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Heyo,, I would private message you but since you aren't following me I can't rip but @ totally_worth_it_15 on instagram posted your tomatoredd drawing ((from december)) on their account and I just wanted to tell you bc they didn't credit you and the way that they put the caption made it seem like it was theirs,, I've been noticing they've been doing it with other artists so it's really hard to tell which drawings are theirs,, anyways I just wanted to let you know my bud


There’s alots accounts didn’t credit/wrong artist/dk the artist 

If saw them please reported, and it was taken down. 

*ask permission before sharing, or don’t post*

Thank you for telling me :D


She’ll probably want me to take these down tomorrow, but I just wanna take a moment to put this into the world. I appreciate this girl more than anything in my life right now. She’s taken the time to understand me more than anyone else has, and I try to do the same for her. Tomorrow could be a big day for her, so I want to wish her the absolute best of luck!

Go on out and slay, baby! Your charisma, drive, and intelligence will take you anywhere you wanna be. I love you with all of my lil queer heart ❤

Don’t Say Anything (part 7)

Summary: You finally decide to tell Bucky that you’ve been in love with him since the day you met but what happens when you walk in on him with a girl? And not just any girl; Natasha.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Pietro being a little shit, Bucky being annoying

A/N: You guys wanted Bucky’s pov so I’m giving you Bucky’s pov. I hope you like it :) Have any of you watched Rupaul’s Drag Race? What do you think about season 9? Who’s your fav so far? I like Shea Coulee, Nina Bo’nina Brown, Aja, Peppermint but my number 1 is definitely Farrah Moan. I don’t really like Trinity Taylor so far though.

“Movie night!” Tony’s voice rang throughout the building. “I have taken the liberty of choosing a movie already.”

Everyone filed into the living room, sitting down where open spots were. Nat and Bucky sat next to each other on the couch opposite of you while Pietro plopped down beside you, wrapping his arm behind you on the sofa.

“What movie is it?” Steve questioned.

“A little something I like to call ‘How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days’.” Tony smiled as he clicked play on the movie. Everyone groaned.

“We watched this last week.” Wanda spoke.

“And we’re watching it this week as well.”

“Someone else needs to pick a movie for movie night. It can’t always be you, Tony.” Nat laughed, curling up next to Bucky.

Tony rolls his eyes and takes a seat next to Steve, opting not to respond to the red head. 20 minutes into the movie, Natasha scoots towards Bucky. He lifts his arm, allowing Nat to cuddle up to him even more. He wraps his arm around her, pulling her ever so close to him. Bucky kisses Nat’s temple all while looking directly at you.

The super soldier felt his heart break when he saw a flash of hurt in your eyes.

Is she okay? Why does she look so sad? Was it Pietro? If he did anything to Y/N..

He was pulled from his thoughts when Pietro placed a pillow on Y/N’s lap and laid down. Her hands instantly go to his hair, fingers threading the blonde locks. Bucky felt his body tense up at the sight. He remembers when you would run your fingers through his hair after he had a nightmare or even when you two were just hanging out.

“I love when you run your fingers through my hair, my love.” Pietro sighed happily, loud enough for Bucky to hear. He gripped the couch when he heard you giggle.

Bucky doesn’t know why he was feeling this way. He had Nat. There’s no way he liked you.. Right? No. Absolutely not. You were just his friend. Natasha was the whole package. He looked down at Nat who was under his arm and smiled. But his smiled faded all too fast when he looked back at you and Pietro, seeing him making you giggle even more.

Bucky rolled his eyes. “Some of us are trying to watch a movie.” he glared directly at Pietro.

The two of you look over at him and Pietro smirked. “Then watch it.”

“I can’t when you keep making Y/N laugh.” the brunette snapped.

“Hearing Y/N laugh is a problem? I think her laugh is music to my ears.” he smiled, knowing how angry he was making Bucky.

“Do that some other time.” Bucky was trying to keep his cool and trying not to cause a scene but judging by how everyone was looking at him, it was clear that he had made a scene.

“When you love someone-”

“Oh shut up!” Bucky cut Pietro off. The blonde opened his mouth to say something back until you slapped your hand over his mouth to shut him up.

“Stop it.” you mutter. “C’mon, Piet. Let’s go to sleep.”

You nudge him with your knee and he stands up, offering his hand to you which you gladly take. Bucky watches as you leave the room and his mouth opens and closes. He wanted to tell you to stay, to come sit next to him, but he didn’t.

When he heard your door shut, he leaned back into the couch, closed his eyes and let out a long, frustrated sigh.

He spent the next day lying in bed with Nat. It was a lazy day for the team. It was good to get some down time.

“Bucky.” Nat said softly as her fingers traced his arm.

“Hmm?” he hummed in response. All he’s been thinking about was you. He had no idea why. And now that Pietro was here, being all clingy and shit, it wasn’t helping.

“Is something wrong?”

He gives her a confused look. “Why would there be something wrong?”

Nat shrugged. “You’ve just been acting a bit weird ever since Y/N found out about us.”

“I was just scared that she’d tell everyone.” he murmured.

“We told everyone we were dating a couple of days ago, Bucky and you’re still being weird. Like, what was that last night?” the red head moved to sit up. Bucky copied her actions.

“What was what?” he knew what she was talking about but played dumb.

“You going off on Pietro. He didn’t even do anything.” she replied.

“He was making Y/N laugh.”

“So? Steve’s laughed during a movie and you’ve never gave him shit for it.”

“It was disrupting the movie, Nat. The movie that I was trying to watch.” he tried his best not to roll his eyes because if he did, she’d murder him.

“Wanda and Tony have disrupted plenty of movies - I have too and not once have you said anything. Something’s wrong. I know you don’t really like Pietro but you usually ignore him.” she says and she’s right. Bucky would usually ignore Pietro whenever he was over. So why was last night any different?

Bucky sighed. “I don’t know what you want me to say, Natasha. I just got irritated, alright?”

“Is this because him and Y/N are a thing now? Are you mad that she might be replacing you with him?” Nat questioned and Bucky gave her a look.

“What do you mean by ‘thing’? They’re not together. There’s no way in hell that they’re together.” his voice raised as he spoke. Y/N would never date Pietro. He knew she wouldn’t.

“I wouldn’t doubt it.” she shrugged. “They make a cute couple.”

Bucky’s jaw tenses. “No they don’t.”

Natasha knits her eyebrows together. “What’s wrong with you, seriously? You can’t be happy for Y/N? She’s getting over that asshole she used to like.”

“Pietro is an asshole.”

Natasha rolled her eyes at the super soldier but before she could reply, the door opened, revealing Y/N and wow did she look beautiful.

She looks beautiful everyday, what am I thinking?

“Hey guys.” you say softly, eyes wandering between Bucky and Nat.

“Hey snooka.” Nat greeted. Y/N gives her a little smile before turning to Bucky.

“Sorry if I interrupted something but I was wondering if you still had those coupons for free milkshakes?” you tilt your head in the most adorable way and Bucky smiled.

“Yeah, I do. Why? You wanna go get some milkshakes?” he couldn’t hide the excitement in him. Just the thought of hanging out with Y/N for the day made him so happy. The last time you two had hung out together was the day at the zoo and that didn’t go so well. He still doesn’t know why you broke down crying.

“Umm.. I was gonna take Pietro with me. We don’t want to stay in the building all day.” you say, biting the inside of your cheek.

His eyes went dark and he clenched his hands. Getting milkshakes was a Y/N and Bucky thing, not a Y/N and Pietro thing.

“Uh, well here.” he digs around in his drawer before pulling out the coupons. Bucky stood up and walked around his bed to hand over the papers. “I can come if you want. We haven’t hung out together in a while.”

You bit your bottom lip. “No, it’s fine. You stay here with Nat, maybe some other time.” you take the coupons from his hand. “Thanks Bucky.”

He watches as you walk out of his room and over to the elevator where Pietro was waiting for you. The blonde makes eye contact with Bucky and smirked as he draped his arm around your shoulders before entering the elevator.

A/N: Here you gooooooo, tell me what ya think! :)



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Is It Okay?

Pairing/Characters: Bucky x Mixed Race!Reader, Steve, and Tony
Warnings: Angst, talk of 40’s culture and treatment towards POC, nothing much this is mostly fluff
Summary: Bucky’s mind is still in the 1940’s so when he sees a girl of colour who he likes, he’s frazzled on whether he should ask her out on a date or not. What would people think? He turns to Steve for advice.
Word Count: 1390


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Bucky’s medicine

(A/N): I loved this request so fucking much, I can only hope I did it justice

Request:Can you do one where the reader is Bucky’s own personal medicine and the only one that can calm him down. And HYDRA used her to keep him in line. And she is small and fragile but when Bucky is taken to the Stark Tower he wants her so the team has to go get her from the HYRDA base. And she doesn’t talk much and gets scared and only trust Bucky and he is protective over her.

Warnings: A bit of angst I guess? swearing, the usual

Tags: @mcuimxgine

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

   “Bring (Y/N) in,” Pierce muttered, pinching the bridge of his nose as the winter soldier had nearly taken down every guard within the near vicinity of him, all the others were cowering in the corners until he calmed down, which seemed to be fruitless considering he’d been rampaging for a good ten minutes now. 

   (Y/N) was the only thing that could calm the winter soldier down, turning him into a rage machine into a sweet, broken man in under two seconds. Hydra had realized that the winter soldier was going to need an anchor after everything he went through, even after all the brainwashing he was still unstable when mad and Hydra needed a backup plan for situations like this, when the winter soldier was inconsolable or uncontrollable. 

   (Y/N) had been taken from the streets of Brooklyn back in the 40′s, they too being frozen for long periods of time, only coming out when they were needed. They were starved, beaten, and used at Hydra’s pleasure and of course to calm Hydra’s own machine when needed. 

   (Y/N) was small and frail, underfed, and all together weaker than any other person on any Hydra base across the world but they’d been hardwired into the winter soldier’s brain as a comfort, something that would console him even at his most inconsolable times. A time like now, when the soldier was angry and in pain, murdering anyone that came within five feet of his clenched fists. 

   Not even a moment after Pierce’s orders two guards returned, their hands gripping painfully tight around (Y/N)’s already frail and small arms. However, they were so out of it from the Cyrofreeze that Pierce doubted they could even comprehend what was going on, the soldier on the other hand had just enough clarity to perk up at the sight of (Y/N) through the bars surrounding his cage. 

   “Throw ‘em in,” Pierce muttered quietly, turning away from the scene as the two guards did exactly that, throwing (Y/N) into the soldier’s quarters, not even caring when they landed sprawled out on the floor, groaning in pain. Guess they were coming to their senses.

   “(Y/N),” Is all the winter soldier murmured as he dropped to the floor, immediately helping (Y/N) up into a sitting position. He stared at their face earnestly, studying the dark lines under their eyes, the way their skin seemed to be stretched over their bones, giving them a rather skeleton like appearance. 

   “Hey Winter,” (Y/N) was never told the soldier’s real name for the fear that it would jog his memory causing him to panic even more, all (Y/N) was provided with was his code name The Winter soldier and to make it slightly less intimidating (Y/N) had merely shortened it down to Winter, an almost fond form to the fear inducing name. 

   “What did they do to you?” He asks softly, his tone much softer than it’d ever been before. He steals a glance upwards, seeing the way his trainers stared at him, their eyes full of disgust as though he were some animal. 

    “Nothin’ I don’t deserve,” (Y/N) gave him a small smile, albeit laced with exhaustion. The soldier looked back down to (Y/N), studying their very prominent chin and cheekbones. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that (Y/N) was starving, a thought that did break the soldier’s heart. 

   The winter soldier didn’t care for much in this world, he was just a machine, operating as his owners so pleased. He wasn’t allowed to care for anything, it got in the way of his job and that was absolutely against Hydra’s rules but they did allow him one simple pleasure in his god awful life- (Y/N). 

   For as long as he could remember, which wasn’t very long given he had a very terrible memory, (Y/N) had always been there for him, they were there after every mission, taking his beaten and most likely bloodied hands and staring up at him with the utmost fondness in their eyes, on that had diminished even now, even when they were starving to death. They weren’t scared of him, they didn’t want him to be some machine, they were simply there for whenever the soldier needed them and that’s more than he could ever ask for in this awful lifestyle. 

    “You’re hungry,” He states softly, one hand traveling down (Y/N)’s body to rest on their rather bony hips. Last time he’d held them there was most definitely more fat clinging to their body, now there was hardly any fat or muscle there, they were literally skin and bone. 

   “I don’t ask for what I won’t receive,” (Y/N) merely states, shivering against the chill of rather freezing Hydra base. It didn’t help that (Y/N) was severely underweight and their base was underground, only making them that much colder. Without a word the soldier pulls (Y/N) into a hug, keeping their frail and small body against his. He could hear some of the guards murmuring about the affection but he payed them no mind, to busy in trying to warm (Y/N) up. 

   “You get five more minutes (Y/N),” Pierce mutters, obviously very displeased with what was happening between the two but if it helped calm the soldier down then so be it. The soldier only holds (Y/N) closer and he’d be damned if he let anyone of those bastards hurt them again. They were too sweet for this, too kind and too pure to be treated this way. 

    Five minutes passed in a flash, the doors to the soldier’s cage opening as the same guards stepped inside, guns at their sides as they reached out to grab at (Y/N)’s forearms, tearing them away from his warm chest. The soldier wanted to cry out, beg for them to let him keep (Y/N) just awhile longer, but both and (Y/N) knew that any protests would result in both of them receiving a severe beating. So instead the soldier had to watch (Y/N) leave, the guards handling them much too roughly for his liking. And with that his cage was locked again and the guards still alive grabbed him and chained him to his chair, preparing to start the brainwashing process all over again. 

    “There had to be some way Hydra kept him in check,” Tony muttered as he pointed to Bucky who at the moment was looking like a kicked puppy. Somehow on the mission Hydra had interfered, someone stating the trigger words and Bucky was falling into the pit of winter soldier all over again. 

   “Tony it was a one time thing, I’m sure it’s not gonna-” 

   “They did,” Bucky’s voice is hoarse, most likely from the tears and hatred bubbling in his throat. Both men turn to look at him with looks of mild shock upon their face, perhaps mixed with a bit of fear for what he was going to say. “Their name was (Y/N),” 

   Bucky had explained who exactly (Y/N) was, what they meant to him, what they did for him…

   “So they were kinda your own personal medicine?” Steve asks meekly, his tone soft and quiet. Bucky nods, staring down at his metal hand, remembering the way (Y/N) had held it so tenderly, even when the metal plates had been stained with blood. 

   “Why don’t we go get them then?” Tony asks blatantly, “It shouldn’t be too hard to track them down now that Shield’s security it tighter, right?” Bucky shakes his head, sighing shakily as he does. 

   “They were only kept around to keep me in check, with me no longer there I bet they were killed ages ago,” Both Steve and Tony share a look, a sad sympathetic look for their friend. 

   “Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t at least try to find them,” Steve suggests softly, giving Bucky a small albeit hopeful smile. 

   “I can start running logistics now,” Tony smiles, already pulling up some technically little piece of equipment, quickly typing in some search or something like that. 

   “You guys-” Bucky begins, only to have Steve cut him off a moment later. 

   “We’re finding them for you Bucky, whether they’re dead or alive it doesn’t matter to us,” Bucky can’t help the small smile the overtakes his features at Steve’s words, his lips curling upwards in the sweetest way. Now god help them that they really could find (Y/N), and alive too.

   “So the sub levels is where the freezing chambers are?” Steve asks as he straps on his helmet, staring at Bucky earnestly. Bucky nods as he reaches for his preferred gun, shifting it around in his hands before placing it at his side. 

   “Yeah, most likely one of the very last halls, it’s most likely really old, run down, dirty,” Steve nods as he grabs his shield, locking it onto his back. 

   “I promise Buck,” Steve clasps his shoulder gently. “We’re gonna get ‘em back,” Bucky smiles, trying to hide how nervous he really was. He didn’t know if he could stomach the thought of (Y/N) being dead, after all they went through he simply couldn’t stand the thought. 

   “Yeah,” He sighs, nodding, “I hope,” 

    Bucky charged down the halls, completely avoiding the bullets reigning from every Hydra agents gun in the near vicinity, some far place down the hall he could hear some man screaming his words after him but he wasn’t going to let them affect him, not now at least, not when he was so close to where (Y/N) once used to be. He ran faster than his legs could have ever carried him, leading him to smack right into a wall as he turns a corner. 

   There it was, a bold steel door in front of him, just begging to be opened. Without skipping a beat he ripped the door open, his eyes already scanning the room for some Cyrofreeze machine. What his eyes landed on was a tall, cylindrical container, much like his own, with many wires attached to it. Since every other winter soldier was dead there was only a few possibilities here; one, Hydra created another serum to perfect another soldier, it was a trap, or it was (Y/N). Without a second of hesitation Bucky punched the glass of the container, listening to the somewhat satisfying hiss of air that followed. 

   “Oh god,” He muttered as he tore at the glass, only stopping when an all too familiar face was revealed, the air around them having finally dissipated. They were much more sickly looking than the last time he saw them which was saying something considering just how sick (Y/N) had looked the last time he saw them. They had almost no muscle to their face, their entire frame just skin and bone, quite literally now. 

   After gawking at (Y/N) for a bit he reached for their air mask, ripping it from their face rather quickly. Then he got to town on all the other wires and tubes hanging from their body. 

   “Bucky!” Steve called from somewhere down the hall, his tone rather frantic as he did. 

   “Shit,” Bucky muttered, attempting to hurry up his process of ripping things away from (Y/N). 

  “Bucky, come on buddy we gotta get outta-” But Steve’s voice stops at the doorway, his eyes taking in (Y/N)’s form as they slump against Bucky after having finally been relieved of all their wires and tubes. 

   “I know,” Bucky murmured, quickly hoisting them up as though they weighed nothing and in a way they did. They literally weighed nothing in his arms, they were so frail and small that he was scared of breaking them but he sure as hell wasn’t going to let anyone else care for them. “Hydra’s starved them since the day they got here, I’m lucky they survived this long,” Steve nods, only staring for a moment or two before he slips back into his Captain persona. 

   “Bucky Hydra’s all over the place, we gotta get out of here and quick,” Bucky nods, holding (Y/N) to his body in an all too protective manner. 

   “Got it,” 

    Bucky remained by (Y/N)’s side the entire flight back, refusing to even budge when Sam said he needed help stitching up his back. There was no way he was letting (Y/N) wake up to an unfamiliar place, without one familiar face around. 

   “Buck-” Steve sighed as he slumped on the floor of the quinjet, exhausted from the day’s impromptu mission. “You need sleep, I’m sure (Y/N) will be just fine if you’re asleep and-” 

   “No,” Bucky growled, holding (Y/N) to his chest a bit tighter. ‘I’m not going to sleep until they wake up and eat,” 

   “But Bucky-” 

   “Don’t try to argue Steve,” Bucky glares at him, trying to tell his friend to back off in a somewhat nice manner. Steve sighed, shrugging his shoulders lightly. 

   “Fine, I can’t make you do anything, but don’t come crying to me when you’re exhausted from lack of sleep,” Bucky gave Steve one last glare before directing his attention back to (Y/N), whose sickly body was still trying to shake off the Cyrofreeze. Bucky could only hope that the damage done to their body wasn’t permanent…

    Bucky waited hours for (Y/N) to wake up but as dawn was nearing and they haven’t as so much stirred he began to grow concerned. 

  “Fuck,” He all but whimpered as he shifted in his spot once again, his ass nearly numb from sitting so long. “God (Y/N), please wake up,” Beside him Steve and Sam slept soundly, the steady rise and fall of their chests only soothing Bucky’s nerves somewhat. 

   “Winter?” The voice was so broken and so quiet Bucky wouldn’t have heard it if he wasn’t on such high alert. With wide eyes and parted lips he redirected his attention back to the body settled against him. “Winter is that you?” 

   “Oh my god,” Bucky sighed in relief, burying his nose in (Y/N)’s still freezing hair. “Oh my god (Y/N), you’re alive,” 

   “Where are-” (Y/N) licked their lips slowly, the movement slow and methodical. Bucky couldn’t help but notice just how dry (Y/N)’s lips and tongue were, guess they had been deprived of water too. “Where are we?” 

   “We got out,” Bucky nearly squeaks, his emotions getting the better of him. “I got us out of there (Y/N),” Despite (Y/N)’s very prominent exhaustion they smile, their lips curling upwards slowly and lazily. 

   “We’re free?” 

   “We’re free.” Bucky states, nodding against (Y/N). 

   “Do you- do you have any water?” (Y/N) asks meekly, as though they were scared of asking. Immediately Bucky nods, having prepared for this moment, He reached with one hand to grab the water bottle behind him, quickly popping the top off and guiding it to (Y/N)’s lips. 

   “Tell me when to stop,” Bucky whispered, slowly pouring bits of water into (Y/N)’s mouth. For having been starved and dehydrated for years they were taking the water well, downing at least half a bottle before raising their weak hand to Bucky’s, grasping it to tell him to stop. “I’ve got some food for you too,” He adds, his voice in softer now than it was before. “Think you can eat?” (Y/N) nods their head, some form of noise falling from their lips. 

   Bucky smiles gently as he grabs the protein bar Sam had packed, surely he wouldn’t mind if he shared with (Y/N)? Even if he did care Bucky didn’t and (Y/N) desperately needed food. They ate at least half of that before they stopped, telling Bucky that their stomach hurt and for good reason too. Decades without food had to do something to (Y/N)’s stomach, probably shrink it a good few sizes and Bucky was amazed that (Y/N) was able to eat and drink that much. 

   “Who’s that?” (Y/N)’s voice sounds scared as they point to Steve on the left side of his body. 

   “That’s Steve Rogers, he’s an old friend of mine,” 

   “What about him?” (Y/N) points to Sam on his right, their finger trembling softly. 

   “That’s Sam, he’s a friend too,” 

   “Can I trust them?” 

   “With your life,” Bucky nods, reaching out to hold (Y/N)’s shaking hand. To this day Bucky couldn’t believe the way (Y/N)’s hand felt in his, absolutely perfect, like two pieces of a puzzle. 

   “Thank you winter,” (Y/N) mutters, closing their eyes as their exhaustion overtakes their small body once again. 

   “My name’s Bucky,” Bucky whispers as he presses a kiss to the top of (Y/N)’s hair, allowing his lips to linger there before he pulled them away. “But you can keep calling me Winter,” 

Searching For Jane

Reid x Reader

“Glee, again?”

Your boyfriend flopped down onto the couch next to you, resting his head on your chest. You automatically wrapped your arm around him, threading your fingers into his hair.

“Yep. It’s the final series. You know, if you actually sat down and watched it, you’d probably enjoy it.”

“Erm… I’ve tried that line with you and Dr Who and what do you you always tell me?”

You laughed, snuggling down into the couch as Spencer snaked his arm around your waist.

“Alright point taken. If you’re staying and watching though, I don’t want any derogatory remarks okay.”

“Okay fine.”

Thirty minutes into the episode and he pulled up from his resting position on your chest and looked at you.

“Okay it’s bugging me. Who is she? She seems so very familiar but I can’t for the life of me think where I know her from?”

“Who exactly?” he could easily be referring to any member of the female cast.

“The older woman with the short blonde hair… Sue? I think they called her.”

“Oohhhh, Jane Lynch. Erm.. I can’t think of anything you’d have seen her in. She’s been in plenty of things though.”

“But I DO know her. Her face and voice, I’ve definitely seen and heard them before. What else has she been in?”

He looked so perplexed so you reached for your phone and pulled up the IMDB app, searching for Jane Lynch.

“Okay so the only thing I can think you might know her from is that crime show I sometimes watch which you detest.”

He hated crime shows and you’d barred him from watching them with you because he’d pick them to pieces and ruin it for you.

“Crime Analysis?” he scrunched up his nose when you nodded. “Who is she in that?”

“Erm… Well she’s not a main cast member, she plays Dr Matthew Wright’s mother.”

“He’s the one you like, right? The really annoying one who changes his hair every other episode.”


“The one who you used to ignore me for whenever he came on the screen.”

“I sooo did not. He’s just the best character and normally the one with all the answers… So if I miss something HE says then the rest of the show will make no sense.”

“Sure sure….“ Spencer sniffed, pouting slightly.

"Stop being jealous. He’s a fictional character.”

“I’m not jealous…. ”

“ Sure sure, ” you parroted his words. You held your arm out again, signalling for him to come for another cuddle. He settled back down and you resumed watching your show.

“Y/N. I’m better than him right? You prefer me?” he asked after a few minutes.

“Spencer, he’s fictional.”

“That doesn’t answer the question.”

You guffawed and then gently kissed the tip of his head. “Yes I prefer you, okay?”


After a few minutes he pulled away again.

“I definitely don’t think it’s Crime Analysis that I know her from.”

You sighed and pulled out your phone again, ready to list every show and movie Jane Lynch had ever appeared in.

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Those Laucy pics were taken in 2016 so they're not recent. It seems to me that Laucy aren't together any more lol, just friends again... Calm down Camren shippers.🙄

Even if laucy was real what does It matter Lauren’s happiness should come first over everything
Whether you believe they were real or not
Let lern do her thing and be with whoever she wants yo
I still fully ship Camren but the girls happiness first always

Hawaiian Vacation (Grayson)

Requested by anonymous: “can you please write an imagine about vacationing with your boyfriend grayson”


“Grayson, let’s go somewhere. It’s been so long since we’ve taken a trip, just the two of us.” You whined. You and Grayson were lying down, getting ready for bed, and you were scrolling through your instagram feed and a ton of your friends were posting pictures of them on vacation and you felt a little jealous.

“Well, where do you wanna go?” He asked.

“I don’t know, somewhere tropical. I wanna be on the beach.” You said.

“Let’s go to Hawaii then. You’ve always talked about wanting to go there.”

“Wait, seriously?” You asked.

“Sure, why not. Like you said, we haven’t taken a trip just the two of us in a long time. Let’s do it.” Grayson said.

“Well, it sounds like a plan then.” You smiled.

* * *

After finalizing your trip plans, and impatiently counting down, it was finally the day that you and Grayson were leaving to Hawaii.

“Alright you two, have a good vacation.” Ethan said as he helped you unload the bags from the car.

“I feel bad leaving you home alone while we’re gone.” Grayson said to him.

“I’ll be alright. You’ll only be gone a week. I’ll find something to do.” Ethan laughed. You said your good-byes and you and Grayson headed into the airport. 

“I need something to eat. I am starving.” Grayson said to you once you got checked in and through security. You found a Starbucks in the airport and both got a coffee and a pastry before heading to your departure gate.

“I’m so excited.” You said as you sat down to wait for boarding calls.

“So am I.” He said, kissing you. 

Once you finally boarded the plane, you immediately fell asleep and woke up when you landed.

“(Y/N), babe, wake up. We’re here.” You heard Grayson’s voice whisper. Your eyes fluttered open and you looked out of the window, palm trees lining the horizon.

“Wow. It’s so pretty” You said, Grayson nodding in agreement.

After getting off the plane, and getting your luggage, you stepped outside into the warm air and smiled. Everything was beautiful and you were even more excited to be there. You got to your hotel, checked in and went up to your room.

“Grayson, look at this view.” You said as you opened up the curtains and the door, stepping out onto the balcony. Your hotel was on the beach, so of course you had an amazing view.

“Wow, the water is so clear, I can see the bottom of the ocean from up here.” Grayson joked.

“C’mon, let’s go to the beach.” You said. You went back into the room and changed into your swimsuits. You then went down to the beach, stopping to get snow cones when you came across a stand that was selling them.

You walked up and down the beach, eating your snow cones, taking pictures of and with each other. After walking for a while, you finally settled on a place on the beach and sat down, the sand warm on your feet. There weren’t many people on the beach, the only sound was the waves crashing against the shore.

“It’s so nice here.” Grayson said.

“It really is.” You said, lying your head on his shoulder.

“I feel so at ease. I’m really glad we did this, (Y/N). It feels good to get away.” He said, leaning his head on yours.

“It really does. We’ve only been here for barely an hour, but I already don’t want to leave.” You laughed.

“Neither do I. We’ll have to make this trip more often.” Grayson said, kissing the top of your head. You sat there in silence, listening to the water, eating your snow cones, and enjoying the beach with each other.


I figured with Grayson being in Hawaii right now, this was fitting. Hope you liked it. :)

Shu Headcanon (His Powers Edition)

You came home and yawned as you entered the mansion. You chose to walk home in hope the boys would be busy or asleep by now.
You drag your bag along with you up the stairs and down the corridor.
Your legs hurt and it had started raining on your way home. Maybe you should have tried to persuade Shu to walk with you?
‘Ah, I can smell that dirty scent anywhere.’
You turn and find Reiji glaring at you, he pushes up just glasses and frowns.
'It’s a disgusting smell..that of my brother..’
'W-what? What do you want Reiji? I have done all my chores?’
He smirks, 'I know. I was just thinking what a waste it was that you were so taken up with HIM.’
Reiji was slowly walking towards you, the atmosphere sent shivers down your spine.
'Reiji..I-i really should go..’
'To Shu? That ignorant bore?’
You blush, maybe it would be safer to go to him. You wouldn’t want to be on your own after this.
'If you go to him…I won’t forgive you.’
It sounded more like an order, with serious intent.
Either way, it made your blood run cold.
You spot Shu’s bedroom door only a few metres away. You wanted to be safe in his arms.
You run as quickly as you can, Reiji right behind you.
You push Shu’s door open and yell for him. Reiji was about to grab your arm but the bedroom door slams shut by itself. Reiji bangs on the door in annoyance.
You pant and run to Shu on the bed, tears streaming down your face.
He cuddles you to him and wraps the sheets around you both.
'It must be bothersome…facing stuff like this everyday.’ He sighs and buries his face in your hair.
You calm yourself down and thank him for stopping Reiji.
You haven’t witnessed any of Shu’s powers yet. But you guessed that was only a small amount of what he was able to do.
'They say your powers are greater than all of your brothers? Because your the eldest right?’
Shu sighs, 'Why do want to know unimportant things…?’
'Huh? But Shu! Powers are important! If you need to use them..’
'I’ll never need to use them, unless..’
His blue eyes met yours, 'So just stay close to me from now on.’
Ah, did he mean he would only use them for you? I
Or was you just wishful thinking? You recall Shu and Reiji could use swords. But they were only for sport.
You hear him sigh again, 'I can blow things up..but only if I have to. If I’m angry enough..’
Was he finally answering you?!
He opens his eyes and stares at the ceiling, 'But…I can’t set fire..’
You sense he is remembering his friend and cuddled him more tightly.
'It’s ok Shu.. I believe your more powerful than you or anyone think.’

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Do you have any tips for writing a personal assistant to a singer/musician?

Here’s what I could find specifically on musician’s personal assistants:

From what I can tell, being a personal assistant is the same across genres: you do what the person you are assisting requires. You grab coffee, you book appointments, you help them with what they need (and no two days or two jobs look alike) So it’ll be helpful for you as well to see what the day in the life of a musician is, as this will be the schedule the assistant will be following after. 

It will also depend on who your character is. Is the musician someone that asks a lot of people or someone a bit more lowkey? Do they have a busy schedule or are they out of work but keeping the assistant around until “something comes up”? Do they treat their employees kindly or overwork them? Developing your specific characters’ lifestyle will help you to build the job description. Just make sure to read through the actual requirements assistants have had in the past so you have a better idea of the basics that you can then create your specific story around. 


Request: Can you do one where the reader is Bucky’s own personal medicine and the only one that can calm him down. And HYDRA used her to keep him in line. And she is small and fragile but when Bucky is taken to the Avengers Tower he wants her so the team has to go get her from the HYRDA base. And she doesn’t talk much and gets scared and only trust Bucky and he is protective over her.

Word count: 770

Warnings: Eh, none really

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while – I loved the idea of this!! – Lucie

Originally posted by pxggycxrters

Bucky’s breathing was heavy as he came in through the double doors to your medical room, body aching, blood staining his skin. At the sight of you, his mind seemed to rest a little, falling into the chair and looking up at you expectantly. You smiled warmly at him, sitting beside him and taking his hands and massaging them gently, like you did every time he found himself in your medical room.

“Hey, Bucky. Where have you hurt yourself today?” You asked in your usual soothing tone, people leaving the room. You were the only one they trusted him to be alone with.

“Everywhere hurts.” He mumbled, and you chuckled under your breath, standing up and filling a bowl with warm water and soap, using a cloth to wipe away the blood and dirt staining his hands and arms and face.

“Did they give you chance to eat this morning?” You avoided the topic of the mission, which Bucky liked. He wanted his mind distracted from the terrible job he had.


“What did they give you?” You moved onto cleaning any cuts, dabbing them with paste and stitching any that were deep.

“I can’t remember. I think cereal.” Bucky replied, wincing a little as you finished off a particularly large cut on his forearm.

“The cereal here is bad.” You explained. “They don’t have much choice in food, do they?” You stood up, cleaning away your things and collecting the usual drugs from around the room to give to him. The worst part of your job was giving him the pills, the ones that prepared him for a memory wipe.

“Yeah. Yeah, it is.” He watched you closely, and smiled a little as you gave him the pills, handing him a large glass of water. You looked away as he swallowed them, guilt swamping you. “Do you think I’ll ever get to leave this place?” Bucky’s sudden question made you freeze.

“I hope so, James.” You breathed, leaning over to kiss him lightly on the head. “Good luck.” You stood back up for the doors to open, people marching in to take him away. His limbs where already moving slower, his eyes tired as they looked back at you. You gave him your warmest smile, staying like that until the doors slammed shut.

You didn’t see Bucky the next day. Or the next. Or the next.

You waited for days to see him coming in with his best smile for you, battered and bruised. You sat at the chair and waited.

Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months.

You worried that something terrible had happened; that HYDRA no longer needed him and disposed of him some how.

But soon enough, he was back – but this time, he had people with him.

He burst through your doors, eyes brightening at the sight of you. He was panting – but not covered in blood. He ran over and grabbed your hand.

“We have to get out of here.” He told you.


“No, I’m taking you to the outside world again. To safety.” He explained, not giving you chance to say anything before pulling you out the room. You ran down corridors, sneaked past soldiers, anxiety pumping through your veins. You were a healer, not a fighter.

Eventually, you got outside, your arms cold from the fresh air, eyes wide to collect in the light your craved for so long. A helicopter waited for you, along with another guy who spoke to Bucky easily.

You were hauled onto the helicopter, your body shaking, hand gripping Bucky’s as you were flown away from the place you had known for so much of your life.

“HYDRA were bad people, Y/N.” Bucky explained softly. “They were going to kill everyone, and used me for it.”

Bucky explained the situation as the helicopter flew. You were shocked, guilty that you had nearly helped the end of the world.

You began to live with the Avengers, with Bucky, in his apartment. When he had nightmares, you soothe him, and when you couldn’t sleep, he’d hold you and promise no-one would get you.

Around the mansion, you were quiet. Bucky and Steve were the only ones you could talk to properly, but Wanda and Natasha made an effort to make you feel welcome, smiling at you all the time, making small talk. Bucky was very protective over you, and usually were always together.

SHIELD eventually employed you as a doctor, and you worked on healing the Avengers when on the journey back to the mansion.

You had an eventful life, but that was how you liked it.

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Javilton Bootleg

(UPDATE, I got so many messages that i’m taking a break from giving the link out, sorry… You can still send messages, and when I start responding again i will message you, but don’t be dissapointed if you don’t get one right away) Hello. I have the Javier Munoz bootleg here for your enjoyment. If you want the bootleg you must note this post, be following me and send me a message. I will try to get back to everyone as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that these things do get removed from drive so DOWNLOAD ASAP before it gets removed. Please don’t share the link but feel free to share this post. If it gets taken down sorry! I also may or may not be uploading acts 1 and 2 with the original cast soon too. Thanks! 

Where's Kazuma? (Part Two)
  • Bishamon: *sighs* Kazuma, come out of that box.
  • Kazuma: I stung you and I need to be punished. You are too nice, so I have taken matter into my own hands!
  • Bishamon: So...you found a box?
  • Kazuma: Yes. And I shall remain here as punishment.
  • Bishamon: ...
  • Kazuma: *looks up as light comes flooding in the box*
  • Bishamon: Scoot over.
  • Kazuma: Huh? *scoots to the side.
  • Bishamon: *climbs in box and sinks down next to him* Fine. You want to spend time in this box. Then I will be here with you. It's only fair.
  • Kazuma: I can't have you do that, it--
  • Bishamon: Be quiet.
  • Kazuma & Bishamon: ....
  • Yukine & Yato: *walk in* Hey, how's it goooooooooo, YUKINE SHIELD YOUR EYES! DONT LOOK!
  • Yukine: *triggered* IS THAT A--
Allies react to: Being taken to Victoria's Secret!

America: He would not be excited until he got in there, then he wants to touch everything (the silks and satins are so soft and shiny!) and starts grabbing stuff down off the racks. “Oh, this one would look so hot on you! This too! Try this on, and this one!” I dunno if they sell crotchless panties there but if they do he would be like “Wow, these are really expensive, mine don’t cost half as much…” Thinking they’re just like the briefs he wears with a slip at the front. You would probably come out of a changing room to find him squeezing the bust of a mannequin with both hands while going “honk honk!” and laughing.

England: Terribly uncomfortable, he would beg you to leave him outside. He would go to great lengths to avoid eye contact with the sales rep, waving them away with a flustered expression when they ask if the two of you were finding everything okay or to ask if help was needed. “Yes, yes, we’re quite capable, thank you!” His face would be scarlet red every time you emerged from a changing room to ask his opinion and he would look away after a quick glance. “Magnificent, stunning, may we please leave now?” He would remark the same way about whatever you put on.

France: He would be thrilled about being the one you chose to model for, practically dragging you into the store himself. Like America, he would be piling delicates up in your arms and begging you to try on each and every one. “Ah, you look ravishing, cheri~!” He would sing when you came out of the changing room, and you wouldn’t be able to get through half of the pile before he tried to follow you in there, laughing in amusement at the blush that would come over your cheeks as you pushed him back out the door. “Desolet(sorry), I only thought you might require some assistance with the laces…~” He would remark innocently.

Russia: He wouldn’t complain when you led him into the store, looking around curiously and with no inflection to his posture. He was the most self-confident of the Allies, so he felt no threat to his manhood when you gave him things to hold for you, inspecting them and wondering to himself why women would wear such uncomfortable looking undergarments. “Oh…you look beautiful…!” He would exclaim with a broad smile when you emerged from the fitting room, clapping his hands as you did a little spin to show off.

China: Like England, he would not be pleased to accompany you, but he wouldn’t be so tsundere about it either. Barking “No. He/She doesn’t need any help from you, that’s why I’M here.” at the sales rep who would scowl and wander back behind the desk. When you ask his opinion on certain sets after pulling them down, he wouldn’t even bother looking, his eyes wandering to the door and mapping possible escape routes in his mind. “Sure, whatever you pick is great. You know you would look good in anything here, just decide so we can leave…” He would complain, sliding low in the seat if you made him wait while you tried stuff on while sighing loudly.

Canada: He would be super embarrassed, but he would be too polite to refuse your suggestion and follow you in with a red face. “Y-you look…amazing…” He would say, barely above a whisper when you model something you picked out. He would be careful not to stare at you too long, worried you might think less of him if he did.

A little tip I gathered from my boyfriend

So as some of you may or may not know, my boyfriend started off as my SD. Today, he brought up something I said on our first date that made him take me seriously.
I think this would be a good line to drop if you want to lock down a man or if you want him to know that you want to be taken seriously.
I said, “I need to be with someone who has my back. I need to be with someone I know would do anything to make sure I’m happy.”
He said that after I said that, he wanted to do everything he could to make me happy (moving me into a lux. apartment and gave me allowances before any intimacy took place).
I made sure I stayed interested enough in him as well to let him know I was and am worth the investments without any initial pay off.
Maybe this will help someone.

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🌑 - Fears?

…I don’t enjoy being submerged in water. I’ve never liked it, ever since I was a child, and it hasn’t changed since joining the mafia. It’s worse than having Rashomon nullified; I don’t care for the feeling.  

👒 - Why do you dress this way?

Preference? It’s what suits me. I’ve never taken the time to seriously consider what I wear, hours and hours on end putting together outfits. I see it, I like it, it’s what I wear. 

😶 - Embarrassing memory?

The first time Chuuya took me out drinking. I’d never… actively drank anything. It wasn’t something you did in the slums, walking about hindered, if you didn’t want to end up mugged, face down in a puddle of filth. So, it was one evening when he was going on about my need to ‘open up’ and ‘get out.’ Dazai was on some sort of assignment, I forget the details. 

He plies me with sake, telling me that if I can take being Dazai’s subordinate then I can take a ‘real’ drink. Long story short, I ended up on the wrong end of a karaoke machine and the realization that I’m tone-deaf when I’m drunk. 

32 mikan tsumiki icons

i accidently deleted them on my main blog…!! so ill post them here there might be more than last time but i forgot how many i posted 

disclaimer: i do not own any art in these icons, if you own the art in these icons and want them to be taken down please ask!! 

like/reblog if you’re using!! the icons are under the cut

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can u pls do the 'cross gene reacting to find out u dont want kids' for imfact? thank you :]

you got it!!

Jeup: Would be a bit taken aback, and maybe a little disappointed, but would respect your decision and promise you that he’d never pressure you to do otherwise. “You know that you and your happiness is the most important thing to me, always.”

Originally posted by jeupstan

Taeho: This wouldn’t be news to him, he would have anticipated that all along and would be very cute to you to calm you down from how nervous you were to tell him. “Come on, you think I don’t know you well? Of course I knew that~ So silly~”

Originally posted by kihqun

Jian: He would laugh and wrap you up in a hug, if he was disappointed at all he certainly wouldn’t show it. “I’ve already got four kids to raise, what makes you think I wanted more?!”

Originally posted by asamatterofimfact

Lee Sang: He would be relieved because he felt the same way but had been too nervous to tell you. Of course, he wouldn’t let you know that part, and would try and play it cool instead. “Me and you both, babe.”

Originally posted by jeupstan

Ungjae: Is pretty startled that you even thought that far ahead, but realizes that it doesn’t really matter to him much anyway. “That’s okay, but if I do end up feeling super paternal someday, can we get a puppy or something?” (As if he isn’t already a puppy himself…)

Originally posted by kang-hvunggu