line

Always twisting and turning, all night and day.

Twisting and turning, never learning

A glutton to my own soul’s anatomy

Forever searching

Looking and yearning, craving the center, a captive of my own calamity.

Free yet still bound

By forces unseen surrounding me and encasing

La la la la, Da dum da dum, follow the sound.

Warmth washing over me, embracing.

Skipping its pacing, forever racing.

Won’t slow down, can’t slow down, no rest.

Forever and ever and ever chasing.

What a grand quest.

Twists and Turns, Twists and Turns, Twists and Turns

La la la la, la la la la, la, la, la la 

Da la da dum,  Da la da dum,  Da la da dum

Follow the Sound, Follow The Sound, Follow The Sound

La la la la twists and turns

Within a maze of my own creation

Da dum da dum it never learns.

Floating higher and higher, elation.


Elation Station


Elation Station


{{ This is a little poem I came up with on the fly, I’m hoping to turn it into a song. Only I know the true meaning to it. I wonder if you all can guess what it means owo? }}


I don’t mind, I’m too happy that someone else than me loves Hisame! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ He nearly became my official Fates S-support… but… well, I couldn’t stand the pickle jokes the localization added. Ruined his appeal. The C-A supports were very cute but omg that S-support… 

Anyway, yes, his paralogue is annoying >_> These tiles… Unless you have a lot of flying units and Takumi, it takes forever to reach the ennemies.

Little Battleborn Things #977

When you coordinate character, gear, and helix choices with your split screen partner and create an unstoppable tank+healer tag team.

*another deadly submission from the coordinated Battleborn frowningfoxbones.