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me a famous actor: you shouldnt use fishbowls. theyre one of the most disgusting abusive bits of “pet care” existing today. pet stores lie to you and sell you a product that WILL cause your fish to poison itself in its own waste so they can guarantee another sale. dont fall for it anymore. buy a tank with a filter and a heater if youre keeping tropical fish, and remember, goldfish should be able to live 20 years in a proper tank.
interviewer: uh ok thanks but i was asking you about your new movie?

I’m glad we’re not getting a Season 2 this year

I’ve seen people disappointed about the movie, and wanting a Season 2 in October.

My perspective is… This is the BEST NEWS THAT I HAVE HEARD in this fandom, hallelujah.

The biggest enemy that Yuri on Ice has always had is its own success. When your show is basically printing money in DVD and merchandise sales, you can bet that the higher ups are breathing down your neck. Do more. Do it now. Do it faster. If you find a goose that lays golden eggs, by all means, make that thing lay as fast as it freaking can, and while you’re at it, can you make those eggs any bigger?

I have seen success absoutely ruin amazing shows/series/book series/etc. Over and over and over again.

This is particularly true when the show/series/book series has a strong romantic subplot, as Yuri on Ice does. That’s because often, in order to keep people who are invested in the romance invested, shows tend to do one of two things: 1. Keep people from getting together long after any reasonable person could imagine that they’d be apart, or 2. Add ridiculous drama to keep splitting them apart and then getting them back together.

I trust Kubo and Yamamoto. I don’t for one second trust bean counters. And I absolutely do NOT want to see someone splitting up Yuri and Victor in nonorganic ways just to keep some unnaturally stupid tension. Yuri on Ice was magical because it was made with love–every aspect of it–and every time the show surprised us, it was with how much more love was in the show than we’d ever imagined. But it is hard to manage that fine line between enough internal tension to move the story forward and that love that makes Yuri on Ice utterly magical.

When I heard details about the production, I could sense that love. They traveled to every venue, constructed the story around what was actually possible. The spirit of everywhere they went to pervades each scene. You can line up shots of where they were with anime scenes. The way they constructed characters, their skates, the music for their skates, how it all fits together to tell an overarching story about love in all its forms, something that is utterly compelling and yet lacks villains. Even details like putting the wedding rings on the right hand. This is storytelling at its very damned best, at every level, and I’m on my knees to it.

And you want them to do what they did in years for season 1 in a matter of months? It’s not possible. Not with the site visits. Not with needing to construct characters with respect and love. Not with commissioning music. Kubo was talking on Twitter today about visiting Mexico, and the idea of her taking Leo’s heritage as a Mexican American so seriously, and with such respect, in a time when Mexican-Americans are being absolutely vilified in this country, makes me almost weepy. That is what I want–that love, that respect for what they do.

The very, very worst thing that could happen to Yuri on Ice is for the second season to be made with money in mind rather than love. I would rather have no second season than to see someone push this show to become more “mainstream” (read: toning down the queerness, fuck that), or for them to not have the time to develop a story line that continues season 1 with the mastery and the love that made it so special.

The fact that they’re taking their time is the best thing I could have heard. We can get it fast or we can get it good. There’s plenty of media out there that comes out fast. There’s a reason this one was special. Everyone who wants something fast, well, there’s plenty of crap out there–feel free to be a fan of it.

Have a little patience, and trust the people who brought you this piece of genius, who have every financial incentive to take as much money as possible. If they say you’re not getting a season 2 this year, you better believe that it’s because they can’t do it well.

Two years may sound like an eternity, but a crappy season is the thing that actually lasts forever.



  • None/very simple BG: FREE
  • Simple scenery BG: +$2


  • Maximum characters per picture is 2 characters for chibi & bust, and 3 characters for waist & fullbody.
  • I use PayPal invoice.
  • For Indonesian you get $1 discount! :D
  • The commission you ordered can be used for your personal use as long as you include credit when used.
  • I would really appreciate if you don’t resale the commission on T-shirt, buttons & such ;w; for a part of your commercial banner is fine tho. Again.. don’t forget to credit!


  1. Contact me on tumblr chat or nekophy@gmail.com to discuss your commission .
  2. Write the type of commission you want (ex.Bust), a description of what you want, and any reference images you have for the character(s).
  3. I will send you a paypal invoice for the agreed upon amount OR if you’re an indonesian, you can tranfer via BCA ($1= Rp10.000,-). Once paid, I will work on your commission.
  4. If you want, I could sent you the sketch of the progress, to see if you want any minor change.
  5. Then I’ll finish up your piece, and thank you for commissioning me! ✨
I will open the commission until the end of this week aka on July 16- after that I will close them and raise the price to its original one.. sooo….. get them while they R hot?? I mean on sale X"D

Me: Wants a sugar daddy to spoil me. 
Me instead: Spoils my s/o or friends at any chance I can get

The whole “we’re going to be saying Merry Christmas again” thing is so hilarious because the right has created this fantasy that they haven’t been allowed to say it. It’s also equally hilarious when they act like leftists can’t even hear the words “Merry Christmas” without exploding. 

Like, last I checked you’ve had free rein to say whatever you wanted and it’s pretty fucking apparent how much Christmas is a part of U.S. society. Y’all act like Christmas shit isn’t going up for sale in July and that it’s not a national fucking holiday. And as someone who has never really celebrated Christmas, let me just say that I don’t give a shit when you say Merry Christmas. We’re not going to melt.

It’s just funny that the idea “hey there are other people who may not celebrate Christmas and there are actually a lot of holidays around the ‘Christmas break’ time” has turned into some “war on Christmas” bullshit.

What your favorite Beatles album says about you
  • Please Please Me: you're cool and care about your hairdo, but you've got a softer side. you giggle when boys look at you from across the room.
  • With the Beatles: you really like the Beatles, but for some reason you don't wanna hear them do their own songs. but you really, really like the Beatles.
  • A Hard Day's Night: nobody really knows the real you. they think you're a suave, energetic socialite. deep down, you're a farm hand with a piece of wheat sticking out of your mouth, trying not to cry. you can cry if you want. it's okay to cry.
  • Beatles for Sale: you think your friends all secretly hate you, and you think strangers all secretly love you. also, George is your favorite Beatle and you like hearing Paul scream.
  • Help!: you really like ironic humor and feeling sorry for yourself, and you think people would be happier without you in the picture. you need to understand people care about you, and you should learn to like yourself. but proposing to a girl in a jumping 12 bar is wrong. don't do that.
  • Rubber Soul: when people ask you what kind of music you listen to, you say you like all different kinds.
  • Revolver: crawling into bed, you're half asleep before you remember to set your alarm. you do it with one eye open.
  • Sgt. Pepper: people say you're really together, but you know you're not. you wonder why people think you're seamless. you have so many seams. it seems they don't see your seams.
  • Magical Mystery Tour: your parents fought a lot in front of you. i'm sorry.
  • The White Album: you're greedy and like the blues.
  • Yellow Submarine: this album says a lot more about you than i have room to type about sorry you can pm me
  • Abbey Road: you won't stop trying until you're sitting at the top in a gold encrusted throne made of the skulls of your enemies and the good wishes of your friends. you don't know how to rap.
  • Let It Be: you think you have an intimate relationship with somewhere between 1 and 4 of the Beatles in a way they'll never understand. you watch a movie again if it makes you cry.

Hello everyone!! Behold!! Shirogane The black Paladin’s Paper doll kits are here!! 

I planned this to be on the sale.. but I change my mine..! 
If I’m going to draw some more paladin dress up paper dolls, I may going change my mind..later.. But NOW!!

I want yo guys to know how fun to dress up my fav Paladin in Voltron!!

Please love him and dress him as you please with love.!!

*Warning* This artworks is copyright by Moto0207, and DO NOT re-post or use it as profit without permission!!


So, if you have not heard, some time ago a writer for PopFront, Meghan Herning, published a piece delving into Taylor Swift being an apparent member of the KKK and a neo-Nazi supporter. She wrote about how Look What You Made Me Do has lyrics that supposedly resemble “We will not be replaced”, a popular white supremacist chant still used today (you probably heard that a lot in Charlottesville). 

In legal terms, libel is written or published defamation (spreading lies about a person to hurt their appearance or career). Defamation can be considered libel if it is in a magazine, book, blog, etc. In order for defamation to carry legal weight, the person who is being defamed must be able to prove that the libel hurt them in some way, such as their sales, reputation, public appearance, or emotional distress. 

Taylor Swift’s lawyers sent a letter to ask the writer of the article to remove said article from its website, claiming it is spreading lies that people are susceptible to believe and thus will cause her and her career harm. The ACLU released a statement claiming that, since Taylor’s political views and possible white supremacist beliefs cannot be proven true or false, she is overstepping her rights and the writer should be allowed to publish whatever she wants about her.

Now, if you are like me, you are probably wondering how connecting a person of any socioeconomic class to a domestic terrorist organization such as the KKK is not libel. Taylor is completely within her rights to ask the website to not publish lies about her. Taylor does, in this case, need to outwardly condemn white supremacy and the KKK. I do not, under any circumstances, believe Taylor Swift is any of the aforementioned things, but in legal terms, she does need to condemn these claims. She needs to make it obvious that she does not support these organizations. Regardless of if you or I already know / believe that, legally, she has to prove that she is not a supporter of the KKK or neo-Nazism.

I know this sounds silly because there is nothing factual or not outlandish that points to her being affiliated with these views, but honestly? It really is time for Taylor to speak up about her beliefs. It could save her legally and socially. We all know how much shit Taylor gets nowadays and always has; people will be susceptible to believing this trash since they dislike her already. This will definitely hurt her and her reputation, as well as it could create more similar articles and other lies to be spread about her.

So, it would probably be in her best interest to outwardly address the situation and her views on it.


1. They can do various concept

The members showed their versatility in their debut album with the title track “Wee Woo” and “Black widow” 

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2. Best album sales for rookie girls this year

Based on GAON, they sold more than 60k copies of their albums. They sold more than 40k only with the debut album.


I will just put some links here because you NEED to watch it

Nayoung // Kyla // Sungyeon // Yehana // Roa // Yuha // Rena // Eunwoo // Xiyeon // Kyulkyung

Also, QUEENS of synchronization

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4. They compose their songs and write lyrics

Sungyeon has composed several songs for PRISTIN, like “WEE WOO” and “WE LIKE” 

And the members also write their own lyrics !

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Its their ultimate goal, their ONLY wish for this year ! Let’s make it happen (not only for MAMA but also AAA, SMA, MMA…)


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…with the lowest price I’ve seen for MV so far!

All engines are on sale this time around, so if you wanted a super cheap copy of VX Ace and XP you are finally in luck.  RPG Maker 2003 is the cheapest as usual, and has had a recent update to the engine to make custom menus easier, as well as implement a whole new host of graphical effects if you’ve ever wanted to check that out.  

Popular RPG Maker games are also on sale this weekend, including but not limited to LISA, Rakuen, To the Moon, Mad Father, LiEat, Alice Mare, World’s Dawn, Ara Fell, Always Sometimes Monsters, Angels of Death, Hylics, Stray Cat Crossing, & Cornnie Cross’s Dead & Breakfast.

The sale ends November 1st @ 10am, 2017, so get ‘em while they’re hot!

You're speaking to one!

So I work as a manager in a Halloween store. It has its ups and downs. Here’s two examples.

Lady bought a 5 dollar item. After she handed over the cash and the drawer popped open, the girl on register, we’ll call her C, put the money in. Now before she closed her drawer, the woman decided she didn’t want the item and wanted her money back. Now right behind the register, there’s a sign that says “All Sales Are Final”. And all the cashiers say this before and after every transaction. The lady demanded her money back. Now this is C’s first job so she didn’t know exactly what to do. She called for me, and when I came over I noticed her drawer was just a tiny bit open. She didn’t close it because she didn’t know what to do. The lady was like, “I want my five dollars.” I then preceded to tell her we cannot refund her item, but we can do an exchange for something of the same price. She started to yell and say she was in a rush and that the drawer was still open so clearly we could just reach in, give her the damn money, and then void it later. I told her we couldn’t, and I looked her right in the eyes and closed the drawer. She then started screaming on the top of her lungs and said it was a “bitch move” and said we all had a nasty attitude and this was terrible customer service. She demanded to speak to a manager. I then informed her that she was already yelling at the manager. She was shocked and sucked her teeth and said she was gonna complain to corporate. Our security guard had to come handle it. I felt so bad for C because it’s her first job and she was very clearly angry and ready to whoop some ass, but she composed herself very well.

And on a good note, the most popular costumes this year for boys are blow up t-Rex’s, and for girls it’s Disneys Decendants. A lady came in looking for a trex costume for her son. I told her we had one, but it was a child’s size, and while her son was young, he was very tall. So I told her I would help locate one. I called my last job, a 3rd & Charlies, because I know they had some when I left. They were all out. And I called another Halloween store, because I had started the job at that location, and I know they had a few of the t-Rex skeleton blow ups. But they were sold out as well. The lady was so greatful for all the places I called even tho we couldn’t locate one, and afterwards asked if she could speak to a manager. I then informed her that she was speaking to one, and she got super smiley and was like, “oh thank god! I was gonna ask to speak to a manager to inform them that you needed to be promoted because you are excellent manager material. Good for you!” That made my day. :)

I get a lot of questions about my travel journals, so I thought I’d make a post about my tips, tricks, and essentials for on-the-go journaling! Keep Reading if you’re interested~

(Disclaimer: a give in, but I thought it’d be worth saying- this is all up to personal preference! This is all of the stuff that is necessary for me, personally, when I’m journaling on the go, but it’s all customizable to whatever intentions you have in mind and what supplies you have. Please don’t think you need to spend money in order to record some great memories!)

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Last one...

I am convinced this is the best casual grimoire you can buy.

I got the brown flowery notebook to match the altar for $12. But you can get plain brown or black for just $10.

It comes with 3 sections of paper. The first one is lined like a traditional notebook, the second is blank and good for drawings (pardon my amateur art of Venus), the last is graph paper. I will probably use that one for reference tables for astrology, herbs and so forth.

The sections are divided by little holders. You can slide business card sized paper through those slots, and maybe put a tarot card or two in the pouch. I have a bunch of art clippings there.

But the best part about this notebook…


They are held in by elastic bands in the center of each section. 3 new section inserts lined however you want are just $7. You can store your finished sections somewhere safe and have new working sections always. Each section has a cardboard cover on its outside to protect the mini-book/section.

Check out all the books here. Oh, and did I mention that they are on sale and retail for $30? You can thank me later :)

Vice Versa // Jung Jaehyun


the prompt: Since I’m already up in your requests, may I request a Jaehyun scenario. Maybe about him meeting you for the first time at a coffee shop then it winds up being yall’s meeting place.

words: 1605

category: fluff + drabble (?)

author note: since its jaehyuns birthday and also Valentine’s Day I thought I would write this first! it’s really simple but also kinda cheesy and idk how I feel about it haha. please enjoy it anyway and look forward to more requests being written soon!!

- destinee

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Finding Closure (Part 3)

Summary: AU. Reader left behind a hometown full of misery to make a new home in Brooklyn. A death in the family forces her to briefly return to the place that has haunted her dreams and memories for three years. Will she finally be able to move on, or will a figure from the past change everything?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,809 (Jean-Ralphio voice: “I’m the wooooorst!”)

Warnings: angst, language, car trouble, mentions of alcoholism, mentions of bad home life, revisiting childhood home, tw: seizures (mention), medical emergency (mention)

Part:  1 - 2 - 3 - 4 -

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I just stumbled on an article complaining about how much the Mystic Messenger DLC “cost” for what you get and honestly I have to sit down and do some deep breathing. I seriously cannot beliiiiiiiiiieve how entitled people have become. It’s a 2-day DLC with five stories and eight endings. Its cost? $3. If you want to pay for it, because oh that’s right you can also get it for free if you’re patient and have a few weeks. 

I swear to god. People are terrible sometimes. Three friggin dollars, THREE. And you can even get it for free. Considering otome games normally cost $20-30, never go on sale, and never release DLC or patches?? We’re being fucking spoiled by how nice Cheritz is to us, without so much as demanding money in exchange. Which would be fair. Cause, you know, they have to pay money to artists, writers, voice actors and programmers to produce the game.


This is the first time we have streams to help us with getting that number 1. So here are a few Apple Music and iTunes tips to help get the most of our efforts. (If you stream on Spotify I have another post for that).

To stream and make it count on Apple Music you cannot have the song in your library. Which means you need the “+” sign next to the song. Not nothing and not the cloud.

To follow up the 1st tip: You CAN still purchase the song and stream it. But in order to make your streams count you have to delete it from your iTunes library and then stream on Apple Music.

You can re download the song later. iTunes won’t make you purchase the song a second time, though it will ask if you’d like to. You can if you want but your first purchase is already accounted for and iTunes will let you re- download it for free :)

Similar to Spotify, the steam won’t count if its muted. If you stream all night (which you should) plug headphones into your device and set it to a low volume.

Hard sales count more than streams as 150+ streams on Apple Music = 1 iTunes sale. So if you do the math you can see a purchase is more impactful than a stream. Though your streams can add up in the long run, it is always best to purchase the single. Doing both will help tremendously.

Billboard Hot 100 does not count instant grat songs (songs you get instantly with a pre ordered album {ex ootw from 1989 when it instantly downloaded the second it was up}). Please buy the song THEN pre-order the album. Otherwise it’s only going towards album sales. That’s great but why do that when you can get a sale for the lead single AND the album? (It’s a win win).

These are just a few tips to help you get the most out of your efforts for Taylor. I have other posts about Spotify and general streaming tips as well. Please check those out and reblog them for your followers.

Happy streaming and single listening day!

lunekoree  asked:

Hii! I have a doubt.. I don't have any Kuroshitsuji merchandise so I don't know the process or the best options to buy internationally. But I really want Book of the Atlantic DVD. Could you tell me which websites have the movie? And if there is a difficult process to buy it. Thanks and I hope you're doing well 😊

Hi, yeah, I’m doing well :)

I personally always recommend Amazon Japan when it comes to purchasing comics, magazines and DVD/BDs because they ship worldwide. (So does cdjapan afaik, but I never used it myself!) The process is quite simple and easy, but here’s a quick guideline in case you aren’t familiar with amazon :D

Anyway, there are 3 different editions of the BotA DVD with different prices, so just check the one you are interested in ;)

*Extra stuff:

  • Bonus chapter & collection of Yana’s sketches (costume design, etc)
  • Original Soundtrack CD
  • DVD case with illustration by Yana Toboso
  • Digi-case with illustration by Minako Shiba
  • Coloured booklet
  • Premium DJCD
  • priority application lottery ticket for a Kuro event that is going to be held in Tokyo on November 5, 2017

Good luck!♡

EDIT: Oh wait, I had totally forgotten to mention two very important things!

  • The DVD has no English subs!
  • Depending on where you live, you might not be able to watch the DVD on your player due to the region codes! Check here for more information!