if you wait twenty years

To Newt, With Love

Request: “Hi-Hi! I’ve read your newt x reader stuff and they are so nicely done, I like your style! Could I request for angsty newt x reader, pure angst. Sadness and all that. If you don’t mind of course! Something like ‘reader likes newt but newt is stupidly oblivious and he still hanging on leta/is with tina most of the day. At the end, the reader just 'poof’, out of touch. Thank you!”

Word Count: 2,643

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous

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The midnight blue dress draped over your body shatters the beams of golden sunlight streaming through your window, sending specks of glittering light all over the white walls of your bedroom and the pastel green sheets of your bed. You hardly notice, though, as you struggle to clasp a delicate silver necklace around your neck. The fine chain, soft as gossamer, tangles around your fingers, fighting your attempts to secure it. The struggle proceeds for a minute before you can drop the chain and watch it shimmy into its place in the dip between your collar bones. A beautiful gift from an old friend.

An old friend you’re visiting in five minutes, if the godfather clock standing in the corner is correct. A bundle of nerves flutter in your stomach. You haven’t seen Newt in months. Any time you wrote and told him you’d be able to make time, he’d been too busy. Then NEWT exams rolled around and every spare second of every day was dedicated to scrawling out notes and rereading the same chapter five times until you could nearly recite the entire textbook word for word. The grueling effort paid off, though, earning you high grades in every subject.

Today, you celebrate with your best friend of seven years. The two of you agreed to meet at your house at noon before traveling out to Hogsmeade to enjoy butterbeer at The Three Broomsticks and then find a dancing hall. You know Newt has a fondness for dancing unmatched by many others, even if he may be reluctant to admit it.

One more glance in the mirror satisfies you. Not a hair is out of place, your elegant silver earrings brush the tops of your exposed shoulders, and the dress gleams, not a hint of lint on it. You step from the mirror’s gaze and cross the room, enjoying the clacking of your heels against the wood floor. On your dresser sits an ornate black box. Swirls carved and painted white loop around the wide case, meeting on the top to circle around Newt’s full name.

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Bound to Happen (Part 11), Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: The chronicles of being Lin’s assistant to maybe something more.

Words: 1,210

Author’s Note: Okay guys, this is it! The final chapter of this series! I might return to this universe one day - maybe you guys could ask me questions and I can write drabbles as a response? But otherwise, I’ve reached the end of my plot! Thank you for all the support and love. Siempre.

Warnings: The burn is over.

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“I was thinking.” You started, hand making quick work of sawing the bread in front of you.

Oh no.” Lin teased, bustling around the kitchen.

Dinner had become a semi-regular thing. About once a week you would spend nearly an hour in a brightly lit grocery store, arguing incessantly about what sounded the best. That night Lin had won with spaghetti. Lin won often.

“I’m trying to be serious here.” You waved the bread knife in his direction, effectively silencing any witty remarks he had ready. “We’ve slept together, what-”

Are we counting orgasms or-

“Shut up!” Lin giggled as you playfully reached over to swat at him. “We’ve spent the night together many times.”

“We have.” Lin seemed rather invested in his noodles at the moment, but he was fucking terrified.

This could easily be the conversation that ended it all. It was bound to happen, right? Two close friends sleeping together with no talk meant total disaster eventually. You would say you needed more and that he was holding you back from getting whatever more was.

He was always holding you back, it seemed.

“We need to figure out what we’re doing here.”

“Well, I’m making spaghetti.”



“I give us two weeks.” You finally settled on, halting Lin. His hands continued to work on dinner, but his brain was rushing through scenarios. “Two weeks to figure out what we’re doing. If we can’t sit and have an actual conversation about us then maybe it’s not worth the trouble.”

He watched for a second as you shrugged, continuing to busy yourself with the bread. An attempt at casual.

“I don’t need two weeks.” Was his immediate reply. “I’ve had almost twenty years to realize you are the love of my life.”

There was a moment of silence where no one moved. The light bubbling of the red sauce was the only sound in Lin’s vast house as you absorbed his exclamation and he watched on.

“That’s what I get for dating a writer.” You rolled your eyes as he gaped at you, flipping his gas stove off and sweeping you off your feet. “Lin!”

“Your boyfriend-” You grinned at the use of the term as the knife clattered out of your hand and onto the counter, “-was trying to be romantic and you rolled your eyes!”

“Put me down!” You shrieked as he continued to carry you away from the kitchen, “Our dinner!”

The couch cushion bounced as he tossed you off his shoulder.

“I have been waiting twenty years to call you my girlfriend.” He stopped himself to press a gentle kiss to your forehead, “Spaghetti can wait.”

It took Tommy exactly one day to connect the dots - he was always oddly perceptive when it came to Lin. He snickered when you showed up to a pick up rehearsal the next day, not on business.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing! It’s just, if you’re gonna tip-toe around everyone about your relationship with Lin, it would help if you didn’t wear a giant sign saying ‘Look at me! Lin’s girlfriend!’.” He shrugged.

“I don’t have a sign-”

“Not just a sign. Flashing lights. Confetti. The whole nine yards.”

You brushed his comments off. It was Tommy just being Tommy. Teasing, older brother Tommy.

Then Alex took note of a shift in dynamic. Then Chris, the least perceptive person in the room, asked you about Lin.

It was weird. Having this thing out in the open. Casual flirting all those years ago was one thing. Sleeping together was one thing. Having it public with stakes was another.

The fact that people had been clamoring for the two of you to get together for years wasn’t lost on you. The clenching in your stomach grew tighter. It was bound to happen. That’s what everyone told you. That’s what you convinced yourself.

You practically had worked yourself into a silent frenzy when there was a nudge at your side.

Lin, in all his stupid historical blouse glory.

“You’re thinking.” He squinted, “About me, hopefully? I know I haunt your every waking thought.” He grinned, nose scrunching and eyes crinkling.

Your eyes scanned him for a moment. The freckle that had developed on the dip of his nose with age. One that hadn’t been there in college. The light scar on his cheek, practically unnoticeable if you weren’t looking for it.

He told you of the high school theater mishap that caused it, giggling when he told you he hadn’t told the story to anyone. Not even his parents.

It was months of brushing off his dependence on you, years of rolling your eyes at the comments. It wasn’t until this moment that you realized you had been in love with him all along.

“Of course.” You sigh, allowing his arm to casually slink over your shoulder. He pulled you closer, you didn’t comment of the looks the entire company shot the two of you.

You didn’t even flinch. 

“This probably isn’t the time to talk about it.” You took not of his hushed tone and stepped ever-so closer. ”What do you think about London?”

“It’s nice.” You tested the word on your tongue, “Why?”

“There’s an offer for me. A big one. It wouldn’t be until I’m done with this,” He gestured around the theater, at the actors who were slowly getting back to work. Lin would have to join them in a moment.


“Middle of next year? Have a month or so off. Move to London.”

Move. As in: Uproot and live there.

“I know it’s early. But I keep coming back to this contract and picturing myself there. It isn’t real unless you’re there with me.”

“Lin!” Called Alex, perched behind a piano with Leslie at his side. Lin nodded, starting to pull away.

“I’d have to look into some opportunities. See what foundations I can get involved in.”

“So you’ll think about it?” He was backing away, careful of stage hands perched in aisle ways.

“I can see it now: A true English breakfast in the morning, tea and biscuits in the evening, making sure underprivileged kids get funding while my man goes to work.”

Lin laughed at the picture, mostly because he had never been someone’s man before. Even with all the relationships he had hopped in and out of - he never felt like someone’s until that moment.

“I love you.”

You weren’t truly sure who said it. In all honestly, it felt like it was said a million times before. ‘I love yous’ hidden in coffee runs and desperately needed hugs of comfort and late night conversations.

You had loved him from the start, you confirmed, watching him stumble through rehearsal. He was half distracted with his eyes on you, always trying to make you giggle. He succeeded without fail.

You loved his stupid historical blouse and his Ja Rule growl. You especially loved the scar whose story only you knew.

You loved him and had no doubt in your mind that he loved you. If that meant moving to London for him, so be it. If that meant endless nights waiting up for him, so be it.

If that meant spending the rest of your lives together? Well, you could certainly work with that.

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Family Introductions

Originally posted by gafou1

“You know,” LeFou manages to choke out.

“Of course I know,” Julien retorts, looking miffed. “Son, you were fawning over that oaf Gaston for years and you weren’t exactly subtle about it. And this one—” here he gestures towards Stanley with a spoon “—has been admiring your ass since your junior year in high school.”

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Blue Neighborhood Drarry AU

1. {Blue}- Lights are Red, but I’m Green to go

2. {Fools}- Our lives don’t collide, I’m Aware of this

3. {Talk me down}- So if you don’t mind, I’ll walk that line

4. {WILD} [Can be viewed as a separate thread of Drarry gayness]

5. {Ease}- Your touch, my comfort, my lullaby 

6. {Lost Boy}- As the smile fell from your face I fell with it

7. {Youth}- My youth is yours

The Damned Don’t Cry

Daryl Dixon Imagine (Vampire AU)

based on a request that was based on a picture I can’t find anymore, but it looked gorgeous xD I really really hope you like it.

(PS: this is not one of the “don’t know what to do with them”-ones I was talking about earlier)

Daryl has been trying to find you for the past twenty years, waiting for you to reincarnate again. When he finally finds you, things turn out to be different than he had thought.

word count: 1248

approximated reading time: 6 minutes

He was walking down the old street he knew so well but even though it looked the same it felt different. The smell was different, the people were. The world had changed and he could feel it in his bones. Just like this street he wasn’t the person he used to be even though he looked the same. Daryl sighed deeply and turned around. It was delusional to think that he would find her here. He had lost her over and over again in the past. And he had found her just as many times, but never in the same place. That wasn’t how reincarnation worked. Unfortunately he couldn’t just start over where he had lost her.
He stopped in front of the old house she and her family used to live in. The memories were fading and he often failed to remember correctly, mixing old memories with even older ones. Her long hair around his fingers…or was it short last time? Maybe she cut it… dyed it? He wasn’t sure anymore. Everything was so blurry. So much for his memories. No eternal memories, no awesome brain that would never forget a thing. His memory was as lousy as that of a human. He couldn’t even remember where he had been this time last century. The only thing he was sure of was that he had been with her, and to be quite honest, everything else wasn’t worth remembering anyway. Who cared who fought against whom during what war when she had been in his arms!?

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Me in twenty years
  • *Music Plays*
  • *Phone vibrates*
  • Me: Hold up!!
  • *takes out phone and scrolls*
  • Me: *sits down*
  • Guy: Honey, we're in the middle of our wedding-
  • Me: ssshhhh! The new chapter for that Nalu fanfic came out!
  • Guy: is that seriously more important than-
  • Me: yes

Imagine Getting Raised By The Avengers

For Anon (This is a combination request)

“Ooh sparkly” you muse and hold out your hands letting more blue sparks flow from them. You’ve no clue why you can create sparks but you don’t care. They’re shiny and they look pretty. You’re so consumed in the Sparks you don’t notice the red haired assassin slink in.

“Boys we’ve got a situation” a voice says and you turn to see a tall lady in a catsuit.

“Aren’t they pretty?” you exclaim.

“Yeah honey they are. But could you make them stop for a moment?” You frown you don’t want them to stop.


“So we can get you out of here. They may be pretty but they’re also dangerous” the lady explains.

“Like Merida?” you inquire. They showed you Disney movies and Brave was by far your favorite.

“Just like Merida.” You nod and close your hands letting the Sparks fizzle out. The lady smile and walks forward. She picks you up with ease.

You’re three and if she asked you’d have counted on your fingers for her.

That day the Avengers rescued you from a certain torturous future. They decided to adopt you seeing that you have no parents and just can’t seem to understand why you can’t make the blue sparks all the time.

Natasha takes a motherly role in your life instantaneously. She has got a soft spot for you. Whenever anyone needs a favor from Tasha they bribed you with candy or toys so you’d ask. Nat could never say no to you.

Clint becomes the fun uncle. He teaches you his best tricks. Your innocent smile got you two out of the worst of trouble.

Tony actually took a fatherly roll in stride. He prided himself on being better than his father to you.

Steve was at first a protective person who didn’t have an exact place in your life. That’s till you Tony and Steve went on a walk and you causally laced their fingers together so you could run away. After that Steve became another father.

Bruce collected the big brother placing. He made sure with a flash of green eyes or a nasty glare no one ever hurt you.

Thor is like your big teddy bear who cheers you up when you’re sad. He’s just there like a strong rock.

Fury was assigned babysitter when everyone was away on missions.

Maria is the wilder aunt who teaches you to play poker, bet on horses, buys you your first beer, and teaches you all the tricks to a good professional look.

Your life is all figured out. When you turn 14 a monkey wrench is thrown into your life. That monkey wrench was named Darcy Lewis. She was twenty four when you met. Nick couldn’t babysit the mission required all hands on deck so Thor called in Janes intern.

“Hey I’m Darcy Lewis your assistant for today!” the cheery, red lipped, curly haired, curvy, brunette with huge framed glasses greets. You just stare at her. She’s the most gorgeous girl you’ve ever seen and suddenly you feel a lot more bisexual than before.

“Assistant?” you choke out.

“Yup sounds cooler than babysitter doesn’t it?” Darcy replies and you nod numbly. “Now since things are burning all down the street let’s stay in. Like rom coms?” You frown and shake your head.

“Too heterosexual for me” you remark.

“I like you already come on I’ve got a few gay ones you’d like to see. But be warned some of these can be qualified as porn.” You decide there and then you love Darcy Lewis.

Your and Darcy’s relationship develops painfully slowly and before you know it she’s pumping the brakes.

“Okay look I’m 26 and you’re 16. Where we’re heading isn’t right” Darcy reasons, one night when she’s come over to watch Kingsman. You sigh and pause the movie to look at her big brown eyes.

“I love you Darcy Lewis and I know I have no right to ask this of you. But will you wait for me?” Darcy pauses and groans.

“Fuck you’re too perfect. Yes yes I’ll wait for you” Darcy grumbles and you chuckle.

“I’ll be kissing you in two years then.”

“Yeah we will be doing more than kissing for the about of time I’m waiting. You realize I’ll be twenty eight in two years. I’ll be like a cougar or something” Darcy points outs.

“Yeah but I don’t care.”

“We’ll see about that in two years.”

Two years later on your birthday you’re kissing her in front of everyone at the party. The Avengers couldn’t bring them self to be mad they know how much you love each other.

Growing up with the Avengers is the greatest thing that could have happened to you.


If your heart would still have beaten it would have started racing the moment you had entered Hotel Dumort, the stay of the vampires in New York. It’s been almost 50 years since you last had been here.

So much had changed. There seem to be no faces to be recognized around you and for a second you were scared he wasn’t here anymore.

20 years ago the new york vampires had had a fight in their own lines. You had been a vampire for a little over two years back then, still a fledgling in need of her master. So when your master had decided to leave with his group of vampires, you had to follow, leaving behind the only person you ever loved.

Raphael had promised to wait here for you. It took you twenty years to get rid of your master and his people. Twenty years in which you stayed away from the old hotel and Raphael.
But who said, that he really waited for you? 

“Really, (y/n)? Twenty years?”
With a hard stare you turned around just to see him standing there. He looked exactly the same as 20 years ago, just his style of clothes showing you that time had passed.

“He had over 20 Followers!”, you remembered the vampire in front of you. But Raphael only grined and leaned against the wall.
“I would have been faster.”

For a moment you looked shoked at him. But as soon his grin changed into a tender smile you couldn’t hold your own smile back anymore.

With fast steps you closed the gap between you two and let yourself fall in Raphael’s embrace. He catched you and pulled you as close at possible while your lips found each other.

“I missed you so much”, Raphael whispered in your ear.
“Now I’m here and I’ll not going to leave you again.”

requested by @cassidy-the-crazy-mofo
Hope you like it

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Wedding Night (smut)

Request:  Hi! I was wondering if you could do a josh dun and reader imagine (smut) where it’s your guys’ wedding night and you just got to your hotel room and you can’t keep your hands off each other? Also the reader is a virgin but Josh is super sweet and coaches you through it and in the end he makes you orgasm and then it’s really fluffy? Thanks!

As soon as the door was opened you were pressed up against the wall. Josh’s lips trailing down your neck. His hands roaming all over your body that was still constrained in the dress that you had picked out months ago. Tonight had been everything you dreamed of. All of the decisions you had spent late nights on Skype fighting over with Josh had finally paid off. And now you were married to the love of your life.

Josh brought his lips back up to the spot on your neck that made your knees weak, his hands finally resting on your hips.

“Josh,” you breathed, sucking in a quick breath as he bit down on your skin.

“Hm?” he groaned.

“I need to, ah,” he nipped at your neck again. “My hair the, the pins are starting to h-hurt,” you managed to get out. Josh let out a frustrated groan, but eventually took a step back allowing you to walk over to the bathroom.

the pile of pins you were taking out of your hair was growing and you started to wonder how they could have possibly all fit on your head. As the last of your hair falls to your shoulders you decide to take a little more time to just breathe since you hadn’t had a second to yourself the entire day. You let your eyes fall closed and the memories from that day’s activities came flooding back to your mind, smiling as Josh’s vows came back to you.

Your eyes flew back open when you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist. Josh’s chin rested on top of your shoulder.

“What’re you doing?” He asked.

“Just thinking,” you hummed, “it’s been a long day.”

“And it’s not over yet,” he smiled, causing a blush to wash over your cheeks. You made it apparent early on in the relationship that you had decided to remain abstinent until marriage. And at first Josh was not thrilled, but there was no way he was leaving you because of it. So tonight was the night and to say you were nervous would be a complete understatement. The only thing keeping you from shaking was the few glasses of champagne your maid of honor made you down before you left.

“You looked so beautiful today,” he mumbled, staring at you through the mirror.

“You’ve said that quite a few times now,” you laughed.

“I know. I just still can’t believe we got married,” he said. “How did I manage to score such a stunning,” he left a kiss on your shoulder, “intelligent,” this time he kissed your neck, “perfect wife?” He finished

“I’m far from perfect, Josh.”

“Not in my eyes.” His grip around you got tighter. “Now come on, I believe we have some business to attend to,” he smirked, grabbing your hand and leading you back to the bedroom.

He spun around and quickly attached his lips to yours, his impatience getting the best of him. Your hands made their way up into his hair, lightly tugging on the roots. Josh wasted no time and in a matter of seconds his hand was unzipping the back of your dress, his fingers ghosting over your spine sending chills down it. As your kiss deepened even more, you slid your hands down to his chest, slowly sliding his jacket off of his shoulders. Bringing your hands back up you tried loosening his tie, but your mind was elsewhere.

All you could think about was how different it felt kissing Josh now. There was something new between the two of you, and you were lost in trying to figure out what it was. Excitement? Nervousness? Lust?

It was apparent that Josh was not thinking about a whole lot other than how much he wanted you. As your hands continued to fumble with the knot in his tie he decided to take the matter into his own hands. Within seconds the piece of fabric was laying on the floor, his shirt soon following. You broke away from the kiss to admire him. His tattoo was always mesmerizing to you, memories of lazy mornings spent in bed with you tracing your fingers over the intricate design sprang to mind making you smile.

You brought your eyes back up to his, sensing that his patience was wearing thin.

“Are you trying to torture me?” he asked, running his fingers along your collarbone. You let out a shaky breath and shook your head.

“Not on purpose at least. I just like looking at you,” you laughed.

“Are you still nervous?” he questioned. Embarrassed, you nodded your head slightly. “Hey, it’s just me. There’s no need to be worried okay?” A few of the butterflies left your stomach, and you answered him by bringing your lips back to his.

His hands resumed their clothes removing mission, and soon your dress laid in a pile around you. Your bare chests were pressed together, his skin almost burning hot against yours. You both slowly made your way towards the bed, never disconnecting your lips. When the back of your thighs hit the edge of the mattress, you sat back on it, causing Josh to lean even further down in order to keep your lips together. He swiftly unbuckled his belt and slid the dress pants down, leaving him in just his boxers.

He gently pushed you back so that you were laying down, him hovering over you. You both took a second just to take in the sight of each other. The longer his eyes roamed over your body the harder you blushed. It was like he was seeing you for the very first time again and he couldn’t peel his eyes away.

“So do you plan on just staring at me all night, or..?” you teased. That seemed to break him out of his trance because before you knew it his lips were attached to your neck. He seemed to want to break the record for number of hickeys left on a human being because your body was becoming littered with them.

“J- Josh,” you moaned, “take it easy with the hickeys. I do want to be able to wear a swimsuit on our honeymoon without people staring at me.” This did the trick and he brought his lips back to yours. A sudden burst of confidence rushed through you, pushing Josh back a little and rolling so that you were now straddling him. This was the first time you felt the bulge in his boxers against your bare leg, causing you to blush slightly.

You decided to get a bit of revenge while you could and trail your lips down his neck, biting down on the soft skin every so often. Josh was like putty in your hands, so you took it a step further and moved your hips down against his causing much needed friction for the both of you. You couldn’t stop the moan that slipped from your lips. All of this buildup was starting to make you go crazy, quickly becoming needy for what you had held out on for your entire life.

Josh picked up on that feeling and swiftly flipped you back over. Your back was now pressed against the mattress as he kissed his way down your body, stopping as he got to the top of your underwear.

“Are you ready?” Josh asked, looking up through his eyelashes.

“I think so,” you answered. Truthfully, you were scared out of your mind, but Josh’s presence seemed to calm some of your nerves.

You felt his fingers hook under your waistband, and he slowly pulled them down your legs. You raised your hips so that he could discard them completely. Your eyes fluttered shut as you felt his warm breath against your left thigh. Josh brought one of his hands up to rest on your hip as his trail of kisses moved higher. With one last glance up to make sure you were okay, he let a finger rest at your entrance and slowly pushed it in.

You let out a gasp, the sensation was slightly painful but it was mixed with something you had never felt before. Josh starting moving his finger, eventually eliciting a few moans from you. He picked up his pace and added another finger once you fully adjusted to him.

“Jo- ah, Josh I’m gonna-,“ you couldn’t finish your sentence before he removed his fingers from you.

“Not yet,” he muttered, sliding his way back up your body. His cease in actions left you a mess which seemed to amuse him. “Was somebody enjoying themselves?” he teased.

“Oh, shut up you dork,” you laughed.

Your hands roamed over his chest before finally making their way down to the waistband of his boxers. You let your fingers slide in between the fabric and his hips, pulling them down as much as you could. Josh moaned at the simple release of pressure and helped you remove the cloth altogether. His eyes darted up to meet yours, trying to gauge your comfort level.

“Josh would you just do it already,” you whined, “I’ve waited twenty-seven years for this. I don’t think I’ll ever be more ready.” He laughed at your impatience, but complied, grabbing the small packet from the nightstand and ripping it open with his teeth. He rolled the condom on and positioned himself at your entrance.

“I love you so much,” he whispered, sending chills throughout your entire body.

“I love you too,” you smiled. And with that he slowly pushed in. You hissed at the pain that seared through you, eventually nodding as a signal to Josh that it was okay to keep going. Once he was completely in, he let you adjust to the sensation.

“Do you want me to start uh..” he trailed off. As soon as you nodded he started moving his hips slowly, his eyes never leaving your face to make sure you weren’t in pain.

“You can -ah,” you gasped, “you can go faster.” He picked up his pace and soon your back was arched as pure ecstasy filled your body. Your names were slipping from each other’s lips, and you quickly found your rhythm together. A light coat of sweat covered both of your bodies as you neared your finish. Josh had reattached his lips to yours in an attempt to not wake up the neighboring rooms. Which, if you were being honest, was failing miserably. Your arms were wrapped tightly around Josh’s shoulders, and you could feel your nails dig into his skin slightly.

“Josh, ah fuck,” you stuttered, “I’m almost th-there.” He grunted in response. He was starting to thrust into you harder and more sporadically. You took that as a sign that he too was close to finishing. He brought his hand down and used his thumb to rub you. Your toes curled and a string of profanities left your lips as you felt waves of pleasure radiate through you.

Josh,” you moaned, still high off of your orgasm. His hips snapped forward a few more times before he buried his face in your neck, trying to stifle the loud moans that were slipping from his lips. Both of you were breathing heavily, and once Josh had come back down from his own high, he pulled out of you and quickly threw out the condom.

“Was that everything you ever dreamed of?” he laughed, laying back down next to you.

“Eh, I guess it was okay,” you shrugged. Josh looked down at you with a hurt expression. “You know I’m just joking. It was better than I ever imagined Josh.” He smiled and left a chaste kiss on your lips. Even though you were both sweaty, you curled up against him, resting your head against his chest.

Josh continued to stare at the ceiling, a grin seemingly permanently stuck on his face. “You’re my wife,” he stated. “You’re actually my wife. We got married today,” he rambled. You smiled at how shocked he seemed to be that you were finally “officially” together forever.

“Yes, Josh. You’re stuck with me for the rest of your life,” you joked.

“There’s nobody I’d rather have, Mrs. Dun.”

anonymous asked:

3 with Spencer, please!! :) <3

I’m sorry if this totally sucks hun I have a bad case of writers block. Looking over it it looks okay but it’s late and my mind plays tricks on me. If you don’t like it please message me so I can write you something that you do. So without further uh do…

#3 The wounded recognize the wounded

Finally Understood 

Spencer x Reader

Word count: 1036

Song: I know you by Skylar Grey

Originally posted by youkicklikeanineyearoldgirl-cm

“Are you ever going to tell her how you feel or are you just going to wait twenty years when its too late and you wish you had?” Rossi asked walking up behind Spencer who was looking at you as you read a book completely unaware of the rest of the world.

Spencer jumped at Rossi’s voice he was so distracted by you he hadn’t noticed Rossi walk up behind him. “I don’t know what you are talking about he said quickly looking away from you to gaze at his computer screen.

“Don’t play that clueless game  with me kid, I see the way you look at her, it’s the same way she looks at you when she thinks nobody’s looking but papa Rossi sees all” he said laughing a little as you looked up from your book noticing the noise.

He gave you a small wave and a wink. You shook your head smiling at him then returned back to your book while Spencer hid behind the computer. When you had looked away he spun in his chair to face Rossi giving him a less than pleasant look.

He sighed and reached up squeezing Spencer’s shoulder “If you like the girl you need to tell her and I know that maybe I’m not the best one to be taking relationship advice from but I know love when I see it.”

Spencer shook his head and dropped it in his hands “I don’t even know why I like her so much. I haven’t felt this way about anyone before.”

“Do you want to know what I think?” Rossi asked Spencer.

Spencer lifted his head his hair in a complete disarray silently telling Rossi to continue.

“I think that you guys are the same. You have both been through so much. Maybe not exactly the same things but you guys have lived through some hard times in your short lives and you have the scars to prove it. The wounded recognize the wounded. And I think that’s why your hearts call to each other, you recognize the pain and damage in the other and you understand. That’s all anyone could want in this life, to find someone who understands.” Rossi said continuing getting a lost look in his eye as he thought back on his previous relationships.

Spencer listened and felt a slight tug on his heart hearing Rossi talk like that because it was true, it was all he had ever wanted, to find someone who understood the struggle he had with his past and his future like you did.

While Spencer was lost in his own thoughts Rossi pulled himself out of his daze and stood up reaching for Spencer’s shoulder again. “Promise me you’ll tell her, you don’t find a girl like that every day and believe me when I say she won’t wait forever.”

He walked away while Spencer stared after him feeling a mix of bravery and fear enter his system. He wanted to tell you so bad but he also had no idea if what Rossi said about you was true, if you really felt the same way about him however he didn’t have enough time to make a decision before it was made for him as he watched Rossi walk right up to you and turn your attention away from the book and towards him. He saw you nod, stand up and begin to approach him while Rossi gave him a thumbs up and walked upstairs to where Hotch and JJ were standing looking over the railing and talking.

Spencer could feel his heart pounding in his chest as you approached, it rang in his ears so loud that he barely heard you as spoke to him.

“Rossi said that you wanted to tell me something?” You asked watching how his already big brown eyes seemed to grow bigger.

He cleared his throat and tried to get his heartbeat under control while stuttering out a response “Uh yeah… uh maybe we should go… a little private…”

“Spencer are you okay, you’re not acting like yourself.” You said concerned reaching out to feel his forehead.

His hand shot out stopping you “I need to talk to you somewhere a little more private” he said feeling some sense return him as he pulled you from the open center of the B.A.U into one of the darker offices that lined the hallway.

You let him pull you away confused as to why he was acting so weird and why Rossi was being all cryptic when he told you Spencer wanted to talk but you didn’t say anything waiting for him to explain when you were inside and the door was closed.

When nothing came after minuets of standing there you opened your mouth to say something but you were stopped when Spencer fitted his lips over yours and wrapping his arms around your back to pull you closer to him.

You froze not expecting that to happen but then the feeling of the kiss overwhelmed you and started kissing him back winding your arms around his neck tangling your hands in the hair at the nape of his neck. You felt that warm feeling spread throughout you as you drew Spencer back until you hit a wall and his body was so entwined with yours you didn’t know where he began and you stopped.

He was the first one to pull away slightly winded still within close proximity to you. “I’m sorry I was so abrupt but I have wanted to do that for so long now but I didn’t know what to say. Rossi convinced me that I had to do something because a girl like you doesn’t come around every day.” He whispered leaning down to brush his lips over your neck “A girl who understands me, all my pain and worry as much as I understand hers.”

You listened with half a mind while his lips continued to slide over your skin causing your breath to hitch “We’ll talk later Spence just kiss me again” You said lifting his head from your neck to your lips.

Spencer smiled against your lips glad that Rossi had butted in as per usual.

Ross x Reader

Can I get a Ross this thing: Reverse one where the clock starts at 00:00:00:00 from the moment you’re born and stops counting the moment you meet your soulmate, so it’s like a reminder that “It took me 19 years, 11 months, 20 hours, and 13 seconds to meet you, you fuck, and you do it by spilling coffee on me, thanks, now my laptop’s broken—what, you’re buying me a new one? Okay.

For the timer the format is [00Y:00M:0W:0D:00H] which stands for [Years:Months:Weeks:Days:Hours].

Everyone you’d ever known, and would ever know, had had a timer from the day they were born. And each and every one of those people had timers that stopped under twenty-three years; yours, however, kept on ticking – for a whole extra five years, and counting. You were currently at 28 years, 6 months, 3 weeks, 2 days, and 16 hours. Whenever you went out you covered the mark up, whether it was with clothing or one of the specially made arm-bands, so you would be spared the pitying gazes of others. Of course you sometimes forgot to do that, and when you did there would always be at least one person who thought they should comment on it. Most of the remarks were kind, ‘Oh it’ll happen for you one day.”, but some others were cutting, and just plain rude, ‘Look at you, no wonder you can’t find ‘em. I pity the poor soul that’s stuck with you.’.

It was those types of comments, the bad ones, that made you want to hide forever and never come out. Logically you knew that you couldn’t do that, you had responsibilities after all, but your logic didn’t stop you thinking about it. In fact, you were thinking about how you could disappear at that very moment.

You were in a coffee shop, typing away at your computer, and you had rolled up your sleeves. Stupid mistake, of course, but you’d still done it – but people still noticed. You got a few snide looks and remarks from younger women, women who were happily flaunting their solid, stopped timers. But at least they’d just been looks, and passing remarks; one woman, who had obviously thought she meant well, didn’t stop there. She was dressed like a fifties housewife who could think of nothing other than how to catch a husband, and she had apparently thought you needed advice on the subject.

At first she had passed by your table as she was joining the queue, saying ‘Oh you poor thing.’. That in itself wasn’t so bad, but it was the fact that after she had gotten her coffee, she’d stopped by your table and sat down.

“Can I give you a bit of advice hon’?” you wanted to say no, to shake your head, but you were rendered immobile by the woman’s audacity, “Look, I’m going to be frank – I noticed your timer on my way in here. It’s a horrible thing having to wait that long, I could never imagine having to wait for my dear Jimmy for twenty-eight years. Oh, it really is horrible.” She ‘spared’ you a pitying look, “You know, the only reason I didn’t have to wait as long was because my Jimmy and I have known each other since we were children.” You scowled, “Oh, but I digress! You know, the best way to catch your man is to…” she looked you up and down, smiling as she did so, “Well, is to certainly not dress like that. No man will ever want a woman who can’t even be bothered dressing up when she goes out. Lord, no man will ever notice you dressed like that!”

You wanted to tell her that that isn’t how it worked. That the timers didn’t stop when soulmates were attracted to one another, it stopped when they met – regardless of how each person was dressed at the time. But you still couldn’t find it in yourself to wrench your mouth open, and speak. And you didn’t get the chance to either, the woman had left soon after, looking quite undeservedly satisfied with herself.

You looked at your timer again, [28Y:06M:3W:2D:17H]. Each time it changed, you changed – even if was only a little. This time you became that little bit more bitter, because exchanges like you’d had with that woman always made you feel bad. Whether you were feeling down, angry, or just plain shitty – it was pretty much always guaranteed that you were in a bad mood afterwards. So now you were sat glaring at your laptop, angry at the inanimate object for even daring to be in your space.

And that’s how you sat for a little while longer, just staring, almost blankly, at your computer; and waiting and hoping for something else to happen, to distract you really. And it did, in one of the worst ways possible. Some complete and utter idiot had managed to trip, fall, and spill their coffee all over your laptop. The laptop that had everything currently important to you saved on its hard-drive. You were shocked silent for a moment, in disbelief at what had happened, before your earlier anger came back, at full force, directed at the stranger who was currently picking themselves up off of the floor.

“What the fuck?!” you shrieked; certainly not ladylike, and very shrill – the woman from before would definitely not have liked you had she seen you like this.

You had stood up from your chair quickly, shoving it backwards. Your gaze focused on the person who had spilt their coffee, and all you could see was a mop of brown hair. The person was still picking themselves up, and then they were dusting themselves off.

“You broke my laptop, you asshole! There’s no way in hell I can afford a new one. And everything important to me was on it!” you stopped your tirade there, catching your breath, and readied yourself to begin anew when you heard a little beep the moment the culprit looked you in the eyes.

Oh. My. God. The bumbling idiot who had spilt their very large coffee all over your laptop, and yourself, was apparently your soulmate. This lanky idiot was your one and only, your destiny, your special someone – this man was your forever. Of all the ways you could meet, you imagined this to be one of the most embarrassing.

“Look,” you spoke up quickly, pointing at the man directly, “This,” you nodded toward your now frozen timer, “Does not excuse the fact that you broke my laptop. I’m in no place to buy a new one, and I needed that for my work. How am I meant to explain this t-”

You were stopped in your tracks, again, with a hand being placed over your mouth. You looked at the culprit, Idiot as you were now calling him, and glared.

“I’ll buy you a new one.”

What?!’ you tried to say through his hand, but it came out garbled.

“I’ll buy you a new laptop.” You tried to protest, but to no avail, “Look, it’s no big deal, and it’s literally the least I could do for ruining my soul-mate’s laptop.” He took his hand away, and smiled goofily, “Now – I’m Ross.”

You shook his outstretched hand wearily, and sighed.

“Y/N. You better pay me back for the laptop, and for making me wait twenty-eight and a half years, you idiot.”

Tender Touch

Request: Hi, your style of writing is phenomenal!! You’re so talented.  I was wondering if you could do in one where Y/N and Shawn are newly married and you’re on your honeymoon and it gets heated but it’s your first time and you’re a bit nervous.  Then Shawn says it’s okay to wait until you’re ready or comforts you bc you feel like you’re overthinking it and you’ve both been waiting for this for a long time but you’re nervous you won’t be good or you’ll be embarrassed Thank you so much!!

a/n: Ah hello! Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean the absolute world to me!!! Just a heads up for people, there’s no actual smut in this, just talking about it! I hope you all enjoy!!

Your name: submit What is this?

“I now pronounce you husband and wife…”

It seemed as though that was only minutes ago, but you were at your wedding reception mingling about with the people you and Shawn invited to your wedding. It was a weird feeling, being married. You went through all the stages: talking to one another, then becoming boyfriend and girlfriend, fiancé, and finally husband and wife.  There was nothing after that.

 When you first start dating someone, your immediate thought isn’t that they’re “the one”, that thought usually comes later on in the relationship.  It came to you about a year into your relationship with Shawn and it scared you out of your mind.  Spending the rest of your life with someone?  How could you not get annoyed with them?  But the more time you spent with Shawn while you two were dating, the more you saw yourself spending the rest of your life with him.  Everyone’s annoying at times, and of course you two have fought because it’s unavoidable in relationships, but the two of you always came out stronger.

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anonymous asked:

Orion/Hadrian :)

(No more requests please.)

I totally knew someone was going to send this. So. Have some CLV spinoffs and snippets that idk will ever show up in the main fic.

1. Angst

“Let me come with you,” Orion pleads, casting his mind around for a good argument, any argument, to make Hadrian relent.  “I can help you hunt those- those Horcruxes.  I know I’m still in school but I’m good with magic, and I’m a werewolf! I can help!”

Hadrian stares at him for a long, strained minute before nodding once. “Fine.  But I’m leaving tomorrow.”

Orion doesn’t know how he didn’t hear the lie.  He wakes up in the morning and Hadrian is gone, and he isn’t even really surprised. He realizes Hadrian left him behind for his own good, for his own safety, for his parents who will go out of their minds if Orion really disappeared on some crazy adventure to destroy the Dark Lord, but none of that prevents him from feeling the sting of betrayal, and for the first time since they became friends, he wishes Hadrian would stop protecting him.

2. AU (somehow this one turned out a lot more Neville-oriented than I planned)

“So you’re the Boy Who Lived?”  Curious green eyes study an anxious Neville closely before shrugging, not at all impressed the way all the other children his grandmother’s made him meet have been.  “I’m Hadrian Potter.” He pulls another boy forward, same age as the two of them but he sticks to Hadrian’s side, and the tilt of his chin is defiant as he looks Neville straight in the eye. “This is my cousin, Orion. Someone’s already told you he’s a werewolf, right? And probably all the horror stories that go with it? So we can skip all that and I’ll just tell you one thing – you hurt him in any way and no one will ever find your body.”

Hadrian Potter is shorter than Neville, smaller too, his hair is fluffy and messy and fall into his eyes, and while Neville is chubby, at least he isn’t as delicate-looking as Hadrian. The other boy could not look more harmless if he tried, and yet, somehow, Neville has no doubt he’s telling the absolute truth, and if Neville hurts Orion, Hadrian will find a way to get rid of Neville so that even Gran won’t be able to find him.

But before Neville can figure out how to respond, Orion elbows Hadrian, who returns it with a swift fierce glance, one that Orion rolls his eyes at but also makes him smile, and Neville feels a pang of envy because he doesn’t have anybody like that. He doesn’t have friends, period, not really. And then they’re both staring at him again, and Neville ducks his head and hastily blurts out, “I don’t- I mean, Gran told me about werewolves and- and Orion-” And she didn’t seem too pleased about Neville interacting with one but she didn’t tell him not to either. “-and I don’t- I don’t care!”

Which might be a lie because what Gran told him made him nervous, but people make him nervous anyway, in fact sometimes getting out of bed in the morning makes him nervous, so Neville figures they’re all about the same thing, and he’ll just have to fight through it the same way he always has everything else.

His answer seems to satisfy the two boys a little at least, although Orion still doesn’t talk to him, and Hadrian gives him another stare like he’s trying to pick out any dishonest bits in Neville’s expression. But they both relax, which is more than Neville can say, right up until Hadrian suggests, “Right then. I guess you’re okay. Wanna go play Hungry Hungry Hippos?”

Neville instantly brightens because nobody’s ever offered to play with him before, they usually just want to know if Neville’s defeated any dragons like in the storybooks or if he remembers Voldemort, and they’re always disappointed when he says no.


“What’s Hungry Hungry Hippos?” Neville asks, bracing himself for a scoff, but he doesn’t get one, and it’s Orion who tells him quietly, “Muggle game. It’s fun, and easy to learn. Aunt Lily- Hadrian’s mum, bought it for us last month.”

“You’ll like it,” Hadrian promises, leading the way to what Neville assumes is one of their bedrooms. “And if you don’t, we can always play something else.”

It’s the start of a beautiful friendship.

3. Crack

Hadrian is Alpha, which means if Orion doesn’t bite, he gets belly rubs. Alpha gives the best belly rubs in the world.

4. Future fic

They’re both thirty-two, Hadrian going on forty, Orion going on thirty-three, and where the former goes, Orion still follows. Aunt Lily was a little worried about that when they were younger (”But isn’t there something you want to do? A career you want to go into? University perhaps?”), and Orion suspects that at least part of the reason Hadrian applied to the Draíocht Academy in Ireland was so that Orion could explore various fields of study to his heart’s content (and they both ended up enjoying their five years there so Orion can’t complain), but his dad understood, and his father understood even more, that instinct is so very intrinsic to a werewolf’s nature, and that once they’ve found Pack, there really isn’t anywhere else they’d rather be, because nowhere else would be as good. If Orion wants to learn, he can always pick up a book.

And here they are, over a decade down the road, and they’re still together, in more than one sense of the word, travelling the world the way Orion has always - on some level - known Hadrian wanted to do, without the urgent threat of a Dark Lord hanging over his head, and Hadrian’s long since given up on asking if Orion is sure he doesn’t want to do something else. Travelling appeals to Orion too, and not just because of Hadrian. There’s so much to see out there, to learn, to experience - he can’t imagine why anyone would want to stay shut up in an office all day.

They stay in spacious hotels smack in the middle of a huge city or cozy magical tents tucked in the midst of a jungle or quaint little inns that are sometimes haunted by ghosts. Somewhere along the way, they pick up a cockblocking kneazle that wrinkles its nose at Orion and serves as a possessive scarf for Hadrian, and Orion learns to live with it.

They visit home at least a few times a year, and they’re always punctual for Yule. Sometimes, they get an extra travel companion for a couple months, when Severus wants potion ingredients for some research project, or Gabrielle gets a week off from training for her next skating competition, or Luna just because.

Orion doesn’t mind. He’s known all of them long enough to consider them friends or at least friendly acquaintances, and he’s not quite as reticent as he used to be, not when he’s living a happier life than a lot of people can claim.

And at night, on occasion, lying curled up beside Hadrian, he thinks back to a fourteen-year-old boy who never in a million years thought he would have anything close to what Orion has now.

5. First time (dancing)

“Still hate balls?” Orion enquires as they fall into step with the beat of a waltz, switching easily yet again from male to female roles for this dance and letting Hadrian lead.

“I suppose it could be worse,” Hadrian allows, but he’s grinning, and it’s genuine even with the lingering bags under his eyes and the thinness that came with not enough regular meals during wartime. Nobody fought harder than Hadrian, and it shows, even weeks after Voldemort was defeated.

The song ends. Another begins. They switch it up again so that Orion is leading this time, and the smooth transition is somewhat astonishing considering they’ve never danced together before.

“Still not my favourite activity though, even if you are by far my favourite partner,” Hadrian mutters, and Orion starts feeling distinctly hot under his collar. He catches Hadrian’s eye, huffing exasperatedly when the Hufflepuff smiles knowingly at him. Somehow, it manages to calm Orion down instead of embarrassing him further.

“Buffet table after this one?” Orion offers as they spin past another pair, and he barks out a laugh at the relieved look he gets in reply.

6. Fluff

“I can see why you’re a Gryffindor,” Hadrian murmurs, tipping his head back just enough to meet Orion’s gaze, somehow challenging and terrified at the same time.

Orion just frowns harder and makes no move to get up from where he boldly straddled Hadrian’s lap not a minute ago and kissed him.

“You said to wait until Voldemort was dead,” Orion reminds him in steely tones. “He’s been dead three years now. You said to wait a few years. I turned twenty as of six hours ago. You said to wait to make sure I wasn’t confusing gratitude with love.” His pale cheeks flush but he doesn’t look away. “I’ve loved you since I was fifteen. I had an entire year and a half before that to get the whole gratitude issue out of the way, so I can say with absolute certainty that I still love you, and that isn’t going to change. Now do you have any other excuses to throw at me? Or-” He swallows. “Or you could just tell me that you don’t feel the same-”

He shuts up when Hadrian presses both a whisper of a sigh and then a firm kiss against his lips, hands coming up to frame his face, and he’s rigid for all of two seconds before he practically melts with relief.

“Only if you’re sure,” Hadrian says once he pulls back, serious in a way he rarely is, but focused so much on Orion, like there’s no one more important, and how can Orion possibly not love him back when Hadrian’s been looking at him like that - knowingly or not - since before Orion even finished his final year at Hogwarts?

Orion hauls him back in for another kiss. “I’m sure. Now kiss me again before my dad knocks down the door with a camera.”

Their next kiss is full of a quiet easy laughter that Orion will never get tired of.

7. Humor

Honestly, Hadrian isn’t that much older than his circle of friends. But sometimes, he still gets mocked and called ‘old man’ whenever they want to be funny. His friends either need a new sense of humour, or he needs new friends.

8. Hurt/Comfort

Orion doesn’t know how to comfort people, not really. He has zero experience doing it after all. But he’s a werewolf with even less qualms about murder than his father - who is mostly genial and kind and diplomatic and patient but still has all the killer instincts of the beast inside him - and when Bellatrix Lestrange manages to hold a Crucio on Hadrian long enough to make him - of all people - scream, Orion calmly carries Hadrian to safety, calmly ensures the best healers are tending to him, calmly waits until they assure him that Hadrian would be alright, and then he promptly disappears for the next three weeks.

He doesn’t return home until he can lay the bloody carcass of Voldemort’s most fanatical follower at Hadrian’s feet.