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EXO Reaction when it’s your birthday but you are sad because your friends and fam can’t come visit you

HAppy late birthday Poland anon! Xo, Admin A~

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*Prepares a day full of activities and surprises, so even if you aren’t with your family you feel loved and with friends* “So I rented the cinema… we can watch all the movies you want jagi….”


*Takes you to his favorite places and spends the whole day and night with you* “You know… when I miss my home I just lay down and stare at the starry night. The starts, the moon remind me that we live under the same sky… so even if it’s for a little bit I feel at home”


*Prepares a little birthday surprise party for you* “I know it’s not all your friends but… you are very special to us. Happy birthday jagi!”


*Like two days before your birthday* “Prepare your things baobei, we are flying home for your birthday! This is my birthday present for you”


“Can you trust me? I might not be them but… I’ll try to make your birthday a day you’ll never forget. Please don’t be sad, I’m here for you”


*Has a lot of surprises for you but there’s one in particular that he wants you to see* “Hey babe~ I recorded this video thinking you might want to see your friends and family from back home today so… I asked them to send me a video with everything they wanted to tell you in this special day. I hope you enjoy it. I love you”


*Prepares a surprise party… with all your family and friends from home* “I know you thought they wouldn’t be able to come but I didn’t want you to be sad because of it… so I made some arrangements. Happy Birthday babe!”


*He always treats you like a princess but in this day he makes you feel even more special, and loved and appreciated* “Please don’t be sad, you are not alone. You have me, I can be your home”


“Say jagi… I might not be able to bring you family and friends here but.. I want to know what you want to do in your birthday. Let me be your fairy-godmother for one day, yes?” *Will make all your wishes come true*


“Are you read jagi? What do you mean for what? Your birthday, I prepared a day full of surprises for you. Just you and me though, I’ll make this day memorable, I promise” *Gives his all, just for you*


“So I thought we could stay home today. I asked Kyungsoo to help me make your favorite food and I brought your favorite movies and all the sweets you love. I also wrote a song for you and brought so many presents form me and the boys and your friends and family than sent them from home… I just want you to feel at home for one day… I hope you like everything I have prepared” 


*Goes through all your photo albums, calls your parents and friends and prepares your birthday as close as they would* “They might not be here, but they helped me do this all for you. From the bottom of our hearts, happy birthday Jagi!”

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Credit goes to the original artist. Let me know who it is. I could not find the name.

? Yaboybokuto? Currently waiting for their reply through PM. If this is you please let me know if you want me to take it down? If you want to post it please do artist. I think it’s a great addition to your work. As a fellow artist I never want to take credit for anyone else’s hard work 😄
Down For The Count: Min Yoongi

Prompt:  Jungkook/Taehyung/Jimin/Namjoon/Hoseok/Yoongi/Seokjin

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Word  Count:

Warning: 800

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Fall Out Boy Lyrics Starters

▪“I can’t stop it when there’s chemicals keeping us together.” 

▪“My heart is like a stallion. ”

▪“And now I’m here to give you all my love. ” 

▪“I’ve been dying to tell you anything you want to hear.”

 ▪“Doesn’t it feel like our time is running out?“ 

▪“The person that you’d take a bullet for is behind the trigger.” 

▪“It’s not funny anymore.“

 ▪"Bury me ‘til I confess.”

 ▪“Thanks for the memories, even if they weren’t so great.”

 ▪“Cue all the love to leave my heart.” 

▪“Letting people down is my thing, baby. 

“ ▪“I don’t know where we’re headed, but do you have room for one more troubled soul?”

▪“But if you ask me two’s a whole lot lonelier than one.”

▪“Am I more than you bargained for yet? ”

 ▪“Been looking forward to the future, but my eyesight is going bad.

” ▪“I’m here to collect your hearts, it’s the only reason that I sing”

 ▪“May nothing but death do us part…“

 ▪“I know I’m the one you want to forget.”

 ▪“I’d trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday.“

 ▪“The war is won before it’s begun.“ 

▪“We are the jack-o-lanterns in July, setting fire to the sky.”

 ▪“Baby, we should have left our love in the gutter where we found it.”

 ▪"I don’t believe a word you say but I can’t stop listening.”

I need your help

Hi everyone! (I’m actually really nervous about this.. but.. here goes nothing..)

I am in need of your help. I’m gonna explain why. One of the reasons is actually very sensitive as I would be risking my family and my own safety if I did so say the sensitive reason why I’m asking for your help. Well, I have a few reasons why I’m doing this. I would be fine with sharing it to any of you if you want to know, just message me. I hope that you’ll read til the end. Please bear with me as this might be a long post. But I’ll try to summarize everything as much as I can. I might not share all the details because as I’ve said, it’s really risky and complicated. 

But I can’t take it anymore, I can’t just keep my mouth shut and let life drag me down as the days go by. It’s really heart-wrenching for me everytime I think about my situation, my family’s situation. This mess we’re in is even tearing our family part bit by bit. My mom and I aren’t in good terms because of this. This “mess” is the root of all the disaster that’s happening in my family right now. Ok, so I’m gonna tell you why I’m asking for your help. I have some plans to help my mom because we’re struggling financially, and by struggling, I mean that we’re really having a hard time financially. It’s actually the reason why I think she’s depressed. I noticed how she’s been irritable and sensitive lately, she’s also a lot more aggressive. I honestly don’t know where it started but I have a feeling that it’s due to our endless problems. 

Then, we had an argument. I talked back because I didn’t like the things she said. Take note : I know she didn’t mean any of the words she said, she was just able to tell us such horrible things because she’s stressed. I know because I’m completely aware of what my family is facing. She said things like how me and my siblings are such nuisances in her life, that we’re such a huge “responsibility”, that she wants to leave us, she threatened to poison us so we’d just die. I have two younger siblings and yes, I’m the eldest. My brother’s 12 while my little sister’s 10. So yeah, I know it sounds crazy and complicated, much like straight from a drama film. I cried, of course, I mean, who wouldn’t? I wasn’t able to contain my anger because I was truly hurt by the things she said, that’s why I was able to talk back. I know it’s wrong, very very wrong, but I’ve apologized. I can’t say that she accepted my apology because now she’s being cold to us. Specially to me. She acts as if I’m invisible. She doesn’t call me by my name, refers to me as ‘it/her’ when she talks about me with my younger siblings. I’m doing all the work at home, woke up very early to cook breakfast because she won’t do it. Me and my brother were even late because like I said, I had to do all the work by myself. It’s really taking a toll on me. And the fact that she’s really mad at me hurts me more.

Just this morning, I almost cried when a friend of mine smiled at me. Yes, it is that hard for me. To see someone smile at me, it’s as if someone lessened my pain somehow. I’m feeling really hopeless that’s why I decided to write this, to you. I am in desperate need of your help. Any amount will be very much appreciated. I will use the money to buy a new laptop for my blog because the laptop I’m currently using is broken, it’s actually a gift and it’s kinda old but It’s about to reach its limit. It might just suddenly break again and I don’t have enough money to have it repaired, (I have created a new blog) and a camera (a cheap or second hand mini dslr camera will do.) I’ve signed up to a blog advertising company and once I earn enough money from blogging or any other online job I could find, I want to make a business to help my mom out. Please, I’m not sharing these details with you to act meek so that you would give me money. I can’t ask help from my friends either because they’re all connected to that one “person” who wants to harm us. My boyfriend is trying his best to help me at the meantime but I don’t want to ask any more help from him like money because my mom doesn’t want to accept it. I’m sharing these details with you to let you know why I need your help. :( But all of our problems have one root, and I can’t tell you that root (unless you message me about it, I’d be okay with sharing it with you) because once I expose it, it’s like I’m calling out to the person who wants to .. I’m sorry, I really can’t say it. I actually thought of making a video about this, to explain everything elaborately (verbally) but I can’t either. Because I really cannot expose myself.  My mom doesn’t know I’m asking for your help, and I don’t have any plans of telling her yet.

If you’d like to send any amount of money, please message me via Twitter or here (on Tumblr) for the Paypal link. I can’t share it on here as well because it contains our location. It’s just really risky. We can’t ask help from anyone in my country because 1.) It could make our problem 10x more complicated and worse. 2.) We are all terrified to death if anyone finds us. 

I will be very grateful to any amount that you’re willing to give. And if it won’t be a bother, could you please reblog this? Thank you so much! <3

When things get better in the future, I will make video about this ^-^

Thank you so much and god bless you. <3

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Part of me wishes Neal lived so he could face the consequences of abandoning Emma, like having Snowing hate him for he did (and not naming their kid after him, please), Henry confronting him, having to deal with Emma choosing Hook over him. I'd take that over Saint Neal the Martyr any day.

To be fair they could have add all that when he was alive but they chose not to go down that route (although now hat you mention it I’d love for Emma to confront her parents and tell them the ugly truth). I can get Henry wanting to have a good image of his father and Emma respecting that but Snow and David should definitely have had something to say on that.

I don’t see how they could have continued with Neal alive or what purpose he’d have served (which does suck because I don’t think the guy deserved to die, certainly not to further his abusive father’s development) but his and Emma’s past could (and should) have been dealt with when he was alive.

I’m taking a hiatus! 

Yes, another one! 

I don’t know how long I’ll be away but you all know me, I could be back in the next two days! But I really want to aim for a week and more because I really need to get away from social media for a while. It’s just not…helping me at the moment and it’s becoming more toxic and my brain doesn’t need that. So I’m going to just shut down all my stuff and focus on writing and maybe start learning how to draw like I’d like to. 

Take care of yourselves and I love you and I’ll see you in two days or two months or anything further or in between! 

So indefinitely. 

Love you guys. 

To my surprise she agreed so I ran in and turned my music on.
I sat on the ground and she just stood there.
“There’s a perfectly good bed right-”
“Can you just?!” I grinned as I pulled her down.

Everything in my life was so wrong. Absolutely wrong, but looking into those clear grey eyes made everything wash away so quickly. I had no time for anything else. I let them take me. I let them take me without a fight.

We lay there and she was staring. I knew she wanted to ask again. Time to get this over with, I thought.
“I…I need you to get rid of Meredith.”
She raised an eyebrow. “Oh, what happened to-”
“Nia please, this is hard enough.”
Her face softened.
“I just want her far. Far away from here. So far she’ll never be able to come back, but don’t hurt her. Please Nia I just want her gone.”
“Why did you decide to change your mind?”
“Has she been bothering you again?”
“No! I..I don’t know Nia. I just don’t want to be looking over my shoulder, okay?”
I was such a bad liar.  
“Fine. Well I do hope you understand what you’re asking of me.”

I hesitated, did I? Did I really?
I didn’t think she was some kind of secret agent or assassin or anything, but her family was beyond loaded. They practically had an infinite amount of simoleons. She could make anyone disappear if she really wanted them gone.
I also knew Julius was a sketchy guy, if they needed to harm anyone or put a stop to someone permanently, well I’m sure he had connections.
I didn’t really like thinking about any of this. I always forgot just how powerful her family was.

“I-I do. I d-do Nia. This is what, what I want.”
My my breath was rapid now.  “Just, don’t, don’t hurt her okay? I only want her gone.”
“I can’t promise that, but it will not be my intention to cause harm.”
I felt panic course through me. Why did she have to act like this was nothing, like I wasn’t about to end someone’s life as they’ve known it?
I was about to force relocate Meredith to who knows where, and away from everyone she knows or loves, if she’s even capable of that.
I covered my eyes.
Was this worth it? Of course it was, anything was worth Kali’s happiness.

I felt her grab my arm.
“O-Okay Nia. Okay.”
I uncovered my eyes and noticed she was still staring right at me with her stupid eyes. I hated when she made that face, I clung to her so badly whenever she made that face.
“Are we finished with this business?”
“Yeah.” I exhaled. I didn’t realize I had been holding my breath.

Our eyes were still linked as she got on top of me.
I chuckled and held onto her shirt
She smiled at me. If she only knew how badly her smiled killed me.

“You have no idea how much I love you,” I said, with what I knew was a stupid smile on my face.
“Well then show me.”
She smirked just enough to show a bit of teeth, and that was it. She knew exactly how to work me. I gripped her shirt tightly and pulled her in.


“H-hey Snow. So…We’ve been together about a year now and..I know that isn’t very long, but I uh…really love you yo. You make me feel things I can’t explain, well I guess they’d have names, but i’m not good at emotions ya know… Anyway what I want to say is…”

*Remix gets down on one knee and takes her hand*

“I love you so much and it’s both scary and wonderful how much you make me feel. You’re so beautiful and caring and so all up amazing and…I want you to all up be mine…Snowflake? 

“Would You Marry Me?” 

This is what family should be

Not sure if I’m going to keep this up or take this down (pending on Jamie’s agreement and Ed’s comfort level with this) but I had to write it down - the images I got were so powerful and I apologise for not putting that level of detail in but I just wanted to get everything on paper - i hope you could still imagine the warmth and the genuineness and the love and care that had been felt… all the things I wish I’d had at difficult family times

Ollie’s love for his family is so symbolic to me in so many ways… I hope their little unit stays strong forever - I’d love to raise a family with as much love and kindness and trust as they have - I absolutely adore the way their little family unit works 


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you know as much as I approve of those messages telling women to learn how to say no and take up space etc., they’ve always bothered me a little bit and I realize it’s bc they never really tell you what happens when you do push back: men are going to fight you on it. they are going to try and wear you down and pick you apart and make you feel selfish and crazy, because in the end they think they can get what they want out of you anyway. every time I put my foot down and refuse to budge, not only do I have to repeat my stance ad nauseum, I get called mean or psycho or any number of words that are code for “how dare you not give me what I want.”

so I guess my piece of advice is to be just as stubborn as a man. if you don’t want to hug him, don’t let him manipulate you into a handshake. if you want him to leave, don’t give him five more minutes to say bye. they’re gonna take every bit and then expect a little more, bc in the end they think they can whiddle you away until all that’s left is someone they can manipulate.

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i need help with my schedule. i've been taking violin lessons for about 6 months and i just can't find the motivation to do a full practice session every day. i wait till like midnight to practice cause i don't want my family to hear me/interrupt but then i'm so tired that i just play one song and then lay down and fall asleep and repeat that over and over again. what time of day should i practice? how can i keep a good and consistent schedule? could really use advice from you/your followers

practice at the time that you’re naturally most productive and energetic. for me, this is either 9 in the morning after my cup of coffee, or around 6 after my recovery cup of coffee. also, I’ve trained my family to endure the awful screeching coming from my room as I practice, and you can probably do the same with yours. good luck

Hmmmno, I’ve decided. I’m definitely just going to permanently drop the Vintons. There’s no way I can think of to make the save more interesting to me without taking it down and just playing it privately. 

So I’ll probably just try to start something else later. 

Should there be any sims I’ve used that you want, message me and I can upload them for you. I won’t really need them much anymore, anyway.


: Since everything in my life rn is going down the drain, I’d figured I could go back to something I was somehow good at: Writing smut, angst and… yeah, that’s about it.

So, if any of you are still out there… I am, too. :)

Looking forward to interacting with you again!

PS: I am not taking any bigger things- hold on, that sounded wrong (actually quite right but no…). I wanted to say that I will be writing short drabbles or answers to HCs. Hit me up if you got anything. Or want anything.

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If you're still taking akeshu song recommendations, how about "Hiding" by Florence + The Machine?

I’m always up for song recs! Thanks a bunch, anon. Let’s see what we’ve got.

I know that you’re hiding
I know there’s a part of you that I just cannot reach
You don’t have to let me in
Just know that I’m still here
I’m ready for you whenever, whenever you need
Whenever you want to begin


But if you give a little, so will I, so will I

I’m…. gonna go lie down on my floor and stare at the ceiling. 😭😢

I think the almost 60s pop girl band vibe ruins the song and the impact of the lyrics, but I also wasn’t a big fan of Flo’s third album. This song though? This is an emotional suckerpunch of a tune. Ouch.

And really, the almost upbeat, somewhat airy poppiness can also work. The message of the song is one of telling someone that despite the problems, the hardship, the distance and the fear, they’re going to remain exactly where they are. Them and the love they offer isn’t going to go anywhere. I can so perfectly imagine some sorta weird meta dream shared between the two boys, with Joker whispering this into the wall that divides him and Akechi.Nice pick!

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also i got punched in the face and need an excuse for the bruise, what do you think would be believable? - broken heart anon

well, bruises form differently from punches and other injuries depending on pressure so jot that down.

also, no.
i’d want a friend or my child to tell me the truth so i can’t help you with this. i’m sorry.

put ice/frozen item on the bruise. take care of yourself.

Okay now that my initial excitement for Robin has settled down…what the fuck guys why would you do this to Robin…she was never sexualized in any of the other art previously, especially not in the main game, AND NOT EVEN IN THIS GAME LIKE WTF. I know the whole swimsuit thing is fanservice anyways (looking Frederick, holy fuck) but still…Robin being drawn all moe and suddenly having boobs makes me want to take a few steps back if I didn’t love Robin so much to begin with and I’m desperate for her

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Do you want more than one? (Also if I'm sending to many prompts pls tell me, I really love your writing and I'm always thirsty for more zelink) make me SOB and do "You said you’d always be there for me… so how did this happened? Why weren’t you there?"

So I figured to switch gears and went with BotW, and I think it got really angsty. O_O

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