if you want to keep your friends close

🌙~children children, its time to calm down

Its time to clean up and be on our way~

A snack is needed and some water as well~

Your teeth need brushed and a bath is needed, because who wouldnt want to splash around~

Your Pokemon need fed and tucked in as well~

Your stuffie missed you , so grab them as well~

Crawl into bed, I’ll tuck you in~

Snuggle up close with your little friend~

🌙~I’ll be here to keep you safe from the danger near by little trainer, nothing will hurt you during your slumber~🌟

Coldest Winter (Newt x Reader)

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For the lovely anon who requested: Newt imagine where Tina is jealous of you (newts long time best friend) and she keeps taking his attention off of you and you feel like he doesn’t want you around anymore and he finds you packing your stuff to leave or something? (He loves you tho)

Words: ~1800

Rating: Confessional, loving fluff that is guaranteed to cure your ailments for the day. <3

Hope you enjoy!

She was jealous.

You knew for a fact Tina Goldstein was resentful of the close relationship you shared with Newt Scamander, whom she had quickly taken a sort of “liking” to since the nearly catastrophic events in New York a few days ago.

The worst part was that you weren’t any better than her. Envy seeped through your skin when she made Newt smile, laugh, or impressed him with her captivating conversation and undeniable charm. You couldn’t completely blame her though, who wouldn’t fall for the loving, timid Hufflepuff?

Tina shamelessly flirted with your magizoologist every chance she got, only provoking the fire of bitterness that charred your insides black, leaving you empty and longing. Years spent traveling together had kindled a friendship between you and Newt that you treasured dearly. Over time, however, your fondness only grew with every freckled smile he threw your way, falling harder and faster than you ever thought possible. Newt’s lingering stares, adorably stuttered compliments and constant eagerness to keep close to you gave you the impression he felt the same.

And now, it seemed your progress over the years had come to a crashing halt in a matter of days.

You observed Tina’s latest attempt at winning Newt’s affections from the corner of your vision as you stared out into the snowy New York streets, absentmindedly tracing random designs on the frosted windowpane in the parlor. You couldn’t stop the barrage of destructive thoughts that scurried to the forefront of your mind: Tina was heart-stoppingly attractive, intelligent, and kept a smile on Newt’s face, just as he deserved.

You felt cold, yet almost desired to be numb for the off-chance it would ease the throbbing ache that settled in your chest when you took note of how content Newt seemed to be in Tina’s company. He chuckled at her story you had stopped listening to, grinning at her in a way that made you consider the possibility he did in fact like her better and wasn’t just being polite as usual…

Their bubbling laughter shattered your concentration, a shiver running down your spine, practically feeling Tina stare daggers into your back as you rubbed your finger raw on the frozen windowpane. “It’s a shame you have to leave so soon…” she trailed off, her exclusive emphasis giving you the urge to shatter the window in fury.

Your heated anger began to subside, however, when you stared out into the white-coated streets, snowflakes leisurely drifting onto dim streetlamps that lined the sidewalks.

You attempted to rid your head of negative thoughts and replace them with fond memories of other cold winter nights you and Newt had spent together, walking through snowy parks, him teaching you to ice skate, or even just cozy evenings inside the suitcase taking care of his wide expanse of creatures.

“Oh, w-well I’m sure Y/n wouldn’t mind if we stayed just a bit longer…um, Y/n?”

The scene outside instantly became much colder in your eyes, harsh and lonely and the coldest winter you’ve experienced, feeling as though the crisp frost from the window soaked into your skin, ice crystallizing your blood and prickling at your bleeding heart.

“I need to go,” you muttered, blinking back tears as you rushed for the guest bedroom.

Newt stood immediately at your hasty exit, ready to pursue until Tina grabbed hold of his forearm, “Newt, she just doesn’t–” Her words fell on deaf ears as Newt watched you slip into the bedroom, flinching as you slammed the door behind you.

The wizard slowly sat on the edge of the sofa grudgingly, gnawing at his lower lip anxiously as he continued to glance behind his shoulder at the bedroom door. He sighed, gaze hardened as he looked to the Goldstein sister with determination. “Tina… we need to talk.”

Everything you had done– devoted yourself to, was for the sake of the magizoologist’s happiness, and if his well-being no longer involved your support, then so be it.

Packing your suitcase became an outlet for the emotional hurricane that tore you apart from the inside out. You violently grabbed your clothes from their hangers, chucking your belongings on the bed unceremoniously and stuffing them forcefully into the case to keep the tears of frustration at bay. All the while, you were cold, the tip of your nose and fingers numbing from your gazing out the window. You ignored the pins and needles in your freezing toes as you shoved another shirt in the case.

You stiffened at the sound of the door squeaking open. “Sorry, Y/n, I was…” the magizoologist trailed off as he came to an abrupt halt upon fully noticing your packing. “W-what are you…doing?” his brow furrowed in nervous confusion.

You paused only for a moment, heart aching and hands shaking as you stared at the last shirt to be packed, crumpled and lonely over the edge of the suitcase.

“Where are you going?” Newt questioned, a new sense of urgency in his tremulous voice as he made his way over to you, his seafoam eyes scanning your blank expression for an answer. He cautiously removed his navy blue coat and gingerly set it on the bed, as if any disturbance would shatter any chance of pulling a response from you. “Y-Y/n?”

“It’s been an honor…” You swallowed thickly, attempting to keep your composure, though your voice continued to waver, “…and a pleasure, thank you for everything.” You forced yourself to look up into the emerald eyes you had come to love once more, only to feel daggers pierce your chest at the thought of leaving them for good. The wizard looked to you with such concern, compassion and care… You didn’t want to leave the man you adored with every bit of your being–

You recognized muffled laughter from the kitchen that reminded you of the scene you witnessed in the parlor, and mentally berated yourself for being so selfish. You wanted the best for Newt, and if he felt his best with Tina, you wouldn’t allow your envy to prevent his happiness.

Newt watched in worry as your sympathetic expression melted into one of pure sorrow, his heart almost breaking at the mere thought of you so upset. “Y/n-?”

“G-goodbye.” You stammered, inhaling sharply and darting around the stunned magizoologist toward the door.

Newt’s jaw hung slightly ajar in shock and panic as you rushed past him. Time felt irrelevant as he watched your retreating form, hurried and stiff, feeling a sense of dread blossom in his chest when he fully processed what you had said.

Taking wide strides, Newt dashed in front of you, flinging his narrow body against the door and gripping the handle for good measure, amber-curls flailing wildly as he frantically shook his head, muttering, “No, no you c-can’t, you can’t–”.

Your breath hitched at the raw fear that laced his wide herbal eyes that locked with yours, surprised at his unexpected fierce determination to keep you from leaving. You fumbled for words, “Newt, I–”

The wizard’s grip on the doorframe tightened, his gaze hardening solemnly. “If y-you leave now…” Newt inhaled deeply, eyes clenching shut as he exclaimed, “I won’t ever love again!”

The intensity that laced his confession left you speechless. It wasn’t so much a threat as it was a statement of fact that seemed to terrify him to the core, his eyes widening in panic and grip on the doorknob so tight his knuckles whitened. “P-please,” he begged, his voice becoming much softer and beseeching, “Don’t leave.”

A yearning to sweep the distraught magizoologist into your arms gnawed away at your soul, a feeling of emptiness apparent as you stared into his vibrant green eyes that were brimming with tears and churning with unspoken hope.

“I won’t,” you blurted quickly, your free hand covering Newt’s on the doorknob reassuringly as you let your suitcase drop to the floor, the floorboards vibrating beneath your feet from the impact. “I won’t…”

For a moment the two of you continued to gaze at one another, the subtle sound of Newt’s heavy breathing barely audible over your anxious heartbeat that thundered in your ears.

It was all Newt could do to keep from collapsing in relief at your words, the panic subsiding as his tense muscles relaxed and whirlwind of fearful thoughts retreated back to darker recesses of his mind. The wizard wasn’t aware of the hot tears that streamed down his freckled cheeks until you tenderly brought your cool hands to his face and gingerly swept them away with the pads of your thumbs. “I’m so sorry, Newt,” you hushed soothingly, feeling your own tears form at realizing your thoughtless mistake, “I won’t ever leave, I promise.”

Newt’s expression relaxed to one of soft joy, raising his warm hands to your wrists to gingerly pull you into his chest and wrap his arms around you in a contented embrace. The natural warmth that he radiated seeped straight into you, thawing your frozen core. He smelled heavily of damp soil and fresh cut wood, the scent you identified as that of home.

“I’m so sorry–”

“Don’t be, love.” Newt hushed, his grip on you tightening protectively.

“No, I am, I was selfish, I was…I was stupidly jealous because, I…I just–” You struggled for words before another thought sent your mind on a new track, “W-wait, what did you mean by never loving again?” you asked hesitantly, hope instantly swelling in your chest as you felt Newt grin against your shoulder.  

He hummed lovingly, the reverberations on your bare shoulder sending goosebumps up your neck. “Y/n, my heart has been in your hands since the beginning.”

You almost could have leaped in joyous surprise, his confession delightfully melting your chilled heart. Your second-thoughts found their way through your throat before you could think over what you were saying, “The way Tina looks at you, t-talks to you, she’s trying to–”

“Though her efforts are quite, um, flattering,” He gave an airy laugh, his thumbs tracing soothing circles along your spine. “I’ve made it clear this evening that my affections are reserved for someone else.”

The stark potency of his words triggered a wave of elation that washed over your entire form, your knees threatening to buckle under you as you hugged the wizard even closer, allowing the flood of euphoric feelings to manifest in a choked sob as you nuzzled into his shoulder.

“Oh dear, that wasn’t meant to make you upset,” Newt cooed, chuckling softly at your passionate response as he fondly planted a kiss just behind your ear.

Despite your emotionally-charged state, you found yourself giggling with a contented smile, “I’ve never been happier, actually.”

The unmistakable sensation of Newt’s contented sigh sent delighted shivers down your spine. “Neither have I…”

You had no idea how long you managed to stand there for the evening, though you both felt you could live in the comfort of one another’s arms for all eternity.

As you walked hand in hand to board the ship to leave New York the next morning, you looked to Newt with the fondest of smiles that he easily reciprocated with a light pink dusting his freckled cheeks.

Your destination may have been back to Britain, but you had truly found home wherever you went with your loving magizoologist.

Hope you enjoyed!

A big thank you to all of those who have liked/reblogged and left such lovely comments, they truly make my day and I cannot express my appreciation enough! <3 It’s a pleasure to write for you all!

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Dating G-Eazy Would Include...

• Touring with him when you get time off
• Studio sessions
• Smoking
• Being close with his mom and brother
• Him calling you shorty
• You both keeping your relationship a secret
• Hiking
• G getting jealous when guys come up to you and he can’t do anything about it because people don’t know your together
• G telling everyone because he’s tired of not being able to do anything when he gets jealous
• And he really wants to show you off
• His fans saying they ship it
• When he meets Taylor Swift you are there and Taylor and you become friends
• Not caring about his past with women
• Sex
• High sex
• Public sex
• On the counter sex
• Tour bus sex
• His hands on your ass when you make out
• Being the only love interest in his music videos
• Holding your hand everytime you get a tattoo
• Convincing him to finally buy a car

Advice/FYI’s to High School Seniors

My main pieces of advice for all those students starting their senior year of high school this fall. Of course, these won’t all apply to everyone, but take what you want from it. Here’s some advice from someone who just graduated. 

  1. By the time you get to senior year you either have 3 close friends. or you’ll be friends with everyone. Either way, cherish them all. 
  2. Do not slack off. If you do, at least wait until the second semester. 
  3. Take easy classes. Unless you don’t mind lower grades in hard classes due to senioritis then I suggest you keep your senior schedule pretty simple. 
  4. Take off periods. You will LOVE them. You will be surprised with how much longer your days feel.
  5. Definitely start driving to school, or carpooling with someone who does. 
  6. Go to the football games. Even if your team sucks. They’re just good experiences.
  7. Actually, go to as many school events as possible. Senior year was my first time going to volleyball games, or the dance shows. This is your last chance to experience them.
  8. You do not need to go off campus for lunch everyday. You do not want to earn your freshmen fifteen as a senior.
  9. Your senior year group of friends will be the group of friends that you wish you’d had all throughout high school.
  10. You will meet new people, and become friends and wish that you met them sooner. Because some of them will be juniors and you probably won’t see them for a very long time. 
  11. Start applying to colleges as early as you can. Preferably once you start senior year, or the summer before. 
  12. If you haven’t already taken your SAT/ACT you definitely need to get started on that your first semester. 
  13. Go to prom if you can. It won’t be the BEST night of your life, but it’s a good one. 
  14. Start thinking about what you want to major in. This is definitely subject to change, but you’re going to want to know a couple options once you start applying to colleges.
  15. Once you do accept your offer for a college, and it becomes definite, high school becomes so much harder to get through because you just want to leave. 
  16. You’re going to be waiting for graduation THE WHOLE YEAR. 
  17. If you’re in a relationship and are going your separate ways after graduating now would be a good time to either end it, or figure out ways to be long distance.
  18. Long distance very rarely works. 
  19. At prom, it is a very good idea to invest in some comfortable shoes.
  20. Take lots of pictures.
  21. Go on college visits to as many colleges as you can.
  22. Save your absences for the last weeks of school because that’s when you are REALLY not going to want to go. 
  23. Be one good terms with some of your teachers, because you’re going to want letters of recommendation. 
  24. If you want to take pictures with your friends after graduation, be ready to pick a place to meet up beforehand because it will be very hard to find them afterwards.
  25. Do your homework. Please. 
  26. Stop talking to the people that you realize you’re only nice to because you have classes with them. 
  27. Now is just not a good time to develop a crush. 
  28. AP tests are suddenly very hard to study for considering that you’ve been taking it easy all year.
  29. Your SAT score does not define you and getting a bad one is not the end of the world.
  30. However, do as well as you can because colleges often give assured scholarships to students who meet certain SAT/ACT scores. 
  31. Your GPA is either going to drop, or raise A LOT. 
  32. GPA doesn’t really matter at this point though. Junior year grades matter the most. 
  33. Spend a lot of time with your family. You’ll be off to college before you know it.
  34. High school parties are honestly overhyped. 
  35. Now would be a good time to acquire a taste for coffee. 
  36. If you oversleep, I honestly recommend just staying home that day unless you have a test. 
  37. T-shirts will become your clothing of choice. 
  38. If you love makeup, like me, by the last 2 months of school you just won’t have the energy to wake up 20 minutes earlier to apply it. So learn to be okay with how you look without makeup. 
  39. Please eat breakfast. 
  40. No one cares if you eat in the cafeteria. 
  41. The freshman look SO tiny and it makes you wonder if you looked that small 3 years ago. 
  42. Go to all the pep rallies. 
  43. Have fun during spirit week. Some colleges don’t have them, so take advantage of it now.
  44. It is totally okay to not have a date for prom.
  45. One of the happiest moments you will have all year is being able to walk across the stage. Also, one of the shortest.
  46. Despite what everyone says, there is a very good chance that you WON’T cry at graduation. 
  47. The senior year teachers are always the best.
  48. Be nice to the freshman.
  49. Be nice to any underclassmen actually.
  50. But also, take pride in being a senior. This is your last year. Own it. 
It’s so easy to say you’re over someone when your paths no longer intertwine, when you never see that person. “I don’t love him anymore,” you’ll say to your best friend. “I don’t miss him,” you tell your mother when she finds you in a bad mood. “I don’t want him back”, you keep telling yourself.
And then you see him again, four months and eight days after he grabbed your heart and closed his fist around it, squeezing until stars burst in front of your eyes and your face turned blue like the ocean. And it takes courage to look at him then, to admit that you’re not over him at all because you feel how he knocks the air out of your chest with one glance. But maybe you’ll remember how much he hurt you, how being with him didn’t make you happy but shattered you into pieces, so you can finally tell yourself “I’m not over him and that’s okay. But I’ll get there. And this is not what I want anymore.”
—  evening thoughts #25
you’re not over it yet and that’s okay
A Happy Memory | Taehyung

Summary: Taehyung didn’t think he would ever be able to successfully conjure a Patronus charm, until he meets you.
Genre: Fluff, Harry Potter!AU
Word Count: 4,733
Author’s Note: My take on the “always-partying-kid falls for the always-studying-kid” prompt. Also, the fact that I basically finished this in a day is alarming but I wanted to get this out of my hair before I really have to study for my exams for this week.


You have always been known for your quiet nature, keeping to yourself and the mountain load of books you were constantly surrounded with every single day. You didn’t have many friends, rather a close-knit group of girls with a surprising mixture of personalities from extravagant to soft—and you never let that small number bother you. You never prided yourself on being the smartest student in class, but you did take delight in your time management skills, your organizational abilities and the fact that you could put in effort for assignments or studying and get rewarded with good marks and good grace. You believed in hard work, and for very good reasons.

Your introverted perspective always came with a price, to step into everything and take in everyone with an open-mindedness, to never judge, to just keep to yourself and watch things unfold from a distance. In fact, you like to think of yourself as a relatively appealing person. You never enjoy interacting with people, but on those occasions you would put in an effort to remain respectful and kind, displaying a pleasant atmosphere in a fashion similar to the whole “treat people the way you want to be treated” kind of mindset.

You’re a firm believer in this mentality, trusting that you could overcome any rough patch with anyone as long as you remained calm and collected, as long as you could communicate your wants and needs with peers and receive the same respect as you gave out.

You don’t hate a lot of things, and maybe you don’t have the heart capacity to truly hate anything—but you think that you might just hold enough resentment for Kim Taehyung to capture a first.

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I´m too fucking sober for this!

Today I wrote the short imagine I wanted write yesterday. When this gets uploaded, I´m probably already four hours deep into gilmore girls and will stay away from tumblr until I´m done. 
I hope you enjoy this small, humorous little drabble.

Imagine trying to get Sam and Dean into the car when they are super drunk.

Paring: SamxReader, DeanxReader (friends)

Warnings: language, drunk!Sam and drunk!Dean, fluff

Length: 675 Words

Originally posted by unnaturalsam


“Dean, cut it out!”, you shout-whispered as you watched the elder Winchester banging against the door of the closed bar you and the Winchesters had spent most part of the night in.
The boys had overdone it and were now fairly drunk, leaving you to babysit them.
It wasn´t fun, to say the least.
“But I want to keep going”, Dean whined now but to your utter release actually stopped making all that noise.
“Yeah, me too. Let´s hit another bar”, Sam threw in his two cents.
You turned to him and shook your head: “Look at you. You can barely lean against that fucking car without falling.”
Sam immediately started pouting: “That´s not true, look!”
He pushed himself off the hood of the Impala that had brought you here and of course immediately stumbled and fell into the grass on the traffic island.
You rolled your eyes while Dean and Sam started laughing hysterically, Sam rolling around on the ground like a lunatic.
“I´m too fucking sober for this”, you said quietly but the guys wouldn´t have noticed anyways because they were still laughing.
“Okay, that´s it. I´m getting you home now. I´m not planning on letting you get run over by a car”, you said and walked over to Sam, holding out your hand so he could use it to get up.
But instead of doing just that, he quickly pulled at your hand and with a yelp you landed on top of him.
“Sam, what the hell?”, you asked, as you tried to get up but failed, because he was holding you down.
“You smell really good”, he offered.
You finally managed to get to your feet: “Yeah, well, you don´t. So please do me a favor and get into the fucking car!”, you growled.
Right at that moment, two hands reached around your waist and before you knew it, you were pulled into Dean´s chest: “You curse a lot today”, he said and giggled.
You had never heard Dean Winchester giggle before. It was ridiculous to say the least.
“That´s because you two nutjobs are driving me crazy”, you gave back, pulled free from his embrace too, and opened the back door of the car in no time before pulling at Dean´s hand and somehow managing to put him on the seat.
He was smiling now: “Thanks for taking care of us (Y/N).”
Despite the situation, you had to laugh at his honest and sweet tone: “Of course.”
You left the door open but  never out of sight, as you walked over to Sam, who had magically managed to pull himself up and was now half laying on the hood of the car.
“Common Sam, let´s get the two of you home”, you said nicely, trying to calm everything down a bit, but Sam made a step back and shouted:  “But I don´t want to go back, I wanna go live in the forest.”
Even though you were tempted to let him do just that, you knew you had to help him so you said: “Too bad, but I need you to get back in the car now.”
“Well, I guess our only option is to duel then”, he said and got into some weird karate pose.
You sighed while Dean yelled from the car: “You have so many other options – you just always pick that one.”
Asking yourself in what universe this exchange made sense, you just grabbed Sam and dragged him to the back door of the car where you shoved him in and quickly closed it before any of them could escape again.
You took a deep breath and for a minute just enjoyed the silence before walking around the car and getting in the driver seat.
“Alright then, let´s go home”, you said, expecting more protest but only got silence.
Irritated you looked back and found them both fast asleep.
You smiled and knew that no matter how annoying the guys were from time to time, you would always take care of your two best friends.

anonymous asked:

You go on holiday abroad with all the members as friends for a vacation and photoshoots and fall in love with a member fluff plz

so I went with Wonwoo! ♥ lmao I didn’t feel like/didn’t want to specify where exactly this “abroad” is, so you can use your imagination, but fairly close to Korea either way.

When you had first head of the opportunity to join Seventeen on their trip abroad for a vacation that also included some photoshoots for their next album, you didn’t even have to think about your answer.

A trip with thirteen of your best friends? No one would be able to keep you from going.

The preparations were exciting, with your group chat being filled with “What are you taking with you?” and “Can you believe we’re leaving in two days?” instead of the usual bantering. Naturally that didn’t exactly disappear, either, but it was obviously overshadowed by the excitement for the trip.

When the day of the flight finally came, you met up with the boys and some of their staff members at the airport - you didn’t even have to ask them where they were, because if the familiar, bright hair of Joshua, Jihoon or Minghao didn’t catch your attention, the noisiness sure did. 

“Geez, you’re attracting everyone’s attention,” you said while laughing when you reached the boys, who just laughed at you, and some of them gave you quick, excited hugs. “If I didn’t know better, I’d guess this was your first trip overseas.”

“It’s as exciting every time as it was the first, you know,” Soonyoung said with a grin, and all the others agreed. You shrugged with a bright smile taking over your features.

“I guess that’s understandable,” you replied and looked around. “Are we going to check in soon?”

Vernon hummed to Check-In quietly while fiddling with his phone and Seungcheol joined him (you could barely stop yourself from joining in, too), whereas Seungkwan exchanged a few words with the staff members and turned to you. “We should move there now, yeah.”

So you did, and an hour or so later you were all boarding the plane, looking for your seats and putting your hand luggage up to the overhead locker with casual chattering, now noticeably quieter than at the airport. The flight wouldn’t be longer than four or five hours, you could recall, and you found yourself seated between Wonwoo and Jeonghan.

For most of the flight, you listened to music and stole glances at the book Wonwoo was reading. Jeonghan, on the other hand, was dozing off for… well, pretty much the whole flight, with his jacket spread over himself and his eye mask making sure he wasn’t disturbed by light. You looked at him every now and then, only to smile when you noticed that he was still sleeping.

When Wonwoo got a small box of candy from his pocket, he nudged you lightly and gave you a small smile when you took one of your earphones off and turned to look at him curiously. “Do you want some?”

“Oh, sure,” you said, still surprised, and stuck your hand forward so that Wonwoo could give you some of the candy. It wasn’t particularly sweet, but tasted good nevertheless. You smiled at him. “Thanks.”

He shook his head, his nose crinkling a little with the wideness of his smile, and put the box back into his pocket before returning to the book he was reading.

“I could’ve taken some, too,” Seungkwan muttered from his seat on the other side of the aisle, and got a chuckle from Wonwoo.

“I might give you some later if you behave well,” he said amusedly, and Seungkwan squinted almost dramatically.

“What do you mean ‘behave well’?” the younger one asked and leaned closer, only to get a quirked eyebrow from Wonwoo.

“You’ll see.”

The plane landed on time, and after you had all gotten your luggage, you moved to a bus that had been reserved for you well beforehand in order for you to get to the hotel. During the journey, Chan excitedly told you about his list of things he wanted to do during the trip, with Minghao occasionally commenting “I want to do that, too” and Seungcheol chipping in with a realistic “Remember that there might not be enough time for all of that.”

Chan nodded, and while he was still smiling brightly, it was obvious that he hadn’t taken into account how much time doing everything on the list would take. His voice was a mere mumble when he eyed his list. “I’ll have to choose the most important ones, then…”

The hotel was admittedly more extravagant than you had expected it to. It wasn’t quite a 5-star one, but it was so much more than you had imagined. Even the members were all in awe when you entered the lobby with your suitcases, meanwhile the staff members had content smiles on their faces - after all, they had known exactly what kind of a place they were headed to.

“This place looks really expensive,” you muttered, still incredibly amazed, and got agreeing hums from the members.

Mingyu whistled quietly. “Gotta be careful here, huh.”

The members laughed, but with how grand their surroundings were, the laughter wasn’t quite as explosive as it normally was. You got to the reception, where you were given your keys - and told that you and Wonwoo would be sharing a room.

“That’s gotta be a mistake,” you said, stunned, and looked at the details on the screen. The receptionist smiled politely.

“As you can see, it is not,” they said and showed the computer screen to you and the others. Wonwoo nodded slowly while you continued staring at the screen in disbelief.

“Well… it should be fine, right? It’s a twin room, anyway, and not a double,” he said calmly. Some of the other members were almost grinning at the situation, and you turned to face Wonwoo slowly.

“Are you sure? It won’t be weird or anything?” you asked unsurely and accepted your key from the receptionist with a quick “Thank you”, still looking at Wonwoo. He nodded.

“We’re friends, it shouldn’t be weird,” he said, and gave you a small smile. “Now come on and let’s let Seungkwan and Vernon get their key.”

“Those two should not be roomed together,” Joshua mumbled to himself, and you raised your eyebrow. He chuckled. “After Soonyoung and Seokmin, they’re the pair to get the most notifications about loud noise. It’s like they lose track of time.”

You nodded while laughing and looking at the two getting their key, who were glaring at Joshua. “We’re not that bad.”

“Y/N can be the judge of that, considering your room is next to ours,” Wonwoo said with a chuckle, and you grinned at Seungkwan and Vernon.

“You have a week to show that you’re not that bad,” you laughed, to which Seungkwan declared that the challenge had been accepted.

Little by little you began moving to your rooms, and Wonwoo let you into yours as well. The room, while simple, was also more sizeable than you had expected. Again, it wasn’t very big, but you had more room than you would’ve at a cheaper hotel.

“Your agency’s really overdone itself this time,” you said with a quiet chuckle as you got into the room and sat on one of the beds, pleasantly soft yet not too much so. Wonwoo shut the door and nodded with a small smile.

“I don’t think any of us were expecting this,” he admitted, and sat on the other bed. He sighed quietly. “I’m a bit tired.”

“I feel you,” you said and let out a yawn while looking at the clock on the wall. “It’s 10pm… you think we could sneak out of the group dinner and just grab something small from the store downstairs?”

Wonwoo grinned widely at your suggestion. “Leave it to me to talk us out of it.”

He left the room soon, and you lay down on the bed with your phone. Ten minutes or so later he returned, at first with a straight face, but it soon changed into a smile. “No group dinner for us, the manager was really understanding.”

“Yes!” you exclaimed in joy and got up from the bed in an instant, while Wonwoo laughed at you from the door. “So, snacks when they’ve left?”

And Wonwoo nodded.

When the others were leaving, Seungcheol still dropped by the door to make sure the two of you absolutely didn’t have the energy to come, and with how tired you were, it wasn’t a difficult task to show him just how awfully tired you were. So, the others left, and you and Wonwoo were free to go to the store downstairs to buy snacks and whatever nice you could find that would suppress your hunger enough.

And soon you were sitting on the bed Wonwoo had claimed, both dressed in your sleepwear and with a big bag of snacks and food between you.

“This was a great idea,” you said between bites of the bagel you had bought, and Wonwoo chuckled quietly while picking up another dried mango.

“It really was,” he said, his voice so soft that you couldn’t help but notice it. You moved your eyes from the food to him, and tilted your head a little, taking in how happy Wonwoo looked.

Then it hit you: during the time you had known Seventeen, you had not once been alone with Wonwoo the way you were now. And it was enjoyable, much more so than you could’ve imagined.

A small smile spread to your lips as you took another bite of your bagel.

You didn’t manage to finish all of the food, but neither of you minded: you just agreed that you could snack on it in the morning if you felt like it. 

It was a bit after midnight that the two of you were finally getting your blankets over yourselves and reaching for the lights on the wall. Happy smiles played on both of your lips when you said “Good night” in unison.

The week-long vacation proved out to be a lot more eventful than you had expected. You joined Seventeen on their photoshoots, ate meals with them and had an amazing time with all of your friends, but there was something - someone - that made you feel just a bit more excited than anything else.

Jeon Wonwoo.

It was like sharing a room with him had made you see him in a new light or something, even though he hadn’t really done anything out of the ordinary. He had simply been himself - his friendly, sweet, attractive self - and that was enough to give your heart some extra beats and make your cheeks gain color more often than usual.

On the fourth day of the trip, you were walking along a market street in the evening, and Wonwoo joined you out of the blue.

“What’s up?” he asked, his voice as low and husky as it always was, and you gave him a smile.

“I’m thinking about what to buy for my family,” you replied and looked at the booths around you, filled with small accessories, food and whatever you could think of. Wonwoo hummed in understanding with a soft smile spreading to his lips.

“Souvenirs, huh,” he noted, and you nodded. When he wrapped his arm around you, you couldn’t help but yelp - and blush when Wonwoo laughed. “Sorry.”

“It’s fine,” you said quickly and tried to tell your heart to just beat a little slower, which it naturally did not do. Instead, it continued the rapid hammering inside of your chest for a good while, and Wonwoo pulling you closer to himself didn’t really help it.

Eventually you managed to finally find something to your family, and it seemed like most of the others did, too. Or so you easily concluded from Seungkwan excitedly saying “I’m sure mom will like this,” and Mingyu running to you from a store, holding a small bag while yelling “Guys! I finally found something for my sister!”

You had dinner, and towards the end of the evening you and Wonwoo retreated to your room like you did every evening. You let out a sigh as you put your things down and got on the bed, lying down immediately - you were exhausted.

Wonwoo chuckled. “Are you not used to that much walking?”

You clicked your tongue and propped yourself up on your elbows. “Not so much the walking, but the fact that it’s almost 11pm and we left the hotel at 9 in the morning.”

“True,” he hummed and put his bags down, only keeping one on his lap as he dug through it. You lay down again and let out a long yawn. When he had found what he had been looking for, Wonwoo smiled to himself and stood up, moving to sit on the edge of your bed.

Your breath nearly hitched in your throat when Wonwoo reached for your hand and placed something on it. “I thought you’d like this.”

You sat up, and before looking at what was on your hand, you took a good look at Wonwoo, who was almost avoiding your gaze and whose cheeks were noticeably more colored than they were when you had gotten into the room, and you were certain it wasn’t just the fatigue.

When you looked at your palm, you were met with a beautiful, simple silver-colored bracelet. Your heart felt warm at the small heart-shaped details on it that you couldn’t see unless you got it really close to your eye. “You really didn’t have to.”

Wonwoo shook his head. “But I wanted to. I wanted to get you something nice, so I did.”

“Thank you,” you said softly and moved to sit next to Wonwoo on the edge of your bed, smiling. “I really like it. I’m sorry that I don’t have anything for you.”

“It’s fine,” he said with a soft chuckle. “I didn’t buy you that expecting to get anything in exchange, so don’t worry.”

You nodded slowly and leaned your head against Wonwoo’s shoulder. He hummed questioningly.

“Why do you have to be so nice?” you asked in a whisper, and Wonwoo chuckled as he leaned his head against yours.

“What do you mean?” he asked amusedly. You sighed.

“You’re just… I don’t even know how to describe it,” you said with a pout, and slowly lifted your face. Wonwoo looked down at you as well as he could from the odd angle before laughing and pulling a bit further away. You stared into his eyes, your heart fluttering because of the intense, deep gaze in them. “You have me weak.”

Wonwoo was silent for a while. He let your words sink in one by one, and eventually he gave you a warm smile while his hand found yours to hold. “I could say the same. For some reason you give me this fuzzy feeling even when you’ve just gotten out of bed with your hair pointing in all directions.”

You snorted at his comment, despite the rapid beating of your heart. “You make me feel that way even when you’ve got your hair up with a hair band and a face mask covering your face.”

He laughed and squeezed your hand. “You beat me.”

Another short moment of silence fell over you, and at the end of it you got yourself under Wonwoo’s right arm so that you could hug him while sitting next to him, and he wrapped his arm around you.

“So it’s okay if I kinda… think I might be falling for you? Like, it’s okay to say it?” you asked bluntly, your voice a bit shaky, and listened to Wonwoo’s heartbeat. It was amazing how it was about as quick as yours was.

Without giving it much thought, Wonwoo gave you a small peck on the top of your head. “It’s definitely okay, and I hope it’s okay for me to say that, too.”

You were about to answer him, and okay, maybe you were also about to give him a quick peck on his cheek, but either way, you were interrupted by a loud noise from the room next to yours, which effectively killed the mood.

“…I think I won the bet,” you said with a giggle, and Wonwoo nodded with an amused smile on his lips, too, while the noise kept going on. Seungkwan and Vernon were playing music that they sang loudly on top of, and by the sounds of it, they were probably also dancing, and definitely not in one place.

“You also lost one.” You looked at Wonwoo with a dumbfound expression, and he grinned so that his nose crinkled - your heart skipped a beat. “Remember a few years ago when you and Seungcheol had the debate on whether you’d be able to be friends with us for five years without falling for any of us, and you said you’d be able to go on for ten years without that? Well, look at you now.”

You blushed and pursed your lips. “…If we ever become, you know, more, do you think we could keep this lowkey for, let’s say, seven years?”

Wonwoo snorted. “No chance.”

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Characters: Sam, reader, Dean

Pairing: Sam x reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 1104

Summary: as the birth of your child comes close, you and Sam share some baby names you like, but you don’t seem to agree so much.

A/N: I got this idea from the TV show Friends, I thought the scene/s were really funny in is episode

“So, are you guys gonna find out the sex of the baby?” Dean questioned as he took a seat opposite you both at the kitchen table in the bunker.

“We both decided we wanted to keep it a secret, so when we come up with a name we need to come up with an alternative for each sex,“ you explained.

“We haven’t actually gone over any names yet,” Sam realised.

“Oh, can I help?” Dean asked excitedly.

“What do you have in mind?” You questioned.

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BTS Reaction to you being close with another member

Anon Requested:  Hi there cutie ^^ Can you write scenario where Namjoon is your extremely possessive boyfriend and always gets jealous because of your close relationship with Suga^^ 

I decided to make this into a reaction, I hope that was okay

Jungkook: He usually wouldn’t say anything until you two were alone, he would always keep everything bottled up just because he didn’t want to come off as disrespectful to his hyungs. He also didn’t want to make a big deal out of it in front of his friends, he knew you meant no harm in your friendship with Jin but he always had the shred of fear that you would rather be with someone older than be with the youngest of the group. You on the other hand couldn’t help but feel guilty that you made him feel this way. You’d always try to remind him that Jin was nothing more than a friend and he was the one that you truly loved.

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

V: Taehyung acts a bit like Jungkook when it comes to seeing how close you were with J-Hope. Tae wouldn’t quite understand is feelings at first, he wouldn’t like all the skin ship you and J-Hope do just because he felt territorial and didn’t think all of that was necessary, but other than that he would bite his tongue from making a comment in front of everyone. But once you two were finally alone Taehyung would express his feelings about how close you have become with his hyung. You’d automatically feel bad just because of the pain you’d caused him without even knowing it but you’d also feel bad for the fact that you felt like you couldn’t act the same with J-Hope in front of your boyfriend.

Originally posted by liveforeverneversaynever

Jimin: Jimin would be up front about it I feel like, once he saw how touchy and friendly you were getting with Jungkook he’d instantly break you two up. If it was sitting directly in the middle of you guys if you were sitting on the couch or if it was literally dragging you away from Jungkook and plopping you down on his lap while he just sat on the couch. You’d get irritated at first but realized he was just upset at the relationship you and Jungkook had formed. You’d tell him that it was just a friendship and you’d never do something so horrible as cheat on him but Jimin couldn’t help his over bearing ways when it came to you.

Originally posted by kpoppinsimmer

J-Hope: Hoseok would honestly be a bit oblivious when it came to your budding relationship with Jimin. You were Jimin’s age so Hoseok always thought that was why you were so close with him, it didn’t start to annoy him until you came to the dorm to hang out with Jimin instead of your boyfriend. He wouldn’t say anything in front of the guys but he’d quietly ask to talk to you upstairs away from the guys and once you two were alone he’d spill his feelings out to you making you feel extremely guilty but you promised to watch how you act in front of him for now on just because you didn’t want to make him feel worse than he already did.

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Rap Monster: Namjoon would be a step further from envious. He’d honestly hate when you chose to come over to the dorm instead of him coming to your apartment because you wanted to see all of the guys. He’d quietly clench his fist whenever you hugged Yoongi because he always thought you had a thing for him. Even with your protests of “I love you not Yoongi.” & “He’s just a friend Namjoon, stop being so jealous.” they never subsided the jealousy that raged inside him. You never understood the jealousy he had for Yoongi but never tried to pry because it had only caused more arguments between the two of you.

Originally posted by kthmyg

Suga: Yoongi couldn’t stand when you were so close to Taehyung. He’d try and keep his feelings quiet but that would only cause him to not speak at all and you instantly knew what was up just because he’s been honest with you when it first started bothering him. You’d move away from Taehyung and make your way over to Yoongi and stay by his side until he wasn’t upset anymore. It usually didn’t take long for Yoongi to get over his fit but when it does you can’t help but sigh knowing you were going to get a lecture about how you shouldn’t be so friendly with other guys.

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Jin: Jin would be a mixture of all of the boys, he’d be quiet but also very over bearing and protective when it came to your relationship with Namjoon. Even though Namjoon was Jin’s best friend he couldn’t help but want to keep you away from him. He’d always stay by your side but in the times he couldn’t be by you and saw that you had found your way to Namjoon, Jin wanted nothing more than to rip you away from him but he had to swallow down and stay where he was making sure not to make a scene.

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The Real Deal - Dylan O’Brien Imagine

Author: dylanowhy (me)

Summary: Lust without love mixed with need and want. It must be the reason why your relationship is so toxic. Yet, somehow, you can’t get enough.

Pairings: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Warnings: Language. Angst.

Word Count: 2,428

A/N: This was requested by a dear friend of mine! There might possibly be a part two if you guys want it. Let me know, feedback is always welcomed!

Originally posted by readersleepingintheforest

Your eyes stayed glued to the raindrops that fell onto the car window. Silence was all that filled the small space around you. You haven’t spoken the entire car ride and you didn’t plan on it. Your arms were crossed, keeping them close to your body like some kind of self-defense method. The burning ting in your eyes hadn’t stopped since around an hour ago, you were sure your eyes were blood shot but you couldn’t bring yourself to consider looking into a mirror. Knowing that if you looked at yourself it would cause your world to shatter around you, and you hadn’t even started to pick up the pieces yet.

He was just as silent, and it scared you. The caring, fun loving guy who always had a joke to tell was not saying a word. Not trying to fix things like he always did. The thought brought more tears to your eyes – and you thought you didn’t have any more tears left. You opened your mouth to speak, but nothing came out. You knew what you wanted to say but you didn’t know how to put it into words. You were nervous if you spoke it would be the spark that would light up another argument for the night.

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Okay, now that I’ve heard a lot of your opinions, I wanted to give you my own thoughts on Wolfstar.

Imagine 11 year old Sirius and Remus show up to school. They each are sorted into Gryffindor and they find that they’re roommates. At first, they’re wary of each other. Sirius, because he has a hard time trusting people - thanks to his family - and Remus, because he has a dangerous secret that he has to keep. But James loves everyone and pulls the two (plus Peter) into his close circle of friends. By the end of the year Sirius and Remus consider each other really close friends.

In their second year, they learn more about each other. Sirius (plus the others) learns Remus’ secret and, instead of trying to kill him and get him kicked out of school like he thought would happen, they started researching how they could become animals so they could support their friend. Remus had never been more touched in his life.

In their third year, they start noticing the attractiveness of others around him. James starts to develop a crush on Lily (which his vehemently denies). Sirius, who has already become so much more comfortable about himself around his friends than he’d ever been in his life, admits that he finds all genders attractive. Remus, on the other hand, seems to be the opposite. Sure, he can see and appreciate when someone is attractive, but he doesn’t seem to feel that same spark that Sirius and James explain. He thinks perhaps it’s because he knows he’s a monster, despite how normal his friends make him feel, he can’t imagine anyone would ever actually fall in love with him.

Fourth year starts and Sirius starts dating around. It’s obvious that he blossomed over the summer, and is one of the more handsome boys in their year (with James not being too far behind). Suddenly he has more attention that he’s ever had before, and you can tell he’s loving it. Remus starts to take notice of this more, and looks at Sirius a little differently. Why are people so attracted to him? Is it really his good looks? Or is it something else? As the year progresses, he silently watches his friend, looking for clues for why everyone flocks to him (and trying to figure out what he can do himself).

It isn’t until Remus has returned to Hogwarts for fifth year that his perspective changes. He hasn’t seen Sirius for a couple of months, and when he does, it’s like seeing the sun on a cloudy day. He’s confused at first, wondering what these strange butterflies in his stomach are - as he’s never experienced them before. It’s several months before he realizes that he has a crush on his best friend - and has likely had one for a long time. It isn’t Sirius’ looks that draw him in (other than acknowledging that he’s attractive he really doesn’t care about that) - it’s everything else. It’s how he makes Remus feel at ease, it’s his jokes, the way he takes extra time to make sure he’s doing okay. It’s the way that sneaks into the hospital wing after the full moon (many times by himself when James is at Quidditch practice) to make sure he was feeling okay or the times when he’d buy Remus something fro Hogsmeade “just because he thought he’d like it”. But Remus keeps this crush to himself.
First of all, he know (he knows) that Sirius is only doing these things because they are friends. His crush is not reciprocated and he refuses to do anything that could jeopardize their effortless friendship. And second of all, how could someone as wonderful as Sirius ever have a crush on Remus, a monster? It’s not even worth a thought, it’s so unbelievable. So, he pushes the feelings down as far as they can go and continued on with life.

In between the summer of fifth and sixth year, Sirius leaves his home and gets a place of his own. He’s torn in between feeling a sense of responsibility he’s never felt before, and feeling that recklessness that every sixteen year old feels when they’re on their own. Because of this, Sirius’ perspective starts to change and he starts doing whatever he wants.

They start their sixth year and it doesn’t take long for the group of boys to see that Sirius is a little out of control. Remus’ heart aches for him, but he vows to be there for him as much as he can as a friend - because that’s what Sirius needs the most right now. However, when Sirius leads Snape to the Whomping Willow, where Remus is waiting down below as a werewolf, everything changes. Remus is hurt that Sirius would use him like that against someone he despises. What if Snape would have gone down? What if Remus would have hurt him? After weeks of not talking to each other (and feeling as though his heart is tearing into two because of it) Remus finally asks Sirius these questions. Sirius’ face immediately goes white as he realizes what the consequences of his actions would have been had his “prank” been successful. He breaks down into tears and it’s one of the few times that Remus sees Sirius cry. Remus holds Sirius as he apologizes profusely through his sobs, begging for his friend’s forgiveness. Remus forgives him, of course he does - how could he not, but he doesn’t forget. This just proves to him that no matter how much he wishes to forget, he will always be a werewolf - a monster.

The second half of their sixth year starts to run more smoothly. Sirius starts to get himself under control. He stops sleeping around with others so much and spends more time with his friends. He continues pranking (he’s a Marauder - how could he stop?) but the pranks are tame and harmless. He goes out of his way to show Remus kindness, grateful that the other boy doesn’t completely hate him. It’s during this time that Sirius starts to look at his friend more closely. His crush on his friends hits him hard and fast. It’s not anything he was expecting to happen, there was no build up. Just one morning he woke up, turned to look over at Remus who was changing his shirt, and thought, “He’s beautiful.” The wave of emotions flooded him so profoundly that he had to rush to the bathroom for refuge, much to the confusion of his other roommates. He tried to push the crush down and pretend like it wasn’t there, but there was no stopping it from pushing through. He hated himself for these feelings and hoped that Remus would never find out. After what he’d done to him earlier that year - after the prank with Snape - how could Remus ever like him more? The monster wasn’t Remus, it was Sirius.

James notices immediately when Sirius starts to crush on Remus. How could he not? He knows Sirius better than he knows anyone - and the way he gets flustered around him is painfully obvious. Being the amazing wingman and friend that he is, he starts to watch Remus - searching for any signs that those feelings may be reciprocated. When he decides that they are (Remus smiles a lot more brightly whenever Sirius is in the room), he starts to try and match the two together. He’s never claimed he was a great match maker - but he didn’t think it would take much. A prompt to compliment each other here, an excuse to leave the two alone together there, the occasional locking in a broom cupboard when the tension got too thick. It was infuriating that nothing seemed to work.

Seventh year started and James was promoted to be Head Boy. He was also Quidditch Captain and his long-time crush, Lily Evans, was finally interested in him in return. He decided that he’d leave his two clueless friends to their own devices. They were perfect for each - he had no doubts they’d see it eventually.

But, as seventh year went on, Remus and Sirius merely danced around each other - nothing ever happened. Not romantically, anyway. They didn’t realize that once they left school - there wouldn’t be another chance.

They graduated and left - knowing there was a war going on, but not understanding just how in the middle of it they’d all be. There was darkness around them; death of their loved ones, their friends, classmates, even the deaths of some of their enemies; corruption filled the halls of the ministry; destruction and chaos at every step you took; and worse of all - fear: fear that you couldn’t trust those you were closest to. 

Some happy things happened during this time as well. James and Lily got married. Lily got pregnant and had their first child, Harry. Sirius was named the Godfather, much to his delight. All of them joined Dumbledore’s secret society, The Order of the Phoenix, to try and help combat the darkness with a little bit of light.

Rumors were spread that the werewolves were on the Dark Lord’s side. Many in the order started looking at Remus differently. Was he on their side? Or was he a spy?

James and Sirius tried to defend him. James - because he was a loyal friend, and Sirius - because he couldn’t imagine that his close friend whom he may or may not be slightly in love with could betray them in such a way. Remus, however, decided to just stop coming to the meetings and started pulling away from his friends, rather than have to endure listening to the muttered hateful comments and the whispering. He didn’t want to hurt his friends anymore than he already had with his disease - and as long as he was around, the Order didn’t seem to be able to get much work done. The others were too afraid of Remus. And although it hurt to lose their friendship, he would do what needed to be done, both for him and for them. He did it slow, subtly, not replying to messages when they were sent to him, until everyone, Sirius included, stopped sending messages entirely. 

Sirius, on the other hand, felt torn. He wanted to reach out to Remus, to tell him the truth about his feelings and beg him to stay, but he couldn’t. Not now when it was his family that was out there torturing muggles. He needed to do everything within his power to stop them. After weeks of not hearing from his friend, he started to wonder - were the rumors true? Was that why Remus stopped all contact? He couldn’t bear to think that might be the truth - but he knew it was on everyone’s mind. Why else would he have abandoned his friends in their time of need?

When James asked him to be his secret-keeper, Sirius didn’t feel worthy. He almost said yes - but realized that when the Potters disappeared, Sirius would be the first one they tried to find. He wanted to give Remus’ name, to tell James to ask Remus to do it, but the name got stuck on his tongue. Remus already disappeared, he’d pulled out of their lives. He couldn’t ask him to pull back now - especially if it was only to find that every horrible thing said about him was true. Sirius wouldn’t be able to handle the heartbreak. So, he suggested Peter’s name instead, hoping that he could distract the Dark Lord and his followers long enough to give little Harry a chance.

But then, the unthinkable happened. Peter betrayed them, and Sirius was sent to Azkaban.

When Remus heard the news, his heart stopped. Sirius? Betray his friends? He stormed into Dumbledore’s office up at the school, demanding to know what was going on and why Sirius was being accused of this. He refused to believe the truth. But, the facts were there. Sirius was the secret-keeper, and now the Potters were dead. 

Remus went by the next twelve years feeling as though a piece of him died inside. The man that he loved - and at that point he knew it was love - was truly gone. He felt numb, and tried to go through the motions of his life, wondering if it was even worth it.

Sirius spent those years in Azkaban, vowing to get revenge on Peter, and wondering how he could have ever thought that Remus, sweet Remus whom he loved, could have ever been capable of such a thing.

When Sirius escaped, and the truth came out, Remus felt that part of him that died start to spark again.

For a while, Sirius was on the run, and Remus had no clue where he was or what he was doing. And then, one morning he showed up on his doorstep. Remus immediately let him in and offered him a place to stay. It was both the best thing and the worst thing that could have happened to him. Living together again, it was almost as if they were teenagers, and that they’d never left Hogwarts. But after a moment it would become obvious that time had changed so much, and with it they were no longer the same person. Because of Azkaban, Sirius was a broken man. He’d suffered a trauma that even Remus couldn’t understand. He tried to hard to pretend like he was okay, but Remus saw through his facade. He still loved Sirius, he didn’t think he’d ever stop, but it was clear this man wasn’t the same man he fell in love with back when he was fifteen.

Sirius loved Remus as well, but he knew he was broken - no good. Azkaban had taken away his desire for many things, including sexual contact. So, he continued to ignore those feelings, despite the fact that Remus seemed brighter than ever, even after all of those hard years. 

Sirius left for a time to help Harry, and then was asked to go and live in his old childhood home so the Order could use it as Headquarters. Remus dreaded Sirius’ answer, and he wasn’t surprised when the isolation and imprisonment start messing with his head more. Remus tried to visit often, even stayed with Sirius for a time in Gimmauld Place, but knew there wasn’t anything he could do to cheer the depressed man up.

When Harry was in trouble, and Sirius immediately rushed off to help him, Remus wasn’t far behind. It was almost as if it was fifteen years earlier, and it was James that needed their help. They found Death Eaters in the Ministry, and for the first time in almost fifteen years, Remus saw that spark of the man he fell in love with. Sirius had returned in the fight, with his snarky commentary and protective behavior. He was so mesmerized by the sight, he didn’t realize what had happened until after it was over. On instinct alone, he grabbed Harry, pulling him back from the veil so he didn’t go after him. 

Days later, Remus realized that while he was sad that Sirius was gone, there was a part of him that was happy as well. Because finally, finally, Sirius was free from the prison he’d been forced to live in, and perhaps he could find happiness beyond.

And perhaps, when Remus’ time was up, he and Sirius could start over again.


Prompt #6. Celebrating (wink, wink) Christmas with Neville and Snape walks in on you.

For: @miss-quantico

You’re in your 6th year at Hogwarts, and you had decided to stay at the castle during Christmas break this year so naturally, your boyfriend, Neville, decided to keep you company and stayed with you. Most of the students had gone home, including your three closest friends, Harry, Ron, and Hermione, leaving you to spend as much time as you wanted with Neville. 

“I have one more present for you Y/N,” Neville whispers to you, his voice huskier than usual. Christmas dinner had just ended, the students had gone back to their common rooms, and the professors had gone to their offices.

“Yeah?” You ask, taking a step closer to him, “And what’s that?”

“This,” He whispers before closing the distance between you, and gently pressing you up against the wall. Your hands find their way into his hair, and you pull at it gently. You know you should go back to Neville’s dorm or the Room of Requirements to further this make out session, but you just can’t seem to make yourself pull away.

Eventually you do pull away; you take one good look at Neville’s lust-filled eyes and whisper, “We should take this somewhere else before we get caught.”

“I think it’s too late for that Miss Y/L/N,” You recognize the deep, drawling voice from a mile away; you jerk your head around and Professor Snape staring at you and Neville. He has his arms crossed in front of him, and by the look on his face, you can tell that he saw a lot more than he wanted to see, “Get back to your dorms, your individual dorms.”

“Yes sir,” Neville says quietly, not meeting Snape’s eyes, “Let’s go Y/N.”

The two of you scurry away, by the time you get to the Gryffindor common room you’re too uncomfortable to continue where you left off so you decide to just go to bed, “W-where are you going love?”

“Severus Snape walking in on you is a pretty big mood killer,” You saying rolling your eyes, Neville chuckles.

“You’re right, but it’s Christmas, can we at least cuddle here on the couch for a while?” He asks, holding his arms open for you; you smile at him before settling down in his arms. You eventually fall asleep to the sound of the crackling Gryffindor fire and Neville’s heartbeat.

A/N: If you read this in Snape’s voice, you’re my new best friend.

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a guide to getting crushes on straight girls

I wanted to address this in one post, mainly because I have so much to say about it, but also because we get a lot of anons daily wondering what to do, or feeling frustrated about the fact. It’ll be under a read more, but if you’re on mobile, just keep on scrolling if you don’t want to read!

So, you’ve developed a crush on a straight girl (: It happens, it’s happened to almost all of us, whether it be toward a close friend or a passing acquaintance. Your little gay heart can’t help itself, and it’s not your fault. But what do you do about it?

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After we walked on opposite path, and you dragged yourself towards your home, with a blank face and drained eyes. When you opened the door of your house without looking back, and you quietly entered your room without the energy to slam the door behind you. I hope you’ll sit on your bed with your head on your hands, while your tears keep on pouring down. I hope that even if you don’t want to think about it, your mind will welcome and embrace all of our memories that will come crashing back. I hope you will call all of your close friends and ask them to give you some company because you don’t think you can sleep for the whole night. I hope they will see how much it hurts you, leaving me. I hope you will tell them our story. How we met and fell in love without planning it to happen. I hope they will know how we once became the happiest human beings alive. Tell them. Tell them all the things that remind you of me. Tell them how we almost had all the beautiful things in life, you wished we can experience them all over again. Tell them how we had a love that was so wonderful, you wished we can have it all back.
—  ma.c.a // Because Baby, That’s What I’m Going To Do
Our Dreams Made Real// Sherlock Holmes

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Yay! Another oneshot! Here we go!

Requested by Anon: You were with Sherlock before the Reichenbach Fall as his wife. With being the consulting Detectives spouse you also claim his friends, which is how you grew close to John Watson, who is unaware just like yourself that the entire thing was faked. The rest? You’ll have to keep reading. 

Set Post 2x03 and during 3x01

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

  ‘’John, give the phone to y/n please.” 

  “Sherlock, there has to be a way for us to get you out of this.” You pleaded, leaning all your weight against John as you knees began to buckle. “Please, please tell me there’s a way out of this.” 

  “I need you to keep living. When I’m gone, I want you to find a new husband. Go to the opera. Dance in the rain. Just be.. you. Can you do that for me?” You pressed your hand over your mouth and nodded, screwing your eyes tightly shut as tears threatened to fall from your eyes. “Goodbye y/n.” 


The weightlessness. The fall. Your heart stops beating, then it’s over. 

That had been over a year ago. Just as Sherlock had requested, you’d done all the things the two of you had written down that you would do together. You dressed in Sherlocks favorite dress and attended the opera in Central London. You stood outside on the sidewalk in the pouring rain on Baker Street and danced your favorite dance- the waltz. But you did it alone and it tore you apart. 

The one thing you consistently did to try and lift your spirits was visit John, who had moved out of Baker Street and spiraled into a depression. You had never expected to rely on John, but here you were, spending all your available time with the War Doctor who never returned home. 

  “He’s dead, y/n. You spent all those months inside a dead mans flat expecting.. what? For him to return?” John snapped, running his hands through his mussed blonde hair. You rose an eyebrow and pressed your hands against your hips, prepared to take on the rage that John had been keeping pent up. “Do you ever allow yourself to grieve? To just.. fall apart?” 

  “You want to know when I fell apart John? When my husband told me to go do all the things that we were supposed to do. When Sherlock Holmes, the most intelligent man and my best friend, actually jumped off a roof because he thought he was a fraud. That’s when I fell apart. Now I have to believe that there’s something greater coming, and maybe if I’m lucky..” You exhaled through your nose and lifted your head to meet Johns eyes. “He’ll come back to me.” 

After constant contemplating, you found yourself inside of 221B despite the fact it was a mess, beginning to piece it back to what it used to be. The skull returned to the mantle, the violin was tuned, the chemistry set cleaned and returned to its rightful place. 

It was in May of the following year by the time you were beginning to feel like yourself. It was remarkably warm for London, and you were finishing the last of the spring cleaning with the windows open. Mrs. Hudson had brought up your morning tea, commenting on how much brighter you seemed to be. 

  “Why on Earth do you continue to watch that rubbish?” A deep baritone, one that constantly haunted your dreams remarked. “You have such a brilliant mind that you could deduce the endings of every episode of this show.” 

You slowly turned around to meet those familiar, deep blue eyes that you loved so much. Your husband of now three years stood in the doorway, discarding his Belstaff over John’s old chair as he took another step towards you. “If you take another step towards me, I may slap your pretty face.” You said quietly. “Is this a dream? Because I did watch you fall. Off a tall building.” 

  “I can explain everything I did later, but right now, let me hold you.” He commented. Your eyes narrowed as Sherlock took another step towards you, his muscular body just now inches from your own. Everything you had been feeling since watching him jump off that roof came rushing out at once- anger, guilt, rage, indescribable sadness, rushed through your blood stream and collided with Sherlocks cheekbone in a slap so hard that it jarred his head to the side. “Oh, I forgot you had a fantastic slap.” 

  “You let me go two years convinced that you were dead, you twit!” You exclaimed. You squirmed as his arms wrapped around your waist and his head fell to your shoulder, his breath warming your chilled skin. “I can’t believe you did this, you ignorant-” 

  “Shhhh.” He whispered softly, his hands wrapping around your hips underneath his lavender dress shirt on your body. “Did you do all those things I told you to do? Go to the opera? Dance in the rain?” 

The tension in your shoulders receded as you registered the feeling of his hands sliding up your body. Hands so warm and so inviting that it sent chills down your spine. “Everything I could do on my own. I even danced the waltz, alone. That’s our dance. Why did you lie to me?” 

  “I disassembled Moriarty’s crime network all across Eastern Europe. It took me two years and alot of torture to endure, but I did it. Mycroft got me out of Serbia and brought me back here. back to you and John. It’s finished. I’m not going anywhere ever again, my love.” Sherlock tilted your head up and captured your lips in his own, smiling against your mouth as you tilted your head to deepen the kiss. It felt so good to be in his arms, to feel his heart beat beneath your hands, to be able to say you’re still here with me. 

When he pulled away, you spun past him and into the kitchen, pulling out the black journal you’d been crossing out things like your opera and dancing in the rain. Sherlock quirked an eyebrow as you turned the journal around and ran your fingertip over the largest written event on the page. 

Let Sherlock fulfill his dreams of being a pirate 

  “You didn’t.” 

  “Oh, but I did.” 

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Less than an hour later, you were standing inside a fishing vessel, outstretched on a deep red pool chair with sunglasses perched on your nose. “Are you having fun up there love?” You called out, tipping your head upward as your husband appeared at the wheel, wearing a pirate hat on top of his raven curls. “You make a devilishly sexy pirate.” 

You gasped as Sherlock picked you up and wrapped an arm around your waist, allowing you to lean over the railing and feel the cold, salty sea spray on your face. Sherlock grinned widely as you lifted your head and met his eyes. “You want to sail the seas with me?”

  “Only if you’ll wear the hat.” 

  “I’ll always wear the hat.”

Yo ho

All hands

Hoist the colors high

Heave ho

Thieves and beggars

Never shall we die

- Pirates of the Caribbean 3

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this is something i have posted about before, and i find myself repeating themes around recovery a lot these days so bear with me

but…my thought rn is, when people talk about not becoming ‘those 40/50/60 yr old women in treatment centers, still stuck in their eating disorders’, which is something many many people do use as a motivation for recovery – 

they become props to you

i am sure when you were there with them in treatment, you were friends with them!! you might still keep in contact!! it’s hard not to become close with people you spend your entire day with.
i know i met amazing women, caring and insightful and funny and with similarities to me both in my disorder and outside of it. they are real people, with lives entirely their own.

so try to remember that when you are saying that u don’t wanna become those women. 

does anyone want to live a life circling in and out of treatment? (probably!) not.

but life happens. and the time spent in life, inside and outside treatment walls, counts for everyone, regardless of whatever it fits ur standards. so don’t dehumanize the people that do end up returning, don’t reduce them to nameless women, implying that their lives have lesser value or meaning. doing so also adds more shame if, god forbid, u had to seek treatment again at a later age.

if u are going to talk so negatively about it, talk about the disorder, not the people.

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Natania in every episode - Swear

We have an endless supply of fish here. One of the perks of living so close to the ocean. You, um, you think, Tara, it’s something you could get used to? I’m hoping to convince you to stay. It would be the perfect solution to our problem. We keep our village a secret, and you’d get to put down roots. You’re a skilled fighter, Tara, and a good person. I can tell that. You wouldn’t be leaving anything behind. And if you want, we can help you find your friend. And if he wants to stay, we’ll offer him a home, too. We got into a skirmish with another group. None of [our men] made it. And we lost others, too. Cyndie had an 11-year-old brother, my grandson, and their mother, too, my daughter. After that, we decided to protect ourselves, no matter what. No matter who we crossed, we would kill on sight. We left our old home with just the clothes on our backs. And then we found this place. We would stay hidden. And we would stay alive. Tara, you could have hurt us, and you didn’t. I know we must sound like monsters to you, but I had to be honest so maybe you could understand why we do it. Maybe you could consider staying. And maybe you could be honest with us about where you’re from.