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valentines .

You woke to the sound of the doorbell.

The sound itself just annoyed you - it’s stupid and loud and Shawn chose it solely because you said it bugged you and he’s always finding little ways to get under your skin. You love it, of course, deep down, because he’s your boyfriend and you love him, but every time you hear that incessant ringing, something in you just boils.

“Can you get it?” You whine, scooting closer to him and burying your face further into the soft skin of his neck. When he groans the sound rumbles in his chest.

“I’ve gotten it, like, the past hundred times,” he tells you in his gravely morning voice, “you get it. S’ your turn.”

Your mouth gapes. “Are you kidding? I definitely answered it the last couple times when the girl scouts came over.”

“Yeah, only because you know I can’t say no to their cute little faces.”

“Well that’s not my fault.”

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