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The man in the chair is MARWOOD. Twenty-five years old. Milk white with insomnia. Glasses like Lennon’s and a sweet face behind them. Seventy-five per cent good looks and the rest is anxiety. This is a long haul with unspecified destination. Only thing certain is there are still hours to go. Hours and hours have stagnated in here. Drifting in cigarette smoke and settling with the dust.

If I ever say i find someone attractive I’m probably joking or speaking only in aesthetic terms but I just want you to know that everything I say about Paul McGann is 100% sincere. That man could break every bone in my body and I’d say thanks 


McGann War, comrades. 

Starts: now

Deadline: infinity

Participants: everyone who wants to join.

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Chin chin


And just so the whole classic Who boy band would have a new series speech under their belt, I asked Paul McGann to read the monologue from the Day of the Doctor.
(This was beautiful in person…)