if you want the girl read your sister's books

It was a tiara. Several of the watchmen gasped. Roland looked smug. Letitia looked objectionably winsome. Mrs Proust sighed. And Tiffany… went back in time, just for a second. But in that second she was a little girl again, reading the well-thumbed book of fairy stories that all her sisters had read before her.

But she had seen what they had not seen; she had seen through it. It lied. No, well, not exactly lied, but told you truths that you did not want to know: that only blond and blue-eyed girls could get the prince and wear the glittering crown. It was built into the world. Even worse, it was built into your hair colouring. Redheads and brunettes sometimes got more than a walk-on part in the land of story, but if all you had was a rather mousy shade of brown hair, you were marked down to be a servant girl.

Or you could be the witch. Yes! You didn’t have to be stuck in the story. You could change it, not just for yourself, but for other people. You could change the story with a wave of your hand.

But she sighed anyway, because the jewelled headdress was such a wonderful thing.
—  Terry Pratchett, I Shall Wear Midnight
A Favor Returned

Just a stupid little New Year’s Eve ficlet, almost 2 months late, but who cares?

summary: modern AU. Emma is scelebrating New Year’s Eve with her girls, and they are having fortune cookies of a special kind. A handsome, but infuriating stranger doesn’t help to lift the mood…

rating: k for kissing ;)

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Like every year, Ruby Lucas makes a big show giving out the small tulle packets with the homemade fortune cookies she brought back to Boston from her Christmas visit to her grandmother. It’s tradition that she and her bunch of friends each get one to open at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Like every year, she reminds them, “Granny says not to open them before midnight!”

Like every year, her girlfriend Mulan jokes, “Wait, those are Chinese, shouldn’t I be the one giving them to you?”

Ruby rolls her eyes, “Don’t be so cliché. It’s getting old.”

Emma Swan frowns suspiciously at the cookie in her hand. “Wait, this is a trick? There’s some stupid message inside just to…”

To be fair, it wouldn’t be the first time. Granny Lucas, at whose house Emma spent a lot of time in her youth, has tried more than once to send encouraging messages especially to her. Over the last years, however, it has become more and more annoying, and Emma started to feel the pain of every only single among a bunch of friends who are all happily taken. Endearing as it is that they all care so much for her, it’s still unnerving when even your youth’s friend’s grandmother tries to get you to finally find a boyfriend – or a girlfriend, whatever floats your boat, as Granny put it so eloquently.

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Girls, never forget that being educated, and educating yourself, is an act of defiance. For so much of human history, women were regularly denied education—and in many areas they still are. So never forget that your education, any education, is an act of defiance. 

And I do not just mean college, or high school. I mean the education your mother gives you at home with your sisters. That is defiance. I mean the education you claim for yourself, by studying the books you were discouraged from reading. I mean the night classes you attend, the master’s degree you got online, the PhD program you worked your ass off to get into. I mean the knowledge you and your girlfriends share with one another. All of these things are defiance. 

It is defiance because you are saying “I deserve this.” It is defiance because you are saying, “I deserve to take up intellectual space. I can and will be a part of this conversation.” It is defiance because you are claiming the right to be a part of a world that for so long barred its doors to you. You were not invited in, not really, but you are there anyways. 

When you get an education, when you fight for it, you say “Women can be.” And with your education, you can teach other women, in whatever way possible, and women educating other women is just about the biggest small act of defiance I know. 

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Can you do one where Betty and Jughead first meet Polly's baby like waiting in the waiting room while Polly is in labor and talking about how great of an aunt Betty will be

Polly’s Baby

Betty couldn’t believe it - in just a little bit, she would be an aunt. 

Polly didn’t want to find out the sex of the baby in advance. Betty couldn’t wait to find out if she was going to have a niece or a nephew. 

She played with the hem of her sweater, looking up as the doors of the maternity ward opened and Jughead strolled through, rushing over to her.

“Did I miss anything?” He asked in a hushed tone. 

Betty smiled and shook her head. “No, the baby hasn’t come yet. Pol’ didn’t want anyone in the room with her, so my mom is a little upset. And the Blossoms are just pacing around, hoping to see the baby.”

Jughead took Betty’s hand out of her lap and slipped his fingers between hers.

“I can’t wait to watch Disney movies with her. Or him.” Betty smiled over at Jughead. “And hear those sweet baby coo’s.” 

Jughead smiled back at her. “Their first Hallowe’en is going to be pretty fun for you.”

Betty’s face lit up. “Jug, I hadn’t even thought of that! Oh my God, that is going to be amazing.”

Jughead laughed. “I remember once when we were little, we never had much money to use for costumes, so I usually just dressed Jellybean up in something and didn’t dress up myself. I let her have all the candy. So one year when we were especially tight on funds, we blew up those little water-balloons and just filled a giant clear garbage bag with them and strapped it around her little body. She was a literal bag of jellybeans. She kept falling because of how big it was on her but she didn’t stop smiling the whole night.”

Betty stroked her fingers against the top of his hand, smiling. She loved hearing about his happy memories. “I’m definitely going to need you to help me dress up my little niece or nephew each Hallowe’en.”

“Oh yeah?”

A nurse walked into the room and Betty’s head snapped towards her.

“Elizabeth Cooper?” She called, looking across the waiting room.

Betty popped up from where she was sitting. “That’s me.”

“Polly is ready for you and your boyfriend in the room. Parents are welcome after Betty.” The nurse read off a sheet.

Betty pulled Jughead up and walked past the double doors the nurse led them into. She pointed to a room on their left.

Betty stepped gingerly into the room, Jughead by her side.

“Pol’?” Betty murmured. 

There in the bed was Polly, propped up by pillows. She had a light sheen of sweat on her forehead. She was cradling a tiny, pink form in her arms.

Betty stepped closer, Jughead lingered in the corner. He wanted Betty to have her moment.

Polly leaned her arms forward, handing the baby off to Betty.”I want you to meet Violet Elizabeth Blossom.” 

“That’s such a beautiful name, Polly.” Betty smiled as she gently took the baby from her sisters arms, remembering what she had heard about holding newborns - support the head.

“Whenever Jason and I were alone outside, he would comment on the purple flowers - how vibrant they were. I couldn’t get that out of my mind when I was thinking of names. And her middle name is after my favorite sister.” Polly smiled.

“I’m your only sister.” Betty laughed.

“My favorite girl then. My two favorite girls in the world.” Polly smiled, looking at her sister smiling down at the baby in her arms.

“We’re going to have so much fun,” Betty cooed down at the baby. “I’m going to show you all the best Disney movies and read you all the best books. And we can have dance parties!” Betty stroked a finger across the baby’s back.

“Hey Pol’? Why didn’t you get Mom and Dad in the room before me?”

“I wanted her to meet her namesake before anyone else.” Polly smiled. “Plus, they would change the energy in the room.” 

Betty nodded understandingly.

“Hey Jug, you want to hold the baby?”

Jughead walked closer to Betty and Polly, smiling. “You sure?” 

Betty nodded, knowing how great he was with babies. He seemed so calm around them. 

Jughead reached out his arms and scooped the baby into them easily. “Hey little flower girl,” He cooed. “Me and you can team up and drive your aunt crazy when you’re a little older.” He smiled. “I’m going to show you all the best pranks.”

“Oh God.” Betty and Polly groaned in unison.

“Yes I am.” Jughead continued, rocking slowly on his feet. 

Tea Party

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“I’m bored!” Madeline whined as she sat on your bed, her sister Lillian laying on her stomach reading a book while you packed.

“Do you have to go?” Lily asked as you placed some clothes in your suitcase.

“It’s not going to be very long, plus you guys get to spend the weekend with Daddy, that’ll be fun, right?” You beamed, the looks on their littles faces making you want to stay. You and your best friend had been preparing this trip for nearly 6 years, before Lillian was born, you couldn’t ditch her now just because your girls wanted you, something you’d never thought could happen before.

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If their little sister misses their dad and her mother (Sakamaki Brothers)


◈ Planning to take a nap on the sofa, he lazily walks into the living room
◈ But someone is occupying the sofa
◈ The little girl is now curling on the sofa like a kitten
◈ And has an obvious frown on her face
◈ “I missed mom and dad.” She told him
◈ Shuu just looked at her small profile
◈ But gave no reaction to what she says
◈ “Move.” Shuu told her
◈ But the little girl just looked at him
◈ How annoying
◈ He carefully scoops the little girl’s body
◈ Then he lays on the sofa with the little girl still in his arms
◈ “Sleep.” He says
◈ “But why…?”
◈ “So you can atleast see them in your dreams.”
◈ The little girl follows him and she closes her eyes
◈ Shuu can’t understand the little girl’s feelings
◈ Since he doesn’t really care about his parents
◈ But atleast he managed to remove the little girl’s frown on her face


◈ Hearing a soft knock on his door, Reiji opens the door
◈ Only to see their little sister standing in front of him
◈ With a big frown on her face
◈ “What do you want?”
◈ “Can I ask a favor?”
◈ “What is it?”
◈ “Can I….. see mom and dad?”
◈ Reiji carefully looked at his little sister before asking her again
◈ “Why do you want to see them?”
◈ “I missed them.”
◈ Just like his other brothers, Reiji can’t understand her
◈ He doesn’t care about his own parents, actually
◈ Reiji lets the little girl enter his room and asked her to sit on a sofa
◈ He grabs a book from his bookshelf
◈ And sits beside the little girl
◈ “I can’t bring you to your parents, but instead, I’ll read you a story.”
◈ The little girl’s frown is slowly changing into a cheerful smile
◈ Sighing, he reads her a story until he feels that the little girl is now feeling okay


◈ So Chibi misses their father and her mother….?
◈ Really?
◈ This little vampire is so pure
◈ How did she manage to like their father?
◈ Ayato can’t symphatize for her
◈ He doesn’t really like their parents
◈ Especially Cordelia
◈ So when he saw the frown on their little sister’s face
◈ He gets irritated
◈ “Chibi, stop frowning. This is an order from Your Highness!”
◈ “Butー”
◈ Before she can answer him, Ayato picked her up
◈ “Let’s go somewhere and eat takoyaki. My treat.”
◈ “Really?”
◈ “Yes. So you better stop frowning this instant.”
◈ The little girl now looked at him
◈ With an innocent smile on her face


◈ When Laito saw their little sister in the living room, he carefully approached her
◈ Laito sat beside the little girl, but she ignores him.
◈ Weird, he thought.
◈ Usually, she would cheerfully talk to him about anything whenever she’s with him
◈ “Why are you frowning, dolly?” He asked.
◈ “I want to see mom and dad…” she murmurs
◈ “What?”
◈ “I missed my parents.”
◈ Laito remains quiet after hearing their little sister
◈ He can’t understand her
◈ Laito doesn’t feel anything about their parents
◈ Especially to their mother
◈ Laito taps his lap indicating he wants her to sit on it
◈ The little girl obediently obey him and sits on his lap
◈ “I can’t really understand you, but I don’t want to see you sad.”
◈ “…….Maybe someday you’ll see them again.”
◈ “So you better smile until that day comes, okay?”
◈ Listening to his big brother Laito, she slowly shows her pretty smile
◈ “That is what I’m talking about. Let’s grab an ice cream, okay?”
◈ The little girl grab Laito’s hand and now cheerfully pulling him outside the mansion


◈ Kanato invites their little sister to one of his tea party
◈ But seeing the little girl frowning while looking at the table
◈ Kanato is now pissed
◈ “Why are you frowning? Teddy is getting bothered by your ugly frowning.”
◈ “I missed mom and dad…” she whispers
◈ “You…. missed them?” Kanato asked her hesitantly
◈ The little girl nods
◈ Kanato is now staring at her small little sister
◈ After some minute of staring her, Kanato speaks again
◈ “I see.”
◈ Carefully, Kanato picks up Teddy from it’s chair
◈ And he sat beside the little girl
◈ “Here. Touch Teddy’s hand.” Kanato told her sister
◈ “Can…. I?”
◈ “Just do what I say. Be grateful that I’m letting you hold Teddy’s hand.”
◈ The little girl carefully touch Teddy’s hand while saying thank you
◈ When the little girl smiles
◈ Kanato is now pleased


◈ Subaru irritatingly confronts the little girl
◈ Who keeps on following him since morning
◈ Then he notices that the little girl is frowning
◈ “What do you want now?!”
◈ “I missed mom and dad…” she said
◈ “I don’t care. Leave me alone.”
◈ Hearing this, the little girl is now crying
◈ “H-Hey! Stop crying!”
◈ The little girl stops her crying, but her eyes were still teary
◈ Subaru kneels in front of her
◈ “Come here.”
◈ “I’m sure they don’t want you be to like that. So don’t be sad, okay?”
◈ The little girl nods
◈ Then she hugs his big brother Subaru
◈ Blushing, Subaru awkwardly hugs her back
◈ And pats her small back until she’s okay

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Hey Aja! Um, could you elaborate a bit on the writing advice about the three sisters for those who've never read Chekhov or Audition? If so, thanks!


If you’re just joining us, anon is referring to this post where I said that the best writing advice i’d ever gotten is Michael Shurtleff’s book Audition! and summed it all up with this line from the book that’s always really stuck with me: [Chekhov’s] Three Sisters isn’t about three sad sisters who never get to Moscow. It’s about three lively girls who fight like hell to get there.

In the context of the book — which is about teaching actors to make decisive choices and invent motivations for the scenes they’re reading in their auditions — Shurtleff is actually warning against actors essentially acting the outcome of the play. That is, if you know the unhappy resolution to a story, as an actor, he’s saying, you still have to act as if you don’t know it, because your character is fighting for the thing that they want throughout the play, the whole time. 

And it’s that fight — seeing what motivates that character and how hard they’re willing to fight and the lengths they’re willing to go to in order to get what they want — that compels us as audiences. Shurtleff makes that point again and again, and the takeaway for me has always been that characterization should always drive plot, never the other way around. 

There’s actually a huge core academic philosophical debate around this idea, because Aristotle argued the reverse, that plot fuels most of our writing, and that what characters want ultimately boils down to what they can achieve within a range of plots; and I think writers like Chekhov disprove that, because when you make your study human behavior and human faults and frailties, the plots are a) kind of secondary and b) completely surprising, because humans themselves aren’t predictable. 

Also, everyone should read Chekhov, and in fact you probably can’t really understand writing without reading Chekhov, at least his short stories, because Chekhov’s short stories are structurally and literally perfect. Chekhov doesn’t really write within tropes, and even when he does do something tropey you have no idea how it’s going to turn out because his focus is upon the enigmatic quality of human nature, and he dwells upon how uncertain and unpredictable they are. Like in his short story “The Bet,” he has a character voluntarily enter solitary confinement for a decade — the character has been stripped down to the barest of essentials, trapped voluntarily in a prison with nothing to motivate him but his baseline humanity, and you have no idea what the outcome of that will be because he’s essentially having his character remolded from scratch while inside a dark room cordoned off from view. The driving question of that story then becomes “what will this character want when he’s emerged from this 10 years of isolation, what will he want and what will he have become?”

I think to be the most successful all writing should be like that — the driving force should always be about what characters want and who they are. Instead of us going “I want X thing to happen” and then writing characters who will do that thing, we should be writing “I want to explore what might motivate a person to do X,” or “I want to write about a character who has XYZ traits — where will those traits take them?” and then find characters who we can become at home with, who we can investigate and plumb the depths of, who will surprise us with their endless capacity to generate new possibilities for plots we hadn’t even thought of, and who will never, ever stop fighting like hell to get to Moscow.

The One Where It’s Wrong

Pairing: John Murphy x Reader

Summary: Charlotte was your little sister and yet somehow, despite her death being largely Murphy’s fault, you had fallen for him. But some things are just too wrong, too unforgivable and forgiving him for your sisters death would be one of them.

A/N: first ‘the 100′ imagine, hope you guys enjoy! i’m upto season 2 and finn is my fave so for those of you who have watched all of it, yall know im cryin!

MASTERLIST, MOBILE MASTERLIST (you can like it and save it for later!)

“What are you doing here Murphy?” you groan as he walks into your tent.

“Bellamy is looking for you,” he mumbles, picking up things and examining them.

“Put that down,” you sigh as he picks up your bracelet.

“How do I look?” you ask, twirling around, “It’s a little hard to look nice without a mirror but-“

“You look great,” Murphy cuts you off, barely looking at you, “You’d better go see Bellamy. You know how he gets when people are late.”

“You’re right,” you grumble, rushing past him, “Oh and Murphy?”


“For what it’s worth, I’m glad you stuck around.”

As you enter Bellamy’s tent a girl rushes out, half in tears and half naked.

“I see you’re treating women as you usually do – good to see nothing’s changed,” you scoff, crossing your arms over your chest, “Murphy said you wanted to see me?”

“Yeah. I’m sending both of you on a mission.”

“A mission? We’re not in the FBI,” you laugh and he raises a brow, “The what?”

“Guess you never read any of those history books up in the Ark, huh?”

“You’re right. I was too busy –“

Safeguarding your sister, blah blah blah – I know. So what’s the mission?”

“You both need to go to the dropship. Bring back Octavia and Lincoln.”

“There are grounders everywhere. Plus, you’re not in charge anymore, Abigail-“

Abigail and everyone else are busy safeguarding Finn. Can you do this or should I ask someone else?”

“Fine, I’ll go,” you huff, “We’ll leave now, before the sun is up.”

As you go back to your tent you find Murphy holding up one of your bra’s between his thumb and forefinger as though it was toxic, “Never seen one of these?” you scoff, snatching it out of his hand.

“Many, actually.”

“Good to know,” you roll your eyes, “Did Bellamy tell you about-“

“Yeah. We’d better get going,” he states, walking out and you pull him back by his arm.

“Can I trust you’ll have my back?”

“Always,” he smirks, slapping your ass as he exits and you slap in the back of the head, “Don’t ever do that again,” you grumble, shoving past him.

As you reach the dropship, you notice a knife in a tree, “Someone’s been here,” you mumble, pulling it out, “This isn’t one of ours.”


“Reapers,” you sigh, “Be on guard, I’m going to go get Octavia.”

“Get me for what?” she asks, walking down the ramp.

“We need to get you and Lincoln back to the Alpha station.”


“Bellamy wants you both- WATCH OUT MURPHY!” you yell as a reaper bounds towards him.

It shoves him to the ground, strangling him. You line up the shot, shooting it right in the head and Murphy rolls over, gasping for air.

“You okay?” you ask, crouching next to him and helping him sit up.

He coughs and sputters, slowly nodding.

“Let’s get out of here,” you sigh, helping him up, “Octavia, get Lincoln and follow us!”

“Why are you so nice to me?” Murphy asks as you wipe down his face with a wet cloth.

“What do you mean?”

“I killed your sister.”

You squeeze your eyes shut, shaking your head, “She jumped. And she killed Wells, she would’ve never been able to live with that.”

“She was only a little girl…”

“I know,” you sigh, your eyes stinging, “But there’s no point holding onto that.”

“Still. You don’t have to be nice to me.”

I don’t have to but we’re on the same side Murphy and I believe in forgiveness, even for those who don’t deserve it at times.

Murphy nods slowly, “I really am sorry. I never meant-“

“You can make up for it by not being an asshole,” you cut him off, standing up and suting yourself off.

You begin to tidy the tent, “Sleep Murphy, you need to get some rest.”

Your hands move faster than your mind can process. It had all gotten to you; the war, the death, the loss and worst of all, all the blood on your hands.

“Y/N,” Murphy whispers, pulling your hands into his, “Look at me.”

Your eyes flicker to his, “I killed another person today, Murphy.”

“That wasn’t a person,” he tucks a strand of hair behind your ear, “He would’ve killed all of us if not for you.”

You shake our head, squeezing your eyes shut as tears fall out.

Murphy caresses your face, his thumb running over a scar on your cheek, “Maybe you should get some rest.”

“I’m on watch.”

“I can take your shift,” he smiles and you nod, curling up on the floor and Murphy places his jacket over you as you dose off.

“You don’t think they-“ Finn begins.

“No,” Clark shakes her head laughing before her expression hardens, “No.”

“No way,” Raven laughs as she enters your tent, “When did this happen?” she giggles, kicking Murphy in the shin.

“What the fuck,” he groans, slowly waking up.

You wake up due to the noise and your eyes widen as you find a shirtless Murphy beside you, both of you entangled together.

“What are you doing?!” you shove him away, scrambling away from him.

“I was – you were-“

Murphy looks from you to the crowd gathered around the two of you.

“I’m sorry – did you climb into bed without her knowing?” Raven furrows her brows together, walking towards him and Clark pulls her back.

“I’m sure he has an explanation,” she says through gritted teeth, looking annoyed herself.

“S-she was shivering and I thought body warmth-“

“Why not just take her to Abigail if she was shivering that badly?”

Murphy swallows hard, “I guess-“

“He was thinking with his penis and not his head… or should I say his little head and not his actual head,” Finn scoffs and Clark slaps his arm, glaring at him.

“Everyone go back to their posts,” Clark grumbles, “Murphy, if you so much as lay a finger on her again without her permission, you’ll be banished again,” she growls, “Get dressed.”

As everyone leaves the tent you stare at Murphy, wide eyed.

“I’m s-sorry, I wasn’t-“

You abruptly stand up, pulling your jacket over your shoulders, “I should get to work,” you mumble, basically running out of the tent.

“You’ve been avoiding me,” Murphy pulls you aside, his breathing heavy, “Why are you avoiding me?”

“I’m not,” you mumble, looking past him, “I’m on guard duty Murphy, I have to-“

“You can spare a minute,” he spits, “Is this about the other night?”


“Don’t lie.”

“You want to talk about lying? Why don’t we talk about what actually happened the other night…

“Y-you remember?”

“I didn’t when I woke up but I did later on.”


“You said you were in love with me and then you kissed me.”

“You didn’t stop me…”

“I didn’t want to,” you sigh, “I wished we could’ve stayed like that forever.”

Murphy’s eyes widen, “Y-you – you like me too?”

“I shouldn’t,” you sigh, running your fingers through your hair, “It’s wrong.”

“Why?” he pulls your hand into his, stepping closer to you.

“Like you said, you killed my sister. I can’t just let that go.”

You can’t or everyone around us can’t?”

“People won’t understand.”

“Fuck them.”

“Murphy, I’m in love with the boy who everyone hates.”

Murphy smirks, “In love?”

You nod slowly, looking at your hand in his, “I’m scared.”

“I’ll protect you. From everyone. From everything.”

“Murphy; I’m scared of you.”

Murphy slumps, “Like everyone else…”

“I’m not scared you’ll hurt me. Not physically anyway. I’m scared you’ll break my heart… I’m scared you’ll leave me to save yourself.”

“Hey,” he tucks a strand of hair behind your ear, “I would never.”

“I know I’m the ‘asshole of the 100’ but it’s different with you.”

You stand there staring at each other awkwardly before you clear your throat, trying to lighten the mood.

“Promise me John,” you smirk and his eyes widen in displeasure, “Don’t call me John.”

You push him playfully, “Come on John,” you giggle, “Promise me.”

Murphy pins you against the wall, his hands on your waist and you suck in a sharp breath.

He softly presses his lips to yours, pulling away but still hovering, “I promise,” he whispers, sending chills down your spine.

He pulls away, “I also promise that if you ever call me John again, I’ll tell everyone about why you were really arrested on the Ark.”

You wouldn’t,” your eyes narrow.

“Public intoxication and defacement of property; though I would probably use the words ‘drunk and peed in public’.”

“I’m going to kill you,” you laugh, charging at him.

You’ll have to catch me first.”

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Are they trying to convert u based in show stuff? 😂

It’s generally the “mine is better than yours” or “why do you ship incest?!” or “jonrya?! gross! you should ship him with his aunt or the other girl he grew up calling sister”. I’m just so fucking tired of the same arguments about the same things. I’m trying to get some peace for once XD

Let me read the books, dream about my OTP and be salty about the show! This is all I want here! XD

Quite Unfortunate

Robb Stark x fem!Reader

Words: 1293
Notes: Y/N = your name

Warnings: mention of sex (that will take place in the next chapter, anyway…)

Here you can read Part 1 and Part 2

Recap: The awkward situation between you and Robb, started when he accidentally saw you getting out of the tub, comes to a dirty end when you confess you’ve seen him naked too.

Originally posted by mofobian

You didn’t hide for long behind that bush watching Robb Stark bare naked swimming in the river. Actually, he and the other two young men did not stay longer than a matter of minutes in those icy waters and, when they came out, you just closed your eyes as the embarrassment took over. You were not so brave to stare at Robb’s thing like it was nothing and, even if you were, there were two things extra you didn’t care. Then you realized that, if they had found you there, it would’ve been a disaster. How would you explain the situation? A girl like you, nice and highborn, shouldn’t do what you just did. So you hurried to beckon Lady and left. Only when you were again out of the wood you saw Grey Wind had followed you.

– Go back to Robb – you ordered, but the direwolf rubbed his snout against your gown showing no intention of moving; – Back, – you repeated scratching his head, – to Robb.

He was still, looking straight in your eyes, with his mouth open up like a big smile.

– Man, you’ll get me in trouble… – you whined begging the direwolf to understand. And he did not, or he didn’t want to, because he licked the back of your hand as he was apologizing and trotted away along with Lady, to Sansa and Jayne.

There was nothing left to do but join them, praying that once he got there, Robb didn’t ask for anything.

It didn’t take long for the Stark to come back and when he, Theon and Jon finally made it to you girls, you were listening to Jayne read a passage of an old book. Robb stopped right in front of you and, even if he seemed to be surprised to find you there with his sister and his wolf, he slightly smile at your presence. Seeing his master, Grey Wind got up and went to receive him, but a few seconds after, he overstepped everybody and went down over the hill along with Ghost.

– I was wondering where he was, but now I understand why he didn’t stay around – Robb said towards you, in a way that showed he was happy to see you there, in the end.

You smiled too and lowered your gaze, blushing. – I tried to tell him to go back to you, but he didn’t listen.

It was past noon and the sun could be high in the sky, but the winds were rising once more and it was obvious that the three boys were cold. Their hair was dripping and, under their fur coats, their clothes had to be soaked; you could tell it from looking at their boot shafts: more than four fingers of wet leather.

– What did you do? – Sansa asked in concern to her brother.

Theon smirked at her and, while he was wringing out his shirt, sniggered – He just had his ass kicked…

– Yeah, keep dreaming, Greyjoy – the eldest Stark denied making Jon laugh, before a cough cut him off.

Now the three of them had their teeth rattling, which was quite a funny scene to watch. You stood up chuckling, patted your gown and passed your fingers through Robb’s wet locks, making them dripping.

– Pull your hood up, – you giggled, – or you’ll freeze to death before we get home!

Sansa called the guards and everybody climbed on to their horse, ready to go back to Winterfell. As the hoofbeats started, you saw the two missing direwolves reappear in the distance, another pray in their jaws.

– At least some of us has successfully hunted something, today – Robb sighed with a hint of irony in his voice, earning one of your laughs.

– Indeed you could fish a salmon, – you kidded, – Or a trout, at any rate.

The Stark beamed back at you and exclaimed, – What an insolent Lady!

Once you all had reached the stables of the castle, the warmth of the walls and the straw made you breathe a sigh of relief.

– Fuck! – swore Theon leaving his horse to the stable boy and hurried away to get rid of his drenched clothes; trembling, Jon did the same, and Jayne and Sansa got out as well. You heard them giggling together about something about the Greyjoy. Anyway, before you knew it, you were left alone with him again.

– Here, – he said taking the reins of your horse, – I’ll set him for you.

You shook your head. – I’m not the one who’s freezing, – you looked at the stable boys, they were almost done with Jon’s and Jayne’s horses; – I can wait, but you should go inside to change.

– I’m afraid I must insist, Lady Y/N – he said getting closer, then he sighed – I have some mistakes to make up for.

You loved the way you got along with him, you always joked and had fun together. And you loved the tension that arose from your interactions, from your glances and your tongues. You could feel it even in a moment like that, standing in a dusty stall.

– You don’t – you almost whisper with a smile. Robb looked staggered.

The stable boy finally came to take your and Robb’s horses, apologizing for making you wait. He took the reins and, with them, the only apparent reason for you two to stay there wet and cold. So, you took Robb by the arm and headed to the stairs, carrying him to his chambers.

– I thought you were mad at me – he admitted taking time before opening the door.

– Let’s just say we’re even – you answered trying to contain your smirk, the reminiscence of what you saw at the river exceptionally clear in your mind.

Robb seemed to notice that you were hiding something and gave you a questioning look. His hand was still on the handle, hesitating. You were close, again alone in the hall, but this time you were right near his bedroom and not in the middle of a staircase where everyone could come and found you. He looked at you beautiful face, your soft hair and stretch out a hand to your wrist.

– This morning, – you said, averting your eyes from his and preventing him from doing anything else, – I was quite unfortunate, you know…

Robb didn’t know what to do. He felt his heart pounding hard against his chest and his body shiver from the cold and from the sight of you standing in front of him. You continued: – Lurking there, behind that bush… it was impossible to see from the waist down.

For your amusement, he blushed madly from his neck up to his ears and, when he saw how much you enjoyed his embarrassment, he opened the door and dragged you in the room with him.

– You are too insolent, Y/N – he breathed to your ear making you cringe, the sound of the closing lock resounding in your head.

He finally let his fur coat slip down to the floor, revealing the wet clothes underneath. And he kissed you. You let him slid his tongue in your mouth to touch yours, you let his teeth bite your lower lip. You never though his hands tracing your frame could be so pleasing, they worked on your dress with the right amount of pressure, making you wheeze and craving his palms on your skin, with no fabric in their way. Then your fingers felt the goose bumps on his arms and you decided he had to get rid of those wet clothes for good. You began to undo his jerkin as he hurried to untie his belt, and when you took his shirt off, he stepped out of his trousers.

A few seconds later, you embraced his cold naked body, falling onto the furs of his bed.


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lgbt+lit. recs

pls keep in mind that i haven’t read all of these yet but look promising ok bye

- if i was your girl by meredith russo (trans protagonist written by trans woman!!! the model on the cover of the book is trans as well [trigger warning: attempted suicide mention, slurs] )

-of fire and stars by audrey coulthurst (girl is supposed to marry boy but falls for her future sister-in-law instead + fantasy setting, what more could you want???) 

-the abyss surrounds us by emile skrutskie (3 reasons you should read this book: 1. pirates 2. lesbians. 3. “forced to share a bed” trope  x ) 

-all for the game series by nora sakavic (i’m so head over heels for this series; actual relationship doesn’t happen until later on in books but it’s totally worth it tho rip) [trigger warnings listed here]

-the song of achilles by madeline miller (ofc)

-the vast fields of ordinary by nick burd 

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Harry Styles - Based off of 10 Things I Hate About You Imagine

[I love this movie SO MUCH. I changed it a bit, the dialogue is different because of course Harry and Patrick don’t really talk alike and some of the things from the movie I either left out or changed just to.. fit better for my story.

If you’ve never seen it, you need to go watch it NOW. Heath Ledger is just… perfection. (it also takes place where I used to live so that’s cool.). I hope I did an okay job and that you enjoy!]

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High school drains you. It’s five years of panic attacks, crying in the bathroom, and walking outside at lunchtime because the cafeteria makes your heart beat too fast. It’s headaches and throwing up. You will learn more about death than you will about The Cold War. You will learn what it’s like to get drunk and laugh at the stars and how to write poetry that you would never show your English teacher but it’s okay because it makes the world hurt less. You will read books that make you believe in love but then you will fall in love with all the wrong things. Your mother and your sister will become your best friends because you’ll need someone to help you with your math homework and teach you how to handle the stress and wipe your tears.
The girl who has been your best friend for 9 years will stop speaking to you. One night you will argue and you’ll just get so fed up that you both say things you shouldn’t. She will want you to apologise even though you know what you said was the truth. Don’t let her walk all over you again. You will get so tired of her saying she’s sick and then cancelling on you but then updating her snapchat story with pictures of empty bottles, blurry eyes, and the pretty girls who don’t even know you exist. Try to forgive her. She’s going through all the same black and blue filled nights as you. Everyone is just trying to survive so don’t be too hard on anyone. Especially yourself.
The first boy to make you believe in love will break you. He will whisper your name but shout someone else’s at the top of his lungs. He will shower you with love and convince you you’re special before running off and telling his friends all about the pretty girl in his science class. Delete his conversations and block his number. Your pillow will soak up your tears better than any shoulder could and you’ll argue with your Dad a lot more. You’ll throw up shattered pieces of your hearts for weeks and you’ll burn alive when you see him in the corridors. You won’t always feel like your spine is cracked and a few months later he’ll be nothing more than words on a page. Let it hurt for a while but don’t let it kill you. Never let it kill you.
Your teachers will ask the class questions that you know that answer to, but you’ll sit on your shaking hands and bite your lip until all you can taste is that weird metallic flavour. Don’t do that. Nothing bad will happen if you speak out. When your English teachers asks for the meaning of the word ‘perverse’, don’t stare at that ground so she won’t ask you. Raise your hand and state the answer confidently  and clearly, don’t mumble it through trembling lips. You’re smarter than you think and no one is even looking at you.
Go out. Go into town and waste your day sitting on hard plastic chairs in crowded fast food places. Take shots that taste like nail polish remover and joke around with the boy in the year below. Meet up with that person, go to that stupid party. Don’t just sit there waiting for something to happen. Make things happen. Things are constantly moving forward. Don’t let your friends make memories that they’ll look back on and wonder where you were. People will be falling in love and putting themselves back together. They will be laughing, crying, creating stories that they’ll tell forever. Be apart of it.
Ask for help. You do not have to sit there and let yourself rot. When you  don’t know how to find x, ask the teacher. When your heart falls out of your chest and shatters at your feet, ask your best friend to come over and watch reality shows with you until you both fall asleep. When you can’t get the words to flow like you want them to, ask her to fix it. You are not alone so don’t you dare act like it. No more breakdowns at 2am or hiding in your bedroom and screaming into your pillow. Your sister is awake, crawl into bed with her. Your friends are only a message away, they’re there for you. Take advantage of those around you.
Everything ends. High school is not forever and in 7 years you’ll be whole again. You won’t remember the name of the boy who made you cry or the girl who fucked you over. You won’t remember the teacher who made your cheeks burn or the time you fell over in front of everybody. You won’t remember the self loathing that all those late night essays conjured up or how it feels to want death more than a good nights sleep. The desire to go back to sleep as soon as you wake up will no longer subsist in your chest. Try to remember the times that you laughed until you cried and the people who put you back together. Remember those who bled with you rather than the ones who made you bleed. The bad things won’t matter later on, but the good times will get you through the rest of your life. Pay attention to them.
When your sister moves in with her boyfriend you will feel more alone than ever; the winter will be so cold without your security blanket. Don’t worry. She is only a ten minute bus ride away. Her front door will always be open for you, just like her bedroom door was all those years. When you move into her old bedroom, don’t throw out all the things she left behind – this is still her home just as much as it is yours. Whenever you’re tidying your room and you come across one of her old books you’ll find yourself remembering the summer when you made up all those dance routines to S Club 7 and the Spice Girls. She has not left you, if anything this will bring you closer. Be happy for her. She is starting a new chapter in her life that will be filled with adventure and excitement. She will still need you just as much as you need her, remember that every great protagonist needs a trusty side-kick.
Take lots of pictures. Your camera is your best friend, don’t leave the house without it. Focus on people and the sky. Pictures of trees and beaches are overrated – anyone can look at them. People are one of a kind. Capture the old man sitting on the bench as he looks out to sea and take a picture of the couple walking through the park. These moments hold stories that are unlike any other and worth cherishing forever. Don’t miss out on them. Photograph the sky whenever you get the opportunity as it will never look like that again so do not miss the chance to cement its beauty. Remember that everyone’s sky is different and taking pictures means that you can compare them everyday. Secure life’s pulchritude.
Your grandparents  are your best friends. Hold your granddad’s hand when he’s ill and always laugh at his jokes and ridiculous stories, no matter how many times you’ve heard them. Reply to your nana’s texts and don’t shut her out when she starts complaining about something. She gets lonely sometimes too and needs somebody just as much as you do. Know that your grandma hates how little she sees you and that she wishes she could spend every day with you. It isn’t her fault so don’t resent her for it, it just means you have to appreciate the time you have together a little more. All of them offer real stories of what life was like much before your time, so make sure you embrace these tales as one day you will not have the privilege of hearing them first hand. Use your phone to record every story they tell, write down their jokes. I promise that you won’t regret it. They played a major role in who you are. Visit them as often as possible because in the future you will regret not spending so much time with them. Show them how much you love them.
Make friends with your teachers. A good bond with you favourite teachers will not only improve your knowledge, but also make you enjoy school a little more. Laugh with them, talk to them, respect them. If you show that you are trying your best and actually value what they do then they will respect you just as much. You will feel the pressure beginning to lift. When you don’t see eye to eye with one of them, try and look at it from their point of view. Why should they help you if you do not put the effort in? Don’t be the arsehole who pretends not to care about anything and then blames the teacher when they fail. Remember that all teachers have been in your position and understand more than you think they do. If you let them, they will help you survive. Becoming friends with the teacher of your favourite subject will help you be even better. Being friends with the teacher of your least favourite subject will help you go from an E to a B. Mutual respect will create less stress for both of you.
Lose yourself in music. Listen to songs that make you cry and songs that make you smile. Dance in your room with your best friend with pop songs from 2010 at full volume. Keep discovering new music. Listen to something you usually wouldn’t, you’ll probably end up loving it. When you can’t sleep at 4am because your thoughts are too loud, drown them out with your favourite band. Have a song for every emotion. Nothing beats a bad day like screaming the lyrics to an angry rock song. Music is the only permanent thing in your life, it will give you escape that you need sometimes. Go to concerts as often as possible. You will never feel more alive than when you’re standing in a room pressed up against strangers who understand you more than you understand yourself. When your body moves in harmony with everyone else and you feel the music making your bones vibrate, you will forget every single negative thought in your mind. Music is the most important thing.
Do not waste your time waiting for something to happen. If you do, you’re letting other people control your fate. Your life is the only thing that belongs to you, so don’t you fucking dare let anyone else try and take over. Time is not going to wait for you. Get a move on. Be spontaneous. Do something without thinking about it and if it ends badly then learn from your mistakes. Move on. Most of the time it is the things we don’t plan that end up being the most beneficial. When you wake up at 3pm and feel as though your day is wasted, go for a walk with your music blaring through your headphones and take pictures of where you live. Don’t hold yourself back with “there’s no time” because there’s only time. Befriend someone new. Smile at a stranger. Compliment someone. Take risks. Don’t waste the time you’ve been given by thinking about all of the missed opportunities.
Your emotions are always valid. They may not always make sense and sometimes you will be irrational, but what you feel is always important. You are allowed to cry when you’re hurting, you’re allowed to laugh at bad jokes until you’re breathless. It’s okay to scream if you want to, but it is much better to laugh. Never let anybody dictate how you should feel. Your emotions belong to you. Sure, you may not always have control over how you feel, but godammit only you can take charge again. If someone tries to tell you how to feel, walk away. They do not deserve to see your smile if they cannot handle your tears.
Read every book you can get your hands on. Stop complaining about how boring and uneventful your life is and pick up a book. You can live a thousand lives before yours ends by finding the right books to get lost in. It is guaranteed that at some point in time somebody has felt how you’re feeling and put it all in a book. Point being, you will find something relatable in every book that’s out there. Books give you the opportunity to escape the reality that you dread so much. When your exhausted with your own life, find a book and live someone else’s for awhile. Always read the book before watching the film and be willing to accept that the cinematic versions never quite compare to the original literature. It’s a heartbreak we all must endure at some point.
It is perfectly okay to be a square peg in a world of round holes. Following society’s expectations will only make you afraid to love the things you want to. There is no need for you to be perfect. Mistakes are  acceptable and problems are inevitable. Problems are like stars – up close they will burn you, but from a distance they are phenomenal specks of light. You are allowed to go crazy. Sometimes, you have to go crazy as a means to survive. It is okay. Never forget that you write your own story and you hold the pen. Don’t like something? Erase it and rewrite it. Forbid anyone from ever telling you how  to feel, what to think, and how to live your life. Your opinion and your life are the only god damn things  you can call yours. Take control. Don’t fear growing up because you will never be the right age. You will always be too young for something and too old for something else. Growing older is mandatory, growing up is not. Live.
—  16 Things I Learnt Before I Turned 16
J.H ( @a-dark-eyed-dreamer )

blitzwingg  asked:

hey hey! I was going through your blog (I have a Romanov sideblog) and I noticed some talk about Helen rapport from a long time back and I'm curious, what's wrong with her? 👀 I read The Romanov Sisters and I thought it didn't really focus enough on the girls, but other than that...???



TLDR: She’s a terrible person, bullied minors, and isn’t really a historian like she claims to be.

If you want GOOD Romanov books, go with Helen Azar. She’s absolutely amazing and the nicest person!

Bellamy Blake X Reader - I Love You

Yo this wasn’t a request but I wrote it cause I had an idea but I wasn’t sure which character to write it with so I chose Bells but I’m not really sure I like how this turned out so maybe after I finish requests I’ll write more “I Love You”s with different characters!

Word Count: 1405

Summary: There were many times and ways that you and Bellamy told each other “I Love You.” Here are the times.

The First:

“I love you.”

“You’re just saying that because I did that worksheet you couldn’t get around to.” You laughed in Bellamy’s direction and slid the paper across the table. “Love you too, Bells.”

“This is the reason why we’re best friends,” Bellamy said, slipping the paper into his own notebook. “Thank you.”

“Dude, it’s simple Earth Studies. It’s not hard.” Bellamy shrugged, tucking his notebook in his small bag. You did the same, rising from the table you were sitting at as you did.

“I just don’t have the time to look over the book.”

“Oh, right. Helping your mom?” The boy nodded. “Do you want me to come over to help you sometime? It seems like you’re overwhelmed a lot.”

“It’s fine, I’m fine.”

“You’re 16, you should be a little freer.”

“I like helping.” You held out a hand to pull Bellamy up out of his chair. You raised an eyebrow at him. “Really!” he insisted. “I like what I do.”

“Alright,” you said hesitantly, “But don’t think you can’t call if you ever need help, okay? Besides, I’d love to finally meet your mom after all these years.” Bellamy nodded and smiled at you.

“Got it.”

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Vampire Academy - CollegeAU - Part 1/?

Rose POV

I sighed, glancingat Lissa who was bouncing on the balls of her feet in excitement. I smiled and raised my eyebrows.

“This is the one, isn’t it?” I asked. Lissa nodded and clasped her hands.

“Oh Rose, it’s perfect, look at this little breakfast bar! Plus our rooms have little window seats,” she said, grinning and glancing around in wonder. I glanced at my dad, Abe, and smiled.

“Do you approve of this one?” I asked. He sighed and glanced around the room.

“I have to admit girls, it is a lot better than the crack den’s you were looking at before,” he said, pursing his lips and tapping on the walls. He pulled out his phone and stepped into the hallway. I glanced at Lissa and forced another smile. I was worried about her. Right now she seemed happy…but still, I worried about her. Ever since her parents died she had been going through waves of depression. Lissa turned to face me and held onto my hands.

“I can’t wait to show Christian this place,” She said softly. Christian Ozera…her long time boyfriend. I smiled and nudged her hip with mine.

“We’ll need to come up with a system for when you two are being sickly sweet,” I said, pulling a face. My father stepped back into the room and glanced between Lissa and I.

“I hope you’ve both picked your rooms,” he said. Lissa let out a squeal of happiness and jumped into a hug with him. He made eye contact with me and smiled.

“You both know that you can’t escape your fortnightly dinner obligations right?” he asked. I nodded, joining him and Lissa for a hug. He pulled out his wallet and scanned the cards, pulling out one and handing it to me.

“Furniture and essentials,” he said, handing me the shiny credit card with ROSEMARIE HATHAWAY written on it. Lissa let out another squeal and tugged at my arm.

“Essentials, girls!” He reminded us. “Right, I have to go I have a business meeting, goodbye girls,” he said softly, pressing a kiss to our heads. Lissa grabbed the card in my hands and let out a small sigh of contentment. She grabbed my arm and gave me my car keys.

“Let’s go,” she said brightly.

Dimitri POV

I don’t know what I was expecting when Abe Mazur called me asking to meet up with him at the bar he had hired me in…but it wasn’t a flat offer.

“Sorry?” I asked in confusion. Abe arched an eyebrow and took a sip from his glass of water.

“I said that I had an offer for you,” He repeated. “You’re starting college this year. I’ve just bought a block of apartments and I was wondering if you wanted one of them. At a discounted rate of course. I was thinking you and Christian could share one of the apartments. Instead of paying over the top rates,”  

I felt my eyebrows furrow together and my heart leapt in my chest.

Are you sure?” I asked. Abe laughed and looked at me.

“Consider it a worthwhile investment in your future. You’ll be transferred to the bar closer to your apartment,” he said. My heart leapt and I glanced at him.

“You’re serious?” I asked, he nodded and glanced at me.

“Of course, you should know by now, Belikov. I’m a man of my word. I only wish that Andrew was here to see it with you,” he said softly, his voice trailing off. My throat tightened and I tried to stop the thoughts of Andrew flushing my mind. He was Abe’s son…and my best friend. Or at least…he was, before he was mugged and left to die on the sidewalk. Abe cleared his throat and forced a business like smile onto his face.

“The furniture is already at the apartment but feel free to decorate it however you’d like,” He said standing up and dropping a set of keys into my hands. “I’ll be in touch,”

I watched him walk out of the bar before picking up my phone and dialling my mother. Finally, some good news.

I held my bags of clothes and books, balancing them on one hand as I turned the key to the door of my apartment. Then I heard it her laugh. I almost dropped my bags and I cursed in my native tongue, catching the book with my other hand. I lifted my gaze and my eyes met Rose’s.

Dimitri,” she said softly, taking a step forward to help me. I forced a smile and steadied myself.

“I’ve got it, Roza. Thank you,” I said, opening the door and placing my bags inside and mumbling a quick goodbye to the girls. I leaned my head against the door and let out a groan. I was pathetic.

“Smooth,” I heard a lazy drawl from behind me, and I spun round to face Christian Ozera. I rubbed the back of my neck and picked up my bags, heading towards the rooms. I noticed one was open and guessed that Christian had claimed it. I pushed open the second door and put my boxes down on the bed. I let out a sigh and glanced around the room. It was massive.

“It’s great isn’t it?” Christian asked, sitting on my desk and arching an eyebrow at my fascination. I nodded. It was a lot bigger than my last apartment…my last apartment could have fit inside this. Christian ran his eyes over my book collection and raised an eyebrow.

“History?” he asked. I nodded and Christian let out a bark of laughter. “Really, Belikov? We’re going to be living together and this is the conversation I get out of you?” he teased. I smiled and stood up.

“Sorry, I’m still getting used to having someone here,” I joked. Christian leaned back against the wall and smirked.

“Don’t worry. I’ll have you talking in no time,” he said smugly. I shook my head and started organising my books. Christian glanced at the Westerns and frowned.

“Are they in Russian?” he asked. I nodded. “Is it hard to read your college books?” he asked, gesturing at the English textbooks. I shrugged and stood up.

“I manage,” I said. Christian nodded and headed for the door.

“I’m going over to see the girls. Do you want to come?” he asked.

No!” I said quickly, too quickly. Christian raised his eyebrows and gave me a pointed look.

“Whatever, weirdo. We’ll talk later,” he said, heading for the front door. I groaned and pulled one of my books off the shelf and tried to focus on it. I was being ridiculous. Rose was my best friend’s little sister…and I couldn’t even speak to her. Not after what happened during summer. I groaned and covered my face with my book. I’m sorry, I thought to Andrew. There I was lying on a bed that by all rights should have been his…crushing on his younger sister.

You’re Crazy

I may or may not have been watching Royal Crush before writing this. sorry imagines have been coming out slowly! 

Pairing: Reader x Sam Wilkinson

Summary: Meeting Sam Wilkinson was one of the last things Y/N expected to happen on her annual family cruise. 

Word Count: 1,711


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The Notebook (Bucky x Reader)

The first time you saw the notebook, it was night time. The compound was quiet, the only light came from the television in front of the couch where Bucky sat. He fingered the corner of the paper before slowly turning the page, brows furrowed in concentration as he read every word carefully.

“What’s that?” You asked softly, walking into the room and standing in front of him with a slight smile. He looked up at you, face immediately relaxing as he closed the notebook and put it on the side table, reaching up to gently tug you down in his lap.

“Nothing you need to worry about, doll,” he hummed, smiling up at you.

You let the subject drop and pressed a kiss to his forehead.


The second time you saw the notebook, Bucky didn’t see you. You leaned against the doorframe to his room and watched as he read the notebook completely through, then flipped back to the beginning and started over.

You finally walked in and ran a hand through his hair until he rested his head against your stomach and closed his notebook.

“I made lunch,” you said quietly, not bothering to ask what was in the notebook again. The two of you sat in a content silence.

“I know you’re curious,” he whispered, thumb still brushing over the worn cover.

“You’ll tell me when you’re ready.” You smiled just slightly. When he looked up at you, you rested a hand on his cheek and leaned down to press a soft kiss to his lips.


The third time you saw the notebook, it had to be misplaced. What else would it be doing on your bed? You slowly sat down and picked it up, setting it in your lap.

Looking down at it, you saw your name written on the cover. He’d wanted you to read it. Your heart raced as you opened the book and let your eyes go over the words just as carefully as his do.

You read about memories of his sisters, of his mom, of Steve before the war. You read stories about ex-girlfriends and heartbreaks and about what life was like during the war. You learned of the times he’d had with Steve and how happy he’d been to be with his best friend, protecting his country and his world.

Then, you read page after page about a girl Bucky knew, little things like her favorite song, favorite food, her little nervous ticks. You read about her eyes and how much Bucky loved her more than anything in the world. Page after page of little things and big things.

By the last page, you realized you were reading about yourself, and your lips twitched up as you finished.


The last time you saw the notebook, you handed it back to Bucky. He was at the table in the kitchen and you set it down in front of him wordlessly, taking a seat on his lap and looking down at him.

He never took his eyes off of the notebook as he whispered, “It’s so I don’t forget.” You stayed quiet, brushing your fingers over his own. “It took me years to remember everything, and I don’t want to ever forget it again. I want to know who I am.”

It was quiet for many more moments.

“You’re James Buchanan Barnes,” you reminded him. “You’re the strongest man I’ve ever known. You’re gentle, and you’re kind, and you try to make me breakfast in bed…” You trailed off with a giggle at the memory of a burned breakfast. “You always make sure I have a smile on my face, and you watch my favorite movies with me, and you understand. You’re Bucky.”

He was looking up at you with eyes filled with more love than you’d ever seen in them.

“I’m your Bucky,” he murmured, and that’s when you smiled again.

Your Bucky.

Allison- Heartbeat

Request:   Can you write an imagine where Allison is out looking for chimeras alone at night and the reader pops out. They look together only to find the beast. It chases them and end up at the burned hale house, hiding somewhere tight the reader kisses Allison to slow down her heartbeat. You can take on from there    

A/N: So I’ve gotten a lot less creative with my titles lately. Please forgive me. Anyway, this is a little bit of Allison in honor of the season finale tonight. Hope you guys enjoy the show!

   You sat in the back of your English class, trying to focus on the poster you and Malia were currently working on. Even though you were both supposed to read the book, Malia had decided not to. That left you to fill out all the information on the poster, while Malia just cut out paper in the shapes of objects.

         “Y/n,” she said happily as she waved the string of paper people in your face. “Look they’re dancing. Y/n? Y/n?”

         While you were supposed to be scribbling down information, you weren’t exactly focused on the plot of Paper Towns. Instead, you had your sights set on the beautiful brunette sitting all the way up at the front of the room, hard at work with Lydia by her side.

         “Y/n!” Malia said loudly, causing the group of people in front of you to turn around and stare.

         You flushed and turned back to Malia, shooting her a glare. “What?”

         “You’re staring at Allison again,” she remarked.

         “I’m aware,” you practically growled. “Could you be any louder?”

         “Yeah, do you want me to?” she asked quizzically.

         You sighed. “Sarcasm, Malia.”

         While your cousin had made lots of progress since returning to human form, her ability to pick up on dry humor still wasn’t quite there yet. She also had a problem with being loud and brutally honest, and as she loudly declared your secret feelings in the back of the class, you thanked every god there was that Allison Argent was sitting up front.

         “Oh,” Malia said simply. “Well, it’s true. She’s all you talk about. I don’t get why you don’t just ask her out.”

         “Because she’d turn me down,” you stated quietly. “She’s got a thousand other girls in this school she could choose from. Besides, I’m a Hale.”

         “And?” Malia asked. “So am I. Well, technically I’m a Tate. I’d rather be a Tate. Anyway, Allison’s nice enough and you’re already friends.”

         “I know that,” you told her. “But what would her dad say? Can you imagine the look on his face if she told him we were together?”

         Malia frowned and you blushed harshly. You couldn’t believe you were even thinking about you and Allison together. In your mind, it wasn’t even a possibility, purely because you truly thought she’d never be interested. You quickly shook off your thoughts and turned your attention back to the project. There was no point in having a broken heart and an F in English.

         “Come on,” you said. “Keep cutting.”

         “I am,” Malia insisted. “You’re the one too busy staring at the hunter to do your half.”

         “You’re one to talk,” you pointed out. “You didn’t even read the book.”

         “I can barely read the label on the back of my shampoo bottle, Y/n,” Malia told you. “You don’t really wanna rely on me to read 350 pages.”      

         “Oh come on,” you told her. “That’s not true.”

         “Says the girl who reads three books a week,” Malia fired.

         “There’s not much to do in the loft,” you admitted.

         “Well there’s stuff to do at my place,” she told you. “Like drink and eat and watch those stupid chick-flicks you pretend to hate. So do you wanna come over tonight?”

         “I can’t,” you told her regretfully. “Derek wants me in tonight. Something about brother-sister bonding.”

         “Your brother’s no fun,” Malia grumbled.

         “Sometimes,” you agreed.

         You looked down at the poster and continued to scribble, leaving Malia completely oblivious to your little white lie. While Derek did want you inside with the Dread Doctors running around, you had no plans to stay in that night. You had overheard a conversation between Allison and Lydia earlier, much like the one they were having right across the room.

         “Allison,” Lydia said through gritted teeth.

         “What?” the brunette complained as she looked back at the poster, skillfully hiding where her eyes had been directed.

         “You’re coloring outside the lines again,” Lydia remarked painfully.

         Allison groaned. “I told you that you could do it. I wanted to write anyway.”

         “No way,” Lydia told her. “The last thing I need to do is color some evil tree stump all over our project. But I want it to look a little better than kindergarten level.”

         “Oh, come on. That’s at least a first grader’s handiwork,” Allison pointed out with a grin.

         “You’re hopeless,” Lydia said as she took the marker from Allison’s hand. “If we fail this because you were too busy staring at Y/n-“

         “I was not!” Allison complained. “I just…like her shirt.”

         “That was pathetic,” Lydia commented without looking up. “You can’t hide your feelings from me. Why don’t you just ask her out?”

         “Because she’d say no, Lydia,” Allison said softly. “I did try to kill her brother once.”

         “And he tried to kill me,” Lydia reminded her. “And Isaac tried to kill you, and Scott tried to kill all of us. I mean, when it comes down to it, you and Y/n are, like, the only ones in the pack who haven’t tried to kill each other. You should be asking her out on a date tonight instead of going to hunt for bodies.”

         “We need to find those chimeras,” Allison said with a frown. “I’m going looking whether you come with me or not.”

         “I’ll have to take not,” Lydia told her. “When given the choice between going to the spa and finding dead bodies with my best friend, it’s a no brainer.”

         “Fine,” Allison said with a sigh. “I guess I’m on my own.”

         Allison walked through the dead leaves with her bow slung on her back, wincing at the painful crunching sounds her boots made. Sure it was loud, but there was no other way to move around the preserve. She shined her tiny flashlight back and forth, looking for any trace of a body. She had been out in the woods for almost an hour, and she still hadn’t found anything, much like she had expected.

         Maybe with Lydia it could have been enjoyable, but now she was a little freaked out to be alone, especially with the Dread Doctors running around. She paused in the leaves and looked over her shoulder, just in time to hear a soft crunching sound. It was so tiny that she might have overlooked it another time, but in the dark woods she seemed to pick up on everything.

         She slowly pulled her bow off her back, well aware of the slow footsteps that seemed to be coming towards her. In seconds, she was drawing an arrow from her quiver and nocking it in her bow as her flashlight slipped from her fingers. She whirled around and pulled it back, only to have it point straight at your throat.

         “Woah!” you cried as you froze where you stood, one hand still outstretched for Allison’s shoulder.

         Allison’s eyes went wide and she quickly lowered her bow, mortified that she had almost shot an arrow into her crush. She knew you would have healed, but that wasn’t exactly the way to win your heart.

         “Oh my god!” she gasped. “Y/n, I-I’m so sorry!”

         “It’s, uh, it’s okay,” you told her cautiously as you lowered your hands. “Just point that thing somewhere else.”

         Allison flushed and set her bow on the ground, flashing you an apologetic smile. But her smile quickly faltered, and she tilted her head quizzically. “Did you follow me?”

         “Uh,” you said, your mind going blank. “Uh, I…”

         “You did,” Allison stated with a grin. “Were you checking up on me?”

         “You shouldn’t be alone out here,” you grumbled.

         “You’re alone out here,” Allison pointed out. “Does Derek even know where you are?”

         “Yep,” you told her sarcastically. “I’m at Malia’s sleepover. Can’t you tell?”

         Allison smiled, flashing you her trademark dimples. “As far as my dad knows, I’m at Lydia’s.”

         You couldn’t help but smile, because you knew Allison was just as cunning as you were. Peter could say all that he wanted about the Argents, but you knew Allison was brilliant.

         “So you’re looking for chimeras?” you asked her.

         Allison nodded. “Dead ones. Someone has to find them.”

         “Shouldn’t Lydia be doing that?” you asked her. “I mean, isn’t that sort of her job?”

         “I guess,” Allison said. “But I figured I’d try to help too.”

         “Well, you shouldn’t be out here alone,” you told her.

         “Y/n,” Allison protested. “I can take care of myse-“

         “I’ll help,” you cut her off.

         Allison blinked, taken aback by your words. “Oh. Okay.”

         You grinned at her and she couldn’t help but smile back. She spent time with you nearly every day, but that was always with the other members of the pack. This time, she’d finally get some time to be alone with you.

         “So where do we sta-“

         Before you could even finish your question, a large roar cut through the trees. You and Allison both shared a wide-eyed glance, and that was when the trees started shaking.

         “You don’t think that’s-“

         “The Beast,” you stated fearfully. “Run!”

         Allison blinked, but before she could even process what you were saying, you snatched her hand in your own. You dragged her through the trees, leaving her bow lying uselessly on the ground as you ran. Two pairs of footsteps crunched in the night, leaving you terrified the Beast would follow the sound. Trees continued to shake behind you as you and Allison ran.

         Finally, she cried out “Where are we going?”

         “You’ll see!” you promised as you tugged her past a large thicket of trees.

         As Allison ran behind you, she couldn’t ignore the thrill of having your hand wrapped around her own. She swore to herself that if you both made it out of this alive, she’d take Lydia’s advice and ask you out.

         The trees began to thin out and a mammoth shape came into view from the darkness. Allison quickly realized that it was the burned out shell of the Hale house. Your old house.

         “Y/n,” Allison said. “What are you-“

         “Be quiet,” you hissed as you tugged her up the steps and into the house, kicking the front door out of your way. “It might not find us in here.”

         Allison stumbled into the house beside you, complying as you pushed her behind a pile of burned wood. She was sandwiched between the wall and the wood, and that was tight enough. When you squeezed in beside her, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

         “What do we do?” Allison whispered.

         “We have to stay quiet,” you informed her.

         Allison quickly shut her mouth, but after a few seconds you turned to her.

         “Calm down!” you hissed. “Your heart is beating like crazy.”

         “I can’t help it,” Allison whispered frantically. “I’m scared!”

         You made a face and tried to listen to the noise outside, but it was consumed with roaring and trees splintering. You looked back at Allison, realizing what you had to do.

         “Don’t be,” you told her, leaning forward and pulling her into a kiss.

         Since there was so little space, you didn’t have to lean very far and it wasn’t like Allison was backing away. She blinked in shock as your lips touched hers, but her body soon relaxed. She reached up to tangle her fingers in your hair, and you could hear her heartbeat slowing down.

         Thump. Thump. Thump. Like the slow beat of a drum or like the end of a beautiful piece of music, Allison’s heartbeat gradually slowed. You could hear the sounds outside quieting down too, and you guessed the Beast was moving on. By the time you and Allison actually pulled away from each other, it was long gone.

  “Sorry,” you whispered. “I couldn’t think of anything else.”

         Allison slowly shook her head and you saw the corner of her lips turn up in the dark. “Don’t be.”

         She leaned forward again, but you held up a hand. “Wait. Wait, does that mean that you like me?”

         “Of course,” Allison breathed. “I mean, I crawled into this cramped space with you.”

         “Yeah,” you agreed. “But if it meant the difference between living and being torn apart by an inky monster of death…”

         “True,” she told you. “But I guarantee you I wouldn’t have enjoyed it with anyone else.”

         “Oh,” you said. “Okay, but-“

         Before you could embarrass yourself even further, Allison leaned forward to kiss you again. This time you didn’t hesitate, and you wasted no time in leaning into her warm body. All the fears you had had about asking Allison out earlier seemed to be long gone, and she felt the same way about you. Your only regret was not taking Malia’s advice sooner, because if you were sure about one thing it was that Allison was worth whatever fears you had to fight.