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Hey I know this is weird to send but I'm starting to worry this isn't getting enough attention. Net neutrality is on the chopping block again - it appears the meeting where the vote happens is May 18th. Repub majority committee is voting - It looks very likely they will start dismantling the classification we won and the FCC's ability to regulate in the future. Apparently I can't link articles in asks, buuuuuut the news broke yesterday so it should be easy to verify.

I’ve been flogging this on Twitter as much as I can. I’m glad you brought it up.

https://www.indivisibleguide.com/ is the very best resource you can use to organize and fight back against all of the radicalism and lawlessness of this administration.

For this issue, specifically, I recommend this Take Action page from EFF, and also make a call using this guide from r/technology:

Calls and messages are more effective than e-mail.

Please take 2 minutes to call the FCC at 1-888-225-5322. Once connected, the following will get you to an agent; press 1 then 4, then 2, and finally 0 to get to an agent.

Hour to speak to an agent are 8-5pm EASTERN. Leaving a message appears to not be an option, the line disconnects. It took me 2 minutes and 3 seconds to call and have my opinions logged.

The Devil’s in the Details

I’ve been watching so much Ladybug that Netflix decided to give us a recommendation.  One of those “this has a 5% chance of being like the show you were watching” deals.  I don’t really watch anime, but Dave keeps trying to get me into it.

It’s called Hataraku Maō-sama! (The Devil Is a Part-Timer!) and is exactly as it sounds.  The leader of the demons gets turned into a teenager and works at a rip-off of McDonald’s.  There was a manga series in 2011 and it was made into a 13-episode anime series in 2013.

Not only is it funny as crap, I think Netflix is onto something with that Ladybug reference.

Adrien, you ridiculous dork.  Stop getting your social cues from anime.



Two normal teenagers who use their time-sensitive powers to fight evil together, all the while snarking at the other person…and the girl keeps denying feelings she has towards him.  Yeah.  I see Netflix’s point.

Use everything you have to get where you want to be. Use every inch of fight, every ounce of courage and most importantly, every drop of your will. Things will never be a walk in a park, that is the joy of being alive, you must learn to face the mountains. If you really want it, the hard work will be worth it. Good luck.

If it is worth the fight by Amy Kennedy


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Online Gaming
  • America: heya guys, and thanks for coming to this new online game that me and C created!
  • England: 'Canada and I'.
  • America: fuck off. Anyways, so we made this game where we based the characters on everyone! We even have super cool moves and shit! And the point of the game is to fight each other until the enemy team dies! Let's start!
  • Canada: I'll be with Germany, Italy, and Japan to make it somewhat fair~
  • Japan: I'm ready- oh, they are us. Shall we choose ourselves?
  • Germany: I guess so.
  • England: okay, let's find the enemy team- oh, I see Italy.
  • Canada: Italy, how are you already there??
  • Italy: Gyaaahhhh!!
  • France: Let me get him with this move- what the??? Why are flowers surrounding me??
  • America: that's your fancy-francy dome shield. And my turn to get out my TRUE AMERICAN GUN!!
  • China: of course, and my weapons are wok and laddle...
  • Italy: Gyaaaaahhh! Germany, Japan, C... Canada, help me!!!
  • Canada: you forgot my name in the middle of-
  • Germany: I'm coming- what the?? I just grew twenty feet tall??
  • Canada: Germany you got your ultimate move already??
  • Japan: Germany, please, for me.
  • Russia: whoah, is that cheating? Anyways, let me show you my ultimate that Estonia hacked for me- ...I became a circus bear... hahaha- I'm going to beat you America.
  • America: Ha, no friendly fire bitch!
  • England: America... WHY ARE MY SCONES GRENADES????
  • France: Hahaha! And my ultimate move is- *gasps* MAGICAL STRIKE-CHAN!! EAT MY BAD ECONOMIC SITUATION, GERMANY!
  • Japan: oh, my ultimate's up- ... I'm a harem protagonist... how is this an ultimate ability???
  • China: WHY IS MY ULTIMATE ME IN A MAID DRESS- aaand I'm throwing cheap-ass china plates at Italy... nice.
  • Italy: it hurrtttsss!!
  • England: haha, Italy we've got you cornered! Time to unleash my ultimate move- ... IM AN EYEBROW???
  • America: BWAHAHAHA!! Now for my ultimate move! AMERICAN EAGLE TO THE RESCUE!!
  • Canada: not if I've got anything to say~ Ultimate move; Canadian Hockey Gear ON! Hockey stick attack!
  • America: whoah! C, you're so OP! Guys, do something!
  • France: I'm on it~! MAGICAL FRANCE STRIKE!!
  • China: can I throw anything else but cheap-made Chinese products??
  • England: at least you're not an EYEBROW!! WHAT DO I EVEN BLOODY DO- wait... is it fucking complaining???
  • Germany: wait, does England's eyebrows complaining makes me lose health???
  • Japan: what an amazing ability. Meanwhile, I'm just here making people slower because I'm that dense of a harem protagonist.
  • Russia: I want to run America over with my unicycle but I can't. Estonia, hack.
  • Italy: ooh, I want to use my ultimate ability now!
  • Canada: wait, Italy-
  • Italy: Let's go~ ...I DIED???
  • Germany: *slams head on keyboard* you surrendered.
  • Italy: oh. Ca... Canada, America, why???

“We know each other. She’s a friend from work!” Thor laughed as you walked into the arena.

“Oh no way dude! What are you doing here at the contest of champions?!” You yelled, dropping your weapons and fist bumping him the way you taught him. He chuckles at you as he also drops his own weapon.

“Well you know, my hammer got destroyed and Asgard’s in ruins but that doesn’t matter. How are doing on this fine day?” He asked, chuckling as he gave you a bear hug.

“Uh well, maybe trying to signal aliens on Stark towers roof wasn’t such a bright idea. But these people are so easy to beat like, with my badass powers of toxic gas either they die from suffocation or get poisoned,” You shrugged grinning, before your face fell for a moment in thought, “Although I did have to fight this one guy who was a fish man with a tank around his head, I had to use my fighting skills then!”

“OH FOR ODIN’S SAKE, FIGHT HER YOU IMBICILE,” Loki called down from his VIP seat.

“We are joyous enough to just speak thank you very much,” Thor called back, slapping a hand to your shoulder. You snapped your fingers as an idea came to you.

“Why don’t we do a two on two, we’ll team up and you can send in two of your other champions,” You suggested, Thor just shook his head with a small smile on his face. You just loved fighting too much sometimes.

“Well, that would be more entertaining,” The Collector mumbled as Loki pouted like a child.

“Fine, but send out the best,” Loki complained, getting annoyed that his brother was having such a good day. The doors lifted as the next champions headed out.

“He’s another friend from work!” Thor yelled as the hulk came running out. Your face fell and lost all it’s colour as you gripped your sword tighter.

“Thor I regret my decision, please help me beat him,” You stressed as you saw another competitor walk out. A ringing suddenly went out across the stadium it was-

“JOHN CENA!” The crowd cheered as his theme music came on and you watched as the living legend walked out. Thank god you hadn’t been the only one taken from Earth.

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What happened with you and your parents? Why did they kick you out?

Oh yeah. My mom kicked me out after I graduated highschool. I moved to Texas since the cost of living is so cheap, saved some money and moved back to PA. I lived on my own for a few years, moved back home after a bad break up and lived in the attic. I literally couldn’t leave fast enough after that. 

The short answer is my living situation was abusive. My parents kept my McDonald’s checks for years, and used them to pay the cable bill and internet bill. You know, bullshit bills. My mom and I were fighting all of the time, and after I caught her stealing from my bedroom I lost my mind, and she told me to get out. I left with just a backback full of clothes and my computer hardrive. My little highschool boyfriend at the time was sneaking me into his basement so I could sleep over, until I could move out. I had plans on staying in pa, and when I went to the bank to withdrawal money for a deposit on an apartment that’s when I was told that my joint account had been tapped for years by my parents. I didn’t believe it, so I called my uncle who had given me $500 towards college for my 16th birthday and he confirmed that he had put that money in my bank account. Obviously all of that shit is pretty unforgivable. So my uncle mentioned Texas an option, and offered to buy me a one way ticket. After about six months I was able to pick myself back up, and move home, but I had been working at McDonald’s since I was fourteen, so I have no idea how much money was actually spent. 

Lol tmi

But you might know that I folded over for my parents and continued to pay their bills until very recently. Now my middle brother pays the bills and I literally don’t know what to do about it and it hurts. But we have a younger brother who doesn’t deserve any of this, so I suppose it’s why we do it. 

I never wanted to say any of this on YouTube, and probably shouldn’t speak so frankly about it now, but here it is. 

Sometimes we are so immersed in the world we built up in our heads that we need someone to climb over the walls and get us out every now and then. On some days, we get so tired of the lies we are told, we just have to hear the truth for a change. We need that kind of person that tells us to get our shit together, to sleep more, to smile more, to do more of what’s good for us. Even though we fight for independence, we need someone who supports us. Who guides us home when we’ve lost our way, someone who listens and holds your hand when you need them to. If you have someone like this in your life, hold on to them. Make sure you don’t let them go and never take them for granted, not even for a second.
—  n.j.


I always bring Dorian with me to fight the Hand of Korth in the Fallow Mire. I’d noticed (unless my game is glitched), that a few times I’ve fought Hand of Korth he focuses his attention almost entirely on Dorian during the fight and doesn’t attack anyone else until Dorian falls. I feel guilty for using Dorian as bait, but this strategy makes the fight much easier for me. I still love you, Dorian!

Concept: being able to create ships and still respect the cannon work. It’s cool to ship what you want. (I admit that i do ship tree bros) just as long as you dont erase the actual story and you respect the writers, cast, and fellow fans. Thanks. peace out.

It’s the second time this blog will host it and while I do apologize for the blog’s deadness over the past year I am excited to announce the next official

                                           Raijinshuu Week

It will again start on May 20th and end on May 24th! The dates have been overtaken from the blog that used to host the week years ago. In the following you can read the prompts I have thought have:

  • Day 1(May 20th): Freed ‘The Dark’ Justine
  • Day 2(May 21th): Bickslow
  • Day 3(May 22th): Evergreen
  • Day 4(May 23th): Eye magics
  • Day 5(May 24th): Blue Pegasus

Fairy Tail’s strongest three member and probably most feared team is far too underappreciated in the fandom and unfortunately doesn’t get all too much fighting or general panel time in the manga anymore either even though all three of them are unique and interesting characters and definitely can kick major ass s please, if you have the time to participate, do! <3

Feel free to message me if there are any questions. Now of course there are a couple of rules which need to be mentioned for this work:

1.) Anyone who wants to can participate!
2.) Almost no limits as to what you can post/submit/contribute! Fanart, fanfictions, headcanons, any sort of edits, colorings, etc.
3.) No shippy stuff! This is a weekend dedicated to this team and their amazing characters so please keep it about these three only! The same goes for nsfw stuff, I’m sure not one has something against sexy Thunder God Tribe individuals but as all three of them a gorgeous - but overly nsfw stuff should be avoided.
4.) There are two ways you can contribute: Either you submit your posts to this blog if you are more comfortable like this or you post your contributions for this week. If you post them on your blog please make sure to leave at least one of the following tags in the first five tags of your post: raijinshuu appreciation, raijinshuuappreciation, raijinshuuweek, raijinshuu week.
5.) Have fun and give these amazing characters all the love they deserve!

I am looking forward to this event and hope to see many amazing contributions and it would be great if you could spread the word!

actual screenshot of a very unknown game titled “Pee Pee Pizza Hut” where the objective is to drive to the local Pizza Hut to use the bathroom. the driving section contained many obstacles and stunt ramps and a semi-truck that chases you around driven by adult film star Ron Jeremy. once you get inside the Pizza Hut you must defeat the entire staff in a Max Payne style gun fight and then the gameplay transforms yet again into a 3D fighting game when you fight the Pizza Hut manager, Ganryu. you have to do all this while on a timer and if you don’t make it in time it shows a very graphic scene of your character peeing himself and then text splashes on the screen saying “YOU PEED”. sadly i have not gotten my hands on a copy yet due to Pizza But CEO Carl Pizza who has made it his personal duty to destroy every copy of this game with his bare hands.


Game of Thrones meme: [ 8 relationships ] - Jon Snow x Tormund Giantsbane

“You vouch for this man, Tormund?”
“He’s prettier than both my daughters, but he knows how to fight. He’s young, but he knows how to lead. He didn’t have to come to Hardhome; he came because he needs us, and we need him.”


I wonder about the golden glowing eyes.The Nephilim in Kelly Kline has restored Cas’ power to fight Dagon.

Normally, angel’s eyes, better said Cas’ are shining blue, when he uses his power. This you can see in the first gif of the scene.

But then, the color changed from a blue to a golden color.

What does this exactly say about his strength now? Was it just to show us, that the Nephilim gave Cas the power? (Like Kelly Klines eyes glowed when she received the vision)

Or is it a sign of an upgrade of angelic power?

What color does arcangel eyes have, when the angel uses his grace? I know that Lucifer is still red, with a hint of gold.

When I was younger, I remember hearing stories of the one who loved more,
the one who fought harder,
the one who who went through hell to win their lovers love.
I remember thinking these stories were heroic,
that the hero was the one wearing their heart on their sleeve -
but I was wrong.
I grew up being this version of a hero,
loving all the wrong things for me,
watering all these dead flowers in hopes to bring them back to life.
You see, no one tells you that giving people the benefit of the doubt is the same thing as being naive.
I used to think that wearing my heart on my sleeve would pay off,
because those stories I remember when I was little,
made it seem like the happily ever after I always dreamed of.
Nobody tells you that the hero in those stories isn’t the hero at all.
There’s no romanticizing unrequited love,
there’s nothing bold about fighting for someone who doesn’t give a shit about you,
there’s nothing beautiful about continuously letting yourself down because you don’t know how to give up a fight that cannot be won.
I’ve learned this first hand,
that the hero is actually the one who knows how to drop the sword
when the battle has left you too beaten.
That the hero is the one that lets lovers beg for them,
knows how to be distant but soft,
knows the balance of too much and too little.
I only know how to give whole pieces of me,
so tell me, what’s so heroic about that?
I want to tell you the story of one who loved more,
the one who fought harder,
the one who went through hell to win their lovers love.
So let’s start by saying this:
This is not a love story, this is not boy saves girl -
there is no hero in this tale,
but a very broken soul…
One who gives too much, and feels too much, and loses themselves in the battle.
Don’t live your life giving away the best pieces of yourself,
to the girl who will never love you back the way she should.
You are not a hero, you deserve to be the one to save yourself
and to love the girl who knows how to love you back just as hard.
—  You’re not a hero in unrequited love, you’re the victim, (coloringtheworldwithwords)

- You are a small ball of wrath
- You have been known to throw controllers on the ground before so you have to use your own controller while playing against other people
- He’s learned not to say “aww you’re so cute when you’re mad” because it just makes you angrier
- Tyler picking you up and hugging you to his chest to squeeze the anger out of you
- you are not amused
- You get the worst road rage and always want to go fight people but Tyler has to hold you back
- Learning how to manage some of that anger because my god it scared the shit out of poor Ty the first few times
- Now it’s mostly just you playing it up for the lolz
- And Tyler being like “Hey guys watch this” *activates one of your pet peeves and sets you into rage mode*
- Cursing like a sailor
- Coming up with new curse phrases and that make Tyler die laughing


Beneath These Sparkling Lights (Forever You’re Mine) by louis-love

Pairing: Louis/Harry

Rating: explicit


“After years of being called a couple teasingly by both our families and friends alike, I know it was nerve wracking for the both of us when it finally actually happened. But for our entire lives we’ve always been HarryandLouis, never apart, whether we called ourselves best friends or best friends and fiancés or now best friends and husbands.” Harry’s smile is so gorgeous that Louis feels a little shake in his knees, “Through everything, the good, the sometimes weird, and the bad, I’m so glad it was you at my side. I know life is ugly sometimes, but you’re the beauty in the fight that is life, for me. My rose to my dagger.”

Or the shameless, wedding au, kidfic that @scrantonlou listened to me scream about 

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Do you think Ashfur deserved better?

Oh lord did he ever - I suppose there are two ways of seeing this. 

Ashfur prior to the whole plot, REALLY deserved better. Like, once they came halfway through the NP, the Erins realized they needed someone to fill the “hateful rival” slot, and you know what I think they discovered? No one fit the part! Stormfur had never been a proper rival and he conceded defeat early on after he met Brook, and there was no one in ThunderClan who fit personality-wise - not a single cat since the original series is petty enough to use Brambleclaw’s heritage against him in a fight of that kind, or had an established tendency for underhanded trickery and jealousy. So the Erins did what they’re best at; they plucked a random name out of the hat and threw the cat that name belonged to, under the bus. Which in this instance, was Ashfur. 

And that is VERY amusing given that Ashfur actually supported Brambleclaw once when he pointed out that blood wasn’t everything, or heritage didn’t shape you, or something… (I don’t remember clearly but it was something like that, Firestar’s Quest was it??) So the Erins actually decided to choose one of the guys who clearly had Brambleclaw’s back, to be the one to hate him and use the ridiculous “B-but, his dad killed my mum it’s hereditary I tell you!” argument when Squirrelflight told Ashfur they could only be friends. (It’s also TWICE as hilarious/hypocritical when you think that it was Ashfur who later went and helped kill Squirrelflight’s father - and would you look at that, Brambleclaw almost did the same thing himself too, now the hypocricy’s come full circle~)

So the original canon Ashfur did not deserve being run over and turned into sociopathic roadkill by the Erin Hunter bus. (sorry bad metaphor couldn’t help myself)

Now on the other hand, later, post-evil deeds Ashfur, deserved WORSE than what he got. When you write an inherently evil character, you follow up on that; when you have an established kitty warrior hell for inherently evil characters, you put them there. You don’t excuse collaboration to treason and murder, apprentice abuse, consistent threatening behaviour, and attempted roasting of three innocent cats because you want to torture their mother, as “loving too much.” Yeah I know the Erins blabber on about how they regret putting him there, but the issue stands, they NEVER should have put him there - it shouldn’t have been a question in the first place. They created the Dark Forest for this. very. purpose. Now use this metaphysical black hole of a plot point for what it’s worth. 

So yes, I have an opinion for both sides of the Ashfur mess, so to speak. 

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How would junkrat,76,and reinhardt react to being sent back to readers time(2017)? How would they get used to living in that time?


  • It takes a few moments to sink in
    • He thinks it’s just a joke
    • It doesn’t feel any different
    • Making you ask how 2076 feels like
  • He’s already thinking of ways to use his anonymity
    • You telling him to please not
    • You’d get in trouble for it
  • Honestly, he doesn’t know what else to do with himself
    • Then to steal and blow things up
  • He does enjoy just sitting around
    • But he gets itchy to do something after a while
    • Not the best at sitting still

Soldier 76

  • He doesn’t believe you
    • Just patronisingly nodding
    • Suuure, he’s in the past
    • Then he realises you’re telling the truth
    • And he just swears under his breath
    • You scolding him
  • He doesn’t know what to do with himself
    • Used to doing stuff
    • Fighting
    • Now he’s in a time before he needs to
  • You watch him grow stir crazy
    • But your place has never been this clean
    • As he cleans it top to bottom every day


  • It takes him longer to accept that he’s in the past
    • Than to adjust to life in the past
    • As he grew up pretty close to where he is now
  • Having been retired before the recall
    • He adjusts to doing nothing pretty easily
    • But still manages to be active
    • You’ve been dragged on more morning runs than you wanted to
    • But you couldn’t say no to his happy face
  • He wants to watch movies
    • Loudly exclaiming that he saw this as a child and loved it
    • Or just sitting there enamoured
  • He’s just a little nostalgic for this time

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Hey there! I was just wondering if you can make headcanons with Jesse, Hanzo and Genji, teaching their s/o how to fight using their weapons??? (Bonus: their s/o sucks) Thanks! :3 I LOVE YOUR WORK BTW!!

((A/N - I LOVE that you like my writing. I love writing for you all, you lot are too kind))


• You’d never fired a gun before

• You really wanted to know what it was like

• Who better to ask than your own cowboy for a boyfriend?

• Jesse would take you to the practice range out of hours

• Would not miss the opportunity to curl around you from behind and use his own body to correct your stance

• Would whisper glowing praise in your ear of how well you are doing

• Makes an astounding amount of innuendoes for handling his ‘weapon’

• All the sweet talk and touching would make you shiver and blush

• Let’s be honest, you’ve never fired any shots before and the first missed the target

• He uses this as an excuse to adjust you. Hands covering yours and torso pressed flush against your back

• McCree loves the intamacy of you trying to handle his Peacekeeper and him trying to help you

• Like he loves the feeling of playing hero and you being his little damsel in distress

• The little noises you make when concentrating are too much for his southern  heart

• He would laugh at you after you get frustrated and try to give up and exclaim it’s too big and heavy

• Your boyfriend wouldn’t persist, wanting to take the conversation elsewhere. You didn’t mind at all and happily followed him back to his rooms


• Would be thoroughly surprised when you told him you wanted to learn how to shoot his bow

• You’d never seen someone look concerned and amused at the same time

• Before even touching his bow, Hanzo would make you sit through his training exercises, the only one you actually being able to join in on was meditating

• His eyes soften when you first pick up his weapon and marvel at the beauty and intricacy of the detailing

• You joked to your boyfriend about him secretly being Robin Hood

You made a mental note to teach Hanzo who Robin Hood was after the confused look on his face

• The first arrow you tried to fire flopped down at your feet

• You didn’t expect to hit the bullseye but you thought it would go much further than that

• Hanzo would stand back watching you, instructing you to balance your stance and use muscles you didn’t even knew you had

• This was much more complicated than you had thought

• Your persistance pleased your boyfriend, glad that you weren’t giving up so easily

• Hanzo was proud of you for trying, calling you his ’little blossom flower

• You weakened at the pet name. PDA from the archer was damn near non-existant

• He loved seeing you with something that was so personal to him

• Promised to train you more in the future once he’s worked on your strength training


• Outright refused when you first asked him

• Thought you were absolutely ridiculous when you insisted, saying that the shurikens were deadly and don’t even get him started on his katana

• Gave in when you showed him your puppy dog eyes and batted your eyelashes

He was a softy at heart and couldn’t say no to you

• Gave you thick leather gloves to wear because he didn’t want you to hurt yourself

• You admired the shurikens, the tiny details that Genji had never really paid attention to

• Was constantly by your side, arms crossed and smirk on his face, telling you to crouch more, put more strength into throwing them

• They ended up hitting the target but not digging in, just falling flat against it and clanging on the ground

• Genji was amused at how much you wanted to try to impress him

• Sure in his younger days people were always trying to obtain his attention, but this was different

• You had accidentally ended up splitting the glove open and cut yourself on the sharp edge of the blade

• Genji of course scolded you for not being more careful, the typical 'I told you so’

• You shrugged it off, hinting it wouldn’t have happened if it was with his katana

• He still refused, saying you need to take more care with his shurikens before you handled his sword

You got a playful smack around the head for saying you were already a master at handling his 'sword’