if you want credit let me know!


Here it is!

So i’m gonna keep this short lls. There are:
20 selfie’s:
13 while standing
7 while sitting
2/7 w/ cigarette

These are my first poses so they aren’t perfect, but they’re doin it :) 

You’ll need: 

Andrew’s Pose Player

Teleporter Mod

Pose Placement:

You can place the teleporter mod anywhere you want, the Sim will replace the teleporter mod! 
For the sitting poses, just place the teleporter on the chair and the Sim will replace the teleporter mod as well! :)

Download PosePack! 

- Don’t Claim as your own before I beat Yo ass!

- Feel free to tag #vallysdesignsims4 So that I can see how u guys be slayin them poses :)

- If there are any problems please let me know

Enjoy!! Xx

Credits to all the CC creators for the amazing CC y’all put out here for us to use !

itsgoobtube  asked:

Hi, I'm sorry I posted one of your works of art (Daddy's little superhero) without giving credit and I am so sorry. But I was wondering what type of art style that is? I wanted to use some reference for my drawings and stuff (soz for no credit ;-; )

Hey there! No worries, it sounds like an honest mistake. Thank you for letting me know. As for my art style, I have….no idea what I would call it! Ummm….anime-comic-disney hybrid? How about I point you in the direction of my artist heroes instead: Steve Ahn, Shiyoon Kim, Stephen Silver, and Jin Kim are four of my biggest influences. Color-wise, I guess Karl Kerschl? That’s liable to change though, I’m still working on improving on coloring ha. I hope that helped!

anonymous asked:

Ok but who are their rightful owners? I can't find the credit on your posts for the photographers. It's no good saying "all credit goes to the rightful owners" if you don't link to the rightful owners or give any indication of who they are. :)

If I’ve post a picture on my account that is yours and you’d like me to delete or add credits please let me know. I will have no problem with doing so but, if there isn’t one picture that belongs to you, please don’t tell me how to run my account. I’ve had my account for a little over a year and there has never been any problems, if someone wants credit, I will do so. Thank you. :)

theme 001: claude by glowyrpt

Pretty much all the colors in this theme are customizable. I also included instructions for how to use the page layout in the code itself. Let me know if you encounter any problems or if you need help installing it or anything !

I coded this from scratch so please do not steal/redistribute/claim any part of this theme as your own, thank you. Leave the credit and do not take any bits of coding; you can edit it however you want but do not use it as a base code and repost it somewhere else.


  • 4 tabs: main, ask, navigation, and connections (although you may use them for whatever)
  • network tab layout with clickable headers that hide/unhide sections
  • iMessage-like chat posts
  • 4 icons of varying sizes
  • version 1 includes a subtitle
  • version 2 includes 5 more optional links

allena by @mrsthemes

previewpastebin / alt

  • optional post sizes
  • margin options
  • optional font size
  • infinite scroll & load more option
  • show/hide caption
  • optional sidebar icon (60px)
  • back to top button option
  • like and reblog button included


  • video script by @shythemes
  • infinite scroll must be checked if you want the load more button
  • let me know if there is any glitches or something isn’t working!

like or reblog if you’re using and please do not remove the credit.

Rhys Sees the Mating Bond (Rhys POV)

The brief scene in Chapter 46 at the end of ACOTAR where Rhys “calls” to Feyre to say goodbye and ends up fully seeing the mating bond between them before he disappears. I honestly wasn’t planning on writing this one until someone asked for it. It just has so much complexity and the original is so perfect, I didn’t want to disturb it. Sadly, I think of all my fics so far, I’m the least pleased with this one, so I feel kind of bad since this was a request, but hopefully it’s not too terrible, aghhh! I take zero credit for the dialogue or ideas behind this scene. Those belong 100% to Sarah J. Maas.

Be Seeing You

Morrigan was rapturous. The emotion I felt flood her mind when I sent her the mental message letting her know to expect me shortly was comforting. But I quickly shut off the link between our thoughts so that I could try to send another more important message. I’d deal with my cousin’s scorn at being cut short after fifty years of waiting later.

The midday sun as I waited for her felt glorious and I was the only one just then who knew it. The rest of the Mountain had either fled home the second Amarantha’s blood was spilt or were resting sound asleep below me. Often I’d come here when I wasn’t being kept to Amarantha’s bedside just to find a brief reprieve amid the chaos, a masochistic reminder that though I could not throw myself into the mountains off the balcony and fly, the ability to do so was still possible. It filled me with such hope some nights.

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theme o2. ✦ ; photographs 

dedicated to one of my best freakin’ friends, @vcnturas. it might look weird while customizing but everything aligns properly when saved. ( RULES ) 1.  DO NOT USE THIS AS A BASE CODE. 2. feel free to edit it to your liking and if you wish to post an edited version please let me know and leave the credit or i’ll kill you!? 3. do not steal any parts of my code or claim it as your own! like/reblog if use.

  • 106 x 84 sidebar images that fit within polaroids.
  • five custom links.
  • 250 post width.
  • the description scrolls so it can be as long as you want.

static preview  ✦ code


with episode 10 live, you know have the entire season to binge


thank you for tuning in. our numbers have been startling. 4.6 million on youtube alone!! insane. thank you to all of you who have spread the word. with a grand experiment like this, your word of mouth is everything.

season 3? we are WAY ahead of the curve we were at last year so fingers crossed. let @playstation know you want it. actually watching the show lets them know but everything helps. 

don’t forget the after credit sequence on this and every episode. 


another episode of AFTER POWERS on @machinima i am so glad they did these. this time, its me hanging out with michael madsen, you know, like you do…

this hair is inspired by kiara’s from the future hair which i really liked, i just wasn’t a huge fan of the braids. so i made my own!

huge thanks to teanmoon for helping me out!

  • available for teen-elder females
  • comes in 18 eaxis colours
  • not hat compatible, sorry!
  • recolour all you want! just please do not include the mesh and tag me in it, i love to see other people’s sims!
  • please do not reupload, claim as your own, or include in mod folder downloads
  • please let me know if anything does not work
  • credits to eaxis for the original meshes and colours

I have to do this quick as I need to make runs today. Sorry for not previewing all the swatches. I got inspired to recolor @kaoz-sims, skate shoes. (earlier I thought it was karzalee’s, sorry for the mistake…I will fix it later) So when I posted my inspiration pics, there was some interest, I’m sharing them today. Enjoy! :)


  • Total of 18 add-on swatches- 11 solid converse- 7 patterned DC styles
  • Not for random but enabled for both genders…(see below)
  • You will need the MESH- HERE
  • Created using Sims4Studio-Jackpot
  • Paint.net
  • Google Free Images
  • Logos from Converse and DC websites

May have issues with female enabled shoes, but for me it’s not a problem. If you want me to make the file just for males, let me know and I will upload it for you.


h0ldm4litfunny for the original mesh and @kaoz-sims for the conversion

Thanks so much for all the CC used in my pictures. Wish I had time to list all of them.


Sim File Share/ Dropbox

The Five Minutes in The Morning When We're Normal.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Prompt: Just a morning with the man known as Bucky Barnes, and his cockiness and also his adorableness. (this is basically a conversation)
Word Count: 1110 words
Warning: Fluff, fluffiest shit ever! Sex jokes?? like two swear words. Um, mentions of nudity, no smut, just cuteness, okay?! 
A/N: For some reason I’m a depressing piece of shit I have like one completely happy fic, which is weird, ‘cos I’m pretty good at writing happy and fluff. SO here, have the happy!!!! (I really want to wake up like this….)
Tagging: @jarnesbrnes , @capnbbarnes@kylosbitchaf @winter-mystique , @itsfairytalewishes (let me know if you want to be tagged or untagged)

Originally posted by lxngdistancestory

Originally posted by unlucky--bucky

((gifs not mine, credit to owners))

“Morning gorgeous.” Bucky sighed into the back of your neck.

                “Are you talking about me or yourself?” You joked. Bucky loved that even in the morning your sarcasm never died down. When he didn’t reply, you rolled over, still in his arms, “Well?” Bucky looked down at you, shirtless and your hands pressed against his chest.

                “Well if you keep only sleeping in those shorts then I’m talking about you.” You let out a laugh, the one Bucky loved to be responsible for. You buried your head in the side of his neck, trying to hide the blush that found its way to your face. The blush that only Bucky could cause.  

“That happens to be your fault, not mine.” You spoke against his throat.

“But I’m not complaining, am I?” He asked, pulling your even closer. His metal hand moved to your thigh, pulling your leg over his, while his flesh hand stayed on your back. “You smell nice.” He muttered.

“Okay, you dork.” You laughed, smiling against his chest. Bucky then began laughing with you.

“I thought I said that in my head.” He explained, as you pulled away to see the idiotic pout on his face.

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And here you go, this is what I’ve been working on for the last couple of days. In order of bodyshop pictures there are Hal-02, Hal-05, Hal-06 and MaySims-174 hairs, each works for both genders and all ages. MaySims hair has some clipping, I reduced it as much as I just could but even after I thought that I had squished it all I still saw some while retexturing but by now I’m so sick of the whole damn hair that if I don’t push it out now I never will. If somebody wants to edit the mesh to fix that feel free to, just let me know if you upload it so I can link others to fixed meshes too.

Download Hal02 4t2 from Simfileshare / Mediafire
Download Hal05 4t2 from Simfileshare / Mediafire
Download Hal06 4t2 from Simfileshare / Mediafire
Download MaySims174 4t2 from Simfileshare / Mediafire

Download mesh+texture of all 4 for retexturing from Simfileshare / Mediafire


  • http://ha2d.tumblr.com / Hal’s archive for the first three meshes and terms that allow converting ♥
  • MaySims/Peggy for the fourth hair, apparently it’s edit of some Peggy hair.
  • Textures are Io’s Digitalbabes+Pooklet V3 blend
  • Colors by Pooklet, Io, Hat, Aweeshie & me


  • Hal02: af: 9594/8759 - am: 9682/8812
  • Hal05: af: 7821/6854 - am: 7909/6907
  • Hal06: af: 7387/6532 - am: 7309/6496
  • May174: af: 11582/8949 - am: 11670/9002

Also be warned that the MaySims file is huge (108 mb!) If downloading it is a problem for someone poke me and I’ll upload it in few smaller parts for hopefully easier downloading.


25 Icons for Girl Meets Ski Lodge Part One & Two

Please credit, and don’t claim as your own. If there’s one you want, send me a message, and I’ll give you the link. Don’t worry if I take too long to respond. I’m not ignoring you, just busy most likely, but I will get to everyone. If there’s a specific scene you want as an icon from any episode, just let me know. Reblog to notify the fandom, and your followers! :) ©


Hello guys! I’m coming to you with the new, fresh idea for the cloth. I decided to create clothes for the supernatural sims. Why? Because I love supernatural things! (btw. supernatural ep to ts3 was my favourite) So… I want to make the sims 4 more magical! Today is the first day with the first supernatural cloth for the ELF SIM.

DAY 1: Elf Costume

  • New texture
  • New mesh
  • Available for T,YA,A,E
  • Everyday, formal, party, swimwear, sleepwear
  • Cas thumbnail
  • Download (.rar.)







If you like, let me know what you think about my idea :)