if you try to draw them looking their age

Dear young artists

Here are things I wish that someone told me when I started posting/doing art:

1: I know it sucks but you won’t get your art noticed right away. So be patient and enjoy sharing your art even if it seems no one is looking.

2: Do not take request that you know will take you more than 30 minutes. If it takes longer, that’s what commissions are for. Often people will abuse that you are an artist taking request and will give very elaborate requests.

3: Speaking of commissions, do not price ANYTHING under $5. Please value your art. I promise you the people that will complain the “it’s over priced” are cheap. If they actually want your art, they would pay for it as is.

4: SAVE SAVE SAVE. If you do digital art, save it at least every 15 minutes. Save every piece of art, don’t throw it away or delete it.

5: DATE YOUR ART. At the end of last year is when I actually started dating my art within the file name. Example: “6-13-Girl” and have a folder for each year. This would save time when you’re trying to remember when you did an old piece of art or are creating a portfolio.

6: For the love of god, you don’t have to finish everything. Do practice sketches without them turning into elaborate hours of work.

7: Continuing from 6, YOUR SKETCHBOOK IS A SKETCHBOOK FOR A REASON. That’s where you practice. Don’t worry about a drawing not being perfect, the book is for practicing.

8: You don’t have to show someone your sketchbook if you don’t want to. Just say, “I’d rather you not, it’s very personal” and leave it at that.

9: Post your practices and ask for feedback. P.S. take “you need to work on ______ but good color choice!” as feedback and “your art sucks” as someone being an ass.

10: Don’t trace references or others artwork. It will literally not help you in the long run. A good example of how to use a ref is sketch the basic shape and add details as you go.

11: Don’t tighten you hand when you draw or aka don’t carve into the paper. Keep your strokes light when doing the basic shapes then add to darken the lines when you like them. This will save frustration of it not being able to erase.

12: WATCH SPEEDPAINTS. Slow them down if needed and learn from other artists and take the techniques you like from it. This especially works for visual learners.

13: Try tutorials even if you don’t like the style. You won’t know you like doing something unless you try it, that’s how people improve their art as well.

14: If you look through my blog, you can see that I do A LOT of redraws. I find them important to do sometimes to see your progress and show you what you need to work on.

15: Most importantly: Remember that your favorite artists, no matter their age, have been working on their drawing skills for years. It’s taken me 6 years to get my art where I like it and I’m still improving like everyone else.

Any other artists that would like to add or correct, feel free!

Becky Sue

This is a bit of a rant, sorry for any gratuitous swearing.

I know there’s the term ‘Mary Sue’, but I feel like there should be a ‘Becky Sue’, because both in fiction and life, white women are made out to always be the one who is right, the one who needs protecting, etc. There’s white privilege, and I feel that when a white woman against a PoC is involved, the privilege is taken to an even higher level because white women are always seen as the innocent ones.

I feel that the worst kind of Becky Sue in fandom and fiction are the ones that write stories where PoC only exist to fucking bow down to them and be there only to accomplish whatever goal they have. Like a PoC man sees a white woman at the beginning of a fic and is like–

 'Omg, it’s a white woman and she’s the prettiest most precious woman I’ve ever seen and I know absolutely nothing about her, but this is love at first sight and I’m going to marry her as soon as possible. Nothing else matters. Not my family or my identity, nothing. I’m just here to please/worship the ground of Becky Sue.’

It’s fucking nauseating. Then they have the Becky Sue writers who make their Becky Sue characters complete disgusting bitches to PoC, and when they get called out for it, they’ll be like: 'Oh em gee, you’re misguided, you’re a drama queen. Like, just don’t read my story and let me have my fantasy of shitting all over PoC in peace.’

And then there’s the Becky Sue writers who write kind, intelligent PoC out-of-character (because if there’s a kind PoC character, white people have to knock them down a few pegs though shitty writing, jokes, or white-washing) then when this is pointed out they’ll be like, 'Omg, not everyone sees everything the way you do. I don’t care about the source material, I just want to treat PoC like trash.’

Then, there’s the Becky Sues that will make up excuses for their racism and microaggressions with fake (or real) excuses like: 'Oh em gee. I have depression let me write whatever I want.’ Or, 'Oh em gee. I have Stigmata and a hang nail so you can’t criticize me.’ Or, when all else fails, just resort to name calling and flipping the situation around (white women’s favorite tactic) to where they say the big bad PoC is being a 'troll’ or 'mean’, or a dick, asshole, etc. And they’re the victim of harassment.

Or, another Becky Sue will come along and be like, 'Omg, your Becky Sue character and her shitty treatment of PoC is the best thing I’ve ever read! This is better than any novel I’ve ever read! You’re the greatest writer ever! Like, your Becky Sue is SOOO down to earth!’

Or, they’ll be like: 'Oh em gee, pointing out my racism is a personal attack. Becky Sues unite! Take down the big bad PoC!’

Just because you have depression or whatever, that doesn’t give you the right to be a fucking racist, and to treat PoC characters like trash. It doesn’t exempt you from being called out or criticized either. If you can’t write (or draw) PoC without being gross, racist garbage. STOP - FUCKING - WRITING - ABOUT THEM, if you’re that fragile to criticism. (I guess white women compare themselves to porcelain because they’re fragile and crack at the tiniest thing–I guess their evil ways is also one thing that makes their looks crack at an earlier age too. *pettyTM*)

I think that white people who are adamant about writing PoC like that are TRYING to antagonize PoC. And may karma just kick them in the fucking ass, please.

Plenty of PoC deal with both depression and OPPRESSION on a daily basis. And do most white people care? Here’s a tiny hint…HELL, FUCKING, NO.

Representation and the things you write do have an effect on others. Don’t try to make excuses or pretend that it doesn’t. 

Can PoC writer’s/fanfic writers and artist start tagging their work as 'PoC writer’, 'PoC artist’? Or 'Black writer,’ etc., etc.

I’m so drained of navigating through klandom’s filth, and having to handle white people (many who claim to be “progressive”) with kid gloves for every little thing because they can’t take discussions about anything that isn’t about glorifying everything they do, or anything that takes the focus off their white world.

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I’ve been thinking about starting some rec lists of fanfic writers of color maybe we could do that?

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Circumstance (Part 1)

My first SJM series! First part is kind of short but I just wanted to establish the basis of the plot. Please tell me what you think!!!

Rowaelin daughter x Feysand son au

Fic Masterlist

“Prythian? The Night Court? Three months?!” Emberlei asks in dismay, her parents nodding silently at each question. “Why?”

“To learn from the High Lord and Lady there. Feyre and Rhysand are some of the greatest Fae leaders in all of the world, and they offered to take you in and teach you, along with the rest of their advisors.” Aelin explains calmly. “In exchange, their son, Cadewyn, will be staying here to learn useful things from us.” She smiles at Rowan in a wicked sort of way, as if what they’ll be teaching the boy will be anything but conventionally useful.

Ember rolls her eyes. “Please don’t send me away for three months, I’ve never even been to Prythian!” She practically begs.

“You have, actually,” Rowan reminds. “When you were little, we went there for a Leader Meeting. You and Cadewyn even played together I think.”

Emberlei racks her brain for any memory of the boy. “Is he the one who pushed my down the stairs?” Aelin and Rowan share a glance. “He was, wasn’t he? He was the one who gave me this scar!” She draws back a bit of her hair to show a small white scar at the base of her hairline.

Her father inspects it for a moment and then shakes his head. “No, I thought that was the one Aedion gave you when you didn’t duck fast enough during sparring.”

“Nope, definitely this Cadewyn guy.” She responds. “Are you sure you want to teach someone who assaulted your daughter?”

Aelin laughs again, looking towards Rowan with one of their ‘you know what I’m thinking and I know what your thinking’ gazes. Ember groans. “Ugh! Fine! I’ll go, just stop looking at each other like that.”

Her parents break their gaze and feign innocence. “Like what?” Aelin wonders, a sly smile playing on her lips, and Ember thinks that it might be okay to get away from her parents for a couple months.

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arean-chan  asked:

Hi, any advice about drawing from inspiration and not from reference? I've been practicing watching tutorials and copying from real life but I've noticed that I can just draw this way and I see it imposible to draw once I remove the object I'm trying to draw (I don't know if I'm explaining myself properly) But every time I try to draw for example a hand (without an image of an actual hand) I just draw a bunch of nonsense lines but if I copy my own hand it turns well drawn

I can’t give you any advice how to draw without references. But I can give you the advice that it’s not bad to draw with references. Never feel bad about using references. This is what we do! This is what every artist does! And this is what every artist has done since the dawn of time.

We are surrounded by things and we draw what we see!
If you draw the same things for a long time, over and over again…over several years…you don’t need refs for those things anymore. It’s a matter of practice and how you have branded those lines and shapes into your brain. But it comes with time and practice. And even after drawing for years and ages there will still be things you are not used to draw and you will need references again. And this is alright.
You don’t need to have those things in your head! Don’t make your mind go crazy by trying to remember everything.

Take familiar icons or characters, things we have all seen and know and try to imagine them and describe them. Are you able to name all features of Mickey Mouse or Spongebob? Are you able to draw the Coca Cola lettering from scratch without looking at it again. Can you do it? I bet not. Cause even though we have seen those things many times we haven’t memorized all the lines and features. No one expects you to!
So why should you be able to draw the human body, different poses and features by heart?

Just for fun I did the Spongebob thing.
I drew Spongebob without having any reference at all. I haven’t watched Spongebob in years and I have never drawn him before. And even though I have a vague image of him in mind I have really NO IDEA how to draw him. After I finished this I looked at a Spongebob picture for some seconds and tried again with the things I remembered. I’m still off.
Then I took a picture of him as a reference and drew what I saw.

Sure, the next time I draw him I might remember some things…even without a reference I won’t forget his teeth the next time (as I did here the first time)
But as long as I don’t draw Spongebob regularly I won’t be able to just draw him without a reference.

We can learn and memorize tricks. On how anatomy works or how we can use lines to help us with perspective. Tutorials and practice things help! And sure after time we will memorize things and won’t need references for everything anymore. But there will always be things we have to look up. Be it looking at our own hands or posing in front of a mirror to see how a certain pose works, or taking pictures and looking up stock photos or how others have done it before.
We are surrounded by things and we draw what we see! We are not blind and all we see is a reference! Never feel ashamed for using them!

Ever since artist have used references and have tried to find ways to make drawing easier

Look at those renaissance dudes using raster and ropes to get their reference/model right!
How do you think the Mona Lisa was done?!

Don’t let anyone tell you references are bad!
Keep going and keep drawing! And things will come with time! All the best for you!

goingtothetardis  asked:

oooh! are you still taking doodle prompts!? how about ten x rose with 2b? this just feels so //them// you know? please and thank you! <3

if i believe in one thing…just one thing…


anonymous asked:

Whenever I see a selfie of you your eyebrows are the first thing that catch my attention and it's stunning, I love it and I'm glad you draw characters with big eyebrows too

(I was about to sketch myself in a yearly age crisis, but this is an perfect excuse to skip that and post selfies)

Let’s celebrate my brows today, which I once shaved off from my life. I think our relationship is somewhat okay now.

But omg, thank you. I should probably research how to actually make those caterpillars look better, but I’m glad you find them interesting as they are..!

As for art, I usually admire well stylized eyebrows and noses. Eyebrows are so expressive, so I try to have my character have different kind of ones despite my own personal preferences (thick and angular).

kajuned  asked:

I've got thousands of old drawings in my room, some not-so old and some REALLY old, so I wanna ask you, are these old drawings worth keeping?

this is LARGELY up to you. i’m someone that likes to keep them around. i had a major house fire where i lost every traditional piece i’d done up to the age of 15, and i lament about that on occasion. when you’re trying to grow as an artist, i think it’s cool to look back and see where you started.

on the other hand, i know artists who COMPLETELY PURGE their works. galleries, everything. they just delete or toss it all. but i think there’s a happy medium

i think it’d probably drive some people nuts to see the amount of old drawings i sort of just shred apart to experiment on, and the amount of sketches i just get rid of (digitally, anyway–i like to be a little more evironmentally considerate with traditional.) but if you think they’re taking up too much room or you don’t like them, maybe try to find a new purpose for the drawings. keep the ones you’re most proud of, or WERE most proud of at the time, and maybe try to revamp the old ones.

so i’d say some of it’s probably worth keeping, but maybe one day go through and do a “repurpose-or-archive” on what you’ve built up!

Anonymous said:

Hey, wanted to pop in and say I aspire to be like you, you’re kind of my role model. You’re sweet, and amusing, and an absolutely AMAZING artist. And if I can achieve even a quarter of what you have done I will be content

holy crap! thank you so much, that’s wildly flattering. i sincerely hope and believe you can go above and beyond what i’ve done.

Anonymous said:

Hello! I just wanted to say that I really love your art and you’re a big inspiration to me. I wanted to ask if you’ve ever watched The Sidekick. Rob and Rich are both in it, (I ship their two characters together even though Rich’s was on screen for like, a minute) and it’s really awesome!

thank you!

and….WATCHED it? i think the more appropriate question is


(my lucky lance is @xiuminsglasses btw!!)

anonymous asked:

Hello, I'm just wondering,,, why do you give Frisk, who is a 7-12 year old in the game, a body type that is impossible for their age?? If it's because of your art style or your interpretation of Frisk, my bad, but I'm still wondering why you give them such feminine features when they should be looking like a child

this ignorance tho




cat-sucky  asked:

hi friend I was wondering if I could ask your opinion on smth with ota//yuri if you're comfortable with that! I was talking to my gf about it and I'm v uncomfortable with it bc he's a fucking child ffs but she was saying how people on her twitter that are around 14-16 ship it and find comfort in it and I was wondering what you thought about that? It's smth I've been thinking about and I rlly like/agree on ur opinions on the matter (I'm sorry is this is weird or makes u uncomfortable at all!)

So, I’m going to talk from my experiences from being a minor (14-15) in a fandom (Homestuck) that REALLY normalized this+a shit ton of other gross ships to me+from being someone who regularly taught people in this age group.
This is very long because I really wanted to sit down and explain why, as a whole, adult minor shipping even in fiction is bad. I’ll cover the obvious, nsfw content, how to approach minors who ship it, and why the ADULT shippers are REALLY awful.

Issue 1: The obvious 

Minors being exposed to+normalized with adult/minor shipping, and phrases (Which are used to justify it) like “It’s only a few years.” “Age is only a number.” “Yurio is mature.” “It’s ok because they’ll wait for yurio to be legal before doing x and y .” 

Those are real world tactics used by pedophiles and i’m not being a over the top anti or some shit. Children being exposed to content like this, being told phrases like this, and being told this is normal are used by pedophiles constantly in the real world. 

Issue 2: NSFW Content

There is always going to be NSFW content and god knows I saw that stuff before i hit 18. But then you have the issue of one of the people in the ship is a 15 year old drawn like that. You have minors again being exposed  to someone THEIR (Give or take a year) age in sexual situations. There’s also the problem of some artists draw Yurio even younger looking than in canon. I don’t think I need to explain why this terrible to minors viewing it. Top this off with it’s adults creating and sharing this where minors can see, and this can lead to horrifying situations. It’s literally sharing child pornography with children. 

Issue 3: How do you approach minor shippers vs adult shipper?  

What you shouldn’t do is blame the minors. You SHOULD explain to them why it’s bad, and actively try to protect them from the gross adults who are interacting with them. Calling them disgusting and attacking them will only push them to people who “understand them”. You HAVE To be patient with them and just pray it gets through. 

On this blog I really go ham at adult ot@yuri shippers because THOSE are the ones really causing harm. They’re the ones making the popular content, they’re the ones writing this stuff, and who are being looked up to by minor followers. They’re the ones who are adults and viewing/creating/sharing nsfw content of a 15 year old, and who will coddle the minors who feel attacked by antis.

Attack, bash, and callout the adults.
Talk to, understand, and open your arms to the kids. 

trying to practice doodling them looking more their age;; a doodle to finish this week if I get all my homework done.

hhhnnnnngGG so here’s a thing for @phantastickle I have read ALL of your fics (probably lol) and I fucking loved “Can you hear me?” and I’ve been trying to draw tickle art for ages and this one was FINALLY successful because I can finally draw humans correctly without making them look like noodles. SO hopefully I can make more hah I’m super nervous to post this tho because I am DYING right now I have trouble even typing the t-word but uh anyways I hope you like it hehe

prosepines  asked:

I love your idea of trying out new haircuts for the characters...I mean, time has passed, years and years, what is probability you will keep exactly same haircut? It contributes with the aging process. And then there is the fact those styles are so evenly matched with the characters personalities! 🖤

Thank you. I agree with everything! Hairstyles tell a lot about people. I try to figure out what would fit each characters personality. Also, drawing buzzed Ron clicked just as much as drawing Ginny with pixie. I need something to give me fuel to imagine the characters after the books. Giving them different styles, but still making them look familiar, makes me think about all sorts of headcanon. So yes, there will be more of Ron like this :)


idk if TD is still a thing anyone on tumblr cares about but I made some designs for Noah’s family and I’m very proud of them so I am sharing them

I think with the ages I had in mind that Noah was 21 and also that he’s closest with his youngest sister since they are only a year apart

I did these back around Christmas I think so the thought that went into the second pic was the family getting together for dinner

We’re having some technical difficulties, so this prompt was made up by Mod Sarah for the sake of updating: DAI companions react to an Inquisitor who’s been awake for several days.

Cassandra: Notices when she goes to talk to the Inquisitor, and before she even can approach to say anything, they bump into a wall and barely notice. She then asks them how long they’ve been awake. When they mumble out “a few days or something” after trying to remember for several moments, she grabs their wrist and drags them up to their quarters. She practically shoves them into bed. She does feel for them, but they’re working too hard, and need sleep. She takes on some of their duties to ensure they won’t be disturbed.

Iron Bull: He didn’t even have to ask how long they’d been awake. He could spot exhaustion a mile away. “Come on, Boss,” he urges gently, “you need to sleep.” When he manages to get them to their quarters, he pulls the covers over them and walks out silently, as they fall asleep as soon as they hit the pillow. Josephine tries to come to the door as he’s leaving, and he shushes her and whispers to her to come back in a few hours.

Blackwall: Has seen the signs of little to no sleep for too long before, experienced it before. Part of him feels proud of the Inquisitor, for their intentions, for working so hard. He approaches them and encourages them to get some sleep, reassuring them the world won’t go to shit in the hours they sleep. He’s relieved when, after a bit of persuasion, they agree, and they head back up to their quarters.

Varric: He’s seen this before in Hawke, after they came back from the Deep Roads, after the crap that happened with their sibling. Guilt, stress, paranoia, they’re worried, he knows. Nevertheless, he easily persuades them to head up to their quarters for some rest. “Come on,” he urges, “get some sleep. Everything will be okay for the next few hours.” He feels pity for them as they reluctantly head upstairs. They never asked for this.

Cole: Heavy, dark, slipping and pulling, can’t rest, too much to do, too little time, too much, too little… cloudy and confusing, blurred and vague. You are tired. Go to sleep. It’s okay if you rest.” Cole had found them because he had sensed their exhaustion. They need help, they need to sleep. “You can’t help as much when you’re tired. It’s draining you, body and soul.” The Inquisitor found it even more difficult than ever to decipher what he was saying, but they got the “sleep” part, that’s for sure.

Sera: The Inquisitor had been talking to her in her room and started nodding off when Sera invited them to sit on the bench around her room. She stares at them a moment and frowns. “Hey! Wake–” Sera stops as she gets a good look at them and realizes they’ve been awake for longer than they should. She doesn’t attempt to wake them up again. She just pulls the curtains shut, throws a blanket on them, draws a mustache on their face, giggling slightly, and leaves them to sleep in her room.

Vivienne: Is unimpressed with how they look. “You look dreadful, as though you haven’t slept in ages. Darling, while I appreciate your work ethic, you do need to sleep.” She manages to get them to their bedroom, and slips away quietly. Later, when they awaken and come back downstairs, she smiles at them. “You look so much better; much more refreshed. Try to keep to a sleep schedule. It is unhealthy to stay awake for days on end.”

Dorian: Sees them passed out face-first in an open book in the library. He can’t help but giggle, and nevertheless wakes them and manages to get them to their room. “Sleeping in public? People will gossip. Well, they already are, but… well, let’s get you to bed, hmm?” He puts a sound-dampening spell on the windows and doors to ensure they aren’t disturbed, and is sufficiently proud of himself when he sees them up and about later, looking much more alert and refreshed.

Solas: Notices they’re overtired and asks to speak to them privately. The Inquisitor soon thereafter finds themselves in the Fade, and they give Solas an exasperated look, who just smiles wryly. “You’ll thank me when you wake up.” he remarked. “For now, let me show you some of the more interesting areas of the Fade I’d been meaning to bring you to…”

Josephine: Sees the signs of exhaustion when she asks to speak to them in her office, and decides quickly when they almost fall asleep in the chair across from hers that their meeting can wait. With some insistent urging, she gets them to go to bed, and gets to work on some paperwork that the Inquisitor had to go through to alleviate them. She realizes how good it is she got them to sleep when she sees how sloppy some of their signatures are.

Cullen: Knows he’s not really one to talk when he encourages them to get some shut-eye, having worked himself to exhaustion and falling asleep on his desk many times before, but he stands by his point that they need to sleep. He makes them go to their quarters, or if in a romance, he just drags them up the ladder to his bed, and leaves them be for the next few hours.

Leliana: Handles the Inquisitor in a very matter-of-fact way. She gets them to go to their room, and then stations an agent nearby the entrance to their tower to ensure there are no disturbances– and partially to ensure that the Inquisitor doesn’t wander out for the next few hours in a sleepless haze.

anonymous asked:

Sorry to ask. But how do you make them look older? Or edit the hair like Nobu's edit from SLBP you made? Or like the pawns from Nobu you have created? Could you make something like a tutorial?

Oh maaannn, let me try my best. I just do it “by instinct” because I already can draw/paint.

The Nobu spawns I actually draw it myself from scratch like this:

If you want to try drawing from scratch, use my previous “tutorial”.

To make “age up” edits, you have to understand what makes people look older/younger.

Kids usually have rounder face and bigger eyes. So to make a kid look “mature”, you make the face longer and eyes smaller. For “old” people, Voltage usually not only add wrinkles, but also make the chin wider.

(the rest of the tut behind cut)

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anonymous asked:

yikes thomas sanders is disgusting and encouraged his fanbase of minors to draw nsfw art and helped them with it by providing references! and he acts like he's still in high school when he's almost 30 to coax his young audience into enjoying his content! yikes!

okay no. please get your facts straight before saying something like this. it is true that a majority of his fanbase are minors, but he does not encourage them to draw nsfw art of him??? in fact, if you even look at the nsfw posts on his blog, they’re of people asking if they can draw nsfw posts of him and him answering that they can but only if they are of age. and he did address this problem and corrected himself that he should have been more careful, considering that he does have a fanbase of minors and you can find those posts here and here. he realized he made a mistake and he’s trying his best to correct it, but he did not and is not encouraging minors to draw nsfw art of him uh

as for him acting like he’s still in high school, um where??? he films his vines and shorts in a high school, but if you look here you’ll find that most of them are exercises for drama classes taught at that school. but like, does that mean he acts like he’s still in high school? if you look at his content on youtube i don’t really see anything indicating that he tries so hard to act like he’s in high school to appeal to his younger audience, so like if you find something come talk to me and i would happily talk it through and stuff. 

to me, thomas tries to use his platform to make people comfortable with themselves and others. he makes me feel safe and he’s a good distraction from gross people for a bit. however, i understand that he’s not for everyone, and i’m not telling you to change your opinion of him all of a sudden. obviously you’ve already formulated your opinion and you seem to stand by it pretty strongly, but like,,, at least check your facts before accusing him of stuff. thanks.

donotdonuts  asked:

youre basically a cosmetics doctor, but for gay lovebirds. but i love how your art has a certain age to them, the way you draw them makes them look like their 17-20 (they look twinky thats what im trying to say). they have that pretty boy/male ulzzang feel (look it up pls u wont regert it) and i think it makes everything look aesthetically attractive and kinda hot

HAHAHHAHAHHAH! I mean, they all are in that age range in canon tbh. And yes, I do love my pretty boys :((( I think it’s more of the fact I literally cannot draw facial hair. I TRIED. Believe me I tried BUT FAILED—MISERABLY. And I know what ulzzang is so I get you HAHAHAH! A lot of Asians really do lean more to looking like that. I’m Asian myself and I still have no idea why we look so young. You literally cannot guess anyone’s age right here. 

Thank you! I’m glad you think they look attractive!! OTL