if you want one for a phone they dont fit

5 things about me

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5 things you’ll find in my bag;

  1. phone 
  2. purse (wallet??)
  3. lipgloss
  4. My bag is really tiny I cant fit anymore

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom;

  1. bambi plush from disneyland (๑TㅂT)و✧
  2. fireplace that my dad has yet to connect to the chimney.. one day
  3. graphic novels/comics
  4. lots of tealight holders!!✧*。
  5. arty stuff
  6. mess. a lot of mess.I need to tidy up desperately 

5 things i’ve wanted to do in life;

  2. be able to treat my family for everything they do for me and for always being there for me (travel with them ;v;)
  3. make my own comic/animation
  4. be successful doing something I really love!♥
  5. feel completely content with myself 

5 things that make me happy;

  1. art + animation ^o^
  2. being productive!! & feeling accomplished!!!
  3. alone time (but not too much)
  4. watching films with my fam
  5. riding my bike ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭ (its pink..pink makes me happy)

5 things i’m currently into;

  1. saving up enough money to travel lol god (Australia here I hopefully come dont hold me to that tho ahaha)
  2. YOUTUBERS DUDE. Im obsessed. coughkrist & yucough 
  3. drawing traditionally / realistically 
  4. manwhas/mangas/graphicnovels/comics lordy lord
  5. fashion??? I’ve never been into clothes but lately Ive been like 👀

5 things on my to do list;

  1. make more art/another youtube video 
  2. drink more water
  3. tidy ma room ^v^’’’
  4. start bullet journalling !!! so pretty ! so aesthetic !
  5. practice animating more ;v

5 things people may not know about me;

  1. I’ve never broken a bone in my life
  2. never cut my hair either!
  3. I hate listening to anything/talking when I draw- anything with words or people talking really makes it hard for me to concentrate and frustrates me so fricken much (which is why I’m bad for staying up all night when literally nobody is around talking!)
  4. I never studied for any of my exams until the day before aka I’m a terrible timekeeper (still got one of the best results of my year in school tho lolololol)
  5. I love conspiracy theories and will pretty much believe anything if you show me a convincing documentary on it. *shakes fist at ancient aliens*

and yeaahhh thats it!! if any of u guys want to do this please go ahead, its really fun once u start to really think about an answer for everything :D

could you imagine having a really bad day from the second you wake up and you really just want to sit in your room and listen to music or watch 5sos videos but your mum makes you go out with her to run errands even though you just want to be alone so every store she drags you into you get more and more annoyed at every little thing and your mum starts to get really pissed at you and tells you to start acting like an adult when you turn the corner to get away from her. you walk into someone and get to embarrassed to look up so just keep apologizing until you here the person say its no problem and his voice sounds so familiar and when you look up and see michael standing right in front of you and your shocked and don’t really understand how this happened to you so you start to cry a little bit and mikey pulls you into one of his hugs where he really holds onto you and tells you everything’s alright and he starts to rub your back and when he finally pulls away you thank him for everything he’s done and for always being there when you needed someone and he just smiles and feels really humbled and asks if you want a picture and that’s when your mum walks over and is shocked the the boy you’ve loved for three years standing in right front of you. she smiles at him and offers to take the picture when you give her your phone and michael wraps his arm around your waist for the picture. “would you mind taking one with my phone as well?” your mom is smiling and nods. you gather for a second picture and when he gets his phone back he smiles at you and asks your name. “I like that. It fits you” “thank you, I dont really like it but thank you.” “well i don’t really like the name michael either but hey.” he’d be so funny and so polite and thank you  for being a fan and being so sweet. “and thank you mum for taking our photo” your mom would smile and nod. “well i gotta go but it was amazing meeting you y/n, and if you post that picture anywhere tag me. ill look for it.” you smiled at him still in shock slightly shaking as he walked away. “hey michael? what are you doing here?” he turned around smirking slightly “just exploring. see you around.” he waved you off as he disappeared through the front doors of the store. you turned to look at your mom seeing her smile at you. “did that really just happen? i just met micheal clifford mum.” “you did. and i think he liked you,” “he did not like me he’s just polite.” she smiled at you again “mmhm, so woah one look at him and your happier already.” “shush mum” did you really just meet mikey? 


  1. he used to come home from school, log on to aol.com and look for nudes
  2. his mum and stepdad thought he was gay
  3. but his ultra conservative step dad found said pics and LOOKED THROUGH THEM WITH HIM AND SAID ‘THIS IS A NICE ONE’ ETC
  4. his parents got divorced when he was like 2 or 3
  5. he has two older step siblings who went to stanford
  6. his dad got remarried but ‘it didnt work out’
  7. he loves dating actresses lmao 
  8. he said vagina and i dont think i’ve ever heard him do that before
  9. he used to talk to his gf all night on the phone when his parents went to bed
  10. will said he was like the relationship guy and like i feel that bc he seems like a serial monogamist 
  11. ‘i…want to…be next to you’
  12. ‘i want both of us to fit in ur sweatpants’
  13. ‘…are you listening to the cure?’