if you want an explanation i can maybe(

Wait, people seriously doubt the assumption that Victor can’t speak Japanese?

Honestly, I’m baffled that people find it so hard to believe the likely possibility that a Russian man who had never ever anything to do with Japan can’t speak the language.

But alright, if you’re one of those people (or if you just want to read a detailed explanation supported by scenes from the anime), let this be a “Victor and Yuuri actually communicate in English” Masterpost.

Hopefully by the end, we’ll all be able to laugh at this scene. (And maybe even stop rejecting the one logical and realistic aspect of you know, communication between people from different countries.)

I shall see you under the cut.

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So about that Yuri on Ice Animation

For those of you who know me and/or follow me, you probably know just how much I love animation and talking about it. So basically, I wanted to write up this post because I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about the animation quality dropping in Yuri On Ice and I just kind of wanted to defend the animators here and maybe bring to light some things you may not know about animation. But this defense can go to all animation productions as well!  A bit on the long side so I’ll put it under a cut! 

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hehe can u also answer masa's fave sex position

Masa has been a little awkward about love making, but he doesn’t shy away when he’s into it (casually eyeing the Falling For You epilogue lololol) @shedreamsfiction also sent in some suggestions, thanks Aki! y cant i tag u tho srsly

When it comes to this, the best is that he wants you both to learn how to do stuff together~ (things under cut)

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Shudders, and nothing he's feeling is even remotely sexual, so he's not sure why it's so much like hunger just to have you close. But he releases his hold, moving his mouth to your jaw with closed eyes, shoulders falling. "You keep saying that." But he owes you more than half-assed explanations. Didn't they just discuss that? "It's just... I don't know if I'll be able to do that anymore. I don't know. Maybe I'll get over it. I got over the hole. I don't know."

Tips his chin up, half leaning his head to the side and away, not because he doesn’t like or even want the touch but all of a sudden you seem untouchable to him, like something forbidden, fragile maybe. Someone that shouldn’t have a hollow’s hands all over him. But he doesn’t pull away further, can’t. Frowns, nostrils flared with a few heavier than usual breaths. The disgusting thought of how he could fix this crosses his mind but he couldn’t defang himself even if he wanted to. He needs those. “I can’t hide those though, I can’t pretend not to have teeth… it’s not like a hollow hole that I can cover while you adjust. I can try not to bite but that’s all I can do about it. I already told you I have no desire to hurt you, and that I don’t plan on hurtin’ any other human either.”

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Hey did you notice Brett Connolly intensely nodding his head along to a song. It was late in the game close to backys goal and I think the camera was focused on trotz

ANON. I can’t find it. I’m sorry!! : (

Did you know, though, that Winnik spent a lot of time in front of Barry Trotz in the third period? I didn’t, but I do now!! 

He sure wants an explanation, chief. 

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“S’not a lie–he wouldn’t hurt me anymore. He wants me t’be happy.”

“I can’t get rid of him. I can’t.”

“Things are simple there–jus’ let ‘em be simple. Let ‘em make sense.”

“Why th’fuck did he say that? Why did he hafta say that now?”

“How long has he been lyin’ t’me? When I was with Cemi? Even then?”

“Gods, please come back. Everythin’ made sense when y’were still here. I miss you.”

“I don’t want nobody t’get hurt fer me no more. I can’t take it.”

“I don’ even like pancakes. Stop bringin’ me that shite.”

“I’ve gotta be cursed, right? Some witch cursed me. S’the only explanation.”

“Why s’this shite so messy? Why do people like fallin’ in love?”

“Maybe iffen I find another window–”

“I don’t want no one declarin’ their love fer me, anyroad! I don’ need it!”

“What if he meant it.”

“Do I want him t’have meant it?”


It’s 4am and I really should be sleeping, but I saw something that upset me. I just poured my feelings into this so here you go. It’s late so I didn’t read over it at all, so there maybe many mistakes. 

-Gongju J

PS. Jimin makes me happy.

Characters: Jimin X Reader

Genre: Angsty Fluff

Word Count: 1000

So easily, he had your heart. At such a crucial time, you leaned on him for support. He was everything you ever wanted. At least, that’s what you thought.
With no explanation, things changed.
You call. No answer. You text still nothing. You try to meet up, but he just blows you off. Without closure, what will this lead to?

“I’m kinda worn out now,” you say, panting. “Jimin, can we take a break?”

He giggled. “Yeah, no problem.”

He walks over to turn off the music and the two of you went to the corner of the practice room to relax.

“I can’t wait for our performance later this month.” You say, still having difficulty getting words out.

“Yeah me either. It really awesome PDnim let me do a couples dance with you. And to “Save Me” at that.“

"Honestly, you kill it in that song. It really is amazing.” You say sincerely.

“Not as amazing as yoooou~” he leans over to pinch your cheeks.
“Ya. You know I don’t like that” you laugh.

“But seriously. You really think I did well?” He says questioning.
“Of course. I mean, you always do well.” The compliment makes him blush.
“Awwww. Are you blushing?”
“What? No.”
“You’re totally blushing.”
“Am not!”
“Mhm. Whatever you say~”

After a little bit more messing around, the two of you get up and back to work.

Ahh, Jimin. You were so lucky to have him as a friend. He was so nice and funny and cool to hang out with. He always made you laugh and just made you forget about everything bad in the world.

When it was time for the two of you to head home, you gathered your stuff and walked out together.

“Smells like it might rain tomorrow.”
“Yeah I think you’re right. Hey, want to get hot chocolate at the cafe down the street tomorrow? I hear it’s really good.” He asks with such friendly eyes.

“Park jimin, are you asking me on a date?” You tease.

“What? No…I mean….just as friends, not that you’re not good enough to be anything else.”
You laugh at flustered Jimin again.
“I’m just joking Jimin” you give him a sweet smile. “Sure, let’s meet up at 2.”
“Great.” He smiles widely.
He waited for you to get on the bus and then he headed back to the dorm.


The next day came and you were feeling great. Excited about the performance, cozy inside while listening to the rain fall on the roof. It was such a good feeling.

You just lounged around the whole time until it was time to get ready to go to the cafe. You dressed nicely, but warm.

You left your house and headed towards the cafe.
After a decent bus ride, you get off a few blocks from where you were meeting Jimin and open your umbrella to stay dry.
But when you turn the first corner, you see a familiar face. It was HIM. He was with some other girl. All smiling and holding hands.  Matching shirts and everything.

All the memories of a heartbreak flooded back to you. So much pain and emptiness. Not knowing what was going on or what you did wrong. You actually began to feel your chest hurt like it used to form the heart ache. He left you not knowing a thing.
As soon as you were ready to look away and continue on, he looked you directly in the eyes.

And then he just looked away.

You broke.

You started bawling your eyes out. In an attempt to run away from it all, you dropped your umbrella and ran the opposite direction.

Meanwhile, Jimin waited at the cafe. After a few minutes, he figured you may have missed the bus, but after an hour, he went out to look for you.

He was worried. It was pouring rain, and it wasn’t like you to miss an appointment without giving notice.

With great worry on his face, he ran down the street, checking alleys and other buildings, but nothing. After searching one more block, he spots your stray umbrella on the ground, torn up by the wind.

The worry turned to fear and tears began to roll down his cheeks, hidden by the rain. After a half-hour of running around in the rain, he stopped. He had an idea.

He then started running again, less worried.

You were sitting on a park swing, still crying and thinking about the one you saw earlier. Every little thing running through your mind. Everything you could have done wrong. Everything about you that just is wrong.

You only looked up when you felt a jack thrown around your shoulders.
“How did you know I was here?” You mumble out.
“I listen. You said you like to come here to think. Y/n. What’s wrong?” He said trying to hold back tears.

“I saw…someone who hurt me, Jimin. He was with someone else. Without giving me notice, he just….shut me out. When I needed someone the most. I just must not be good enough for him.”

“Don’t be stupid.” He says, getting your attention.

“Y/n, who cares about that guy? He may have hurt you, but you don’t need him. And you are way more than he deserves. He didn’t appreciate what was right in front of him. You’re beautiful, you’re smart, you’re funny. And even if you weren’t all those things it wouldn’t matter because you would still be you. The one that I love.”
“I shouldn’t have said that. I’m so-”
You cut him off as you planted your lips on his. When you moved back, he looked at you in slight shock and slight relief.
“I love you, too.”
You stand up, he gently grabbed you by the face and your lips met once again.

Despite the cold rain falling, you could feel the warmth.

“I’ll always be here for you. You can count on that.”

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Harry Potter book rankings and Harry Potter movie rankings :)


1) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

2) Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix 

3) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: I recently re-read this for my HP re-read, so if you want, you can read my review

4) Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Again, you can read all my thoughts because I just finished re-reading this! 

5) Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: This is the last time, I promise

6) Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 

7) Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince 

I had originally written long explanations for all my reasons, but that post accidentally got deleted, and I’m too frustrated/lazy to re-type. So sorry that this isn’t as in depth as it maybe should be. On the other hand, maybe it’s a good thing that I’m not rambling and that you don’t have to read a thousand page novel? 


So I actually answered this question a long time ago, but looking back I think my ranking has changed, while my reasons for loving (or not loving) the movies have stayed the same. Also, I should probably mention that I view the movies as their own entities, separate from the books, so I rate the movies based on how much I enjoyed them and how well they were made, not how well they followed the books. 

1) Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix 

2) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 

3) Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

4) Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone 

5) Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 

6) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts 1&2 

7) Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince 

Thanks so much for this ask, because as you can see, I love talking about HP! If you want more specifics as to why I like/don’t like certain movies or books … you know where to find me!  

Sleepover Weekend!

500 followers!!! :D

I want to thank you all so much for your support!
Also, I want to apologise for not posting very often. I have a whole bunch of post ideas, but I just can’t find the time to realise them. So, I thought, maybe it’s a good idea to just give you my list and let you guys give suggestions and decide which ideas have the highest priority.

Post Ideas:

🔹Sports (vocab)
🔹Animals in the zoo (vocab)
🔹Dutch abbreviations
🔹Grammar: Articles explanation (kinda)
🔹At the baker (vocab/sentences)
🔹Vegetables (vocab/sentences)
🔹At a restaurant (vocab/sentences)
🔹Words/sentences for studying in the Netherlands
🔹Grammar: Syntax
🔹Grammar: Demonstrative pronouns
🔹Grammar: Linking words
🔹Grammar: Prepositions
🔹At the Supermarket (vocab/sentences)
🔹Travelling (vocab/sentences)
🔹Texts from Dutch newspapers with questions (reading practice)
🔹 Other texts with questions (reading practice)
🔹Insects (vocab)
🔹Saying what time it is
🔹Counting in Dutch
🔹Different Dutch accents (words and expressions from different accents + maybe listening practice)
🔹Birds (vocab)
🔹Countries: Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Oceania (vocab)
🔹Grammar: Singular and Plural
🔹Instruments (vocab)
🔹Pronunciation (in written form + recorded voice)
🔹Colours part II (vocab)
🔹Dutch tongue twisters (just for fun)
🔹Verbs + conjugations
🔹Word of the Day
🔹Meals (vocab/sentences)
🔹Dutch puns

I also thought about giving you the opportunity to send audio files to me, so that I can help you improve your pronunciation and grammar. But I don’t know whether or not this is achievable.

So what’s your opinion on these ideas? Any suggestions?

How to mildly annoy your artist. Guide.

Maybe it’s not a common knowledge how to NOT annoy the artist. That’s why I want to make this list. Would be awesome if you guys can share this list to spread the message so it will make easier life for us, artists :)

The worst question/ messages you can send to artist a.k.a. ‘How to annoy your artist’

Message 1: ‘Can I be You friend?’

No >_<

Explanation: Would You pick random person on the street, come to him/her and ask this question? If answer is no then don’t ask people this people on the internet. Plus. Do you even realize what a term  ‘friend’ means? Friendship is earned, it’s not a matter of question. With time two people just start to realize they are friends. This question is just really, really awkward one.

Message 2. 'I love your art, I’m a big fan! <3 <3 <3 Can you draw me/ my girlfriend/ my dog(for free of course <3).’

No >_<

Explanation: This is innocent enough but after getting like hundreds of these messages artist is just tired. This person don’t want commission the artist but just think that being a fan means artist will draw for free. Well… no. Drawing is our job and if you really respect artist you would want to pay for work.

Message 3. 'Can I use your work for my own intellectual property/ Commercial use’

No >_<

Explanation: So you want to release something to the world that will be commercially, meaning you want to make a profit out of someone else work. Good that you at least asked (usually artist find his/her work on the internet without any credits). If you feel like you can use someone else’s drawing in your work - again - commission the artist. Pay some money for the product that will be made just for you. With the purchase you gain the rights to spread and use the artwork how you want.

Message 4. ‘Can I have you private phone/private mail?’

O_O ?! No! What for?! There are reasons why I don’t put personal data on the internet. It’s for family of people I know. Any other info will be available for clients.

Message 5. ‘Can you send me your photos/ Can I send you my photos?’

No! But even if I say no to second question, it’s not always possible to avoid getting some… interesting pictures. Ahem …

Lesson to be taken here.

We are all humans here on the internet. Not a persona or a robot that has some image. The thing that we have social profiles on the internet doesn’t mean that all rules of etiquette don’t apply. It’s the same savoir vivre like in real life but internet seems to blur the lines.

After some of these kind of messages it’s no more entertaining but really tiring.

Maybe it’s nothing new but I see that there is need for more awareness

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You should write another story! Yours are so good.

Thank you! I really appreciate this since I’m always nervous about my writing!

I haven’t really felt like writing Elena stuff recently, I want to start working on my own story (or a dnd campaign so I can work on world building)

I do have a lot of little snippets of story written though… I could put them up with just a quick explanation of where I was going with it or something? Sort of like the headcanon posts that just say what happens. Or maybe I’ll finish some of the ones I started for the words series

I also have a premise for a Pirate AU from awhile ago lol

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I don't think it's just the venue, like location matters but any show I was interested in had the same price for pit tickets, but scalpers bought them all before they even went on sale to the general public anyway.

Just FYI: Scalpers can’t buy them all before they’re on sale for the general public, because even the tickets for the Fan Club pre sale are limited. There is no way that the venue is completely sold out after the pre-sale.

I really can’t see any reason why Green Day would want this, this totally contradicts everything I read and heard about them. I believe you that this was the case for the shows, don’t get me wrong. But I’m trying to come up with a reason for this because why would the ticket price for the shows in Europe be so low or normal and then skyrocket in the US? :( 

Maybe one of you can contact Warner and ask for an explanation and explain why fans are upset? I would do it, but it doesn’t concern me personally and I don’t live in the US. Maybe they’ll answer and give you a reason that I can’t come up with.

@banemagic replied to your post: @banemagic replied to your post: Freeform has no…

honestly i was just about to say that like, if you release so much BEFOREHAND and it gets too predictable then it’s kind of … i don’t want to say boring because it’s never boring but … less exciting watching for real?? because you know these scenes already, you know what’s about to happen. the only other explanation i can think of is that they’re trying to hook in those that were speculative of the new season with all the changes (kinda like how in s1 they released the 1st 2 eps)

Yup, totally with you on that. And I know us complaining about it is maybe kinda disturbing and all, but at this point I am simply annoyed. Because if you wanna give away so much, make them at least not so long??? Or maybe take scenes that aren’t so important? I could have lived with the Simon/Magnus one f.e. and I dunno, the Jace one maybe? But the one with Fraywood and especially the Clary/Jocelyn one was not necessary. Even when you read the books and know some stuff.

But honestly, I would have prefered it to show a 2 hours season start instead of this. There was so much promotion, the cons and all, the trailers… I don’t think giving away so much stuff now, when the season is airing, is necessary. At all.

Stoner Girls Group Chat!

I’m making my very own stoner girl kik group! Message me if you’re interested, but please read the rules first. Rules: • Must be 18+ • Must identify as female. (I’m not against guys, this is just more of a safe place where girls of the community can go.) • No bullying. This rule is pretty self explanatory. But in case you need more and explanation, no slurs, no belittling, etc. This group is going to be a safe place for it’s members. • Please have a real photo as your kik picture. I just want people to feel safe. • Be active. You don’t have to be in every conversation everyday, but at least say something every few days. Inactive members will be deleted but if you’d like to rejoin at some point, maybe when you’re able to get on and talk more, you are welcome to do so. • Most of all, have fun. I want this to be a safe haven for the people of the group, but also a fun place where we can talk, share pictures, smoking videos, etc. _____________________ Message me @suckmybigbong if you’re interested in joining!

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Tattoo AU: Chapter 4

Word Count: 1,143

Warnings: Cursing, maybe some mild smut… 

Summary: You, the reader, live in a world where everyone has a soul-mate. However, you have two. Your parents died to protect you from that and only one person, well demon, has the information you need. 

Chapter 1       Chapter 2     Chapter 3    Chapter 5   Chapter 6   Chapter 7

You cocked your head to the side, “Why would they want that?” Your mind was running through any explanation it could find. You shook your head and asked, “Y’all called Crowley, right?” Sam and Dean stiffened immediately. “Why don’t we just call him here? Then we can get answers,” glancing at Sam, “that aren’t through a phone. I need to be able to tell if he is lying.” Dean began to speak but you silenced him with a look. Cas put a hand on your shoulder and looked at the Winchesters saying, “She has a right to question Crowley.” You glanced up at the… your angel in confusion. Why in Chuck’s name was he agreeing with you? Castiel looked down to meet your gaze and smiled sweetly, and almost nervously.

Sam cleared his throat and grabbed Dean as they went to call Crowley and make the necessary preparations. Nobody calls the King of Hell unprepared. You were still looking at Cas and you could almost feel yourself drowning in his blue eyes. With a sigh, you leaned into Cas and inhaled his soapy-clean scent that always managed to smell a little like summer. Cas awkwardly wrapped his arms around you and hugged you tightly to him. Gently, he placed a kiss on the top of your head and whispered, “I’m glad it’s you, Y/N.” Your body responded immediately to his words and before you could stop yourself, you leaned up and kissed the angel. He gasped and you realized what you had done and tried to back away but Castiel had a firm hold on you. Keeping a steady gaze, he brought one hand to the back of your neck, and the other to your waist, pulling you impossibly closer. Slowly, he moved forward and placed a soft, chapped kiss on your lips. You couldn’t help it, you began kissing him back. Your lips melded together perfectly and created an enticing rhythm that made you moan. Taking advantage of that, Cas licked your bottom lip before capturing it between his teeth. Cas began kissing down your jaw, to your neck, right above your pulse point, sucking a mark there.

“Hey, Y/N we called… oh.” Dean’s baritone sputtered. Quickly, you backed out of Castiel’s embrace and felt the heat flood your cheeks. You sneaked a glance at Dean and dropped your jaw at the sight. Dean Winchester, flushed and very apparently horny, judging by the tent in his pants. Arousal flooded through you, “Dean,” you nearly moaned as you made your way towards him. Sam’s strong hand grabbed your shoulders and turned you to face him. “Ah, no. Crowley will be here soon. None of that.” Sam whined. Crossing your arms, you huffed and made your way to the kitchen to prepare the King of Hell’s favorite drink.

Just when you dropped ice into a glass, a familiar British accent floated through the room. “Now I hear that Y/N is making me a drink AND wants answers. This could definitely be worth my time.” You could see his smug expression without even turning to look. Yelling over your shoulder, “Hey, Crowley, why don’t you sit down and prepare for our little chat?” you continued making his drink… and yours.

You sat down on the couch across from Crowley and were immediately flanked Dean and Castiel. Crowley raised his eyebrows and tutted, “You boys have it bad don’t you? Poor bastards.” Shaking his head, Crowley began to nurse his drink, not taking his eyes from you. Sam sat down with the King of Hell and kept a steely gaze on him, which prompted Crowley to chuckle. “Aw, poor moose. No soul-mate for you! Oh, wait.” Crowley ducked just in time to keep his nose as Sam swung his fist.

“Alright, boys, except Crowley, out!” You began pushing Dean and Cas off of the couch and bitch-facing Sam. Cas argued, “No, we aren’t leaving you here with him. It’s not safe.” You resisted the urge to roll your eyes and just kept shoving them towards the door. “Look, I’ve interrogated Crowley before, I’ve even tortured him! We have a respectful relationship,” You looked back at Crowley with a threat in your voice, “don’t we?” Chuckling he shook his head yes and you booted the boys out of the room.

“So darling, I’m guessing you called me here for a reason and not to chat?” Crowley mused tilting his glass to move the amber liquid. You leaned forward and grabbed your glass, downing it swiftly. You looked back up and said, “Tell me why I couldn’t see my tattoo before now.” Crowley laughed, throwing his head back and nearly spilling his drink. Wiping tears from his eyes he managed to regain himself. “Oh love, it’s all because of Castiel. He’s an angel! Of course he will be able to see past whatever deal a demon made. Besides, I’m quite sure the demon your parents made the deal with is dead… So that probably made a difference.”

Stunned, you looked down at your hands. Crowley’s voice became warmer as he saw the tears collecting in your eyes, “Now, look. You and I have a ‘respectful relationship’, right? So, I’ll let you in on a secret.” You looked up and met Crowley with a cold glare. “Your parents really were trying to protect you. Being an angel’s soulmate is… well bad. I can’t say anymore than that really, I would if I could, but I bet feathers will be able to enlighten you.” He reached over and patted your hand, “If you tell the boys I was nice to you though, I will kill you.” Before you could smack his hand away, he was gone.

“CASTIEL,” you yelled. Instantly, the angel was by your side. “Why is it bad that we are soul-mates?” you questioned, crossing your arms. Sighing, Cas looked at the floor and shuffled his feet. “It could be perceived as bad…” he mumbled. You gripped his chin tightly and made Cas look at you. “Tell me Cas.” Sadly, he looked into your eyes and said, “You, Dean, and I are linked in a way that, to my knowledge, has never happened before. Therefore, you will feel my physical pain and Dean’s, and we will feel yours. When one of us dies, the others die as well.” You let go of Castiel’s chin and took a step back. “Then why haven’t we ever felt this before.” Castiel moved forward and wrapped you in his arms, and you heard the boys come in the door behind you. “We didn’t know we were soul-mates. You can’t be connected to one another without that knowledge…” Dean placed a hand on your back and asked, “But now that we are, what does that mean for us?” He looked at Sammy, “for all of us?”

Imagine you’ve just gone through a break up. You’re still processing it and trying to move on. You’re trying to let those wounds heal. The relationship just wasn’t the right one for you anymore, and you’re going through the motions to get over it.

Now imagine that there were people constantly telling you they are so sad that you broke up, or they want you back together, or they want to know why you broke up. And that healing wound gets opened back up every time. You’re expected to apologize or give an explanation while you try and move on. Doesn’t that sound miserable?

Maybe think about that when you tweet or comment on your favorite singer/actor/public figure asking them why they broke up with their significant other. I know many celebrities are open with their lives because they kind of have to be, but there has to be a level of respect. You aren’t owed an explanation, and you can’t treat celebrities lives like it’s a game of sims.  They are people, and they know what’s best for them and the people around them better than you do. I know it’s sad to see a couple that seemed so great not together anymore, but no one ever really knows what the reality is except for the 2 people in it. If you want to support them, support their happiness.

You know, I’ve been thinking about the whole “Rey being perceived as a Mary Sue” thing, and I think part of what’s going on there (beyond, you know, gross misogyny. or maybe part of the gross misogyny) isn’t that she doesn’t fail, it’s that she doesn’t admit failure. Or ignorance. Or inability. 

If offered help from someone she trusts not to take advantage of her, she’ll usually take it, and if directly challenged on something she’ll usually take guidance or correction without offering explanation or apology. If she doesn’t want to do something, she deflects. But she never says “I don’t know how to use this” or “I don’t know how to fix this,” and she only really says “I can’t do this” when she’s in the middle of an extreme fight-or-flight response after picking up the lightsaber for the first time?

It’s not that she instantly knows how to fly every ship and wield every weapon. It’s that she believes - wrongly, but on a very deep level - that if her allies think she can’t provide what they need, they’ll at best abandon her and at worst use that inability against her, so she does her best and doesn’t make excuses. It’s probably because she grew up in a situation where admitting weakness in any situation was incredibly dangerous. Between the competition between scavengers and the exploitation from the junk dealers, she couldn’t afford to be indebted to the vast majority of the people she interacted with.  Her strategy in life is basically “fake it ‘til you make it.”

Or, in the words of a certain little green Jedi, “do or do not, there is no try.” Rey doesn’t try. She just does.

anonymous asked:

how can you agree water marking is the best thing to do i mean it looks so nasty why r they doing this

Well… wow, I sure hope none of my followers are the ones uploading to other websites. I agree that the watermark doesn’t look the best but…

Ok, look, I have nothing to do with Hetascanlations so I don’t get why you sent this to me. I am not affiliated with them in any way, lets make that clear. And they have explained in great detail on multiple occasions why they don’t want their work reposted, and frankly their statement that they don’t want it should be enough. THEY are the ones putting the work in, we should respect their wishes. But if you want an explanation from me, fine. This attitude has angered me enough. I don’t want to speak over them, but maybe I can help.

Ok, so for context, Hetascanlations announced today that they are going to watermark all their work from now on, in response to people reuploading their translations to manga reading websites. And they provided a reason for this.


Lets go through why this is bad, with ~visual aids~!

Manga reading websites generate profit from adverts. A lot of adverts. To illustrate, I randomly chose one of the sites Hetascanlations complained about: MangaReader.

As soon as I opened the page, I was greeted by this pop up ad

After closing the tab, I was taken to the main page, which had a plethora of adverts of its own

The bottom right one was playing a video with sound as well, I mean who WANTS to read manga on here when there is an ad free environment with the same content???

But anyway, it didn’t take me long to find the offending uploads

This is the Hetascanlations translation of a chapter only five days old. So one made long after they first requested that people stop reposting their work 4 months ago. And see that ad at the top of the screen? MangaReader, and other sites like it, are generating profit directly from the work of the Hetascanlations team.

This is the issue. Only Himaruya and the publishers should be making any profit from the series. And Hetascanlations doesn’t at all, I mean, do you see any adverts on their blog?

Or on their website?

I sure don’t. They do all this translation for free, to enable us non-Japanese speakers to keep up to date with the latest releases of Hetalia. We wouldn’t be able to access the content AT ALL without their work.

And issues of money aside, there is the issue of credit. Look at all that work scanning and translating and maintaining websites, done for no benefit to themselves; and by posting the work to other websites they are losing all recognition of their efforts.

A watermark will hopefully make it undesirable for websites like MangaReader to host the scans to start with. But even if they still do host the watermarked version, it gives the team their credit and recognition, and might lead to some of those reading on manga websites investigating their tumblr page. Thus finding the ad-free source of the content, and hopefully using that to access the series from now on.

I re-emphasise, I HAVE NO AFFILLIATION WITH THE HETASCANLATIONS TEAM. But it seems obvious to me from their statements that THIS is why they are watermarking.

And I would rather they did that than they stopped translating completely and prevented us from reading the series at all. They are not obligated to do any of this, and they get a lot of crap from some fans - we should be grateful, not antagonistic, that they have taken this step.

(And hetascanlations, if I have overstepped my bounds at all by saying all this PLEASE TELL ME, I am just an ordinary fan and I don’t want to put words in your mouth. But I have seen so many comments like the one in this ask - but if you want me to delete this post tell me and I will do so IMMEDIATELY)

love you goodbye

why i think its about zouis :(

It’s inevitable everything that’s good comes to an end
It’s impossible to know if after this we can still be friends
I know you’re saying you don’t want to hurt me
Well, maybe you should show a little mercy
The way you look I know you didn’t come to apologize

idk, i feel like this doesn’t even need an explanation when looking at it through this lens. “if after this” doesn’t have to mean the end of a relationship, it can be things changing with zayn and the band, or after a fight between them, and they’re struggling how to move forward. 

and here’s the chorus:

Hey, hey, hey
Oh, why you’re wearing that to walk out of my life?
Hey, hey, hey
Oh, even though it’s over you should stay tonight
Hey, hey, hey
If tomorrow you won’t be mine
Won’t you give it to me one last time?
Oh, baby, let me love you goodbye

honestly from the first time i heard this i thought “oh boy this is the beginning of otra.” like, looking beyond the two (2) lines “won’t you give it to me one last time/oh baby let me love you goodbye” which pretty bluntly imply sex, the rest of the chorus is talking about how “hey, this is coming to an end, but i still want to spend this time with you, things are going to change, but i’m going to miss you.”

and then there’s the other verse:

One more taste of your lips just to bring me back
To the places we’ve been and the nights we’ve had
Because if this is it then at least we could end it right

which again, exempting the one (1) line about romance/a kiss, “to the places we’ve been and the nights we’ve had/because if this is it then at least we could end it right” OHHHHHHHHH again that brought me right back to otra when zouis were together and clubbing and doing things nonstop :( like louis wanted to make the most of the rest of their time together :(

clearly the song is about breakup sex on its face, but if you look at the lyrics and relate it to what we know of louis’ life, this is 100% how i read and interpret it.

hotgirlscotty​ (continued)

Scott had been there everyday since the accident.  He felt so guilty and replayed that day in his mind, thinking that he should have been there, should have kept it from happening somehow.  He’d finally dozed off in the chair, exhausted from staying up waiting for Stiles to wake up and from taking probably way too much of his pain.  He jumped awake when he heard the others voice.  “Stiles?  Oh my God hey.” He said, reaching to take Stiles’ hand, not realizing that the other didn’t really recognize him.

Was Stiles him? What kind of name was Stiles anyway? And why was in this room? And who was this boy holding his hand. It made his head hurt even trying to think about it, and everything seemed like it was about to explode. “If you want to hold my hand, can I at least get your name first?” He asked, eyeing the other. “And while your at it, maybe a brief explanation of why I’m in here? And maybe where here is?” He didn’t like not knowing. Or feeling this confused. Or not knowing what the hell was going on.