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For those complaining about Soulstorm...

If you wanted Abe’s Exoddus, play Abe’s Exoddus. This is Soulstorm. It’s a new, DIFFERENT game.

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Can you guys do any scenarios or hc or somethin where Saeran gets a happy ending in Vs route? I havent personally started but ive heard that poor Saeran doesnt reslly get a great ending either way :c


Yoooo this ask spoke TO MY SOUL. I was in literal tears several times during V’s route because I literally just wanted Saeran to be happy. Like he fucking deserves it but he gets fucked over in almost every single route I’ve ever seen. If we don’t get a Saeran route where we can get him treatment and he becomes stable I’m suing Cheritz. 

So here’s my idea of a Saeran route:

  • MC realizes that Saeran is being used by Rika and decides:
  • Hey. I’m going to take this boy with me!!!!
  • Instead of leaving him behind, MC takes Saeran with them
  • They speak to Saeran in a soft voice, telling him that he needs treatment
  • And that they’ll visit him every single day while he’s there
  • The entire RFA supports this idea, realizing that Saeran did shitty things under the influence of literal drugs that Rika gave him and severe mental illness
  • (Mental illness does not excuse bad behavior, but combined with drugs and a manipulative person, it can be understood a little bit more)
  • V comes clean about everything regarding Saeran to Seven
  • Things are very chilly between Seven and V for a while, but V understands why
  • With support from MC, who is one of the only people Saeran trusts, he goes to treatment
  • It is very scary at first for him, especially when the drugs start to wear off and he’s going through withdrawls
  • But after the drugs leave his system and they begin to wean him off them, he begins an intensive treatment combined with therapy and medication
  • As MC promised, they are ALWAYS there for him, visiting as often as they and sneaking him in ice cream
  • Bringing him flowers for his hospital room
  • Introducing him to video games on an old Nintendo DS (courtesy of Yoosung)
  • Eventually, Saeran asks if Seven can come visit
  • MC brings Seven along with them one day and it’s very awkward and hesitant at first
  • But Seven gives Saeran a calendar with kittens on it, saying that he doesn’t want Saeran to lose track of the days and oddly enough, it’s comforting for Saeran
  • He even writes down the days MC and Seven will visit, getting excited as the days come closer
  • After trial and error, his medication starts working, and he becomes more stable in his mental health
  • He apologizes to all of the RFA and actually breaks down crying (MC holds him close during this, letting him cry onto their shoulder while Seven grips Saeran’s shoulder, tears in his own eyes)
  • The entire time Saeran is in treatment, MC is a rock for him
  • Someone to rely on; someone that he knows won’t leave him
  • They assure him time and time again that they aren’t going to leave, that they’ll be there for him, and they will never use or abuse him
  • And Saeran…believes them
  • After months of treatment, Saeran is cleared to leave, but it’s so daunting
  • He doesn’t know how he can go into society when before, he was part of a fucked up cult
  • He doesn’t know what to do, and the panic almost overwhelms him
  • But then MC is there, giving him a smile and he realizes that he can do it
  • He went through treatment and he’s getting better every day
  • He can do it. He can do anything if MC is with him.

Two years later, Saeran is happy and recovering. There are bad days, as there always are in recovery, but they are much fewer than they used to be. For the most part, he is stable and happy and he is surrounded by his friends and family. 

~Admin MP

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i came out to my parents tonight and it went really badly. they want me out the house. i have no money and no car bc they own the one i drive and my job situation is bad rn and i can't afford to get out. but i can't try to stay and make them happy if they hate who i am. what do i do?

Get in touch with your local LGBT community center!!!!!!!!! They’ll give you resources and connections to get safe, in the mean time, talk to school guidance counselors, and find a friend to stay with until you have other stuff figured out. If worse comes to worse you can contact social services but I’d save them for last because they are. very not fun

Pros/Cons of Dating your Sim

I was tagged by @josiesimblr for Storm Holms. This was really fun!


He likes to protect people he cares about, which means he’ll be very loyal to you. This is also one of his weaknesses as he thought protecting Hazel meant letting her go. But now that he’s back in her life, he can’t imagine ever letting go again.

It’s important to him that the person he’s dating sees how truly special and unique they are. He pushes them to reach their goals and do things they never imagined for themselves. 

He’s a cuddle bug homebody and would be happy spending the whole weekend in bed.


He’s not a very good person to vent to. If you come to him with a problem or a complaint, he’s going to try to help you fix it. But in reality, you just want him to have a sympathetic ear and say “that sucks”. He doesn’t really see the point of complaining if you aren’t going to try to remedy it.

He’s too much of a “helper”. If you’re driving, he’ll tell you a faster route, if you’re cooking, he’ll tell you a more efficient way to hold the knife, if you’re cleaning, he’ll tell you a better detergent to use. Sometimes you just have to chill and let people do things their way.

I tag @quiddity-jones for Jason, @tinwhistletoo for Zero (since we don’t know much about him), @thefoxandhersimblr for Vi, @simmamonwaffles for Rory, @mysimblruniverse for Sam, and @bottsbotts for Ezra

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Us and UF bros along w/ Nabstablook's SO loving heavy metal and getting them both tickets to a concert?

I freaking love metal music! ~Mod Feral

US Sans

He’s… not really a fan of the style of music. Nor is he excited to go to this live performance. But, the excitement in your eyes, the happiness in your voice, your obvious want to go to this with him, it’s clear that it would mean the world to you if it all played out like that. He’ll go, just for you. And he’ll endure the music for the time being.

US Papyrus

He’s not really one for crowds, and, just like Blueberry, he doesn’t really enjoy that style of music all that much. But, the way he sees it, if he gets uncomfortable enough, he can teleport away to somewhere comfortable. He’ll tell you his plan, though, so don’t get surprised or anything when he does.

US Napstablook

They’re beyond glad you invited them to something having to do with music, even if it’s a genre he can’t seem to get into that much. But at the same time, are you sure? Are you sure you want to bring them to something like that? If they get bugged too much by any of the music they’re likely to hijack it. Be aware.

UF Sans

Yeah, depends on where the seats are. He doesn’t want to be where it’s overly active, he’s not exactly the best with crowds, either. He’s going to say yes if it’s a place where he’ll be safe though because hell yes he wants to go to a concert of that music!

UF Papyrus

Not only will he agree and insist on you guys showing up early, he’ll also manage to force his way to the front. He loves this music, and won’t let anyone get in the way between him and the stage once the band is on.

UF Napstablook

They don’t like crowds. At all. But it’s hard for them to say no to you, and to say no to the music you’re offering the two of you to see. They may say yes, and they’re likely to sing along if they show, but don’t count on any answer.

your happiness is a painting I never want to finish

have you noticed
nighttime tastes like
dried blood of sunshine?
you can drink grass
after the rain with fallen
stars as ice cubes
I ghostwrite for flowers
who steal stories from trees
who steal stories from me

if I catch the moon
in the right light
it’s a gloss polaroid of you
on the days rain doesn’t come
I make sliced apple sandwiches
using butterflies for cheese
an owl gave me a new pen
told me I could write my own dreams
I stay up all night because I can’t sleep

when I put my earbuds in
squirrels run a laser show
of violet, crimson, and your smile
I can’t tell what the others are
I’ll never forget the saturation
of your laugh or the hue
of your dimples

maybe that’s why I can’t sleep
even with the brightness
set to low

you are all I see

“Happily Ever After” by He is We is SUCH a Plance song!!!

Inhale, breathe steady, exhale, like you’re ready, if you’re ready or not
Just a boy and a girl trying to take on the world, and we want to get caught
In the middle of a very happy ending, let’s see what we’ve got, let’s give it a shot
Let’s give it a shot

We all want to know, how it ends

Oh, happily ever after, wouldn’t you know, wouldn’t you know
Oh, skip to the ending, who’d like to know, I’d like to know
Author of the moment, can you tell me, do I end up, do I end up happy?

We all have a story to tell
Whether we whisper or yell
We all have a story, of adolescence and all its glory
We all have a story to tell

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Hi(: Do you have any advice on how to not feel sad/depressed? it's always been a constant thing for me and TW/Stydia was my coping mechanism and made me so happy and excited for upcoming weeks, but now that's over and I can feel so much sadness creeping up on me again. Sorry if this makes you sad.

It’s okay baby, here some stuff that my friend sent me that probably will help 

(this was originally from twitter, I forgot the link)

I really hope this helps and I am here for you if you want someone to talk and listen to you. 

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When they tell him he doesn’t have to fight, that he can put down his claws and stop growling, he tries to kill them. Because fighting is all Reaver Kison has ever known. He has been born in hell and fought like hell for the right to breathe. 

“Now you can have everything you want!” They say. They say it with dangerous, kind, soft smiles, and everything in him scoffs and pushes back against that. Life like that isn’t meant for beings like him. He is a monster. He is perfectly all right with that. He has succumbed to the reality of his monstrosity long ago. It has ceased to bother him. 

Their lies are what bother him. Their kindness bothers him. He falls back on what he has always done: Fight. Flee. Scream, kick, punch, and don’t stop until you’ve found a dark, lonely corner. This is what he knows. 


Still, it would be very nice to live in a clean, comfortable room. Not having to fight for his food, for blankets and clothes, for the right to simply live…That would be so, wonderfully, impossibly nice. 

But they will not tame him. He promises himself that as he takes their soft clothes and their warm food and lets them speak their promising words. He will remain what he is forever. And so, he remains a monster. He snaps at people and he refuses to say thanks and he hurts whoever tries to take something he wants. Because that’s what monsters do. 

Eventually, he sees something that makes his blood boil. Truly boil. He sees something that brings up all the old anger and fear and fight in him. It pulls it out of him drop by drop until he destroys it completely. 

As he stands in the ashes of his own monstrosity, they call for him again. His ‘family.’ Offering the same old kindness and love. Thanking him for protecting them. He stares at them, confused. He was just protecting himself from something evil. He lets them coax him home and keep him safe, confusion mellowing his anger and violence. 

In the back of his mind, a seed of doubt begins to grow. 

What if he can be safe? 

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I am requesting advice from an Adult™. I am at that age where all my friends are getting married, buying houses, and thinking of kids. Recently a friend's husband has been trying to set me up w people despite my continuing insistence that I am not interested. I'm pretty sure I'm asexual but that's not something I'm comfortable talking about to ANYONE let alone my v conservative, religious friends. Is there a good way to make it abundantly clear I have 0 interest in dating w/o outing myself?

Oh, that’s such a tough one, Anon.

I mean, understand that your friends want to see you happy, and they (mistakenly) think that what makes them happy (or something very similar) will also make you happy. They’re wrong, obviously, but sometimes it helps if you try to remind yourself that it’s coming from a place of love.

And if you’re definitely not comfortable with outing yourself, then there’s not a ton you can do, I’m afraid. I don’t know what kind of relationship you have with your friend or their husband. If it’s sufficiently close, you can try sitting them down – and have the friend present for this, as well – and say, “I know you just want to see me happy, but the pressure to date makes me feel uncomfortable, like I’m not good enough on my own. I’m happy to meet people to be friends with, but I’m really not in the right mental space for dating right now. I promise I will let you know if/when I get there, but in the meantime, can you please lay off?”

If you don’t think your friend and their husband will listen to this, you may need to decide if you can put up with the continued behavior or if you and your friend need to take a break (or at least only meet up away from the husband).

I’m sorry you’re in this situation, Anon! It’s a really rough spot to be in, I know. I hope you’re able to talk to them and that they’ll understand!

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Boy, Girl, bb, demi, trans idc what your gender is everyone is beautiful, even you Pete. Heck you maybe more beautiful then most people I know inside and out. I just want you to be happy about who you are and no one can change who you are. ~Violet

Awww Violet thank you so much, this means a lot

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Hey! I wanted to ask and scenario in which Mirio finally kisses his female crush, who is very shy, but instead of getting angry, she is happy he did it? There are just a few writers who knows Mirio that also write so good as you do, darling. I can't wait to read it, but remember, write it only if you feel like doing it! (Also, are you open for NSFW requests?) Bye bye!!! 😘😘

I don’t do NSFW requests, sorry! (Also I’m glad you enjoy my writing! <3)

Mirio watched from his desk at his crush. She sat across the room from him, having a rather quiet conversation with Amajiki about butterflies or something, Mirio couldn’t hear what they were talking about. A lightbulb went off over his head as he scrambled for a piece of paper and his pencil.

“Oh man, I really hope this works!” he thought as he frantically wrote a note down on a piece of notepad paper. He quickly crumpled it up and tossed it on top of his crush’s desk, unintention interrupting her conversation with his best friend.

“M-Mirio?” She asked, turning to look at him. “I-is there something wrong?”

“NOPE NOTHING’S WRONG.” Mirio accidentally blurted out louder than he wanted to. “That’s for you, by the way.” He ran his fingers through his hair nervously trying to play it off. Was this how Tamaki felt all the time?

“T-thank you?” ___ responded, opening up the paper. As she did so the lunch bell rang and Mirio sprinted as fast as he could to the cafeteria. He couldn’t be around when she read the letter. He didn’t think he could handle the pressure.


____ blinked as Mirio sprinted away. She turned back to Amajiki who was also watching his best friend. They both shrugged.

“Wh-what does it say, ____?” Amajiki asked, twiddling his thumbs.

“Meet me on the roof after you eat lunch. Signed, Mirio,” ____ read aloud. “What could he want?”

“I-I don’t k-know… maybe you should go?” Amajiki suggested.

“I guess I will… I wonder what this is about…” ____ mumbled.


____ ate her lunch as fast as she allowed herself before slipping out of the bustling cafeteria to meet Mirio on the roof. He stood against the fence when she got there, staring out over the campus grounds below.

“Y-You wanted to meet me?” She asked, catching the blonde’s attention.

“Oh! You’re here earlier than I thought.” Mirio smiled. ____ started to panic.

“OH I’M SORRY I COULD GO BACK UNTIL YOU’RE READY I’M SORRY! I-” ___ shouted until Mirio moved towards her. Her eyes widened as she felt Mirio’s lips on hers, lightly and gently pressed against them. After a second that seemed like eternity, Mirio pulled back, red in the face. 

“I wanted to give you that. I apologize if you didn’t like it.” Mirio mumbled, uncharacteristically sheepish. He scratched the back of his neck.

“It’s okay. I actually liked it.” ____ whispered. She gently captured his lips in hers, and in that moment, neither of them could be happier.

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Yandere America head cannons if you can? Thank you!



• He falls into the category of either a stalker type or an obsessive type, even a little both.

• Add that with his hero complex and we have a messy situation.

• He just wants you to be safe and happy, even if that means isolating you in his basement.

• Yeah, don’t reject him he’s more than likely to kill you… if he can’t have you then no one can!

• Once he sees you he sets out to find out everything he can about you.

• It will be a little creepy at first when he starts to imitate your schedule, fixing it to where you both run into each other every day, but not enough to alert. He’s smart like that.

• Once he finally gets a hold of you be prepared for a lot of cuddling and him trying to butter you up with junk food and old movies. Seriously move on from the whole kidnapping thing can’t you see he even got 16 Candles for you two to cuddle to?!

• Punishments hurt him more than they do you. He can’t hurt you, he can but doesn’t want to, so isolation in a dark room is what he settles on. Alas, the thought of you locked up in a dark, scary room all alone without your protector scares him more than you so the punishments never last longer than a day or two.

• You can’t leave, you won’t leave. He is always with you, no matter where you go, so don’t even think of hitting that front door.

• Cuddles are a must with this boy to keep him satisfied, something about curling up with you while he plays video games is so soothing to him.

Henlo!! Recently this blog has hit over 100 followers and I just wanted to thank everyone! I know questions have been slow, and I apologize. My job has been very demanding, and I’ve been getting used to the new schedule they have me on, but I’ve just about adjusted so hopefully I can speed things up!

I’m thinking of doing a livestream this Saturday night. Basically knocking out questions and possibly taking sketch requests. Would anyone be interested in streams from me??

Anyway, thank you all so much. I am very happy, you have all blessed me UvU


Kelly’s POV

I look to my lap and twiddle my fingers together. “Listening to you talk about your parents makes me feel bad for thinking ill of mine even a little. They don’t judge me at all. They’re so supportive of my feelings.”

Leaning closer, Sebastian grabbed my chin and made me look at him. “Don’t feel bad for feeling upset. Kelly, you can’t make everyone happy all the time. You’ll be miserable if you try to. You can be selfish every once and a while.”

I shook my head. “I-”

“Don’t argue with me,” he said, leaning even closer, our lips only inches away from meeting. “I’m not a good example to go by because I always take what I want, but for right now, take a page out of my book and do the same.”

I sighed softly, my heart beating gently against my chest. “I just want you to kiss me. How does that sound?”

“Okay.” He leaned in and sealed my lips with his. I pressed a hand to his chest and for only a moment, the world didn’t matter. Maybe he’s right. Maybe I should let myself have what I want every once and a while. I know I don’t want to lose Sebastian, but I don’t want to be just his friend. There has to be a compromise my parents will take. They have to understand that I really want more than that. Sebastian understood that.

At some point we were in his truck again, kissing and embracing in the driver’s seat. I think I could get use to letting myself have what I want.



Tfw you procrastinate so hard that you end up making a bunch of bisexual Wonder Woman icons for no reason other than that.
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