if you think you are immune you are naive

Police Officer!Jungkook

prompt: you’re speeding and you get pulled over by this guy… what do you do?

  • you speed a lot, it’s a total vice and a habit you’ve been trying to curb since you started driving
  • so it’s not fully a surprise when you get pulled over by an officer at 10 pm as you’re driving home from work
  • but actually, it is, but we’ll get into that later
  • it’s raining and the visibility is terrible, but, surprise surprise, you are not driving too badly!
  • however, you get pulled over by an officer who seems to be sitting in the best place for a speed trap
  • and this officer, who doesn’t look a day over five yeaRS OLD, has the audacity ,,, to pull you over after you’ve just broken up with your terrible boyfriend (it was a long time coming but it still hurts) and tbh you’re crying a lil bit
  • to add insult to injury, you were only going 5 miLES OVER THE SPEED LIMIT like honestly who iS HE
  • and he’s a rookie cop, and it’s probably his first day on the job, and it’s raining and he’s so nervous
  • he doesn’t know what do to bc he’s the golden maknae and everyone expects him to know what to do 25/8 so no one told him how to deal with this situation
  • so he kinda just knocks on your window to get you to roll it down and like,,, your mascara wasn’t waterproof that day and you kinda look a mess so you roll the window down super slowly 
  • he just kinda stops and stares and you just cry harder bc it has been a very long day and he is way hotter than your now ex but he is also a 5 year old™ who thinks going 5 mph over the speed limit is a crime
  • so like he obviously asks for your license and registration after introducing himself as “Officer Jeon” but he kinda chills out when he sees that you’re literally crying your eyes out
  • “what’s wrong is a speeding ticket that bad bc I can just give you a warning just please stop crying I don’t know the protocol for this
  • he legit buzzes into his radio like “this is officer jeon and I’m on speed patrol and there’s this crying lady (lowkey gorgeous but that’s not the point rn) and I have no idea what to do”
  • and police chief min yoongi just sighs and replies “kook… please we’re trying to catch a Very Bad Man™ rn just figure something out”
  • and so basically kook just stands there and is like “ok I’m not going to give you a traffic ticket bc first of all I don’t have a supervising officer with me and I only pulled you over bc your car is super dope and I wanted to know where you bought it”
  • “but in hindsight that was a bad plan bc you’re crying I seem to have fucked up”
  • “so I gotta blast”
  • so he jumps on this cop motorcycle that seems to have appeared out of nowhere and blasts right outta there
  • so the next evening you’re in the elevator at your apartment building after having spent a long day at work shit talking about your ex with your boss, who is also surprisingly one of your best friends
  • (your boss is coincidentally min yoogi, yes you are a cop and you seemed to have forgotten that fact when you got pulled over)
  • and so apparently officer jeon lives in your building (on the same floor in fact) and is in the elevator with you
  • and he’s just like “omg a girl?? the crying girl from last night? what do?”
  • so you say “oh yeah you’re officer jeon? sorry I freaked on you last night haha I was having a bad day but if you were wondering, I talked to yoongi, and he straight up laughed at the situation last night”
  • and he’s like yoongi… I don’t know a yoongi, who is this crazy girl talking about… and then he puts it together that you mean poLICE CHIEF MIN YOONGI???
  • and he’s like lowkey afraid how do you know his boss??? r u the girlfriend?? 
  • spoiler alert: you aren’t
  • but he basically runs off bc he’s highkey afraid of you
  • but as you continue to run into him in the elevator, you guys begin to chat
  • he doesn’t know that you are basically yoongi’s right hand man, as you work in the drug department of the police, in fact your partner is min’s girlfriend that jeon lowkey thought you were for a bit
  • and so you somehow swing the hours of a traffic cop but the job of a detective it’s pretty sweet if you do say so yourself
  • so one day you’re out in your undercover vehicle with your partner doing a drug bust and you’re speeding over to the scene of the crime
  • and guess who fuckin pulls u over for speeding
  • officer mcfreaking jeon and no one told him you guys are officers, because first of all, he’s brand new, and second of all, everyone loves to mess with the kid because he is just so gullible
  • it’s kinda a joke within the department that he keeps pulling over his senior officers without knowing it (believe me it has happened more than once)
  • and so when he comes to knock on the window, you’re like “sorry jeon we don’t have time for this” so you and your partner flash your badges blast outta there
  • and he’s just stood there frozen like “how did I not know about this???”
  • and he, coincidentally, is on the way to the bust bc the police department is short staffed and he has been asked to help out
  • and somehow you, after all of your years of experience working drugs and dangerous situations, find yourself standing on a pressurized explosive in the meth lab you were investigating
  • there’s no time to call the bomb squad as the countdown is running low and just as you think you are about to perish, officer muscle pig jeon runs in, picks you up off the explosive, and runs like hell outta there
  • five seconds after you escape, the meth lab blows up and you would have died had he not been so fast, but surprise, his other talent is running like naruto at supersonic speeds
  • however, he is not immune to explosive blasts and the strength of the blast knocks him over
  • somehow you end up sprawled across his body
  • and somehow along the way you have fallen for his good looks, conversations, and general naive idiocy
  • so you lean over and kiss the boy impulsively, but you have no regrets bc the boy kisses you back, I mean, you’re beautiful and intelligent, and a strong leading lady
  • so you eventually become one of the closest knit couples at the precinct and everyone lowkey hates you for being such a mushy couple
  • the end!
Don’t you (forget about me) - Part 1

Title: Don’t you (forget about me) - Breakfast Club! AU | Modern!AU

Rating: T

Fandom: D.Gray-man

Characters/Pairings: Lenalee Lee & Howard Link & Alma Karma & Allen Walker & Kanda Yuu & Lavi

Summary:  Allen, Link, Lenalee, Kanda, Alma, and Lavi find themselves in detention on a Saturday morning.

Chapter: Part 1/ ? | Tagged as dgm: don’t you forget about me | Read all here

Notes: Definitely not set in the 80s - ignore the title. Gonna post this in parts because it’d be too long otherwise and I feel bad for mobile-users. Also aggressive use of line-breaks

Warning: Cursing, abusive teachers, questionable pasts. 

“…and these children that you spit on,
           as they try to change their worlds are
          immune to your consultations.  They’re
        quite aware of what they’re going through…
                                       - David Bowie ”

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