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me a famous actor: you shouldnt use fishbowls. theyre one of the most disgusting abusive bits of “pet care” existing today. pet stores lie to you and sell you a product that WILL cause your fish to poison itself in its own waste so they can guarantee another sale. dont fall for it anymore. buy a tank with a filter and a heater if youre keeping tropical fish, and remember, goldfish should be able to live 20 years in a proper tank.
interviewer: uh ok thanks but i was asking you about your new movie?


Hello everyone!! Behold!! Shirogane The black Paladin’s Paper doll kits are here!! 

I planned this to be on the sale.. but I change my mine..! 
If I’m going to draw some more paladin dress up paper dolls, I may going change my mind..later.. But NOW!!

I want yo guys to know how fun to dress up my fav Paladin in Voltron!!

Please love him and dress him as you please with love.!!

*Warning* This artworks is copyright by Moto0207, and DO NOT re-post or use it as profit without permission!!


I just stumbled on an article complaining about how much the Mystic Messenger DLC “cost” for what you get and honestly I have to sit down and do some deep breathing. I seriously cannot beliiiiiiiiiieve how entitled people have become. It’s a 2-day DLC with five stories and eight endings. Its cost? $3. If you want to pay for it, because oh that’s right you can also get it for free if you’re patient and have a few weeks. 

I swear to god. People are terrible sometimes. Three friggin dollars, THREE. And you can even get it for free. Considering otome games normally cost $20-30, never go on sale, and never release DLC or patches?? We’re being fucking spoiled by how nice Cheritz is to us, without so much as demanding money in exchange. Which would be fair. Cause, you know, they have to pay money to artists, writers, voice actors and programmers to produce the game.

super casual reminder

if you spot anymore leaks regarding the new gorillaz album, please, please dont listen to them. if you caved in and listened to saturnz barz a few times, its fine, i understand. you’re impatient and excited, just like i am, but the more this gets leaked, the more likely the albums sales will do poorly because hey, its all right there online for everyone to listen to, for free

and you want to support your favorite band right? it wont be very long now until a release date for the album comes, im sure. maybe a few months at the most. we made it this long, we can go a little longer.

I work part time (full time at another place) at a certain plus sized women’s clothing store known especially for its bras. If you apply for and are approved for our store charge, you get $20 off your purchase, which can be added to any coupon, sale, etc.

I had a woman notice that we had the $20 off as it was posted on the registers. She put a pile of underwear on the counter and said she wanted to apply for the charge. Awesome. So I took her ID, did the thing, and I got a notification to call our credit center. I told her I would have to call, as sometimes there’s a slight issue which usually ends up being related to a typo, the system glitching during the application (I have literally had registers decide to go offline right as the customer types in their social.), and generally minor things like that- it’s rarely a big or financially based issue.

So I call the call center, and fortunately, the woman is super polite about it. A lot of the time, people get irritated because this is one of those instant result store cards and the extra time to call is actually a pain in the butt for both of us. We pass the phone back and forth because we both need to confirm things. Then, the rep on the phone goes “Oh, well, Mrs. [surname] appears to already have a [store] account with us. Does she need a new card sent?”

Now, at first I’m forgiving about it. I have had people who have paid their cards off and haven’t gotten to the point where the account just closes from inactivity pretty often, and forgot about the card. I ask if she wants the replacement charge sent to her, and she pulls our Platinum (highest level) card from her wallet. I thank the rep, decline the replacement card and the application, and then when I hang up, the woman goes “So do I get the $20 off?”

When I tell her that it’s only for approved applications for new accounts, she gets angry. “Okay so I went through all of that for NOTHING?” Before I can even apologize, she puts a $45 credit reward on her $70 pile of underwear (We have our basics at 5/$35) and demands I give her the $20 off anyway because “I thought I would be approved because I already have good credit with [company] and only planned on paying $5 for these.”

Manager came out. She didn’t get her way. She ended up spending $9.95 on 5 pairs of underwear and a cotton tank.

Real talk though, possibly my favorite part of the convention was finding this amazing print for sale, because it was exactly the sort of shippy thing I wanted to make Max Mittelman (Saitama’s English VA) sign.

And in case you can’t read it, it says “To Leslie, (I ship it too), -Max Mittelman"

I totally lost the card of the artist I got this print from! If this is yours, please tag yourself!

How to Hand out a Resume

Updated version of my previous guide.

  • Always ask to speak to the manager or the person currently in charge (i.e. the assistant manager or the team leader.) The manager is the one hiring; they’re the one you want to impress. In some highly competitive retails, some sales associates will throw away your resume before it even gets to the boss(es). 
  • If you’re being accompanied by a friend or a family member, ask them to wait outside while you hand out your resume. Do not let them enter in the shop with you. Do not let them stand beside you as you speak with the manager/the person in charge. It’s unprofessional!
  • If you’re handing out resumes with a friend, do not apply at one place at the same time. Take turns instead.
  • I don’t know if it’s only a personal pet and peeve, but I utterly hate when people’s first question is “Hello, are you currently hiring?” It makes it as if you’re only interested in the workplace if they’re hiring. Maybe currently they are not, but in a few weeks they will? Maybe someone will suddenly quit and they’ll have to dig in old resumes?  
  • “Hello, may I speak with the manager or the person currently in charge? It’s for an application.”
  • “Hello, my name is ___.” Insert handshake here. “I am looking for a part-time/full-time job and I’d like to apply here. Here’s my resume.”
  • Know what you want. I’ve witnessed so many people answer “I don’t know” to the questions they were asked. 
  • On that note: Always be ready to answer some basic questions. Prepare the answers before you go, it helps looking confident. The most common questions are: 
    • How many hours do you want? What are your availability?
    • Which position are you aiming for? 
    • Why are you applying here? (to which you can easily answer: “It’s near home”, “It fits my interests”, “I’ve heard some good stories about working here”, etc. Do not lie though. Be truthful.)
    • Do you have any experience in that particular field? (if no, “No, but I want to learn”. If yes, “Yes, I have worked here and here”.)
  • Smile. I swear to God, the only reason I have my current job is because my manager was “charmed by my smile” (to put you in context, they just had hired someone and they weren’t looking for anyone else.)
  • Put one ounce of extra care in your appearance when handing out resumes. Tie your hair if you need to, do not apply in your school uniform, put your bestest clothes and look genuine. Also, please remove your shades when speaking to the employees…
  • Do not look in hurry. I know handing out resumes can be stressful and anxiety makes you want to get the Hell out of here as soon as possible. But trust me, even if you look like a earthquake of cracked nerves and stress, you’ll do good if what you say is good.

So, after some encouragement by certain people who shall remain nameless but you know who you are, 😉, I have ‘screwed my courage to the sticking place’ and decided to send the last spare calendar but 1 that I have, to a certain Irish lass…..

I’ve also included a letter, attempting to explain the DollFrasers -yeah, I know, they are in fact unexplainable, so yeah, I won’t come across as crazy lady AT ALL!!!!!!! 😂

But I wanted to let her know that sales of the Outlandolls Calendar has managed to raise £200 for World Child Cancer and Bloodwise. So next week each charity will receive a £100 donation from me.
I know its not much in the grand scheme of things but every little bit helps, right?

I may also have explained in the letter, that I haven’t sent Sam a calendar because
a) I’ve run out of copies
b) I was worried how his ‘manly sensibilities’ would cope with a calendar full of dolls
c) most importantly didn’t want him to be intimidated by DDPJamie……


( I did also point out December 2017’s offering as being particularly inspirational at this time…. #printshop)

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Elodie - Una Strada Infinita

C'è chi ama senza avere in cambio niente
There is who loves without getting nothing back

E niente chiede
and who asks for nothing

C'è chi dice che la vita è solo un viaggio verticale
there is who says that life is just a vertical trip

Ma si perde l'orizzonte
the horizon gets lost

E la linea che divide il nostro mondo d’altri mille
and so does the line that divides our world from another thousand

C'è chi vuole esser grande
there is who wants to be great

Se hai coraggio sei un gigante
if you’re brave you’re a giant

C'è chi pensa di rischiare tutto senza farsi male
there is who thinks of risking it all without getting hurt

Chiudi gli occhi per vedere
close your eyes to see

Tu sai tutto del mio cuore
you know everything about my heart

Ma non il suo confine
but not its limit

Quello che sei lo salverò
I will save what you are

Sono anche tue le forze che ho
the strength I have is yours, too

Contro ogni male, un deserto di sale
against any evil, a salt desert 

Non è possibile stare a guardare
it’s not possible to stand there and watch

Non vale niente
it’s worthless

Se è soltanto un momento che resta poesia
if it’s just a moment that stays poetry

Per sempre

Perché l'amore è una prova infinita
because love is a neverending trial

Più della vita
more than life is

C'è chi semina nel vento le sue idee e il suo tormento
there is who sows their ideas in the wind, and their torment too

Perché vadano lontano
so that they may go far 

Perché servano a qualcuno
so that they may be useful to someone

A chi cerca d’insegnare
to who tries to teach

A suo figlio a camminare
their child how to walk

E conta i sogni per dormire
while counting their dreams trying to sleep

Non vale niente
it’s worthless

Se è soltanto un momento che resta poesia
if it’s just a moment that stays poetry

Per sempre

Perché l'amore è una prova infinita
because love is a neverending trial

Più della vita
more than life is


Hey guys! The folks over at Redbuble were cool enough to give me another promo code for everyone on tumblr, and this time its for 20% off everything in my shop!!! It’s flash sale so it only lasts until 11:59pm tonight~!! But I’ll still have all the special items up for sale after. I know last time I asked around people really wanted more Zelda Stickers and Chibis up so I’ve added more that I hope you’ll like! I figured i’d make a fancier reminder since I only gave a little text post this morning about it!

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Thunderbird headcannons

- going out in the rain to jump in the puddles

- some students are afraid of lightning and thunder and their housemates immediately take it upon themselves to keep them company with warm mugs of hot chocolate

- a buddy system when exploring

- “picnics and exploration” thats there motto

- trying new things, roller coasters and different foods but its okay if you dont want to bc adventure is only fun if you’re willing

- talking about trips and showing souvenirs “you had the money to go to italy and you brought back a rock” “it has sentimental value” “are you fucking kidding me right now”

- not all the students have the resources to see the world but the entire house gets together to raise money

- bake sales do not work, and all the older students are tired of hearing the first years suggest it “but this recipe is really” “nope, trust me it will not end well”

- no one talks about what happened at the first fundraising bake sale the thunderbirds ever had

- ever

- summer field trips

- “i did not take four years of spanish just so i can watch you play charades with the entire german population” “i know german” “no you really dont, you just think you do“ 

- “why is it always a European country, i actually want to go somewhere where the people don’t think the only language i speak is chinese” “you do speak chinese” “i speak cantonese and they always assume its mandarin, which is annoying and racist”

- “i’m with her, you know how many times airport security has signaled me out, i was put in holding last time” “ you’re right maybe we can all take a portkey to indonesia or something”

- Polaroids, pictures of everything

- selfies with funny faces, landmarks, animals, food, everything is put into a big scrapbook thats shelved into a bookcase in the common room, every trip has its own scrapbook

- learning beautiful languages so they can better understand the world

- reading books and exploring fictional worlds in the place of real ones

- loving different cultures and wanting to be respectful and kind to all

Baby Pull Me Closer

Finally guys! My 100 Followers Celebration fic is finally here!! I really need to work on what I do for my Celebrarions huh? Welp! I hope you enjoy my first Sam fic!

Words: 2028

Characters: Sam x reader, Dean, Castiel

Warnings: applying first aid (does that count as a warning?), touch of angst(I mean, its barely there), smut, unprotected sex  (Had to come back and edit this oml)

tags: @impalaimagining @splendidcas @grace-for-sale (Thank you for looking over this for me!!) @casbabydontgoineedyou @willowing-love @supernaturallymarvellous (please let me know if you want to be tagged, or not tagged in my stuff!!)

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You groaned as you closed the laptop in front of you, pinching the bridge of your nose. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. You’ve been searching police reports for a case Sam and Dean were on. You got hurt and broke your arm on the last hunt and with Castiel not answering when we called, you had to sit this one out. You had convinced the boys to let you go, so long as you stayed in the hotel room doing research for them. All you had to do was flash Sam those puppy dog eyes and he caved.

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Seventeen Two Man show random part translation

MC: Are you guys Seventeen?

SVT: Yes~!!

MC: Then please prove yourself

S.coups: Starting from 26th of May, there is an idol group of 13 people that sets difference to the world of music!

Jeonghan: First full album that surpassed 15M number of sales!

Dino: Seventeen solo concert with after only 1 year of debut and even the Asia Pacific tour!

Wonwoo: 1st place at Oricon chart without officially debut in Japan!

Joshua: Us who you’ll want to see even if we are in front of you!!

Mingyu: Us who are so perfect that will make you feel dizzy!!

Woozi: Talented!

Jun: Cutie!

Seungkwan: Beagle!

DK: Sexy! Yes of the yes!

Hoshi: Charms with no way out, we will make your heart flutter!

The8: The word ‘Seventeen’ which sounds like ‘Digital chart gangster’ when you pronounce it!

Vernon: Nope! Its the word ‘Seventeen’ which sounds like ‘Visual genius’!


Wouldn’t you LOVE to have a full book of gorgeous ace art?

“What You See”, the first project by Creative Aces ( @creative-aces ) is a collection of art featuring ace themes created by ace artists. 

It is the first art book of its kind and features 38 full color pages brought to you by artists of the asexual community. The collection is all about pride, big and small, heartfelt and sometimes down right adorable.

Want your copy of this book? It’s available for sale on Amazon now!

anonymous asked:

I hate it when customers don't actually give me the anwser i need so I have to repeat the question several times before they do. A common one is when they think an item is on sale and I have to go look for it. To make it easier I often ask if they want the item if it is not on sale so that if they do not I can just put it back while I'm down there. The amount of times I've heard 'But it is on sale!' is crazy. NO, I'm asking you if you want it if it is NOT. 9/10 its not on sale.

Good morning my lovelies! 😘 Here is the final painting reveal, “Minerva”  for my solo show “Submerged” at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome opening March 31st.🖼 I wanted to share a little bit about the painting with all of you!  🌈🦋 This painting is all about dualism. 🖤❤ I wanted to explore the philosophy of the human mind vs the world we exist in. ☺💭🌏 Dualism in this painting is all about the physical vs the non physical. ✨ Its an exploration of our state of being shown form and our minds given color. 🌈There is so much to explore in the world and within ourselves that really it would help if we had a Goddess of Wisdom to guide us.💖

If you’re interested in her or any of the originals from the show, you can contact sales@dorothycircusgallery.com. 😊💗