if you think this is shitty then i apologize

Satans Wife (a Credence Barebone imagine)

(First of all, I have to apologize for my shitty art, I only drew the outlines and was too lazy to do the shading, so I just scanned it and threw something together in photoshop.)

these are three requests in one story because i thought they’d fit together well. i’m also thinking about making this a series but idk, tell me if you want a part two. 

plot: you got kicked out by your family because they discovered that you are a witch and now you seek shelter in the New Second Philanthropic Society Church, how ironic.

warnings: blood and brutality (enjoy lmao) 

‘God, stop crying! Can’t you see? Everyone is looking at you. They know what a pathetic failure you are. Maybe they even know that you are a witch. A wife Satans’. Well, they probably know because you aren’t even good enough to hide it. Look at their eyes, they know! Why do you think the little girl gave you the flyer out of all people? Right stupid, because she knows.’

The voices in your head got worse, the more steps you took. You couldn’t bear this anymore. Fortunately, there was a coffee shop right next to you and you entered it quickly. The cashier greeted you politely but you didn’t have time for small talk. You were standing on the edge of starting to cry. Desperately to find the toilet sign, you scanned the room. After spotting it, you ran towards it and hid in a small bathroom stall. With a loud sob you chuted down the wall behind you. Pulling your knees to your body, you started to cry and soon your crying turned into inaudible sobs and you blankly started at the wall. You were desperate and hopeless, where should you sleep this night?

‘You don’t have anyone to go to. Your whole family won’t speak to you after your accident. That stupid, stupid mishap. Why didn’t you try harder to oppress your feelings? Why couldn’t you wait until you were back in you room? Exactly when grandpa was saying the grace, how freaking pathetic of you. They had to bring your grandma to the doctor, because she got so scared of you. Your own grandma!’

In order to stop your thoughts, you tried to distract yourself by giving the flyer in your pocket a closer look. You got the crumbled paper and started reading: ‘New Second Philanthropic Society’ there stood in bold letters. ‘Witches live among us and we should fear them. We are a society which will not stay silent. We will fight and stop Satans work.’
There was a drawing of two hands breaking a wand. Underneath there was a small box which said: ‘We give out food and shelter for all homeless under majority. Each day of the week. At seven pm.’
You were conflicted. Should you really put yourself in danger just for food and a place to sleep? Well, if you would sleep under a bridge today, you’d put yourself in danger too. You knew that New Yorks creatures of the night, how your dad likes to call the drunkards, weren’t the nicest people and you couldn’t imagine how the people of the witch-hating church would be able to know that you are one. And even if they would discover your secret, you could just run away and try to find shelter somewhere else.
You got out of the stall and checked yourself in the mirror. You looked horrible and half frozen to death. Well, at least they’ll know that you really need the place.
In fast pace you left the shop, trying to ignore the sweet smell of hot chocolate and cookies combined. The cold air hit you harshly and it hit you: How should you know where the church is? It could be in a totally different quarter of the city. Because you didn’t know what else to do you ran back to the girl handing out the flyers. When turning around the corner you were relieved to see that the little, blonde girl was still standing there. You made your way towards her, your hands shaking.
‘I- I’m sorry but does the church have a place for me to stay? I don’t really know where else to go’, you smiled awkwardly at her, your voice quiet.
The girl jumped and she looked at you with big eyes. ‘Follow me!’, was the only thing she responded.
Before you knew, you stood in front of a heavy wooden door. You small companion knocked on it with her tiny, pale fists.
A skinny boy, not much older than yourself, opened. You glanced at him, suddenly feeling bad that you didn’t fix yourself up in the bathroom earlier. The dark haired guy in front of you was gorgeous and you looked like a perfectly human embodiment of a scarecrow.
‘Mother, we- we have another guest’, the boy with eyes of the size of the moon turned around and shouted in a rattling voice.
‘Let them in!’, she answered.
You entered a huge dining hall. It wasn’t a dining hall as in a princess castle. It was everything you expected it to be. Everything was made of dark wood. The windows were dirty and some of them didn’t even exist anymore. Just a few planks replaced them.
A middle aged woman appeared. She observed you slowly from head to toe. Then she gave the boy a nod. ‘Bring her upstairs, she’s going to sleep in your room. You will take the bed that’s in the hallway. And don’t forget to bring her some soup’, she demanded coldly.
You let out a heavy sigh. She didn’t realize that you are a witch, so you passed the hardest examination.
The boy was oddly quiet when he brought you to your new room. He didn’t say anything and what was even more odd than his behaviour was that there wasn’t even a bed in the hallway. He opened a squeaky door for you and led you into a narrow room. It wasn’t much. A bed, a small table, a chair and a cupboard, all made from the same depressing wood. Like mentioned before it wasn’t much but you didn’t need much. It wasn’t freezing cold in here and that was all that mattered to you.
But the fact that there wasn’t one picture or any sign of anyone ever living in here, puzzled you. Only a big bible was laying on his desk.
‘You aren’t much of an interior designer, I see’, you joked with a small smile. However, the boy didn’t seem to be much of a comedian either and just frankly turned around to leave the room.
‘Wait, are you sure that you get to sleep in a bed tonight? Because I didn’t see any in the hallway and I really don’t want to take yours away from you’, you questioned.
‘I- I don’t need a bed, it’s fine’, the boy muttered staring at the ground.

You asked him about his name. He told you it was Credence.
‘Okay Credence, I am not here to invade your home. I’m going to find another place to stay at tonight. Thank you for your hospitality’, you explained to him while putting your coat back on. You strutted towards the door and decided to give him a quick peck in order to show your appreciation. But something went horrible wrong. The kiss triggered something in you. It felt like the dark magic was feeding of the boys’ touch. Black reek started to surround the both of you and in this exact moment someone opened the door. It was Credences Mother. Her face went dark red and her eyes began to fill with hate.
‘I knew it! I knew it! Witches live among us!’ she stared to scream with rage. Shocked from the words of the woman and of what just happened you sank to the floor.
‘And you little bastard are her lover! I always thought you were worthless but you are even worse; having an affair with Satans wife!’, she went for the bible on the desk, took it and raised her hand. In this moment you didn’t wish for anything more than the ability to control your powers but you couldn’t, so the only solution was to get between the boy and his mother. You jumped in front of Credence, a dull pain flashing through your skull. As fast as you had jumped up, as fast you were back on the ground again. You were feeling the cold floor on your cheek and saw black liquid spreading out on it. You brought your hand to your hand only to find out that the liquid was flowing out of the wound. It definitely wasn’t blood. You know what blood looked like and it definitely shouldn’t be black and smell poisonous.
‘Look at what you’ve done to (y/n)!’, the otherwise quiet boy exclaimed. ‘You are a monster, a monster! You should be feared by everyone. Not witches and wizards. You, you, you! You are Satans wife!’ The boy was in a rage and pushed his mother out of the room. He quickly shut the door closed and pushed the desk in front of it.
Then he squatted down and stroked the hair which was sticking to your forehead out of your face.
‘I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry!’, he muttered, repeating it a thousand times. He got a shirt from the cupboard and got rid of his belt. His shaking hands manufactured something similar to a pressure bandage. He got a paper bag from under his bed and put everything from his cupboard in there. He reached out for you and helped you get up. A sudden wave of dizziness hitting you. You still managed to keep your balance.
He pushed the desk back to his original place, pulled you out of his room, down the stairs and finally out of the building. His mother following the both of you. ‘Witch, witch, witch!’ she shouted hysterically. All the people were now staring at you but you didn’t bother, you just wanted to get away from the woman. Credences bag started the tear apart and all of his clothes threatened to fall out. So he turned around and aimed his bag at his mother causing her to fall to the ground. You two didn’t stop running until you spotted an old, abounded factory where you two found security. For a minute or two you stood there just staring at each other. One breathing louder than the other. You tried to organize your racing thoughts but you couldn’t. The feelings of shock and fear were stronger than you and they took over. You fell into the boys’ arms, clutching on his vest, sobbing. You felt your hot tears staining his shirt. The boy tensed under your touch but brought his hands to you shyly. He petted your head, not caring that his hands got full of that black goo. You stood there for more than half an hour, nobody saying a word. You slowly calmed down and only now realized that Credence knew your name even though you had never told him what it was, so you asked him where he has gotten it from!
‘You are going to think I’m a freak’, he whispered.
‘You? A freak? I’m sorry but I’m the person who has black poison running down her face, not you’ you exclaimed, laughing in disbelief.
‘I dreamt of you’, he answered so quietly that you almost couldn’t make it out.
‘Yes, I dreamt of you. Countless times. I also dreamt of this a- and everything that just happened. I know this sounds stupid. You don’t have to belie-‘
‘But I do. I do believe you. But please tell me you dreamt further than this because I have no idea what we should do now!’, you begged him, grabbing his face in desperation.
The boy shook his head, his eyes closed. He looked like he was in pain.
‘You didn’t dream further than this?
‘No, I did but I can’t I jus-‘
‘Credence!’, you shouted, immediately regretting raising your voice because the pale boy was flinching.
‘I’m sorry’, you voiced, ‘but please, for the love of god, please tell me what we did!’
The boy turned his face away from you. ‘We- we kissed and then there was a bright light and it- it felt so redeeming and-‘
You cut the boy off, pressing your lips to his. You didn’t care that he was a complete stranger. All that mattered was that it felt like the most important thing you ever did in your life.


This. Is. Unacceptable.

I’m so fucking angry that I can barely think properly, I doubt this rant will make sense so my sincerest apologies if I’ve confused you with my anger.

I don’t fucking understand why Twitter is such a shitty fucking place and they feel as if people read their stupid as fuck comments, maybe they’re trying to feel better about their pathetic lives and get off to insulting people who have more fucking talent than them, but who knows? I won’t be nosy.

Jenna looked beautiful tonight and I thought she looked so adorable when she started bobbing her head along to the music. She was happy. Then fucking Twitter decides to fucking add their unnecessary and irrelevant input and basically ruin the night for me, and I’m sure I’m not the only person who felt like this when they saw these tweets.

I hate the fact that Jenna could see these tweets at any time, and they would hurt her. I don’t want her to feel hurt or ashamed, I want her to feel happy that she got to attend the Grammys with her husband and watch him and his best friend win a Grammy. I want her to remember that tonight was one of the best nights she’s ever had, and these tweets are so fucking disgusting and they make me sick.

Think before you fucking speak, I don’t give a flying fuck if you’re in the Clique or not. People who insult Jenna like this is like me talking shit about Beyoncè or Lady Gaga or anyone that a lot of people love, it’s fucking fucked up.

It was a joke - A.I.

Summary : your boyfriend Ashton is drunk and he and his friends think it’s funny to joke around until Ashton takes it to far and he tries to apologize.

Word count : 2091

Warnings : fighting, minimal cursing, fluff at the end.

A/N : I feel like this is really shitty writing, but then again all my writing is so yeah. But enjoy anyways. :))


Your boyfriend and your friends, Michael, Luke, and Calum finally had a day off from recording and talking to the press, so you all decided to go out clubbing. They had all ordered beers and shots, while you ordered a Margarita with extra tequila.

The guys joked around, making fun of each other and occasionally pointing out how hot some of the girls were. Ashton kept his arm wrapped around your waist the entire time, making sure that every man in the room knew you were his. You took a sip of your drink, listening in on their conversations.

“Dude, there is no way in hell that that girl over there would ever bang you.” Calum laughs as Michael had thought that a skinny, blonde in a tight pink dress  
would get with him. He frowned, putting his drink down and marching over to her. They talked for a few minutes before he came back with a napkin and smug look on his face.

“Ha, just got her number. Suck it Calum.” You chuckled at their childish behavior, but then again they were a bit tipsy and drunk.

“Wouldn’t you rather have Barbie over there suck it for you?” You laugh and Cal and Luke join you. He rolls his eyes and takes a long swig of his beer.  

“Oh come on babe, you’re just jealous because you can’t wear a dress like that.” You nearly choke on your drink as you can’t even believe what your boyfriend had just said to you. You turn to him, stepping out of his grasp. Cal, Mikey, and Luke looked at the two of you, also stunned at Ashton’s words.

“Excuse you, but I am not jealous of a wanna be Barbie doll that has had plastic surgery to make herself look better than anyone else in any room.” Ashton raises an eyebrow. You shake your head, gathering your things in your purse and then fastening it on your shoulder. “You can go fuck her if you honestly think that she looks better in that dress. Don’t think about coming home, I don’t you want you back there.” You say. He reaches out for your hand but you look at him with a warning look and then walk away, going to hail a cab. Tears were gathering in your eyes and your tried to walk past all these people so they wouldn’t judge you. Once you got outside you looked back and forth, trying to find a cab.

“Y/N! I was joking baby, I didn’t mean that!” Ashton calls after you. You hear his shoes hitting the ground behind you and you try your best to ignore him. He takes hold of your arm, spinning you around so that you’re face to face. "Babe, I swear it was just a joke. I know you wouldn’t be jealous of her and I know you can loo so much better than her in a dress like that.“

"Then why the hell did you say that, Ash? Hmm? Got an excuse to make me think that you didn’t mean that?” He stares at you blankly, gulping and obviously trying to think of something to say. “Yeah, that’s what I thought.” You scoffed, rolling your eyes. “You have no fucking idea about how I felt while being in there. I felt so self conscious because I didn’t look nearly half as good as the girls in there. No I was not jealous, I was self conscious and depressed because I didn’t look like them…and you saying that I was jealous because I couldn’t pull off a dress like that? God that just made it worse.” You groaned.

 He frowned, looking down, ashamed of himself and what he had said. He looked up, tears now filling his own eyes. That made your heart break, you’d never liked seeing him cry, even during a fight. “Baby I’m sorry, I really am, and I’m sorry that you don’t feel like you’re not pretty or sexy enough to be in a room with all those girls, but you are. God, you are so much better than all of those girls combined. You don’t need a tight dress to fir your body, you don’t need plastic surgery to make your boobs or butt look bigger, you don’t need a shit ton of make-up to make yourself look pretty because you are already gorgeous with out that stuff.” He wipes away your tears that you didn’t even know were falling down your cheeks. "Can I still come home with you? I don’t ever want to leave you alone, knowing that I made you this upset. I’ll do anything to make up for what I said, I swear.“

"Fine, but this doesn't mean I’m still not mad at you.” He nods. You two hail a cab, Ashton pays once you get back to your home. He tells you to wait in the car and rushes over to  your door, opening it for you and helping you out. “Acting like a gentleman isn’t going to do jack squat, Irwin.” He freezes, but nods. You unlock the front door, kicking off your heals as quickly as possible. You sigh in relief, and walk up to your bedroom to shower and get rid of the stench of alcohol.  

You undress, Ashton sitting quietly on the bed. You reach for the zipper on the back of the dress, but your arms don’t reach it quite enough. Ashton gets up, helping you pull down the zipper and get the dress off. You kick it onto the pile of dirty clothes and then walk into the bathroom. You wipe off your makeup and then turn on the water, waiting for it to get to the right temperature. You have no idea where Ash went, and quite frankly you didn’t give a damn about where he was. You washed you hair, face, and body then just sat on the tub floor to let the hot water rush over your body. Once the water ran cold you stepped out of the shower, your teeth chattering and your body shivering from how cold the bathroom was.

Ashton sat on the counter, holding a towel for you. “I just put in the dryer, so you’d have a warm towel when you were finished.” He hands it to you and you quickly wrap it around your shivering body. When you’re out of the shower Ashton takes his, but unfortunately for him it’s a cold shower since you had used up all the hot water.  You dried your hair and body, humming softly to yourself.

You grabbed your laptop after putting on one of your- well Ashton’s t-shirts and then snuggled up under the covers. Ash walked out, a towel wrapped around his waist, his v-line showing perfectly. You removed your eyes from his torso, locking them back on your screen. Now was not the time to get aroused, you scolded yourself. He put on a pair of sweats and then dried his hair.

“Watcha lookin’ at, bug?” He asks, using one of your favorite nicknames. 

“My schedule for the next week.” You say. He sighs,  resting on his right arm, his eyes watching your every move. After a few minutes of him just starring at you, you finally ask, “What, Ashton? Why are you starring at me like that?”

He shrugs. “Just thinking about how stupid I was to say that you were jealous of that girl at the bar.” He sighs, rubbing your arm softly, causing goosebumps to litter your skin. You shut your laptop, pushing to the end of the bed.

“Yeah, that was pretty stupid.” You say, yawning slightly. He grabs the laptop, putting it under the bed and then shutting off the lamp and lights. He gets back under the covers, you turn  on your side, your back facing him. He kisses the back of your head, mumbling an ‘I love you’ and 'I’m sorry’. You pull the covers further to your face and fall asleep peacefully.

You woke up the next morning to the smell of sausage, coffee, and pancakes. You walked downstairs, a blanket wrapped around your body. Ashton stood at the stove, flipping pancakes and getting breakfast together. You smile a little, knowing that he was trying his hardest to get you to forgive him for his foolish words.

He turns around, smiling softly at you. “Morning beautiful, I was just about to wake you up for breakfast.” He sets your plate of pancakes and sausage down first and then grabs all your favorite toppings and your coffee. You sit down, grabbing the syrup and pouring it over your food. Ashton sits next to you, doing the same to his own food. “You don’t have work today, do you?” You shake your head.

“Nope, my work week starts tomorrow.” He nods. “Why do you ask?” He shrugs.

“Just wondering, I’m gonna try to leave early so that we could have a movie night? We could watch any movie you wanted, that is if you wanted to.” He scratches the back of his neck nervously.

“Sure, I’ll probably just clean and get the laundry done today. I could go through the movies and see what we could watch.” He nods, a not being able to help the smile that moved it’s way across his face. The rest of the morning was nice, just the two of you getting ready without yelling at each other.

He slipped on his shoes and got up. “I’ll be back as soon as I can.” You nod as you pull your hair into a bun. He kisses your head, his lips lingering for a minute.

“Love you.” He mumbles softly before walking out to the car.

You spent the day cleaning and going through movies. You had picked out a few MARVEL movies, The Princess Bride, and then a Disney movie. The front door to your home opened and Ashton walked in, holding a bag in his hand. He kicked off his shoes, setting them neatly by the front door, and then walking over to you.

“Hi Princess.” He kisses your cheek, setting the bag down on the table. He was clearly exhausted from his day of working with the idiots you both call friends.

“Are you sure you want have a movie night? We can just go to bed if you want, you look worn out.” He shakes his head, wrapping his arms around your waist softly.

“No, it’s okay. I said we were going to have a movie night, and that’s what we’re going to do.” You nodded smiling softly and kissing his cheek. You look at the bag and then back to him.

“What’s in the bag?” You ask, stepping away from him and going to get it from the table. He shrugs, slouching against the couch.

“Just some snacks, got your favorite too.” You smile as you pull out your favorite candy. Sitting down on the couch, you start the first movie that you had put in and stretch your legs out across Ash’s lap. He rubs your feet, kneading out the knots as you two started to watch the movie. You and him shared the candy, your eyes never leaving the screen and his eyes never leaving you.

Four movies later all the candy was gone, you were slowly falling asleep and Ashton was trying not to doze off. He waited until you were out cold on the couch, he shut off the tv and then carried you upstairs to your shared bed. He pulled the covers over your frame, and started to pull away from you, but you grabbed his hand and tugged him down next to you. A lazy smile stretched across his face as he pulled you into his chest, rubbing your back softly and  humming a soft song.

“I forgive you, Ash.” You mumble, your eyes still closed. “I love you.” He kissed your forehead and you could feel the smile that wouldn’t leave his face.

“I love you too baby girl, and I promise I’ll never say anything like that ever again. I promise.” You smile lazily and the two of you fall asleep, living happily ever after.

Lol shitty writing, srry dudes.

I love how people like to dig up idol’s receipts and be like, “Uh yeah you fucked up back in 2002 and you need to apologize for being so shitty even tho you were only 11 years old :)))”
I’m sure we have all done and said really problematic things– especially when we were younger– therefore, I don’t think it’s fair to hate an idol for something that they said or did when they were young.
They are human beings and humans are all problematic. We are all flawed individuals. And yes, I do believe apologies are necessary, but I think that hating an idol for something they did as a kid is ridiculous and a little hypocritical.

The signs as Christmas cookies that I fucked up

Aries: That says “star”

Taurus: “MY LEG!”

Gemini: I know what you’re thinking, but no, this is not a nipple.

Cancer: This one is a nipple.

Leo: I had to apologize for at least one of these atrocities, right?

Virgo: i don’t even know with this one. Make of it what you will

Libra: the first cookie I decorated. I fucked up.

Scorpio: Does this look like blood to you?

Sagittarius: ………….

Capricorn: it broke but I decorated it anyway. You can’t tell me I’m not determined

Aquarius: he’s frowning because I’m a disgrace

Pisces: This is a picture of burnt cookies in my trash can.

I submitted about the racist boss, recently.

Today, I went in to discuss it with the main person in charge and she told me the other boss felt terrible and kept calling in to see if they’d heard from me (my main boss lied and said no) and she kept apologizing and admitting it was terrible what she had done and that she has been thinking about it ever since and was terrified that I was going to quit. I told my main boss that, no, I’m not quitting and that I don’t hold the entire business accountable for the actions of one, however I am also glad that the other one felt so guilty about it, because sometimes that’s what it takes to realize that you’re being a shitty person. The main boss said it will still be brought up in a meeting with all of them and I am surprised this is going better than I expected and that I’m not being fired for it.

Meeting The Family

(I needed to get my mind away from the shame I feel for my country so I apologize in advance for the shitty writing.)

You explain to him that your family reunions are just VERY SMALL parties
•He wears a tuxedo.
•Jumin, no.
•Jumin, YES.
•You manage to get him into his suit without the tie
•"MC this is so informal, what will your father think?“
•Honey, I’m wearing a t-shirt.
•Leaves Elizabeth the 3rd with Jaehee because he’s concerned that your little cousins and siblings will pull on her (sorry baehee)
•Your entire family becomes quiet as they see the tall man by your side
•It doesn’t help that he has no facial expression whatsoever
•Your mother is the first to finally break the awkward moment of silence.
•Holy shit, you look so much like her
•"So you’re the man that my child has been going on and on about”
•"I suppose, yes.“ He is very polite and he looks down at you with a small smile tucking at the corner of his lips
•he can’t believe this amazing person ACTUALLY TALKS ABOUT HOW MUCH THEY LOVE HIM
•She leads him to the table where you sit next to him and all your siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles still stare at him with wide eyes.. Sexy Man or God?
•They are fast to categorize him as a snobby trust fund kid based on his looks
•He attempts to join the conversations because you asked him to be nice but is lost the entire time because
•Finally your father gets to the table with your younger brother by his side
•Smile dissapears as soon as him and Jumin make eye contact.
•"Dad, Jumin. Jumin, dad.
•awkward handshake
•Sits between you and Jumin
•Jumin lowkey attempts to send you telapathic messages
•He is either unaware or careless of the way MCs father stares at him
•Does MCs dad is gay?
•Finally, he pulls him to the side while MC is busy trying to calm her drunk aunt.
•DAMNIT JUMIN I told you not to bring them wine!!!
•"So what is it exactly you see in my daughter/son?”
•Goes on an hour long, emotionally and descriptive rant about everything he loves about MC and how he would do eveything and anything for them.
•Doesn’t realize that eventually MC is standing behind him
•"I’m glad MC has someone like you… please take care of them when I’m not available to do so.“
•"I’ll keep them safe in a cage.”
•You both sleep in your old bedroom.
•A million posters on the wall
•"This is…. different.“
•You both go through your baby pictures and drink wine until 3 am.
•Finally drags you to bed and lays on top of you.
•*Drunk Giggles*
•"MC, Do you think they liked me?”

The Silver Bullet

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+ Scott McCall and his pack (specifically Issac)- Teen Wolf

author’s note: so obviously “Harry, Barry, and the Cold Assistant” was not a popular imagine, i want to apologize for how shitty that imagine was. ANYWAYS i’m trying out a little “theme” with my imagines– doing the bold upper case in every imagine, idk. i’m working on some requests right now but here’s just a little teen wolf imagine. 

Prompt: the pack thought you were dead but in which you evolved like derek, but the pack overlooks you as a friend and thinks nothing of it. you come up wth a fake name and start over because you’re “dead”. 

THE PACK THOUGHT YOU DIED when the you pushed Allison out of the way and the Oni stabbed you. 

What they didn’t know is that, like Derek, you evolved into something greater. 

It wasn’t completely unexpected of the pack, they were going through an overwhelming amount of issues at the time. They didn’t notice how your eyes shifted from blue to a cool, steel silver– like a bullet. 

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Conspiratheory Chapter 23

Pairing: Bill Cipher/Dipper Pines

Rating: E

Chapter: 23/?

Word Count: 8k

Summary: Dipper goes on a definitely-not-a-double-date, and is reminded why taking insane dream demons out in public is a bad idea.


“Are you asking me out?” Dipper squinted at him, now utterly flummoxed. No, that couldn’t be right. Thorne was going out with Cherie, right?

“Hey, paws off the Pine Tree!” Bill snapped. “Maybe come back once you’ve grown three sides and an ACTUAL SPINE!”

Thorne flushed to his ears. “No! It’s just- I did some pretty shitty things, and I thought I might try to make it up to you. Think of it as… as an apology.”

An apology. “You ripped my head off my shoulders because you thought I was hitting on your girlfriend.” Dipper said blankly.

“Was that a no?” Thorne squeaked.

AO3 link: Here

anonymous asked:

But Paige didn't said anything racist, Hogan did and he should be responsable of his acts more than just recording yourself having sex.

That’s the only distinction between the two, and I’ve definitely said my piece on how shitty I think it was that Hogan said what he said. I don’t condone racism whatsoever, and while I think everyone accepts apologies on their own individual basis, at least Hogan manned up and apologized for what he’d said. Several of his peers, both black and white, have stated that they knew Hulk to be many things, but a racist has never been one of them.

While I’ll never defend anyone who’s made the unfortunate mistake of saying something racist, at least you can tell there’s a level of sincerity in Hogan’s words when he speaks on what he was on video saying. My post was more in reference to the fact that both of them had videos leaked of their personal lives in very intimate moments, and while there’s no comparison between saying something racist and committing sexual acts, neither of them deserved to have their personal lives exposed.

What’s bothering me is that people have sunk to an extreme low with Paige, sending her mother photos and screen caps of Paige that were leaked and making jokes about it to Paige, Brad Maddox, and Xavier Woods. There’s no cause for that. I’m willing to bet the people closest to all three of them haven’t joked with them about it at all, because it’s a very serious matter. I don’t think human beings truly realize the power they have in destroying someone’s self-worth, and none of us truly know what other people are going through in their personal lives. You never know what battles anyone is waging on a day to day basis.

While I can definitely sympathize with anyone who’s felt victimized by something that someone has said, I don’t think anyone in the world is perfect under any estimation. I think everyone has private moments where they say or do something regrettable, whether it’s taken out of context or blatant as can be. Still, I think in moments where people are in a bad spot in life should never be the dictation for who they are as a person. Hulk Hogan and Paige both have been heroes to many, friends to several of their peers, and are both well-respected for the sacrifices they’ve given to professional wrestling. That shouldn’t be diminished at all by their less-than-stellar private moments. If you truly believe that, ask yourself… can someone look at every second of your life, everything you’ve ever said and done, and find absolutely nothing problematic? If so, you’re a saint, and I don’t believe you exist.

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I think I am going to be taking a break from Roleplay, a couple of days a week at max. Or until I feel able to return. 

Recently irl has hit me with a bunch of shitty emotional things that I just can’t seem to handle and break away from in my roleplays, or even just talking.

Basically I’ve become a shitty friend to everyone. I am sorry. I’ll be back, I promise, and when I am I’ll be better.

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I am tagging you guys because it all concerns you. I know I shouldn’t apologize, but I always feel I must. I’m sorry.

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I constantly argue with my sister because she says bro strider is "too hot to be abusive" and "didnt deserve to be reduced to a mindless abusive animal" in her words. She said dave over exaggerated his abuse and the few good things bro did erases 13+ years of shitty parenting. Im mostly tellining you cause i wanna know what you think. If possible. You dont gotta answer this.

oh ho hh h ym g od does ur sister ever,,, step back and look, ,, at the words she says 

“hes too hot to be abusive” 

i cant even

touch that good night tumblr im done

agreatergoatsby  asked:

Didn't mean anything by it, just saw your post saying those were the characters you liked and thought i'd just make you aware if you weren't already? Sorry, didn't mean to come off like an idiot then!

honestly I should be the one apologizing because I responded in a very shitty way.

it’s just…a lot of people seem to have taken that post as an invitation to…like…recommend characters to me, almost?  and it doesn’t make sense to me b/c I don’t feel like characters are a thing you can even…recommend?  and I wouldn’t read a series purely based on the fact that it had a super tired self-loathing character in it, and I don’t actually actively seek them out, like…I don’t think about this stuff?

and anyway, when I feel a disconnect in understanding between me and a lot of other people, I get all wigged out and impatient and can sometimes be a jackass.  it is really hard to explain and I should get a better handle on it and I apologize for being uncool about it.

remember that every time someone mocks “weird” or “oversensitive” behavior such as stimming, not being able to eat certain foods because the taste/texture/etc. are too overwhelming, having a shutdown because of too much sound/lights/people, stuttering, trembling, dissociating, or other things, they are being ableist.

it doesn’t matter if they don’t know about your autism/anxiety/etc., they are still mocking you for not acting like a neurotypical person would. They still are associating your “weirdness” to being mentally ill, and think it’s funny because society thinks it is.

don’t accept shitty apologies like “how was I/were they supposed to know?”. They subconsciously know what is going on, they just want to make fun of neurodivergent people without looking bad for it.

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How do you forgive yourself after you've done something genuinely, objectively shitty? I hurt someone not long ago - so much so that they want nothing more to do with me. They most likely hate me, and honestly they wouldn't be wrong to. I don't think I can even apologize to them, as simply trying to contact them may trigger them. I'm someone else's trigger. How do you recover from that?

Hi there!

This is a really important question to address - because every single one of us has done something which we are not proud of, and none of us are perfect. We have to learn how to face these flaws in ourselves, and learn to live with the knowledge of the hurt we have caused other people. Your honesty and humility in acknowledging the pain you have caused others through your actions is a crucial step to moving on from it.

The word forgive means to wipe the slate clean, to pardon, to cancel a debt. It is not granted because a person deserves it, but because we choose to no longer hold this against a person.

The individual that you hurt might forgive you one day, or may never forgive you. But you are not solely defined by this - you are not automatically a bad person for hurting someone. Sometimes we end up hurting others because we felt hurt ourselves.

I love this quote which describes how effective forgiveness is: ‘Forgiveness is a tool with which we face what we’ve done in the past, acknowledge our mistakes, and move on. There’s a season for suffering and regret, we have to have that. But the season ends; the world moves on. And we need to move on with it.’

This isn’t always an easy process, and requires us to be honest with ourselves and others, and make ourselves vulnerable.

  • Try and learn from your mistakes, through talking to others that you trust about what you did and how you’re feeling after hurting someone. Get the perspective of someone who doesn’t necessarily have an emotional investment in the situation.
  • Strengthen your relationships moving forwards. While you can’t change the past, you can control your own actions for the future.
  • Don’t be afraid to seek out counselling from a professional who can help you to work through your feelings and figure out a way forwards.
  • Replaying what you did over and over isn’t going to help you or the person you hurt. It just makes you feel bad.
  • Wanting to reach out and apologise is a great step, but obviously there are situations where this isn’t appropriate or possible.
  • Be patient. Most wounds heal with time, the pain becomes less intense, and we are able to take a step back from the emotions and see from a different perspective.

I would really encourage you to reach out for support, both to help you work through this, and to help you preventing something like this happening again. You don’t have to go through this alone, and we are always here if you have any other thoughts or questions!

I can see your honesty and our courage in asking this question and addressing this situation, and I hope I have been of some help!

With love, Imogen :)

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Can you do a Shisui Uchiha headcanon or imagines for when he realizes that he's fallen head over heels love with a potential s/o and he's just like 'holy shitstick' bc everything came so naturally he never really thought that much about it until somebody asked if they were dating

Sorry that this is so late, anon! I’m not sure if you wanted a male s/o, female s/o, or neutral, so I went with a neutral reader for this imagine, hope that’s okay! Also I apologize for the shittiness of this imagine

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Some Nightsilver Angst :^)

Prompt- @belkittykelly
“there’s too much nightsilver fluff. i want nightsilver angst. give me pietro figuring out how kurt got all his swirly scars and asking himself why the fuck would someone as beautiful as that think they deserve it”
((Not exactly that but something along those lines! I apologize in advance for any mistakes, it is currently 10:00pm and the shitty nookstains that are my neighbors are setting off fireworks, so no editing.))

Kurt was choking, or that’s what it felt like, he looked at himself in the mirror. ‘He never will love or waste his time on me, a sin.’ He thought miserably, ‘It is a crime to look like this, you must be taught.’ He told himself.
Slowly, shakily, he wrapped his prehensile tail around a razor, the edge glinted coldly as it caught the white lights of the bathroom. He cut into an area above his rib, “T-there,” he said wincing through the pain, no matter how many times he did this, it would always hurt, but such was Kurt’s burden.
The door to his room opened, “Hey Kurt!” Called Peter, he heard footsteps coming towards the bathroom. “We’re going to the ma-” the bathroom door was open. The razor clattered on the tiled floor.
“Es tut mir leid! ich bin eine abscheuliche Sünde, ich weiß, ich widerlich bin! ich bin es zur Festsetzung!” Kurt raised his arms in defense.
Peter kneeled down in front of him, he was shocked, this angel was apologizing, for being a sin. The German was now choking out rushed apologies.
Peter grabbed the teleporter’s wrist. “Why would you do this?”
He looked away, “I am a sin, I have hurt people, because of that I’ve ruined lives. Please Peter let me-”
“Let you what? Hurt yourself because some, some douche in the sky, thinks you’re not pure? Stand and watch while you break and destroy yourself? Because I’m not, Kurt, no matter what “He” thinks, I’m not going to let you do this!” He shouted.
They both looked to the ground, Peter felt bad for shouting at him, he sighed inwardly ‘Fucking stellar, yell at the poor guy when he’s having a hard time already, shit, say something supportive, what would Mom have done?’
“Listen,” he quietly took the razor from off the floor, and pocketed it, “I know it gets hard, living like this, hell, when I wasn’t playing arcade games or stealing random shit I was cutting. But it isn’t the fucking answer. One of these days I mig-we might lose you. Also, your body is the most beautiful I’ve seen, don’t hurt yourself, it’s never worth it, trust me.”
‘Shit, did I say the right thing? What if he isn’t into guys? I hope he feels better, he’s too cute to lose.”
Peter felt the edge of his shirt tugged at, then their lips met in a kiss that seemed to mash universes together.

((“I don’t believe you think that I’m those things, but thank you, for showing me a new side.”))


I wanted to apologize for my behavior. I let my emotions carry me and it wasn’t right, I acted childishly and I’m willing to listen to other people and possibly change my opinion. Right now I don’t know what to think and I don’t have an opinion on the matter, and I think I’ll stay that way.

As for @dualnoir; I’m so sorry for treating you like that and saying that I don’t care about your family, at the time I didn’t realize how shitty it was. I’m not expecting you to forgive me, but either way, I still wanted to apologize and I’m so sorry for what have happened to you and your family.

I’m willing to listen and change my views if you’re willing to give me a second chance. ~🐱

Hey guys, here’s a warm up sketch. 

I’m not sure I’m “back” yet, and I apologize for not answering asks and emails. It’s been a kind of shitty week, and for no good reason at all, but I’m going to start making more of an effort to be present here. I think getting back into my old groove might help me out of this funk. 

Hope you’re all doing well! More derpy art to come soon.