if you wanna laugh

I want you.
I want you at 6 am when drool covers your pillow.
I want you at 11 am when you’re barely awake and eat breakfast.
I want you at noon when the sun is bright and you’re telling me jokes.
I want you at 2 pm when you’re tickling me even though you know I hate it.
I want you at 5 pm when you get me to try new things for dinner.
I want you at 8 pm when you’re trying to keep me awake and playing the game.
I want your weirdness and to be there when you’re upset.
I want to love on you when you need me to.
Imperfections, flaws and all.
I just want all of you. ~
—  it’s always been you
Your Zodiac Sign’s Kind Of Love:

Aries: a I’m gonna do everything I can to make you feel appreciated kind of love
Taurus: a checking up on how youre day is going kind of love
Gemini: a your the first person i thought about telling this kind of love
Cancer: a wipe your tears it’ll be okay kind of love
Leo: a I love you before we say goodbye always kind of love
Virgo: a you have my back i got your back kind of love
Libra: a we’re not going to sleep until we’re okay again kind of love
Scorpio: i need to kiss you before you leave kind of love
Sagittarius: a eyes light up when we look at each other kind of love
Capricorn: a let me give you a massage to relax you kind of love
Aquarius: a i thought about you and got you this kind of love
Pisces: a i wanna make you laugh till your belly aches kind of love

Kim Seokjin

That’s it. That’s all I had to say.

Imagine your daughter asking to braid Sam’s hair

Dean had said it as a joke, but Katie’s face lit up at the suggestion.

“Daddy, can I?” she asked, desperately excited now that the idea had been planted.

You and Dean grinned, and Sam laughed slightly.

“You sure you don’t wanna play with Mommy’s?” he offered, “She has more.”

Katie shook her head, smiling brightly, “I’m sure. I wanna do yours.”


This isn’t even fair >//>

((and my personal favorite:

People scold us for missing people that we shouldn’t. There are some people that just get you. That you have this connection with. They spark something in your soul. And sometimes you have to say goodbye to those people because you just can’t have contact anymore; other than checking in once in awhile, if that. Even years down the road, you get this longing of missing them. It doesn’t even have to be in a romantic way anymore. You just miss how you could talk to them or how they made you laugh, and you wanna reach out. But you can’t. Because some people just aren’t good for you anymore and you need to know when you have to stop. It doesn’t mean you don’t love them. Maybe they cheated, maybe you did, maybe they played head games, maybe nothing bad happened, maybe you ran because you were scared. Whatever it was, the damage has been done between you. But in those rare moments when you catch up, you get that feeling in your chest and your heart speeds up a little. Some people just leave this imprint on you. Sometimes you drift away or have to tell them goodbye; even if it kills you. I think it’s okay to miss those people. Whether you spent months or years with them. Or if you never had a chance to get started. Because they did make a difference in your life; they impacted you. And that was important. You shouldn’t be judged for missing someone that made you feel something. Even if it is over.
—  Chapters from my life


                                                                          - OR DO YOU WANNA DANCE?

You wanna know the truth?” She laughed.
“Well the fucked up truth is that not everything happens for a reason. Sometimes people make the wrong decisions and they’re forced to live with them for the rest of their lives. And I know I should live with mine, because I mean what other choice do I have? You can’t turn back the clocks and redo things. You make a mistake and you pay the price, that’s the cold hard truth about life.
You can’t change a decision you’ve already made, wrong or right. But on the loneliest nights, I look up at the moon and I smile. Because although now we walk different paths, with different people and although I know that the years will pass and we will won’t be together; I’ll always remember that for a brief, fraction of a moment, against all the odds, our stars crossed. And that will always, always be enough for me.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write