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If you think actual national socialists and racists deserve a safe space to spread their hate speech because it’s their opinion and you say everyone is entitled to their own opinion, then you’re as bad as them and you can unfollow me asap. Please and thank you.

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500 Followers and Thoughts on The Loud House Fandom

Well I finally made it to half a 1000 followers. This is unreal. THANK YOU FOR THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. <3 I’m sorry I don’t have a picture for you guys this time. I was on vacation for 4 days, but I’m still here with ideas, even an animation I plan on starting soon of the Loud House characters. 



….I like drawing the Loud House, I like being part of the community, I love meeting new people. The problem is….the fandom war itself. You probably figured that….;p

When the Loud House premiered the first time in 2016, I knew for a fact, “OOOOOOOH. There’s going to be a LOT of rule 34 art with these characters.” And I knew it wasn’t going to bother me much because I don’t draw that kind of stuff AND I don’t need to…even though I’m called a cute suggestive artist (it rubbed off on me lol). I won’t draw….inter….*pukes*. I draw for me. I draw romance, comedy comic, regular comic, and whatever comes to mind. I posted something in May last year then stopped posting since, until I decided….I’ll give it a try again since the Loud House changed me as a person to appreciate animation again. I came back following my fav artist such as @jcitricpache​ and safe house blogs. As an anime/manga artist, yes, I WILL FOLLOW HIM NO MATTER WHAT HE DRAWS. HE’S A SEMPAI. <3 

The more I kept posting, the more people came to me from both sides. I didn’t know some of them drew rule 34, but until I did, I was like…”Oh. Ok.” Then I move on. 

Now as time went on…I noticed…some things were a little weird with both sides. Some blogs posted works from several artist who drew rule 34 or Loudcest stuff, but it was in a way that called them out on it, and I was like “Wow….that’s something new.” Lemme be honest….that kind of stuff ONLY STIRS MORE PROBLEMS THAN HELPS and it shows. As it kept happening, both sides began to quarrel with each other by drawing suicide stuff to some of the safe blogs and some safe blogs calling even neutral artist horrible people because they ship Lincoln with one of their siblings and them having sin children. I didn’t even know sin children was a thing. I’m kinda behind on stuff since I’m really an introvert. You know how that makes me feel as a person who adores the Loud House? It makes me feel uncomfortable. Not because of the rule 34 or peoples opinions, because you guys are attacking each other in a way people are afraid to join the fandom. Although MikeInel and Luna Loud probably helped it gain more popularity. THANK YOU MIKE AND LUNA. Now….I don’t really like seeing….certain types of pics from rule 34, but some of them I talk to…I must admit it…. and they understand and they are okay with me being a mainly safe artist. 

Another thing I don’t like is how, new people who come to the fandom have to automatically pick a side. Tumblr use to have a safe search thing on the mobile app which blocked a LOT of NSFW, but they got rid of it….IDK WHY. Now it’s easier for people to see NSFW and yeah…I can understand if you’re uncomfortable. I cringe at little  and say “WHY….?” or “w….ow…..(sarcastically)” at some pictures, NOT ALL OF THEM, but it doesn’t affect my life forever because I move on. You know, when people ship Lincoln with his sisters, I tend to take it in a different way like “maybe this is an alternate universe where they’re not siblings and they fall in love? Or maybe they’re married into the family to become siblings-in-law because there’s no illegal thing to marry a sibling in law. Hence my Ronnie Anne Dream comic. BTW ronniecoln still my otp. Maybe for those who see Loudcest so horrible, think of it as….and alternate universe? IDK I’m trying help both sides as much as I can, but I know I can’t. Maybe take it as a Shock Humor essence such as Family Guy or other shock humor shows…and if that doesn’t work….just….ignore it…skip past it quickly?. IDK I’m just putting some ideas to stop this bickering some how. Though I know it won’t work ;p Is there some way to ship lincoln with his sisters/ vice versa without the incest tone?

ONE MORE THING…with me as an artist who loves the Loud House and a person who draws anime, my art might end up looking suggestive in some ways. I felt afraid when someone asked if one of my pictures was Loudcest when it wasn’t. And….I want to draw how I feel. I want to tell stories through comics. I want to enjoy what I love. Some people even asked me, what do I think about Loudcest? *SIGH* i’m lucy now….that was a question I never wanted to get, but I guess I’ll say something…I take it as….maybe it’s an alternate universe/AU where they’re NOT siblings…and also…I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU DRAW EVEN IF I CRINGE A BIT. I move on with my happy life. I travel, I spend time with friends, I go to the mall, I go to festivals, and I take caution to who follows me, I don’t let it affect my life forever.  DRAW FOR YOU!


 No….I’m not a republican….What does that have to do with drawing?????

 I want to have fun drawing more pictures of the Loud House…even some yaoi that’s tame. one of my most fav artist draw a bit of yaoi. But she’s a fan of certain animes so…. And if you’re a safe person still saying “FUCK THE LEWDCEST/LOUDCEST ARTIST! THEY’RE PEDOS!” I guess Disney has those problems, too.

Aladdin x Jasmine, Ariel x Eric, Snow White(how is she 14???) x Prince Florian, Aurora(Sleeping Beauty) x what was that prince’s name? And Grim Fairytales. The Renaissance times god dang it. Yeah….I know. Times change…and they still are. Just hope they don’t add LGBTQ “P”….eww.

 And if both sides want to keep arguing…do it quietly please…I don’t want to feel like I have to take a side because of what I draw. It’s made people too toxic and that’s not healthy, especially for the young people who love this show, too. Those block list/blacklist, not healthy. Calling out other artists’ creative freedom…even if it’s ronchy (which is why the NSFW tag exist), not healthy. Making suicide pictures of safe blogs, not healthy. Bullying, harassment and whatever fits to that from both sides, NOT HEALTHY! 

REMEMBER THIS ALWAYS BOTH SIDES, YOU BOTH LOVE THE LOUD HOUSE. BOTH SIDES BRING IN NEW FANS, SAFE OR PERVERTIVE, and it only helps the Loud House get more fame. That’s what brings more happiness to the show’s development and they give us some things we want, such as Clyde’s Parents, Luna’s Bisexuality, and others. If you guys keep bickering…it could ruin a great show and a great experience.

In conclusion….BOTH SIDES….enjoy the Loud House in your own way….OTL. *moan* and….FBI? WHAT? THAT’S NEW…THEY’RE TOO BUSY WITH MORE IMPORTANT STUFF. I’m going back to drawing.

 And if you have a reason to disagree or want to discuss more things that bother you, feel free to message me privately. I will gladly talk to you to see your point of view and I’m a nice person….too much of a nice person. You can message me if you feel like you’re in a terrible mood because of this fandom. *open arms*

Thank you again for the followers. even if I lose some from this post….; . ; jk. You have the right to unfollow me if you must….U _ U sob…don’t go lol

See you guys later with another picture.

Hey there! I just wanted to say thank you all so much for all of the lovely art and well wishes people sent in/tagged me in, it was so overwhelming and unexpected in the best way possible ^///^ I feel very fortunate that so many people are such sweethearts and took the time to create such beautiful works of art.

With that being said, even though his birthday is over I’m still going to post them and thank people for it, because people took so much time and love and care into creating them and to want people to know just how much I appreciate their effort :)

So if you’re someone here who may not be super interested in seeing all the sparkly fanart (which of course I don’t blame you for) this is just a friendly reminder that I tag ALL fanart with the tag ‘fatal error fanart’, in case you want to unfollow that tag or whatever. Because I’m absolutely going to ooh and aaah over what people made, and if you’d rather just know when comic updates come out then that’s okay! There’s a fanart page of the blog for easy access to it anyways <3

Have a great day folks~

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I don't see why it would be so difficult to put a warning post before posts? So people could choose whether or not to read further. Oh well. I guess I will have to unfollow. Thanks and best of luck with the book.

Because as I said, that would mean I literally have to detail everything that happens in a case before writing the post, which in my opinion, is pointless. 99% of what I write about would contain a warning - surely when you decide to follow a blog that posts mainly about true crime, you know that the posts aren’t going to be pleasant and I don’t want to alter my posting style to suit each individual person. Do you pick up a true crime book and expect a warning at the beginning of each chapter? I don’t want spoilers at the beginning of every single post and neither do the vast majority of my followers.

And again, as I said, I tag everything (rape, murder, torture, child murder, child abuse, kidnapping, etc) so that if people desire, they can look in the tag and see what the post involves and decide that way if they wish to read or not. Additionally, they can blacklist those tags so that the posts don’t even show up.

And thanks for the good luck, good luck to you too.

I won’t be responding further...

…so please, please, please, unfollow me if you don’t like what I post. Plenty of other comics bloggers to follow.

  I’m just here because I love comics. I hope you do too.

   If you do stick around, thanks.

Thank you for 300+ followers (ohmystarss!!) So, as announced I will be doing an Art Raffle! 

How To Enter ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

>> follow my blog (new followers are welcome, just don’t follow because you just want some free art and unfollow afterwards, duh)

>> like this post

>> reblog and add to the post (caption not the tags!) “Pineapples are disgusting” :P

Deadline ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

August 15

Winners & Prices ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There will be four winners who will be chosen randomly. Each of them will get a fully colored and shaded digital art piece of one of their OCs (original not fandom based characters would be great^^;)

1. Place: Full Body

2. Place: Knee Shot

3. Place: Bust Shot

4. Place: Chibi

What I Draw  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(just in case) I’m comfortable with drawing:

>> Humanoid Characters (this includes Monsters, Hybrids and Aliens)

>> Furry (Feral, Anthro etc)

>> Gore


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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I am having the same feels as last anon. I was always a fruk fan, never usuk, and now I dont even follow hetalia anymore, but I'm damned if I'll ever unfollow you or stop loving your art because its just such a beautiful style. Also your sense of humor is a+

Thank you!!!!!! So I get some very lovely asks (that I very much appreciate and humbled by even If I don’t post all of them publicly) but I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone comment on my humor and really that’s like 2/3 of what I live for. I love trying to make people laugh and I’m not a very witty person so I’m over the moon that I’ve got an A+ in your book :D

1 Year Anniversary (+competition!)

Everyone! Today (May 15th) the blog is celebrating its 1 year birthday! So much has happened over the past year and I cannot thank you all enough for the amazing support and love you have shown for my writing; it truly means a lot. When I look back at myself a year ago, I thought this blog was something that would slowly fizzle away because no one would care about my writing. Yet I look at myself now doing daily uploads and starting to write a full length book!! It’s just insane so thank you all for allowing me to have the drive to keep this thing going. You’ve all inspired me in ways you’ll never know.

Since the blog is now a year old, I’d like to thank you all for your wonderful support by holding a little competition! Because I am a broke ass student with no way of affording to host a giveaway, I’ve got to make do with the skills I’ve got: writing. 

So, all you need to do is like and/or reblog this post and you will be entered for this little competition (must be following me ofc since it’s a special little thing for just you guys but don’t just follow and then unfollow bc that’s not fair on people who are being genuine)
1st Place: personalised imagine, moodboard and I’ll edit a video compilation of moments of any member of your choice (or possibly ship)
2nd Place: personalised imagine and moodboard
3rd Place: personalised imagine
If any of the winners are from the UK, it’s likely I’ll buy a little something kpop related to gift to you on itunes (unfortunately can only do this for the UK)

Again, thank you all for being so lovely over this past year, whether you’ve been following the blog since the beginning or you only started following me a few weeks ago. Good luck to all of you and the competition ends on July 15th at 6pm GMT. I’ll message the winners shortly after selecting and they’ll have 2 days to respond before I choose someone else.


Okay, so I obviously haven’t been posting lately and it’s partly because of college and mostly because I’ve just kind of fallen out of love with Hamilton. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, I just like other shows a lot more.

So, I’m going to change this blog into a general musical theatre blog. I’ll be changing my url to musicalgifs, and I’ll be posting about all musicals. There will still be Hamilton content alongside this, of course. I understand if you want to unfollow me, which is why I’m posting this in advance. Thank you for following me so far!

Okay I just unfollowed everyone because my dash was becoming useless so if you post

Avatar (the last airbender not the blue one)

Yuri!!! on Ice

Code Lyoko

19 Days




Aesthetics basically

Reblog this and I’ll check you out, but no promises that I’ll follow I’m trying to keep my follow count low so I can keep my dash full of things I enjoy

Need to re-follow blogs tumblr unfollowed

seems like tumblr unfollowed some of my fave blogs because tumblr is always full of stupid glitches 

so i need to re-follow (and if in this process i ended up following new blogs too, then cool)

reblog if:

- you post about benedict cumberbatch

- bbc sherlock

- don’t harass mofftiss on twitter or anywhere else

- don’t harass loo  on twitter or anywhere else

- don’t post much bitterness/hatred/vile about bbc sherlock or its cast and crew in general

- don’t harass other fans for having a different ship/ having different preferences in toplock or bottomlock / etc

- blog is filled with predominantly bbc sherlock or benedict

if your blog fits the description then most likely i would’ve followed you and the only reason i no longer do is because tumblr is filled with incompetent programmers who makes shitty codes full of dumb glitches like randomly unfollowing people unprompted

thank you xx

100 FOLLOWERS 1!1!1

OKOKOK here we go I hope I don’t forget anyone

@levis-buttcheeks You’re my smbtf and you unfollowed me just to be a troll but you’re still the greatest @likeahbraus @ackerme You’re the best Mom and DADMOM ever. Thank you for dealing with me❤️

@xava13x We haven’t talked that much but you’re always in my notifications and stuff and thanks for being there and liking my stuff!❤️

@shitpost-no-kyojin You were the first person I talked to and because of you I met so many awesome people and just thanks mom❤️

@how-to-lifu Thanks for always watching stuff with us and sending me cool posts and being the best drunk aunt aha❤️

@a-youngblood-killjoy I don’t even know what to say about you STOP KILLING PEOPLE. Nah you’re a great sis and we’ve had some great conversations aha❤️

@itsmadeinchynna We’ve never actually talked but you’re just there kinda supporting me so thanks!❤️♊️

@hanji-freaking-zoe-official nEgItOrO. But really I like talking to you and you’re a great person!1!❤️


@pledgetoprotect ❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌

@askrickthecactus 13/10 dad. BEST cactus❤️❤️NEGITORO WoOoOoOo

@jellyarmor 😎indeed

@waveylovesyohioloid …that one channel…you know what I mean.😂❤️

@ask-leekmastermikuo Egg Daddy… heh but I love your blog and you’re super nice!❤️

@mikasita-ackerman aRe yOu aN oVeRdUe LiBrArY bOoS?? Lmao but really you’re awesome❤️

@bxtrxyed We talk from time to time but I have to thank you with my first RP aha, I was so confused but thanks because I wouldn’t know anything about this if it weren’t for you!❤️

@sick-fuckery You gave me a huge heart attack but I’m glad we talked and became friends!1!❤️

@musrlina We talked like once but you’re ALWAYS in my notifications so like thanks for always liking my stuff and all that jazz❤️

@kimiokana We only talked a little but I love your account and I like Seeing you on my dash!❤️

@h-a-n-j-i–z-o-e Super nice person and I love talking to you! To the admin I mean ;)❤️

@shingeki-no-dead-otp other mom! We don’t talk much anymore but you’re a really sweet person!❤️

Ahhhhh ok I really really hope I didn’t forget anyone but I love all of you and thank you so much!1!1 And this was in no particular order!! ❤️❤️

Someone from Sweden? Seeking help

I already have a similar post on my other blog but since nothing really came out of it I am making one for this blog as well. I will try to not mess up with my blogging just because of it but if it annoys you, feel free to unfollow since I will be rebloging it from time to time. With that being said I will be thankful if you consider a reblog  but even if you only tolerate my pitiful attempts to achieve something, it`s great.  Truth is depression is so severe now that it has affected my physical health as well.

Long story short I  am in relationship with a guy from Uppsala, Sweden and we`ve been together for 9 months now. It`s long distance relationship and I am from Bulgaria. At the beginning of this year he was diagnosed with cancer for a second time. He is younger than me, still studying and dependent and I am well, broke. I do have some savings but they aren`t enough to just start from a scratch in a country like Sweden. I am trying to apply for jobs online but I don`t qualify for many and nothing has happened so far. I also asked anybody I could think of for help and they either couldn`t or didn`t want to help.  I understand those people in both instances since I am basically a charity case.

I can`t reach him and be with him completely on my own and no one is there for us. I am not asking for money even though, yes, I need it. All I need is maybe temporary shelter until I find a job or maybe someone knows a person who can hire me. At this point I`ll work pretty much anything because the thought of him dying kills me too. At the beginning he attempted immunotherapy and that didn`t give any results. Now he is undergoing chemo and it`s a nightmare to see him tired and in pain and not being able to do anything about it.

So please, help me if you can. Thank you in advance.

anonymous asked:

I really liked you before, you seem like such a nice person. But in your most recent fic you put 'both genders' rather than 'all genders'. And I for one am not willing to support anyone who doesn't acknowledge the gender spectrum. Thanks for the good reads but I'm unfollowing now. Have a good day.

Okay. I hope you are ready for a rant of an answer, because I don’t even care if you follow me or not anymore, this needs to be replied too.

My initial reaction when reading this was me actually saying out loud: What the fuck? What the actual fuck?

Now, I assume you are talking about the story I posted earlier in the day, Girly Things.

Let me get into my response….

I have to acknowledge this first and foremost: What gives you the right to assume I’m not supporting the whole gender spectrum?
Because honestly, you are overreacting to a single line within a fictional story.

I do get where you’re coming from, but you are also completely missing the point of the bloody story.

By definition, there is only two genders, so by me typing “both genders” is not wrong in any form or way.
I understand that people can identify as one or the other, both genders, and even neither gender.
But that does not change the fact that there are only two genders. Male and female.

I do apologize that you feel offended, but I am not changing what I wrote in my story because there is nothing wrong with what I did write.
It also does not mean I don’t acknowledge the gender spectrum, and I like to consider myself a very open and understanding person, which proves evident within my stories because I have touched on various topics including sexual orientation and how difficult it can be trying to choose a “label” and also touched on the topic of not even choosing a label, but simply being who you are.

The point of Girly Things was to dispute the fact that society has placed genders (MALE OR FEMALE, oh look, two genders, which means me putting BOTH was right) on items when it shouldn’t be and that anyone, male or female, can use them.

And another thing to consider: I was writing in the mindset of what I believe Joe Sugg would put, and to be quite frank, he would probably say BOTH GENDERS.

I’m sorry you had to assume shit about me, and get offended over something as measly as a little story on the internet, and I honestly don’t care if you’ve unfollowed me or not. I’d say I’m sorry if that sounds bitchy, but I’m not sorry about saying it. Because you took a simple thing and greatly overreacted.

And i hope you have a wonderful day.
Thanks for stopping by.

And anyone that wants to send me more bullshit hate like this? Don’t bother.
I’ll be deleting it. Because I don’t care for negative energy over something like this.

Don’t assume shit about people.

It’s not a good time in Hellsing fandom and it’s really upsetting. All I can see on my tumblr dash is hate, judging and fit throwing and all of this coming mostly from grown-up, experienced people…

My friend @shoriani was accused of supporting pedophilia. People unfollowed her and called her names because she wrote one thing that was badly interpreted. So I felt the need to write something on that matter too. And yes, I am aware I might also lose followers, and some of them will probably be the same ones that unfollowed Shori. But well, if you think of me so badly, just do it now and do not even bother to read what I wrote here, because it means you don’t know anything about me…

Keep reading

I love CAS and MISHA with every fiber of my being and I don’t want to have anything to do with “people” who hates them.
I block systematically all the haters. Seeing their posts / reblogs on my dash is enough to ruin my day.
So please don’t be upset if I unfollow you because you keep reblogging their content.
i try to keep my dash as clean as possible from their nauseating hatred.
Thank you for your understanding.

Hey It’s Mel (previously @vmih) Just a heads up for mutuals and followers: I’m gonna change from being a 100% BTS blog to being a multi-fandom blog because this site has honestly been boring for me lately and because I’ll feel better n happier that way?? I’ve seen a couple of blogs I follow change too so I thought why not. So like, yeah, if you want to unfollow feel free. If you’re a mutual/someone who wants to unfollow bc of this but still want to talk to me or smthing i’m on twitter like everyone else ^^. You’ll also be seeing this post a lot too (for a while) ahaha. that’s all thanksw. ♡