if you use a credit would be much appreciated


Hello! Many of you have shown interest in my pokemon gijinka designs and I’ve decided to open up for design commissions because of all the love that’s been sent my way! You can email me at therobotdreams@yahoo.com if you are interested!


  • I’m open for design as well as fan art and just regular commissions. For design commissions, visual reference or written descriptions are necessary. (This is for custom pokemon gijinka designs, original characters, or anything else you would like.)
  • I can draw unique designs as well as nudity, but please no nsfw or fetish art! I also reserve the right to say no to something because I am not feeling up to it or it makes me uncomfortable. I am up for trying new things though so please don’t be shy!
  • For the prices listed, you are allowed 2 revisions! (after that, I will charge for the extra time spent.)
  • My paypal is also therobotdreams@yahoo.com. I take all payment up front through paypal but my turnaround is pretty fast!
  • When you receive your commission you’re allowed to do whatever you want with it! You can draw it, use it for icons, etc. (so long as you are not making money off it please!) Also, being credited for my work is much appreciated! 
  • Here’s a link to my other works for your convenience!

That’s about it really! Even if you’re not interested, reblogging and spreading my post around would be wonderful help! Thank you guys again for all the support, I can’t wait to design for you! : ^ )


Okay guys so Robin’s birthday is coming up in June so I’m starting this now so that we have plenty of time to get this going around and get this started. I’m going to be making a fan video to say happy birthday to Robin Lord Taylor June 4th on his birthday, so what I need from you is some videos saying happy birthday! 


  • Video’s must be 10 seconds or under (I may allow a few more seconds slip depending on how many submissions we get) 
  • Submissions must be in BEFORE May 15th 2017 so that I will have time to edit the video together
  • You can say anything you want in your message, but as expected, please be respectful, watch your language, etc. 
  • You can say anything you want in your message, you can say more than just happy birthday, but as stated above, please be respectful, and please keep it within the 10 second area. 
  • Please save files with your username or name you want to appear in the description as the title of your file
  • If you would like a link to your blog in the description on youtube, add that into your email when you send it and I will add it in.

The video itself will be given to Robin via Twitter and uploaded on youtube on his birthday. Whether he sees it or not, we’ll see, but I think it would be a nice little project to get the community together, and tell him just how much we appreciate him. 

Please submit videos to rlt.birthday.project@gmail.com the sooner the better! 

And on a side note, if anyone has any non copy-written music we could use in the background, something that would be suiting for a video compilation like this, that you would be willing to let me use, feel free to send that video email as well, I will credit you in the youtube description. If not, then it will be musicless, which isn’t a big deal, I think it’ll be great either way.

@fujoshi16 @helloiliketits @more-contagious-than-laughter @hotgothamite @jokesterwrites @squeebers42 @selene-yoshi-chan @baskervilleshund 

170614 - Twitter - Daehyun

@BAP_Daehyun: 드디어 프로젝트앨범 솔로활동이 끝이났네요.  아쉽기도하고 기분이좋기도합니다! 여러분들이 너무나 사랑해주시고 좋게봐주셔서 감사할따름입니다 ㅠㅠ 함께해준 우리baby들 너무너무고맙고 사랑합니다❤ 여러분이없었다면 제가 이렇게웃을수없을거에요. 정말 고맙습니다. 앞으로 남은 종업이활동도 응원많이해주시고 저희BAP 많이사랑해주세요 감사합니다.

Finally the solo promotional activities for the project album has ended. It feels a little sad but I’m happy too!! You all showed a lot of love and looked upon me favourable so I appreciate it ㅠㅠ. The BABYs who were in this with me(,) thank you very very much and I love you❤ If it weren’t for you all(,) I would have not been able to smile like this. Thank you so much. Please support Jongup’s promotional activities a lot and love us B.A.P a lot as well(,) thank you.

trans by transforbap ; take out with full credit


A few manga caps I have previously coloured for myself/ friends as profile pictures!! feel free to submit one or request a character!! I can also make icons such as this lesbian flag ochako one:

if any of these images are used i would very much so appreciate credit!! thank you

- Mod Tsuyu, the blog’s cryptid mod


guess who just re-opened commissions~??? this gal!

I’m running low on funds for this next semester and decided to revamp my commissions in order to raise money while looking for a second job. To make things simpler I will just be doing digital sketches or full color (with cel shading). Psst!! Sketches are only $5! 

What you need to know:

1.) In order to get a commission please send an email to girlswithboysnamescomms@gmail.com with the title “GWBN COMMISSION” along with what type of drawing you want, references (the more the better!! especially actual art or pictures!!!), descriptions, your tumblr url, and your paypal email! (for an invoice/bill)

2.) prices are in USD! I only accept paypal transitions and full payment is due upfront. I will not start working on the drawing until I receive payment

3.) Once the commission is finished you’ll receive a high quality PNG. Use it as you please for an icon or sidebar with credit and please do not use for profit/remove my signature

4.) Please check out my art tag to see more drawings!! :)

Even if you can’t commission me even a reblog would be very much appreciated!!! Anything helps! ;w;


New Mamo video with English subtitles… and Mamota Claus is back! @tsukinokakera

French subbed video / La version sous-titrée en français est disponible ici.

* Feel free to share this video but please, DO NOT reupload it elsewhere, thank you!

* In case you would like to translate this video into another language using our English subtitles, credits would be very appreciated! Please, let us know if you plan to use them.

* A list of my English and French subbed videos can be found here.

Source your aesthetics.

So this is an issue I wasn’t expecting in this community, and I’d like to address it. This is important. When you make an aesthetic, please credit the people whose images you’re using.

Photography is an art. Photography belongs to people. People own the pictures you are using. And they deserve credit. Taking a picture that belongs someone else is art theft, whether it’s a painting or a photograph. And saying ‘oh well it’s not mine’ isn’t good enough. You are not crediting the original artist if you’re not naming them. How is that crediting? There is no source, no way to find them, no acknowledgement. These are people with their own accounts and social media, and they’re sitting there without traffic. Their pictures don’t belong to us, they’re not ours to take, not ours to do with as we please, and the least we can do is link back to the owners. Because they created something that moved you! Something you enjoyed, something that reminded you or made you feel something. The least you can do is be grateful and respect those artists. Respect them by giving them the credit they deserve.

If you use and post art without sourcing, you are stealing these people’s work. You’re just taking their art and reposting it, but because you’re doing it to several people in one post, you feel like it’s okay. Look, I realize people aren’t doing this on purpose. No one’s sitting there, rubbing their hands together going ‘heh, no credit for you Mr. Artist’. People don’t know any better and because this community has no standard for this, it’s easy to join along. It’s easy to get away with it, because no one’s doing anything, and most people don’t realize it’s an issue. I get it – you can’t know, if no one ever told you. And we’re all weak for pretty things, and we’re all weak for getting them onto our blogs ASAP. But this is a standard we should have. Technically, what you’re doing is illegal. Sure, it’s not a big deal, it’s not commercial use, I get that, but it’s still not right.

And you are getting those pictures from somewhere. You’re looking for them, and you’re finding them. You have a link. It takes 5 seconds to link to where you got it from. It takes a little longer to check if that page is the original owner or not; about 1 minute for a reverse image search (google or otherwise). Look for the biggest sizes. Look for instagram and flickr links, or blog pages. If you see it on pinterest, check the sources there. Once you find the biggest (unedited, if you can tell) one, reverse-search that, just to be sure. Some images have been through hell, WeHeartIt and back and cannot be traced back, but you can at least put a few minutes of effort into it. And if you really cannot find the true owner, just link back to where you got it from.

Think about how you would feel if someone took your artwork and didn’t credit you. How would you feel if I just took that aesthetic you just made and posted it on my own blog? Without crediting you? Would saying ‘it’s not mine’ would make you feel better? I’m gonna go ahead and assume that if I just took your aesthetic and did that, you’d think I was a douche. The entire community would probably think that’s one hell of a douche move, and that it’s wrong of me to do. Now realize that this is what you’re doing to other people.

If it’s aesthetic you’re worried about, I got you covered. You can just put little links at the bottom of your post, like this:

x x x

or this:

(x) (x) (x)

or any variation really. Look up alt/unicode symbols and find what matches your aesthetic!

☼ ❂ ✷ ♛ ☩

TL;DR: Sourcing your aesthetics if important. If you are using artwork that belongs to someone else, it is your obligation to credit the rightful owner – because it’s not you. Please please please start sourcing your aesthetics.

(I would also really appreciate it if you could reblog this! I’d really love to see sourcing become more common in this community. Thank you very much for reading, and happy aesthetic-ing!)

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

no-good-hoodies said:Hello! I love your guys blog, I’ve been following since day one! I looked through the master list and there isn’t very much for just Tim, so I thought I’d make this request. Kat, could you write what a jealous Tim Shepard would be like if someone where hitting on his girl?

A/N: Heya love! Thanks so much for your compliments, we truly appreciate it! We’re glad to see and know that you still support us. I’m aware that there’s not much of Tim, and I’m so glad that you requested something for him because he’s beast and I love his character a lot! This was really fun to write out and I truly did enjoy it! Thanks so much! - Admin Kat 💟

Jealous Tim Shepard Would Include:

- Know for certain that Tim Shepard isn’t very ‘cute’ when he’s jealous. He’s a force to be reckoned with and a reckoned force he is to be with. You should never take pleasure in making him jealous, unless you’re tough enough to handle what is to come afterwards.

- He’d for certain be the type in which to pick fights with offending boys or men that even bother to talk to you.

- It takes quite a lot to make Tim jealous - unless he’s serious about you in his own form and fashion -. This is because Tim doesn’t really love people (just like Dallas Winston), he can be fond of people but will hardly show it.

- He’ll definitely be a brute force, even though he’s described as an alley cat. He’s strong and will fight to let everyone know that you’re his.

- He’d be the type to pull you into his lap, to kiss your neck as you converse with the other guy, wrap his arm around your shoulders/waist, make out with you or initiate any other form of PDA. Tim Shepard isn’t going to be innocent and he definitely isn’t going to be playing about either.

- “Who the hell is this punk?” Tim’d grunt from behind you, startling not only yourself but the other guy, too.

- “I suggest you get lost and start lookin’ at a Mag, man. Or I’ll do much, much worse than take your fuckin’ eyes out.

- “Come near her again and I swear I’ll…” and boy would he mean it!

- You would probably have something of Tim’s that let’s other guys know that you’re unavailable in the dating scene, such as: Tim’s leather jacket, his ring, his chain, etc. You’ll probably have it.

- Even so, if anyone has the courage to even look at you in a way that he doesn’t like, he’ll do something about it. Tim isn’t at all like his little brother Curly, he’s a hood and he’ll do what he says, and much worse.

- If he overhears someone talking about you that spurs out any interest, he’ll probably excuse himself from you and beat the crap out of them. It’s happened multiple times at the movies, drive-in’s, etc. (And much to your indigence.)

- He’ll use quite the language when provoked in this way.

- Tim certainly won’t appreciate being teased or finding out that you’re purposefully trying to tease him - he’s not stupid and will figure it out nonetheless -, but he’ll have quite the temper if you bring it off and you’ll feel pretty wretched afterwards.

- He isn’t always one to listen to rumors, but he doesn’t trust chik’s all that much. So, if he hears something from his gang or a buddy or on the streeet, he may believe it but will probably use his brains to figure out it isn’t true, - unless he’s in a bad mood -.

- His gang will be on ‘Reporting Duty’ and will certainly tell Tim if they hear of see anything suspicious.

- “A little birdy told me you were checking out my girl. I figured it’d be true since your dumbass can’t clearly see that she’s taken.

- He wouldn’t need the back-up of his gang, but it’d certainly be there.

- If a Soc is hitting on you or into you, Tim’d get jealous. He’d start to wonder if you’d be into that sort, because they could give you everything that he couldn’t. But he’d eventually come to his senses and thinking; ‘If she wants trash like that, she can have em’ for all I care. I don’t need her anyway.’ And he’d mean it.

- NO DALLAS WINSTON WITHOUT TIM THERE! Dallas is a rat, just as bad as Tim, so Tim will be tense about it because Dallas is a buddy and you’re his girl: no one touches his girl and no one comes in between him and his buddies.

- Tim and Dallas getting into sooooooooooo many fights it’s freaking UNREAL!

- If you try to make Tim jealous - whether successful or not -, like I said ; Tim will pick up on it and get payback. He’s not going to be kind about it either. What you do to him get’s thrown back at you tenfold, and heartlessly at that Tim won’t even bat an eyelash, just stare caustically at you.

- If you show interest back, Tim will be pissed, but he won’t care in the end. If you’re gonna be like that, he’ll let you. He won’t bat an eyelash because he’s seen it all before. He isn’t phased in the least.

- Just know that after Tim get’s jealous, he won’t be so pleasant to be around. It’ll be like trying to talk to Dallas or a hungry and pissed off lion about anything.

- Tim would probably start a make out sessions in the midst of public and whisper very hotly on your lips, “Mine.”.

- Probably angry, jealous sex.

- He’d definitely mark you, like give you love bites and all that.

- The iciest glares sent everyone else’’s way.

- I bet Tim’s been arrested several times for being jealous.

- The worst thing is when he’d get that grim smile on his face, where his scar would warp up and he’d talk all evenly and low. That’s when you really know he’s gonna get them.

- Tim doesn’t even have to do much to scare everyone off.

- He’d deefinitely get mad if you were wearing something a bit more revealing and there was more than just him appreciating it.

- “Can’t you just wear something else, for God’s sake?!

- Just because he’s loyal to his gang and also the Curtis gang, doesn’t mean that he won’t be keeping his eye on how they are around or with you or how they speak about you. He may not explode with rage, but Tim can get anyone back. He’s smart.

- He’d smack Curly in the back of his head for walking in on you changing. “And I’ll do worse next time, you piece of shi-

- At the end of the day, Tim is Tim. He hates getting jealous, but he can’t help but let it effect him. He’s fond of you and he won’t let you go.

Please keep requesting imagines! If you like it, please follow for more.

Please spread the word!

OKAY SO. My 20th birthday is next Saturday (6th May) and it’s going to be a very important one for me.

I only have one request, and that is for everyone who wants to, could you please draw my Persona and submit it to me? I’m making a video in celebration for it and I will link and credit all artist that take part because I know how important that is. I will also be drawing my persona but because I’m taking extra shifts at work I haven’t got much time on my hands at all so some help would be HUGELY appreciated!

It could be a doodle, a really quick sketch, anything honestly I’d be so so honoured if anyone were to help me out. I don’t mind what you draw my persona doing or what colours you wanna use, go and have fun and PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, thank you so much for listening and (hopefully) taking part!

@sweatersnscarves @artlessictoan @lesbiangaara @mer-birdman @wedontmessaround

omg       just woah there are so many of you guys now and since my revamp it’s been 8 months !  ONLY eight months and there is 940+.  i’m so blessed and so happy to have every one of you here following my trashy potato self. this is something i never fathomed in my whole rp life just ever so i’m just so grateful and this is very much so overdue since there should have been more previous to this but it just never happened. xD but i finally made one after ten million years so sdhkjasdhjasjdsjhd !!! now you guys have allowed me to express something i love in words and helped me meet amazing people who i’m glad to call friends and just THANK YOU !!! so for this BIG milestone i thought about doing something else then a bias list so here’s a giveaway for the psds i made!

so the set up for the psd may not be the best so if your confused contact me via ims and if you do use my psd it would be very much appreciated if you put me somewhere to give credit and please don’t alter the icon and claim as your own because this took time to filter it to make it look like how it ended. i really do like these and i may change my current to one of these but that’s not the point! so i hope you like this and once again thank you so much for following my trashy blog.

red haze psd


starlight psd


( eiza gonzález gif hunt. )

under the cut are 108 gifs of eiza gonzález, who is a mexican actress and singer. all of the gifs below the read more are small to medium and high quality. none of these gifs were made by me so full credit goes to the creators. having said that, if the owners would like credit for their gifs or want any of these taken down, feel free to message me. likes or reblogs would be much appreciated if you found this useful in any way.

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I honestly wish people would love namjoon and appreciate him as much as I do. Like namjoon is one of the most sweetest guys, but he never gets any credit. I understand that people have their bias and their favorite, but why can't you stan all of them? Why can't people love and support everyone? Namjoon is always getting the short end of the stick, and he's literally holding the group together in his bare hands, but nobody appreciates him. I'm so mad. Let's love him, cause he really love us

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I anoned this to myself