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based off of an Ed Sheeran’s song, Happier

Feel free to listen to it while reading to amp up you emotion level.

(A/N); Look who manage to put out a story again!!! For the first time, I’ve written a song inspired one-shot, so forgive me if it’s not so good. I’m not super proud of some parts in here, you’ll understand why. I did have to change up a little part of the song to fit the story better, you’ll see it when you reach it. Hope you enjoy! (Also, hmu if ya wanna be tagged in my future posts)

Warnings; a single swear word (I think), and a huge amount of angst

Word Count; 2964

‘Don’t do this—’

‘I’m doing this for you.’

You shook you head, tears rolling down your eyes. 

'No, Peter. You’re doing this for you.’

Peter had to break up with you. By having you involve in his Spider-Man life—it’s too dangerous. Too dangerous for yourself and everyone around you. He didn’t want to risk hurting you in any possible way.

But, in the end, this did hurt you.

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Touch. (Percival Graves x Reader)

Soooooooo, this isn’t the part two of ‘Are You Mine?’ but my brain just instead decided to write this up hahaha

This is just a short drabble that I wrote bc I love me some nice Percival Graves ;)

Summary: Percival gets jealous and says something you would never expect to come out of his mouth.

Warnings: Sinnamon spice (YOOOO hmu if ya’ll actually want some smut bc im sO DOWN FOR WRITING SMUT)

Words: 1,163

Author: @xfandomqueenblrx (me)

DO NOT repost this on other sites and claim it as your work.

Enjoy mis amigos 


You looked down at the dress that adorned your body. What you were wearing was enticing. A long, dark red dress that complimented your skin tone, accompanied with a low neckline. To top it off, you also had nude heels on that accentuated your legs. All in all, you felt extremely confident in what you were wearing, and you had every right to with how wonderful you looked tonight. 

Your eyes scanned around the ballroom, in hopes of finding one person. 

Percival Graves.

Yes, the brooding Mr. Graves who towered over you and made you feel fear and excitement at the same time. He was an interesting man, mysterious and confident. The first time you had seen him at MACUSA, you were immediately intrigued and eager to know more about him. As time passed, your interest in him only grew. 

You didn’t know if he realized that you had grown such a liking towards him. Your normally calm demeanor would break around him, and you would start to blush or slightly stutter when talking to him. You wanted to grow closer towards Percival, get to know him and at the least become friends. However, you rarely got to see him with the amount of work he always had to finish, and if you were able to talk to him, the conversation would be short and clipped. The only time you regularly got to see him was in the morning, when you brought him coffee. Yet, every morning was still filled with short conversations, as you were unable to look him in the eye without blushing or feeling embarrassed. Things have gotten better, though. You’ve been working under him for a good three months now, and the conversations have picked up a little bit. You became more confident around him, even starting a bit of friendly banter in the morning when delivering coffee to Percival. But, you still needed a bit more. And tonight was the night you could get to know more about him.

Madam Picquery was throwing a party to celebrate the anniversary of MACUSA. Everyone who worked at MACUSA came to the party, along with some of their friends or family. All in all, it seemed like tonight was going to be a good night. And you were going to use this night to further your friendship with Mr. Graves. 

Finally, you spotted him coming towards your table. Everyone else who was sat with you had already gotten up to go and socialize with others or introduce family members or friends to other co-workers. You, however, stayed behind. You hadn’t expected Mr. Graves to come seek you, in fact you thought you’d have to look for him. But, he found you and had already started over to your table. 

He sat down next to you and smiled. “Not in the mood to socialize?”

“Well, I believe I’m socializing with someone now.” You grinned and picked up your champagne glass from the table to take another drink.

“Ah, yes. If you would really like to be alone, I could leave you here to your thoughts.”

“O-oh no, you can stay. Sorry if that came off rude.” You nervously laughed and set down your glass. You then intertwined your hands in your lap. Hopefully he didn’t think you actually wanted him to leave. It’s a miracle he even came to talk to you.

Percival smirked and put his hand on yours. Your eyes widened and you slowly looked up at him. 

“You’re fine, darling. I know you were joking. Anyways, how are you? I know we don’t get to talk much, but I’d like to get to know some more about the girl that brings me coffee every morning.” He took his hand off yours to pick up his own glass that was set on the table. He winked at you and took a sip of his drink.

You blushed. “I’m fine, thanks for asking. What about you?”

“Good. Do you-”

“Hey, Y/n!” You jumped at the sudden voice behind you. You looked back to see Abernathy walking towards your table. He’s always liked you, making moves on you in hopes of you caving in to being his girlfriend. You’ve just never been interested, and he’s never been able to take a hint.

Abernathy smiled and took a seat right next to you. He waved at Percival before setting his gaze back on you. 

“You look beautiful tonight Y/n. Whad’ya say about… meeting up somewhere after this?” He took a little bit of the fabric of your dress and rolled it between his fingers. “We could have some fun.” He then proceeded to wink at you.

You couldn’t help but cringe and shuffle as far away as you could from him in your seat. 

“Abernathy, we’ve been over this. I’m just not interested, ok?”

“That’s what you say every time sweetheart, but I know we have a connection.”

You gave a loud sigh.”No, we really don’t.”

“Come on, you really wanna be with this guy all night?” Abernathy pointed at Percival.

Percy was seething inside. Who was this kid to come and rudely interrupt the conversation you two were having? And you were so obviously not interested in him, yet he kept on going without even acknowledging how uncomfortable you were. A sudden surge of jealousy washed through Percival. He couldn’t help himself but feel the need to protect you, and his pride.

“At least she’d actually enjoy being with me all night.” The words flowed out almost instinctively out of Percival’s mouth, shocking both you and Abernathy. Your eyes were wide and you couldn’t help but giggle a little when you looked at Abernathy’s shocked face. Percy was glaring at him, willing him to leave just by his stare.

“A-alright sir. I didn’t mean any harm. Have a good night you two.” Flustered and confused, Abernathy quickly stood up from his seat, earning a loud screech to come from the scraping of his chair against the tile. He then quickly walked away from you and Percival.

You looked back at Percy and smiled.”Thanks for getting rid of him for me. He definitely took your lie for the truth.” You let out a small laugh when you thought of Percy’s words. 

Percival picked up his glass from the table once again and took another swig of the contents inside. He then gently set it down and looked at you. His stare was intense, a look he had never given you before. 

He didn’t know if it was all of the alcohol he had drunk that night, or the surge of adrenaline that was rushing through him at the time, or both. But, he managed to lean forward on his chair and place his hand on your knee. He came close to your ear, his hot breath fanning over your skin and leaving goosebumps on you arms. Your skin tingled at the sudden contact, and you couldn’t help but shiver.

“I wasn’t lying, sweetheart.”


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More Than a Few Writing Tips

There’s so many things I want to share, where do I begin??

Well first, I want to wish you success in all of your endeavors! It’s hard to write, and I congratulate you for the courage to start creative writing, and I really do hope for your success! But more importantly, I hope that you can love it as much as I do and more!!

OK! I’ll just warn you that this is a long post. A really long post.

Let’s begin!

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Earlier today an English Labour Party MP named Jo Cox was shot, stabbed and beaten while doing her weekly surgery (meeting with members of the public to discuss current affairs/issues) by a 52 y.o. white male who allegedly shouted “Britain First” (the name of a racist, xenophobic, far-right, fascistic “party” - think the Tea Party if they were all drunk uncles from Glasgow) during the attack and during his arrest.

She was airlifted to hospital. She died there.

Cox was an advocate for the Remain (in the EU) campaign and for accepting refugees into the country, and was married with two small children. She was murdered in the street by a right-wing terrorist. This is the first time a British MP has been killed in 26 years (though there have been attempts since). The last one? The victim of an IRA bomb.

To paraphrase a friend, this is what happens when you allow fascists a platform. You can whine about free speech all you like, but when people are allowed to spread their hateful rhetoric, it will never stop at sound and noise. There will be victims. People doing their jobs, going about their lives, who will have the opportunity to go home to their families taken from them, violently, just because of deluded, violent people’s actions.

i dont know what else to say. i hope everyone is doing okay. hmu if you wanna talk

Forgetful Sammy, 2 (S.W)

Hahahaha hi, yet another shitty chapter of the newest Sammy series. I’m surprised I got this up so soon but drama will be vvvvv soon. Vvvvvvvvvv soon. 

Please send me feedback bc I don’t know if I like this that much anymore lol, hmu and let me know babiiiiies.




“Holy crap, Y/N, what the fuck did you do?” Nate asks in shock and confusion as he walks past me sitting on Sammy’s bedroom floor. He looks down at the two game discs that I cut in half with an open mouth and a hand running stressfully through his hair. “Sam is gunna be piiiiiissed when he finds out.”

“Oh, he already knows.” I pass him my phone to show him the text conversation that just happened. I’m surprised with myself. I didn’t know I could be petty like that. I guess he was kinda right.

Nate shakes his head, passing me my phone as he sits down on his friend’s bed. “Damn, ma.” I just cut up a $60 game that he only got 3 months ago because he pissed me off that much. “STD scare?”

“You don’t even wanna know.”

“Oh, believe me, I do.”

“It was after he slept with that Evita girl. He got a rash and he said that it stung when he peed so he went to the ER and it was just a bad urine infection, yada yada yada.”

We weren’t together at the time. Well, we had broken up 3 months before that happened, he went back to having one night stands and I went on a date with another one of my ex’s, you get the picture. He called me the minute he saw something was wrong and then we got back together after he got the all clear.

“Yeah, that was a lil’ too much info for me.”

“You asked, I told.”

“That’s true…” He grimaces. I look down at the two discs that I broke and I instantly feel guilty, but then I remember that my boyfriend called me a bitch and the guilt just flies away. “What’re you doing about the discs?”

“When he apologises, I’ll happily buy him replacements. If he continues being an ass, I’ll snap his Madden disc.”

“You wouldn’t.” He gasps, like it’s the worst thing he’s ever heard.

“I snapped Fifa,” I comment, picking up one half of the disc. “I’ll happily snap Madden.”

Skates eyes widen, “Damn girl, you’re a savage.” I know, that’s what happens when your boyfriend pisses you off. “Remind me not to get on your wrong side.”

“You already did; last September, you dropped my phone and smashed my screen so I found every bud you had and flushed them.”

“That was you?!” I nod and look down at my phone, Sam hasn’t bothered replying to my last message, which is probably for the best. I don’t know if we’re even together anymore. “I got so pissed at Sam and Swazz for that!”

I kinda want Sam to reply, just so I can have the clarification of our relationship status. He threatened to put an end to us if I had really broken his game, so I sent him another picture of the snapped Fifa disc. I’m guessing, due to that, that we’re not together but I don’t know.


Nate says something else about my maybe-boyfriend and I don’t even hear him because I’m too busy trying to figure it all out. I just know that I don’t want to talk about Sam. “Can we change the subject please?” He nods his head.

I pick up the two broken discs and set them on Sam’s TV stand, he’ll see them the second he walks into this room and he’ll be pissed as fuck. I lift myself up from the floor and brush any dirt and dust off of my trousers. Nate follows suit and we walk out of the bedroom and down the stairs.

“You better still be comin’ to the show tonight! The very last show on the fuckin’ Skaterade tour!” A loud chorus of cheers, hoots and hollers erupts from the living room when the guys down here hear him shout.

I lightly slap his arm, “Of course I am! You think I would miss it?!” A huge grin spreads across Nate’s face and he just shrugs, throwing himself across the empty couch in front of the stairs. “Dude, you’re one of my best friends! I couldn’t make it out to any of the other shows, I wouldn’t fucking miss the last one!”

Swazz walks out from the kitchen, a can of Coke in one hand and a blunt in the other. “You can get turnt with us, Y/N! Legally this time!”

“I know!” I grin and sit on the arm of the couch. “It’s gunna be my first night out where I don’t have to use a fake or sneak drinks from you guys!” As long as I don’t get too hammered and I have someone watching me at all times, I’ll be just fine. “I got so much money yesterday you don’t even know.”

“It’s an open bar for over 21’s, you ain’t gotta spend a dime, babygirl.”

“Even better, endless drinks for me!”

This is going to be a damn good night if I don’t have to spend money buying drinks every nine minutes. My bank account will stay above the negatives.

“I don’t think your boyfriend would like taking your drunk ass home if you’re that pissed.”

Wait. Sam’s coming home today? He’s going to be at the show tonight? Oh, hell no. He’s going to want to talk to me. I’m a bitchy drunk. I’m going to want to argue.

Oh hell, I’m going to argue, there’s no want about it, I will fucking argue. I’ll argue with everyone and anyone that wants to go.

“He’s gunna be there?”

Nate mutters a sarcastic ‘yeah’ and poked my knee. “I told you that like, five minutes ago upstairs.”

“I completely zoned out when you were talking, I’m sorry.”

“You’re still going though, right?” Derek asks.

I don’t know anymore. My decision has completely changed now that I know I’m gunna be in the same room as Sam in less than 10 hours. I need to talk to him, only if he’s going to apologise for being a dick though, I refuse to talk to him if I’m going to get the blame for the entire thing when it really is all his doing.

I want to be there for my friends, for Nate, Swazz, Derek and Dillon, and everyone else that’s on the tour, I really do. They’ve been through so much shit on the road and they deserve to have an amazing last night, and I don’t want to ruin that for them by having a huge blowout with Sam, and possibly Stass. It just wouldn’t be fair on them. Or on the fans, to be honest. They spent their money to come out, see their idols and have an amazing time, they don’t want to see an argument between their idol and his girlfriend.

Actually, they probably would. It would give them another reason to put in their two cents and hate on me. But whatever, you can’t stop that. It’s what happens when you date someone in the public eye.

“Well, I really don’t wanna see him, especially if Em’s gunna be there, because if both Sam and Em are there, Stass will be there. And she’s friends with you guys also so she’ll definitely be there, and I don’t trust myself with free alcohol and those two in the same room.”

Dillon pulls himself away from his phone and looks up at me with a bored look. “Yo, you can’t let them stop you from having fun. You’re our friend too, Y/N, you can’t skip this.”

“We’ll tell Stass not to come if you feel uncomfortable.” I shake my head at Swazz’s stupid suggestion, why would he even think about that?!

“Don’t do that!” I’ll be pinned as the bitch if they do that. “It’s not that I feel uncomfortable around her, it’s that I don’t like her and Sam around each other. She’s nice on her own and with Em, but as soon as Sammy or Kylie or one of those lot come around, she’s a fucking bitch to me.” The blunt gets handed to me but I politely decline, I have to drive myself home soon. “And then mix in the alcohol, you guys know how I get.”

“Remember when you slapped that one girl and pulled out an extension because she looked at you in the wrong way?”

“Holy shit, I remember that!” Derek laughs loudly and slaps his knee. “That night was fucking amazing.”

“Oh shut up!” I yell at him, “I was too fucking drunk that night because you assholes wouldn’t stop handing me shots and refused to leave me alone until I had like, fucking 30!”

“Still, it was fucking hilarious.”

“And you verbally attacked some hoe that gave you and Sam side-eye when you were dancing.”

They’re literally just giving prime examples of why I shouldn’t turn up tonight. “See! I shouldn’t go tonight when I won’t be able to stop myself from either verbally or physically assaulting someone!” I throw my hands in the air and groan in frustration. “I feel like I’ll be escorted out in handcuffs.”

I don’t want to go, just to avoid confrontation, but I also want to go just for the confrontation.

I can be very problematic at times, it’s just something I can’t stop. Other people seem to find it funny but really, it’s something that could cause a huge dent in my permanent record.

“I don’t give a fuck if you do! It’ll be fucking funny!”

“It’ll make the last show memorable as fuck, babe.”

“We’re picking you up at 3.”

“Um, n-“

Nate swiftly cuts me off, “Um, yes. Now go the fuck home, eat, sleep, shower, masturbate, whatever the fuck you needa do, we’ll see you soon baby!”

So, they really do want me to lose my shit. Well, they better just hope that it doesn’t turn around on them.

Just when I’m being pushed out of the house by Swazz, I hear Nates loud laughter, followed by, “You’ll never fucking guess what Y/N did to get back at Sam…”

Oh, God. I’m never going to hear the fucking end of this now.

Part 3 >

The Signs as the people I know!

Cancer Sun, Aqua Moon, Taurus Rising POV (these are completely opinionated okay!)

Aries (male): Wtf you all have such nice and natural body builds, and you are absolute the nicest person to me; even though you love to fuck around and kid a lot, you understand when to be a helping hand and an emotional support and you do it so brilliantly. I love that you’re brutally honest and down to earth and don’t put up with anyone’s shit. I could really learn that from you.

Aries (female): Ugh such a slender and elegant look, and so sociable. I get jealous about your ability to adapt to things well, and how you’re very helpful towards people who feel that they don’t fit in so well. Stop underestimating yourself really! You have such a natural artistic gift that can take you farther than you think :)

Taurus (male): ;_; Sorry I legit don’t know or aren’t close to any Taurus males. Hmu so I get to know you guys better!!

Taurus (female): Tbh I get quite overwhelmed with your enthusiasm over things that I can’t seem to understand but I love it! Although it’s a bit difficult for me to get to know you bc tbh I feel inferior to you :( Anyhu, I love your willingness and enthusiasm to help people and how well you take care of yourself and your family :)

Gemini (male): You’re so so so touchy almost all the time D: but honestly wtf we share the best inside jokes together and I love your sick humour and how well you understand me because I feel that you’re going through the same or worse, and you always try to make me feel better even if that means making a fool out of yourself xD But sometimes I feel that you let your ego get the best of you and you just change so quickly when you’re around your friends it’s like I don’t even know you! But when that’s not up, we make one heck of a dynamic duo.

Gemini (female): Man, when there’s one thing you’re interested in, you excel in it to the highest point like seriously; make up? Basketball? You name it! I love your ambitious attitude. But also you can be quite moody :( and you kind of lie a lot about certain things, but at the same time you really know how to defend your closest friends and never forget to give back to those who help you and I like that about you :)

Cancer (male): You guys are so eccentric! You’ve either got the strangest humour or the strangest hobbies; or both! :P But at the same time I do get a bit scared when you’re angry because sometimes you get really scary when you’re mad :(

Cancer (female): I have a love-hate relationship w you guys, sometimes you always wanna be right, sometimes you lie, sometimes you feel like you must be my only friend. I don’t like that you’re really controlling and get insensitive when things don’t go your way :( But otherwise we’re like the bestest friends and you legit know everything about me because you’re such an amazing listener and I love that you share your personal feels w me too. :’) We’re just so open and non-judgemental to each other that it just makes communicating so much easier and our arguments last like 10 seconds.

Leo (male): Your dominance gets pretty annoying sometimes and can get pretty narrow-minded about how things should be done and don’t like when people do things their way (mind, Aries male, Libra male). But honestly you’re a great leader with so many creative ideas and so so so very ambitious and protective about your loved ones and I love that vibe w you! But your temper pls :( the shouting is unnecessary and scary. Don’t fight fire w fire.

Leo (female): YOU DRAMA QUEEN AHH I mean my goodness you’re so cute and perky but also sometimes it goes over the limit! But having you as a best friend makes me feel so protected and you’re amazing at defending the people you hold close to your heart and you never fail to make me feel special on my down days. Try to take the initiative to do things sometimes, but also don’t be too upset when not everyone can cooperate! You’re so hardworking you can’t just let go to waste just coz some people don’t have the same dreams as you. Keep striving for what you wanna do, and I’ll have your back at the toughest days!

Virgo (male): BEST. HUGS. EVER. You guys are also super amazing listeners but sometimes I feel like I don’t even know who I’m talking to D: but you give amazing advice and shoulders to cry on and you don’t ask for anything in return. You’re like the living definition of unconditional love! But sometimes I feel that, like a Gemini male, you’ve got some serious ego that needs to be set down just a bit. Be yourself! Don’t be so influenced by everything you see or look up to, sometimes it’s not good for you. I’ve seen you in your own world and it’s amazing. Just be who you are :)

Virgo (female): You are super duper creative and I admire your strive for change; though imo I like you better when you’re an older person because when you’re younger you’re quite cunning and selfish and must aaaalways get what you want :( it hurts others sometimes. Sharing is caring okie? xD But I love that you are very nice to me in particular anyway

Libra (male): My best friend, my brother. You look after me at my toughest moments and you know when to stop being a dick and be a brother instead. You’re one of the few guys I know who keeps it real. I’m glad that you often help me come to my senses and if not at least you make an amazing listener with very safe advice on looking after myself. You can get pretty flirty at times but hella protective when you find that one. It’s been good w you :) You made high school so much easier to live through.

Libra (female): You’re either really chill or really flirty and rude, there’s no inbetween. For the flirty ones WHY DO YOU DO THAT D: it’s especially not nice to do so w people who are already in a relationship :( you made them fight about it. And for you really cool ones holy hell do I admire the shit out of you to strive for your goals. You’re kind hearted and straightforward but I really also hope you could learn to stand up for yourself as much as you stand up for those you care about!

Scorpio (male): YOU GUYS ARE SO KIND WTF you’re like legit boyfriend goals (imo) though sometimes I feel you have a dull personality BUT your nerdy interestsare sooo cute and I love how loyal and trustworthy and dependable you are with your friends and especially with your significant others :’)

Scorpio (female): I never really got along w many scorpio females unless they’re early cusps?? But one of them I had a big fight with :( and the other one I’m still getting to know but idk I don’t really blend well with female scorpios I guess :( sorry. Y'all got amazing amazing bodies though for real wtf stop being so sexy god damn.

Sagittarius (male): I’m sorry but I don’t really like you flirtatious and insincere ones. I’ve yet to meet a genuinely nice Sagittarius male who doesn’t wanna just get in my pants or just fucks with my emotions. Sigh.

Sagittarius (female): What the heeeeeell I don’t know any saf female??? D: sorry. HMU IF YOU A SAG FEMALE LEMME GET TO KNOW SOME PLS.

Capricorn (male): For all I know, you guys are really reserved but amazing writers and comic artists. When I was in elementary school you didn’t judge me for my writing skills and gave me amazing and such encouraging advice it made me wanna write every day and me a more eloquent person, and I really did. I’m not afraid to express myself when the time is right, and you taught me that. You viewed me as an equal despite our age differences and helped me relatively mature better at a young age and I’m so appreciative of you.

Capricorn (female): You guys have such adorable laughs c: you always try to find the good in little things and always try to help where you can. You’re never afraid to try new things and I love that about you because you’re always so willing to join me in spontaneous adventurous. Sporty and usually an amazing singer or artist in some way. I love your originality and dedication. You guys are like the living sexy nerds I always see on TV and I’m jelly :(

Aquarius (male): YOU GUYS ARE SO FUNNY STOPPP you always make such inappropriate (but non-offensive) jokes and I love it :3 even though we’re super shy to talk to each other, when we do, it usually ends up really education idk why. You guys are such realists, easy-going and chill and I love that

Aquarius (female): SO inspiring and hardworking. A little overdramatic and.. well honestly who am I to say anything about anyone who’s achieving so much more than I am tbh :P you’re amazing little/older sisters to me and always encourage me to see both sides of the coin when making decisions. Your people-loving personalities are getting you guys so far and your willingness to challenge the systems and master whatever your interests are make you such an adorable nerd and no one should challenge you or else. :P

Pisces (male): Another love-hate relationship of mine w you. Crybabies and sensitive, but honestly mostly for good reasons. I love that you’re sensitive to my emotions and try to understand me, but I hate when you turn it around and make it seem like your problems are always worse. I love that you’re so good at calling people out when they do really sth really bad, but I hate that you can’t stand up for yourself. You’re the little brother I always wanna protect but the little brother I wanna beat up. Please realize how special you are, but please don’t belittle others in the process.

Pisces (female): I don’t really know many of you guys either but the only one I know is super hardworking and sociable and really creative and like the  popular girl type but I didn’t really get to talk to her a lot ;_; hmu if you a pisces female okkkkkk.

Strange Love // Luke

badboy!Luke + badgirl!y/n

inspired by halsey’s strange love

warning: smut, drug mentions and swearing

Late night calls that led to empty packs cigarettes, scattered clothes everywhere and loud moans. Fucking on the bathroom sink while being high was one of yours and Luke’s most favourite things to do. His hands running through your hair as you kiss his neck. When you’re with Luke it feels like heaven. The way he worships your body with every touch, every kiss, every grip makes you go fucking insane.

Every time you get together with Luke, it feels like an adventure. Sneaking out the back door of your house, trying not to make a sound, made you feel even more dangerous than you already were. You both were in rival gangs and if you and Luke were ever caught together, you would be dead.

Luke was tough as shit and made sure to let everyone know not to get in his way or else. Most people knew who he was and they feared him, but at the same time, Luke was so beautiful, that people can’t resist falling for him. He had a tall, broad figure and the brightest blue eyes ever known. He was practically a God and everyone knew that. But when he was with you, all his bad boy reputations went away. You can’t believe how weak you make when he’s screaming your name in bed.

Now here you were: 11:20 pm on a Friday night, in an empty parking lot. Fog steaming the car windows while the smell of smoke, weed and sex filled the air. You were straddling him and rocking your hips back and forth as he gripped your hips so mean.

“Fuck princess. Just like that.” Luke says as he squeezes his eyes shut.

“Mhmm baby boy. Tell me how much you love it when I fuck you like this.” You say, picking up your pace and digging your nails into his broad shoulders.

Luke whimpers and throws his head back. “Sh-shit y/n I love it so much. I love seeing your ride my fucking cock.”

You moaned at his words and you felt your walls clench around him. “I’m close Luke. So close.” Luke’s hand lets go of your hip and bring it down to your clit, and begins rubbing it. You move your hands to your breasts and start messaging them, desperate to cum.

“You look absolutely beautiful getting off me babygirl.” Luke grunts, bucking his hips up, also desperate to cum.

You let out a loud moan and close your eyes as you cum. Dragging your nails down Luke’s pale, bare chest, he throws his head back again and pulls your closer to him. “Ahh princess. Keep doing that.” He says.

You obey him and keep scratching his chest until he reached his high. You ride out both of your climaxes, small moans and whimpers filling the air. Luke opens his sky blue eyes and looks into your beautiful (ur eye color) eyes. You give him a small smile as he pulls you in and gives you a kiss. The kiss is slow and full of love unlike your earlier kisses that were quick and sloppy. You pull away and start putting your clothes back on and so does Luke. After getting changed, you start to get out of the back seat to sit at the front, when Luke pulls you back and kisses you again.

Luke pulls away and whispers, “Hey baby girl.”

“Hey baby boy.” You whisper back.

“I have to confess something.” He says, putting his hand lightly on your cheek.

“Please don’t tell me you have some weird kink that you wanna try out.” You jokingly say.

He laughs and shakes his head. “It’s not that. It’s something more serious.”

“Okay, what’s up Lucas?” You say in a more serious tone.

“Fuck okay, I knew we promised this wouldn’t happen but shit Y/N, I’m in love with you. I love everything about you and I know we have a strict rule about not falling in love with one another but I can’t help it.” Luke says quietly. He brings his hand down from your cheek to hold your hand.

“I don’t know what to say Luke. I mean like I definitely feel something special between us but what will we say to everyone when they see us together?” You tell him.

“You don’t have to fucking tell them anything. Our relationship is between us and not the public. We don’t have to flaunt our relationship just to prove to each other that we love each other. I’d rather keep everything between us.” He says. “Please baby, give me one chance.”

Hey what’s the worst that could happen? “Okay Luke, I’ll give you one chance but if you mess it up, I’ll beat your ass.” You say and lean in for another kiss.

“I won’t, I promise.” Luke grinned and said, “How about we go back to your place? You said no one was home tonight.”

“Yeah okay. Let’s go.” You reply, getting out of Luke’s car and going to the driver’s seat.

The car ride home consisted of Luke kissing your knuckles every now and then and blasting All Time Low on the radio.

You parked Luke’s car a couple houses away from the house you share with your gang, just in case if one of them came home early. You both get inside the house and go upstairs to your room. Luke shuts the door and makes his way to your bed. He sits down and motions you to come to him. He puts his hands on your ass and you run your fingers through his blonde hair. He looks up at your and gives you a smirk before slightly tugging your pants down. Luke pulls you down, on top of him and takes off your clothes for the second time today.

In the morning you woke up and there was no sight of Luke. It was strange because usually, he would leave behind his flannel or his sweatshirt for you to wear. You were kinda disappointed that he didn’t stay the night. You wanted to talk about your relationship. Wait but did he even mean what he said? Or did he just say it because he was high? Did he totally forget he fucking confess he loved me? Or did he realize he confessed, and left as quick as possible? All these thoughts took over your mind and you didn’t even realize your friend, Marina, burst into your room.

“Y/N! Our money! It was stolen by that son of a bitch Luke Hemmings!” She exclaimed.


so, it’s been a while since the last plot bunny. and my spotify is giving me so much inspiration so here we go with the plot ideas!!

MAKE ME LIKE YOU; Gwen Stefani

  • “why’d you have to go and make me like you? this is a feeling i’m not used to..”

muse a is an introvert. they stay inside and don’t go out unless their extroverted friends drag them somewhere. muse b is new to the town, and runs into muse a at a party they’ve been dragged to. they talk and hit it off, but is soon leaving with their friends (ironically it’s the one time they don’t wanna leave the party). muse a can’t stop thinking about muse b - and has no idea how to feel about it, considering the fact they’ve never given anyone the time of day when it came to dating, since they think it’s too messy. muse b, on the other hand, is doing everything they can to run into muse a just so they can see them again. 

NO; Meghan Trainor

  • “my name is no, my sign is no, my number is no…”

muse a is an empowered person who, in the past year, got out of a bad relationship (for whatever reason). muse b, on the other hand, is the heartbreaker, and they find themselves liking a challenge. so when they hear about muse a, they make it their mission to try to seduce them and at least take them on a date. and when they ask muse a, all they think is “but - wait, did they just say no?” and that only makes them more and more curious about the other, since it’s been a long time since the heartbreaker was rejected.

 LOVE YOU GOODBYE; One Direction

  • “the way you look i know you didn’t come to apologize… oh, why you wearing that to walk out of my life? even though it’s over you should stay tonight..”

muse and and muse b have been together for years. they’ve been together since high school. but muse a wants to travel the world, and do amazing things. whereas muse b wants to settle down, get married, and start a family. this makes the two lovers tense, and they find themselves getting in their first serious fight, that ends in an angsty split. and on the night of their split, they run into each other at a party - both dragged there by their friends trying to get them to forget about the split. and upon seeing each other they don’t even know what to do because woah, they look so good. or wait, why are they kissing someone else?. after the party, and continuing with their breakup, muse a isn’t handling it well but is doing their best acting job to make it seem like everything’s okay. whereas muse b is a mess everywhere they go, especially when they run into each other on the street. 


  • “i’d never ask you, ‘cause deep down i’m certain i’d know what you’d say.. you’d say ‘i’m sorry, believe me, i love you… but not in that way.’”

muse a and muse b have known each other since they were in diapers. they’ve always been best friends, and that will never change - or will it? when muse a realizes how they really feel for muse b, who’s in a relationship (good or bad), and finds themselves telling the other, they are let down to hear the love isn’t requited. and muse b finds himself drifting further from muse a to ensure they don’t get hurt - which only hurts them more. plot twist: muse b loves muse a too, but doesn’t want the friendship to get damaged, or their significant other is stopping them from doing so (pregnancy, threats, etc.)


  • “girls like girls like boys do, nothing new.”

f/f plot (could also be m/m!): muse a and muse b are teenagers in love. muse a is head over heels for the closeted muse b. muse b is boy crazy, and finds herself getting hurt too easily. and her conservative family makes her feel unaccepted - so she could never tell them about her questioning her sexuality. she opens up to muse a about it, crying and upset. and muse a holds her close and tells her everything will be alright. eventually they start doing things behind muse b’s parents’ backs, and yeah just sneaking around and angst!!

AMNESIA; 5 Seconds of Summer

  • “i wish that i could wake up with amnesia, and forget about all of the stupid things..”

muse a and muse b have a toxic relationship. there are fights, there’s screaming, but underneath it all is love. or was there? muse a breaks up with muse b, without seeming as upset as muse b thought they would be. muse b, who thought they wouldn’t need muse a anyways, finds themselves hurt more than ever. they wish they’d never even met them, that they could have amnesia and forget about all of it. but muse b better be careful about what they wish for. 

USED TO LOVE YOU; Gwen Stefani

  • “i don’t know why i cry but i think it’s cause i remembered for the first time since i hated you, that i used to love you.”

muse a and muse b are roomated, and they hate each other. they found themselves hating each other so much it drove them to bed sometimes, and other times it would just end in drunken angry arguments. nevertheless, muse a and muse b hated each other so much, but they still found each other irresistible. and when muse a starts dating someone, muse b finds themselves more hurt than they thought they’d be. and finds themselves trying to compete with muse a, causing even more jealousy and angst.

so yeah if you wanna do any of these feel free to hmu any time!!


to start this off, i apologize muchly for the graphic. okay now that that’s out of the way, WOW, thank you so much for following me ?? and interacting with me ?? and being so kind to me, like really, i feel so at HOME on this blog and in indie rp in general and i hope this continues for a long ass time, even just as a part-time hobby. so, i’m just going to name off a few people i really have to thank, and give some love to ‘cause i’m usually i little shit to them but it’s out of love, ALWAYS, out of love.

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