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Not Safe (C.H)

{pic not mine}

warnings: cussing, mention of religion

A.N: i’m not christian so i’m sorry if any of what i say is offensive,, im trying not to mention as much religion…

His hands started to give out from holding his weight up for so long, so he hovered above on his elbows for support. That deepened the kiss. Tongue was everywhere, you wouldn’t even know what the goal was with this tongue. His crotch brushed against hers, a slight tough but enough to make him moan her name ever so loudly into her neck.

“Oh, Y/N,” he sighed into her neck. He placed small kisses on her neck and on her shoulder, moving back up to her neck. He was having the time of his life. As for her, she stared up at the ceiling. In lust? In desperation? Was she grabbing onto his shirt, desperate for a deeper touch? No. She stared at the ceiling, her eyes filled with boredom, her breathing stable, her body stiff as wood. The routine was simple and the same. Her five year long boyfriend would come over for steak and mashed potatoes for dinner with her parents, sometimes it was with mac and cheese when her mom felt adventurous! Then they’d go up to her room for their 7-8 study session, only to turn into an intense make out session. Or an intense make out session for him. But it never ended with sex. The Lord would not approve of premarital sex. Please do not break the routine.

He let out a grunt and placed one last kiss to her collarbone, letting out a deep sigh. He lifted his head above hers and touched their noses, rubbing his tip against hers. “God, I want to marry you,” he sighed. His eyes were still closed in lust as he savored her smell, the taste of her. Her eyes were wide open, her lips forming a fake smile to show him she was just as enthusiastic as he was. His eyes opened to meet hers and he returned a bigger smile to her. He kissed the tip of her nose and slowly made his way off of her, letting out a loud groan as he made his way up. He sat back on the bed and watched as she made her way up as well, her hair just slightly messed up from the slight head movements on the pillow, her lips glistening from spit and chap stick. Their eyes met and his smile turned into a smirk, proud of his work of art. She placed her hands in her lap and returned a small smile. He furrowed his eyebrows and reached up to move a strand of hair away from her face.

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Sorry if you don’t like the following, but I woke up today hating the world and Sam and Cait as well. Still do.

Since the “picture” of everyone together and cozy and after the shock wave of Cait posting it, we get the trolls, Antis and just hateful people dumping on Shippers again. Same old shit, different day. Does Sam now date MM publicly and does Cait get to do the same with her SO? Do we get the privilege of watching Sam and MM bore us to death. Yes, I am negative about this relationship. If Sam finds MM that exciting and worth dating, I just can’t imagine what he is like in real life. I find her boring and ordinary. Especially her IG. Watch one of her interviews for reference on my opinion. If this is the real her, it’s sad. Guess I got used to Cait and her sense of humor with posts .

When a reveal happens, it usually changes things. When it’s a couple most people are hoping are together, after the likes on IG in the thousands of the pictures of SC together, it’s usually celebration. But, when you get a sketchy relationship instead, it might be an uphill battle. An actress nobody really knows, except for this fandom and a C list actor. This is not a power couple. Do they breakup and stir the pot more? I don’t think Sam or PR have that answer.

So what’s next? More innuendo, more pictures, more MM? Then what happens when Season 3 has promo? MM isn’t part of the Outlander show. Do they throw her into the mix when she is not needed or wanted? This may be a turnoff to some people. Me especially. I think they are hoping all the dust from this mess will die down and go back to normal, whatever that is. They are already on Twitter trying to act like everything is coming up roses. I see some, like me, not so forgiving. When you get used for anyone’s advancement or personal gain, you find it disgusting for them to keep doing it. Yes, I feel used. They said they weren’t together, but kept playing the game of looking together and again we get blamed for believing their BS. Dangling the relationship carrot in front of the Shippers all the time. Yep, I went down that rabbit hole for the last time. Just hoping in love and what we saw means we are delusional. So now we should invest in the most fake looking relationship outside of Taylor Swift and Tom H. I don’t think so. Whoever is behind this shit needs a bitch slap.

Never have I seen such use of fans and total abuse by a has been old actor without someone stepping in to save their fandom from this mess. Total abuse to women and joy in their harassment of them. Right or wrong about a relationship has nothing to do with this. For Cait to be a feminist she needs to only look at her fandom, the bubble headed blonde fucking with the fans and IW, her big friends buddy. A damn picture was suppose to clear up this mess? How idiotic can everyone be? All of this could of been avoided and kept simple, but they keep feeding the dragon and expect not to get burned? I’m even pissed at myself for investing myself into this relationship of SC and the show. I’m not stupid, they are for not embracing the Shippers and letting the truth be known for a healthier environment for fans way back and no more are we/aren’t we playing with fans. The old saying in sales was “KISS IT, meaning keep it simple stupid.

Get your popcorn ready for September. We will need it. PR has enough problems just getting their shit together on a daily basis. This is going to be a real laugh fest. If I sound bitter, it isn’t because of SC not being together. Together or not has no effect on my life. I am pissed about the constant battering of Shippers when Shipping is a normal for fandoms. I think the actors who only see fans as a commodity are in trouble with themselves. I do see the forgiveness and the don’t blame Sam or Cait for any of this, remarks in the fandom. Who do we blame? It’s Sam’s so called gf making sure we get half truth pics on IG and him looking the other way. This whole are we/aren’t we thing wasn’t made up in our minds. It’s right out there on SM. Signs of publicist and PR are all over the place. Looking back at Amy and Cody even fighting on SM over Sam, but yet Amy says she was not his GF. Both she and Cody worked for the same studio Sam was filming a summer movie, When the Starlight Ends, but it was just a coincidence all three of them were plastered all over SM. Yeah right.

Whose fans are being the target of IW and trolls? Sam and Cait, not just the show. We don’t get words of encouragement, just please vote and oh yeah my Gf isn’t doing anything wrong by posting innuendo, it’s all of you interpreting it wrong. Really, when it looks like shit it usually is shit. Trolls and IW should be addressed. If they get ignored then the trolls get bigger and fatter from their harassment. Block, report, erase. Even the 16 year old Blondie can’t handle that on her IG. Enough reporting and maybe IG will get the message to up their game and stop the harassment. If Sam or Cait don’t know how to handle their SM then their PR team should be consulted immediately. But maybe they were and this is what we got. A picture and a tweeting fest.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t get appeased that easily after being hit upside the head. If they can’t come up with something good for the “what’s next” scenario, it’s going to get real quiet around here. It’s a long time till September and watching a 40 year old guy and a blonde bubble head is not going to cut it with a fandom full of smart savvy women. Maybe someone with some intelligence who knows women between the ages of 20 and 75 can help these dingbats out. So far they keep fucking up.

Oh yeah one more thing. if someone tells me I am picking on MM, I don’t care. Anyone who puts themselves out in a fandom of women and shows no intelligence in what she posts and how she handles it, well you asked for it. If you think I’m bad, you haven’t met the bitches of the world. Grow up.

Do I still think they are together? Doesn’t matter right now when they let so much shit happen to their fandom. Yep I’ll say it again, their fandom.

I think I have said enough. I’m in need of a pain killer.

How do I make an instagram edit like this one below?

I tried to make this as simple as I could so you can make a ig edit even if you’ve never touched photoshop before. You’re gonna need photoshop some patience and follow my steps. I will explain everything under the cut: 

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April 2017

This is a compilation of fics that I’ve read/re-read over the past month. Faves get a star ( ★ ). There is also a separate fic rec page for my favorites here and a fic rec sorter here, if you’d like to check those out. :)

MONTH: April, 2017 | (older lists)

▶▶ A Neutrino Walks Through a Bar by Moku
Teen And Up | 45,261w
Stiles had become the most popular matchmaker of Beacon Hills in less than a year. And he really didn’t know how that had happened.

▶▶ A Not So Easy Arrangement by hazelandglasz
Explicit | 5,314w
AU where Derek’s still the Alpha, and Erica and Boyd aren’t dead. Stiles and Derek have to fake-date because of werewolf reasons, but it shouldn’t be too hard because they’re already having sex together? And they’re great friends? Shouldn’t be too hard, Stile thinks, but he’s been pining away, and he was actually gonna ask out Derek for real, because he kinda loves him, but now he just feels weird. And he’s still finding ways to fall in love with Derek.

▶▶ accidentally? by bibliosexual
Mature | 3,683w
BOSS: “know why I called you in here?”
ME: “because I accidentally sent you a dick pic”
BOSS [stops pouring 2 glasses of wine]: “accidentally?”


Or, in which Derek receives a surprising email one morning.

▶▶ all stories deserve an end by bleep0bleep
Teen And Up | 2,351w
No one hardly ever comes up to this area of the forest, especially with the rumors of the “mad wizard.” Stiles encourages the rumor, because it means people leave him alone. It’s a good, solitary existence as long as Stiles pretends the aching loneliness in his heart isn’t there.

▶▶ anything, anything by drunktuesdays
Explicit | 5,242w
Prompt: Stiles wakes up in Derek’s bed in a world where they’re married now, and Derek keeps leaving the room every time he tries to have a conversation about how this happened, since they weren’t even dating.

▶▶ Bones Straining Under the Weight by weathervaanes ★
Explicit | 15,645w
One of Stiles’ favorite things about life is Derek Hale’s food blog. He never expects to meet the man in person.

▶▶ But, Doctor! by stilinskisparkles ★
Mature | 30,269w
“We had to splint a girl’s leg in a ditch,” Scott says excitedly.

“Bro, you sound way too happy about that,” Stiles complains, opening up his bag and pulling out a Twinkie.

Derek removes it from his hand silently and replaces it with an apple. Stiles scowls at him for a second then bites into it, regardless. Derek sits back and lets the group discuss the merits of dramatic lifesaving feats for winning over the ladies. Scott is convinced it’ll help impress Allison; Isaac thinks Scott’s a loser. Stiles—

Stiles is falling asleep on Derek’s shoulder.

▶▶ First Impressions Are Overrated by Leslie_Knope
Teen And Up | 14,634w
In Stiles’ defense, he didn’t deliberately ram his grocery cart into the (evidently precarious) pyramid of oranges.

▶▶ I Call You Names Because I Love You by tylerfucklin (Deshonanana)
Mature | 13,025w
Years of touring with Stiles would never have prepared Derek for the day his beloved techie fell in love with someone else.

▶▶ I Do Do You? by Captain_Loki ★
Explicit | 6,540w
Stiles and Derek wake up hung over and married in a hotel room in Las Vegas. It wouldn’t be so bad if the year before their relationship hadn’t fallen apart.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, just wondering could you please explain how do you take care of a pet rat? What do they need to be happy and healthy? And also your rats are lovely, if I were any good I would knit tiny hats for them :)

(Oh god it escalated, I’m sorry. 😅 If this is too much to read or too hard to read bc of my english just scroll down to the end, I’ll list the most important things there again. Also sorry if this text sounds passive aggressive, it’s not meant to sound like that. ;;)

Hey !
Thank you for your nice words. ❤
Before I start I want to mention that I live in germany and we have compared to other countries kinda high standards for our rats and most of the things you see in the rat/rats tags here on tumblr are SO WRONG. To go throught the tags hurts my feelings so much because the poor rats don’t deserve this wrong treatment by their owners and I’m super glad that you want to inform yourself about rats. 💕💕💕

First of all and most important: Pet rats are !!!not!!! wild rats and you can’t compare them to each other.

Okay, so the most important thing is that you need at least THREE rats. But four rats are even better because rats live in packs and they’re soooooo unhappy when they’re alone. A human can’t replace other rats, you’re not together with your rat 24/7 and the most cruel thing you can do to your rat is to keep it alone. I often see people who claim their rat is happy alone but… no. This is not true and not possible, rats need other rats ! (Story time, Tequila outlived two complete ratpacks and lives with her third one at the moment and I had the chance to see the contrast between her behavior when she lived alone and when she had friends. She was, I’d almost describe it as ‘depressive’ when she was alone.) To have only two rats is also not optimal because as mentioned above: they live in packs a pack starts with three members. Just imagine someone would force you to live your whole life with one other person - this doesn’t work out very well and you would fight a lot and it’s the same with rats.

Another thing you need is a big cage ! A good cage size for three rats would be 100 x 50 x 100cm (length x width x height) but the bigger the better !
Things you need in your cage: at least two water bottles, a food bowl, some places to hide (like wood houses, hammocks or something)
Things your rats will love you for if you put them in the cage: a sputnik, hammocks, fleece tubes, natural cork tubes
Things you shouldn’t put in the cage because they will make your rats sick:
salt/lick stones (salt is unhealthy for your babies and can kill them if they eat too much of it), HAMSTER WHEELS - FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T GIVE YOUR RATS THIS TRASH (this hurts their spine, here’s a picture of a rat who regularly used a hamster wheel (x) …), hay and sawdust because rats are allergic to it and they don’t need this because they don’t eat hay like guinea pigs or dig in it like hamsters, also don’t give your rats chinchilla sand, it’s too fine and it will hurt their respiratory tract, if you want to give them something to dig in go and buy them unfertilized coco humus. (This stuff gets usually used for reptiles but ratties can have this too !)

Things you shouldn’t do with your rats:
- DON’T. TAKE. THEM. OUTSIDE. I know that many people do this but it’s so harmful for your rat. Rats are nocturnal and the bright light outside hurts their little eyes. Yes, it still hurts their eyes even when it’s cloudy outside. Another thing is that rats are neophobic, this means they’re afraid of new things outside their marked territory. Besides they get easily sick, a breeze is enough for them to catch a cold.
- Don’t bath your rats !!!! You can offer your rats a big bowl with water during summer so they can play a bit in the water but NEVER force your rats to take a bath and espeically don’t wash your rats with shampoo. Rats smell like pee and poop sometimes but that’s normal because they pee where they sleep and they fight/play in their poop corner sometimes, so… The smell is really important for your rats because they recognize each other with it, we call this “Rudelduft” in my language but I don’t know if this has a special name in english too. Like, your rat pack has a scent and every other rat who doesn’t smell like this is an enemy, that’s why they sometimes pee on you, because they like you and they want to show you “hey, you’re our friend, you belong to us, we love you !”
(One of us, one of us ! 😂)

Things you can do with your rats:
- Put them in your shirt or let them sit on your shoulder and do your daily tasks AT HOME with them.
- Show them tricks ! Rats are so smart and they can learn tricks like dogs ! (x)
- Feed them with spaghetti, they love this stuff and it’s the cutest thing in the world.
- Let them dive in a water bowl filled with water and peas or korn, it’s fun for them and nice to watch.
- Play with them with cat toys, give them feather sticks, they love them.
- You need to allow them to run around in your room sometimes because it’s not good if they sit seven days a week all day long in their cage and it’ so sweet and cute to see them run and play ! They will also come to you and cuddle with you.

Here are the most important things again because this text turned out longer than it should:
- At least three rats, the bigger the pack the happier the rat
- Cage for three rat needs to be 100 x 50 x 100cm (length x width x height) but the bigger the better.
- No hamster wheels !
- Don’t bath them !
- Don’t take them outside !
- No hay, sawdust or chinchilla sand.
- Let them play in your room.
- Accept the pee, they just want to show you how much they love you. ❤
- Don’t feed them fast food on purpose.
- Don’t buy food with pallets.
- Vet bills can be really high so be sure to get your rats from a good breeder who gives you healthy rats or if that’s not possible try to get some from your local shelter.

Of course every rat owner sees things different but this ^^^^^^ is the best treatment you can give your rats. There will always people who say “but i take my rat outside everyday and she never got sick uwu also she lives alone and is four years old cause she’s so happy bla bla bla uwwwu” but this is bullshit and comes most of the time from 15 year old children who aren’t able to take proper care of their rats/are not interested in taking proper care and now they’re trying to whitewash their behavior.

Howsoever, everything I wrote down seems to look like overwhelming at first but it’s actually easy to take care of your babies. Give them a big cage, let them have two, three or more friends, give them your unconditionally love and everything will be fine. 👌😉

(Btw here’s a pic of my first rat pack playing in some coco humus)

anonymous asked:

can i ask why u don't like her? i don't either but i wondered why u don't

I don’t like her for a lot of reasons but my biggest annoyance with her is the fact that she’s made to be this perfect person with no flaws and she feeds into it. Have you seen her instagram? It’s basically a photographers wet dream.You want to share photos of your kids, your bees, your flowers and whatever else go for it. But do not treat your children like props and please stop being fake. If you take a look at her twitter and her instagram can you find me one single photo that shows some sort of flaw? The kids are always smiling, they’re always poised and they never even have a stain on their shirt. They’re kids and you’re telling me they don’t get dirty? Here are some of my other reasons for disliking her…


Her twitter is usually pretty tame. She doesn’t post anything that could spark any sort of controversy, she rarely interacts with the fans and she knows when to tweet. By that she knows when Jared is getting attention and she’s just gotta bring it right back to her. Here are some examples x x x x  of her being judgmental or bringing the attention right back to her. Is smoking good? No. Is it good to do it around a child? No. But it’s not your place to judge that person! Who gives a shit how someone lives their life? Jared seemed to be having a great time at SDCC and she just had to point out that it was trending and that she missed him. You’ve never tweeted about SDCC before but now all of a sudden you’ve just gotta point out that it’s trending? Here’s a link to the article she mentioned in the one tweet. Are all Italians in the mob? No. Do all Russians like vodka? No. So please don’t paint all sorority girls with the same brush.


She’s been known to be inconsistent with her story but I like to call it her being a liar. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? To start the wedding photos, engagement photos and rehearsal dinner photos were all stolen. That’s a little odd because that was a shit ton of photos to be stolen and who could possibly access that many photos without someone alerting Gen or Jared? But wait! A couple years back she approaches the ladies of DLG and tells them how the photos were released with her permission and she chose which photos the photographer could put in her online portfolio. Did she tell the fandom as to stop people from thinking they were stolen? Nope. Set’s up a charity that supports equality but spends 90% of her time with a family that hates same sex marriage. She’s all for girl power but never about this before she had a girl. Now she’s so proud to be a female! It’s like having a girl is what truly made her a mom. Paleyfest rolls around (oh my God, those pictures of Jared kissing her are so bad!) and she tells the interviewer how it’s pilot season and she’s trying hard to book something. Couple months later and she’s pregnant with Tom. Oddly enough Jared told the fandom he wanted to wait to start a family because he wanted to be able to be home with the kids. Later down the road Jared says Gen wants to act but she’s busy with Tom and he’s lucky she’s putting her career on hold like that. Guess what happens? She gets pregnant again! She does a podcast and tells them how she’s just auditioned for the part in a TV show and wanted the fans to tweet said TV show about her getting the part. Then we find out she’s pregnant again! Anyone else seeing a pattern? She tells the DLG ladies that she doesn’t want to do cons, they just aren’t her thing and she doesn’t want to take away from Jared. Really???? Judging by JibCon and Asylum she LOVES being on the stage. She’s an attention seeking bitch. And please, she did not get high. That train story has gotten so fucked up that she actually tells a different variation of it to sound cool and give herself a bigger part in it than she originally had. The reason why she’s never had her own panel is because creation had gotten sick of asking her and her saying no. She’ll dress the boys and dogs up in Seahawks gear because that’s her team but when she goes to a game with Jared she wears HIS team. Logical.

Her Instagram fail:

This one should be obvious but I’ll explain why I cannot stand this woman’s attempt at a lifestyle blog. For one she’s making it seem like all these photos are completely candid and weren’t taken by an actual photographer. She’s using her kids, Jared and the fandom for her own personal gain and I find that to be disgusting. All the photos have the perfect caption and show off just the right thing to get the most amount of likes. She knows damn well the pictures with the kids will get the most likes so she posts them when she’s feeling needy and wants attention.She talks about how a “mylkshake” gets the kids to eat their veggies but doesn’t give them a sugar rush. But just last week she gives the kids ice cream and tells us how the sugar rush is real. I’m all for giving kids sugar but also giving them healthy food as well. She acts like she’s the only parent that does these things. My other favorite post of hers is when she talks about missing me time. At that point she attended her brothers wedding, went to a fashion show with her bestie, went to the zoo, had a couple workout dates with the bestie and also went to the beach with her trainer, bestie, besties beard and a disgusting homophobic pic. Not a lot of moms can do all these things and then have the audacity to complain about not having me time. Tells people how it can take a village to gets kids to eat properly. What in the actual fuck? People need to spend 600$ on a blender for kids to eat their vegetables? Why in the hell are you letting your kids dictate what they eat? Keep putting their vegetables in a blender and covering the taste with fruit and they’ll never eat them. Her friend Nicole owns her own baby food company and Gen just loves this! But Nicole often says not to mix fruits and vegetables so kids can learn to eat right without sugar being present. Here she agrees with a fan on how to avoid picky eaters but with her instagram all she’s doing is insinuating that her boys are difficult eaters. The kids rule that house while dads are in Vancouver. So, yeah. Her instagram is not a lifestyle blog for the average person. It’s a platform for her to show off her perfect life, perfect family and how much better she is than everyone else.


She doesn’t support Jared unless it’s to tweet that she’s proud of him. She didn’t even wear an AKF shirt! She admits that she didn’t do anything to prepare for the role of Ruby even though almost every single actor that comes on that show to be 2.0 or something says how they study the other person. All she did was take a character and ruin her and then complain when people had a problem with her rendition of the acting. It’s over the top or nothing with this girl. She can never just share a simple picture. She’s gotta have the perfect caption and she likes to try and fool people. Posts a picture of Jared and the baby making it sound like she just took the picture moments before hand. When actually it was taken the day they celebrating JJ. I absolutely hate how she spends JARED’S money on complete garbage. This bracelet cost almost 900$ and looks like a child could have made it. Yes, she does come from money but I seriously doubt that her parents are still giving her money to pay for her extravagant lifestyle. I believe she had a trust fund from her grandparents but I doubt that’s still there especially with he way she likes to spend money.

The fandom treats her like she’s made of glass and she’s right there with them because she loves the attention.Being made the victim is right up her alley.

[fic] 23. M. Looking for a challenge PART 2

(i honestly thought i could finish the whole fic this week bUT uh school. so uh, have this super short second part feat. viktor. 27. M. searching for meaning)

Like many things in Viktor’s life, this one could be blamed on Chris.


Not really.

(In Chris’ defense…well, Chris has no defense. Why would he even need one? But if he did, he’d cite Viktor’s preoccupation with small balls—“Subatomic particles, Chris!”—and infatuation, nay, obsession on some cute grad student he’d met at a symposium and who had maybe dry-humped Viktor’s leg and whose number Viktor failed to get.)

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Jared and P&S campaign

Hi Sera, hope you’re having a nice Easter! I’ve been having some hatty thoughts today and thought I’d get your opinion. 

Scrolling through IG and Twitter, its apparent that there’s been a real swing in who is promoting the P&S campaign, and who is putting the effort behind it.

Since the initial push at the end of March, it’s been almost entirely Jared’s social media pushing the campaign. G has not posted anything about the campaign since 5th April on her Twitter and 3rd April on her IG - despite pretty much daily posts about other stuff (that’s more than 10 days ago in a time-limited campaign!). While its almost certainly not Jared himself posting on his accounts, they’ve been used to promote the campaign almost daily through either posts or IG stories. He’s also the one that’s signing the hearts, which is also strange: I understand that he is the bigger name, his signature has more value, but surely as a joint campaign to mark their daughter’s birth they could both sign?

That all leads me to some speculation: the charity element of the campaign is Jared’s, or at least the charities are his preference. Despite both Js general lack of political statement, they strike me as charities that Jared would want to support (didn’t he donate to Obama? and he immediately wanted to support LGBTQ charities after the tragedy at Pulse). They are definitely the kind of politically controversial charities he would not be allowed to support in his own name at the moment (SPN is in the top five programmes of both Republican and Democrat supporters). I’d therefore suggest that we are starting to get an idea of the deal that was made here: Jared’s support for Gs new blog and what will presumably be ongoing, non-charitable collaboration with P&S, in return for Jared’s choice of charities, but helpfully for TPTB purposes under G’s name. As a result, we’re seeing little bits of Jared interacting with fans in ways he’s always seemed to value - through seeing people’s pics with the hearts, signing things to send out and taking pics at cons, so hopefully something positive is coming out it. 

Sorry for the long post but would be interested to get your thoughts!

Hello, dear Em!

Thank you for messaging me, this is a very interesting angle you’re presenting! I hadn’t even noticed how the promoting of that campaign had shifted from both of their social medias to rely on Jared’s. Truth be told, I have mostly just ignored the campaign since the launch.

Your speculation makes sense to me. Wasn’t G donating money to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign back in the day? I’m definitely not claiming to know what her political stance is these days, but that tells me she wasn’t always so liberal. Maybe Jared picked the charities indeed? We’ll probably never know. I agree that the network would probably not want him directly owning up to that, even though they let M be open about his political stance.

I think Jared’s signed hearts might be because the campaign doesn’t seem to be doing so well. When it was launched three weeks ago, G’s caption said “They are super limited edition so will run out quickly!” So, they are either not that limited or they’ve greatly overestimated the demand. I wonder if G is not signing any because it would be a hassle to arrange for them both to sign or whether she realises her current lack of starpower.

What I find strange about this campaign is that they’re seem to be willing to sacrifice Jared’s social media following in the benefit of G’s. Or at least it looks like that, considering “Jared” is doing the marketing as of now. It was puzzling how the man failed to mention the campaign at Seattle con. I had already thought that maybe he wasn’t much involved in it, so his silence somehow spoke volumes to me. Is Jared’s following “expendable” because he’s planning on retiring from showbusiness after Supernatural ends?

I’m uncertain about whether or not Jared is looking at the purchases fans are making. It would be lovely if he did, but the sceptic in me protests - he did undermine the campaign somewhat by spilling the news of O’s birth to a bunch of fans in Austin. I don’t know if that affected the campaign at all, but it looked to me like an act that defied G’s big plans.

I’m sure that after the end of this campaign, G will soon follow with some sort of commercial activity. She already did that with the birthing tea and eyelash thing at least, so it really wouldn’t surprise me if she kept doing little ads like those while aiming higher.

Urgh, I’m sorry this turned out so long, dear Em! I hope your Easter went well, too. Mine was slow and relaxing, just what I needed to fuel me for another two weeks on the road. Have a very lovely week!

Originally posted by bilosan

Alys wanted thoroughly interrogated Eggsy, where Eggsy stood his ground and didn’t let anything slip.

I kind of imagine him and Harry having had an argument before he was abducted. Harry giving him a dressing down on all of the ways he was being a poor agent/had messed up a recent mission and the thought for Harry that that’s the last thing he said to Eggsy.

It’s eating him

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Tease | Kim Seokjin

Summary: You send pics of you in your new lingerie to Jin while he’s at work. When he gets back, you better be ready for punushment.

Genre: Smut [Spanking]

Word count: 1,600


You plopped on the couch and let out a long, desperate sigh. You missed Jin already and just wanted him home. The house was filled with the talking and laughter of the tv show you paid no attention to, and the smell of the hazel nut scented candle filled the room.

The thing you missed the most was the feeling Jin gave you last night. When he was pounding into you as you were weak underneath him. You left hickeys all over his neck, that’s why he left home with a black turtle neck on. He, on the other hand, left hickeys all over your body. Mostly your thighs, your neck, shoulders, back, and lower stomach. You just wanted that feeling all over again.

Suddenly, an idea popped in your head making you smirk. Earlier this week Jin took you out and bought you some lingerie. You knew just how to make him want to fuck you senseless as soon as he stepped foot in the house.

You weren’t supposed to tease Jin like this, but you didn’t care if you got punished. You wanted to get punished. Punishment meant spanking you an making you count each time he did. He never did like hurting you so each time he hit you, it turned you on more than it actually hurt. That’s what you loved about him, he’s gentle and rough at the same time.

You took out the new lingerie from the drawer and spread them all out on the bed. He bought you 4 more, but I knew exactly which one would drive him crazy. The light pink one with a tiny white bow in the front of the panties and bra. You giggled in excitement and put the others away. “This will be fun.” you say to yourself and stripped from my clothes putting on the pink lingerie.

You went in the bathroom looking in the mirror. You took off my ponytail and shook your hair free letting it fall over your shoulders. This made you look innocent and sexy at the same time, which you knew Jin loves about you.You sat on the bed and took your phone opening snapchat and going straight to his name.

Once you got the camera open and ready you sat up straighter and rubbed your warm hand down your thigh. You left your mouth slightly agape and took the picture. It only shows your lips and body. You wrote on there saying,

“daddy hurry home…”

You smirked once you sent the snap to him, waiting on his reply. A few seconds minutes later you got a snap back from him. You gasped when you opened it, not expecting to see the bulge in his pants.

“look what you did to daddy. you better be ready when i get there, princess. don’t you dare touch yourself”

You smirked, getting wetter and wetter just by the message. But you wanted to make him madder. You took another picture this time showing your pouting face. You made sure to have my hand buried in your thighs.

“but daddy, i can’t wait any longer…”

You giggled, knowing your ass will be bright red at the end of the night. You got a snap as soon as it was sent.

“princess…i hope you know this means punishment for disobeying me. i’ll show you how a naughty girl you are.”

“Princess, come here!” you heard Jin call out to you. You quickly walked down stairs, making sure to sway his hips. He looked up and down at you, his bulge growing bigger.

“Hello da-”

“Don’t hello daddy me. You know what you did was wrong. You’re supposed to wait until Daddy gets home. Get upstairs and wait for me there.” he spoke deeply, eyes not leaving you.

You didn’t hesitate to obey his orders so you hurried upstairs, silently chuckling to yourself as I layed on your stomach on the fluffy white sheets. This is exactly how you wanted him to act. You were smiling to yourself enjoying the whole situation, and Jin knew that too.

Once he made it up there, he’s turtle neck was removed just revealing his jeans and muscle shirt. You instantly got and moved to the side so he could sit. He motioned you forward and you laid on your stomach, making sure to rub your breast along his bulge. A low groan was heard making you smirk at the sound.

“You must like it when daddy spanks you. Wearing this lingerie and sending me your picture while I’m with the others. I better hear you count the first time or else I’m adding 5 more.”

You bit your lip preparing for the sting on your ass to occur. He massaged your thighs slowly making his way up your clothed ass, rubbing it slowly. He then brought his hand up and brought it back down harshly against you.

You groaned, mouth closed trying not to let out a sound. “One.” you gasp out. He then spanked you again, making you whimper. “T-Two.” He massaged your thighs roughly making your core beg for him to be inside you.

He brought his hand back down and you let out a loud moan. “Three.” you gasp making Jin’s breathe hitch. He slapped you again, harder than the rest. You sealed your mouth shut trying not to let out a sound. He ran his fingers in your hair lightly pulling at it.

“F-Four.” you quickly say before he could pull any harder. One more and you can finally get what you’ve been aching for. He slapped you again and you couldn’t hold in your loud moan. You knew he liked it when you did that. You get his length on the side of your stomach.

“Should I do more?” he rubbed your sore ass squeezing it. “No, Daddy. I learned my lesson now.” you get up, resting on the back of your heels in front of him. You winced when your feet touched your stinging ass.

“Good. You’re about to get another one.” you blinked confused until you saw him unbuckling his belt. He threw his belt to then floor and pulled out his length, which sprung up high. He got up and removed the rest of his clothes making you go crazy. “On the bed.”

You obeyed his orders and played stomach first on the bed, gripping the sheets, wondering what he was going to do. You felt his warm hands massage the inside of you thighs and ass. His hand went through your panties and stuck his finger inside only to bring it back out.

He slowly pulled down your panties throwing them across the room. You began sucking on the back of your neck and made his made down to your thighs. You sucked on your inner thigh for what seemed like hours and it drove you crazy on how he was teasing you. He probably gave you 5 more hickeys than you had already from last night.

You don’t expect for him to stick his tongue inside you already. You’re moans were muffled when you buried your head in the sheets. He swirled his tongue in you and his hands squeezed your ass.

Your eyes clenched touched as his tongue swirled inside you non-stop. You thrusted your hips back and forth giving him more access. Right when you were about to cum, he stopped which made you bite your lip in frustration.

He flipped you over and quickly removed your bra, throwing it somewhere in the room knowing you’ll have to find it later on. He dug his head in the crook of your neck sucking it harshly. You tugged on his hair, your soft moans music to his ears.

He spread your legs apart with his knee, the cool air hitting your core. He wasted no time easing himself into you. “A-ah!” you threw your head back, eyes squeezed shut. He moved inside you at a slow pace, but each thrust was hard making your lips almost bleed since you bit them.

He took your leg and held it on top of his shoulder, quickening up his pace as he did so. You whole body started moving with each thrust he made making your breast bounce. Jin noticed and it drove him crazy. What drove him even crazier was the moans that were coming out of your mouth. Therefore, he went faster just to see your reaction and hear your voice.

“Da-ddy, Ah!” you screamed scratching his back. He grunted and gripped you’re leg pounding into you. He raised your leg higher and hit you g-spot. Your mouth hung open, eyes unable to open due to the pleasure. This has been probably the hardest he has fucked you.

“I bet you’ll be patient and wait for me to get home will you?” he whispered in your ear. Just his voice could make you shine which it did. “I-I won’t.” you struggled to say in between your moans.

You felt his hand start to shake, tightening the grip around you leg. You felt pleased to know the pleasure he had because of you. The squeaks from the bed became faster until nothing was heard but your loud scream. You came all over him as he came after you. He thrusted into you one last night before collapsing next to you.

You opened your eyes and breathed out, your chest rising and falling. You rolled over and nuzzled your head into his chest hearing his pounding heart and heavy breathes. He looked down at you and smiled.

“Did you have fun, princess?”

Spider!Jack x Mer!Rhys (1st)

@jennpy drew a fabulous pic of Mer!Rhys and Spider!Jack interacting so I had to embellish a tee tad. XD Oh god. I made Spider Jack so… innocent(ly bad.) But I love him. Here you go, Jen!

[And I know you’re waiting on Tempest Deity Jack!! D": I’m working hard!]

“I know it’s your first time with the other experiments, Jackie, but you have to be careful…”

The Handsome Spider sighed, wilting a little under his mother’s lecturing. He knew she was just being protective of him, but he really just wanted her to finish talking then push that green button for the door. It led to a special glass tunnel of Jack’s ultimate wonder, created to migrate specimens to a much larger habitat to be amongst one another in a symbiotic colony.

Not that Doctor Jen was entirely okay with this… She was still worried her banana baby would catch an unseen disease or worse - earn mild indigestion from ingesting one of the other experiments.

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Could you do kbtbb cheating version please?

A/N- I hope you guys like it ^_^  My favourite part is Ota’s.


Eisuke-  I knocked on the office door and was greeted by silence.  I pulled out my phone to look at the time and saw it was a little after six.  I groaned as I looked at the door.

Wasn’t our date today?  I swear he said to meet him at his office at six.  Maybe he had a meeting and is running late now?  He would have told me though…

I sighed as I leaned on the wall besides the door and slid down onto the floor.  I unlocked my phone and searched for his name.  I typed a quick message saying ‘Hey, I am waiting in front of your office, where are you?’  Right when I was about to click send the office door opened.  A woman walked out the office adjusting her disheveled clothes with a huge smile on her face.  My eyes widened at the sight of her.

“I wish I could stay longer,” she whispered seductively as she as she turned back toward the open door.

I heard Eisuke sigh, “next time.  I have a meeting with someone now.”  I stood up and cleared my throat shocking the duo.  I turned to see Eisuke looking usually messy; it was as if he just threw his clothing on quickly.  He most likely just did.  I felt ranger surge through me.

“Mc,” Eisuke gasped; he looked at me as if he wanted to say more but could not get the words together.

“Your meeting is cancelled, go back to having your fun” I nearly yelled as I turned my back toward the duo and walked toward the elevator, “and also Eisuke, I quit.”  I heard Eisuke call my name again but I ignored him as I threw the penthouse key into the rubbish bin and walked into the elevator.

Baba-  “I am so tired,” I muttered as I nearly finished all my word for the day.  The hotel was understaffed for the day and I got stuck doing the work of three employees at once; it does not help that I barely got any sleep the night before.

I yawned as I reached the final room and looked around.  I am supposed to meet a trainee here to see how she is doing so far.  A maid cart stood in front of the door but there was no one around. Is she stuck in another room nearby?

I guess I need to do this room alone?

I swiped my card and opened the door.  I heard whispering voices which confused me; this room was supposed to be empty… Right?  Is there an intruder?

Do not be so drastic, I thought to myself, maybe the trainee began without me.  I have spent too much time with the guys.

I walked into the room and gasped at the sight.  I saw the trainee naked in bed with a man.

“Oh shit,” she said as she covered herself.

“Mc,” the man gapsed and I was taken aback.  I did not realize who it was until they spoke.  It was Baba.  “Let me explain,” he began as he tried to get out of the bed and I backed away from the scene.

“I don’t want to hear your crap,” I nearly yelled as tears sprang from my eyes, “I don’t even want to see your face.”

“Mc,” Baba whispered with a sad expression.  Did he want pity or something?  I am not giving him any.  I turned around and rushed out of the room and out of the building.  I don’t care if I get fired for leaving the job.

Ota-  I called Ota’s phone as I headed towards the studio.  We planned on meeting around seven o’clock at the studio after I finished work, but I finished earlier than usual so I was about an hour early.  No answer.  I sighed as I put my phone in my pocket and looked at the building.  Maybe he was busy with his next art piece?

I looked around the street anxiously; I did not want to interrupt Ota if he was in the middle of creating a new master piece.  I spotted a cafe across the street and walked toward it.  I walked inside and order a coffee and sat besides to window as I waited.  I checked my phone occasionally to keep track of time as it passed by.

I smiled as I watched a small family enter the cafe with a stroller.  The parents laughed at something as the baby slept peacefully.  I imagined Ota and me like that one day; Ota would make a good father now that I think about it.  I ran my hand through my hair as my cheeks reddened.  That is a dream that I would love to make true.

I peered across the street and saw an expensive looking car drive up to the studio and Ota climb out the car.  I smiled as I stood up but froze when I saw a woman climb out the car.  Is he… No….  I shook the thought out of my head, she is probably someone for work.  Ota is not cheating on me, that is imp–

Right when I began pushing the thought out of my head I watched Ota grab the girl and kiss her on the lips passionately.  The world went silent as I my heart shattered.  No… no… I felt tears fight to escape as my drink slipped out of my hand onto the floor.  I heard people muttering confusingly around me but I did not care; my eyes were glued to the scene.  It is true what people say, it is hard to look away from a trainwreck.

I picked up my phone and called Ota.  He jumped away from the girl and laughed as he pulled out his phone.

“Hey Mc,” he said happily, “where are you?  I just fi–”

“Think about what you are going to say before you finish your statement,” I stated in an emotionless tone as I walked out the cafe.

“What do you mean?” Ota asked confused.  I watched him scratch his head from across the street.

“Turn toward your left,” I said and he paled as he followed my instructions.  His eyes widened as he saw me, he almost let his phone slip out of his hand.

“It is not what it looks like,” he said quickly as he began to rush across the street.

“I saw everything idiot,” I yelled loud enough he could hear me across the street, “go back to snogging the girl.  We are through.”  I turned away and ran down the street with tears pouring down my cheeks; I had to get away from the trainwreck.

Mamoru-  “What?” I muttered in shock at the sight, “what is this?”  I turned to see Mamoru sleeping the bed as I cleaned part of his room.  I found underwear; it was not just any underwear, it was female lingerie.  It was definitely not mine since it had a bigger bust size, and it looked… new?  I felt my blood rush to my cheeks as I stared at the clothing longer.

I cannot jump to conclusions, I need more proof.  I stood up as I questioned my actions.  I think finding this is enough evidence, I thought, I do not need to do anything else.  I cannot help myself though…

I picked up Mamoru’s phone and unlocked it, I am going to regret this.  I went through his messages and saw some from Eisuke, me, and the others.  I sighed as I turned toward the sleeping figure.  I went to lock the phone until I saw a female name; Sachiko.

I took a deep breath as I clicked on the chat long; there was no going back now.  My eyes widened as I saw nude pics, both female and male.  I read through the conversation, it was about how amazing last night was and other junk.  It seemed to happen more than once before.  They had their fun at his house, at her house, and at the hotel.  I cleaned up after them…

I placed the phone on table silently and quickly threw the lingerie on top of it, I did not want to hold it for long.  I searched for a piece of paper and wrote ‘Go to hell’ and left it on top of the small pile.  I gathered all my stuff and left the house without waking Mamoru up.  I really did not want to talk to him, I would probably end up doing something I would regret; I cannot believe he could do something like that.  I tried to take deep breaths as I closed the door and left the Mamoru behind.  I hope I could leave the pain behind too, but I know it is just the beginning.

Soryu-  I sighed as I changed out of my uniform in the employee locker room.  I was finished with work for the day, earlier than usual, and was heading to meet Soryu for our date.  I decided to surprise him by being early and headed toward the elevator and went up the penthouse suite.  As I exited the elevator I saw Baba and Ota whispering.  They turned toward me and their eyes widened as they jumped off the couch.

“Hello,” I said to the two guys who turned paled, “what is wrong?”

“Umm… you are here early,” Baba said, “I thought you still had work for another hour or so.”

“I finished early,” I answered as I gazed at the duo suspiciously, “what’s wrong?”

Ota sighed and opened his mouth to talk but Baba elbowed him before he could get a word out.  Baba said, “you are probably here for Soryu, but he is busy at the moment.”

“Busy?” I asked, “is it mob stuff?”  Baba nodded his head as Ota turned toward him with a surprise look.

Ota turned toward me and said, “he’s lying.”  Baba looked at Ota like he was crazy but Ota stated, “hey she was going to find out sooner or later.  We shouldn’t be covering for his cheating ass.”

“Cheating?” my eyes widened as I heard the word, “w-what?”  The two of them stared at me quietly and I impatiently rushed pass the two and toward Soryu’s home away from home.  I heard the two men following me as Baba called Ota and idiot.  I open the door to see Soryu and some woman getting dressed.  My heart broke as I took in the scene.  I took a step back and walked into Ota.  Soryu and the woman turned toward the door and Soryu stiffened.

“I am sorry,” Ota whispered, “I thought you should know.”  Tears fought to escape and Soryu muttered something that I could not hear.

“I-I-” I began as Soryu began to slowly walk toward me, “stay away from me you ass.”  I turned around and pushed through Baba and Ota and ran toward the exit.  Both men stopped Soryu from chasing after me as I deserted the penthouse.

Rich boy (j.g.)

▹Short Imagine 

A/N: Hi! This is pretty long and I will definitely make a part 2! Honestly I loved writing this.  Tell me if you liked it or have any feedback :) I do request here.  Love u -i


Jack Gilinsky. The name everyone in Omaha knew, especially me. 

 He was my best friend, even though my parents didn’t like him and almost no one did. But they didn’t know him like I did. They all knew him as the “trouble maker”, the “fuck boy” or “the kid who is too rich to give a damn”. 

 But I knew him better than anyone else did. He was sweetest, most charming guy I’ve ever met.  He was a beautiful person in and out. 

 "Jack!“ I yelled through out the large house 

 ”(Y/N)“ He said and walked down the stairs I saw him and greeted him with a smile, he smiled back. 

 ”(Y/N), dearest sweetest (y/n)“ Jack said 

 "What do you want, devil’s spawn?” I asked 

 "Haha, the humor on you, can you please come to this party with me tonight!“ 

You would think I would have a girlfriend that would drag me to parties but no just Jack. We had each other and his collection of hoes. 

 "Sure why not” I said 

 "Really?“ I nodded 

 "Ok cool, you can be my wing man or something” Jack joked 

 He was always looking for a way to get in some girl’s pants. I rolled my eyes at him and laughed. 

 "Oh and (y/n) you will not believe what my mom said" Jack said 


"She was telling me about this thing at my dad’s job and was like how about you invite your girlfriend (y/n)…I almost laughed to death when she said that” I slightly smiled and chuckled. 

 Did I forget to say I’m madly in love with him? Well I am, everything about him. He doesn’t even have a clue. 

 "Yea that’s weird" I said 

“Mmhmm but you should come so I can flaunt you off to people" 

 "Ehhh I rather not" 

"No you should, I can give you money to buy a really nice dress" 

 "Jack I’m not going to take your money" 

"You’re going to and you will” he demanded I just rolled my eyes and plopped on the couch. 

 "Jack gilinsky….gilinksy of the jack…..jack of the gilinsky…..gilinsky jack" I said and laughed 

 "Haha what is that, that was terrible"jack laughed 

“That’s jack gilinsky for you" 

 ”(Y/N) back at with the corny ass jokes" 

 He came and sat down beside me. He leaned his head on my shoulder. 

“So when is this party?” I asked 

“I think in like a couple hours” 

“Okay…so what do you want to do?” 

“Hmm lets go to the beach”

“Dude, ill be torn once we even make it to the party, lets go out to eat” 

“Ehh I’ll throw it all up tonight” 

“Ok well lets just chill here” I said 


Jack got up, grabbed my hand and guided me outside.

“What are we doing out here?” I asked 

“Let’s go in the water” He said 

“I don’t even have a swimsuit” 

“Here use my shirt” He said 

He slid his shirt off of his body and tossed it to me.  My eyes were glued to his chiseled abdomen.  I took off my shirt and jeans and threw on his shirt.  Once I was done I felt my body in the air.  

I noticed Jack was holding me. 

“Jack don’t you dare!” I yelled

He just laughed and threw me into the pool.  I dropped to the bottom of the pool.  I went back up to the surface and yelled profanities at Jack.  

He kept laughing and soon jumped in.  I swam to him and jumped on his back.  He gripped my legs and walked threw the water.  

He turned around to look at me, I smiled.  But inside I was exploding.  I wanted to kiss him….

“Now that I think about it I don’t think I want to go to the party, Jack” I said 

“No come, it wont be any fun without you” He whined

“I mean all you’re going to do is talk to girls” 

“I will hang out with you, I promise” He said 

I nodded and jumped off of his back.  I was now face to face with him.  

“So where are your parents in the world right now” I asked 

His parents were always gone.  They would go to places like Peru or China.  They had to work all the time, since their house was the biggest on the block.  

“They’re actually here but until the dinner thing they will leave again” He said

“Ok i’ll come to the dinner” I said 

“Good, we can go shopping” 

“Jack, don’t spend money on me” I whined 

“Ok” He smirked 

I knew he was going to do it anyways.  

“You’re such a rich boy” I smiled 

“You love me and my money” He grinned 

“Sure I do” I said sarcastically

I watched as the flat iron straighten my hair.  Jack appears by the door and I smile.  

“What are you doing here? you’re early” I said

“I was ready and had a bunch of time so I just came early” 

I nodded as I did the last touches on my hair.  Once I was done with my hair I got dressed.  *pic* 

(Not my pic)

I wore something casual since I didn’t even want to go to this party.  I walked down stairs to see Jack sitting on the couch.  

“I’m ready” I said 

He turned and smiled

“You look great” He swooned

I blushed a bit.  I grabbed his hand and dragged him to his car.  I got in the car.  

We pull up to a huge house, even bigger than Jack’s.  My mouth drops in astonishment.  It was such a nice home.  

Jack parked the car and we got out.  He wrapped hand around my waist in brought me in close.  My panties dropping at his grip.  I wrapped my arm around his abdomen.  

We walked into the party and Jack was already greeted by a bunch of random people.  I’ve never seen any of these people before.  

“Who are all of these people?” I whispered in Jack’s ear

“College students” He smirked 

Girls flaunted their bodies around Jack, they definitely caught his attention.  

“Go ‘em tiger” I said and patted his chest 

He walked over to some girls and they all were drooling over him.  I mean who wouldn’t.  I was jealous of course but it was anything new, I always watched him with girls.  

I sighed and plopped on the couch beside some random girl. My hand held my head as I scrolled threw my phone.  Someone grabbed my hand and brought me to their face.  

I was face to face with Jack.  

“Party baby!” He said over the loud music

“Where is you girl?” 

“I much rather be with you” He teased 

He pulled me to the dance floor and turned me around.  My back now on his chest.  He gripped on my hips and moved my body to the music.  His face was in my neck as the music blasted threw the house.  

I felt so good, I was on high.  His breath hit my neck causing me to get goosebumps.  I put my hands back and roamed them through is hair.  I turned around and looked him in the eyes.  I put my hands on the side of his face.  

I was looking at the person I loved, but he didn’t even know it.  He would never like me like that.  I’m more like a sister to him and he could never love me like I wanted him to.  

Jack’s face showed a confused expression.  I soon noticed a tear was going down my face.  I quickly wiped my cheek.  

“What’s wrong?” Jack asked 

“Nothing, can we just leave” I said 


I walked through the people and went out side to Jack’s car.  I got into the car and buckled up.  Jack got in and started the car.  I can’t believe I tore myself down and cried in front of the person I loved.  

The car ride was quiet and awkward.  When we arrived to my house, I got out of the car.  He got out and followed me.  

“Are you going to tell me what happened?” Jack asked 

I turned on my boot and looked at him.  I couldn’t tell him if I wanted to.

“No, I’m sorry I ruined your night, talk to you later” I said 

“Wait (y/n) tell me-” He said before I slammed my front door

I dashed upstairs to my room and threw my body on the bed.  My life was over. I laid on my bed looking at the ceiling as the tears rolled down my cheek.  

*3 days later*

I laid in bed as I watched Netflix.  I haven’t been outside since I was at that party.  I hadn’t seen Jack in what feels like forever.  He called many times.  My phone had over 25 missed calls.  

I texted him I was fine and just needed some space but he still insisted on talking to me.  I heard a pounding noise on my front door.  I stopped what I was doing and went down stairs.  

I looked threw the peep-hole to see Jack standing there.  I opened the door and he smiled.  Oh how I missed his dimples.  

He walked in and hugged me.    

“Tell me what happened at the party” He said 

“Nothing, Jack, I told you I just need some time so why are you here?” 

“What do you expect me to do? Just let you rot in your room? You know me I wouldn’t let you do that to yourself” 

“Jack, I think you should go, maybe you can go fuck someone new oh wait you can’t because you’ve fucked even girl in Omaha” I yelled now getting mad 

“What the fuck what does that have to do with anything!” 

“It has to do with everything” I said 

“What are you even talking about?” 

“Nothing like I said for the hundredth time just leave!” 

“I was trying to help you, but i’ll leave and I wont come back” He said and walked out of the door.  

My mouth dropped at what just happened.  Did I just lose my best friend? The only person who actually cares about me.  

I sat on the one of the steps and put my face in my hands as I cried.  

Today was the day I was suppose to be going to Jack’s parent’s work party.  I felt bad about the things I said to him so I planned on going.  I did my hair and got dressed.  *pic*

(Not my pic)

Once I was done I went to Jack’s house.  I placed a knock on the door and a girl opened.  

“Uh hi is Jack here?” I asked 

“Yea, come in” She said 

I walked in the house and saw Jack walking down the stairs in a sleek black tuxedo.  He looked amazing.  Once he saw me he went down the stairs faster.  

“(y/n) what are you doing here?” He asked 

“I thought I would come and say I was sorry for being so mean to you and that I want us to be friends again…what happened at the party is in the past and I don’t feel like talking about it so lets go to this party and make up” I said 

I was covering up that I liked him. I didn’t want to be put down or ruin our relationship.  So I just decided to try and forget I liked him.  

“(y/n) I’m sorry but I didn’t think you were going, I invited someone else” He said 

“Oh ok” I said and totally didn’t noticed the girl who opened the door was wearing a dress

I walked out of the door.  

“Wait! (y/n)”Jack said and caught up with me 


“Let’s hang out another time” He said 

I smiled 

“Yea sounds good” 

When you least expect it - Part 14: Let her go

Characters (AU: first names are as in the show renaming a few last names to fit my story): Reader (Y/N Mills), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel Harvelle Singer, Bobby Singer, Balthazar (mentioned), Jake Winchester (OC - mentioned) 

Pairings: Reader/Dean,

Warnings:  Implied smut (okay maybe a bit more than implied), mention of loss of child, swearing,mention of cheating,arguing,

Wordcount: 4200ish

A/N: This is my newest series. It is a Mechanic!Dean AU and it is mostly written from the readers POV but it will have a few from Dean’s as well. It is an emotional rollercoaster so consider yourselves warned. It will have smut, fluff and angst. It will get pretty dark at some point too.

This chapter: How long will Dean and Y/N be able to deny what happened in there past? What will the time apart after the 24 hours they spend together do to them?

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Your phone buzzed as you walked out of the gallery with a bunch of folders in your hands. You hurried to your car and threw then inside before fishing the phone out of your pocket. You smiled as you saw the name on the screen. It had been a week since he left. A week of missing him. A week of daily phone calls and tons of messages. You clicked on the message and a few pictures of a very messy kitchen showed up and then a few of brand new kitchens from a store with the words. “Which one do you like best?”

You smiled and texted back, “what? You mean I will actually be allowed to use this one?” You had barely gotten in the car before the phone buzzed again. “Idiot!” who laughed as you read the words on the screen, “hell no! I’d rather it didn’t burn down. It isn’t cheap you know!” The phone buzzed again before you had a chance to answer, “but since I am hoping you would want to hang out in it while I am not burning it down I would still like you opinion.” You smiled and bit your lip as you looked out through the window at the spot where he had parked the car the night you had said your goodbyes.

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This is pure crack and I’m sorry but Online Gay Revolution Clexa AU:

- Clarke as a Suffering Bisexual on Tumblr leading the boycott against shows that kill off gay characters;

- Lexa as a smol gentle bean who’s really put off by Clarke’s attitude at first;
- Lexa coming at Clarke on anon and completely missing the point bless her poor secretly gay soul;

- Clarke intrigued by this anon because while all the other anons are The Straights™ screaming about their boring het ship sailing, this one actually challenges her and with every new message, it looks like they are actually trying to understand instead of reprimanding her;

- Lexa dubbed as The Babe Anon by Clarke because once Lexa let it slip that she’s had women hit on her before, like, a lot, which was frankly a stupid argument but hey they are my problematic faves in this AU;

- Lexa slowly learning and seeing the bigger picture and becoming enraged with this stupid trope because a) she scrolled through Clarke’s blog and those gifs of that Lexark ship were rather intriguing so she caved and watched the show and holy fuck how is it possible to be feeling so much for two fictional queer girls; and b)every time Clarke posts something new Lexa’s heart flutters in her chest and damn the gay agenda must be working because the thoughts she’s been having lately are so not straight;

- Lexa stumbling on ‘me’ tag on Clarke’s blog and being blown the fuck away and yup she’s not straight;

- Clarke refreshing her inbox every second hoping The Babe Anon sends her something and stupidly smiling when she does;

- The Babe Anon’s asks becoming supportive and friendly and then just asking for advice;

- Great Fandom Angst when The Babe Anon confesses she thinks she might be bi or even gay and mentioning some girl when the whole fandom already highkey ships her with Clarke;

- Countless asks flow to Clarke’s inbox saying that “ugh I know you’re two actual real-life people but goddamn The Babe Anon better take her head out of her ass and propose to you already” and Clarke never posting them but lowkey being on board;

- Lexa wanting to come clean to Clarke but being afraid because there have been so many people saying they were The Babe Anon and Clarke’s really tired of it and Lexa’s blog is just a tiny lil boat compared to Clarke’s so Clarke won’t even notice her;

- Lexa getting drunk one day and spilling her guts in Clarke’s askbox and then accidentally sending it;

- Great Fandom Celebration because the next morning Clarke posted the ask from The Babe Anon confessing how much she likes her and Clarke’s response just reads: I know it’s really you, and the feeling is very mutual;

- The fandom making posts not to be jerks and not to pretend to be The Babe Anon so the real one has a chance;

- Lexa finally gathering up her courage and sending Clarke a message and after a while of messaging back and forth Clarke just knows it’s actually her

- Clarke stumbling into ‘me’ tag on Lexa’s blog and there aren’t any pics so she asks Lexa for a pic and is so fucking blown away because Lexa is truly The Babe;

- What are the fucking chances they live in the same city well you guessed it they are really fucking high they live in the same city and they meet up and post a pic and their followers go wild;

- Lexa’s actually a hot shot journalist and she uses her connections to help the cause and yup the showrunner is fired;

- Five years from the moment they met, Clarke Woods is announced the showrunner of a young-adult- TV show and her wife Lexa Woods is there to cover it;

- Man I’m such a gay nerd I’m sorry;

Restaurant Dates Are The Worst! (Seb Stan x Reader) - Part 4


Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Word Count: 4.9k

A month later, Sebastian had to leave again. This time it was for the promo of Civil War, the fan conventions and stuff like that. You understood, but you didn’t look forward to seeing him go away again. Life was nice and soft with him around. It was domestic, and it brought a sense of security and warmness to your otherwise lonely and routine life. You wordlessly agreed to spend most of your time together at your apartment, to avoid the paparazzi as best you could. Though the paparazzi weren’t the center of your problem at all, far from it.

Here you sat in your kitchen, fiddling with your fork, counting your peas and letting your food get cold. Two weeks of him gone, and you didn’t know what to do about your problem, you wished he was there. Sebastian would place himself behind you and engulf you in a bear hug of his. Then he would lean down and nuzzle his face in the crook of your neck, alternating between placing kisses in your neck and whispering sweet nothings in your ear all the while you told him about your issues and than he’d turn you around and give you a piece of advise before reminding you that he was there no matter what and that you could count on him if your problem didn’t go away.

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Bellarke Underrated Moments: Season 2

Continuing on from the Season 1 Underrated Moments post.  Again, I really don’t know if there is such a thing as an underrated Bellarke moment, but I did try and pick some great scenes that I haven’t seen discussed very much.  ENJOY!! 

2.01- The 48

“Not all of us.”

Just the pure emotion here.  You can tell she probably feels guilty over the people who didn’t make it to the mountain, ie Bellamy.  She is so determined not to give up on them, determined to have hope that they are still alive.  (when was the last time Clarke was really hopeful??)  Yes she is thinking about all of the missing delinquents, but we all know she is thinking of Bellamy (and arguably Finn) more than others.  She is without her co-leader, her friend.  This is her genuine emotional reaction to that.  

“Clarke Please Come Home”

How the cinematography was utilized in this small little moment is fantastic.  First, the camera ONLY focuses on Bellamy’s reaction to Abby’s sign, not Finn her lover or Raven her friend, just Bellamy.  Then you have Abby look back and see Bellamy looking at the sign.  I think Abby and Bellamy have these incredible  moments of unspoken communication.  This is definitely one of them.  The message reads “Clarke please come home,” written by her mother and the only other person to acknowledge it is Bellamy, the second most important person to Clarke.  It almost feel as if they are both sending the message together or at the very least wishing it.  Hugely underrated moment in my opinion.

2.04- Many Happy Returns

Where did you learn that Bellamy??

I’m sorry but who else would have taught Bellamy how to do that??  They could have easily shown Murphy or Octavia being the ones to put the sling on the girl.  At least with Murphy or Octavia, we have canon evidence that they have both assisted Clarke in 1.10, so they both have more on screen experience with healing.  But nope, they used Bellamy.  Arguably this scene could have been used to reiterate Bellamy’s desire to help/save his people.  But the question still remains, who taught him how to do that?  The answer is Clarke.  Now my question is; why the hell couldn’t we have seen that happen!!! :D

2.05- Human Trials

“We’re gonna need guns.”

I don’t know why this whole interaction isn’t discussed more often.  They are such a united force here, so in-sync, it’s ridiculous.  AND we get to see another Abby and Bellamy interaction.  When Bellamy calls Abby out on the injustice of the situation, Clarke 100% sides with him,  gives her mother a stare that makes you know without a doubt which side she’s on, even though Bellamy is practically yelling at her mother.  Next Bellamy suggests that the two of them go find Finn.  Bellamy doesn’t placate Clarke, doesn’t try to be controlling or over-protective.  They are a team and he knows damn well that the situation is just as important to her as it is to him.  Then we get Clarke immediately agreeing and nodding, again, so in-sync they don’t even need to discuss it.   They completely have each other’s back.  It’s amazing.  When Abby goes to leave we have yet another, brilliantly unspoken moment between Abby and Bellamy.  (sorry no pic for this) Abby’s eyes shoot daggers at Bellamy, a warning, not to mess with her daughter, not to influence her to do something that could put her in danger.  She sees their relationship and the bond they have with one another.   And in this particular moment, she sees it as a risk and has no qualms over expressing that to Bellamy via dagger eyes.  I really really love this scene.  

2.06- Fog of War

“You won’t be by yourself.”

Can we all just take a minute and bask in this quiet, semi-calm bellarke moment?  Where they discuss their plans together, have a drink together, just BE TOGETHER.  It’s wonderful and did not last long enough.  We get to see them working as a team to get their people out.  After Clarke say’s the lines “You won’t be by yourself,” I ADORE Bellamy’s half smile and little nod like, “Yeah I kinda figured that babe.” Side note: go away Finn, you are ruining a perfectly wonderful Bellarke moment dammit.

2.08- Spacewalker


The things Bob Morley can do with his face are incredible.  Throughout this whole little scene, you can actually see Bellamy thinking and how concerned he is and how much he is restraining himself.  Like, that quiet call of her name, it’s his small plea to her, to be careful, to come back alive.  He doesn’t want to contemplate loosing anyone else, especially her.  And again, Bellamy doesn’t try and control her, he doesn’t stop her or restrain her.  It’s so clear from the look on his face when she walks out of the gate that he doesn’t like it.  But he respects her and trusts her to make this decision.  And I love Clarke’s last small look to him before she leaves.  So much excellent Bellarke shit.

2.09- Remember Me

“It’s safer on our side.”

I have seen this scene mentioned before and yes it’s glorious that Bellamy wants to protect Clarke and chooses to sleep by her instead of on “his side” but even more glorious is the fact that HE PUTS HIMSELF IN BETWEEN CLARKE AND THE GROUNDERS.  Watch the scene.  He literally looks between the Grounders and Clarke lying on the ground and puts his bag down inbetween her and them.  I mean come on man.  Stop being so wonderful. Again with the camera action.  They wanted us to see Bellamy look at Clarke and make his decision to put himself between her and supposed danger.  THEY WANTED US TO SEE THAT.  *platonic my ass*

“It was you.”

Bellamy and Clarke, solving crimes together.  Love it.  Make a sitcom out of that shit.  I’d watch it.  But really, this scene is a perfect example of Bellamy being the heart and Clarke being the head.  Clarke sees the bigger problem, the bigger picture, but it’s Bellamy who understands the motive of the person, because he understands and picks up on their emotions.  

“He’d do anything for her, to protect her.”

I’m specifically looking at the Linctavia parallel here.  I honestly didn’t notice it at first until someone pointed it out to me.  But when Bellamy says this, the camera immediately goes to Lincoln who looks down at Octavia, his canon love.  So we have a very direct line drawn from Bellamy’s words (which we all know came from how he feels about Clarke) to a romantic couple in the show.

2.16- Blood Must Have Blood PT. 2

“Say you have a plan.”

This is where I get angry when people say shit about Bellamy and how he is not a leader, or how he is abusive and blah blah blah.  Read the text people.  Here we have Clarke, IN CANON, asking for his help, relying on his advice, needing him to accomplish their mission.  Clarke will be the first one to tell you how important Bellamy is.  I also love their honesty in this moment, and how there is no judgement or blame placed.  They just absorb the information and reassess.  You can really see how scared Clarke is when she asks Bellamy if he has a plan.  And after that, after she has his support, even if they aren’t sure what to do, you see how much more confident she is.  

There are a lot more than this!  I encourage anyone/everyone to share their favourite Season 2 underrated moments.  If anyone has any requests/recommendations for the Season 3 post, please let me know!!! :D

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Sooooo in case you didn’t know I actually visited the PLL set today!

Story time!

It seriously was such an incredible day. I honestly did not plan this: yesterday I was just sitting in my bedroom back in Australia and here I am on the other side of the world having seen the PLL set (and Marlene)! My taxi driver from the airport to the hotel actually recommended the WB tour on a Friday as it’s quiet so we may see more stars (which I did!!!!!! But no pics!!!!!) So it all happened very fast, I didn’t really plan on doing this.

Side note: people may think I’m crazy if that’s ALL the pics I took! Hell no, I’ve got like a hundred! Hahaha
There’s a limit of 10 on Tumblr so I just chose the most distinct ones showing off various sets. (I may post the ones with myself in it after when the show ends, when I’m thinking about revealing who I am)
Most of you probably/definitely know this already, but from left to right, the pics are the Rosewood Town (IT’S TINY, 100 metres MAX from one side to the other), Rosewood City Hall (fun fact: on the other side of this exact building is Rosewood High! other side as in it’s a two in one building), The infamous church (which had nothing in it, damn!), the Rear Window Brew (and also where Spoby kissed in 312), Rosewood High School (TINY TINY TINY - it seemed so much bigger when it’s filled with heaps of extras), Alison’s house (which was empty), the new Radley which turned into a fancy hotel (the scene between Ashley and Hanna in the 5 years forward 611 premiere was taken in the space of that pic), the Lost Woods Resort (and actually, to the left of where I took the picture is Noel’s cabin too, which was also Ezra and Nate’s cabin), Spencer’s backyard where the fireworks lit off in 514 and the snow in 513, and then of course the barn which is directly opposite Spencer’s backyard. (That smaller house behind the tree that you see in Spencer’s backyard…. yeah that’s Emily’s house! They don’t show that in the show however)

Aside from these pics I of course saw heaps more, such as the Pennsylvania airport where Ezria kissed in 6B (which is actually a cafeteria for all Warner Bros staff!), the movie theatre from season 1, Hanna’s house, Emily’s house, the woods, the lake where Jenna drowned, Mona’s house, Aria’s house, the New York from 501, the park bench where the girls tried blocking A’s number in early season 1A, the train station where Haleb hooked up, etc. HEAPS! We were going through all these areas and I could instantly recall heaps of scenes that were shot right in front of me… my tour guide was impressed! Hahaha

It’s SO much smaller in real life. They make Rosewood seem like a huge town in the show but in reality it’s just this tiny block and another strip of houses, and The Radley, located elsewhere.

I did get to go through the actual stage of PLL, where the girls’ makeup rooms were (we practically lived there too, thanks to Ash and Shay’s Snapchats!) however there was nothing there. I got pics but it’s boring. Just wooden stages coming down, but most was gone. This is where the insides to all the houses were, so they’re gone now. Tours no longer go inside Spencer’s kitchen for example. But oh well, I was still SOOOO happy I got to walk through Rosewood, with the signs still saying Rosewood, before it’s totally totally gone as they’re finished filming obviously!

Tour guide: “so lots of different movies and TV shows have been filmed right here on the Warner Brothers lot, are there any movies or shows in particular you would like me to focus on a bit more throughout the tour?”

Me: “I came here for Pretty Little Liars. We can look at all the other movies and shows later.”

The other 7 people in my tour group were too shy to speak up so he literally followed my demands. It was practically a PLL tour despite being marketed as a “Warner Brothers Tour”! So cool. He was an awesome tour guide in that regard but also extremely shitty because as you all know I’ve been ranting at the fact that I saw Marlene walking ten metres from me (pic on my blog too) and he didn’t let me leave the tour group to go say hi, despite knowing my strong passion for the show. “I can loose my job if I let my group members start wandering off”. Pfffft I was only wanting to go ten metres and say hi to the woman who created this wonderful world!

Fun fact he told me - they had a tour group pass through Rosewood whilst they were filming 514… aka, the episode of Mona’s funeral. Normally visitors don’t watch them film episodes so the visitors generally never see spoilers, however, a massive picture of Mona was situated right outside the church and all the cast was wearing black - so the visitors put two and two together: Mona dies in an upcoming episode! Ever since then they’ve been really strict about letting people onto the set whilst the sets are decorated ready for filming. Mona “dying” was actually public knowledge WAAAAYYYY before 512 had even aired!

Hope you enjoyed mini story time with me ;) I highly recommend this tour if you are in LA. I of course LOVED seeing other stuff like the Friends set and the costumes used in the ACTUAL DC movies (they said don’t touch Superman’s suit, but I’ve always wondered what it felt like so I had to touch it! It’s rubber…) As this is a PLL blog I’ll keep it exactly that; PLL, but still, I recommend this for all shows that you know of that are filmed in the Warner Bros lot! The part of the tour where you walk through the props was sensational. So many “A"s in there and also Supergirl props too which was cool!

I could write a thesis but I’ll end it here. What a day!