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Come Back to Me || Fangs Fogarty

request: Hi! Could you maybe write something about Fangs? Like maybe he was best friends with the reader before he was a serpent and then he slowly stops talking with her and then one day her mom calls him and tells him something happened to her and you can go from there?

requested by: anonymous

a/n: I might be open to a part 2 for this?! But idk, let me know if you want one. I had way too much fun writing this. I also made it so that Pea, Fangs, Toni, and the reader were all best friends growing up.  I hope you guys enjoy and please check the warnings before you read! xx, aubree.

warnings: mentions of blood, a car accident, hospitals, tubes in places, description of injuries & cussing. angsty af (at least I think it is)


(gif not mine; gif credit: x)


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cujohjorin  asked:

Hello, just wanted to let you know that an instagram account called jotahoe_kuhoe has been reposting a lot of jjba fanart w/o credit, and they reposted your art ((If you could spread the word to other artists, that would be great!)).

oh man that account really is a mix of stolen art huh- i never know what to do in these situations but, if you post jjba art and you’re reading this you may wanna check out this instagram to see if your arts been reposted too

Thanks for telling me!!


*sun & moon my angels (maybe rising too)* 

Aries You know it’s not always going to be like this. You will get out, maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow. But every day that passes brings you closer to where you are supposed to be. Stop listening to people that say you are too childish or too intense or intimidating. If they could see life through your eyes they would find a person with a sophisticated balance between work and play. Don’t let anyone bully you into submission, that is not your place. You are meant to work hard for success, and you can never please everyone. Be the one with compassion for the lost souls and a voice for those who have been silenced. That is your power, own it. 

Taurus Your pain is one of the deepest ones, because it cuts right into your bones, spreading through your entire body in seconds. I know you would rather stay numb but your love is far too important, you have too much to give. You carry everyones weight along with your own, and you do it with so much dignity. You truly love when you can touch the lives of others, but you can’t go on like this with your heart in pieces. Self care is not selfish, you have got to love yourself first. Look inwards, determine what you need to feel loved and love yourself that way. And remember, what you do to numb your pain does not make you a bad person. Today you leave your guilt behind, you don’t deserve it. 

Gemini You’re constantly changing, evolving yourself and your beliefs. Which is a very ambitious trait, for you it’s second nature. You would rather sell your soul to the devil than to stay the same your entire life. But since it’s second nature, that means it’s also your survival instinct. You leave people behind easier than a femme fatale in a 70’s indie film with a head scarf wrapped around her head, driving off into the desert in a Mustang convertible. But believe me when I say you can’t outrun your demons. Seek closure, because in life we leave pieces of ourselves with every person we interact with. If you don’t, you’ll wake up one day with a crack in your mask. Confrontation is worth not being haunted with feelings you don’t remember. 

Cancer Oh baby, I see you. Everyone saying you’re so dainty, so fragile that you start to believe it. Someone once said there is bravery in being soft, bravery most people couldn’t even muster if they wanted to. But don’t you ever mistake your softness for weakness, and don’t you dare let other people tell you how to feel. Be as big and as bold as you want. Don’t you ever be ashamed of what you need out of life, or love for that matter. Even if it’s too much, or maybe nothing at all. Realize, and do this as quickly as you can, that you do not need anyone to feel whole. You are already whole, you have an entire home inside of you. Take care of yourself as such because you are a treasure. Also get a house plant, it will calm your soul when it dances in the sun. 

Leo Oh my dearest. You do realize that no matter the colour in your eyes the light from within you shines like Superman’s goddamn laser beams. Or at least I hope you realize. You have the advantage of a very strong sense of self. Knowing yourself is very important to you. What you need is to never become so jaded that you won’t let yourself change. Otherwise you’ll become a faded version of yourself, addicted to the memory of who you used to be. Baby you just gotta be. Change is natural, and it’s wonderful. You become wiser and you feel deeper. Stop worrying because not everybody you meet is judging you. You are so pure hearted, believe in good intentions. Sometimes all it takes is a little faith. And I have faith in you. 

Virgo My prima ballerina, I see that look deep in your eyes. The pure terror of never achieving your true potential, the way you strive for perfection in everything you do, and at the end of the day you come home and search for solace but you find nothing. Because you’re completely hollow. Stop picking yourself apart in the mirror, don’t you know that success has no face? Everyone around you looks at you in wonder, how a person with this much talent would make themselves so small. Don’t look for the perfect thing or “the one”, because there are many “the ones”. Take your time to find what you are passionate about, and don’t keep pouring yourself into people that take your efforts for granted. In an imperfect world, you are the closest thing we have to perfection and don’t you ever, ever forget that. 

Libra Your pain is standing in a crowd with white noise ringing in your ears. You wonder where you lost yourself, or to who. And you never let it show, because you don’t want to let others know that the laughter has stopped. But you have to go below the surface, even if it hurts. You need to realize that not letting everybody into your life that wants in is a form of self love. Not everyone deserves the sheer adoration that comes with your love. Learn to listen to your own voice, the one that has reduced itself to a whisper. Let it roar because if you don’t put yourself first, no one else will. Choose your friends carefully, practice loyalty, smile at yourself in the mirror because you are that bitch. Take yourself on a date, tell yourself you’re fantastic because honestly, we all wish we could be as effortlessly charming as you. Own that shit. 

Scorpio You put in all this work, all this energy and at last you feel comfortable. Until you feel restless again. You are so volatile, sometimes you don’t even know what you want. All you know is that you want something else. You run on energy. You’ve got that clairvoyant instinct, trust it. Bet everything you have on it. Because when it comes down to it, rock bottom has only one way. Up. The excitement of being alive is to great for you to ever give up on yourself. Be fearless in your mistakes, let the experiences shape you. You’ll know when it’s right. You’ll feel it in your entire body, as your blood stops vibrating. 

Sagittarius I know how it feels to be so empty you are scared nothing will ever be able to fill the void. Determination with no purpose. You always move so fast, but you don’t have to be so afraid. Slow down, take control of your breathing. Feel the force of your heart pumping life into you, the life you always wanted. Practice turning loneliness into solitude, do it for the sake of your heart. Put on your favourite underwear, put on lip balm, live for the light and read more. I know it’s hard but start small, like The Little Prince. Let him take you to places you never thought you would go. And then further. You have to learn who you are outside of others, and you do that by spending time with yourself. Don’t rush, take your time. All that determination will wait for you, until you find the purpose within yourself. I promise. 

Capricorn If anyone can do it, it’s you. You are disciplined, gorgeous and smart, if they don’t like you they respect you. Because you’re not here to start fights. You’re here to start your life. But business is about humans, and humans need trust and connection. Trust yourself, those who love you sure do. Like Virgo, remember success has no face, so leave it out. This is about you and what makes your heart pound harder than anything else. So put on your warrior paint and work until you can ask the bitch from your old school why her boyfriend is your number one fan. 

Aquarius Hi you. Yes you. You are not alone in this world. I know you feel like a ghost amongst the living but you’re not. You are us, all of us. You are what drives us, you and that delirious little brain of yours. I know that you think you are either genius or psycho, but believe me you’re both and it’s excellent. Now, stop treating the masses like they are the birds you put out seeds for in the winter. Get out there, with your empathy and your honesty. You preach that most of the people in this world are good hearted, now it’s time you start believing it too. Start gracing them with your divine presence, and take a chance. Because you are one of those people that can effortlessly interact with people from all walks of life. Unite us, we’ll wait for you. 

Pisces You are whip-clever and slightly nuts. You sometimes find it hard to pin down your own feelings, leaving you a bit confused. Nothing to stress about, just… confused. You sometimes wonder if you are two souls in one body. One wants something extraordinary, and the other wants something else, but just as extraordinary. Try to merge your lanes, make compromises on either side. It will ease your mind as you try to sort out the mess that is your personal life. Now listen to me, if you feel your feelings they are valid, because they are your reality. Have more empathy for yourself, give yourself credit for your efforts and don’t let people take advantage of you or discredit you. The opinions of toxic people simply don’t matter. Also, try to keep your promises. And you know what, sometimes it’s okay to be sad. Watch Romeo + Juliet, stay inside for a few days and try to see a silver lining, like how lucky we are to be able to experience life this deeply.


I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day while I have a moment of free time so enjoy these Stranger Things valentines and feel free to use them :)

(Btw, I did NOT make these, I just found them on the internet)

Credit: unknown (I just found these on the internet but if you know who made any of these let me know so I can give them credit)


cloudy afternoon studyblr mood board for @thechemistrynerd (if you want one just ask!)

Photo credits (from R to L, top to bottom): @eatsleep-study, @holocrams, @liberalartssociety, @introvertedbookworm24@studyingbysunset, @studyrose

If you’d like me to take your picture down let me know :)

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Spencer Reid x Reader (smut)

Requested: Yes. Anon: hey! I really love your blog and I was wondering if you could do a reid x reader where the reader has a wet dream about Spencer and she finally tells him about her dream after he asks her what’s wrong and it ends in smut?? thank you so much

Word Count: 3,589, Warnings: Swearing, NSFW, Oral Sex.

A/N: Oh my God okay so I went a little crazy on this one and it’s a full fledged long fic. I was writing this and I actually needed to take a break my palms were sweating because Reid is so fucking hot. Anyway, I hope you like it! Please let me know if you want a Part 2 ;)

- M xo

(Gif not mine, credit to owner)

Originally posted by hisirishsoufflegirl

Sprawled out on your bed, your naked form was being admired and touched by a handsome man. He glided his fingers up and down the sides of your thighs as he placed sensual kisses on your stomach. “God, you’re so beautiful.”, whispered Spencer. 

Wait what? Spencer? Hold on. Did you just have a wet dream about your nerdy co-worker?

You woke up in your bed covered in sweat as you tried to calm down your flustered state as you panted heavily trying to vaguely recollect the memories of the dream you had just had. It wasn’t a bad dream, in fact, it was amazing. You squeezed your thighs together in hopes of some sort of relief, but all you could do was think about the dream, which made your state even worse.

You sat there in silence as you tried to comprehend what had just happened. You’d been working at the BAU for 4 years now and you had never thought of Spencer that way. Sure he was tall, had gorgeous chiselled cheekbones and never failed to amaze you with his intelligent brain. Oh, God. Here you were thinking inappropriately about your co-worker at 3 in the morning when you had to be in for work at 7. There was no way you were going to act normal in front of him after this strange yet intoxicating image of you and Spencer practically having sex ingrained in your brain. All you could do was try to get back to sleep and hope that the flush would be over in the morning.

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toffee skinblend

i’ve actually been wanting to mash up all the overlays i use into my own skin, and when i came across this really neat tutorial i decided to give it a go! =)

  • i’m so nervous uploading this (´๑•_•๑)
  • default skin, available for all ages and genders
  • elders have subtle wrinkles
  • i’m pretty confident everything works, but if something is broken please let me know and i’ll do my best to fix it asap! =)

download (ad.fly free)

more pictures and credit under the cut!

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boyfriends who judge together, stay together (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 


okay, so i made some really rough icons/headers for y’all for in a heartbeat!! this  short film has officially stolen my heart and maybe these icons can help promote it/spread the word? 

if you want to use any of these, a rb/like would be appreciated but no credit in your description is needed (just don’t say you did the editing!)

also, if you want a specific background color, let me know! i put the png versions here too!!

100% credit to @bethdavid @estebanbravo @inaheartbeat-film for the beautiful images!  :)


Director: I don’t expect any gifts from you; I’m your employer, frankly that would be-

[Magnus hands her a coupon for one free backrub]

Director: This is exactly what I was afraid of. This is actually–Magnus, this is the nightmare scenario.

This wonderful Magnus Burnsides cosplayer actually surprised me with a coupon for “One Free Backrub” during the Saturday TAZ photoshoot! Their cosplay had the most charming details, and such cool armor! 

(Although I did remember to give you my card, I forgot to ask your url, so if you happen to see this, let me know who you are and I’ll make sure to credit you here!)

Cosplayers: Madam Director/Lucretia (@thischick25), Magnus Burnsides (dwiuricosplay on Instagram)


After how popular the first iteration of this flowchart got (thank you all so much for that, by the way, it’s really awesome that it helped so many people out), I was inspired to create a second volume, with even more species and resources than the first. Well, after a month or so of work, it’s finally here! Just in time for the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope, here’s “What Species To Choose For Your Star Wars OC: Volume 2″!

For this new version, I upped the ante with everything. I went from including 75 species to a whopping 150 (which is still only scratching the surface of the full list, I’m afraid), and I tried my best to include more species from “The Clone Wars”, “The Force Awakens”, and “Rogue One” as well. Not only that, but down below I’ve included more resources as well: in addition to each species’ Wookieepedia articles, I’ve provided (where available) videos of the species in action, informational videos, and name generators, all to give you as much info as possible for your OC. Furthermore, among some other minor formatting tweaks, I’ve also added the option to choose answers via dice rolls (thanks to  @empress-only-in-name for that idea), for anyone who would prefer a more random choice in species. Finally, I think it’s also worth mentioning that the wonderful @pomrania re-created the flowchart in a text-based format here, if you’d like to check that out.

Let me know what you all think of the new version! I tried my best to take into account everyone’s requests and suggestions, so hopefully it all worked out to your liking! Do let me know if there’s anything I can add or change, though; it will be a while before I make a Volume 3, if ever, but I’d be happy to tweak this version if it helps. Also, if you end up using this to make a character, please consider either tagging me or using #StarWarsOCFlowchart so I can see it; I don’t care about getting credit or anything, I just want to see what you guys come up with!

Links to resources are below. My original intention was to have them as part of this post, but since Tumblr apparently has a link limit for posts, I had to split them up. I hope this isn’t too much of an inconvenience!

Species A-ISpecies J-RSpecies S-Z



Hi friends! I’m taking commissions so I can pay my rent. Really need the money so any help or signal boosts are appreciated <3


  • Characters/OCs
  • Armor/weapons
  • Character reference sheets with multiple outfits
    • Ex. (Size + Coloring style) + (15 per additional outfit not counting first image.)


  • Nudity/NSFW
  • Complicated mecha


Contact me at izzarracommissions@gmail.com to discuss your commission, or with any questions you have. Please include your name, tumblr username, the type of commission you want (ex. Bust Painting), a description of what you want, and any reference images you have.

I will send you a watermarked rough sketch for approval. When you let me know we’re good to go, I will send you a paypal invoice for the agreed upon amount. Then I’ll finish up your piece, and email you a high-res version!

You may upload the finished commission to your own website, use it as an avatar, or crop it if you wish - but you must credit me if you do by linking back to my blog. You may not claim you made the artwork, resell it, or use it for merchandise.

















Because Vancon gave us some wonderful photos , here are some Cockles , Mishalecki , J2m photo ops.
And my favorite , because look at Misha 😩😍😍


I’d want to thank all these beautiful ladies who shared their photos with us
Thank you for making our boys smile and for promoting love, these photos are what a photo op should look like .
Give our boys respect and love , they will reward you with a dazzling smile.

*All the photos are credited ,but if you want me to remove your photo , just let me know in the comments.


Pride Neko Atsume icons (Transparent) that I made for my gay, lesbian, trans, bi, pan, ace, nonbinary, genderfluid, and genderqueer friends!

Free to use but please give me credit. Also if someone else has already done this let me know and I’ll take this post down.

Also if there’s an identity that isn’t here that you want, shoot me a message and I’ll be more than happy to make it for you! ^-^


I made some more of these since people have been requesting them, and rather than make a bunch of sequel posts like I have been doing, I’ll just put new nekos in the original post.

Here’s additions for my aromantic, intersex, agender, demigirl, demiboy, bigender, and polysexual friends! Enjoy! (And again, don’t be afraid to ask for an identity that isn’t here). I’ll update this as needed and/or requested


As requested, here’s additions for my demisexual and sapphic friends! Enjoy!


As requested, here’s kitties for my greysexual, neutrois, nonbinary lesbian, achillean, and straight ally friends.

Also, I apologize to the people who requested these for taking so long. I was recovering from surgery and couldn’t make more of these until now. I’m much better now, so please don’t hesitate to ask for an identity that isn’t here!


I’ve been informed that I used an outdated version of the intersex flag for the intersex kitty, and I apologize for the mistake on my part. I fixed it and changed it to the current version, the yellow flag with the purple ring. If there’s any other errors in this post that I need to fix, feel free to let me know!