if you want to change what i said you can change lol

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the best thing ever would be the writers realizing what kind of bullshit mistake they have done by making srydia canon (canon = disgusting 'kiss' & one scene in the corridor lol) & fix it, tbh I'd even be happy with jydia, especially when there's a possibility of Colton coming back & will wallace said Jackson's changed a lot, but tbh anything would be better that srydia

They won’t, because they know it already but they won’t admit they fucked up. I think they made Srydia in such shitty way to say to the shippers: hey, we gave you want you wanted, right? So be happy and fuck off :)))) My conspiracy theory says that Teen Wolf writers and Jeff (minus Angela…) hate Srydia, but fanatics wanted it, so they did it… and fucked everything. They simply wanted to fuck up.

Well, I believe everyone can change, so why not Jydia. Still a 100 times better love story than Srydia.