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Hello beautiful people! I finally reached 10k (yayyy!!) I wanted to celebrate it by updating my faves. I discovered so many awesome blogs! So, this is your chance to be featured!


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Hello! In honour of reaching my follower goal, I decided to do my first faves! Yayyy


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Hello everyone! My birthday is coming up and I decided to host my Birthday Awards to celebrate and to thank all my lovely followers!


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Cpunkstudies’ Guide to Balancing High School and Disability

(Disclaimer that these are just methods I personally use at my Catholic high school in the U.S., and they will not work for everybody. If you have additional tips/suggestions, feel free to add them in a reblog.)

1. Try to keep a routine, if you can. This can help with anxiety (you know what to expect and when to expect it), and can help you get into the habit of doing things that need to be done. For example, if you want to organize binders and notebooks, you can schedule it so that you’re doing this every Saturday at 3:30 for 45 minutes. Schedule only what you think you can do, and don’t be afraid to reschedule things you’re just not up for.

2. Put a checklist on your bedroom door or wall, and check it against what’s in your backpack before you leave for school. Put this checklist together before the school year starts so you don’t waste spoons you don’t have, but also remember to update it during the year if need be.

3. Being snacks and something to drink (preferably water, but juices are good too) to class. If you’re feeling lightheaded in the middle of the day, food and water can be essential. Water’s also good if you have medication you need to take and don’t have the time or energy to find a bathroom or water fountain to take them.

4. Bring a jacket to school, even on sunny days. You’ll never know when you’ll be cold, and you can fold it up to use it as a pillow if you need to lie down for a bit. Or, if you have anxiety about dirt, you can place it on a chair or bench and sit on it so you don’t get dirty.

5. If you have meds or other things (joint braces, inhaler, etc.), keep them on you at all times. Don’t leave them in your locker if possible, because if you’re having a flareup or episode you might not be able to go to your locker to grab it. Bring an extra bag if you have to, but keep your stuff with you.

6. If you bring meds to school and know your school does drug checks, talk to a faculty member (a teacher, counselor, dean, etc.) the very first day you bring them to school so they know you have it. This can be the difference between getting accused of having drugs and being able to take your meds when you need them.

7. Talk to the faculty whenever you can, with whatever method of communication works best for you (email, meeting, etc.) Your teachers want you to learn as much as you want to learn, and will often be understanding if you tell them what you need. If you need an extension or other accommodation, tell them before it becomes an issue (i.e. when the project is assigned rather than the day before it’s due).

8. Try to get an IEP or 504 plan if you don’t have one, or some form of formal accommodation depending on how your school operates. No matter how you’re receiving them, get them down in writing. Document when you get them, and when you are denied the ones you’re supposed to have. Deans and counselors can often make teachers give you accommodations, but only if you have a documented list of the ones you’re actually supposed to get.

9. If you go nonverbal sometimes, bring an index card with important information on it. This can be anything from your name and contact info to reasons why you’re nonverbal.

10. If you use any assistive tech that uses batteries, bring extra batteries and/or a charger. If your hearing aid or AAC device (or other assistive tech) dies in the middle of class, it’s better to recharge or replace them during class than suffer until you get  home. Who cares if other people are uncomfortable? It’s what makes you able to stay in class, and you have a right to charge it.

As above, if you have any additions, please reblog and add them below!

Not sure if I’ll get an opportunity to continue to draw digitally, I’m also pretty tired of being so limited in traditional art. Maybe I should take another break, just have no idea what to fill it with. Right now I’m very tempted to delete all my previous portraits from the blog to not confuse people. I’m not gonna go back to that ‘style’ or whatever it was. I know i produce boring stuff even now, so don’t take that picture above serious. Just practising to interact with a computer in drawing. Actually I needed a stress relief, since my cat’s got a dangerous chronic disease, and that activity distracted me from very bad thoughts… I wish your animals to stay healthy, please take care of them.

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Stef & Lena→ 30 Day Challenge
Day 12: Favourite Lena quote

“Stefanie Marie Foster. You are a piece of work. But you’re my piece of work. I accept you. Every single thing that makes you who you are, from now until the end of time. I love you.”

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For Lena it was a bit tricky to decide on a favourite quote because there are two or three I feel are just brilliant but again (even with the “still get excited every time you walk through the door” quote) the wedding vow is still my number one favourite quote. I think mostly because it was the first time we got a glimpse of how Lena sees Stef. And I love it because of the simplicity of the words and yet there is so much emotion, so much truth behind them.

Also, that last gif. The entire quote is encompassed in that look.

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hello lovelies x i’ve recently just past my goal of 3k, so i decided i would do a favorites page! i’ve also been wanting to follow more blogs, so this is the perfect opportunity for that !



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Higher Chances

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goodluck babes!

sophia x


Stef & Lena → 30 Day Challenge
Day 11: Favourite Stef quote

“You’re the person I’ve been waiting for my whole life. And I am so proud to be standing up here in front of our friends and family to make sure they know just how lucky I feel to have found you and just how much I love you.”

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Trying to find a favourite Stef quote was actually more difficult than I would have imagined as she is so much of an acting/reacting kind of character rather than the talking kind - so in the end there really was very little competition for the wedding vow. There isn’t really much that I have to add to those lines as they pretty much say everything that needs to be said. And given the fact that not even a year has passed since that moment it’s also something we ought to remember every now and then even when 2B gets frustrating. ;)

Also, Stef looking at Lena. Stef looking at Lena like that will forever be my favourite thing.


who read FLOWES IN THE ATTIC/The Dollanganger Series when they were young? I was obsessed with V.C Andrews when i was in intermediate. I was just thinking about the Flowers in the Attic movie. That was one of the biggest disappointments!! and looking back i can’t even believe people decided to make it into a movie Wes Craven was suppose to direct it, the book was that popular… I got into reading them when Harry potter was the new thing, But her books were my thing, I had about 20 of them, even some ghost written books (the shooting star series) still have them around somewhere. My mum took them off our bookshelf because she said they were embarrassing to have on display. lol. I will happily say to you all that V.C. Andrews’ x rated, series of pre teen trash got me into reading more as a youngster, it was the taboo themes for sure. I think people even tried to ban Flowers cos’ of the incest.I wonder if kids are still growing up on her books? its probably a good thing that they aren’t. 

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Hello everyone! Seeing as though I’ve recently hit 3k, I wanted to make my firstfavourites page.


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Higher chance

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Feel free to ask any questions, happy reblogging!

Love you all x

Hey lovelies,
Welcome to my first BOTM! It’s finally summer & I thought it would be the perfect time. Re blogging ends June 30th. I will be checking out everyone & will then select my 5 favorites. From there I will narrow it down to my July botm. Winner will be announced July 1st.
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That’s it loves. Get blogging & good luck everyone. Love Bri

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Hey everyone, so Jasmine &Alexandra have decided to make the ‘Laduree Patisserie Network’, featuring gorgeous blog, as little pastries! 


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Higher Chances:

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Other Information:

  1. We will be picking 12 members 
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  3. Banner, badge and icon was made by her 
  4. Network page was designed by her 

Have fun reblogging! <3
Love, Alexandra & Jasmine

removing captions

idk if y'all just don’t understand or if you’re doing it to be “funny” or whatever, but removing captions is really fuckin annoying and it discredits the person who made the post, so stop doing it. if you don’t know how to remove captions on tumblr without removing credit on the actual post i’ve made a tutorial so here’s how you do it.

you click edit theme

and then this pops up. click edit HTML

you hold ctrl+f and type caption and your computer takes you to something like what’s pictured above

delete the part that says {Caption}, i’ve highlighted it above. each theme differs slightly but there still should be a {Caption} part. delete it for the photos, videos, whatever you don’t want captions on. it tells you in the {block: Photo} what you’re editing (so right now i’m removing captions on photos).

click update preview

and save. and look at your tumblr and make sure it’s not all messed up. there shouldn’t be any captions on your blog anymore. voila. now you have no excuse to delete captions.

I’ve wanted to photograph this vast expanse of the Colorado Desert (corner of Ramon & Bob Hope) for as long as I’ve been breathing, but there are No Stopping Any Time signs posted along the whole stretch. Fortunately (or as fortunate as a crappy situation can be), my husband got a flat tire here driving to work this morning which involved delivering a jack to him, giving me a legitimate excuse to stop and take some photos. 

My family has lived in the Coachella Valley since the late 1920s so needless to say, we’ve watched the landscape shift from unadulterated desert sprawls to track homes, golf courses and strip malls. “It’s just desert,” the developers say without so much as batting an eye. I thought that if there was any group of people on earth that would find that statement as ludicrous as I do, it would be you guys. 

To me, long stretches of desert nothingness are probably as close as we can get to being in outer space on earth. They make you feel small, they humble you. There is a sort of magical electricity that emanates from these special places that make the world seem to go on forever just before your eyes. 

You can probably bet that in ten years, half of these empty spaces will be laden with Chipotles and Best Buys and Walmart Supercenters. Or there will be gated communities fashioned after other parts of the world with giant, obnoxious water features and hundreds of yards of grass, as if the desert isn’t beautiful enough to stand on its own without augmenting it in some egregious way. You see the retail coming soon signs peppering half of our empty desert spaces, so it’s important to take them all in before they’re gone. No more creosote bushes to give the desert its incredible smell when it rains, but there will be even more fast casual dining options than you could shake a stick at. Good to know we have our priorities straight.

Macaron, Soda, & Rainbow color comparison!
I’ve been wanting to do some color comparison photos for a while but kept forgetting! I always looked for photos whenever trying to decide on a new alpacasso based on color but often had no luck;; So I hope this helps at least one person~

The Soda series has such cute/bright shades ;u; The blue one has a minty tint especially next to the Rainbow, which seems to be the truest light blue alpacasso. And the macaron has a cooler tint in comparison to other pinks, but it’s very slight.

If you’d like to see any more comparisons or detail shots from my collection, please feel free to send me a message! ^^ (P.S. also feel free to delete this block of text if you’re just reblogging for the photo haha)

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Summer is going to end *sigh* and I thought I would spend my last summer days looking for new bloggers to meet (and friends to make, if you want to), so here’s a promo for you!

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What you will get
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Promo will run until september 7th!

And that’s about it, happy reblogging! xx