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Hello! Just an update, with some help from @reverthelp I have said my shahada today, Masha-Allah! I’m posting these pictures with this notification because this was the day I decided that eventually I was going to be Muslim. I put on the closest thing I had to a hijab and I prayed, and it made me so happy that I needed to take some pictures to commemorate the moment. As an American teenager living under a roof where I can’t be anything but Catholic, I will try to the best Muslim I can. However since I will be practicing in secret I will not wear the hijab right away and things like fasting or not eating certain foods will be incredibly hard to do. So it is on the last day of Ramadan 2017, right before Eid that I have become Muslim. I am still learning and will still be learning and adjusting for a long time I’m sure. If anyone wants to talk to me I’d love to, especially if you are a revert who has some tips and pointers for me. Thank You for all those who have helped me a lot: @reverthelp @revert-muslimah and the many many YouTubers and Scholars whose videos I learned from. 

“If you’d asked me a year or 18 months ago: ‘Are you going to do anything as a solo artist?’ I’d have said absolutely not.” What changed? If the management stuff made you happy, I say, why not sit back and focus on that?

“But then I’d be conceding”, he says.

Conceding to who, to what? He waves his hands in the air. He could mean anything: history, bandmates, doubters, the press. Tomlinson is quiet for a while and eventually says: “I’m trying to work out why is it that I’m [doing this], now that you’ve asked that question”. He fidgets and trials a few answers that run out of steam. “It’s frustrating because I know what I want to say and I can’t articulate it”. He pats for his lighter. The odds are against this tilt, Tomlinson seems to understand. But as we start to talk through his reasons for at least trying, I find myself hoping that this Last Directioner makes an unlikely go of it after all.

jeonghan and his quest to have couple wallpapers with the members…

(Fan account)

OP: who do you think will be your wallpaper after seungkwan?
JH: hmmm…coups said he’ll do it (have couple wallpapers) a while back but we didn’t do anything after that.
OP: ㅋㅋ coups isn’t your dongsaeng that’s why you didn’t want to?
JH: it’s not that, I don’t really mind but he didn’t talk about it.

JH:who should I do it with next?
OP: umm…yeah mmm…
JH: Hoshi?
OP: Hoshi? oh…but he doesn’t look like he’ll do it…
JH: Hoshi will. If I ask him to he will
OP: Well, then who will not be willing to do it?
JH: Woozi
OP: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ jihoon? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ is it? (accepts the answer)
JH: Wonwoo looks like he won’t be willing too, but the rest of the guys seem like they will be willing..ㅋㅋ
OP: ㅋㅋㅋ thank you! see you next time!

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This was a nice live stream. ^_^

It’s seriously super nice to just sit down and hang out with Seán for a few hours and listening to him answer questions and talk about things.  Like for example, I loved hearing him talk about how Junkrat became his favorite Overwatch character. When he said “he’s like me” it reminded me of one of the reasons why Mei is my favorite Overwatch character. I relate a lot to Mei in certain ways and see a lot of myself in her. xD So it’s interesting to me that we have that in common about how we see our favorite characters in that game. I don’t know I just really like these chill q and a live streams. :) 

Also Seán, ( @therealjacksepticeye
if you see this post I have something I want to say to you about your upload schedule change for July. I haven’t really said anything about this yet because I didn’t really know enough about the situation until you talked about it during this live stream. I know that it sucks because you’ve stayed consistent for so long and your work ethic really matters to you and you’re very proud of yourself for staying this consistent for this long and it might just feel like life is getting in the way of that. Plus you also kind of have this fear that people will leave if you just stopped uploading two videos a day. But honestly I think this is just another hurdle to tackle as a Youtuber. You knew that you would have to eventually break or change your upload schedule at some point. If you can’t make 2 videos a day because you just don’t have time anymore then you need to accept that you can’t because you can never fully predict life and what’s going to happen in it or how much time you’ll have. I think you need to let yourself know and realize that it’s okay to take a step back and have more moments to yourself or to experience and live those moments outside of Youtube. Plus life is just opening up for you and you’re lucky enough to have amazing opportunities being given to you and you need to let yourself experience those opportunities because what you learn from those experiences also shape who you are as a person. I know being a youtuber and the community means a great deal to you but you’re not a video making machine. You’re a human being and you need to try to stop being afraid of breaking the consistency because there’s so much more to your life, to you and to who you are then just Youtube. You need to let yourself step back sometimes and to let yourself explore and experience those opportunities that are being given to you. I and most of the people in the community just want to see you be happy and to see the person that we’ve gotten to know through these videos and who we consider a friend to go out there and make the most out of his life and show the world what he’s got to offer. The community is not going to leave you just because you’re not going to be here twice a day, they’ll still be here when you come back. You’ve impacted so many people’s lives and you’ve left your mark on them just by being who you are and giving them a little more positivity in the day and that influence has shaped who they are as people and how they look at life and the things in it. Or at least that’s what you’ve done for me. I’m not going to leave you if you break away from your consistency Seán, I’ll still be here when you come back because you already do right by me. I understand that life keeps going no matter who we are and what our situations and circumstances are. You have a life outside of Youtube and you need to let yourself live it, even if that means you change your consistency and upload less content. I’m sure that you know all of this and you might already realize this but I still wanted to say all of this to you and try my best to reassure those fears of yours. :) 
Whatever life throws at you Seán I know you’ll try your hardest to appreciate every good moment in it and learn from every bad moment too. Just keep being you dude and keep learning and changing from your experiences. Cause you have so much to offer the world by just being who you genuinely are. ^_^

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I’m going to do it....

Learn how to make poses!

There are three more days of Delgado Legacy posts in my queue.  I have a months worth of Chaisson Legacy in my queue right now.  I plan on getting a months worth of Runaways Legacy in my drafts this week; hopefully before the Delgado Legacy posts are done.

I usually don’t even launch the game other than to play one of my unposted saves (Bailey, Catalina, or Hayden) off and on till my queue runs down to less than a month.

So….since I can’t do anything with the Fitness SP (make mods, do CC etc)… I’m going to learn how to make poses.

I’m kind of excited!

I want to do stuff like the below!

My focus will be on children since there are so few poses for them.  Children talking, playing, arguing.  Children interacting with adults.  I’m even going to do bullying poses because it’s a fact of life and you see no poses for it.  I am a story teller and I need poses for story telling with children.  

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you're so cute!!! if you can do anything you want in life without any worries, what do you dream to do?

OMG no i’m not ! YOU are so cute! if i could do anything?! hmm… i don’t know! if i could do anything at all in the whole world i wish i could talk to teenagers/young people who are going through abusive relationships because a lot of people don’t warn you about them! there’s no educational topics about it, and a lot of people don’t teach their kids about that type of situation. it’s a topic that’s really important to me because i went through total hell for years when i was young and i thought it was all ‘okay’ and ‘normal’ and didn’t tell anyone because i didn’t know any better and thought it was no big deal :/ parents and other adults tend to brush off kids’ “relationship trouble” a lot of the time because they’re young and don’t listen and i don’t want anyone else to lose years of their life / mental well-being to something like that… but unfortunately there’s no field/demand for that? i wish there was! a lot! that would be my ideal job if could do anything, would be to maybe make a difference in someone’s life that way and tell them what no one ever told me. sorry if that was dark or not what you were looking for LOL! it’s how i feel though ;__;

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that "dream daddy" game but the only two choices are sarif and miller

Oh hell yes

Definitely Sarif for my first choice - I think he looks like the kind to take you out to fancy restaurants and not let you pay, but in return he keeps talking about Adam. And you don’t actually find anything out about him, but you know everything about Adam. I don’t know exactly how the game works yet, but I feel like you could romance him by bringing up how great Adam looks every time you see him.

Miller seems more like the kind to cook fantastic meals, just like a really great steak. He asks how you want it, and when you say ‘blue as fuck,’ it comes to the table blue. And he’s lit candles even though it’s 3pm. When you go upstairs with him he has pictures of his kids beside the bed. It’s sad, but you know. You’d stay the night anyway.


:*:✼✿Good Goody Commissions✿✼:*゚:

Hey y’all, I’ve decided to open up traditional commissions! I will be offering:

-Busts: $7

-Heads: $5 

If you’re interested, please IM or ask me on tumblr with your paypal address, commission type and references! We can talk about things regarding the commission itself too.

I can send your file via discord or email! 

Things I Will Do:

  • OCs
  • Furries/Fursonas
  • Simple mecha
  • Mild gore
  • Canon characters

Things I Won’t Do:

  • Really complicated mecha
  • N/S/F/W
  • Extreme gore/Guro
  • Anything offensive
(If you aren’t sure if I’d be willing to do something, feel free to ask!)

I have 7 slots open! If you want I can keep you updated on your commission status, but I WON’T start until I’ve received your payment!

Even if you can’t buy, boosting would be appreciated! Have a great day!

Bust Commissions to help Sam-Sepiol!

So one of my favorite people on this planet is in need of money and I wanted to help how I can, so…

I’m happy to do bust shots, @sam-sepiol will add details about payment when they reblog this. I’d prefer to work with a reference but if you don’t have one talk to me and we can work something out

(I do humanoids, tho the further they stray from pure human, the less I can promise quality results.)

Message me for further details!

OTP Challenge: Bluepulse
Day 30: Do what you want

Well.. This is for you… For all of you, so.. You have two options:
1. You ask and Bart and Jaime will responds you all of your questions :)
2. Give me ideas about what do you want I draw in the final day Challenge :)

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So this probably isn't what your normally get but I just need help with something. I was talking about whitewashing to my colored friend, as I thought she woukd understand the best and I showed her the restored photos. She didn't understand.I quote "Ew no! Asians are Asians and that means being pale like why would they complain aboht people lightening their skin when they look terrible with dark skin." How can I teach her how wrong whitewashing is? And also, how can I not slap someone?

Before I say anything else, I want you and other followers on here to know:

Please, do not call people who are not white, “colored”. There is a very long racist history behind that terminology and is considered as a slur when used against us. If anything please use “____ of color”, such as “friend of color” or “my friend is a person of color”. I’m just gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you probably didn’t know any better.

As for the rest of your ask, I am just going to say this straight up. 

No matter how much you try to talk to that person, there is a very high possibility that they are not going to learn. And it is also a very high possibility that they might not WANT to learn. If there is anything I have learned over these years, it is that people will stay ignorant and will continue to do so not out of lack of information. But rather that they have a victim complex in order to not take responsibility for their own actions, finding themselves to be unfairly persecuted while blindly ignoring the hurt of others. 

Racist mentalities and other discriminatory behaviors are really hard to break out of for anybody. And yknow… not every story has a happy ending. 

Also, considering that you referred to them as a person of color that is not Asian, I am going to assume that you are white. In this situation, what you have to say will not hold any weight to that person. And it can be seen as invasive of you to take part in discussing things that will not affect you. This would have been different if you were a POC/Asian and your friend was white/not Asian. Calling out people and actively debating with them over this subject is not a position that you can take.

You should not approach this in a sense of “I need to thoroughly convince this person and initiate conversations with them about this because they are wrong”.

Rather I think the only way you can approach this is through, “I support what this group [oppressed group you agree with] has to say because this directly affects them. They say these actions are harmful and I would rather treat people with respect instead of having a stereotypical bias of what people should look like.”

You can only support us or defend us, nothing more than that. If they decided that they want to learn more, that’s great! We have plenty of sources and there is also a lot of sociology stuff people can look up regarding this.

If they decide that they don’t want to change… well… then they don’t necessarily care what you have to say on the subject. It is your decision at that point to weigh out their worth to you as a friend. And that is something only you can do.

Admin Matte


OMG!!! I can’t believe it! I started this blog back in the start of December and wow!

Now I would do one of those follow forever thingies but knowing me I would forget someone so I just want to thank a few people!

First I would like to thank @benmendelsohnappreciation! My Tol <333 We may not speak to each other as much as we use to but I still love her with all my heart. She is a blessing not only to me but the whole fandom. She’s strong, brave and has a heart of gold. I love you <333 (she also makes sexy gifs!!!!)

Secondly I would like to thank @jynnicsanctuary! I feel like I could tell you just about anything. Talking to you feels so natural, when I see you on my dash it makes me beyond happy. You always make me laugh and your stories are honestly some of the best that I have ever read! I love you, so very much <333

Last but not the least!!!! I would like to thank @missmendelsohn! My Tumblr Mom!!! I love and care for you so much. Not many people ask me how I am or if I have had food so when you do it really means a lot to me. I love how you’re always trying to make me go to bed. You’re such a lovely person and my life is so much better with you, all of you in it <333

Just a quick thank you to @ben-mendelsohn! thank you for doing what you do! Honestly I hope you know just how much I love what you do! <333

And to everyone else. Thank you so much! I love you all!!!!!!

Here’s to you guys and Ben!!!!

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Do you have any advice for someone who has both depression and anxiety?

Well, I don’t know how much help I can be, but

1) Just know “you are not alone”. There is always someone who cares, and someone who is willing to listen. Find yourself someone who will listen to you when you need to talk to someone about how youre feeling. This could be a friend, significant other, parents, internet friend. I guarantee you there will be someone who will want to do anything to help you, whether to give you a shoulder to cry on, to cheer you up, or to calm you down when youre anxious. You are not a burden, and you are NEVER alone

2) If you are someone like me whose sadness or anxiety shows in the form of a lot of physical tension, I would really recommend getting a little stress ball to carry around with you and you can crush or scratch at. I know it helps me.

3) Similarly, I reccomend carrying around a small little token that reminds you of someone you love and makes you feel safe or happy. Whenever you feel anxious or sad, take that out and just hold it or play with it. I have a worry stone my girlfriend gave me, and a necklace from her as well that I hold when I feel anxious or alone. 

4) Something my girlfriend does is carry around a bag of chocolate chips everyday. She takes this out whenever one of the two of us, or even someone else, is sad, because chocolate releases endorphins which makes you happier. I don’t know how much it helped, but we always kept an emergency stash of chocolate. 

5) Self harm is never a good option, but if you feel like you want to cut yourself or something of that nature, an better alternative is to scratch at your arm with your nails, or dig your nails into your arm. This wont have any lasting damage, and is definitely safer, but still may help? Still, wouldn’t really reccomend. Better still, draw lines on your skin where you want to cut with a pen or eyeliner pencil. 

6) Make two playlists- one with calming music for when you feel anxious, and another with feel-good music for when you feel depressed. Whenever you need to, and whenever you can, step away and put in earbuds and listen to the music. Focus on the words and the beat, and the music, nothing else. Stay like this until you feel a bit better

7) Look up one of those breathing excersises online, the ones where you watch the shapes fold and unfold and breathe in time with them. Breathing is important, especially during an anxiety attack.

8) If theres a traceable reason for feeling anxious or depressed in that moment, write it out. Sometimes it helps to sort out your thoughts. Id reccomend texting someone what you feel and asking them to help you analyze whats going on. 

9) Look up pictures of kittens or other baby animals. Focus on how adorable they are, and dont think about what is wrong. Theres good in the world, like these little animals

10) Try to think things through logically. What is making anxious? Then determine what the most likely outcome of the scenario is; not the worst case scenario. Most times things don’t happen exactly how we imagine in our heads, so the worst case scenario you are imagining, will more than likely not happen

11) If you havent already, get help. Talk to an adult or a professional or someone who has dealt with this before. Don’t underestimate getting professional help, they are specialists for a reason

12) You are not alone. No matter what your depression or anxiety is telling you, you are beautiful and talented and smart and perfect and unique, and there will always, always be someone out there that loves you more than the world itself. 

I hope this helped even a little bit. Other people- Please add on with your own tips!!

I love you, I love you all, if you ever need anything, feel free to message me

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hello! if it's alright, could i ask for some best friend/platonic love headcanons for ann, haru, makoto, and futaba?

IOf course it’s alright, I really hope you enjoy this anon!

I had a lot of fun writing this one. - Talal.

(I’m sorry if I didn’t do the characters here Justice ;-;)


  • Your friendship with Ann is incomparable.
  • You two helped each other through the hard times, and you stuck by her side when the rumors spread around her.
  • You always comfort her when she’s thinking about Shiho, reassuring her that she’s going to be perfectly fine. and that you’ll visit Shiho with her once she recovers.
  • Ann appreciates that you never objectified her, even when you first met her. you saw who she truly is and she’ll always be thankful for this fact.
  • Ann’s always there for you, whether you want to talk about something bothering you, something that happened recently, or anything really. She’ll always listen carefully and gently. and vice-versa.
  • Actually, she seems to enjoy talking with you.
  • Ann’s habits definitely rubbed off on you, you’ve been eating more and more desserts lately.
  • Not to mention, ordering desserts before main courses in restaurants.
  • You’ll be visiting each other and spending time together more often than anyone else.
  • People usually mistook you for siblings when they see you together in the streets. in which case you both lie and say yes.
  • You consider yourself part of the family, her mother knows you, her father knows you and you even call them “Mom” and “Dad”.
  • She’ll often hug you from behind and rests her chin on your shoulder, beaming her phone at your face.
  • It’s either a funny thing, her latest modeling works, or some interesting news.
  • The thought of protecting you gives her strength in the Metaverse.
  • She doesn’t plan on losing and dying. she wants to go back to you and have a good laugh after all of this.
  • You two would go shopping for clothes together, with you carrying the bags most of the time.
  • She wouldn’t hesitate to buy you two matching outfits.
  • You already have one that says “Best Friends” on one shirt and “Forever” on the other.
  • When things are rough, the first person she’ll think of calling would be you.
  • She’ll hug you and cry on your shoulder, even crying feels more comforting when you’re around.
  • “Dammit, I told myself I wouldn’t cry… But it just.. won’t stop.”
  • Sometimes, you feel like she doesn’t even care you see her cry. she’s being truly herself even when you’re around.
  • You two would make sure to hold each other’s hands all the way through, even if things get rough.


  • You were one of the few people who inspired Makoto.
  • Being so focused on her studies, she didn’t have enough time to experience much in life. so she thought to study was the most Important thing.
  • Until after she met you, You inspired her to go out of her comfort zone for a bit, little by little, she realized how much it was important to experience things yourself.
  • She found comfort being near you, meeting someone so distinct from herself was truly an intriguing experience.
  • Still, with her studious nature, she’ll make sure you up your game as well. she’ll make sure to explain everything to you clearly.
  • before mid-terms and final exams, you two would spend a whole week together. studying and completing your assignments together.  she’ll be extra strict during this period.
  • “I see, so that’s how it goes.” You say after she explained something complicated to you.
  • “Now, onto the next subj-” She’s cut by your sudden interference.
  • “Say, it’s already been 3 days of studying, would you like to watch a movie?”.
  • She pauses for a moment. “I guess, we deserve it after all the work we’ve done.” she says, adjusting her posture while dusting her skirt.
  • Nevertheless, studying seems to be far easier and much more enjoyable when you two are together.
  • You two are always on the top when it comes to grades, you even feel like your popularity in school has increased.
  • Whenever you’re in trouble, she’ll strictly scold you if it’s your fault, but proceeds to suggest solutions afterward.
  • She’ll always try to be realistic with you but in a very re-assuring way.
  • She even introduced you to her sister, Sae Nijima. the prosecutor.
  • She’ll always talk about you near her sister, so you can assume Sae knows you as much as Makoto does.
  • You’re probably the only person allowed to get into her house, and Sae actually enjoys speaking with you.
  • You think of them like sisters, although you tend to be more formal near Sae. which Makoto finds completely adorable.
  • You know everything she’s been through, and she won’t hesitate to tell you what’s happening in her life.
  • She rarely ever cries near you, she wants to be strong for you. so that you can feel safe and protected near her.


  • Haru is a very sweet girl, so getting on good terms with her was far easier than anyone else.
  • It all started when the teacher gave you and Haru a gardening assignment, that’s when she discovered her love for gardening.
  • You weren’t interested in gardening per se, but you met Haru during this assignment. and with the time, the relationship developed to extraordinary levels.
  • You never expected Haru to be this close to you.
  • Haru will ask for your help with the garden, and you will gladly take the offer up. but most of the time there’s not much to do, so you two just hang out on the rooftop for countless hours.
  • She’ll cook you the foods you like using her own vegetables.
  • You’ll be the test subject of every coffee she makes. and they’re actually pretty good.
  • You two would plan for the future together, and this is a subject that gets brought up frequently.
  • She’s always in so much stress, so you’ll be the first person to know about her problems.
  • She’ll always look up to you as a powerful figure, and she’ll tell you all about the problems that happened between her and Sugimura.
  • Although she’ll drop eerie comments every now and then.
  • and even though she finds it difficult to figure out who values her as a friend and who wants her merely for her status, she knew you were the first type.
  • She completely feels comfortable showing a bit of her sadistic personality near you. and you don’t judge her for it.
  • some people mistake you for couples, and you two laugh at it.
  • She’ll always share her dreams with you first, discuss them in immense details. as if they’re actually going to happen.
  • but you know she’ll never give up until they come true.
  • Gardening is a habit that grew on you off of Haru, she’ll gift you all the tools you need and a few pots with seeds to start. she’ll tend to your garden as if it’s her own.
  • She’ll make sure it’s crystal clear that you should talk to your plants. That’s the only way they’ll grow big.
  • a few cuddles every now and then never hurt, and you like the feeling of her fluffy hair against your own face.


  • You’re literally the only person who’s allowed in her room.
  • the sign makes it explicitly clear that “ENTRY is prohibited. except for [NAME].
  • The first person you call when you want to make trouble is Futaba.
  • a good hacking session into a few sites of your choice is always fun.
  • and you two get a good laugh out of it.
  • You can’t help but clean Futaba’s room every time you come over. and you immediately sleep on her bed afterwards.
  • She doesn’t mind it, she sleeps next to you if you haven’t woken up yet.
  • You two would listen to music together, sometimes it’s too loud that even Sojiro can’t sleep.
  • You even have a copy of the house’s key, Futaba begged Sojiro to make you one. so you can visit her whenever you want.
  • Since she doesn’t like going out, Video games and new consoles/ electronics are on you.
  • You don’t mind her staying in her room, she actually feels a lot safer with you in her room.
  • Sometimes, you’ll spend days sleeping over, eating that delicious Curry Sojiro makes. 2 plates for the best BFFs.
  • After she met with the Phantom Thieves, and they changed her heart. you couldn’t help but wonder what happened.
  • She took you in her room, and she told you everything about her.
  • how she was feeling, how it was like for her. if it wasn’t for you, she would’ve probably never even contacted the Phantom Thieves.
  • and after she shows you everything. including the calling card, she gives you that smirk you know all too well.
  • “I’m a Phantom Thief too, how cool is that?”
  • You can’t help open your mouth in awe.
  • “But don’t tell anyone, okay?” she entrusted you with this information, she’s the only person who’d be willing to tell you this.
  • “If you need any hearts changed, don’t hesitate to tell me.” she says while finishing it off with a small, sinister laugh.
  • “welp, I’ll be making like a leaf and fly with the wind now. Bye!”
  • You two promised each other to take care after one another, resulting in an ever-lasting, loving and caring friendship.
  • and you promised each other to never hide anything from one another.

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Hey are you familiar with the (unofficial) Stan Frederick Discord? I know the creator of AEC goes on there a bit, it's a real nice place run by some cool people!! I can link it if you're interested.

I’m not the biggest Discord fan, honestly! I’m glad there’s a spot for fans though, to talk about this stuff, so the site and community are good in my book! My reasons are both a little personal and a little nitpicky. 

The basic reason is, I’m trying not to be on too many websites. tumblr is my biggest public spot right now, and even that gets me anxious sometimes. I prefer to stick to a one-and-only.

Big hello to Discord fans though! If you ever have anything you want to send or say to me, I’m here! :)


Ethan x Trans!Reader(FTM)

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Request: Hey uh…. Idk how to properly ask this, but I’ve been feeling like crap about gender stuff. Can you do like an Ethan x Trans ftm! reader where reader and Ethan have something to say comes out to Ethan and he just immediately supports everything and talks about like “so… i guess I’m asking you to be my boyfriend rather than girlfriend” or proposal wise being husband rather than wife? Idk how to pitch things. Thanks ahhh

A/N: I really hope I did this justice, Thank you for requesting @punk-rock-pixie

You had been friends with Ethan for a very long time. You’d been there to support him in anything he wanted to pursue. It was a relationship that had blossomed quickly and had a great bond. When you had moved out with Ethan to L.A, you became a regular appearance on his channel. And when Ethan joined the Teamiplier crew you began appearing in occasional live streams. You all had quickly formed a close-knit group, although you shared many personal things with all of them there was one secret you had kept to yourself. It was difficult to come to terms and fully understand yourself but once you had understood it felt like a weight had set on your shoulders, as everyone continued to use the pronouns you weren’t comfortable with. It wasn’t their fault you didn’t blame them, you blamed yourself for not finding the courage to tell your friends what was going on. You thought since Ethan was your best friend it was only right for him to know what was happening.

Keep reading

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Reader being a kind and friendly person than she does not know when someone is flirting with her. Junkrat!possesive hates when the teammates flirts with his girlfriend. (I think you write amazing. Thank you!!)

SCREAMS thank you so much!!

You are always so humble and thankful when someone compliments you on your beauty or calls you a sweet nickname. You always figured it was just them being nice. It couldn’t possibly be anything else, because you’re clearly dating Junkrat!

Junkrat, however, knows just what is going on. He sees the look in their eyes when they talk to you. He knows that look anywhere. Your teammates want you and that pisses him off to no end. What, they think they’re so much better? That if they try hard enough, you’ll just up and leave him for someone better

Junkrat then takes it upon himself to stick close to you and PDA has become much more frequent. He’ll kiss you, hold you, grope you, all in front of the team mates who dared to flirt with you.

But, he couldn’t stay by your side forever. When left to your own devices, the flirting would continue, and you would gladly converse right back to the kind individuals. There was an instance where Junkrat was sent to set some traps up ahead, and when he came back, he saw you pressed up against the nearest wall, giggling and smiling as your team mate loomed over you with a smug grin, one arm resting on the wall behind you.

Junkrat lost it. Angry shouts filled the air as bombs went flying. Everyone managed to clear the area free of injury, but you were very concerned. What could have made Junkrat act that way?

As soon as the mission is over, you approach Junkrat to talk to him about it, but he immediately grabs your arm and he pulls you to his living space. Once the door is shut, he pins you to the wall and kisses you with fervor. He leaves kisses all around your face, down your neck, and leaves a deep bite at the juncture between your neck and shoulder.

“Yer mine,” he breathed into your ear. “Ain’t no one allowed to be all lovey dovey with you but me, a’ight?”

You still had no idea what this was about.

“Those arseholes had the gall the flirt with ye right in front of my fuckin’ face. Yer such a sweet… Guess ye didn’t notice, huh?”

Oh. OH. Well now you just feel bad. You had no idea you were hurting Junkrat like that. The poor thing must have been having such a self esteem crisis over this. You slowly nod, promising that you won’t let anyone do that to you ever again, especially not in front of him. Then, you pull him in for a much sweeter kiss.

Junkrat just about purrs with glee, happy to have you all to himself after all this time. 

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Any suggestions on how to get annoying dickwads to stop talking?

1. Put your hand up to their mouth
2. Say “shut the everliving fuck up Jesus fucking Christ I dont want your voice tainting my fucking ear holes”
3. If they say anything after that just slap them like as hard as you fucking can and then walk away bc goddamnit you do not repeat yourself.

Hope this helps honey

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My dog has had 12 seizure in 11 months. She went 6 months without. She had one last month and one tonight. She's a year old. And on 2 meds. I'm scared they're not working anymore and I don't have the money to keep putting her on more and I deff don't have any for a MRI. I don't want her to suffer if she keeps happening. It's such a hard thing to think about but I don't want her to suffer if she keeps having them.

You need to talk to your vet for advice. But always remember they’re NOT suffering during seizures. They’re unconscious. It’s hard to realize this bc of how horrible the seizures look, but they are not in any pain or anything. Also, remember the 90% of the time they’re not seizuring, instead of focusing on the small time that they are.


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