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I love how sn*wbarry could literally never happen. like even if one day westallen (for some unknown, out of character reason) broke up, Barry still wouldn’t date cait. because he’s not into her. Barry was single for a long time, and had dated girls that weren’t iris. those girls also weren’t Caitlin.
like iris and westallen aren’t what’s in the way of sn*wbarry, it’s the fact Barry literally does not have feelings for Caitlin.
that’s why it’s not a serious ship. like, people can ship it for sure, but they can’t pretend that Caitlin is actually Barry’s love interest in the show. she’s not. like, at all.



BTS Reaction to: Someone Doubting His Child is His Because His S/O is a Foreigner, Thus The Child Looks Different Than Him

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Jin: “oh, I’m sorry? did you think anyone cared about your wrong opinion? well, we don’t. so bye basic bitch please, keep your opinions to yourself.” don’t mess with #mommaseokjin

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Suga: R.I.P to that person bc Agust D gonna rip them apart. he’ll ask his child to cover their ears, before dropping some f bombs among some serious statements. “what does my child’s appearance matter? maybe they’re adopted? maybe my partner’s from a different country? maybe my child is just extra tan/pale? who are you to judge something you know nothing about. now leave.”

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J-Hope: “of course this is my son. why would you think otherwise?” he gets that his son might not be a carbon copy of him, but so what? why does that automatically mean that the son he helped raise and loves more than anything in the world, is not his? this makes him rather upset and now he’s hyper aware of when people stare at him out with his kid

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Rap Monster: tries to explain calmly that mixed race kids are obviously a mixture of both parents, so it’s no wonder his child doesn’t look exactly like him. but if the person’s rude then he’ll be 10x more rude and put them in their place

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Jimin: thinks it’s funny. “not my child? have you seen her dance? have you seen her eat? there’s no doubt about it. this is my daughter”

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V: just sighs deeply, as if he’s disappointed

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Jungkook: this kind of offends him. “why? what’s wrong with how my child looks?”

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I think you're missing the point here. You are a fan blog for Victuuri, right? That's what you always were. But now you are DEFINITELY mainly an anti-Otayuri blog. You think you're losing followers because they're Otayuri shippers, but I can promise you it's because the content of your blog has deteriorated and people are sick of scrolling through all of the vitriol. You're like that vegan who has to tell EVERYONE and tells non-vegans they're murderers.

I’ve been anti-otayuri ever since I learned it was a thing!

I don’t care if we’re losing followers! Leave! Bye! If you think we’re wrong then go! I couldn’t care less! It says we’re anti in my description and there’s plenty of anti posts in the tag; they’re not things that don’t happen often. we are a yuri on ice blog. we don’t endorse otayuri: we are vehemently against it. Leave.

The content has not deteriorated! It’s great! The art is all safe for minors and people who are victims of csa! When the issue crops up, we fight back against one of the many issues in the fandom! It’s been part of the blog for a while.

If you don’t like it get out.


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hi, eonnie! remember my promise? well… since it’s valentine day… this is for u! ​^^ i hope you like it.

p.s : i think i can’t do fanfic. period TTvTT -riri

also, happy valentines day, everyone!

Scott and Stiles being in a sexual queerplatonic relationship.

Stiles being a bisexual aromantic and Scott being a demisexual panromantic.

Scott and Stiles loving each other in a platonic way while being sexually attracted to each other.

Scott and Stiles sharing everything, living together, knowing the other more than they know themselves and being there for each other all the time.

Scott and Stiles not remembering how they lives were when they weren’t together.

Scott and Stiles just spending their time together (talking, playing videogames, trying to study or not studying at all because, yeah, sex ;) )

Scott or Stiles explaining people how there are different types of love and that the fact that they love each other in a non-romantic way doesn’t make their love any less valid.

(Scott being the one who sits down and explains how he sees “friendship” as an umbrella term for friends who hang out, casual friends, close friends, best friends and queerplatonic partners. And then going into a long explanation about sexual orientations and romantic orientations and how you can have a sexual relationship with someone without having a romantic one or viceversa.

Stiles being the one who explains it one time and then just tells the person to please use Google).

Scott and Stiles being in a sexual queerplatonic relationship.


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