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So I’m going to be creating a SPNFamily shirt and I want to include YOU! 

What do you need to do to be included?

  • Reblog this post and tell me how you want your name to appear on the shirt (I was going to originally do urls but upon further thought, chances would be someone would have a similar url to the actors names or feel more comfortable with your name on the shirt) 
  • If you go by a certain nickname PLEASE let me know! 
  • Only thing I ask is you send a first and last name, you can use a nickname in place of the first name. 

However, if you all prefer to use your urls for the shirt, you can all let me know and those who do wish to be on the shirt and sent a name in, I will notify them of the change. 

You have until July 8th to tell me how you want your name to appear on the shirt. 

I will stop taking names by midnight on the 9th that way I can catch up and incase someone forgot, giving them one extra day. 

When the design is done and the shirts are ready, I will make a post about it including a link to RedBubble where you can purchase the shirt. 

This being said, each product bought with said design 20% of the proceeds will be donated To Write Love On Her Arms. 

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ok, so i know i’ve only had this blog for a few days, but !! i thought i would post this now considering the following i’ve gathered. this is just something to ease my anxiety, & make me more !!! well, opened to messaging you first & screaming about our characters. i’ll be accepting two of each character, & may consider exclusives if asked. original characters are welcomed.

reasons to leave a heart:

♚  you want sinbad & i’s unconditional love & affection
♛  you want to be @’d by me &/or don’t mind shitposting with me
♚  you want 1.6k+ threads with me, & constant validation through memes
♛  you don’t mind me gusHING ABOUT YOU ON YOUR PROMOS OR TO OTHER PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!
♚  you want a personal tag for our muses’ relationship
♛  if you’re not a normal rp blog, but a cool rp blog B)


You’re the good different, you’re the good strange.

Alice & The Mad Hatter + Moodboard

A School Spell Jar

(sorry for the crappy image quality, I’m desktop only. also, the sugar and coffee mixed together, at the bottom. grrr)

soooo, this was my very first spell I made myself, and I’m really glad with how it turned out. I first made it back in December, just before school started back up. I knew I had a hard time with school, so I decided to do something witchy about it! At this point, I was still totally a baby witch, and I’m proud of how I was able to step out of my comfort zone and make a spell jar.

Now, for the spell jar;

Ingredients:                                                                                                         Sugar to sweeten the rest of the school year to me and me to school in general Coffee grounds for energy and courage to do better and not slink to the back Cayenne pepper to burn away old, bad habits.                                               Cloves to aid in seeking what is sought, good luck, friendship, and keeping negativity at bay                                                                                                  Rosemary for success                                                                                       Basil to protect against stress and, again, the courage to be a good student

also, I didn’t do this the first time I made this jar, but bc I had some extra space in the jar, I topped it off with some coarse sea salt, for cleansing and idk what else.

Beforehand, I cleansed the jar. Since I couldn’t find my cleansing spray, I rubbed some hand sanitizer on the jar to cleanse it. Then, I just kind of thought of my intent a lot, and as I was layering the herbs, focusing on what they would each bring me.

The last time I made this jar, it helped me get out of bed easier in the mornings and also go to sleep easier! This time, I’m not sure how it’s manifesting, but it’s only been one night.

Feel free to message, ask or dm, me and tell me how this works out for you! Add feel free to reblog/like to bookmark, and you have my full permission to use and alter as you see fit, just if you post your spell jar anywhere, please link this post/tag me/etc.

I’m tagging @cosmic-witch bc she mentioned that if you posted some original content, to tag her bc she wants to see it, so…yeah.

Reader’s guide - master list of my favourite fics and writers

So I was originally just making this for myself as a shortcut to author’s I knew I liked in different genres for when I want to read something particular, when I figured why not make this a public post so everyone can access it, right? 

All of the present links are to the blog, fic/series, or master list of a writer whose work I adore and all are marvel/avengers based. If you want me to remove you off this list or even just change the way I describe your work please message me and I will do so straight away. All descriptions are only based on my perceptions of the content there is at the time of making the post.

Like most of our fandom and like my URL, icon, blog description etc infer, I’m a slut for Bucky Barnes and this list reflects that. 

Smut City

@buckysbackpackbuckle - Masterlist - okay so this list isn’t all 100% smut but it mostly is and the smut is just so good. Oneshots and a couple short series, mostly Bucky x reader, other ventures include Peter Parker, Lance Tucker and Bucky x Steve x Reader 

@fvckingbuckyandsteve ​ - Masterlist - Basically the URL says it all, pure smut featuring Bucky, Steve, Bucky and Steve, Seb and Chris being sinful with reader, plus a few bonus Avengers sex drabbles and a Steve x reader x Nat oneshot. 

@actuallyasgardian - Masterlist - mostly smutty one shots and drabbles, Bucky x reader, Bucky x Steve x Reader, Thor x Reader, much great sin.

@sebastiansin-221b - Masterlist - Bucky, Seb, and Chris Evans smut goodness, mostly oneshots, a fabulous Stony smut 

@just-call-me-mrs-captain -Masterlist - so much great smut, largely ft Bucky, Steve, Seb, Chris, bit of Nat bit of Sam + more, one shots series and drabbles and some great Bucky x reader x Steve action. 

@fvckingavengers - Masterlist - pretty much, in my humble opinion, marvel smut queen. In one shots and short series, lots of Steve and Bucky, with some Pitero, Loki, Thor, Nat, Tony and Wanda on the side and a generous amount of reader x two-and-even-sometimes-three-character-action

Fluff Town 

@writingruna - Masterlist - mostly mega fluffy/ romantic one shots + bunch of drabbles feat. so many characters we got: Bucky, Steve, Pietro, Wanda, Bruce, Natasha, Clint, Thor, Loki, Tony

@writingbarnes - Masterlist - I’ll be honest this tumblr has done SO MANY AMAZING FICS I am yet to peruse them all but from what I can tell its basically fluffy or general oneshots and series, including Bucky, Steve, Tony, Thor, Clint, Pietro, Wanda, Loki, Nat, and Bruce sorted into an impeccably presented series of character-categorised lists

@buckyywiththegoodhair - Masterlist - much Bucky x reader fluff series, one shots and drabbles with a hint of Steve here and there and perhaps a love triangle 

@pleasecallmecaptain - Masterlist - Bucky and Steve x reader fluff city one-shots, a series and a pile of dribbles 

@scarlettsoldier - Masterlist - These are all just pretty sweet even if they’re not all overly fluffy its just kind of a happy time. Features Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader and Wanda x Reader


@sebseyesandbuckysthighs - Masterlist - THE BEST AU SERIES YOU CAN IMAGINE: reader x Vampire!Bucky  (I don’t even tend to like AU’s OR series!). Some heavenly Bucky series, many Bucky one shots and some Steve, Tony, and Clint one shots. Angst, smut and fluff, all labelled. 

@backpackfullofplums - Masterlist - fluff and angst and smut, oh my! All Bucky x reader (smut is labelled). Great lil descriptions for each title. 

@buckysplums14 - Masterlist - basically all the Bucky smut and fluff (labelled) you can imagine in the forms of one shots and short series. Features Bucky x reader, Stucky, Bucky x Nat, Bucky x Wanda, Bucky x Reader x Third party 

@after-avenging-hours - Masterlist - smut and fluff and angst (smut not labelled but kinda clear a lot of the time in titles and descriptions). Mostly Bucky, Steve and Bucky and Steve, featuring some Thor, Loki, Bruce, Sam. Oneshots and series. The disney corruptions are an actual work of smutty genius. 

@badults​ - Masterlist - smutty and fluffy one shots (smut is labelled) with a variety of characters including Bucky, Steve, Tony, Pietro, Wanda, T’Challa, Peggy and Clint. 

@marvelfic - Masterlist - smutty and fluffy one-shots and short series (smut is labelled), characters include Bucky, Steve, Bruce and Clint, also features non-romantic Avengers fics.

@stories-from-stark-tower -  Masterlist - one-shots come in fluffy or angst/mega feels with the following characters; Tony, Steve, Bucky, Bruce, Pietro, Wanda, Clint, Nat, Thor, Scott, Loki and Wade Wilson (Deadpool), various drabbles and one Bucky series. 

@mywritingsblog​ - Masterlist - fluff and smut (smut is labelled) with Tom Hiddleston and Sebastian Stan, the actors and various characters they play, featuring reader and various female characters, one shots and series.

@rogersxbarnesx​ - Masterlist - Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers galore, series and oneshots, Stucky and stucky x reader action, and a Wanda Maximoff appearance. Features smut and fluff and some angst (smut is labelled). 

@shieldsshallbebroken - Masterlist - oneshots and drabbles, fluff and smut (smut not labelled), great (and smutty) A/O/B steve x reader x bucky series, links to whopping impressive fics on Ao3

@221bshrlocked​ - Masterlist - Bucky x reader angst, fluff and smut (smut not labelled) one shots and series. Professor!Bucky!! 

@avasparks - Masterlist - Pretty much Bucky/ Seb Stan in many one shots, drabbles, series, featuring AUs, Steve x Reader x Bucky action. Fluff, angst and smut (smut not always labelled) 

@sebbytrash - Masterlist - Mostly Bucky x reader, fluff and smut (smut is labelled), features a bit of Tony and T’Challa with reader too

@bucky-plums-barnes - Masterlist - Lots of cute Bucky x reader prompted drabble, fluff and smut mostly (smut is labelled so are trigger warnings), bucky x reader one shots of the same variety

@imhereforbvcky - Masterlist - Mostly Bucky x Reader, some great series and also drabbles and one shots: angst and fluff but slays me with the smut

Something Different aka “Other” 

@the-life-of-bucky-barnes​ - not fics but Bucky Barnes’ instagram, genius drawings and captions = A+ quality content.

LAST UPDATE: 02/01/17


  • When i say smut is labelled or not labelled I mean from the master list, most of the not labelled ones include warnings or labels once you click on the stories
  • I intend to update this list over time
  • Please message me if you find any links don’t work or have any other issues (eg. see top of post)
  • Anyone is so welcome to message me if you write Marvel fic and maybe would like to be added to the list I’m 100% open to that and always love reading new content!

I honestly just made this for my own reference and convenience but then thought others would possibly benefit from it too so I hope people find it useful

More Words on Art Theft

I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, but please.

Stop. reposting. art. 😢

Many of you do this without malicious intent and even think you’re doing us a favor. I understand. You want to share things with the world. But like writing papers, you either need to have permission from the original artist OR you need to cite them (give them credit). Sometimes, an artist will allow either/or. Others, like myself, do not allow art reposted at all, credited or not. Only a certain few have permission and with specific pieces only. Here’s a definition for what art reposts are:

“Saving an image/art into your hard drive/computer/phone as a separate file and then proceeding to upload that file onto your profile(s).”

I’ll be honest. I’m tired. A lot of us are. Artists are constantly facing a battle with art theft and more than half the time, they lose by giving up or they stop making art entirely. I’ve since gotten into a habit of reporting whenever I’m alerted but I have no time to go hunting down for art reposts. Most recently, I experienced a case of an art reposter deliberately hiding their actions behind a private account, which brings me to this post.

First of all, to those who I’ve already reported from, please understand, I am not angry, nor do I hate any of you. I’m simply disappointed and while you may not care how I feel, you have to realize that what you’re doing is technically illegal and against the Terms and Regulations of the websites you re-upload art in. I just want you all to learn/realize that.

And I’m saying this now. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a public or private account. 

I have actually experienced a few occasions where a private account follows me and I notice that they appear to be fan-accounts. I’ve tried to ignore those. However, with this most recent issue, I attempted to follow back one of my followers, mostly out of curiosity (and a bit of suspicion). Long story short, I was rejected. In the end I found out that that they had over a thousand posts, majority of which were art reposts, a few from mine, many others from friends and other artists. But based on how I was rejected by the user, it’s clear they did not want me to see any of that (nor do I believe they would allow other original artists to see their account either). 

I won’t divulge how I found out or who I’m talking about in confidentiality.

So with that, I’m telling you straight. Just because you’re on a private account does not mean you’re safe from getting caught. 

I don’t try to single out anyone regarding this issue. Like I said, I don’t go hunting. So if you find yourself getting reported then, you probably just lucked out, I suppose. At least when it comes to my pieces.

 When I report something, it’s simply because I’m a copyright holder and I need to protect my work. I don’t do it out of spite. If anything, I do it to teach. I’d rather see an account change their ways than have their entire Instagram/Youtube account taken down because of multiple copyright violations. 

So if you’re one of these people, please, I implore you to take down any artwork that you know is not supposed to be there (i.e the artists do not want their work reposted/You do not have permission to re-upload their work). 

Here’s one way to think about this: Artists take time to make their artwork and post it online. You would take *less* time putting an image through a search engine to find the original source of the picture. Just saying! ^^ 

You. Are. Better. Than. This.

Now, if you have any grievances or comments (say, you’re one of the people I reported from or you’re guilty of reposting art), you may message me on Tumblr. I am opening the floor.


w-itchling’s Guide to Sigils

Step 1: Write put your intent! I personally don’t worry about future vs. present tense or being super specific! It’s all in the intent my friends!

Step 2: Let’s simplify things! Get rid of those vowels (a, e, i, o ,u and sometimes y). 

Step 3: Lets make it even more simple - get rid of repeated shapes. If there is one letter that has multiple letter shapes get rid of those excess letters.

These are my doodles and attempts! I added some thoughts i had about my attempts so you guys could see my thought process. My method is to gesture draw and just do what feels right. The letter shapes can be as ambiguous as you want, the goal is to really push your intent into the symbol. Once I’ve cleaned up the sigil I’ll add it to my Grimoire and eventually post it!

I was originally going to do this in video format so that I could explain things better, but that didn’t quite work out. If you guys have any questions feel free to message me or send me an ask and I’ll do my best to answer them!

The finished product!

“I am patient and kind”

As always feel free to use for your own purposes. If you do please like/reblog. Thank you! 

P.S. Let me know if you would like me to post the sigil on its own! Have a blessed day Witches & Ghouls!

anonymous asked:

Hi! I really love your writing, and I'd absolutely adore if you wrote something based on prompt 44

44. “I don’t know why I’m crying.”

It was ridiculous, really, because there was nothing remotely upsetting about the situation. In fact, John thought he was a bloody moron for crying at a moment like this.

They just had sex, and were sprawled out on the bed, sheets and duvet kicked to the floor, smiling and panting, their sweaty chests heaving as they tried to catch their breath, John on his back, Sherlock on his stomach. It wasn’t even particularly emotional sex–not that sex with Sherlock ever lacked affection and compassion. But they had sex tonight just for the fun of it, just because they could, and were giggling throughout between groans and wet kisses.

“Well, that was something,” Sherlock said, deep voice rough and playful.

John snorted, turning his head to look at Sherlock. “Yeah, that’s one way to put it,” he said, but the smirk on his lips faded, and it was like a wave of warmth crashed painfully against his heart.

Sherlock was staring at him with dazed, glassy eyes, the curls on the left side of his head wild from where John’s hand pulled and tugged, his fringe scattered across his forehead. His cheeks were delightfully pink, and his lips were red, plump, and moist from John’s rough kisses and bites, and Sherlock’s jaw was red, too, from being rubbed by John’s stubble. 

Sherlock’s swollen lips were pulled up into his wonky, peaceful smile, the smile that made his mouth look like a lopsided V, and the happiness behind his hazy gaze–that was what did him in, John thought, because his mind flashed to Sherlock’s despairing blue eyes looking up at him from the floor of a morgue after coughing up blood.

John’s heart kicked his chest with each beat, his throat tightened, and his eyes filled with hot tears.

The wonky smile vanished. “John?”

John dug the heels of his hands into his eyes. “Sorry,” he said gruffly, face hot and heart still beating too hard and too fast. He looked at Sherlock again, but even though he was now distressed, he was still just as breathtakingly, stupidly gorgeous. John turned his face away and tried wiping away the stream of tears roughly, and he felt Sherlock’s warm hand on his shoulder.

“John, what happened?” Sherlock asked urgently.

John held back the sob that threatened to escape his throat. “S-sorry,” he mumbled into his palms, hiding his face in shame. “I don’t know why I’m crying. It all just–happened.”

“But, I thought things were okay,” Sherlock said, voice small and uncertain.

And, fuck, John wasn’t going to let Sherlock think he did anything wrong. He removed his hands from his face, looking up at Sherlock, who was now sitting on his knees. He felt like a moron. “You wanna know what happened?”

“Yes,” he said immediately.

John sniffed, sitting up on his elbows, looking down at the mattress. “I dunno, I saw you lying there, all happy and gorgeous and all, and I couldn’t take it. I dunno,” he said again, cheeks heating. “You just look unbelievable, and I don’t think I ever thought I’d see you that happy, and my idiotic brain thought of.” He cleared his throat. “You know. When we weren’t like this. I thought of the…morgue.” He couldn’t meet his eyes. “And I guess, how far we’ve come and.” His eyes grew wet again. “But I don’t know why it happened so suddenly.”

John felt warm lips on his forehead, and he looked up at Sherlock.

Sherlock was looking down at him intensely, silent for a long moment. Then, his red lips parted. “John. You’ve apologized for that a million times.”

“I know, but–”

But,” he cut him off, “if you really want to make it up to me, do one thing.”


“Let go.”

John’s jaw clenched, and he wiped away another tear. “Right. I’m sorry. I don’t know why this all came back.”

Sherlock leaned down and hugged him tightly, rubbing his warm cheek against John’s. “It’s okay,” he breathed. “It’s okay.”

Send me original prompts, or from this post!

The signs as what they want for Christmas
  • Aries: Hamilton Tickets
  • Taurus: Hamilton Tickets
  • Gemini: Hamilton Tickets
  • Cancer: Hamilton Tickets
  • Leo: Hamilton Tickets
  • Virgo: Hamilton Tickets
  • Libra: Hamilton Tickets
  • Scorpio: Hamilton Tickets
  • Sagittarius: Hamilton Tickets
  • Capricorn: Hamilton Tickets
  • Aquarius: Hamilton Tickets
  • Pisces: Hamilton Tickets

So, now that I’m one week into my summer vacation, I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and make a master post about summer. I’d love love to hear about your summer goals so feel free to message me or send me an ask or anything! 

1. Figure out what you want to do this summer. You don’t have to learn a new subject. You don’t have to study math everyday. You don’t even have to read. Just figure out for yourself what a really fulfilling summer means to you. That might be sleeping until noon everyday. That might be watching a bunch of Netflix TV shows. That’s ok. You’ve earned it after a long school year. What I mean to say is know what a fun, enjoyable, fulfilling summer is for you and be totally ok with that not being what everyone else thinks it is.

2. Write down what it is you want to do and put that list somewhere visible. The fulfilling summer I was talking about above, write that stuff down. If you’re like me and tend to get a little sidetracked, it can be helpful to have an actual list somewhere reminding me daily what I want to do this summer. If it’s a more complex goal (reading x amount of books for example) then figure out a plan to get there.

3. Work a little towards your goal each day. Is it watching the entirety of “Grey’s Anatomy” that’s on Netflix? Watch an episode or two a day. Is it running a half marathon? Run a few miles a day and train towards it. I’m doing an 80 Days of Summer challenge. If you feel inclined to do something similar, I’d love to hear about it! 

4. Be really ok with not completing all your goals. Don’t get worked up about not finishing everything you wanted to. Summer is about enjoying yourself and taking some downtime from the very stressful school year. So just have fun!

updates: if anyone would like to continue to make small donations until the date of my abortion (now May 8th at *am), that would be incredibly appreciated. my paycheck came up short about $300 and it wasnt even enough to pay rent. so im kind of struggling rn. ive also made attempts to get additional funding from other organizations throughout the week but no one has answered my calls… i’d like my abortion and my recovery to be as stress-free as possible. thank you all for the help and support youve provided. <3 if you’d like to continue to donate money to me, see my original post or message me because clearly there are some assholes out there that want to go to extreme lengths to get their ugly rude ass messages to me. anyway, love yall.

So, @historyandlanguages and I are helping each other out with our respective target languages, and I was asked to translate this list of common words useful for beginners into Italian. I translated them following the list’s order, so if you want to know what they mean just confront them with the original post linked above! For some adjectives and pronouns I’ve also written the changes that must be made for the feminine form, but I am lazy so I didn’t do it for all of them, sorry (anyway most of the time you just have to change the final “o” with an “a”). Of course, if there’s anything that’s unclear feel free to message me, I’ll be glad to help if I can :)

EXPRESSIONS OF POLITENESS (about 50 expressions)       

  • ‘Yes’ and ‘no’: sì, no, assolutamente (sì) [but I honestly think “certamente” is more used], assolutamente no, esatto.    
  • Question words: quando? dove? come? quanto? quanti? perché? (che) cosa? chi? quale? di chi?    
  • Apologizing: scusa (or, if formal, “scusi”), scusa (if plural, “scusate”) se interrompo/scusa (same thing as before) per l’interruzione, insomma, temo di sì, temo di no.    
  • Meeting and parting: buongiorno, buon pomeriggio, buonasera, ciao, ciao (“arrivederci” is more formal), cin cin/(alla) salute, a dopo, piacere (di conoscerti), è stato un piacere (conoscerti).    
  • Interjections: per favore, grazie, figurati/di niente, scusa, sarà fatto, sono d’accordo, congratulazioni, grazie al cielo/grazie a Dio, sciocchezze.    

NOUNS (about 120 words)

  • Time: mattina, pomeriggio, sera, notte; domenica, lunedì, martedì, mercoledì, giovedì, venerdì, sabato; primavera, estate, autunno, inverno; tempo, occasione, minuto, mezz’ora, ora, giorno, settimana,     mese, anno.    
  • People: famiglia, parente, madre, padre, figlio, figlia, sorella, fratello, marito, moglie; collega, amico/a, fidanzato, fidanzata; persone/gente, persona, essere umano, uomo, donna, signora, signore, ragazzo, ragazza, bambino/a.
  • Objects: indirizzo, borsa/zaino, libro, macchina, vestiti, chiave, lettera, luce, denaro/soldi, nome, giornale, penna, matita, immagine (image)/foto (photo), valigia, cosa, biglietto.
  • Places: posto, mondo, paese, città, via, strada, scuola, negozio, casa, appartamento, stanza, terreno.    
  • Abstract: incidente, inizio, cambiamento, colore, danno, divertimento, metà, aiuto, battuta, viaggio, lingua, inglese, italiano (this is the language in our case), lettera, vita, amore, errore, novità/notizia, pagina, dolore, parte, domanda, ragione, tipo, sorpresa, modo, tempo, lavoro.
  • Other: mano, piede, testa, occhio, bocca, voce; la sinistra, la destra; la cima, il fondo, il lato; aria, acqua, sole, pane, cibo, carta, rumore.

PREPOSITIONS (about 40 words)    

  • General: di, a, a (sometimes “in”), per, da, in, su. [Generally speaking, the basic Italian prepositions taught in primary school are di, a, da, in, con, su, per, tra, fra]    
  • Logical: su/di/riguardo a, secondo, tranne/eccetto, come, contro, con, senza, da, nonostante, invece di.    
  • Space: dentro, fuori da, fuori, verso, lontano da, dietro, davanti a, accanto, vicino a, tra, sopra, sopra di/in cima a, sotto/al di sotto di, sotto, sotto/al di sotto di, vicino a, molto lontano da, attraverso.        
  • Time: dopo, fa, prima, durante, da/da quando, fino a/finché/fin quando.    

DETERMINERS (about 80 words)   

  • Articles and numbers: un/a, lo/la; nos. 0–20 (zero, uno, due, tre, quattro, cinque, sei, sette, otto, nove, dieci, undici, dodici, tredici, quattordici, quindici, sedici, diciassette, diciotto, diciannove, venti); nos. 30–100 (just decimals here: trenta, quaranta, cinquanta, sessanta, settanta, ottanta, novanta, cento); nos. 200–1000 (just the multiples of 100: duecento, trecento, quattrocento, cinquecento, seicento, settecento, ottocento, novecento, mille); ultimo/a, prossimo/a, primo/a, secondo, terzo, quarto, quinto, sesto, settimo, ottavo, nono, decimo, undicesimo, dodicesimo.        
  • Demonstrative: questo/a, quello/a.        
  • Possessive: mio/a, tuo/a (vostro/a if plural), suo/a, suo/a (in Italian the distinction is based on the gender of the possessed thing rather than that of the possessor), nostro/a, loro.    
  • Quantifiers: tutto, un po’ (di), niente/ nessuno/a, qualsiasi, tanti/e, molto, (di) più, (di) meno, qualcuno/alcuni, vari, intero, un po’ di, tanto/a.    
  • Comparators: entrambi, nessuno dei due, ognuno/ciascuno, ciascuno/tutti, altro, un altro, stesso, diverso, così.        

ADJECTIVES (about 80 words)    

  • Color: nero, blu, verde, rosso, bianco, giallo.
  • Evaluative: cattivo, buono, terribile; importante, urgente, necessario; possibile, impossibile; giusto, sbagliato, vero.
  • General: grande, piccolo, piccolo, pesante; alto, basso; caldo, freddo, tiepido/caldo; facile, difficile; economico, caro/costoso; pulito, sporco; bello, divertente, curioso, solito, comune, carino/bello, carino/bello/grazioso, meraviglioso; noioso, interessante, pericoloso,     sicuro; basso, alto, lungo; nuovo, vecchio; calmo, chiaro, asciutto;     veloce, lento; finito, libero, pieno, luminoso, aperto, silenzioso, pronto, forte.
  • Personal: spaventato, solo, arrabbiato, certo/sicuro, allegro, morto, famoso, lieto/felice, felice/contento, malato, buono, sposato, soddisfatto/compiaciuto, dispiaciuto, stupido, sorpreso, stanco, bene/in salute (not really adjectives but that’s the translation), preoccupato, giovane.

VERBS (about 100 words)    

  • arrivare, chiedere, essere, essere capace di, diventare, iniziare/cominciare, credere, prendere in prestito, portare, comprare, potere, cambiare, controllare, raccogliere, arrivare, continuare, piangere, fare, far cadere, mangiare, cadere, sentire, trovare, finire, dimenticare, dare, stare per/avere intenzione di, avere, dovere, sentire, aiutare, stringere/tenere, sperare, farsi male, fare male/ferire (qualcuno), tenere/conservare, sapere, ridere, imparare, lasciare/partire, prestare, permettere, stendersi, piacere, ascoltare, vivere, vivere/abitare, guardare, cercare, perdere, amare, fare, essere autorizzati a, potere, intendere, incontrare, dovere, avere bisogno di,     ottenere, aprire, dovere, pagare, giocare (suonare if playing an instrument), mettere, leggere, ricordare, dire, vedere, vendere, mandare/inviare, dovere (used in the conditional form), mostrare, chiudere, cantare, dormire, parlare, stare in piedi, restare, fermare, suggerire, prendere, parlare, insegnare, pensare, viaggiare, provare, capire, usare, essere abituati a (to be used to something), aspettare, camminare, volere, guardare, there’s not really a verb to express future in Italian you have to conjugate them, funzionare, lavorare, preoccuparsi, again I don’t think would is translatable, scrivere.    

PRONOUNS (about 40 words) 

  • Personal: Io, tu (voi if plural), lui (the correct form would be egli but no one uses it anymore), lei (same thing as egli, but this time it would be ella; hasn’t been used in a pretty long time), we don’t have neuter forms, noi, loro, uno/a; io stesso (I’m just gonna put the subject form of these, object is different), tu stesso, lui stesso, lei stessa, no neuter, noi stessi, voi stessi, loro stessi.
  • Possessive: il mio/la mia, il tuo/la tua (il vostro/la vostra if plural), il suo/la sua (depends on the object), il suo/la sua (same), no gender neutral, il nostro/la nostra, il loro/la loro.
  • Demonstrative: questo/a, quello/a.        
  • Universal: tutti/ciascuno, tutti, ogni cosa/tutto, ognuno, entrambi, tutto (tutti if plural), uno, un altro.
  • Indefinite:  qualcuno, qualcuno, qualcosa, un po’ (di), pochi, un po’ (di), più, meno; chiunque, chiunque, qualsiasi cosa/qualunque cosa, qualsiasi, qualunque, molto, molti.
  • Negative: nessuno, nessuno, niente, nessuno/niente/nulla, nessuno dei due.

ADVERBS (about 60 words) 

  • Place: qui/qua, lì/là, al di sopra, oltre/al di sopra, al di sotto, davanti, dietro, vicino, molto lontano, dentro/all’interno, fuori/all’esterno, a destra, a sinistra, da qualche parte, da qualsiasi parte/ovunque, da tutte le parti/ovunque, da nessuna parte, a casa, (al piano) di sopra, (al piano) di sotto.
  • Time: adesso/ora, presto, immediatamente, rapidamente/in fretta, finalmente, di nuovo, una volta, per molto (tempo), oggi, in generale, a volte, sempre, spesso, prima, dopo, presto (or in anticipo if you get somewhere early), tardi (or in ritardo if you get somewhere late), mai, non ancora, ancora, già, allora, poi, ieri, domani, stasera/stanotte.    
  • Quantifiers: un po’, più o meno/all’incirca/circa, quasi, almeno, completamente, molto, abbastanza, esattamente, soltanto, non, troppo, di più, di meno.    
  • Manner: anche, specialmente, gradualmente/a poco a poco, certo/certamente, soltanto/solo, altrimenti, forse, probabilmente, piuttosto/alquanto, così/quindi/allora, quindi, anche, sfortunatamente, molto, bene.        

CONJUNCTIONS (about 30 words) 

  • Coordinating: e, ma, o; tanto/come (if something is as good as something else)/mentre (if something happens as something else’s going on), di/che, come.    
  • Time & Place: quando, mentre, prima, dopo, da/da quando, finché; dove.
  • Manner & Logic: come, perché, perché (word’s the same for answers and questions in Italian), anche se/nonostante, se; (che) cosa, chi, chi (it’s the same for subject and object), di chi, quale, che/di (I think that I’ll read a book – credo che leggerò un libro).

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Things NOT To Do When Studying

I was going through some old papers from freshman year and I was thinking about what I was doing wrong when I didn’t achieve the grades I wanted, even though I got As in my classes. What things could I have done better to get a 100 instead of a 96? I don’t ask myself this so much as to be a perfectionist (even though I am one). I ask myself these questions because: 1) I must not have had a completely solid understanding of the material if I couldn’t get a 100 on it. 2) Maybe my less-than-stellar test-taking skills got in the way. 3) I’m a tutor, so I want to be sure I understand everything thoroughly enough to help others with the material.

I may add to this later, so you can always check out the original post here. As always, feel free to comment or message me if you want to add something to this list!


  • Don’t simply read over your notes to study. It doesn’t work. You might pick up pieces here and there or even memorize certain things verbatim, but reading something 20 times is very inefficient. Your brain learns by making connections, so if you’re only straight reading the material you’re not making extra connections. You’re much better off going through your notes to make your own questions and quizzing yourself on them, marking down connections as you read (either in the margin or by literally connecting them in the text with a pen), or creating a study sheet (whether in text format or a mind map).
  • Don’t simply highlight, either. While there is a proper way to highlight, most people I see using a highlighter are doing it wrong. If you’re the person who highlights 90% of the paragraph, I’m talking about you. Okay, so highlighting is physically more active than glancing over your notes 20 times, but it’s about equally as effective if you’re highlighting everything. I recommend instead highlighting (or marking with eraseable pencil) things you want to go back to later. But, again, highlighting and reading alone is not useful. Go back to your highlighted parts to reread something that was hard to understand the first time, a topic you want to revisit to make a review sheet, etc. Whatever you use it for, make sure the purpose is to quickly find information later, not simply so you can read those things again. Try making a study sheet, in your own words, based off of your highlighting.
  • Don’t forget to write things down. And I don’t mean just in your planner when you have homework or papers due. This isn’t so much about getting absolutely everything down in terms of notes, either, I have a separate post regarding that. But in class you should always write down questions you have and the answer.  If you don’t get a chance to ask during class, ask ASAP whether it’s directly to your teacher or asking a classmate. If it’s that important, do some research on it, too. Also, make sure you write down information on due dates or paper topics. You probably already do that, but I would recommend having a piece of paper with you every day where you can write anything important down like dates and to-dos to organize all in one shot. If you simply write down “paper due” in a block in your planner before rushing to the next you may not see that reminder until close to the due date. I like to take all of the information on the piece of paper (which also has my day planned out and a to-do list) right when I get up in the morning so I’m prepared for the day and don’t forget anything.

What I Did Wrong:

  • Don’t take it easy at the start of the semester. To be perfectly honest, I’ve pretty much always done that, but my freshman year of college it wasn’t a huge deal since I pretty much already took those classes. Sophomore year, however, everything was new, so memorization and understanding didn’t come quite as easily. The harder your classes are, the more essential this is, especially if you actually want to sleep during finals week. The best thing you can do is start doing work before the semester even starts if you have a syllabus handy, or even just looking through your books to see what’s ahead. While everyone else is doing fun things the night of that first day, make sure you get some work done first before you have your fun. This sets the tone for the rest of the semester and gets you into the habit of working. Don’t let yourself get behind! It’s easier to stay ahead than it is to struggle catching up.
  • Don’t leave your notes to rot after class. Meaning, do something with them right after class! … or at least ASAP. Mark them up, edit them, rework them, copy or type them (if your handwriting sucks like me), or, best of all, write a short summary. Take the several pages of notes you have and condense them into one or two paragraphs. Don’t worry about the details, just make sure you’re hitting on the key points. As a bonus, you can type up some questions based off of your notes to save for later studying (details are allowed here). Everything will be fresh, making this a much easier process than if you did it right before the test. At the end of the week, make a summary of your summaries and quiz yourself on the questions you made. You’ll probably want to use those questions again, so try to reword them or even combine them into bigger questions that cover many topics. That way you’re being active with the material and will actually understand what you’re answering as opposed to parroting.
  • Don’t make study sheets by copying off of something else. Yes, I made this mistake. I wasn’t copying initially, but rather, using a review book as a reference to make study sheets. However, the more I was pressed for time the less I started putting things into my own words. Now, this wasn’t a big deal in terms of legality, since I kept them to myself, but it didn’t turn out to be all that helpful in the end. If you want to make study sheets, you could either take concepts you’ve been learning and put them together in different ways or make a summary in your own words. I recommend both, but whatever you do, make sure you’re actually creating something new or else you’re not going to remember it. For example, in organic chemistry I took the reactions and grouped them in different ways (by subtstrate, reactants, products, etc.) as a reference while studying. The act of sorting and looking through the reactions in order to make the sheets helped me remember them, then I had the sheets to look at while doing practice to help me memorize them further.
  • Don’t save the bulk of lab work for after the lab and don’t wait to write your report. By this I’m referring to the post-lab report. Spend the extra time while prepping your pre-lab materials to start your report! You’re expected to know the theory behind your labs before you perform them, so writing the introduction to your report should not be a problem. If it is, then you’ll be glad you took the time to understand the lab before you tried actually doing it. By doing this you may also find that you have questions that can be answered by the professor before you get confused in the middle of a procedure. Also make sure you have data tables prepared (not just in your notebook, but in the report file to fill in after) and anything else you’ll need to take down data. Once the lab is finished do the report immediately. Everything you did will be fresh and you’ll be glad you finished it well ahead of the deadline. At this point you can show your lab to your professor and get any corrections fixed so you’re ashooin’ for an A!
  • Don’t try to write a paper in one shot. I understand if you feel like your papers flow better if you do it all in one shot, but at least make sure you plan it out thoroughly ahead of time before you actually write it all out. But even then, you will likely benefit from splitting your paper into chunks to tackle one day at a time. If you have a research paper that’s double-digit pages then you’ll be forced to do that anyway, but be sure you’re splitting up the work for small papers, as well. It may not seem like a big deal to do a short paper in one day, but if you end up having other assignments or tests due around the same time it might up your stress if you’re crunched for time trying to finish that “insignificant” paper while juggling a few other assignments as well as some test prep.

Advice Suggested By Others:

  • Don’t listen to distracting music while studying. To some degree, the types of music that are considered “distracting” vary when it comes to the subject you’re studying and personal preference. However, the general rule of thumb is that you avoid any sort of music with lyrics if you’re studying a subject that involves language. Art, math, and certain sciences are an exception if you’re working with pictures or numbers, since language usually doesn’t interfere with those things in the brain. But if you’re reading anything, even if it’s worded directions to a math or science problem, lyrics will probably be distracting. Some people suggest that listening to new music with lyrics is okay because you won’t be tempted to sing along with something you don’t know while others get distracted by hearing any type of language. Again, it’s truly up to you, but genres such as classical, jazz, and nature sounds are usually recommended. Heck, if you’re a musician and get distracted by any type of music, silence or brown noise may be the better option for you. (Suggested by aslongasitsfiction)
  • Don’t study in bed. Scientific studies have shown that doing anything in your bed that isn’t sleep or sex-related affects your ability to fall asleep in your bed. When your brain primarily associates your bed with sleep, it’s much easier to fall asleep. But having trouble sleeping in your bed isn’t the only part of the problem. While studying in your bed is really comfy, you’re also more likely to fall asleep if the association with sleep is strong enough. It’s generally recommended that you don’t even study in the same room as your bed, but as college students this may not be possible if you want to use your desk. So if you don’t want to make the trek out to a more secluded study space, at least try to make sure your desk doesn’t have your bed in view. Because let’s be honest, if you’re exhausted, simply seeing your bed might be enough to make you nod off. (Suggested by rare-footage and ane-mia)
  • Don’t go on tumblr. Okay, this may seem obvious, but sometimes a reminder is all you need to get off your computer! I suppose it’s better that you’re looking up information to help you study, but I think we both know what the better choice would be. (Suggested by oneofakindgizibe)
  • Don’t study in a place you can’t focus just because your friends are there. Us humans are social animals. We like being around other people. But this can cause you problems if you’re trying to study. Unless you’re in a productive study group, make sure you separate study time and social time. You’re probably more likely to gravitate towards fun, social things over studying, so make sure studying is a priority and you get it done before seeing your friends. If you have a roommate or two, then your dorm room is probably not the right place to study. Find a few of your focus hotspots and go there for your study time. (Suggested by fitspoforever)
  • Don’t forget the little things you know you’ll need. This includes but is not limited to things such as chargers, books, snacks, and water. You don’t want to be in-the-zone and all of the sudden realize you need to run back to your dorm room to get a book. And then 10 minutes later realize you’re hungry and need to run to the cafeteria. If you don’t already have certain things that are always in your bag, simply keep a list of things you generally need to bring with you, leave it as a reminder on your desk, and check it over before you hit the library. (Suggested by fitspoforever)
  • Don’t take naps while studying without setting an alarm. Or even better, avoid naps all together. If you’re like me, 15-minute naps usually turn into 2-hour events. But regardless, if you need to get some extra sleep, get the extra sleep. It’s better to take a nap when you know you need it as opposed to falling asleep on your desk unexpectedly when you have a paper you need to get done for the next day. 15-20 minutes the recommended time for a short nap, but if you need something more robust, try for 90 minutes or use sleepyti.me to figure out the right time to wake up. (Suggested by fitspoforever)
  • Don’t wear uncomfortable clothes. I personally find that “dressing for success” works really well for going to lectures and virtually everything else, but terribly if you’re hitting the library for a long study session. You’ll probably wanna look cute if you’re heading somewhere public, but just make sure you’re comfortable. Yoga pants are fine for the occasion! (Suggested by fitspoforever)
Writing Commissions

So I’ve decided to open up writing commissions, and have them be a regular thing

You can view samples of my work:

On Archive Of Our Own
On Tumblr

Prices range from $0.01 (minimum) to $0.15 (maximum) per word. You pick your own price per word and word count. Please don’t try to go lower than one cent per word, I won’t budge on that one cent minimum because I don’t want to deal with that kind of math.

For perspective, at one cent per word, each thousand words is worth ten dollars. 

If you ask for a 1000 word story and the final word count comes out to be a few words over the extra words are free and you only have to pay the agreed upon $10.

I will do any fandom and I’ll also do original fiction, just be sure to provide some background information if you want me to write your OCs. I can either send you a PDF or post your commission on AO3 (in other words, you won’t have my permission to upload whatever I write under your name, whether it’s fanfic or not).

Message me on tumblr (my PM’s are open to anyone) and we’ll get started. You have to be comfortable with giving me your email address (obviously I’ll have to give you mine as well) but if you’re just inquiring you don’t have to give it to me immediately (just after you’re sure you want to buy).

What I won’t do:


I’ve taken some time to think over and process recent criticisms that people have made of me. Thank you to everyone for being patient while I took this time to reflect–I think that a brief review of my behaviour in the past has shown that I often respond poorly and clumsily in the heat of the moment, and these conversations benefit when I give them the thought and effort they deserve.

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I did some PVRIS lockscreens. I’m gonna do some more pretty soon so follow me if you wanna see more!

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