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My post for Trending 27th! Lord Dominator is SOO flarping cool and her ship reflects that perfectly. Sleek, imposing, and with that great black/red colour combo that always looks good on evil. It’s also very fun to draw. This was done with Sharpies on paper.


If you haven’t yet signed the petition to get Wander Over Yonder a season 3, please go do it now! This show is something very special and it deserves to get a proper ending. The world needs more Wander in it.

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Lots of posts to do with the many forms of vehicles found in Wander Over Yonder should be filtering through to you right around now, which is cool. Well for us. For us it’s cool. For you it’s a reminder that it’s that time of month again:

Trending 27th

Oh boy oh boy!

I’m going to be depending on Dr. Screencap because I didn’t tackle the art of the vehicle with anywhere near enough time. My choice is disgustingly obvious and boring. I am choosing it for said reasons and some of my own at that. I have of course chosen:

Yep yep yeppers. C'mon, premiering in and fixed up for The Funk, Hater’s old van is just such a fun story crutch? It is a literal and figurative vehicle for hinting at backstory, for hinting at Peepers and Hater starting out, and for just giving them time to be.. idiots. For a while. Glorious idiots. It’s also pretty darn handy for the occasional fic and/or rp where an extra mode of transport is needed.

Hater probably has a driving license? I’ve just realised.
Hater probably has a license.
Speaking as someone beginning to learn how to drive.. Woah.
But I guess NASA space monkeys should be able to handle a van okay
I’m tired. That’s probably obvious. Because I am most definitely extra succinct this evening-morning-evening. Time zones, kids.

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Anyway, this has been a ramble.
Wander Over Yonder is a show that makes me want to create. And that van comes into this in a few ways. Because of this, it’s a fun and familiar thing to me. Some day I might actually paper craft the darn thing with that template. I envy you US citizens your Staples and Kinkos or whatever.

If I haven’t driven (EYYYYYY) you away and you’d like to make me verr happy I’d be super stoked if you signed this petition if you haven’t already, darlings;

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“Kay lets see..Jam..Nachos..Pizza sliiiiiice…Sub..Eeeeeeeggs..Bacooooon..Waaaander..Soda caaannnssss..Jar-o-Glorfrogsssss,uh-carton bag?..Salmooooon..

UGH! WHERE ARE THE STUPID SAUCES WE JUST GOT ‘EM TODA- [freezes (and not because he was in front of the fridge,but from realization on what’s on the menu.]


“mustard or mayo,mustard or mayo,mustard or mayo,mustard or mayo,mustard or mayo?”



[As Wander runs off giggling because of the nutritious,adorable,surprise,totally anonymous lunch made with love he left there,despite Haters’ choice of NOT chasing him down,the overlord has yet to realize that his nachos and sub sandwich- as well as..well… Everything else that’s not safely covered- is covered in orange fur…]

I reposted in the wrong tag

@moonlightmew6 had tagged me in a TOP 10 game, so I decided to do my top 10 shows/fandoms! 

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