if you thought i was over this movie

You asked me to return some of your stuff… I wanted to cry and beg and punch you and throw myself in front of a bus…

I wanted you to just hug me, hold me tight and tell me everything would turn out ok. 

I never thought those movie scenes where you walk around with a box filled with stuff your ex left behind and you need to return them would happen to me.

We got into a fight again, over some stupid thing that was more related to misinterpretation than an actual problem.

Our fights are more constant now, everything I say makes you angry.

And lately they always end up the same way, you calling me names and me crying until I fall asleep from exhaustion.

Then you ignore me for the longest time.

If you talk first, it’s cold and cruel.

If I reach out first, it’s usually met with your eyes rolling and a bored sigh.

When did we become this?

Why can’t you even address me with a little compassion?

Why don’t I deserve to at least be treated like someone you once cared for?

hey so i know that dismissing all the “this is just like when ___ happened in ___ book/movie/tv show” posts as “white privileged liberalism” is real popular right now but like

a lot of autistic ppl process real life events through fiction

and comparisons are the only way we can understand the severity of something

(heck my four year old brother is autistic and he only speaks referentially he literally can’t understand something you’re saying unless someone has said it in a tv show)

so like when i say “oh this is just like when umbridge took over at hogwarts” what i mean is “this is a funny thing to say, yes, but im also contextualizing my experience in a way that means i can understand fully the emotions and social context involved because i’m autistic and don’t understand these things like allistics do”

(allistics are welcome and encouraged to reblog)

I just saw Hidden Figures and let me just say if you are free at any point in time in the near future please go see this movie. The representation for black women in this movie is absolutely astounding and uplifting, especially if you are a young black woman like I am. I’m disappointed I and many other people are only just now hearing that black women helped put men in space and on the moon through a movie over 50 years after the fact but I’m very grateful that we are at least hearing it-and seeing it- be portrayed in such an artistic, meaningful, and powerful way.

You guys wanted Kubo’s thoughts on Love on Ice? Here they are.

“I think that the foreign drama called “Love on Ice” is a completely different work from Yuri on Ice, and it seems interesting to me so I’m looking forward to it! Whether it is a movie or a TV drama, creating more stories centered around figure skating is important and I really want to support that effort!”

While we were busy freaking out over it, this pleasant lady says that she‘s simply glad to see more stories featuring figure skating. I think that attitude is admirable.

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Living with Newt Scamander

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A/N: Here’s some headcanons on what I thought living with Newt would be like, my request box is open!

Warnings: None                    

Words: 346

·         Not being quite sure on the idea at first because you knew you’d be around the beasts most of the time

·         Newt quickly convincing you otherwise

·         Constantly having to clear up after all his messes (in which there are many)

·         Tripping over a stack of books at least once a day

·         Often waking up to find a bowtruckle on your forehead

·         Having to hide all of your jewellery from Niffler

·         He’s tried to steal it one too many times

·         Having to cook a lot because Newt gets so caught up in feeding everything else he forgets to eat himself

·         Adjusting to the fact most of your cupboards are filled with food for his animals and random plants

·         Sometimes having to physically force him into bed as he’s always making sure everyone else is asleep

·         Smaller beasts realising your hair is definitely the best place to hide

·         They also have taken a fancy to your clothes as you realised when you want to put a shirt on and Nffler fell out the other side

·         Newt often coming up to you to unpick an animal that had been sleeping there

·         Always trying to sleep in together

·         The task proving almost impossible because of certain animals with attachment issues

·         *cough* Pickett *cough*

·         Newt is still very flustered every time he walks in on you showering or changing despite the fact you have slept with each other on numerous occasions

·         Newt would be in constant need of being cuddled

·         You’d have a small nest of pillows and blankets as the perfect place

·         Newt tried to tell you how much it resembled the nest of some strange animal that lived in a stranger jungle before you managed to stop him talking

·         Together your books would create a small library

·         Most of which are very unusual books that neither of you understood ore even dared open

·         You’d never really have any visitors as almost everyone was too scared to step foot in where you lived

·         The entire place resembling your relationship perfectly and you couldn’t even dream of living anywhere different now


When I was a kid, I thought Zootopia was this perfect place, where everyone got along and anyone could be anything. Turns out, real life is a little bit more complicated than a slogan on a bumper sticker. Real life is messy.  We all have limitations, we all make mistakes, which means - hey, glass half full! - we all have a lot in common. And the more we try to understand one another, the more exceptional each of us will be. But we have to try. So no matter what type of animal you are; from the biggest elephant, to our first fox, I implore you - try. Try to make the world a better place. Look inside yourself and recognize that change starts with you. It starts with me. It starts with all of us.

He’s fading,
So is the smile on my face.

Gradually, I’ll start reporting to work on time,
Preparing one less cup for the morning tea,
Counting one less person for a movie.
Over time, I’ll be back to wearing greys and whites,
Loving the monsoon but getting irritated of the rains,
Reciting how my day went to a blank paper and pen.

Soon, I’ll stop lying to people about where I slept last night,
Forget how it felt to be cuddled to dreams,
And pick your perfume over sedatives to help my insomnia.

Eventually, I’ll get used to a new life,
Laugh with a different set of people,
And never smile the way I used to, just at the thought of seeing you.

But a writer’s heart never forgets,
And no one would know that ‘I’m missing you’,
Maybe because last page scribbles aren’t meant to be understood.

—  garimaobrah
Change Your Mind || Part 3

Synopsis: Jimin is finally returning home to Busan after a few years of college. His friend, Jungkook, tags along as well. Rather than being interested in the new sights, he finds his eyes following Jimin’s old friend- you.

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Pairing: Jimin x Reader x Jungkook // (childhoodFriend!AU/FWB!AU/hella ham love triangle)

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 4787

SERIES: Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5

Warnings: Fingering @ a movie theater ,’:^)

A/N: .//cries, i hope this is okay qq n that this didn’t take the more basic turn

Jungkook always has a fear of your unsure adherence towards Jimin. He often wonders if the slightest action would draw you towards Jimin again; after all, you two have a strong relationship that is built over the course of many years- or so you both thought. Who would have known that a simple request would create a whirl of emotions and trail of wreckage?

Jungkook snaps his fingers in your face, unsatisfied with your head in the clouds once again. You blink a couple of times and focus on his expression. From the looks of it he has been trying to capture your awareness for a while. “Sorry, what did you say?” You ask while tugging on the sleeves of your sweater.

“I said,” he huffs and points over your shoulder to the couch, “are you going to let us in?”

“Ah- right.” You press yourself to the side of the doorframe and allow Jungkook to walk inside, head turning in Jimin’s direction as he slowly trudges to your front door. His fists are shoved in the depths of his pocket while his head hangs low, kicking the tiny pebbles onto your fresh cut lawn. “How long is he going to mope?” You ask Jungkook, voice low so that Jimin doesn’t hear you.

Jungkook twists on his heel and leans against the wall, “Well that depends. What did you say to him yesterday?”

“It wasn’t anything much,” you declare.

Jimin slides indoors and takes off his shoes before plopping into your cushions. His chin props in his palm, a pout beginning to sketch. Jungkook scoots next to you, nudging you with his elbow, “It doesn’t look like ‘nothing much.’”

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…how many…how many alpha and omega movies are there…..


“I was concerned before shooting with her, if we would have a really nice, tight relationship, because obviously she has a father, I’m not her father. Trying to convince someone that you’re her dad over the course of a movie is just a surreal experience for a kid. So I went out to a toy store and I just got as many gifts as I could that I thought she would like and I wrapped them up, and every day I had a scene with her I would bring her a gift. We got so tight that sometimes the director would whisper in my ear “Can you have her do this?” because we just… I got close to her. By the end of it, I mean that was the hardest part of leaving that movie, it was that little girl.” (*)

Meeting you was like watching a movie that I’m uninterested with but, ended up being as my favorite. You were ordinary as I saw you for the first time. You entered the room wearing worn out pants, work-appropriate shirt and your gestures showed how nervous you were. I fell in love with your silent face. As time goes by, you introduced me to your paradise. And now, your smile is my favorite part of the day. You are the best scene that I’d watch all over again. You are a divine creation. I never thought I’d lay these eyes off of someone as I do, with you.
Meeting you was such a beautiful encounter. You don’t know how beautiful you are whenever you walk around the room, and you made me feel a little crazy when you smile back at me. Oh, you are clueless how it melts my heart every time and how you give chills right down to my spine. I know, you are wondering why I can’t look straight at your eyes whenever we talk. I just don’t want to exhaust every star that is forming inside. Because you are slowly becoming the universe to them.
Meeting you was something I’d be forever grateful. Your name is my favorite word, looking at you when you’re not looking at me is my favorite habit. Your voice creates lovely symphonies in my head. I haven’t seen such colors like yours before, and I’d be perfect if you paint my life with them. I don’t know if we have met somewhere in my deepest dreams, but I’m glad we met here. If this was a movie, you were my favorite part of it.
—  E.J. Cenita, Meeting you changed my perspective about curly hair

Bard randomly knows what certain modern day objects are for a few minutes and leads to hilarious dialogue.

Bard- * visibly concerned and in deep thought* “ I just can’t get over why 13 year olds are allowed to run around London with a touring band…”

Barbarian- “What is ‘Lon-Don? Your home village? What are you taking about?

Bard- ” No, the Lizzie McGuire movie!“

Druid- ” What’s a move-E?

Dwarf- “ Is this Lizay Mcwire a formidable foe?!”

Bard- whispering to her self “why does this keep happening to me?!”

dating jughead jones would include
  • playing with his hair
  • stealing his clothes
  • always eating at the diner
  • standing up to people for him
  • texting each other until 3 am
  • “you looked pretty today.”
  • “dont i look pretty every day?”
  • “oh my god, not again.”
  • holding hands
  • very little pda other than ^
  • cooking for him
  • cuddling 28/11
  • “you’re hurting my arm!”
  • “but babe!”
  • going on cute little dates
  • him meeting you after school all the time
  • “what about your parents?”
  • “they love you Jug,”
  • watching the weirdest movies
  • helping him investigate weird ass things
  • “Okay, but like, what if, and this is just a thought, the teacher isn’t having sex with the student?”
  • “Archie told me, so you’re wrong.”
  • doing math homework with each other and crying over it
  • “why are you crying?”
  • “i dont understand.”

Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina (1954) dir. Billy Wilder

— “As a child, I used to watch you from the window over the garage. Coming and going, always wearing your black homburg, carrying a briefcase and an umbrella. I thought you could never belong to anyone, never care for anyone.”

party of four (m)

pairings: maknae line x reader

words: 4,336

genre: i assume you’ve read the preview so y’all know its gonna b smut

a/n: i’m sorry about the wait !! but this one was based on these two asks (1 & 2 [ish]) the ending was going to be much sexier but then i thought of joshua’s rap for seungcheol’s birthday and that just put off my mood. (yo scoups saengil. yeah im so ill. 1+1= gwiyomi) anyway i’m sorry this sucked i’m going to go sob in the corner now bye.

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As promised, a week after your ‘encounter’ with Taehyung and Jungkook, the boys invited you over to the dorm for another movie marathon. You half expected there to be some sort of awkward tension between the three of you, but at the same time you were all comfortable around each other so what happened last week never left any of your mouths. This time, Namjoon had the pleasure of picking a movie first, and not to anyone’s surprise it was a movie with plenty of sex scenes in it.

The glances between Jungkook and Taehyung didn’t go unnoticed by you. Your eyes, that were now looking anywhere but the screen, were scarred from the images of the two males dominating the woman in the heated scene. You were sat in between Jungkook and Taehyung and you couldn’t help but notice that they were the only ones whose hard ons weren’t shown off you expected them to be the first ones to become aroused, but obviously not. You kept your eyes down on your lap until you felt a presence right beside your ear. “Is this dirty enough to turn you on, baby girl?” You heard Taehyung’s low voice whisper in your ear. You lifted your head and looked at Jungkook, only to see him smirking knowingly at you. You turned to Taehyung and scoffed softly, “You call this dirty? I’ll show you dirty.” You say, before standing up and walking out of the room. You looked over your shoulder to see the two males looking at each other in shock before they stood up and ran to you, earning judgemental looks from the others. The three of you made your way to Taehyung’s room and immediately landed on the bed.

It wasn’t long before Jungkook’s lips found yours and kissed you so roughly you were sure your lips were going to turn swollen with bruises. You felt Taehyung’s lips attach themselves to your neck kissing and sucking on the skin to create dark purple spots. Your hands busied themselves by palming both of the males through their jean, making the three of you let out deep moans in pleasure. You jump away from each other once you hear the sound of the door slamming open with Jimin walking in shortly after. There was nothing to hide for him, all of your faces were coloured with a deep red colour and the purple spots on the left side of your neck were too vibrant not to miss.

“Well well well, who knew the three most unaffected people would be relishing in the pleasure by themselves. I’m hurt you guys didn’t invite me last time, but this time was no excuse.” Jimin spoke in a low voice, making the three of you gulp in fear. He chuckles darkly at the look only your faces before he slowly walks over to the bed you were lying down on. “Keep going.” He nods, his fingers grabbing the bottom hem of his shirt before pulling it up and over his head then dropping it on the floor. You turned your head to Jungkook only for him to shrug and reconnect your lips with his. You felt Taehyung’s lips on the back of your neck, meaning he’d shuffled his way behind you so he could place more colourful marks on your soft skin.

You felt the bed dip down in front of you, opening your eyes to see Jimin kneeling in front of you. His eyes caught yours in a heated gaze, making you blush and return your attention to Jungkook. You quickly slipped your tongue into his mouth, making him moan out in surprise before your tongues battled with each other’s. The next thing you felt were soft hands clamping your wrist and pulling it to a hardened bulge, you could only guess as Jimin’s. You began moving your hands against the rough fabric of the jeans, causing a throaty moan to escape his lips. You pulled away from the heated kiss and began applying pressure to Jimin’s tent causing him to let out a sharp hiss.

You felt hands grappling at the bottom hem of your shirt, causing you to look down and notice two pairs of hands playing with the fabric. You nod slightly, giving the approval to remove your shirt and in a matter of seconds it’s forgotten about on the floor, along with your shorts, leaving you in your matching pair of lacy undergarments. The presence of Taehyung disappears from behind you and all three boys are sitting in front of you. “Fuck, isn’t she just beautiful?” Jimin whispers to the males beside him as they both take in your body. “Yeah, she really is.” You hear Taehyung whisper beside him, Jungkook nodding in agreement on the other side of Jimin. Your cheeks flush a deep rose colour from the attention as you fall back on the bed, your head landing on the soft pillows.

“You guys.” You groaned, using your hands to cover up your face, “Alright, we’ll stop with the talking.” You heard Jimin say, his signature little chuckle flowing out of his lips before he adjusted his position so he was lying flat on his stomach while his hands roughly spread your legs apart, giving you no warning as he licked a long thick strip up your clit, the pressure of his tongue pressing against the rough fabric of your panties was giving the friction you ached for so much. You propped yourself onto your elbows to watch the scene in front of you unfold, your hips jerked forward as soon as another another chuckle passed through his lips. The small vibration was passed onto your sensitive core, releasing a wave of hormone to wash over you, only making you soak through your panties even more.

“Fuck you’re so wet Y/N.” He says, moving his head away before sitting himself up so that the two males beside him knew that he was acknowledging them too, “I’m going to make the three of you cum so hard, you’ll only begin to know how much you deserve it after not inviting me to your little party last week.” He continued as the three of you looked at each other with dreaded fear in your eyes. “Now, ladies first don’t you think, guys?” He asks, turning his head to face the to males beside him. Your eyes widen in fear but before you can say anything, both boys nod before turning to you with apologetic looks on their faces. You only glare at them in return while Jimin lets out a provoking laugh, “Jungkook, I need you to go to my room for me. In my closet there should be a large bag in there. Get it for me but don’t open it or I swear to god, you’ll be going first.” He says, after turning to the younger male.

Jungkook’s eyes noticeably widen slightly before he nods, “Sure, hyung.” He says before climbing off the bed and running out of the room. You notice as soon as the door opens, the sound from the tv is silent, “Wait, where are the others?” You hear Taehyung asking what you were just thinking, “They kind of caught on to what you were doing and left the dorms. I have no idea when they’ll be back though.” Jimin replies just as Jungkook walks back in, holding a large black bag in his hands. The top of the bag was folded over and held down with a sticky tape so there was no way he could’ve looked in it. He handed the bag over to Jimin, who gratefully took it and settled it onto his lap, “Good boy, Kookie, I’ll reward you later.” He says, earning an excited smile from him as he took his seat on the bed.

You bit down on your lip as your eyes stared at the bag in anticipation. Curiosity clouded your mind as you wondered what Jimin could’ve possibly bring in, you lifted your gaze to see Jungkook and Taehyung both staring at the bag too. “Want to know what’s in here?” Jimin asks, snapping the three of you from the heavy gaze and reverting your attention to him as you nodded eagerly in reply.

He chuckled lowly to himself before slowly removing the sticky tape off, sliding his hand in to grab something to the bottom. His eyes landed on yours as his hand rummaged through the contents for a few seconds until his movements topped and his eyes lit up. “Found it.” He mumbled to himself, pulling his arm out with a pair of leather handcuffs following a second later. Your eyes widened while your stomach turned as thoughts of him using the cuffs on you ran through your mind, bringing a tingling sensation to pass through your body to land around your core. “Before I start, there’ll be few rules.” He pauses, looking between the three of you, “You can’t cum until I say you can. And if you do, you’ll get this virbrator and sit on the other side of the room while you watch us have what you could be enjoying. Got it?”

He smirked as his other hand pulls out a small vibrator out of the bag, holding it on his hands for a little while before placing it back. His nods in approval at your fast nods before continuing, “Good. And last rule. Use your voices, I want to hear your beautiful voices moaning out loud for me okay?” You bit down on your lip as you found yourself nodding once again. None of you had seen this side of Jimin before, but his words sparked a switch in you that made you obediently follow his words, afraid of what the consequences would be. “Good, now. Let’s get this party started.”

“Y/N,” He says, focusing his attention onto you, “Yes daddy?” You asked, your cheeks heating up in embarrassment at the name you’d given but Jimin thought otherwise, “Fuck, don’t stop calling me that. Take your bra off for me.” He ordered. You obediently nodded and reached your back and unhooked the clasps of your bra before the straps fell down your shoulders. You pulled the fabric off your body, exposing your breasts. Their reactions were silent making you slowly grow self-conscious. “Is something wrong?” You asked slowly, breaking them from the gaze as they looked at you with lust-filled gazes. “No not at all, you’re just so perfect. Hands up.” Jimin says, grabbing your wrists with his free hand and holding it over your head. He clamped one of the rings around your wrist before linking the other around one of the bars on the headboard and clamping the other ring around your other wrist. He looked over his shoulder at the two males behind him, “You can touch each other, don’t want you feeling left out now, do we?” He asks with a side smirk before turning back to you.

In a few seconds, you hear the shuffle of the males removing their pants before low moans escape both of their lips. Jimin smirked at the sounds behind him before he leaned in and planted his lips onto yours, catching you off guard from before you melted into the kiss. His warm hands travelled down your body, stopping for a few seconds to squeeze at your breaths before traveling down and stopping directly on the waistband of your panties.

He pulled back from your lips and trailed the ongoing kisses down your body, in between the valley of your breasts and down the middle of your abdominal. The feeling of his soft lips against your skin made you sigh in content as your toes curled in pleasure. His teeth grazed down on your skin before it latched onto the string of your panties. He retreated his head down your legs, pulling your panties down with him on the way. The sight only caused your stomach to clench in a painful pleasure, making a hiss escape your lips. How is this sight so fucking hot. You think to yourself as you watch Jimin pull your panties from your legs, throwing the material over to the two males who were too busy pleasuring each other that they didn’t notice the white fabric flying towards them until it landed in front of them.

You’d never seen a jealous fight between two guys look so aggressive before as Jungkook and Taehyung reached towards your drenched underwear at the same time, all while a competitive look swam in their eyes. You laughed silently to yourself at them before your hips jerked forward at the feeling of a wet tongue pressing against your clit. A raspy gasp escaped your lips as you looked down at Jimin’s mop of blond hair in between your legs. His tongue creating wondrous patterns on your clit that made your thighs clench around his face. His hands grabbed onto your hips, to steady you as he pushed his tongue into you. You let out a small moan, remembering Jimin’s wish for you to be vocal, “Fuck, Jimin. Right there.” You cried out.

Your words encouraged him to add his middle and ring finger into you. The thickness of his fingers made your entrance spread wider, causing you to clench your eyes shut as you arched your chest into the air and a relieved moan to escape your lips. He began pumping his fingers in and out of you, curling his fingers upwards on the third thrust, making the tip of his fingers graze against your g-spot. “Fuck, Jimin. Don’t stop please- ah.” His thrust picked up its pace and soon your walls were clenching tightly around his fingers as you held your orgasm building up in the pit of your stomach. Your clenched your hands tightly as a series of curse words spilled from your lips. You opened your eyes for a split second to see Taehyung and Jungkook staring at the two of you. You would’ve been embarrassed at the thought of two eyes watching as your being pleasured by the thought never makes it to your mind before you feel Jimin’s tongue come in contact with your sensitive bud. A loud gasp escaped your lips as your hips jerked upwards, you head falling down as you watched him eat you out.

The rougher clench around his fingers signalled your close orgasm, making him pull his head back as he focused on his finger, “Are you close to coming, baby girl? Hmm? Do you want to cum all over my fingers.” He cooed as he continuously picked up his pace. “Yes, Jimin. Please can I, fuck, can I come?” You beg, feeling tears prick in your eyes, the pain in your lower stomach being too much too handle. “No.” He simply says before pulling his fingers out, his thumb grazed lightly over bud was what pushed you over the edge. Your orgasm washed over you, despite you trying to hold it in, but it was too late and a few seconds later, as Jimin tore his eyes from your worn or expression to your pussy, a few drops of your orgasm leaked from your hole. His eyes snapped up to yours in a chilling glare, “Y/N? Did you just come.” He asked in a low voice. Your eyes widened as they locked with his before you nodded, almost shamefully. You heard a low chuckle emit from his lips before you felt him hover over your shrinking figure. You heard the sounds of the cuff clicking, one of the rings loosening around your wrist. Your eyes widen when you realise you’d been caught, “No wait, Jimin. I’m sorry, please don’t do this.” You plead with begging eyes. But he only shakes his head in response, “No. It wouldn’t be fair to Tae and Kookie if I let you off the hook would it?” He asks, pulling your arms down behind your back and locking them together with the cuffs before he turned around and grabbed the vibrating toy out from the bag. “Open wide.” He smirks, using his hands to spread your legs apart.

You clenched your eyes shut, bracing yourself for the feeling of the thin object being inserted in you. But it doesn’t come. You open your eyes for a split second, but the quickly squeeze back shut when you feel Jimin push the vibrator into you. A sharp hiss escapes your lips and your nails digs into your palms. “Fuck..” You whisper, your head drooping loosely before it was pulled up by Jimin’s forefinger. The amused look in his eyes caused the heat in your stomach begin to grow. “Be a good girl and sit on the chair for me will you.” He orders with a clear voice. You bite down on your lip and nod obediently before climbing off the bed and setting yourself on the seat in the corner. The hard gazes of the three males following you and you made your way over to the seat.

Once you were comfortable, Jimin pulled out a small object before pressing the middle button. Almost instantly, the vibration inside of you buzzed against your walls, causing you to jerk back against the seat while your hands twisted in the cuffs in an attempt to free them from the bondage. The bite on your lips were stopping any sounds from escaping you, and you had to admit you were grateful, not wanting to distract the scene that would only add to the pleasure building up inside of you.

“Alright, your turn.” Jimin’s voice snapped Taehyung and Jungkook’s attention off you. Jimin started off with Jungkook first. His hands travelled down to the hem of his long shirt, his fingers tugging on the fabric before he pulled it off Jungkook’s head, leaving him fully naked. Jimin’s hand travelled to the back of his neck, pulling him in before crashing his lips onto his. From your view, you could tell that Jimin was the dominant one in the kiss by the way Jungkook leaned his head in to deepen the kiss. The sight making both you and Taehyung even more aroused and caused a low groan escape his lips. “Tae, what are you doing back there. Come here and take your shirt off.” Jimin said after pulling back from the kiss to face the male. He patted down on the pillow  beside Jungkook, telling him to take his seat. Taehyung smiled happily and slipped his shirt off before moving to the pillow beside Jungkook. “None of you came when you were touching each other, right?” Jimin asked, moving back on his knees to face the two boys. “Nope, neither of us did.” Jungkook stated proudly, speaking for himself and Tae. Jimin nodded in approval, believing the younger one’s words, “Alright then I guess I’ll have to reward you.” He says, smirking before dipping his body down. Your eyes caught sight of the two standing erections before one of them was grasped by Jimin’s hands while the other had his lips wrapped around it. The latter was Taehyung’s, you envied the way Jimin’s mouth was making him feel good. But now wasn’t the time to be selfish, especially when you had a vibrator lodged inside of you.

Jimin’s head bobbed up and down in a steady rhythm while Taehyung’s hips flew up to meet each bob and after a few more thrusts of Taehyung’s hips, Jimin moved to Jungkook, doing the exact same thing to him, while his hands moved to Taehyung’s erection. His hands gripped the base tightly before he began pumping the shaft. The room was filled with low moans and you would’ve thought you’d never seen or heard anything hotter until Jungkook’s voice broke through the moans, “Hyung, can I touch Taehyung, please.” Jimin moaned around the boy’s erection as a yes and the vibration caused his hips to jerk upwards, but he continued to move his hand to Taehyung’s cock. He wrapped his large hand at the tip and began at the same time as Jimin. The look of ecstasy plastered both Jungkook’s and Taehyung’s faces and both you hand Jimin clearly had trouble holding your much needed orgasms in.

Jimin lifted his head up from Jungkook’s length after feeling him twitch in his mouth. “Are you both ready to come?” He asked, with each of his hands wrapped around one painfully erect cock. After getting nods in response from the two males, he smirked to himself and leaned down to Taehyung’s cock, kissing the tip and blowing gently on it, causing a his hip to jerk upwards before a long strip of cum shot from him. The rippon falling onto his lower stomach and the mattress, mixing in with Jungkook’s orgasm who came the same way as well as him and only seconds after. You couldn’t but lightly gasp at the sight, the scene of the two boys orgasming so hard made your stomach clench tightly. The sight had managed to barely take your mind off the vibrating toy buzzing inside you and your hormones were beginning to grow excited. You were on the verge of coming, even the slightest whisper of a dirty word would make your walls come crashing down while you came the hardest you ever would.

But you had to be patient.

The little self-control you had at this point was slowly beginning to disappear and you had physically hurt yourself to take your mind off the pain. Finally after Jungkook and Taehyung had gotten cleaned up, their attention was back on you. But you were in your own little world, your head thrown back and your chest arching up into the air.

“Do you think she’s deserves to come now, boys?” Jimin’s voice quietly asked the two males beside him. They both looked at him and nodded, wanting nothing more than to watch you cum once again before them, “Yes, hyung.” They both replied in unison. Jimin nodded, as if agreeing with them, he couldn’t admit it but he’d felt a little guilty for making you wait so long, but then again you had broken one of his rules and he couldn’t let you get away with it. He stood up from the bed and stripped himself from his attire before he made his way over to you. Your hands were closed in a tight fist and you’d barely noticed he was standing in front of you until you felt his semi-dry hand wrap around your wrist. You opened your eyes to meet his and he replied with a small smirk, “You look like you’re having fun. Tell me, Y/N. How much do you want to come right now?” His voice was low, causing shivers to run down your spine.

“So so much.” You whispered, you didn’t trust yourself to confidently especially when you were so close to coming. The next thing you knew, you were being lifted and carried over to the bed, Your head hit the pillow first and then the feeling of large hands and needy lips covered your warm skin. You winced at the feeling of the vibrator leaving you, your entire body was burning up that the only thing you wanted was to just cum. “Guys please.” You breathed out. They immediately pulled back from you and you looked at them with a pout. But your pout turned into a small ‘o’ shape when you saw Jimin slide a condom on his length. “Since I haven’t come yet, why not?” He shrugged. Jungkook moved behind you, allowing you to rest your back against his chest, his lips connecting with your neck while Taehyung crashed his lips onto yours. Jimin smiled down at your face mixed with pleasure and ecstasy before he aligned himself to you entrance, thrusting himself balls deep inside you. You let out a moan into the kiss as you rolled your hips to adjust yourself to his size. Your hips bucked forward at once and then Jimin was pounding into you. Your climax which had started disappearing was slowly coming back with every thrust of Jimin’s hips and every bite of Jungkook’s teeth on your skin and every lick Taehyung did on your bottom lip.

You didn’t last very long after a few hard thrusts from Jimin, your walls clenched around him, signalling your climax, “Come for me baby, like the good girl I know you are.” You moaned against Taehyung’s lips, pulling back to watch as you came around Jimin, a loud cry of pleasure emitting from your lips as soon as he finished his sentence. Seconds later, you felt Jimin begin to grow flaccid inside you before you felt his warm seed fill up the condom. You pulled out of you seconds later, after thrusting out both of your highs. You had managed to push Jungkook’s head away after you’d come. The feeling of Jimin rolling into you was enough to make the over-sensitive nerve to show itself. After Jimin disposed the condom in the bin, the four of you lay down on the bed, the sticky thin blanket covering your bare bodies as you remained resting on Jungkook’s back, both Jimin and Taehyung lying beside you. The room was filled with your soft breathing as you felt all the energy drain from your body. You hear Jimin open his mouth, about to say something, before the door opens with Hoseok being pushed in with goggles stuffed with socks. The four of you look at him in horror as he stumbles his way over to the foot of the bed. He reaches into his pocket, grabbing a foil packet and throwing it at you before he runs out with small sobs escaping his mouth. You’re all clearly red-faced by now, although you knew you were all being really loud.

Seconds later you hear him screaming, “I can’t believe you made me do that. I didn’t see anything but I’m actually scarred for life.”

Hey @anti-tony people I’m not sure if you know about this but marvel actually did a trilogy of like. super low-budget student-film type movies that go into a lot of Tony’s backstory and if you haven’t seen them that’s probably why you don’t know about any of Tonys character arc or just. general details about him as a person and his motivations over the past decade! I’d really recommend watching them so that everything makes a little more sense. The first one is like a little over 2 hrs long and apparently they didn’t even have a solid script or anything, and marvel was super nervous about hiring the lead actor, but I thought they turned out pretty well!! Anyway the first movie was released in 2008 and it’s called Iron Man and

On today's episode of 'None of your business that's why'

Went to see Assassins Creed. Sorry to everyone who hated it but I really enjoyed it. I haven’t played the games though so that could be part of it.

But yes movie ends and the lights don’t come on and the guy beside me leans over right in my bubble to comment on it and ask what I thought. So I make conversation while I obviously gather my things but he doesn’t move out if by way until the lights come on.

I deliberately leave a person ahead of me but he slows down. And then asks “why are you at a movie by yourself?” And I say that I often go by myself and oh there’s the bathrooms byeee.

Take my fine time. Put my headphones on. Come out and give a hasty look around. He’s gone.

No he isn’t.

He’s hovering by the bar. Talks at me even though I’ve headphones on. So I take them off and I’m down top one word answers now. We get out and he says:

“do you want to go for a drink?”

“No. I’m going home”

“do you want to go to the movies sometime?”


“Why?” At which point I half laugh because you’re a stranger that’s why.

“Because I like going by myself. Bye.” and basically ran across the street because fuck that.

Seriously though? “Why?”

Here’s a why. Why do you feel entitled to my time and my answers. I’m on the bus now heading home.

“Here’s the thing about when, uh, a group of guys play UNO… over and over and over and over and over again.
The second time it plays, your immediate thought is not ‘Hey someone’s playing UNO again.’ It’s ‘Hey, UNO is a lot longer than I first thought’.
The third time it plays you’re thinking ‘maybe someone’s playing UNO again’.
The FOURTH time it plays you’re thinking ‘WHOA. Someone just played UNO FOUR TIMES or at least, someone played it TWICE, and it’s just a really long game!’”

Luffy x Nami: Huge Hint by Oda in Film Gold

I’m seeing a lot of talk about the Film Gold scene, and quite a few differing opinions, which is ok, I understand if you don’t see the parallel. If you guys are open to the idea, I can try my best to explain and show (with evidence) why we LuNatics think this is a huge hint.

Feel free to disagree or point out what you think is not logical 

Fact#1 - Oda states this is a movie in which he’s had a ton of involvement in, including over 2 years of meeting with the Director.

Fact#2 - A staff member wanted to include romance in the movie and Oda thought it was a good idea

Fact#3 - Oda wrote the story behind Tesoro’s past and romance with Stella

Fact#4 - Oda drew Stella and Tesoro’s character, and Stella looks similar to Nami, which may/may not have been intentional.

Fact#5 - Oda rewrote the entire climax and drew the storyboard himself, because he was not happy with the climax that the director had planned.



So it wasn’t a matter of Oda approving this scene, he took it upon himself to do it. The last time Oda got directly involved in a movie like this, we got Strong World. 

On the note by the parallel scene, Oda wrote Tesoro “saw the Tesoro of that day” in Luffy. That day meaning the day Tesoro was beaten and lost Stella. Oda calls back on this by showing Luffy beaten and about to lose Nami, it’s not that hard to see.

Oda decided to incorporate his romance between Tesoro and Stella, that he wrote, into the climax that he wrote between Luffy and Nami, the two people he chose.

The parallel happens when Luffy says “LET HER GO IMMEDIATELY”. Tesoro saw the parallel because he said the same thing when"the Tesoro of that day" was beaten on the ground and about to lose Stella. Luffy is beaten on the ground and about to lose Nami.

Fact#6 - We had Carina as a possible female lead to play the “damsel” part with Tesoro, which would’ve made more sense, but Oda decided to make the climax with a conflict between Luffy, Nami and Tesoro.

Fact#7 - Luffy was beaten down (like Tesoro of the past) and on the ground until Tesoro grabbed Nami. In which Luffy got super pissed.

Fact#8 - After the parallel is shown, the camera cuts to Tesoro’s shocked face, because he remembers that’s how he was when he lost Stella, Oda then cuts the camera to Nami, to reaffirm watchers this is similar to how it was for Tesoro, that’s a implicit parallel between Stella and Nami, and then Oda focuses on Luffy, then back to Tesoro smirking because he sees the similarities of the situation.

Finally, Tesoro throws Nami saying he can do what he wants with his property, and Oda uses this moment to make Luffy go Gear 4th of all times, and yell back “My nakama are not your property!”.

At the end of the day, Oda wrote a romance between two people, and called back on it, during the only scene he wrote, with Luffy and Nami.

What goes around Comes around (Part 2)

Part 1

“What the fuck is going on?” Jungkook snarled.

If you had been closer to him, you would have been able to catch the scent of whiskey in his breath, but instead, he just reeked of club and perfume.

“N-nothing.” Jimin stuttered, sitting upright. Jimin started to fidget with his fingers.

“We are watching a movie Jungkook. I thought that was clear from the fact that there is a movie playing on the television.” You replied, rolling your eyes. You had no remorse. He deserved what you had done and more.

Jungkook was not convinced by your statement, but that wasn’t your intention anyway. He looked at you, with what you assumed was a look of suspicion, but his eyes were glassed over and empty from his inebriated state.

“There is no need for you to cuddle him while you watch a movie.” Jungkook snapped after some deliberation. His tongue was struggling to form the words his brain was attempting to think.

“No, but he is comfy. There is also no need for you to go clubbing with that girl, but you do.” You replied nonchalantly.

Jungkook’s eyes opened widely. His jaw dropped slightly, leaving his mouth slightly ajar. His expression was kind of humorous.

“Yeah, I know about her. I’ve known for a while. You should check social networks more often.” You told him, and then cuddled up to Jimin, and resumed watching the movie.

Jungkook stood there, at the entrance of the livingroom, and tried to understand what had happened. You had known, all along, that he was seeing another girl, and you hadn’t left him. You were aware of what he was doing, and had been with Jimin alone multiple times. You knew he would be out with that girl, and you were home, cuddling up to Jimin. And then there was that smell he sniffed when he walked into the room, that although he couldn’t quite place, he knew meant nothing but bad news.

He shook his head and stumbled towards the main room. You looked up at Jimin, and quickly looked away. You didn’t want him to see you crying.

“Y/N? Are you okay?” He asked, pushing your hair behind your ear gently so he could see your face. You shook your head with your eyes still glued onto the television screen. Tears had begun to fall from your eyes.

Jimin hugged you closer, and you began to bawl. You knew it was silly, but all the emotions just piled up. Jimin shushed you, and held you tightly, stroking your hair until you were done crying. He knew you needed to let it all out, and there was nothing he could do to make you feel better. That night you both fell asleep on the sofa, in each other’s arms.

The next morning, Jungkook woke up with a pounding headache, and a dry throat. His eyes fluttered open, and he hissed at the light seeping through the curtains into his room.

“Y/N-ah, close the curtains.” He whined, but he got no reply. He stretched his arm out to your side of the bed to shake you awake, but he was met with a cold patch of mattress.

Jungkook’s eyes shot open, and he sat up straight on the bed. His entire room felt like it swirled around him, and vomit crept up his throat. You weren’t beside him. You hadn’t slept beside him that night.

Memories of the previous night began flooding his thoughts. He remembered kissing your forehead goodbye, lying to you once again about how he’d be at practice. He remembered your broken eyes, as you watched him leave. He remembered getting to the club, and the many drinks he’d had as he waited for Yoona. He remembered dancing with her, kissing her against a wall… and taking her to a private room in the club. He also remembered coming back home to you and Jimin on the couch, and the smell surrounding you both… he could see it clearly now, it was the smell of sex.

Jungkook jumped out of the bed, and immediately searched for some clothes to throw on himself. He swung open the bedroom door, and sluggishly yet angrily made his way to the livingroom.

“YAH!” He yelled loudly. Both you and Jimin woke up startled, sitting up, and looking with wide eyes at Jungkook.

“Get the fuck out of my house!” Jungkook yelled at Jimin. Jimin looked at Jungkook in pure confusion, still slightly groggy from being woken up.

“What? Why? Jungkookie-“

“Don’t you fucking dare Jungkookie me you fucking traitor!” Jungkook snapped at him. Jimin’s expression froze.

“Did you not hear me?” Get OUT!” Jungkook snarled, and when Jimin didn’t move, he walked over to him, and pulled him off the couch by his clothes.

“Jungkook stop!” You yelled, watching your boyfriend push and pull at Jimin.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you?” He snarled back. You got off the sofa, and started walking towards the two boys, when Jungkook punched Jimin square in the face.

“JUNGKOOK!” You screamed, as you ran to stand between the two boys. Jimin shook his head.

“Look Y/N… I’ll just… I’ll just leave yeah? I’ll see you soon.” He whispered awkwardly, as he made his way towards your front door.

You and Jungkook stood in silence, huffing and breathing heavily as you stared into each other’s eyes with pure fury.

“What do you think you are doing Jungkook?” you asked him after you heard the door close behind Jimin.

“Do you think I’m stupid? Do you honestly think I wouldn’t notice the stench of sex whenever I walked into the room? Why did you fuck my best friend Y/N?” Jungkook yelled at you. For a brief moment you thought you saw pain in his eyes, but you quickly pushed that thought aside. Jungkook had no right to feel pain.

“Excuse me? You are accusing me of fucking your best friend when YOU are the one that has been sleeping around for almost a year?” You asked him back, your voice cracking.

“That’s still no excuse! I can’t believe you cheated on me Y/N! And with my best friend!” He yelled back.

“You don’t even know if we fucked or not Jungkook! All you have to go on is your drunk memory of the livingroom supposedly smelling like sex. I have evidence of your constant cheating. Are we not going to address that issue?” You asked him, and he immediately looked away.

“I thought so. I am done Jungkook.” You said, eerily calmly.

His eyes widened, and his heartbeat quickened.

“W-what do you mean?” He stuttered. You looked him right in the eyes.

You thought briefly of how you once could easily get lost in his dark brown eyes, how you could spend hours swimming in the dark intensity of them, and yet  now… well now you felt nothing.

“I mean I am done. I am done with you, I am done with this relationship. I am done with being a national joke. What I mean, is I think we should break up.” You said.

“You can’t do that.” He retorted.

“Sure I can. Jungkook, you couldn’t stay loyal to me. You don’t even touch me anymore. When was the last time we actually had sex? Do you not think I have needs? I’m not going to be that friend you call whenever no one else picks up the phone. Because that’s what I am, your friend. You don’t have sex with me, you barely kiss me. I’m just the person you share a bed with, and I’m done with that. I’m done with being unhappy. I’m done with you. I’m done.” You ranted, tears began to flow freely from your eyes.

“Please don’t do this… Please don’t leave…” He begged. You gave a soft, dry chuckle.

“I am not doing anything Jungkook. You did this to us. I’m sorry, I just can’t be with you anymore…” You spoke before walking past him, and getting into the room you once shared with Jungkook.

You began packing all of your belongings. You didn’t have much in his house, you never were one to keep materialistic possessions. You made a point of leaving behind anything Jungkook had given you, and any of your belongings that would remind you of him. You didn’t need anything weighing you down on your new journey.

Jungkook stood in the living-room, still as a statue. Thoughts raced around in his mind, too many, too fast for him to comprehend all of them. The one thing he had always considered a constant in his life, was no longer so. You were leaving him, and there was no turning back. You were leaving him, and it was his fault. Part of him no longer cared that you had slept with his best friend, he would forgive you, if that’s what it took to keep you home with him.

He shook his head, and walked after you. He stood at the doorframe of the room, and stared at you packing your things as quickly as you could, and leaving out all of his gifts. It tore at him. He thought he could get away with his behaviour, he thought he could do anything and then come home to you, but he was wrong. Your patience had limits, and there is only so much love can be stretched. Jungkook had made the choice to fly too close to the sun, and had seen his wings burn. He wanted to have the fun, single celebrity life experience, and he had paid a much too high price.

“Please don’t go Y/N…” He begged, tears began to cloud his eyes, and his voice broke. You didn’t look at him.

“Please don’t leave me… We can work this out… We can… We can start again… I’m really sorry I hurt you… I don’t care that you slept with Jimin… Just please don’t go…” He tried again. You looked up at him. He had never seen that look in your eyes before. You looked like you had just died inside.

He’d be okay with you sleeping with Jimin a thousand more nights, if that’s what it took for you to forgive him.

“It’s too late now Jungkook. I don’t want to stay with you anymore.” You told him, as you finished zipping up your two suitcases.

“Is it because of Jimin?” he asked you, his voice quivering. You looked up at him again.

“This is not Jimin’s fault. He was just the push I needed. He made me realise I deserve something so much better than this. But without him, I would have cracked eventually. Jungkook this has been broken for a year. Let’s not prolong the inevitable. Just let me go.” You told him, as you dragged your two suitcases towards the door. Jungkook stood at the door, not letting you through.

“Please Y/N… Please stay… Is there anything I can do?” he begged.

“No. Let me go Jungkook. Called Yoona to come over. She can take up the space I left behind. It’s not like she wasn’t taking my place anyway. All you need is to transfer her onto our-I mean- your bed.” You told him, and shoved him aside. You walked out of the flat, and headed to your car. You placed the suitcases in the trunk, and roared the engine awake.

Jungkook slid down the doorframe onto the ground, and began to cry with his head in his hands. He had fucked up. Badly. He had the best and he lost it.