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honestly, boys are so dumb like why would you give me a tour of your place, introduce me to your friends, give me a little gift, walk me to my car, ask me to get dinner later this week, kiss me, and then cut off all communication? 


Free Minecraft Mini Game ‘The Glide’ Hitting Consoles

Take to the skies in Glide, the new free mini game soaring into “Minecraft: Console Edition” on Tuesday, March 28, 2017. Use your Elytra to glide through a track full of secrets and shortcuts. Go through rings to send your score flying into the stratosphere in Score Attack. Or, use the thermal drafts and master speed boosters to save every second in Time Attack. Better master Solo mode fast, if you want a chance against up to fifteen fellow flyers in Glide Multiplayer.

Alex Karev Imagine

Alex Karev Imagine
163 Words
Suggestions: Alex feels his and the Reader’s Baby.
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“Alex, the Baby’s kicking,” You called.

He said that if the baby started doing anything, you had to let him know. He came running in fast, as if it was running for his life. He pressed his head against your stomach and grinned. You rolled your eyes, knitting a small sweater your mother wanted you to make.

“You’re such a child,” You muttered.

“This is our first baby, of course I’m excited.”

He looked at you. You smiled at him.

“I know, and you still act like a child. By the way cutie, don’t forget my food.”

He sat up and kissed you quickly before going back into the kitchen. You leaned back, your 7 month belly was poking out from your dress, much to your despise. Alex insisted that you should wear a dress, but it annoyed you, especially since it was cold outside.

“Here you go,” He said, setting out lunch in front of you.

“Thank you,” You sang, smiling brightly.

Don't piss me off

“Tyler stop. I don’t want to fight right now. Just leave me alone, I’m going to bed.” you said standing from the couch where Tyler sat.
“Y/N I don’t want to fight either. Wait don’t go yet. Let’s talk.”
“No. Goodnight, and don’t bother sleeping in our bed tonight. The couch is yours.” you shut the bedroom door with a slam. You don’t even remember what started this fight, all you know is Tyler said one thing that pissed you off and you snapped.
You got into bed and fell asleep fast but you woke back up around 12:30 in the morning missing the feeling of Tyler’s warm body in bed. You weren’t mad at him now and you really weren’t in the first place either. He knew that but was still respectful of your request of him sleeping in the living room. After a year of marriage he knew what set you off more and knew when to not push your buttons.
You walked out of the bedroom to see your home dark. You made your way to the living room where you found Tyler scrunched up in a ball sleeping. You admired him for a minute at how peaceful he looked. Then you walked over and placed a kiss to his head before laying down next to him. He moved over to let you cuddle into him.
“Hey baby. Are you still mad?” he asked with his eyes still closed.
“No I was never really mad at you. I love you too much. I missed you in bed and wanted to see if you wanted to come back to bed with me.” you said with your head on his chest listening to him breathe.
After a few moments of enjoying eachothers company Tyler had you in his arms carrying you to the bedroom. Placing you down on the bed gently.
He scooted in next to you. Even though you had a king size bed you slept like it was a twin. In his arms that gave you so much happiness.
“Y/N?” Tyler whispered unsure if you fell asleep yet.
“I love you. I’m sorry I pissed you off earlier.”
“Don’t be sorry I was just being over sensitive. You know how I get sometimes. I love you Ty.”
“I have a question?”
“Can we go looking for a new couch. That one isn’t comfortable, and I have a feeling that I’ll be put on the couch again.” Tyler said.
You chuckled and kissed him. “Sure or you can just not piss me off and you can be in this big bed with me every night.”
“Deal.” he smiled as you two kissed and you fell asleep in his arms.

170301 Ravi Fancafe

Are you asleep?
Or are you resting and having a good time because tomorrow is a holiday?ㅎㅎ

It’s already March…
Why is time this fast, you know?

I’ve been working and exercising recently.
I’m doing a bit of everything for work.
I’m familiarizing myself with my new machine and doing this and that~

I’ve started working out properly again.
I want to get some muscles, so I’m doing some strengthening exercises.
After I get stronger, maybe I’ll lose some weight? That’s the plan, but I don’t know if it will go well

I came to talk like this about what I’ve been up toㅋㅋ
It’s late, but I hope you all have your own wonderful night^^

Ah I’m also preparing a song that I’ll release for free, so look forward to that^^!!!


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Not So Bad (Gaston Imagine)

Request: Is it possible that you could write a Gaston x reader where he’s desperately in love with you, but you hate him, and then you slowly fall in love with him? Thanks so much!- @sherlocks-timetraveling-assbutt

Tags- @brooke-supernatural16 

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You sat beside Belle as she read her book to you. “And they lived happily ever after.” She finished before looking at you with a smile.

“Thanks for reading to me Bell-”

“(Y/N)” A voice yelled, causing you to look up. Gaston was heading your way with flowers and a huge smile on his face

“Well I would love to stay and chat but I must get going.” You waved bye to Belle and took off as you heard her laugh.

“Excuse me! Sorry! Oops!” You push through people as you fast as you can.

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I’ll miss you (Bambam fanfic)

Summary: Your boyfriend BamBam is leaving tomorrow to debut soon, meaning this will be your last night with him. But you were really gonna miss him, more then you wanted to admit.
Genre: Fluff
Length: 631
(sorry it is so short, I’ve been trying to stockpile stories for when I’m away)

The night sky shimmers above you. The air was cooling down fast now that the sun had gone down and made your breath come out as light clouds. Your head was resting on his arm, your arms around his waist. After today, you would not see him again for 2 years, because after tomorrow, he would officially debut, meaning it would be better to break up. You were happy for him, you really were, but you were terribly going to miss him. 

You think back to all the memories you have together. Your first kiss, the day he finally told you he loved you, the evenings you spent at his house laughing and dancing, singing the songs a badly as possible. You spent so much time together. He was your best friend. You sigh as tears start to well up in your eyes. He looks over at you and holds your face between his hands.

“Please don’t cry, Y/N.” He kisses your head and pulls you in close. “I’m just gonna miss you so much.” you whisper, burying your face in his neck. He always smelled so nice, like cinnamon and peppermint shampoo. You wrapped your arms around him, and sit like that for what felt like an hour. When he pulled you back he placed his fingers under your chin, lifting your head to his slightly. 

You run your eyes over his fine but defined features. He looked so handsome staring at you. His deep brown eyes, the little spot under his eye, the fine little lines next to his eyes that showed up clearly when he smiled, his pretty rounded nose, his wide cheekbones, his full pretty lips and smooth jawline. All the small things you had never thought you would miss, but now you wanted to pick all of them up, scared of forgetting them. 

You see him do the same thing, and a soft smile appears on your lips. You see the pain in his eyes when he pulls you back into his tight embrace. “Even if we have to break up, let’s stay best friends, okay?” he says, nuzzling his face in your hair. The tears well up again as you slowly nod your head. After another couple of minutes of silence, you gently break the hug and look up to the sky.

 You didn’t want your last night with him to be sad. “What are you gonna miss most?” you smile, looking at the stars. He wraps his arm around your shoulder and pulls you close to his chest. “Moments like this. Cuddling with you. Laughing until my stomach hurts when you do something stupid.” he smiles as he grabs your hand. “What about you?” 

A bright smile appears when you answer, trying to push back tears. “Any time i spend with you is my favorite. I love spending time with you, whatever it is.” He smirks as he kisses your lips. You cup his face and shrink the space between you two. All of a sudden, you giggle and pull back. “And your kisses, I’m gonna miss those too.” He smiles and nods. “You have a strange idea of romantic, you know that right?”

Ten things to do in 2017:

1. Take it a day at a time. You don’t have to know what you’re doing the next day or even the next hour. I’ve learned that the more you think in the future, the shorter the day seems and the months fly past you and you’re left feeling discontent and unsatisfied. It’s almost like everything has been in a blur, and you find yourself saying, “the year went by so fast”, even though you haven’t accomplished much. So do everything in the moment of ‘now’, and cherish each minute like it’s the last minute you have.

2. Let it go. You know nothing is going to change, because you can’t change people unless they truly want to and you can’t change the past either, and the sooner you realize this, you will spend more time being happy than in a constant battle with your mind and your heart. They need to rest too.

3. Take risks. If you never take any, the moment that turned out for the worst could have turned out for the best. This works vice-versa as well, but either way, you will learn from these experiences. You won’t forget how rapidly your heart was beating in these moments and how electric you felt. It will be worth it in the end, trust me.

4. Call up that person that you didn’t spend enough time getting to know, simply because you were too distracted with somebody else or just didn’t feel like you’d become something more than acquaintances. Greet strangers and embrace the idea of diversity. Ask questions about different cultures, morals, ideas, beliefs; educate yourself as much as you can.

5. Go ahead and wear that outfit you keep telling yourself that it doesn’t look good on you. You bought it because you liked it, yes? So, show it to the whole damn world. If you do it with a smile and confidently squared shoulders—even better. You are beautiful.

6. Instead of procrastinating and wallowing in self-pity, get up and do something. Sitting around is not going to do much but make you feel horrible, and you’ll create scenarios that may not even exist or be as big in your head that will cause matters to become worse. You want this to be your year of explosive progress? Set goals and strive to achieve them. You want to look back at the end of the year and say, “I did good”.

7. Spend more time with your family or friends. Build a support system so strong, that you will never feel lonely. In fact, this support system will lead you to feeling content even when you are alone, because you won’t feel the constant need to either be with someone or have somebody who loves you, because you know you’ll have people who love you and the more love you surround yourself with, the easier it becomes to love yourself too.

8. Be kind always and be angry when you need to be. Stand up for the ideas that you believe in and don’t back down from them just because you have a different opinion. Learn to love the sound of your voice when it bounces off the walls of a classroom full of people, because your voice has the power to change a million minds. Remember, you are allowed to feel whatever it is you feel.

9. Go on more road trips or just take a few minutes to be outside by yourself. Inhale and exhale the air around you. Watch the stars, the sunset, the sunrise, the birds flying in the sky, the cars passing by. Walk in the rain sometimes without an umbrella, instead of running. Let the sunlight soak your skin more often. God, isn’t the world itself beautiful?

10. Be faithful. This is the year you hoped to be better. Don’t let anything stop you from achieving that, because you are limitless as long as you believe yourself to be.

—  Ten things to do in 2017

“I wrote her the message while I was lying in my bed. It said: ‘I don’t want to go too fast, but will you be my girlfriend?’ After I hit ‘send,’ I was so nervous that I laid the phone down next to me. I couldn’t even look at the screen. My nose was sweating. After two minutes, I saw it vibrate. I picked it up, and it said: ‘Yes!’ I felt so good. It felt like killing five characters at one time in League of Legends. These last five days have been magic. I feel so happy and nervous at the same time. This is my first girlfriend so I don’t even know what to do. I don’t know what to talk about. I don’t even know how to sit.”

(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Soo-orry. I know, I have messages to respond and in general i’m pretty ghosty at the moment, but really, today I find the time to sit and draw only around midnight, so take your guess.

I’m going to respond (and if you send your message before some of the ones I already reply - well, or I want to draw something in the answer or in general I need more time to reply (there is a brush ask if I remember correctly, stuff like that)) just not very fast, idem for the chat. 

And -ops? The blog is still holidayish?  Well. Uh. Red is … a cute color. Yup. Totally. 

Lorcan: I am Death™. I am Destruction. I am Demise, guided by the hand of Hellas himself. I don’t care about anyone or anything other than Maeve, my beloved blood-sworn queen–

Elide: Ugh I’m on my period-

Lorcan: here take the SHIRT OFF MY BACK i also tore it into strips for you to use also i washed ur clothes bc the other lady was busy. is ur leg hurting? here’s a magical brace. can’t run fast enough? i’ll carry you across this mountain range and also I Wanted to Go to Perranth With You™, lol ur my Wife™. maeve who?

Elide: ….

Lorcan: ….

Lorcan: ….

Lorcan: I am Death™. I am Destruction. I am Demise.


-kicks things around-

I WANT A BB UNIT SO BADLY NOW. heal my black and wounded heart. i’ll love it forever

POE TRIES TO PLAY HAND TRICKS WITH BB8. but BB8 cheats. because BB8 doesn’t know -cry- but BB8 loses anyway. and is embarrassed by it. i cry so much

if you’re down in the dumps as much as i am, i hope this helps ´w`/

i want a Poe Dameron and i hope he comes with a BB8 -crying-

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Poe Dameron and BB8©Star Wars
-crying a lot-©me

How the Venus signs want to be loved

*use venus but check moon as well*

Aries Venus: love me back but don’t chase me lol it’s my job to chase you duh…I’m going to make it obvious what I want. don’t overcomplicate things, love is simple. let’s make it fast. let’s jump into it. let’s make it exciting!!! it’s like a game and I’m going to win you

Taurus Venus: love me by staying the same. please. be there for me. be someone I can count on. be patient. feed me!!!! I like that. give me things!!!! I like that too. okay, okay, fINE I might want to possess you wHOOPS…just don’t push me or…bye

Gemini Venus: wait wait do I like you or do I like this other person????? or that person??? wait wait I’m just going to not think about it oooooh I’m curious about you now idk we can be together for today if you want but it’s chill!!! talk to me!!!! let’s just have fun!!! let’s not label this that’s so serious and boring!!! you can change, I can change, and I mean it’s cool if we want to also date 3 other people too lol like no biggie, it’s vARIETY haha just don’t pin me down or get too deep otherwise I’ll be out the door in 0.03 seconds

Cancer Venus: love me!!!!!!!! I’m so lonely!!!!! :((((( I just want you to be soft and hold me and tell me you’re committed and that you love me!!!!! I need to hear that because I feel like no one loves me ever :’( I want to stay at home and cuddle with you and you can tell me all of the things you’re feeling <3 and maybe I’ll smother you a little haha but dON’T LEAVE PLEASE

Leo Venus: love me back and I’ll show you how much I love you!!! like, all the time!!!! if I love you, know that it’s a compliment because I only settle for the best. you’re all I’m going to brag uM I MEAN talk about!!! if you make me the center of your world, I’ll make you the center of mine!!! we can have fun, all I need is attention and validation jUST A LIL BIT BE PREPARED and I’m the king/queen here so tell me I’m wonderful and amazing because I don’t hear that enough :/ if I don’t take pride in our relationship, see ya. that means you didn’t dESERVE ME

Virgo Venus: love me by letting me help you!! okay oKAY I’M A LIL INSECURE but I’ll do things for you!!!! I’ll make you feel loved without all of that sentimental lovey stuff - we don’t need that! my one flaw is that I see all of the flaws in our relationship and you - and want to fix them!!! and…nagging…sometimes…but just to make you better!! I just want things to be simple and practical!!! nOTHING BIG NOTHING TOO INTENSE THAT’S SCARY I MIGHT FREAK OUT AND LEAVE

Libra Venus: haha you can love me if you want to ;) but I mean only if you want to…like…I’m not trying to force anything here lol!!!! we can be in love…and have a beautiful pure relationship where we sHARE everything <3 and make everything look like we’re perfect :) I’m into equality :) um like don’t freak out but sometimes I’m just trying to be nice and it turns into flirting bUT IT’S OK…I know it’s weird but I really don’t like people who are too pushy I just want someone who’s going to be polite and nice :)))))) so if you’re not that I mean I’ll still be nice to you but just I might not want to be with you idk we’ll see AHHHH decisions are hard for me in relationships!!!!

Scorpio Venus: I’ll love you if you can handle me. I would say I don’t open up easily in love, but then that would be opening up to you. and I can’t do that. what I can do is be in control. I know how to handle this. oh, I’ll commit, it’s just not everyone knows how to figure me out. and I won’t stop until I find someone who’s willing to go deep with me. and I might stare at you for extended periods of time. you call it obsession, I call it intensity.

Sagittarius Venus: we can be in love if you show me the world!!!!! let’s grow!!!!! and expand our horizons!!!!! and laugh!!!!!! and have FUN!!!!! lot’s of FUN!!!!! oooooooohhhhhhh and if you’re foreign then I’ll REALLY like you!!!!!!!! wooooooooo love is an adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!! the only time I’ll leave is if I feel like you’re dragging down my free spirit!!!!!! I’ll find someone who’s more interesting and cultured than you are on my next expedition!!!

Capricorn Venus: okay. we can be in love but first I have to have a plan. I like plans. and feeling competent in love. I like seeing what I want and going for it. nothing crazy or overly gooey. nope. can’t do that. I just need someone who’s going to help me succeed. I’m cautious, but only because I don’t want you to waste my time that I could be using to be better and work harder. I’m always looking ahead, and I need someone to be there with me. let’s put effort into this and make it long-term. if you’re not willing to, then I will turn stone cold.

Aquarius Venus: I would say we could be in love but let’s not call it love!!! let’s call it whatever!!!! something we can’t label!!!! let’s mix it up because this world is so dull without us!!!! um…what’s attachment??? could you explain that word to me, please??? all I know is that we can be friends, you know??? and I’ll choose the terms, okay?? haha let’s be intellectual that’s pretty cool there’s no attachment there I know that and um sorry but eW FEELINGS lol not in a rELATIONSHIP if you want to bring that stuff up I’m not right for you I guess :/ find someone more boring

Pisces Venus: looooooooooveeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! uh, sorry, what were you saying? oh, I’m just projecting all of my ideals onto you. no, it’s a compliment!!!!!! I accept all of your flaws!!!!!! aw let’s be romantic that’s so cuuuute <3 and yeah I’ll forgive you, it’s okay!!!! but sorry um I like you and all but it’s hard for me to commit sometimes because I see all of the possibilities!!! um, who am I??? I guess it doesn’t matter!!!! let’s live in a world of rainbows and unicorns together!!!!! but I mean it’s not really nice if you take advantage of me :((((


The people who worked for Trump’s labor secretary pick are in the streets opposing him

  • In 24 cities on Monday, fast food workers took to the streets, hung banners from the tops of buildings and even shut down a corporate office in St. Louis. 
  • They had one simple goal: to stop Trump from making fast food CEO Andrew Puzder the top government official for protecting workers’ rights.
  • Puzder serves as the CEO of CKE Restaurants, the umbrella company that owns Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. burger chains.
  • Less than a month ago, cooks and cashiers filed 33 legal complaints against CKE. One complaint says that the company surveilled employees and sent out intimidating memos warning them not to speak to the press. 
  • One woman fought off advances from a manager who, after he was rejected, allegedly told her, “If you don’t start giving me what I want, I’m going to have to start taking it from you.” Read more (2/13/17 8:12 PM)

dm: for your efforts, you are awarded 50 gold pieces each

wizard: Can I roll an investigation check?

dm: for what?

W: i want to check if this province is on the gold standard

dm: …sure

Wizard proceeds to roll a 20

dm: Upon further investigation, you find out that this province is indeed on the gold standard. Your party walks away feeling much richer.

Fast forward an hour, and our party has just completed a dungeon and are now in the loot room:

DM: In the loot room, your party comes across 200 gold pieces, an enchanted shield with magic resistance, and a couple pieces of jewelry. There is also a box.

Wiz: i’m going to roll an investigation check on the box

Wizard proceeds to roll a 20 again

DM: You pry open the box and find a chest inside. Upon opening the box, you find an additional 200 gold pieces, and a dusty old book with indecipherable text on the cover. Would you like to investigate it?

The wizard rolls an investigation check and lands on a 1

DM: You pry open the book to the first page, and immediately the book turns into acid. The acid covers the gold pieces and melts all 200 of them. You have no additional gold, your hands are severly burnt, and you feel sad.

Wizard, literally lying on the floor in a fetal like position, mock sobbing: Gold standard…. gold standard… gold standard!!!

The wizard proceeded to lay on the floor for an additional minute, saying gold standard over and over again


…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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the week is going so fast… there were four hours of architecture on Monday, but it was so interesting, now i want more. I’ve never thought that i can like it so much. But sitting and listening without opportunity to move is pretty hard. As you know, we have to do breaks every ~40 minutes to stay concentrated.

I’ve ordered some books about architecture and now i can’t wait to take them from the book store! oh Saturday please come~`