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WARNINGS (Cutting)

You sat in your room, watching as Glenn and Maggie ran out the front door with big grins. It had taken a lot of persuasion to get them to leave. Especially Maggie, she knew how you felt. She’d gone through her first heartbreak too.

Most of the time you just sat in this spot. Right in front of the window that overlooked the street. There was just something interesting about watching people live their lives as if it wasn’t the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

You sighed as you sat up from your chair, walking into the conjoined bathroom. At first, you just wanted to go. That was until you saw the pack of razors sitting on top of the medicine cabinet. You glanced over them for a moment, staring at yourself in the mirror, but your body overpowered your brain and you found yourself grabbing one of them out of the box.

You slowly began to tear the plastic razor apart. It was harder than you had expected, but you had finally managed to get to the sharp piece of metal. Holding the small item your hand, you hesitantly put it against your arm. In one swift motion, you had cut a small line into your arm.

You dropped the blade into the sink, holding on to the sides for your support. That was when you realized that you had been cried. You slowly sank to the floor in front of the sink.

“Pathetic.” you whispered to yourself, wiping your eyes, smearing blood onto your cheek.

“Y-Y/N?” a voice asked from behind you. You had of course recognized it, Carl. “Oh my god! Y/N what did you do!?” Carl cried as he ripped the towels from the hamper before dropping to his knees beside you,

“I’m sorry.” you whispered. “I’m so sorry.”

“Did you do this because of me?” he asked, his voice cracking. Even though you didn’t look at him, you could picture his eyes brimming with tears. You just hung your head low, staying quiet.

“I’m sorry.” you said once again.

“This is really deep Y/N. We need to go see Denise.” he told you, trying to pull you off the floor. You stayed put, refusing to get up. “Please Y/N!” Carl strained. You stubbornly shook your head.

“No. Just leave me here.” you told him.

“Are you insane!? There is no way I’m going to leave you to bleed out on the floor!” he argued, still pulling on your uninjured arm. “Baby please!” he asked again. You stopped fighting, shocked as he called you by the nickname he had given you back at the prison. Carl noticed, and managed to pull you up with him. He watched as your lawled to the sighed, before you collapsed into his arms.

“I’m sorry.” you said once again, before fainting onto Carl.