if you want to know whats happening

what should've happened in 7x06
  • jon: i have a beauty waiting for me back in winterfell, if i ever get back there.
  • jon: red hair, blue eyes, tallest woman you've ever seen, almost as tall as you.
  • the hound: sansa stark?
  • jon: you know her?
  • the hound: you're with sansa fucking stark?
  • jon: well... not with her yet... but i see the way she looks at me.
  • the hound: how does she look at you? like she wants to kill you and fuck you at the same time?
  • jon: you do know her.
  • the hound: we've met.
  • jon: i want to make babies with her.
  • jon: think of them. brave beautiful gingers. they conquer the world.

“I asked for a helpful opinion, not…whatever that was.”

“You can tell me anything and I wouldn’t judge you. Probably.”

“This was fun. Let’s cause more chaos again, later.”

“You lucked out. If I hadn’t been there, I don’t want to think about what could have happened.”

“I was trying my hardest to mind my own business, but you’ve really done it now. I have to know.”

“Oooh, so mysterious. Look at you, so tough! So cold! I’m intimidated, really.”

  • Pike: Did you want to go through [Scanlan's] things?
  • Percy: A bit. That would be cruel - well, you're a decent person; should we?
  • Kerrek: Well, what if he happens to have something on him that... requires attention?
  • Pike: I- I- I actually would agree, because, what if there's something, you know, that, that he needs our help with but feels weird about asking?
  • Kerrek: RIGHT, or, if he has... what if there's... um. Well, I was thinking like a plant that needs watering?
  • Pike: Of course.
  • Kerrek: Except, something that you would have in your pocket, which is not a plant.

Oh, Baby - William Nylander #2

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about/request: Could you do a Williams Nylander one where the team finds out he’s has a kid? Like maybe he didn’t tell them until you phone cuase something happen to your son?

warnings: fighting, some cursing, and talk about a baby and pregnancy all up in this

authors note: i hope this was easy to follow as it obviously is like two different places merging over a phone call, anyway i hope this was what you wanted!! 

word count: 1209

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I'm very intrigued by your fanfiction structure, and I'm curious. What's the idea behind telling a story through asks? Are you worried about it ever becoming a race to participate, or flooding your inbox?

It sort of started by accident. I’d write a little one shot based on someone’s ask, and then someone else would ask what happened after that until it became its own story. It eventually became this thing that I’m doing now.

I like it because I get to have fun writing cliffhangers and plot twists in short snippets, especially when I don’t have the time to sit down and write a longer part to a story, and you guys let me know what story you want more of. If you keep asking, I’ll keep writing, as long as I know that I can produce something worthwhile.

As for becoming a race to participate or flooding my inbox. My inbox is already flooded, so it can’t really hurt. And I like that you guys can feel like you’re a part of the blog, like you help propel the story on because I get a lot of my ideas from you.

Hope that answers your questions, cutie pie!

sugar daddy | junmyeon

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  • ceo of like 3 companies
  • always really busy but calls u like did u get my gift?
  • takes u to business dinners n makes u wear mad sexee long gowns 
  • isnt a strictly sugar daddy / sugar baby relationship like hes open to whatever happens
  • straight up with what he wants from u but not burdening
  • likes gifting you jewelry and heels mainly
  • omF makes u wear heels all the time
  • even when ur naked and he dic-
  • secretive about it like min is only cos his reputation
  • way too nice about it tbh might even catch feels
  • rather than just givin u money 
  • he pays for all ur expenses as well
  • soft but not weak
  • kaching kaching kaching kaching kaching kaching u know
  • honestly has other sugar babies cos he can fuhhing afford it
  • into really classy, suave looks
  • makes u move in and u wear that robe that sweeps along the marble floors
  • come here…..lemme whisper something……….
  • car sex……

minseok | yixing | baekhyun | jongdae | chanyeol | kyungsoo | jongin | sehun

i know a lot of people talk about coming out and that moment for them but i want to remind newly discovered lbgtq individuals that coming out is a personal choice, and you decide when, where, why, how, and if you even want to at all. don’t look at others and their coming out story as a template for how you should come out. coming out is something that happens all the time, whether it be a big announcement, to the way you refer to a romantic partner. so do what works for you ❤️💛💚💙💜💖

hey, i am gonna apologize for my toxic behavior.

this is not gonna be very long, i jsut cant find my words. i watnt this post to reach everyone, especially the people whom i offended. i am sorry.

first, i just wanna say you dont have to accept this apoligy. i know, i am horrible. just wanted to get that out fo the way.

so, here, on tumblr, in the gorillaz community, i am mainly known for making two transphobic, and just lgbtphobic posts in general. 

some of you may know about my trans 2d post, which, was actually pretty problematic. i kept denying it, that it was just an innocent opinion, but it was not. it was just blatant transphobia for me, and i didnt realize it. in the past, i used to be a lgbtphobe. i grew up in a lgbtphobic house, and thats what happened to me. theres still traces of it to this day. on occasion, i will make posts like this, thats the result. big, ugly, paragraphs of lgbtphobia from me.

moving on to headcanons. when i made those two posts, i wasnt at all familiar with the definition of a headcanon. i never even realized hcs are ways to cope, ways to become familiar with something, specifically lgbt. i never ever had a hc, and for that fact my post was unecessary. i shoudlbt have even said anything in the first place, i know, i wasnt educated on the subject, and i just came off as rude, transphobic, homophobic, and just a toxic person in general. 

second, i am sorry for tagging my posts with lgbt. yes, its problematic. i was half fishing for attention, and half jusrt didnt realize it. when i make a post, i usually tag it with as many things as possible. (eg. beautiful, flowers, nature, gorgeous, nature, plantts etc). its mainly an instinct of mine, and i know i shouldve control myself. it wasnt a good thought at all. let alone an actual idea for a tag.

i just wanna apologize overall. i am gonna stop making posts, to avoid any issues in the future. i spent the night thinking about this, and it has come to it. seriously, i am sorry. for everything.

on my way to becoming a better person

ps: please, if you know anyone who has seen my last post, tag them. it would mean a lot to me. i want this to reach everyone.

oh and by the way can someone tagg maccamc and noodlerdoodler for me? they blcoked me, thanks.

Soulmates... I think (Scott McCall) Part 2

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@lotte142​ // @minnie-boss17

alright, part 1 of “Soulmates… I think” has gotten such a good response and i’m really proud of it, but honestly, i’m nervous to write a part 2 that’s gonna ruin that (i literally have no plan for this, so we’ll see what happens lol)

again, this ending needs another part, so let me know if you want it!

warning(s): bad words, but what else is new?

Dear Diary,

It’s been a depressing few weeks to say the least.  I’ve had my head down, trying to ignore any and all distractions that would keep me from doing what I need to do to get the hell out of this school and move on to college.  Besides having a huge work load and a part-time job after school, I’ve been heading to the local library and using the modern miracle of Google to see if there are stories of someone finding a soulmate who doesn’t reciprocate.

So far?  No luck.  I am literally the only one.  On the face of the earth.  Great.  Fucking wonderful.

The only good thing to come out of this is the fact that I now can confirm that the sky is blue and the grass is green.  Since I’ve made no friends and haven’t really tried, I use my small window of free time to lay a blanket out at the park a block from my house and watch the vibrant world go by.  Depressing, I know.  But what else can I do?  The person I am supposed to spend the rest of my life with, the person who my soul is attached to, is a dud.

It is official, I am changing my name and moving to Alaska.  This might be the last time we get to talk, Diary.  It’s been real.


I lay my head back and it bangs against the wall.  I’ve heard it’s better to write things down, but all it’s doing is showing me how utterly pathetic my life has turned out to be.  At the ripe age of eighteen, no less.  I sigh and rip the page out, rolling it into a ball and tossing it at my wastebasket.  I glance at my clock and see it’s 6:55.  Another day of Beacon Hills hell begins.

As I open the double doors to start another uneventful day, my eyes meet those baby brown ones I will never be able to forget.  My heart begins to race and I look away, ducking into my Bio class, which, in hindsight, will only delay Scott and my interaction until the bell rings.

“Good morning, Mrs. Finch.”  Since my first day, I have been able to work my way to becoming a favorite of hers.  Without using names, I have told her what my current situation is.  Being a smart lady, she has no doubt been able to put the pieces together that this mysterious soulmate is Scott.  Because of this, she has rotated everyone’s seats, so now I am partnered with the smartest person in the room, Lydia Martin.  She and Scott seem to be friends.  I manage to overlook this because one, she hasn’t mentioned him (yet) and two, every partner test and lab report has a huge 100% written across the top.  Again, I’m just keeping my head down and trying to get out of here and never look back.

I know I’m expected to mope and fall into sadness, but I can’t afford to do that.  I am going to stay strong and accept that I am going to make the story of my life one that doesn’t include a love interest.  It’s just me, myself, and I.

Scott’s POV

“You know, just because you don’t want to deal with this, doesn’t mean it’s going to magically go away.  You might as well accept it and move on.  Talk to her or ask her out.  Something.”  Another day, another stern talking-to.

“Lydia, please, it’s way too early for this.  I get that this girl is my soulmate and we belong together or whatever, but like I’ve explained a million times, she’ll forever be in danger if I tell her that I saw color the moment our eyes met.  It isn’t fair to bring her into our world.”  She turns her head to look at me, lips slightly parted and eyebrows drawn together.  “I’m sorry, but you don’t know the struggle I’m having with this.  Stiles saw color since the first moment he saw you and by the time you really saw him and how he was yours, you were both already aware of the fact that monsters exist.  This girl hasn’t had to deal with any of that.  She can be spared.  She can live an exciting and normal life.”  I conjure up a pleading look that lets Lydia know to drop the subject.

“Scott, I love you, but there is nothing exciting about being normal.  You of all people should know that.”  With this, she shrugs and enters Mrs. Finch’s room, leaving me in the hallway to think about what she has just said.

After a few minutes of silent anger over the fact that no one in my life is proud of the selfless decision I have made regarding this soulmate business, I realize the bell has rung and I am alone, signaling another day in hell that starts with talk of phenotypes and alleles.  Great.

Right when I walk in, my eyes find the curve of her cheekbones and the elegant stroke of her cursive as she copies down the words on the blackboard.  There is a slight crease between her brows and she nibbles on her pink lips as she concentrates on the topic at hand.  The way her body moves is like a dance, so smooth and choreographed.  I am pulled out of the trance by my hip hitting the corner of a lab table.

“Mr. McCall, is my teaching interrupting something?  If you need some time, please take it to the hall.”

“No, Mrs. Finch, I’m good.  Sorry.”  Satisfied with my answer, she turns back to her lesson and I find my seat.  After I have done so, I turn back to the girl who was the source of my interest in the first place and find she is already scowling at me.  She mouths “stop” and turns back around.  It is going to be harder to resist her than I had originally thought.

end of Scott’s POV

“Alright, guys, the lab is getting passed back right now.  When you get it, put your names at the top and gather your materials.  Don’t forget to answer the questions on the back when you have finished.”  I sigh and grab a petri dish from the top drawer of our lab table.

I see Lydia flick her hair from her shoulder as I set everything up.  She licks her lips and clears her throat.  “So, rumor has it, you found your soulmate.”  Shit, she finally brought up what I wish would remain untouched.

With my heart beating strong in my chest, I reply.  “I did, but I don’t think we’re gonna work out.”  Trying my best to keep things nonchalant, I shrug and suggest we start working, hoping she takes a hint and drops the subject.  “Okay, so I put the clear solution in this flask and we just have to…”  I speak to fill the empty air between Lydia and me, hoping she doesn’t report my dismissive answer back to the man himself.

What I don’t know is that she doesn’t need to tell him because he has heard everything… and it breaks his heart, more than he would ever admit.

After another day and another headache, I head home to get ready for my job, which is a few hours a day working at a frozen yogurt shop.  I know, it’s boring as hell, but it pays the bills (or it would, if I didn’t live with my parents).  It’s only a ten minute walk from my house, which I use to take in more of the colors this world has to offer and think about how this whole soulmate thing will play out.  It’s crazy to me that only a little while ago, I had wished to find my person more than anything and now, I wish I could ask the metaphorical manager of this soulmate business if I could get a refund or trade Scott in for someone who wants to love me back.

To distract myself from spiraling into a hole of frustration, I chuck on my ugly uniform shirt, some basic shoes and pants, and head out, calling a goodbye to my mom.  I take the time alone to once again remind myself that although Scott has hurt me, it doesn’t mean everyone else in this town will.  And just because he is some popular, kind, cute, funny, wildly fit-


Just because a lot of people know him, doesn’t mean they know he’s my soulmate.  I can still make friends without interacting with Scott McCall.  I just need to try a little harder.  Do you hear that, self?  Try harder.  Make an effort.  Okay?  Okay.

Before I know it, I am pulling the door open to take over for the person finishing their shift before me.  I get set up, plug my phone into the speaker system, and put on some chill music.  Since this place doesn’t get much traffic in terms of customers, I am basically alone here, free to steal some candy from the toppings bar and relax.

Right as I am loosening my shoulders and leaning back against the stool in front of the register, the bell rings and none other than Lydia Martin enters.  Followed by some other people I’ve seen around Beacon Hills High and…


Oh, shit.  He’s here.  We make eye contact and I look down, cheeks blazing.  I can’t believe he is here.  Oh lord, is this what drowning feels like?  He is here, in this tiny shop, walking towards me.  Oh my-

“Hi, lab partner!! I didn’t know you worked here!”  I am caught off guard by Lydia’s chipper nature as she greets me like I’m an old friend.

“Hi, Lydia.  Nice to see you.”  Come on, man up and make friends.  “What brings you here?”

“Oh, we just came for something sweet,” she finished this and grins, grabbing a cup and heading for the chocolate yogurt.  Looking over her shoulder, she continues.  “Guys, this is my lab partner in Mrs. Finch’s Bio class.”  I give a slight smile and wave at all of them.  The brunette boy with the big brown eyes and moles jumps slightly and basically yells.

“You’re the one.  You saw color when you looked at Scott and he-”

He is interrupted by a whack on the back of the head.  Lydia follows up.  “I’m sorry, Stiles here doesn’t really have a filter, but he means no harm.”

“It’s fine, really.  And to address the elephant in the room, I do see color now.  Thanks to your friend Scott.  Things just didn’t really hold up on his end, which is no one’s fault.”  I look at Scott and he is trying to busy himself by adding toppings and doesn’t say anything.  “Okay, I’ll ring up whoever’s ready.”

Gosh, acting as if this doesn’t bother me is proving extremely hard.  On my walk home, I admittedly let a few tears out, heartbroken that this is how the rest of my life will be.  I will fade into history as the only girl who died without ever having their person.  I guess whoever pairs everyone was tired when it came time for me.  He or she gave Scott two soulmates and I drew the short straw.

I am so pre-occupied that I don’t notice the bushes shaking and the glowing eyes until it is too late.  There is a sharp pain in my temple and everything goes dark.

thanks for all the feedback and interest you guys have shown for this series // i really love it and I’m so happy you do, too!

A thiam possibility that passed through my head

so in a scene in 6x15 when the two wolves from get taken away and theo looks at liam is insane to me if you think about it. i feel like theo looks at liam because he knows how important it is that these to wolves are safe because they are the last to wolves from satomis pack and after what happened with brett and lori it’s obvious liam doesn’t want them to get hurt. theo can see this when he looks at liam in this scene, so imagine how angry theo would be if he found out they did actually die. like it will probably upset liam so much which means theo will probably get so angry and try to hurt whoever did this.

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Because, if you saw Jeremy then maby you'd think he'd remeber what happened. Or do you think he just was super drunk and forgot? Kinda weird dont you think?

Michael: Oh, we’ve bumped into each other a few times since then, but he probably doesn’t want to talk to me? Since he’s one of the popular kids and I’m just a los—

Michael: I mean, what? Nothing happened between me and him, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

500 follower celebration!

Well, the thing that nobody ever expected to happen happened. I hit 500 followers! Wow, I don’t even know what to think. 500 is a latte of people. Thank you so much everyone! I love y’all!

Anyway, to celebrate I decided I’d do little drawings for y’all! (not complex ones, but little doodles and such) (though I feel some may end up being realistic idk we’ll see). You must be following me to participate, please! Just send me an ask  saying if you want a doodle

  • based off of your url (if it’s some kind of reference explain it to me if you think I might not get it)
  • based off of your mobile theme
  • of you (send me an ask with your face tag, submit a picture of yourself, or message me a picture)
  • or any other little thing that you may want me to draw for you! (please keep it simple) (and this one you can ask on anon if you want but if you wanna be tagged keep it off please)

I’ll be tagging this as #shivani’s doodles so yeah you can do whatever you want with that information.

I hope I know how to draw. I hope the links work properly. I hope this doesn’t flop. If this flops it didn’t happen ok.

Methods of Torture- A Remus Lupin Imagine (Part 2 of The Torturous Year)

A/N: Guess who’s back bitches! Yep, I finally got my shit together and wrote the next installment for y’all. It is a doozy. Over 3.5 k words here. I don’t know what happened, and it honestly isn’t perfect but I am just too excited that I don’t want to tweak it any longer. So sorry if it is kind of choppy in some areas. I also wanted to thank you all for being so patient with me. I hope to keep writing every day, although I am moving into my dorm in 2 days so we’ll see. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy! 

Previous Installments: The Torturous Year. (Part 1)

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Throughout the next few weeks after your return to Hogwarts, you tried to get control over yourself. It was a battle that you were determined to win because ‘no, you do not like him and even if you did, this needed to stop.’

So you did your best to ignore the spike of your heart rate whenever his arm brushed against yours in the halls, or how your hands grew clammy whenever he would lock eyes with you in the late hours of the night. Although, dear Godric did he make things difficult for you. The boy had methods of torture lined up for you, in every detail of his body.

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Geekerella review

Rating: ★★★★☆

Short blurb: The Starfield fandom is Elle’s life. So when news breaks that the reboot movie will star Darien Freeman, someone she’s sure knows nothing about the origonal show, she’s furious. Meanwhile, Darien struggles with being seen as nothing more than a heartthrob when he took the part because of his love for the show. What happens when texting the wrong number brings the two fans together, and a cosplay contest threatens to reveal them to each other?

Listen up guys, this is Cinderella except Cinderella is a redheaded dork, she flirts with Prince Charming with text messages and fangirling, and the Fairy Godmother is a green-haired lesbian with an attitude. I don’t know why you’d need more details in order to want to read this, to be honest, but I’ll try to give you some.

I know everyone and their dog has already talked about how great this book is at fandom culture and references, not to mention got here way before me, but this book really deserves it. Plus the fandom made up just for this book is truly amazing. Starfield 100% sounds like something I would watch and obsess over in real life. I loved all the little bits and pieces we saw of it, from Elle referencing the plot and characters to Darien acting on set. In fact, I wanted to hear even more about it!

Actually, that’s probably my one criticism of the book: i wanted more. I wanted more of Darien’s struggles and then successes in becoming his character while acting, more of Elle and Sage’s friendship, definitely more of the romance.

While I loved the slow development from strangers to flirting over text messages, and all the chaos at the con, at the very end of the book the romance seemed to fizzle out a little. It was as if once all the hurdles were out of the way, Ashley Poston didn’t quite know what to do with Elle and Darien. That shouldn’t have been a problem, they had great chemistry together! Why should it stop working once there stopped being anything keeping them apart? Maybe hurrying to wrap up the book made her rush it, but I wish we got just a little more Elle and Darien at the end of the book being as cute as they were in the rest of the story.

But wanting more doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy what we did get, because I did! I loved this book, it made me smile and tear up and read for hours straight. It was cute, dramatic, sappy, and overall wonderful.

Also, can I point out that we have a perfect opportunity for a sequel or spin off here? Give! Sage! Her! Own! Book! Give us our lesbian fairy godmother fashion-designing at college! Give us Elle and Darien as background characters! I’m so invested in these characters, please.

Why are you all complaining about pets not being playable? God, playing with pets in ts3 was a pain in the ass. Irl you cant control your pets as well, they do what they want. Not being able to control pets makes the game more interesting imo, because you’ll never know whats going to happen since you’re not the one in control, it feels more real

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If you could recommend any reading material for somebody who wants to get to know Poison Ivy what would you tell that person to read?

Real talk: I got to recommend a Poison Ivy story to Diane Pershing over the weekend. I know. I died. 

I really like Batman: Poison Ivy as a stand alone.

It’s a quick read and goes a lot into Ivy’s morality. Good launching point, I think.

It’s funny; when Gotham City Sirens first was being published, I was so EYE-ROLLY at everything and thought characters seemed a little out of character for my liking. And then New 52 happened. Perspective is hilarious, and I do recommend the series. She’s not entirely focused on for all of it, but it’s good to see her dynamic with Selina and Harley. Plus, when they team up with the Riddler is the kind of material I want.

The Long Halloween is one of my favorite Batman stories. She’s in it for a brief few moments, but is SO ICONIC. 


And then, OF COURSE, Harley and Ivy.

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My boyfriend and I have been together for over a year and I love him so much, but I just don't feel like having sex anymore and I have no idea why. I think it's a side effect of my birth control/antidepressant. Has this happened to you before/do you have any advice?? I feel so bad cause he thinks it's something about him but it's not at all and idk what to dooooo

It has never happened to me but I know someone who was put on a new antidepressant and it totally killed her sex drive, made her vagina a desert. So if there’s no other problems in the relationship that could be killing your want / need for sex I would talk to your doctor!

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I think the most unrealistic thing Bella did in Twilight was share her whole life story with her lab partner, a guy she doesn't even know and who wasn't at school for a while

Right? For someone so shy and reserved she opened the floodgates pretty quickly there!

There’s kind of an epidemic of oversharing in Twilight. Like Esme literally met Bella *that day* and told her about her dead baby at the family baseball game. Not exactly casual conversation! (and then Bella never follows up on that which just … blows my mind. As a READER I wanted to know more–who was the baby’s father? What happened to him? What was the baby’s name? I can sort of understand Bella being too shy to ask Esme these things, but surely she’d be curious enough to ask Edward? We didn’t get any of this until the Guide!) 

And then you have Edward who doesn’t overshare as much edits a lot of what he says. It makes me laugh that when Edward talks about the transformations of himself, Esme, and Rosalie he makes it sound like … I don’t know … but he doesn’t mention that his mother begged Carlisle to “do what others cannot do.”  He says Esme ‘fell’ off a cliff and then implies that Carlisle just found this random stranger in the morgue and was like “she’ll make a good wife,” and doesn’t mention they had met before. He makes it sound like the only reason Carlisle ‘saved’ Rosalie was for Edward. I know a lot of the fandom takes that at face value, but given that Edward has left out a lot of key details in the other two stories and more importantly that ROSALIE doesn’t paint it that way (and let’s be real, she’s not going to be going out of her way to make Carlisle look good in her retelling), makes me question Edward’s representation of events and just how much it was about “Edward needs a wife.” Rosalie talks about Carlisle saying it was “too horrible” and such a waste of a young life. It’s weird that #1 Carlisle Cullen Fan Edward makes it sound like “he wanted me to have a girlfriend” but *Rosalie* makes it sound like an act of misguided compassion. If she had thought it was primarily about giving her to Edward, Carlisle would have been on her hit list along with Royce, amirite? 

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I've had the biggest crush on you for so long. I sometimes think of what my life would be like if I had decided "Fuck what everyone wants of me" and moved to Texas and asked you out. Sadly can't happen as I have a BF now in my city but I sometimes catch myself thinking of you and wondering and feeling sad that I might have missed something amazing.

Do I really know you? Reason I ask is because sometime similar happened to me not too long ago. A guy I really really liked never really asked me out and ended up moving away but before he left he said he regretted not asking me out. It kinda broke my heart because I think he knew what I felt for him, he just never gave me the chance. And now I just watch his life through pictures on Facebook and wish him the best in life but sometimes I wonder what would’ve happened if he had given me the opportunity. Anyway, I wish you the best in your life and your relationship. Don’t take it for granted.